Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mitt Romney's America

With the announcement that Mitt Romney will seek the GOP Nomination in next year's Presidential election, which shouldn't surprise anyone, many Conservatives are asking what kind of President the man would be if chosen by the American people over Barack Obama next November.

The answer is rather simple: strong and decisive.

President Mitt Romney wouldn't be pushing for tax hikes, increased spending, or increasing the national debt for John Keyne's flawed economic theory. The centerpiece of his domestic agenda would be federalism, and privatizing. Liberalism need not apply under Romney's administration.

His foreign policy would resemble President Bush's - fight the Jihadists, support our allies and don't be afraid to use America's military might - while contrasting with President Obama's waffling and weakness that we all witnessed during the buildup to attacking Gaddafi's regime in Libya.

We wouldn't be under the leadership of someone who resents American exceptionalism, or who covets Iraqi oil and trade wars with China, but someone who understands our economic system at home, and our role in world affairs.

Do not consider this article as an endorsement of any sort.


  1. Sounds like an America to look forward to!

  2. If you are stating that he would not be AS BAD as Barry the Feckless, I found an old sponge under my bathroom sink this morning that would be a better President than Barry.