Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Iowa Discrepancies Highlight Need for Sanders to Keep Third Party Run Open

The coin flips heard round the world have reverberated through the foundation of American democracy. While in some cases games of chance or coin flips have been used to settle tied elections, there hasn't been a similar high-profile case where it has been done while the official results of the election are still being counted.

Worse yet, there is considerable concern that the coin flips were done while the Democratic Party has still not released the results of the numerical votes at the caucus. Statistics and intensity appear to indicate that Sanders won the overall turnout game across the state, especially in college towns.

Furthermore, Hillary Clinton's email scandal continues to grow, with many Sanders supporters now pledging that they will not support Clinton if she is the nominee. Noted Hillary supporter Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri has stated that Sanders would be demolished in a general election.

Now that Clinton tied Sanders in Iowa it would appear that her campaign is ready to go much, much more negative. David Brock has been raising concerns about Sanders' 'socialist label' and his ability to get programs through Congress. Note the disdain from Clinton when Chris Matthews of MSNBC asked her if she could compete with a 'revolution.'

Sanders has stepped up the distinctions with Clinton saying that there are many examples of how she is not progressive.

All of these elements tied together further highlight Senator Sanders' need to hold open the door for a possible third party run, especially with millions of voters stating that they will not vote for Clinton or the Republican Party candidate.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Video: Donald Trump's Iowa Speech

Video: Marco Rubio's Iowa Speech

CNN: Sanders to Stay in Iowa, Possible Victory Speech

CNN just announced that Bernie Sanders has decided not to fly to New Hampshire but instead is staying in Iowa. Correspondent Jeff Zeleny at Sanders headquarters said that some in the Sanders campaign believe that the Senator will announce victory.

"Senator Sanders believes he won here. His message won here." said the correspondent. "Regardless of the race-- the actual winner here... regardless of that, this outcome tonight ensures that this race will go on for months and months on the Democratic side."

Jake Tapper then turned to the correspondent at the Clinton campaign headquarters, who said that Hillary Clinton's campaign was also prepared to declare victory.

Projection: Sanders to Win Iowa

Reviewing the figures of the counties remaining to be counted, it appears that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will narrowly eke out Hillary Clinton at tonight's Iowa caucuses. The precincts left to be counted seem to heavily favor Sanders and offer him victory tonight.

As of 11:06 there are just 9.6% of caucuses left to be counted, with Sanders behind by 0.2%. The counties still out for the count appear to be heavily assisting Sanders, with his total to soon overtake Clinton's.

Politico has some of the final results here.

In Blackhawk County with 13% left to count:

B. Sanders 53.6% 3,187
H. Clinton 46.1% 2,743

In Boone County with 20% to count:

B. Sanders 55.3% 611
H. Clinton 44.7% 494

In Cerro Gordo County with 11% to count:

B. Sanders 51.9% 968
H. Clinton 48.1% 897

In Des Moine with 6% to count:

B. Sanders 53.6% 986
H. Clinton 46.4% 853

In Howard County with 11% left to count:

B. Sanders 54.1% 196
H. Clinton 45.9% 166

Jefferson county with 8% to count:

B. Sanders 72.4% 556
H. Clinton 27.6% 212

Final projection:

Sanders: 49.80%
Clinton: 49.75%

UPDATE: CNN is now stating Sanders is staying in Iowa to "watch results." Some believe it is for a victory speech.

Huckabee Suspends Campaign

The winner of the 2008 Iowa caucus has decided to suspend his campaign after winning just 2% today. He won 34% in his 2008 victory in the state.

Video: Trump on Eminent Domain

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Arrests After Shootout at Oregon Ranch

Ammon Bundy has been arrested following a shootout at the Oregon ranch where a tense standoff has pitted ranchers against federal agents.

More developing. Info from the Daily Mail. Two people were allegedly shot. It is unclear if others were arrested as well.