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The Month in Review

Pundit Press has registered another strong month this April, thanks to you readers. We're glad to bring you our seventh month in review since our inception last September. Over the course of this month, we've registered 134,964 pageviews, our third straight month over 100k. Since our last Month in Review we've gained some regular meetings. We've increased to 104 Followers from 76, a 37% increase, 194 Subscribers from 124, up 56%, Twitter followers: 103 from 47, gaining 219%. If you like the site, make sure to subscribe!

In the last month we've had a total of 326 articles, up from 300 last month.

Articles per Writer
  • Leading the way was Thomas, with 96 articles, or 29.4% of the total. He had 94 last month, but 31% of the total.
  • Next was Aurelius, with 94 total, or 28.8%. Last month he had 91 pieces, or 30%.
  • Third for the third month in a row was Unlikely Hospitalist, with 57 articles or 17.5% of the total. Last month he had 48 articles and 16% of the total.
  • Mr. K was number four, with 52 total articles or 16.0% of the total. This is up from his 42 last month, or 12%.
  • In fifth place is Eric Dondero, with 8 pieces, or 2.5% of the sum. Eric had 4 articles last time, or 1.3%.
  • Next is a tie. We have Fenway Nation, with 5 articles, or 1.5%. Dr. Robert Owens also has 5 articles. Fenway had 2 articles last time, and Dr. Owens 4.
  • Dr. Lawrence W. White, MD had 4 total articles, or 1.2. He had 8 articles last time.
  • Kaptain Krude had 3 articles, this month, or .9% of the total. This is up from 1 article last time.
  • Joe C. had zero, down from 4. We're all very disappointed in him.
We also had two guest pieces. One was Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis by Thomas Morrison. The other was Illegal Alien Stupidity by

Now-- the top articles of the month:
  1. Top was Wisconsin City Caught Destroying Ballots by Thomas with 49,847 hits, or 36.9% of the total of all hits of the last month. This article was also linked by Instapundit, on the front page of Free Republic, and Weasel Zippers.
  2. Second was Unlikely Hospitalist's Update: Wisconsin Doctors Writing Bogus Sick Notes. This received 8,383 total pageviews, or 6.2% of the share. This article was linked by Instapundit.
  3. Next was Thomas' Evidence of Wisconsin Vote Fraud Appears. This received 7,893 hits, or 5.8% of the total.
  4. Close behind was Aurelius' Video- Obama Administration Bans Reporter for Using Camera to Record Anti-Obama Protesters with 7,804. This is also 5.8% of the total. This was also linked by Instapundit.
  5. Next was pictures about the April 7th Japanese Earthquake by Aurelius. This received 3,560 hits, or 2.6% of the sum.
  6. Number six was about students asked to be Vote Counters at WI Election by Thomas. This received 2.4% of the total, with 3,305 hits.
  7. Unfortunately, next was coverage of the Lara Logan Sexual Assault. This received 2,586 pageviews.
  8. Next was Aurelius' article about pictures of the March Japanese Earthquake. This got 2,159 hits, or 1.6% of the whole.
  9. Further was another Wisconsin-related article by Thomas, that 10,000 More Votes Were Counted in Dane County (etc.) with 1.5% of the total, 2,076 hits.
  10. Last to round out our top ten was Aurelius' hit from last month, with a video of an Obama Advisor Calling for Invasion of Israel. This had 1,972 hits, or 1.5%.
Blogger of the Month

Last month we gave the honor to Aurelius for his coverage of the disaster in Japan. This month we've decided that Thomas deserves the title. This comes with his coverage of the Wisconsin state supreme court race.

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  • We had four interviews, one of which was with blogger Doug Ross.
  • We are very disappointed with Joe.
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Tonko Must Answer for his Vote.

When the House of Representatives voted to adjourn last October, they voted to punt the Bush Tax Cuts down the road without addressing the issue. These vital tax cuts must be extended now, or else the economic situation could get much worse. Even Peter Orszag, President Obama's former director of the Office of Management and Budget, has called on the tax cuts to be extended.

House Democrats chose between standing with small businesses in their congressional districts, or standing with Speaker Pelosi in Washington. Sadly, by one vote - House Democrats stood for the Party position, and against the small business need. The House Republican Leader called the adjournment what it was: a vote for higher taxes.

Speaker-Statesman: John Boehner.

When Abraham Lincoln voted on November 6th, 1860 - he supported every statewide and local Republican candidate on the ballot. Except for himself; he cut his own name off the ballot before voting. Not many candidates would take such a deferential step in modern politics, not even me.

However, one modern statesman has constantly deferred to the will of his peers, and avoided the arrogance of voting for oneself on national television like so many have thoughtlessly done again and again. This man, such as Honest Abe was, is a natural born leader, and also like Abe: cannot be tainted by claims of pompous indifference.

241 members of the House Republican Conference voted for Ohio Congressman John Boehner in Wednesday's election; not one member voted against him.

Watch White House Correspondent's Dinner Live

Enjoy...or not:

Live Videos by Ustream
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Video of Russian Alien Hoax

An attempt by some Russians to 'find' an 'alien' is shown below:

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Obama's Father Ejected from Harvard

Not exactly tremendously important news today, but Barack Obama's father, Barack Obama Senior was apparently not the great academic once described. He has been described as the earner of a PhD in economics-- but apparently that's not true:

In May 1964, David D. Henry, director of Harvard’s international office, wrote to Obama to say that, while he had completed his formal course work, the economics department and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences didn’t have the money to support him.

“We have, therefore, come to the conclusion that you should terminate your stay in the United States and return to Kenya to carry on your research and the writing of your thesis,” Henry’s letter stated.

Obama’s request for an extended stay was denied by the INS. He left Harvard and - divorced from president’s mother - returned to his native Kenya in July 1964. He did not complete his Ph.D.


Harvard administrators, the memo stated, “were having difficulty with his financial arrangements and couldn’t seem to figure out how many wives he had.”


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Is Hamas' Leadership Fleeing Syria?

As if the situation in Syria wasn't difficult enough for the Assad regime, there is evidence that one of its staunchest allies is picking up and abandoning them.

Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal and Assad
The terrorist group Hamas has been consistently aided by the Ba'athist dictatorship and has been responsible for the deaths of Israelis, Palestinians, and Americans. Now the group (which is the government in Gaza) is leaving Syria, according to Ha'aretz, an Israeli paper.

More than 15 members of Hamas's Political Bureau have been operating in exile in Damascus since 1999.
According to the report, Hamas' military echelon will relocate to the Gaza strip. There was no mention of a reason for the relocation, which will come just days after Hamas and the leading West Bank party Fatah signed an historic reconciliation deal.

Their destination? US ally Qatar, home to an American base!

Cross-posted at WorldThreats.

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Mitt Romney's America

With the announcement that Mitt Romney will seek the GOP Nomination in next year's Presidential election, which shouldn't surprise anyone, many Conservatives are asking what kind of President the man would be if chosen by the American people over Barack Obama next November.

The answer is rather simple: strong and decisive.

President Mitt Romney wouldn't be pushing for tax hikes, increased spending, or increasing the national debt for John Keyne's flawed economic theory. The centerpiece of his domestic agenda would be federalism, and privatizing. Liberalism need not apply under Romney's administration.

His foreign policy would resemble President Bush's - fight the Jihadists, support our allies and don't be afraid to use America's military might - while contrasting with President Obama's waffling and weakness that we all witnessed during the buildup to attacking Gaddafi's regime in Libya.

We wouldn't be under the leadership of someone who resents American exceptionalism, or who covets Iraqi oil and trade wars with China, but someone who understands our economic system at home, and our role in world affairs.

Do not consider this article as an endorsement of any sort.

Don't Change the Electoral College

Do you know why we have the Electoral College?

Because our Founding Fathers, who were wise men by all accounts, knew that direct democracies never work for the good of society, and often result in the loss of individual liberties for one reason or another.

The system has worked almost perfectly since it was put in place.

Gov't Attorney: Obama Admin. May Sue States to Prevent Them From Limiting Sharia Law

Sharia law is a system of legal and illegality based solely on the Koran and Islamic teachings.  In the United States, it has been widely panned because of its disrespect towards women, amongst other things.  Likewise, Sharia law could not be implemented in the United States because it would violate the belief in a separation of Church (or in this case, Mosque) and State.

Despite this, however, ​U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan assured Missouri Muslims yesterday that the Obama Administration would likely step in on behalf of Sharia law should any state try to ban it.  Discussing the Missouri State Legislature's attempt to limit Sharia law, Callahan stated:
"The Department of Justice has a good history of challenging laws passed by state legislatures. If some laws are passed, I think you will see challenges by the federal government on the constitutionality of them."
In other words, if Missouri passes a law (which, of course, state have the sovereignty to do), the Administration or higher-ups in it would challenge it.  They'll challenge it even though the law would be Constitutional and the thing they are limiting is unconstitutional.  That is our government at work.

Speaking at the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, Muslims also raised concerns about supposed Islamophobia that has gripped the country. Adil Imdad, one of the organizers of the even, stated: "There is a worse kind of Muslim hatred recently. Especially in the last two years, Islamophobia and fear-mongering have been spreading like wildfire, and it's causing a lot of stress for our youth."

The Daily RFT continues:
The problem is now hitting a little closer to home, said Imdad, pointing to three bills currently circulating through the state legislature that seek to limit Sharia law (Islamic law) in Missouri courts. Sharia law could come into play in rulings considering child custody or prisoner rights for Muslims. As we've reported, the bills have become a source of controversy.

Callahan responded by hinting that, should anti-Sharia legislation get passed by the Missouri Legislature, it could be overturned by the federal courts. "The Department of Justice has a good history of challenging laws passed by state legislatures," he said. "If some laws are passed, I think you will see challenges by the federal government on the constitutionality of them."

Audience members also pressed Callahan to respond to instances of being detained and questioned on return trips to America. They asked why the media doesn't seem to cover hate crimes against Muslims, whether their phones are being tapped, and why women wearing hijabs seem to receive automatic pat-downs from TSA agents at airports.
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's Go To the Videotape? Please!

Can't seem to find it but Gloria Allred says it is so. She does present a most uncomfortable simulation, particularly for her guests. Stay for the whole thing, it is more than worth it!

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Misurata's Harbour Laid With Sea Mines

Muammar Gaddafi's mercenaries have laid operational sea mines on the approach to Misurata's harbour, which has been used to bring in needed humanitarian supplies to the besieged Western Rebel stronghold. Rebels control the vital port right now, but they cannot afford a loss in supplies.

NATO forces have been working on disarming the mines.

The Rebels, who the United States should officially recognize, are making significant progress in their two month old War, even though they are still lacking heavy weapons and financial support - both of which a certain U.S. Senator hawkishly called for last week in Benghazi,.

Gaddafi's thugs will not stop fighting as long as there is a single doubt that he will not survive. If the United States is really committed to defeating this tyrant, we will authorize our military to use all possible and neccessary measures to silence this scumbag once and for all.

That would remove all doubt from Gaddafi's men. And men paid to kill probably won't risk their lives for a man who will not be able to pay in a few weeks.

What say you?

What Is Nuttier? The Birther Theory vs. Liberal Conspiracy Theories

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Shale Gas to the Rescue if Our "Trustees" Don't Prohibit It

Two remarkable headlines from Facts of the Day

In spite of the obvious economic benefits this industry offers we get absolute nonsense from our trusted leaders.

For example, the Cooperstown Board of Trustees unanimously adopted an official statement on natural gas exploration and hydrofracking. In it, they argue that "the village and surrounding area have hundreds of millions of dollars of long term investment at risk of collapse if hydrofracking comes to the state. The devastation to the village and its world class attractions would be incalculable. Our losses would far exceed, by orders of magnitude, the completely unsubstantiated potential gains put forth by the gas drilling industry and its supporters." Hyperbole anyone? If you read this blog at all you know there are multiple studies and articles supporting those potential financial gains the hydraulic fracturing offers. And I have a question. What are these long term investments, whose money is invested and where can I find a chunk of it? Ok that is really three questions.

As yet I am unable to find a copy of the official statement and am left with the journalistic work of The Daily Star. If you have time to follow the link be sure to take a look at the comments. There seems to be an incredible amount of animosity and resentment that is starting to bubble up. Most of this seems to be one of class warfare. With farmers, blue collar workers and entrepreneurs speaking out against upper class, old money betters who are happy with the status quo and don't want to see their million dollar homes and notion of pastoral living spoiled by economic activity and success.

I will conclude with a couple of comments from the article.

First from Dairy Farmer:

"Somewhere people want to come visit, live and invest? Invest in what--nothing remotely progressive is ever welcomed in this part of the country. And how many pollutants do all those tourists account for; And traffic--avoid Cooperstown in the summer at all costs."

And from Land of Oz:

If I Only Had a Brain..

I could live in Cooperstown,
where all the people frown.
And we learn to drop a name...

Put a lawn sign on my yard,
and have cocktails with old-guard,
If I only had a brain..

I could gald-hand on the boards,
Get my children their next jobs,
And make sure to love on Jane..

Ignore that fertilizer
from the golf course to the river
If I only had a brain...

Why I...
Could just decide...
That my carbon footprint really doesn't count..

Then I...
Could just cry...
"Nimby Nimby", as I drive about.. (to the club, in my boat, in my snappy ineffiecient convertable)

It's a pleasure being me..
Getting energy for freee.. (what? someone else's back yard?)
As I'd rather just not know...

So I'll make up lots of lies
Get my friends to strategies,
If I only had a brain...

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Tax Revolt?

South of 5 and 20 alerts us to some unusual happening in upstate New York.

Reacting to staggering increases in their real estate assessments, an estimated 150 unhappy South Seneca taxpayers jammed the Ovid fire hall last night. Organized on the fly by a couple of local residents, a grass roots movement appears to have been launched in only a few weeks.

Attendees raised two basic concerns. First, the disconnect between a collapsing real estate market and skyrocketing tax assessments. Second, seemingly incomprehensible inequities between the assessments of local properties.

At this very local level, its apparent that residents know more about various South Seneca properties than the tax assessor does. The 2011 tax assessment was made with few or no actual visits to individual parcels, which has resulted in outrage felt by some of the affected residents. The local tax assessor was not in attendance, probably for good reason.

South Seneca elected officials should prepare for these rebels to jam every town board meeting from now on, and no doubt field their own candidates in upcoming elections.

Fascinating, but not surprising, today I come across this at the Capital Business Blog

For those individuals still fighting against a property tax cap, here is something to consider: In a comparison of property taxes as a percentage of home value from 2007-2009, 15 counties in New York State top the list. Out of the highest taxed 25 counties, 22 are located in New York, and approximately one out of every three counties on the “top 100″ list is located in our state. (emphasis mine)

The full article is found here.

The full report from the Tax Foundation is here.

For more information on this issue and to join the fight for a property tax cap visit Tax Cap Now.
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What’s a Widget Worth?

What’s a widget worth?  Who determines the price of widgets?  Is there an answer to the escalating cost of widgets?
How much is a widget worth if there is only one widget?  What about if there are on hundred widgets?  Or one million?  What if there are trillions upon trillions and they are being produced at the rate of 514 million per day?  The obvious answers to these questions aren’t lost on a normal four year old.  Observe such a child in the sand box.  If there’s only one shovel they’ll kick and scream to keep it.  If there are 1,928 billion of them the child probably wouldn’t notice if someone else used a few billion here or a few billion there.  Unfortunately the wisdom that’s normal for any four year old doesn’t seem to exist in Washington.
President Obama publicly laments the rise in fuel prices.  Of course when the teleprompter isn’t guiding his every word and he doesn’t realize his every public word is public he says that high gas prices really aren’t a problem they’ve just happened too quickly. 
Could this precipitous rise in energy prices be tied to the precipitous fall in the value of the dollar?   The devaluing of the dollar appears to be a policy that shows no sign of slowing.  Even pro-administration sources such as MSNBC say the dollar is approaching record lows as compared to other currencies.  There is a real possibility of a credit downgrade due to the inability of Washington to address the ever-growing debt.  A leading Hedge fund manager says panic has set in and people are beginning to dump their holdings in dollars.
Could this escalating rise in energy costs be government policy?  Mr. Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu believes that Americans should pay for gas at the same rate as Europeans which at the time of his statement was seven to nine dollars a gallon.   Consequently to the central planning enthusiasts who’re working to transform America it isn’t the current high prices that are the problem it was our previously lower prices which were an impediment to the accomplishment of their goal.   What we must realize is that their goals are not our goals.  Looking at our current leaders it appears as if they see their mission as managing the decline of the United States and everything they’ve done since gaining power has furthered the reality of their vision.
Why is the price spiking ever higher?  This isn’t a supply problem.  In the face of a spiraling price rise the Saudis who usually boost production to stabilize markets have instead cut production because there is currently a worldwide surplus.   The main reason for the current spike is that the dollar is worth less every day.  And as the debt ceiling approaches the vultures are circling.  Articles and commentaries constantly equate a refusal to raise the debt limit with a default.  But the two are not synonymous. 
While Federal officials cry the sky is falling Senator Pat Toomey (R PA) proposes to protect the “full faith and credit” of the United States by legislatively making interest payments the Federal government’s top priority.  In an opinion piece Senator Toomey shows that the necessity of a default is shown to be instead a choice by the reality that “if Congress refuses to raise the debt ceiling, the federal government will still have far more than enough money to fully service our debt. Next year, for instance, about 6.5% of all projected federal government expenditures will go to interest on our debt, and tax revenue is projected to cover about 67% of all government expenditures. With roughly 10 times more income than needed to honor our debt obligations, why would we ever default?” 
Yet administration spokesman such as Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner continue to use scare tactics predicting that if the debt ceiling isn’t raised the government will default and our credit will be ruined. In addition, the largest banks using the default straw man are pressuring the perpetually elected to raise the debt ceiling lest they miss a moment at the Federal trough. 
All these theatrics about raising the debt limit is reminiscent of the weekly re-runs of the Continuing Resolution Show that we endured earlier this year.  The spendthrifts in Washington cannot conceive of their ability to mortgage our great grandchildren’s future to pay for whatever it takes to buy enough votes to stay in power forever.  Whenever anything appears on the horizon that threatens to rain on their perpetual parade to penury they begin chanting their mantra spend, spend, spend, elect, elect, elect.
What can we do about this problem which is causing prices to rise?  How can we possibly avert the looming insolvency?  How can we end this mad rush to fiscal collapse? 
Stop the presses!  Stop the deficit spending, balance the budget, and pay off the debt.  Don’t raise the debt limit and force the Federal government to live within its means.  It makes no sense for us to tighten our belts so that our leaders can continue their spending binge.
What’s a Widget worth?  Ultimately everything is worth what you can get someone to pay for it.  If you’re paying in U. S. dollars the price just went up.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ © 2011 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Video- Obama Enjoys Hearty Laugh During Speech in Tornado-Ravaged Village

I guess President Obama can find humor in any situation that he finds himself.  Like today, for example, when he was discussing the tragic and terrible storms in the South.  Speaking in front of piles of debris in an Alabaman town, the President began remarks on the situation moderately solemnly.  That is until a wasp flew by.  Then the President seemed to forget himself (and where he was) and enjoyed a hearty laugh:

Here is a short transcript:

Obama-  There are communities across Alabama and all across this region that have been effected and we're going to be making that same commitment to make sure that we're doing whatever we can to make sure that people are okay.  [Obama looks to his right at man swatting at wasp].  Um... that bee likes you. [Obama smiles, laughs]

Man-  That's a wasp.  Hold on, it's on you, you stand still.  [Man smacks wasp on Obama's leg]

Obama-  There you go.

Man-  I got him.  [Obama smiles, laughs again]

Man in crowd-  Where's the Secret Service when you need 'em?

Obama-  Yeah, exactly.  [Obama smiles, laughs again]  Finally, let me say this...

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New Hampshire 2012: Romney 50, Obama 43

After supporting George W. Bush in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004 by very slim margins, New Hampshire voted strongly for Barack Obama in 2008 and seemed to be moving heavily towards Democratic Liberalism with no path, or plan for a return to Conservatism.

And then came the 2010 election. Kelly Ayotte was elected overwhelmingly to replace Judd Gregg; Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta reclaimed both House seats for the GOP and Republicans now control the state legislature by near three-to-one margins.

Early 2012 polling results bring even better news for Republicans:

Mitt Romney - 50%
Barack Obama - 43%

The University of New Hampshire surveyed 500+ adults between April 15-26, and the poll also shows that President Obama leads former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee 46-42% and former Minnesota Governor 45-38% with Granite State voters.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney might have the best reason for a Republican voter to support him: he can defeat President Obama soundly.

New Hampshire is coming back to Conservatism, and we should celebrate her ideological rebirth with open arms and much joy.

What say you?

Feds Take Down Amish Farmer... Over Milk

Our government at work.

A year-long sting operation came to an end this week.  In that time, the government used fake names and surprise inspections all to nab the people at Rainbow Acres Farm in the D.C. area.  The reason:  they were selling milk.

Unpasteurized milk, to be precise.  Asked for comment, the government released this statement: “It is the FDA’s position that raw milk should never be consumed.”  Therefore, the Amish farmers at Rainbow Acres had to be brought down.

Asked for comment, one Washington resident stated, “I look at this as the FDA is in cahoots with the large milk producers. I don’t want the FDA and my tax dollars to go to shut down a farm that hasn’t had any complaints against it. They’re producing good food, and the consumers are extremely happy with it."

Is this the government over-reaching?  I guess you can decide.  But up here in New York, they've banned apple cider because of supposed health risks that eating/drinking raw apples might have.
He's got a carton of milk!  Shoot to kill!
More from The Washington Times:
The FDA’s actions stand in contrast to other areas where the Obama administration has said it will take a hands-off approach to violations of the law, including the use of medical marijuana in states that have approved it, and illegal-immigrant students and youths, whom the administration said recently will not be targets of their enforcement efforts.

Raw-milk devotees say pasteurization, the process of heating food to kill harmful organisms, eliminates good bacteria as well, and changes the taste and health benefits of the milk. Many raw-milk drinkers say they feel much healthier after changing over to it, and insist they should have the freedom of choice regarding their food.

One defense group says there are as many as 10 million raw-milk consumers in the country. Sales are perfectly legal in 10 states but illegal in 11 states and the District, with the other states having varying restrictions on purchase or consumption.
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The Undeniable Truth on Romney every single Republican has to admit

I'm a diehard libertarian - pro drug legalization, prostitution, gambling, Abolish the IRS, the works. But I am a Republican first and foremost. And as such, my very first priority for 2012 is to Win! I want nothing more than to beat Obama, keep a strong majority in the House, and rid the Senate of the slight Dem majority.

Every single Republican has to admit to themselves, that Mitt Romney gives us our best shot.

I say this as a Donald Trump or Michele Bachmann or Herman Cain or Gary Johnson supporter. (I don't think my gal Sarah is going to run.)

This today from The Daily Caller:
We all know the pluses (former governor, deep pockets, previously sought GOP nomination in 2008) and minuses (Romneycare and perceptions of Mormon faith) that will be in play during Romney’s GOP primary run. But there is one item that usually escapes the casual political handicapper: Romney’s appeal among independents. This group, which swung to Obama in 2008 and then to the GOP’s congressional candidates in 2010, will be the single most important voting block for either party in 2012. In two battleground states that had been trending blue — Michigan and New Hampshire — Romney has, at times, led President Obama in a hypothetical general election match-up largely because of his appeal among these voters.

Several polls show that Romney is also leading Obama in Florida, a state that is essentially a political microcosm of all the battleground states and a state that the eventual GOP nominee cannot lose if Republicans have any hope of winning the White House in 2012.
We need to Win some in the Northeast!

I live in Texas, but I spend a great deal of time every year working for political initiatives and candidates up in New England, (mainly Maine.) I can tell you from my time spent in the Region, Mitt Romney is very popular in the far Northeast. Bottom line: If Romney is the nominee we win New Hampshire, and probably Maine too. Just as importantly, Romney will do well in his home state of Massachusetts, and may carry some downticket GOPers to the finish line in that very tough for Republicans State.

Then there's Pennsylvania. A poll released yesterday by Quinnipiac showed a "generic" Republican tied with Obama in this formerly trending Blue State. Simply put, we win Pennsylvania, we win the Election. And does anyone doubt that Mitt Romney offers our best hope for winning PA?

Like The Daily Caller writers say, with Romney Michigan could go Red. That would be a Sweeeeeet! pick up.

PA and MI in the GOP column? And Florida and New Hampshire for sure. No way, Obama could overcome that.

Let's have a vigorous primary season with fierce ideological debates. In the end, I'm suspecting, we'll all be rallying around our nominee Mitt Romney. And I'll be one of his most enthusiastic block walkers.

Final note; There damned sure better not be any sourpusses like Ron Paul types, who walk out and say "We cannot support Romney." That happens and the entire Republican Party, particularly the activist core, ought to rain Hellfire down upon them.

Editor/Publisher of

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate Again in Syria-- Word of Muslim Bro. Involvement

The Syrian Revolution of 2011 isn't going away. As a matter of fact, it may even be growing, This comes as there is word of inter-army fighting as well as over 400 civilians slaughtered by the Ba'athist dictatorship. Still, the protests keep coming against the Assad regime.

The protests are spreading into the major population centers:

Syrian security forces opened fire on demonstrations in the capital of Damascus and the coastal city of Latakia — the heartland of the ruling elite — wounding at least five people. State-run television said a military post in Daraa was stormed by armed men who killed four soldiers and captured two.

Other demonstrations were reported in the central city of Homs, the coastal cities of Banias and Latakia, the northern cities of Raqqa and Hama, and the northeastern town of Qamishli.

Unfortunately, there was firing into the crowd with an unknown number of casualties.

Photo credit: ABC News

Worse still, is word that the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for further protests.

The banned Muslim Brotherhood has called on Syrians to take to the streets to protest against the regime ahead of Friday prayers.

The declaration is the first time that the Brotherhood, whose leadership is in exile, have called directly for demonstrations since pro-democracy demonstrations against President Bashar al Assad's autocratic rule erupted six weeks ago.

I'm wondering about the Brotherhood's angle here. The Assad regime is definitely not pro-Israel or Western. Perhaps they just see a falling camel, and are drawing their knives.

Cross-posted at WorldThreats.

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Video: Trump- If I Were Pres, I'd Tell OPEC "You're Not to Raise the F***ing Price" of Oil

Well, I don't think that anyone can deny that Donald Trump is at least a little fiery. Here is the video (Warning, contains language that some may deem offensive):

Here is a short transcript:

Trump-  Did you see recently where, a couple of days ago, Saudia Arabia said, "Let's raise the price, let's cut back production?"  Can you believe it?  You're gonna be paying $5 and $6 a gallon for gasoline pretty soon... and they wanna go in and raise the price of oil because we have nobody in Washington that sits back and said 'you're not going to raise that f***ing price!  Do you understand me?'

[Followed by loud applause]

Update-  Later in the speech Trump stated about taxing Chinese goods:

Trump-  Listen you motherf***ers, we're going to tax your goods.

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Video- Obama Administration Bans Reporter for Using Camera to Record Anti-Obama Protesters

Is this really that big of a surprise?  A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle recorded several anti-Obama protesters who disrupted an Obama fundraiser.  In other words, she was reporting the news.  The Administration's response:  the reporter, Carla Marinucci, was "removed as a [press] pool reporter."

Here's the video:

Not really much, but the Administration found it worthy to take away Ms. Marinucci's privileges.

The SF Gate provides addition details:
The hip, transparent and social media-loving Obama administration is showing its analog roots. And maybe even some hypocrisy highlights.

White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news.

The Chronicle's Carla Marinucci - who, like many contemporary reporters, has a phone with video capabilities on her at all times - pulled out a small video camera last week and shot some protesters interrupting an Obama fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel.
Even more scary are these details:
Other sources confirmed that Carla was vanquished, including Chronicle editor Ward Bushee, who said he was "informed that Carla was removed as a pool reporter." Which shouldn't be a secret in any case because it's a fact that affects the newsgathering of our largest regional paper (and sfgate)and how local citizens get their information.

What's worse: more than a few journalists familiar with this story are aware of some implied threats from the White House of additional and wider punishment if Carla's spanking became public.
Take that freedom of the press!

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Romney or Trump?

It appears the 2012 Republican primary might become a battle between former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and super wealthy businessman Donald Trump. Recent surveys show the two men fighting for the lead in what will be a race to remember.

So who should Conservatives support if the race breaks down to just these two men?

No question there: Governor Mitt Romney.

I know that some are screaming at their computer screen right now, but the former Governor is a far more appealing choice on matters of substance to Conservatives than Donald Trump, who wears his liberalism like a badge of courage while attempting to convince the rubes otherwise.

Romney will support America's allies, defend our national interests and defeat our enemies in combat. He won't imperiously demand, or seize Iraq's oil fields, while insulting their honor and thus far unquestionable friendship.

And who better to lead America on economic issues than the only living man to profitabily run the olympics?

Mitt might not be the most pleasing choice to Conservatives, but he is definitely better than the New York showman who will have to answer as to why he should receive the Republican nomination when he contributed thousands of dollars to Harry Reid's re-election campaign in Nevada last year.

What say you?

Video: Donald Trump in Vegas-- or "Donald Trump F-Bomb or Swears in Speech"

Donald Trump is making waves in Nevada-- take a look below:

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Royal Wedding Attendance Numbers

We've previously covered the Royal Wedding invitation list of many celebrities-- but how many ordinary citizens are going to be at the wedding?

First off, the capacity of Westminster Abbey is 2,200, and a full crowd is expected inside today. Some of these notables include members of the British Royal Family, the Beckhams, and others.

Outside, the crowd estimates may vary. The 1981 wedding between Charles and Diana had an estimated crowd of 600,000. It is entirely conceivable to expect similar numbers.

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

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Carter: N. Korea Starving Civilians Because of South Korea

I honestly wonder sometimes if disgraced President Jimmy Carter says the most ridiculous things possible in order to stir people's emotions.  I mean, no one, and I mean no one, could possibly be this stupid:
Carter raised heckles in Seoul by saying the food crisis in North Korea was due to the lack of aid being donated, seemingly referring to South Korea, which stopped large-scale food aid to the North last May.
Carter: Has no idea what is going on
Could someone please point out to Carter that the authoritarians that rule North Korea with an iron fist are living like kings?  They have tremendous wealth and plenty of food while their people starve.  And it's South Korea's fault.  Seriously?

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Obama's Favorite Golf Course Hit By Tornado

Even the President of the United States has been affected by the terrible weather crippling parts of the South.

The President, who often takes vacations to golf, go on Oprah, and travel to Hawai'i, will surely lament the news that the golf course at Andrews Air Force Base was hit by a tornado yesterday.  At the time that the twister struck, it was unknown that the golf course had been hit.

A local news site reported it thusly:
Firefighters have spotted a funnel cloud just southeast of Andrews AFB. There have been 300 to 400 lightning strikes in the past hour, an indication of the power of this storm.
However, it was later discovered that indeed the golf course had been hit.  It is unknown whether the President has been informed that his favorite golf site has been hit, as he has been busy fund-raising and going on talk shows for the last twenty-four hours.
The President enjoying a round of golf
At this time, there is no information to whether the course had been damaged.

Politico continues:
"There were three reported tornadoes for our region in less than 3 hours," said the StormWatch7 weather blog, as news outlets reported that scores of people in the South had been killed in storms. "That's pretty damn insane. It looks like Tornadogeddon 2011 has lived up to its name."
I just want to know what the President will do now that he can't golf...

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Iranian MPs Call for Ahmadinejad Impeachment!

I cannot really say that I expected this, but it appears that at least some in the Iranian Majlis,  or Parliament, are calling for the ouster of "President" Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

So what's the call stemming from? Corruption, blackmail, murder? Of course not. It mainly is stemming from charges that Ahmadinejad is not radical enough-- that he had the gall to apparently disagree with the country's ruling Mullah, Ali Khamenei.

Ahmadinejad has not been seen of late and now there is word of impeachment proceedings.

Since the first signs of split emerged, several members of the Iranian parliament have called on Ahmadinejad to publicly support Khamenei's decision over Moslehi, a request he has so far declined. Some prominent figures in the powerful revolutionary guards have also asked the president to comply with the supreme leader.

On Tuesday, Parliament News, a website run by Iranian MPs reported that "the plan to impeach Ahmadinejad has begun" in the parliament, with 12 MPs asking for him to be summoned before them.

Conservatives believe that the increasing tension between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei stems from the growing influence of Mashaei, who is being groomed by Ahmadinejad as his possible successor.

This could be big.

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Live Royal Wedding Coverage

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV
As time progresses, we will be adding details below.  Check back later!

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Photos of Royal Wedding

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV
As time progresses, we will be adding pictures of the wedding below.  Check back later!

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Pictures of Royal Wedding

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV
As time progresses, we will be adding pictures of the wedding below.  Check back later!

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Live Video: Royal Wedding

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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Watch Live Video Stream of Royal Wedding

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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Live Video of the Marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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Live Streaming Video of Royal Wedding

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

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Live Video of Wedding in England/Britain

Please enjoy this live video of the Royal Wedding, provided by Pundit Press and UStream.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV
And yes, that headline is for those who weren't sure what the "Royal Wedding" is called.

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Royal Wedding Guest and Invitation List

With the Royal Wedding just moments away, here is the official guest list for the event:
Members of the British Royal Family

The Queen

The Duke of Edinburgh

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Henry of Wales

The Duke of York

Princess Beatrice of York

Princess Eugenie of York

The Earl and Countess of Wessex

The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Phillips

Miss Zara Phillips with Mr. Mike Tindall

Viscount Linley and Viscountess Linley

And The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones

The Lady Sarah Chatto and Mr. Daniel Chatto

And Master Samuel Chatto

And Master Arthur Chatto

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester

The Earl and Countess of Ulster

The Lady Davina and Mr. Gary Lewis

Lady Rose and Mr. George Gilman

The Duke and Duchess of Kent

Earl and Countess of St. Andrews

Lord Downpatrick

The Lady Marina-Charlotte Windsor

The Lady Amelia Windsor

The Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor

The Lady Helen Taylor and Mr. Timothy Taylor

Prince and Princess Michael of Kent

The Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor

The Lady Gabriella Windsor

Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy

Mr. and Mrs. James Ogilvy

Miss Marina Ogilvy

The Lady Saltoun

Members of Foreign Royal Families

The Prince and Princess of the Asturias

The Crown Prince of Bahrain

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium

The Sultan of Brunei and Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha

King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of the Bulgarian

The Queen of Denmark

King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and Prince Constantine of Greece

Sheikh Ahmad Hmoud Al-Sabah of Kuwait

Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso and Princess Mabereng Seeiso of Lesotho

The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

The Crown Prince and Princess of The Netherlands

The King and Queen of Norway

Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said of Oman

The Emir of The State of Qatar and Sheika Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

King Michael I of Romania and Crown Princess Margarita

Prince Mohamed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia and Princess Fadwa bint Khalid bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman

The Queen of Spain

The King of Swaziland

The Crown Princess of Sweden and The Duke of Västergötland

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand

The King of Tonga

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia

The Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia


The Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda

The Governor-General of Australia and His Excellency Mr. Michael Bryce

The Governor-General of The Bahamas and Lady Foulkes

The Governor-General of Barbados

The Governor-General of Belize and Lady Young

The Governor-General of Canada and Mrs. David Johnston

The Governor-General of Jamaica

The Governor-General of New Zealand and Lady Satyanand

The Governor-General of Papua New Guinea and Mrs Michael Ogio

The Governor-General of the Solomon Islands and Lady Kabui

The Governor-General of St Christopher and Nevis

The Governor-General of St Lucia

The Governor-General of St Vincent and the Grenadines and Lady Ballantyne

The Prime Minister of Australia and Mr. Tim Mathieson

The Prime Minister of The Bahamas and Ms Delores Miller

The Prime Minister of Barbados

The Prime Minister of New Zealand and Mrs. John Key

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and Lady Somare

The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and Mrs. Rosalia Nestor King

The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines and Mrs. Ralph Gonsalves

The Premier of Bermuda and Mr. Germain Nkeuleu

The Premier of The British Virgin Islands and Mrs. Ralph O’Neal

The Premier of the Cayman Islands and Mrs. Kerry Bush

The Hon. Sharon and Mr. Rodney Halford (Falkland Islands)

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar and Mrs. Peter Caruana

The Chief Minister of Montserrat and the Reverend Doctor Joan Delsol Meade

The Hon. John and Mrs. Vilma Cranfield (St. Helena)

Members of Government, Parliament and Devolved Administrations

The Prime Minister and Mrs. David Cameron

The Deputy Prime Minister and Ms. Miriam Gonzalez Duantez

First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Mrs. William Hague

The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Hon. Mrs. Osborne

The Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor and Mrs. Kenneth Clarke

The Secretary of State for the Home Department and Minister for Women and Equalities, and Mr. Philip May

The Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and Mrs. Jeremy Hunt

The Rt. Hon Ed Miliband, M.P and Ms. Justine Thornton

The Speaker of the House of Commons and Mrs. John Bercow

The Presiding Officer of the National Assembly for Wales and the Lady Elis-Thomas

The Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament and Mrs. Alex Fergusson

The Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly and Mrs. William Hay

The Lord Speaker and Mr. Martin Hayman

First Minister of Wales and Mrs. Carwyn Jones

First Minister of Northern Ireland and Mrs. Peter Robinson

First Minister of Scotland and Mrs. Alex Salmond

The Mayor of London and Mrs. Boris Johnson

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor and The Lady Mayoress

Sir Gus and Lady O’Donnell

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of Westminster and Count Paolo Filo della Torre

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Fraser

Representatives from the Church and other Faiths

The Most Reverend Gregorious, Archbishop of the Greek Archdiocese of Thysteira and Great Britain

The Archbishop of Canterbury and Mrs. Rowan Williams

Rabbi Anthony Bayfield

Mr. Anil Bhanot

The Archbishop of Armagh, Cardinal Archbishop Sean Brady

Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, The Most Reverend David Chillingworth

The Right Reverend John Christie, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Mr. Malcolm Deboo President, Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe

The Rt. Reverend Doctor Norman Hamilton

The Archbishop of Armagh, The Most Reverend Alan Edwin Harper

Monsignor Philip Kerr, The Convener, Action of Churches Together in Scotland

Commissioner Elizabeth Matear, Salvation Army

The Archbishop of Wales, The Most Reverend Doctor Barry Morgan

The Reverend Gareth Morgan Jones, President of the Free Church Council of Wales

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-Connor

The Archbishop of Westminster, The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols

Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh

Rabbi Alan Plancey

Imam Mohammad Raza

The Chief Rabbi (Lord Sacks)

The Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala, Acting Head Monk, The London Buddhist Vihara

Maulana Syed Raza Shabbarm, Muhammadi Trust

Mr. Natubhai Shah, President, the Jain Academy

Dr Indarjit Singh, Director, Network Sikh Organisations (UK)

Canon Chirstopher Tuckwell

The Reverend Martin Turner

The Archbishop of York and Mrs. John Sentamu

Senior Members of the Defence Services

Major General and Mrs. William Cubitt, Major General Commanding Household Division and GOC London District

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen and Lady Dalton, Chief of the Air Staff

General Sir Nicholas and Lady Houghton

Air Vice-Marshal the Hon. David and Mrs. Murray, Defence Services Secretary

General Sir David and Lady Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff

Admiral Sir Mark and Lady Stanhope, First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff

General Sir Peter and Lady Wall, Chief of the General Staff

Amongst the guests at The Wedding Service are all Heads of Mission in London representing countries with which the United Kingdom has normal diplomatic relations and Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenants for the United Kingdom. These individuals will not be accompanied by their spouses or partners.

Other guests at The Wedding Service, who may be recognisable to television viewers or whom have an official link to Prince William or Miss Middleton include the names below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive of any of the categories of guests – charitable, military, friends or any other category – invited.

All the following individuals have been invited with their spouses or partners if married or in a civil partnership:

Mr. David Allan

David Allan is the Chairman of Mountain Rescue, England and Wales. Prince William has been Patron of the organisation since 2007.

Major Tom Archer-Burton

Major Archer Burton was Prince William and Prince Harry’s Commanding Officer in the Household Cavalry. He also led the Burnaby Blue expedition to southern Africa – an African community project supported by Sentebale, in which Prince Harry was involved.

Mr. Charlie Mayhew

Charlie Mayhew is Chief Executive of the Conservation Charity, Tusk Trust. Prince William and Prince Harry visited Tusk-funded projects in Botswana last year. The visit to Africa was the first overseas Royal tour that Prince William and Prince Harry undertook together.

Mrs. Alison Moore-Gwyn

Alison Moore Gwyn is Chief Executive of Fields in Trust. In 2010, Prince William became Patron of The Queen Elizabeth II Fields, an initiative to protect and create hundreds of playing fields throughout the UK in honour of The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The project is run by Fields in Trust.

Mr. Seyi Obakin

Seyi Obakin is Chief Executive of Centrepoint. Centrepoint became Prince William’s first Patronage in 2005. His mother, Diana, Princess of Wales was also Patron of the Charity. Seyi slept rough with Prince William in London to highlight the issue of homelessness.

Mr. Peter Cross

Peter Cross is Chief Executive of the charity SkillForce, of which Prince William has been Patron since 2009. Earlier this month, Prince William officially launched the SkillForce Prince’s Award, in recognition of the contribution that young people make to their communities.

Miss Amanda Berry

Amanda Berry is Chief Executive of BAFTA. Prince William has been President of BAFTA since 2010.

Mrs. Ann Chalmers

Ann Chalmers is Chief Executive of the Child Bereavement Charity. Prince William has been Patron of the Charity since 2009. The Child Bereavement Charity educates professionals and supports families both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved.

Mrs. Julia Samuel

Julia Samuel is Chair of the Child Bereavement Charity and also a family friend of Prince William. Prince William has been Patron of the Charity since 2009. The Child Bereavement Charity educates professionals and supports families both when a child dies and when a child is bereaved.

Mrs. Tessa Green

Tessa Green is former Chairman of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Prince William became President of The Royal Marsden in May 2007 having undertaken two days of work experience there in 2005. The Prince helped out in a variety of departments, including medical research, catering and fundraising.

Mr. Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson worked closely with Prince William as Chief Operating Officer of the FA’s 2018 World Cup bid.

Sir Trevor Brooking

Sir Trevor is the Football Association’s Director of Football Development and is responsible for youth-coaching standards in England. Prince William has been President of the FA since 2006 and has met Sir Trevor on several occasions at FA events.

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward is a former Coach of the England Rugby Team and the British and Irish Lions. Prince William was invited by Sir Clive to join the British and Irish Lions rugby team on their tour to New Zealand in 2005.

Mr. Gareth Thomas

Prince William met Welsh Rugby player Gareth Thomas several times in his role as Vice Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

Mr. Ian Thorpe

Australian Prince William met the Olympic swimmer, Ian Thorpe, on a visit to Australia in 2010. The Prince has since supported Mr. Thorpe’s charitable organisation Ian Thorpe’s Fountain for Youth, which focuses on improving health and education for children.

Mr. Barty Pleydell-Bouverie

Barty Pleydell-Bouverie led the Cycle of Life charity bike ride across Africa in 2008, which raised money for the Tusk Trust.

Rear Admiral Ian Corder

Rear Admiral Ian Corder is Rear Admiral of Submarines. Prince William was appointed Commodore-in-Chief of Submarines by The Queen in 2006.

Brigadier Ed Smyth-Osbourne

Brigadier Smyth-Osbourne was Prince William and Prince Harry’s Commanding Officer in the Household Regiment and acted as their military mentor. He was also Prince Harry’s Commanding Officer when The Prince undertook active service in Afghanistan.

Major William Bartle-Jones

Major Bartle-Jones was Prince William’s Squadron Leader in the Household Cavalry Regiment based at Windsor.

Wing Commander Steven Bentley

Wg Cdr Steve Bentley is Prince William’s Search and Rescue Force Squadron Leader at RAF Valley, Anglesey.

Sergeant Keith Best

Sgt Keith Best is a colleague of Prince William’s at RAF Valley, in Anglesey, North Wales. The Winchman was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air after playing a major role in the rescue efforts in the Cumbrian floods in 2009.

Squadron Leader Paul Bolton

Sqn Ldr Paul Bolton is a colleague of Prince William’s at RAF Valley in Anglesey, North Wales.

Wing Commander Kevin Marsh

Wing Commander Kevin Marsh met Prince William through his service in the RAF. He will be one of the Path Liners outside Westminster Abbey on the wedding day.

Lance-Corporal Martyn Compton

Martyn is a Lance-Corporal in the Household Cavalry. He was injured in an ambush in Afghanistan in 2006, which put him in a coma for three months and left him with 75 per cent burns.

Miss Holly Dyer

Holly is sister to 2nd Lieutenant Joanna Dyer, who was killed by a bomb in Iraq in 2007. Joanna was a close friend of Prince William’s at Sandhurst. In a statement released by Clarence House at the time, Prince William said he was “deeply saddened to hear the tragic news and he is very much thinking of her family and friends right now and they will remain in his thoughts and prayers.”

Mrs. Susie Roberts

Susie Roberts is the widow of Major Alexis Roberts, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2007. Major Alexis Roberts was Prince William’s Platoon Commander at Sandhurst. In a statement released at the time, Prince William said he was deeply saddened to learn of Major Robert’s Death. The Prince remembers him with ‘great fondness and respect’.

Mr. and Mrs. Bryn Parry

Former soldier Bryn Parry and his wife Emma founded the charity Help for Heroes to assist wounded service men and women. Both Prince William and Prince Harry are supporters of the charity and Prince William previously opened a new swimming pool at Headley Court in 2010, which had been funded by Help for Heroes.

Mr. Edward Gould

Mr. Edward Gould was Master of Marlborough College whilst Miss Middleton was a student.

Dr. Andrew Gailey

Dr Andrew Gailey is the Vice-Provost of Eton College and was Prince William’s Housemaster.

The Hon. Edward Dawson-Damer

Australian Ed Dawson-Damer is an ex-Irish Guards officer, who was Equerry to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother in the 1980’s. He hosted Prince William for a section of his visit to Australia in January 2010.

Mr. Sam Stevenson

New Zealander Sam Stevenson was Prince William’s New Zealand equerry during his visit to the country in July 2005. At the time, Sam was a Captain within the New Zealand Defence Forces. During the visit, Prince William undertook official engagements representing The Queen in Wellington and Auckland at events to commemorate the end of the Second World War.

Sir John Major

Following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997, Sir John Major was appointed a Guardian to Prince William and Prince Harry with responsibility for legal and administrative matters.

Mr. Rowan Atkinson

Actor Rowan Atkinson is a close friend of The Prince of Wales.

Mr. Tom Bradby

The journalist and news reporter Tom Bradby has known both Prince William and Miss Middleton for some time. He conducted their first joint interview together on the day their engagement was announced.

Mr. Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle is best known as a travel writer, television presenter and adventurer and has met Prince William on a number of occasions.

Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is a singer-songwriter, composer and pianist. He performed at the funeral of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Mr. and Mrs. David Beckham

Prince William, as President of the Football Association, has met footballer David Beckham on a number of occasions. They recently worked together as Ambassadors of England’s 2018 World Cup Bid.

Mr. Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is a friend of Prince William and Miss Middleton. He is a well-established filmmaker, who directed Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver.

Miss Joss Stone

Joss Stone is best known as an English Soul singer and songwriter. She performed at the Concert for Diana at Wembley in 2007 and at City Salute in 2008.

Mr. Mario Testino

Photographer Mario Testino took Prince William and Miss Middleton’s official portrait photographs to mark their engagement.

Miss Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer Tomkinson is a friend of The Prince of Wales and his family.

Mr. Sam Waley-Cohen

Amateur jockey Sam Waley Cohen is a friend of Prince William and Miss Middleton.

Mr. Galen Weston

Canadians Galen and Hilary Weston are friends of The Prince of Wales and his family.

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