Friday, April 29, 2011

Video- Obama Enjoys Hearty Laugh During Speech in Tornado-Ravaged Village

I guess President Obama can find humor in any situation that he finds himself.  Like today, for example, when he was discussing the tragic and terrible storms in the South.  Speaking in front of piles of debris in an Alabaman town, the President began remarks on the situation moderately solemnly.  That is until a wasp flew by.  Then the President seemed to forget himself (and where he was) and enjoyed a hearty laugh:

Here is a short transcript:

Obama-  There are communities across Alabama and all across this region that have been effected and we're going to be making that same commitment to make sure that we're doing whatever we can to make sure that people are okay.  [Obama looks to his right at man swatting at wasp].  Um... that bee likes you. [Obama smiles, laughs]

Man-  That's a wasp.  Hold on, it's on you, you stand still.  [Man smacks wasp on Obama's leg]

Obama-  There you go.

Man-  I got him.  [Obama smiles, laughs again]

Man in crowd-  Where's the Secret Service when you need 'em?

Obama-  Yeah, exactly.  [Obama smiles, laughs again]  Finally, let me say this...

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  1. What a completely meaningless thing to criticise.

  2. I have to agree - even though I don't like the man - this was a poor choice of nit-pickery.

  3. I totally agree with the two above. It's hilarious to see the President laugh in front of ruble that were once people's entire lives. I mean, it's not like he could have ignored the man to his right!

  4. Stress can cause such laughter, like a fit of giggles at a funeral or just in church.

    However, with this man, it can just as easily be teh peasure of seeing so much ruin of a country he dislikes so intensely and is trying to destroy. Hard to hide his pleasure at nature helping him out.