Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gov't Attorney: Obama Admin. May Sue States to Prevent Them From Limiting Sharia Law

Sharia law is a system of legal and illegality based solely on the Koran and Islamic teachings.  In the United States, it has been widely panned because of its disrespect towards women, amongst other things.  Likewise, Sharia law could not be implemented in the United States because it would violate the belief in a separation of Church (or in this case, Mosque) and State.

Despite this, however, ​U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Richard Callahan assured Missouri Muslims yesterday that the Obama Administration would likely step in on behalf of Sharia law should any state try to ban it.  Discussing the Missouri State Legislature's attempt to limit Sharia law, Callahan stated:
"The Department of Justice has a good history of challenging laws passed by state legislatures. If some laws are passed, I think you will see challenges by the federal government on the constitutionality of them."
In other words, if Missouri passes a law (which, of course, state have the sovereignty to do), the Administration or higher-ups in it would challenge it.  They'll challenge it even though the law would be Constitutional and the thing they are limiting is unconstitutional.  That is our government at work.

Speaking at the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis, Muslims also raised concerns about supposed Islamophobia that has gripped the country. Adil Imdad, one of the organizers of the even, stated: "There is a worse kind of Muslim hatred recently. Especially in the last two years, Islamophobia and fear-mongering have been spreading like wildfire, and it's causing a lot of stress for our youth."

The Daily RFT continues:
The problem is now hitting a little closer to home, said Imdad, pointing to three bills currently circulating through the state legislature that seek to limit Sharia law (Islamic law) in Missouri courts. Sharia law could come into play in rulings considering child custody or prisoner rights for Muslims. As we've reported, the bills have become a source of controversy.

Callahan responded by hinting that, should anti-Sharia legislation get passed by the Missouri Legislature, it could be overturned by the federal courts. "The Department of Justice has a good history of challenging laws passed by state legislatures," he said. "If some laws are passed, I think you will see challenges by the federal government on the constitutionality of them."

Audience members also pressed Callahan to respond to instances of being detained and questioned on return trips to America. They asked why the media doesn't seem to cover hate crimes against Muslims, whether their phones are being tapped, and why women wearing hijabs seem to receive automatic pat-downs from TSA agents at airports.
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  1. Shall a state ban Catholic church law? Jewish law? It's blatantly unconstitutional for a state to treat these any differently from Islamic law. A state can ignore them all. Or allow them all, e.g., for some kinds of alternative dispute resolution. What a state cannot do, though, is pick and choose among religions. The 14th and 1st amendments, fortunately, prohibit that. What Callahan said, if you read your own quote, is that "challenges by the federal government" would be based "on the constitutionality" of state laws.

  2. Anonymous, I must ask whether you actually read my article, mostly because it's obvious that you did not. If you had, you would have seen that, in the very first paragraph, I stated that Church and State should probably be separated. So, yes, laws based solely on religion should not be allowed because people are of varying religions (and no religion at all).

    Thank you, however, for visiting Pundit Press. Feel free to comment whenever you wish.

  3. Under sharia, gays are murdered, fathers murder their daughters, and so forth.

    Moslems are a cult. Moslems are insane. Moslems must be stopped.

    Moslems have done such a great job destroying the middle east (and each other) over the past 1400 years, let's allow them to destroy the USA!

  4. islam is a horrible ideology for human rights

    5 key things about islam

    1. mythical beliefs - all religions have these (faith) because its part of being a religion: having beliefs without proof until after the believer dies. the problem is people will believe almost anything.

    2. totalitarianism - islam has no seperation of church and state: sharia law governs all. there is no free will in islam: only submission to the will of allah as conveniently determined by the imams who spew vapors to feather their own nests. there are no moderate muslims: they all support sharia law.

    3. violence - islam leads the pack of all religions in violent tenets for their ideology & history: having eternal canonical imperatives for supremacy at all costs and calling for violence & intimidation as basic tools to achieve these goals.

    4. dishonesty - only islam has dishonesty as a fundamental tenet: this stems from allah speaking to mohamhead & abrogation in the koran which is used to explain how mo's peaceful early life was superseded by his warlord role later.

    5. misogyny - present day islam is still rooted in 8th century social ethics: treating females as property of men good only for children, severely limiting their activities, dressing them in shower curtains and worse.

    conclusions ??

    there really are NO redeeming qualities for this muddled pile of propaganda.

    islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

    graphics version

    1 page pdf version - download 6kb viewer doesn't show fonts well, email it !!

    thanks for reading :)

  5. The federal government stepped in didn't they over the Mormons religious beliefs...preventing them from practicing why can they move and to force the practice of another?

  6. I love it when our UN-patriotic citizens of America do not know what they are talking about! There have been 140 cases filed throughout the United States that addressed Shariah law with 137 in Family Court. Go to American Public Policy Alliance, they have a condensed list of 17 legal cases in 11 states where plaintiffs or defendants attempted to use Shariah law. The states for these sample civil cases are Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

    Here is a recent Florida judge decision to use Shariah law: “Outrage: Florida Judge Orders Islamic Sharia Law be used to Settle Dispute, by Dr. Richard Swier, he states, “Judge Richard A. Nielsen, Circuit Court of Hillsborough County, FL has ordered, "Ecclesiastical Islamic Law, pursuant to the Qur'an" be used to settle a civil dispute among Muslim Brothers.”
    In Florida we now have two laws - American and Sharia Islamic; do you want the same for Missouri and the United States?
    Is Shariah law important to the NATIONAL SECURITY of this nation? Here is why.
    Omar Ahmad, co-founder the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), made his anti-Christian bias crystal clear in a July 4, 1998 San Ramon Valley Herald article in which Ahmad stated "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America." This philosophy, commonly dubbed, Sharia law, is being systematically implemented right under our American noses and in a multitude of local venues and our media cannot take the time to search our history with Islamic nations. Does the Barbary Wars ring a bell? We fought two wars, the Barbary Wars that spanned 32-years and four presidents, starting with George Washington.
    Here is another incident of a judge using Shariah law:
    Will Calls for Distribution “According to Islamic Laws and Sharia”; Pennsylvania Court Gives Twice as Much to Each Son as to Each Daughter
    Eugene Volokh • April 29, 2011 5:44 pm
    That seems to be what happened in Alkhafaji v. TIAA-CREF Individual and Instit. Services LLC, 2010 WL 1435056 (Pa. Ct. Com. Pl. Jan. 14, 2010), which is now on appeal. I’m posting about this now because the briefs were just posted on Westlaw, and confirm the details of the will, as well as giving some extra perspective on the disputes related to what Sharia law provides in such situations.
    Prof. Abbass Alkhafaji died, and left a will that apparently said, in relevant part,
    (4) About my pension, the beneficiaries are all my biological kids and my current wife, ... after reducing all costs associated with the house.... [The] rest of the pension, if any left, should be divided according to Islamic Laws and Sharia....
    (9) In case I have additional monetary benefits from my job, such as life insurance, 401K, 403B or any other retirement funds that I am not aware of, Allah as my witness, They should be divided, after costs associated with the payment of those funds according to Islamic Laws and “Sharia.”
    Have you ever heard of a “caliphate”?