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Saturday, April 23, 2011

To Mr. K, With Love

I seem to have upset the sensibilities of Mr. K with my endorsement of a potential candidacy of Herman Cain and Alan West. Evidently he feels that Mr. Cain doesn't have the foreign policy experience required to be Commander in Chief. This of course is the same argument made against Ronald Reagan. It is true that he lacks this area of expertise but I trust he has enough judgement and common sense to do much better than what we have currently. Of course, adding Alan West to the ticket would do much to discount this line of reasoning.

Our biggest foreign policy problem moving forward revolves around radical islam. We are waging war in three muslim countries right now and Congressman West has first hand knowledge as to what is required to win this war and bring our men and women home.

Herman Cain is more than a talk show host. He brings executive experience and business know how. He is living the american dream. His father held three jobs and his mother worked as a maid to give him an opportunity to succeed and he did not disappoint. To discount him because he lacks foreign policy gravitas is fool hardy. He is a Tea Party favorite and his conservative bona fides cannot be questioned, unlike Donald Trump. He is clearly interested in the presidency having been the first to form an exploratory committee. Importantly, he negates one of President Obama's biggest selling points, minority status. He is the ultimate self appointed American Black Conservative. He favors a return to the gold standard, small government, and free enterprise. He is a confident and articulate speaker who doesn't rely on teleprompters to finish a speech. This mostly reflects his history as a talk radio host and would make him a formidable opponent in any debate. His lack of political experience should be seen as a boon, not a bane. He has no political baggage that political opponents could target giving him an added benefit over his potential republican foes.

Cain/West is an intriguing possibility. I appreciate Mr. K's concern's but I fail to see how this causes him to be dumbfounded. For what it is worth, this blog was a big proponent of John McCain for president, so in some respects I can understand how this particular blog founder doesn't want to take electoral risk, but I would argue that the majority of potential candidates expressing interest in the republican nomination for president are about as engaging as our last nominee, and I will state for the record, I voted for McCain not because of excitement, but because of desperation!

Herman Cain should be considered a real option. I encourage all, including Mr. K to look more closely at the Herman Cain's record and resume. He is a viable candidate and should be thoughtfully considered.

Interview with Doug Ross

 Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 33 in our ongoing series. Today we're interviewing Doug Ross from Doug Ross @ Journal. Doug's site is a trendsetter in the conservative blogosphere, including his Larwyn's Linx and picture series. We're honored that he agreed to take part in this interview.

1. When and why did you start your site?

I started my blog ("Doug Ross @ Journal") in late 2003, more as an experiment than anything serious. I originally wrote about a wide variety of topics. Some personal, some technology, some political. Over time, the eventsI observed in politics and the economy began to dominate. I think, in retrospect, the move of the Democrat Party from its traditions and lineage -- to a very, very left-wing organization, primarily because of its funding sources -- began to shock me into action.

2. What is the best part about running a website?

It's cathartic for me. To have a forum on which I can vent about the things that I believe are fundamentally worth calling attention to. Thanks to wonderful support from the A-list bloggers and media bigwigs -- Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Jim Hoft, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Reynolds, Dan Riehl, Don Surber, Mark Tapscott, and I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of great ones -- I've gotten more mentions and traffic than I deserve.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?

Far, far worse. I knew his background and did my best, along with my brothers-in-blogging-arms, to educate people about his radical upbringing and background. But I had no idea he would act with the amount of disregard for the economic well-being of the country; or for the law; or for the border. Do we still have a legacy media in this country? Just wondering.

4. Do you have any favorites for 2012 yet?

While they're not all running, my favorites would be true conservatives -- bound to our Constitution -- that can articulate our beliefs in God-given natural rights, private property, free markets and limited government. You know, like those radicals James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, et. al. That said, those I believe would be great presidents include:

Michele Bachmann, John Bolton, Herman Cain, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and Allen West.

5. If Obama should win a second term, will this nation default on its debt or face hyperinflation (or something worse)?

I hope and pray that we won't have to deal with that. Though, at the rate we're going, we may not have to wait until 2012 to see hyperinflation.

6. Why was the 'real' Barack Obama not uncovered before the 2008 election?

Our pathetic, failing legacy media was so willing to consider skin color over character -- the antithesis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s message to us -- that they failed to vet this radical acolyte of Alinsky. This man parrots the words of Castro, Chavez and Peron. Demonizing various classes, certain industries, segments of society to divide us. How many times have you heard Obama screech about "millionaires and billionaires" when he really means couples that make $250,000-a-year? There's a word for this kind of agitator, but I can't use it in polite company.

7. Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss blogging. For those interested in learning about building up their blog traffic, Robert Stacy McCain's article "How to get a million hits on your blog" is as good a primer as you'll find.


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Re: Cain/West 2012?

I usually don't pick a fight with what my fellow bloggers at Pundit Press publish, but I must respond to the opinion article supporting a Herman Cain/Allen West presidential ticket in next year's much anticipated race.


Herman Cain has not one ounce of experience in foreign affairs. America is fighting in two wars now and is stationed in another hot spot - this is not the right time to trust a radio talk show host to be Commander-in-Chief during great international conflict, and turbulence. Advocacy for such a candidate leaves me absolutely dumbfounded.

As for Col. Allen West. He is one of my favorite Congressman in the House of Representatives today, but he has only three months of legislative experience, and he has spent more time running for office than actually serving in office at this point in his political career. His time will come, but not now.

We need serious candidates to run against President Obama next year, not men with little experience, or desire for the Presidency.

What say you?

Obama: New Task Force will Examine Gas Prices

After banning off-shore drilling, pledging to buy oil from Brazil, and refusing seriously curb the United States' use of foreign oil, President Barack Obama announced that a new task force will examine why gas prices are so high.  Hopefully this "task force" is simply a mirror that the President looks into every morning.

The President's stated goal is to "root out" reasons why prices are going up.  I assume he will not find himself at fault, but rather a myriad of other reasons.  Now, don't get me wrong, the President is not the only reason why prices are skyrocketing, but he is certainly one of the major reasons in the US.

President Obama continued: "We are going to make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain."
Obama: Can't figure out why gas prices are going up
Yahoo! continues:
Obama, decrying such levels as yet another hardship "at a time when things were already pretty tough," said Holder was forming the Financial Fraud Enforcement Working Group. 
The task force will focus some of its investigation on "the role of traders and speculators" in the oil-price surge Obama said. The group will include several Cabinet department officials, federal regulators and the National Association of Attorneys General. 
In Washington, Holder said he would press ahead with the investigation, even though he did not cite any current evidence of intentional manipulation of oil and gas prices or fraud. 
"Based upon our work and research to date, it is evident that there are regional differences in gasoline prices, as well as differences in the statutory and other legal tools at the government's disposal," Holder said in a memo accompanying a statement announcing the task force. "It is also clear that there are lawful reasons for increases in gas prices, given supply and demand."
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Royal Nonsense

With just one more week until the entire world watches Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot, thus giving the monarchy world wide attention it doesn't deserve, I feel the need to speak out once again about this royal nonsense.

Who cares?

This is the last grasp of a dieing monarchy, and we should not aid its survival in any way.

After Queen Elizabeth II dies, both Australia and New Zealand have discussed leaving the United Kingdom and embracing their Republican philosophies. The move towards Republicanism is something we should be celebrating in the U.S., but few seem to grasp the significance of monarchy's decline.

Americans, who fought to overthrow the tyranny of monarchy over two hundred years ago, should look at this wedding as nothing more than Royal nonsense. It's celebrating the institution of enslavement, of decrees, of evil.

What say you?

Obama holds $35,000-a-plate Fundraiser

President Obama held a $35,000-a-plate fundraiser Friday night, gearing up already for his 2012 Presidential run.  Several movie stars were in attendance.  So, if I may...

First, does it disturb anyone else that, instead of, you know, being President, Mr. Obama is chatting it up with Tom Hanks?  With Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, unemployment, the deficit, the debt, and so on and so forth, it should be pretty alarming that the most important thing the President can think to do is go to Facebook and have dinner.

Second, looks like the President has finally focused on something:  getting reelected.  Sure, he blew $787,000,000,000 on an unsuccessful "stimulus" package (and then blamed Republicans for spending), but Mr. Obama is really concentrating now.  You see, normally if you do a bad job and then don't even bother doing it for a year and a half, you get fired.  Since President Obama has never had a real job (adjunct college professor *snicker*), he must think that it is all right to shirk your duties.  It is not.
Mr. Obama
Third, instead of having his rich compatriots waste money on him, why not take that $35,000 per plate and hire a person?  For $35,000.  For an entire year.  And more, dozens if not hundreds were in attendance.  Take that money and create multiple jobs instead of spending it to try and keep one.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Nina Simone Remembered......

Nina Simone, American/Pan-African singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist – died this day in 2003, aged 70, after years of battling breast cancer…

And my favorite track....

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Cain/West 2012?

Consider me on the bandwagon.

Conservative muckraker Andrew Breitbart said Thursday that he wants radio host Herman Cain and Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) on the 2012 GOP ticket.

Speaking at a lecture held at the conseravtive Heritage Foundation, Breitbart argued that rather than nominate Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, the GOP should run two African-Americans against Barack Obama.

“The only way to defeat political correctness and cultural marxism and multiculturalism is to aim straight at its head,” Breitbart said.

Breitbart said a Cain-West ticket would be more than just a novelty act. He cited Cain’s business experience and West’s military background as factors that would qualify each to serve in higher office. Cain, a conservative talk show host, formed a presidential exploratory committee in January. Though relatively unknown on a national scale, recent Gallup polls revealed a high favorability rating among voters who had heard of him. West, meanwhile, has become a favorite of Tea Partiers, and has pledged to use his seat in Congress to put pressure on senior Republicans to legislate conservatively.
Emphasis Mine...

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Paul Krugman is a Complete and Utter Dolt!

Krugman, normally a hack and propagandist in my view, gets this right: Patients Are Not Consumers.

Patients are not consumers and physicians are not "providers": they are in a professional relationship of extremely personal and intimate content, in which judgement and individualized attention and care are required. Mutual trust and committment are key.

On the other hand, Krugman would like us all standing in lines in government clinics. I think Krugman is a mixed-up person.
On the other hand Krugman misses a key point, in the end it isn't about consumer choice as he alludes to. It is about patient autonomy. The priority for patients to exercise their right to informed consent. The IPAB effectively removes this.

Incredibly, he is suddenly worried about the lowly taxpayer arguing that the folks paying for all of this excess are not insurance agencies, but the American taxpayer, you know the little guy.
Before you start yelling about “rationing” and “death panels,” bear in mind that we’re not talking about limits on what health care you’re allowed to buy with your own (or your insurance company’s) money. We’re talking only about what will be paid for with taxpayers’ money. And the last time I looked at it, the Declaration of Independence didn’t declare that we had the right to life, liberty, and the all-expenses-paid pursuit of happiness.
Well excuse me, ut I will continue to yell about "rationing" and "death panels", particularly when it is the federal government making the ultimate decisions. After all, "it is not what you know, but, who you know."

He also takes time to make the obscene argument that consumer based healthcare has never worked. I would respectively call to his attention to Laser-assisted In Situ Keratomileusis. Affectionately known as LASIK. This is a truly consumer driven medical intervention that has seen its cost decrease significantly and its outcomes improve purely due to consumer demand and technology. I would add plastic surgery, but that may be construed as too obvious.

Lastly, perhaps the most particular affront to my professionalism, is when Mr. Krugman makes the argument that when push comes to shove, when life and death decisions need to be made the advice of an "independent panel of experts" would be superior to that of the doctor on the ground working with the patient and family to come up with a reasonable course of action. This is where the art of medicine comes in and Paul Krugman is asking the medical profession to defer this to a panel? Either he is insane, or he is a dolt. I feel I am being generous by calling him a dolt!

Read the whole thing...Please bookmark!

Terry Jones Found Disturbing the Peace, Before Actually Disturbing the Peace

I am no big fan of Pastor Terry Jones, but he is demonstrating the affront to the US Constitution that is posed by radical Islam. Since when did America bend over for someone because of threat of violence. This is exactly what is taking place in Dearborn Michigan. Due to threat of violence by islamists the Michigan courts have abrogated their constitutional duty to sharia law! This is utterly nonsensical...

Pastor Terry Jones released from custody after his bond is posted:

Grow up people and stand up for yourselves....

He wanted to protest outside the Islamic center in Dearborn but the city refused him a permit, fearful that some local Muslim might go nuts as a result. So they put him on trial, with the jury asked to determine what they thought his intent would be in holding the protest. If they thought his aim was peaceful, he’d be found not guilty; if they thought he meant to incite violence, then guilty as charged. Verdict: Guilty. Which means not only was this guy convicted of a speech crime he hadn’t yet committed (a.k.a. prior restraint), but it was only a crime in the first place because of the expected reaction from his opponents. In other words, it’s a de facto codification of the heckler’s veto.
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The Search for 100 Followers (Part II)

  If you've been reading Pundit Press for a while you probably like the site. If that's the case-- lend us a hand and consider 'following' the site. Just take a look at the widget on the left-hand sidebar. We're stuck at ninety and were wondering if there were 6 readers that would be willing to get us to an even 100. We put up a similar article several days ago and gained four followers (thanks!).

You can follow with Yahoo, Google, Blogger, AIM, OpenID, Twitter, and other sources. Just click 'follow' and read the directions from there. Pundit Press thanks you.

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Harry Reid Echoes Alan Grayson: GOP Wants Women to Not Have Health Care

 Harry Reid has transformed into even more of a joke than previously thought. The Nevada Republican scraped into re-election last year and is now making his farce of a career even more so. Believe it or not, when chosen to be the Senate Minority (back in 2004-2005) leader after Tom Daschle lost his seat, Reid was thought to be a 'moderate.'

Now, over 80 members of Congress have asked him to resign. His bully pulpit as leader of the Democrats in the Senate is weakened, and he remains one of the most unpopular figures in Nevada politics. Not bad for a guy who saw his son lose the race for Governor last year.

Reid has stuck his foot in his mouth before-- calling his victory last year "child's play" and mocking his opponent. He also infamously declared the War in Iraq lost on the Senate floor. He then denied ever saying it.

Now he's done it again, on his official Twitter account. He, like many Democrats, are trying to make political hay out of the budget deals going on in Congress. For one, the Republican attempt to avoid the government over borrowing and threatening a shutdown. Now, the Dems have tried the 'Republicans are anti-women' tack for decades now, but Reid takes it one step further.

Reid echoes former Congressman (and current disgrace) Alan Grayson, who once said that the Republican health care plan was for seniors to "die quickly."

 The full quote from the linked picture:

GOP wants to shut down our nation’s government because they want to make it harder for women to get the health services they need. 
 So.... the Republican Party wants to kill off the women voters that they're trying to get to... vote for them? Sounds like a pretty poor strategy in winning elections. But then again, what does Harry Reid know about that-- he almost lost to John Ensign!

So another brilliant move by the person who has overseen the Senate barely voting for ObamaCare last year and the Democrats losing 7 seats in 2010.

Reid is a disgrace. Let him resign-- and allow an adult to take the stage.

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At Least 60 Dead in Syria Crackdown

Oppositition figures in Syria attempted to hold their largest rallies yet. Despite all of the posturing made by the Assad regime that it would attempt to appear more legitimate, they instead unleashed beatings and bullets.
According to the BBC, at least 60 protesters have been killed today. Meanwhile, the White House appears content to do nothing and allow for it to occur.
Protesters – said to number tens of thousands across the country – chanted for the overthrow of the regime, Reuters news agency reports.
Video images coming out of Syria show footage of many confrontations where live ammunition was used.
Where is the Obama Administration? One of our worst enemies is on the brink, and we sit back and allow slaughter? This is like June 2009 in Teheran all over again.

Cross-posted at WorldThreats.

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Guest Post: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Crisis

 Pundit Press is happy to bring you a guest post from reader Thomas Morrison about the situation unfolding in Japan over the last month and a half.

The devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and numerous aftershocks that recently hit Japan have severely crippled the country’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s containment and cooling systems. The destruction of these systems have resulted in multiple explosions, hazardous radiation leaks from fuel rods, and desperate ongoing attempts to restore power and cool the reactors in time to prevent a catastrophic meltdown. This natural disaster has been catastrophic for the economy of Japan and the people of Japan.

As we saw with the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Doug Band and Clinton Global Initiative organized online donations to help rebuild the infrastructure and economy. The same is happened now and anyone can text REDCROSS to 90999 for a quick $10 donation or visit Doug Band (Clinton's Aide) and the CGI. In the wake of this unprecedented natural disaster, the issue of nuclear energy, which had taken a back burner to more pressing concerns, was suddenly thrust back into the spotlight as fear rapidly spread across the globe. In fact, 7 out of 10 Americans surveyed said they were much more concerned about the possibility of a nuclear disaster as a result of the recent tragic events in Japan, according to a recent USA Today Gallup Poll.

Ironically, only a few months before the disaster in Japan, inspectors of operational U.S. nuclear plants  identified critical design defects, vulnerabilities, and numerous cracks and holes in the protective structures. Arnold Gunderson, a nuclear engineer, said that even though these flaws were found in old plants more reactors were built. These new reactors may be built with the same flawed and potentially dangerous designs.

People are growing more and more concerned about potential serious risk that might exist in our backyard. The United States is the largest producer of nuclear energy with over 100 active plants, many of which are as old and outdated as Fukushima Daiichi in Japan. The serious risk that some of the plants might leak radiation is a concern has caused the President to request that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to preform a 90-day safety review of all U.S. nuclear power plants.

Although proponents believe that nuclear power has the potential to be one of several reliable and clean high-energy power sources, they often also acknowledge that concerns about costs, security, and safety must be addressed first. They hope to see recent technological advancements incorporated into existing designs to improve nuclear power plant safety including built-in water towers, passive systems, designs that do not rely on external energy sources to maintain fuel rod stability, improved shutdown mechanisms, and other integrated safety and security features that will ensure no catastrophic consequences result in the event of a major threat.

With these advances implemented into our power plants it would lower the risk of catastrophe happening in the United States. Nuclear energy is a great source of clean energy and is important, however if not contained correctly it can be deadly. With the correct safety regulations and abiding by those safety controls nuclear energy can be a leading source of energy without any worry from citizens who live in the backyards of the power plants.

Submitted by Thomas Morrison, co-editor of Everything Left and writes on topics that are current and progressive.

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Guest Post: Illegal Alien Stupidity

This guest post comes to us from ElvisNixon.com.

Look into the face of ignorance.

Look into the eyes of the future of America.

Is this what all of our soldiers died for?

Obama's call for AMNESTY and earlier Administrations "Open Borders" policy have given us killers like this.

Look closely at the "artwork" emblazoned on his hairless chest.

Anthony Garcia,a "Proud Mexican" tattooed a MURDER SCENE on his own chest in pride over KILLING an American.

Yes, thats right- this genius inked his own confession on his chest.

Thank you Obama.

Thank You McCain.

The Los Angeles Times Reports:

"..Inked on the pudgy chest of a young Pico Rivera gangster who had been picked up and released on a minor offense was the scene of a 2004 liquor store slaying that had stumped Lloyd for more than four years.

Each key detail was right there: the Christmas lights that lined the roof of the liquor store where 23-year-old John Juarez was gunned down, the direction his body fell, the bowed street lamp across the way and the street sign - all under the chilling banner of RIVERA KILLS, a reference to the gang Rivera-13.

As if to seal the deal, below the collarbone of the gang member known by the alias "Chopper" was a miniature helicopter raining down bullets on the scene.

Lloyd's discovery of the tattoo in 2008 launched a bizarre investigation that soon led to Anthony Garcia's arrest for the shooting. Then sheriff's detectives, posing as gang members, began talking to Garcia, 25, in his holding cell. They got a confession that this week led to a first-degree murder conviction in a killing investigators had once all but given up hope of solving.

For Lloyd, the image on the chest of the delicate, doe-eyed gang member brought back a rush of memories. The snapshot was taken inside the sheriff's Pico Rivera station after Garcia was arrested in a routine traffic stop and booked on suspicion of driving with a suspended license.

Before they are released, suspected gang members typically are asked to remove their shirts and have their tattoos photographed by graffiti team deputies. Taggers often mark their own bodies with the same signatures they spray on buses and storefronts - and eyewitnesses to crimes sometimes help close cases by recalling distinctive tattoos.

Homicide Lt. Dave Dolson said gang members frequently get symbolic tattoos to bolster their street cred: three dots on the hand to signify "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"), sketches of prisons where they've done time, gang insignia prominently stenciled on their heads and torsos.

But a tattoo laying out a detailed picture of a crime scene is something far outside the norm. "I haven't seen it before, and I haven't heard of anything like it either," Dolson said.

Garcia's tattoo shows a man with the body of a peanut being hit by bullets and falling back toward the liquor store. In gang slang, the word "peanut" is used to derisively describe a rival gang member.

Lloyd had been at the scene of the Pico Rivera killing as a station sergeant. After he recognized it in the tattoo, the 30-year veteran called up the cold case file. He pored over the crime scene photographs alongside the photos of Garcia's chest. He also drove to the site of the slaying.

"I worked Pico Rivera a lot of years, so I'm pretty familiar with that area," he said. "It was incredible."

With the help of major crimes investigators, deputies found Garcia living with relatives in La Habra. They arrested him and began setting up a ruse to secure his conviction.

A detective posing as a Los Angeles gang member who'd been arrested on attempted murder charges was placed in Garcia's Norwalk station jail cell. He soon got Garcia talking, sheriff's investigators said. Garcia was proud, and he bragged about the shooting. He didn't know the conversation was being recorded and that it would soon be played for a jury.

"Think about it. He tattooed his confession on his chest. You have a degree of fate with this," Parker said. "The detective who spotted it had been a Pico sergeant who went on to become a homicide sergeant. I never worked Pico station. I never would have recognized that Pico liquor store."

Investigators don't believe Garcia's elaborate tattoo was a rash decision. Photos from several bookings over the years show the mural on his chest evolving as he added details to the tattooed murder scene - until one day Lloyd saw them as a whole and something clicked."

This KILLER would be able to take taxpayer money if the DREAM Act was passed.

He is allowed to live in our country and get FREE healthcare.

Free daycare for his 7 children by 4 different illegal alien mothers.

His kids are "Anchor Babies" allowing benefits,welfare and free college tuition.

He has never paid taxes nor become literate in English.

He drove a car with PIOLIN bumper stickers,a Mexican Flag and a cartoon of Calvin urinating on "La Migra" AKA US Border Patrol.

Is this what we need?

We cannot afford this insanity

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John McCain: Leader on Libya

When Senator John McCain was running for the White House in 2008, one of his most successful campaign points was that he would have the experience and qualifications to lead the United States in a time of War, or international crisis, while his opponent would not be able to rise to the occasion.

He was definitely accurate on the second count; today he confirmed the first.

Senator McCain, knowing full well he's entering a war zone, arrived in Benghazi this morning to meet with the Rebel's leadership, and to discuss how the United States government can support them moving forward. This comes just one day after President Obama ordered Predator drones to attack Gaddafi's forces.

The Senator was graciously welcomed and toured the Rebel stronghold.

This morning should be a real wake up call for all American voters who desired leadership, but supported Obama in 2008 - they voted for the wrong man, and I hope they are all regretting it every day.

What say you?

The Truth Justice and the American Way

Who in their wildest dreams ever thought we would see a headline that says, “China Urges U.S. to Protect Creditors”?  For those of us who grew up in an America that was the undisputed leader of the free world locked in the Herculean task of containing the godless hordes of the Communist East, an America that was the largest manufacturer, largest creditor, and the economic engine that drove the world’s economy until recently it was unimaginable.  We watched as America fought wars around the edges of the creeping red menace.  We worked to elect the leaders and pay the taxes that built a 600 ship navy, the best equipped armies in history, and the Space Based Initiative all of which eventually convinced even the Soviets that their centrally-planned monstrosity couldn’t compete as it collapsed of its own weight.

Yes, except for the pages of MAD magazine, Cracked, or Rolling Stone until recently such a headline would have been unimaginable.  Today, after 23 years of Progressive leadership it has become the truth. Communist China is warning us to make provisions to pay our creditors in the face of a declining credit rating and an ever growing debt.  Have they ever heard of the GM bond holders?

If you’ve ever been to a TEA Party rally or if you grew up in America before it became politically incorrect to love our country you will remember these words, "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."  This is our hallowed Pledge of Allegiance.  It ends by announcing to the world our dedication to Justice.

In a world still run by kings, empires, and tyrannical despots as America rose to become a capitalist colossus of opportunity, we proclaimed that instead of the whims of the privileged riding rough shod over the rights of man we as a nation believed in an objective justice that wasn’t swayed by birth or purchased by fraud.  For more than two hundred years this honorable standard was our goal.  It wasn’t always perfectly applied, and it was sometimes cruelly circumvented by prejudice and avarice, but at least it was our goal.  The statue of Lady Justice wears a blindfold so that she is not influenced by what can be seen and she holds the scales which weigh the truth. 

Martin Luther King called us to be more than we had been and all that we can be when he said, our children “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  That this call was not for something new but instead a fulfillment of our original design is shown in Dr. King’s plea that America, “live out the true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.’”  This was ever the goal: blind justice. This was ever the light which shone from the beacon in the hand of Lady Liberty: freedom to rise above our birth, liberty to rise to the level of our efforts, and justice for all. 

Today the Progressives have shackled us to a creed of political correctness which for the first time in our history makes Americans fearful of the penalties for what they say, write, and think.  The Progressive ideology of from each according to their abilities to each according to their need, their dedication to the end of American Exceptionalism through globalization, and their worship of the myth of man-made global warming has created a toxic atmosphere where justice has no blindfold and her scales are tipped by the corruption of political power, crony capitalism, and interest groups on steroids. 

In the face of these assaults on who we are and what we can do the American people refuse to give up!  In the face of the best government money can buy taxing us to penury and spending us to poverty the American people continue to produce, to work, and to hope.  In a world where our Progressive leaders have raised stealing from Peter to pay Paul into a national policy the American people have refused to go quietly into that dark night.  On the day taxes were due thousands upon thousands of dedicated Americans gathered in city parks, town squares, and fields to proclaim America is still the home of the brave and the land of the free.

This is the American way.  We have faced adversity many times.  We have stood up to be counted when kings and emperors sought to squash the freedom of man under the weight of their divine right pride.  We have shouldered the burden when dictators sought to clamp their totalitarian yoke upon the neck of the world and we will stand before these self-inflated ideologues who seek to smother freedom under a centrally-planned economy and a regimented society.  Other countries have shown that when you rob Peter to pay Paul eventually Peter changes his name to Paul and that in the face of a stacked deck they will pretend to work as the government pretends to pay.  In America today millions are rising up and saying, we will not have a nation drowning in debt and limited in power!  We will not leave a broken dream to our children!  We will work tirelessly to preserve truth, justice, and the American way.  Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ypkoS0gGn8 © 2011 Robert R. Owens dr.owens@comcast.net  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Video- Allen West: 'I am Sick and Tired of Marxist Rhetoric from the President'

Talking on Greta VanSusteren's On the Record last night, Republican Congressman Allen West gave a strong rebuke of the President's policies.  You can see part of the interview below:

Here's a short transcript (emphasis mine)-

Greta- Those are pretty tough words for the President, I know you have a lot of passion about your views, but uh, the words:  any, uh, you a do a do-over on that, or do you stand by your words?

West-  Good evening and happy Easter, Greta.  I do stand by those words, and perhaps one of the things that one of the... many people need to understand is that the truth needs to be said.

When I go around and I talk to people down here in my district and we get phone calls, that speech that was given last Wednesday was absolutely beneath the statesmanship, or the atmosphere, or the personality that a President should show.  I am sick and tired of this class warfare, this Marxist demagogic rhetoric that is coming from the President of the United States of America.

It is not helpful for this country and it's not going to move the ball forward as far as rectifying the economic situation in our country.

And in case you missed the speech that Mr. West was talking about, you can watch it here (warning, extremely partisan and often factually incorrect):

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Senator Ensign to Resign Friday

Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada), who was testing the 2012 presidential waters until his extramarital affair* was disclosed in 2009, has announced that he will resign from the United States Senate on Friday. He previously announced that he wouldn't seek a third term next year.

Someone will have to be appointed before the Senate reconvenes next month.

Governor Brian Sandoval (R) will have to make a decision quickly, and smartly, because his appointment is likely to influence who does and doesn't run for the Senate seat next year, especially within Republican circles.

Representative Dean Heller should receive the appointment Friday and the nod in next year's Republican primary, because of his well established Conservative record in three terms of honorable service in the House of Representatives.

What say you?

* - With the wife of one of his aides.

Former NM Gov Gary Johnson Enters 2012 Race

 Gary Johnson, the libertarian former Governor of New Mexico, has officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Johnson was a former Governor during his tenure and has called for the end of the war on drugs and the War on Terror.

Johnson made his announcement in-- where else? New Hampshire:

"Our leaders in Washington, DC, have ‘led’ America to record unemployment, a devalued currency, banking scandals, the mortgage crisis, drug crisis, economic crisis, loss of our nation’s industrial might — and a long list of other reminders our nation is way off course," Johnson said.
"Why am I telling you this? Because America is better than this. And because I can help fix it. I’m a fix-it man," he said.

 Looks like Johnson and Paul will be eyeing the same votes.

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New Earthquake in Japan, 6.1 Hits Near Tokyo

 As if the people of Japan haven't had enough problems over the last month. Apparently a new 6.1 scale earthquake has struck near the capital Tokyo.

From FoxNews:

DEVELOPING:  TOKYO -- A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck Japan late Thursday, shaking buildings in the capital Tokyo, the US Geological Survey said.
The quake struck at 10:37 p.m. local time in Chiba prefecture 40 miles east of Tokyo, at a depth of 26.7 miles.
Japan has been hit by a string of aftershocks since the 9.0 magnitude earthquake that struck March 11, unleashing a huge tsunami.
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CBS Refuses to Release Full Audio of Obama's "Hot Mic Session"

Last week it was revealed that, during a meeting with Democratic members of Congress, President Obama's mic was accidentally left on.  CBS recorded what he was saying and released part of it.

Mr. Obama
That section of released tape was extremely partisan and alarming.  For example, during it President Obama stated:
"The notion that I'm going to let you guys undo that in a 6-month spending bill?' I said, 'You want to repeal healthcare? Go at it. We'll have that debate. You're not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we're stupid?!'"
At the time it was released, it was assumed that the entirety of the audio had been released.  However, this was not the case.

Why, exactly, the entire audio was not released is not known.  However, it has been discovered that CBS higher-ups refused to release the tape.

The site Yes, But, However sent several messages on Twitter to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller asking why the full audio was being kept a secret:
To which Mr. Knoller responded:
Most likely, CBS refused to release the tape/transcript because it portrays Obama in a negative light.  Considering what they did release, and what Obama said in it, simply imagine how bad this audio could be.

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Bobby Jindal goes Birther; Says he'd sign Birth Certificate requirement Bill

An absolutely astounding comment from Lousiaian Bobby Jindal yesterday morning on NBC Today (via Politico):
“If the Legislature passes this bill,” Jindal said, “I’d sign it.” And if legislators “pass another bill that simply restates the Constitution, of course I’d sign it. If they pass a bill restating the Bill of Rights, of course I’d sign it.”
What's not being picked up by the MSM is that both chambers of the Louisian Legislature are now controlled by Republicans.

Two state senators switched to the GOP in recent months, giving the Republican Party control of that chamber. The GOP was already in the majority in the House.

Louisiana is a very conservative state to begin with. And with the whole oil spill mess, and Obama's lack or response, and downright lack or caring as perceived by Louisianans, it's likely LA politicians may be in the mood for a little payback, cajun' style.

Bobby Jindal's pledge to sign the Birth Certificate requirement Bill is of enormous importance.

Imagine Obama appearing on the ballot in only 49 states for 2012. CNN and Fox would have to shade their election maps purple, or gray, or even oil slick brown for the State of Louisiana.

Eric Dondero is a blogger from Texas. He lives on the Gulf Coast south of Houston. He is publisher of LibertarianRepublican.net

Idaho Bans ObamaCare

In the most recent tit-for-tat since the much maligned ObamaCare package was passed last year, an entire state has moved to prevent the implementation of the law in its borders. Idaho has recently passed (a similar bill was vetoed), and the governor signed, an order prohibiting the health care law from taking effect.

Or at least parts of the law:

In a letter to the secretary of state, Otter said the bill "can impose regulations and requirements that discourage or make it impossible for insurers to offer affordable health coverage to individuals and small employers in Idaho."
 It's a step, but we'll see what the courts have to say.

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Chace of $6 Gas By Summer

 It's blasted right on the front of Drudge, you can't miss it. Gas in Upstate New York has already broken the $4 a gallon mark, to the chagrin of motorists everywhere. Yesterday I saw an article saying that $5 gas wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. While that's obvious bullcrap, $5 may be the least of our worries.

Can you say $6 a gallon? Thanks, Obama!

"All we have to have is a couple badly placed hurricanes which could constrain some of the refinery output capacity in some key locations," says Richard Hastings, strategist at Global Hunter Securities in Charlotte, N.C. "If you get weakness in the dollar concurrent with the strong driving season concurrent with the impact of one or two hurricanes in the wrong place, prices could go up in a quasi-exponential manner."
 Better start hoarding gold now.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jeb Bush Would Defeat Obama in Florida

Remember when former President George H.W. Bush said that he wished Jeb would run for the Republican nomination next year? Most of us accepted the father's endorsement as wishful thinking and moved on, because there was no possible way Florida's former Governor was going to run anytime soon.

One polling firm is obviously attempting to change Governor Bush's mind.

According to Viewpoint Florida, which leans Republican, Governor Bush would defeat President Obama by almost twenty points (57-38%) in Florida, if he were to challenge the President who was elected running against his brother's record.

The survey of over 800 registered voters has Bush leading Obama all across the state and the various age groups, with the notable exception of 18-34 year olds, who are split evenly between the two 2012 choices.

I do not think this will change Governor Bush's mind, because most of America desires a new President from the Republican Party, and not another Bush, even though his policies are more Conservative than his family's other two leaders.

While the Bush's are absolute Patriots, we need fresh Republican blood running the show, and I want Jeb to sit on the sidelines this time around.

What say you?


It is of course a matter of perspective. Suddenly, when someone starts talking about taking something that is hard earned from you and giving it to someone less deserving benevolence becomes more than an aside. This is a great example of the absurdity of progressive politics.

Why is everyone so interested in giving away someone else's hard earned gains and not their own?

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Liberal Site Wonkette Reprehensibly Attacks Down Syndrome Child of Sarah Palin, Trig, on his Birthday

To say this is disgusting is not enough.  This is vile.  This is horrendous.  This is mean to the point where there is certainly something wrong with the article's author.

Jack Stuef, writer for the liberal website Wonkette, authored one of the worst pieces of excrement ever to see the light of day on the internet.  He wrote to commemorate the third birthday of Trig Palin, a son of former VP candidate Sarah Palin.  Young Trig also happens to have down syndrome.

So what did Stuef do?  Attack him like nothing ever seen before.

At the top of the article is a gif featuring Trig's head photoshopped into this scene:
Then Stuef refers to a poem written for Trig's birthday.  The poem asks the boy what he is dreaming of and what his future.  Stuef's response:
What’s he dreaming about? Nothing. He’s retarded.
Then he has various videos meant solely to demean the poor child.  And at the end he wraps up his disgusting tirade with this:
Enjoy yourself today, Trig. Have fun! Get drunk (on purpose this time)! We can hardly wait for 15 years from now, when you will finally be able to vote and will be sent off by your mother’s junta to fight the Union in the Great Alaska War. It’ll be quite a loss. You’re the smartest one in that family.
Has he, and all the rest that blindly attack Palin to score points, no decency?  The answer is obvious.

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Cornell Study Claiming Natural Gas Dirtier Than Coal Debunked

Well that didn't take long! I noted significant deficiencies with the Cornell study here. Namely:

  • The Methane made me do it: The Studies conclusions rely almost entirely on the application of a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is almost 45% higher for natural gas than the one cited by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007
  • Faulty data leads to faulty analysis and even the study's authors admit their data is "lousy"
  • Lost and Unaccounted for Gas (LUG) relies on non peer reviewed Texas trade magazine that is no longer in circulation
  • The author's estimates on pipeline leakage relies on data and assumptions that are completely irrelevant to the Marcellus shale
  • Politics and science don't mix, but I repeat myself
Although I correctly predicted that environmentalist's would use this data to further their desire to ban natural gas drilling outright, I wasn't expecting to see a study completely debunking Dr. Howarth's findings so quickly published. Timing is everything I suppose.

John Hanger, expert on all things energy, who blogs a Facts of the Day focuses his attention on a study published on 4/19/11 by Gregory C. Staple and Joel N. Swisher titled The Climate Impact of Natural Gas and Coal Fired Electricity: A Review of Fuel Chain Emissions Based on Updated EPA Natural Inventory Data directly contradicts the Cornell study! I wonder if the NYT will give this as much attention?

Regardless, Mr. Hanger has this to say:
Staple and Swisher use the most recent 2011 EPA data on methane leakage rates (not used by Horwath), accepted IPCC global warming potential protocols (not used by Horwath), and calculates emissions for both the production of coal and gas plus the combustion of coal and gas. Unlike Horwath, the Staple-Swisher paper used empirical data readily available concerning the efficiency with which coal plants burn coal and the efficiency with which gas plants burn gas to produce an actual kilowatt-hour of electricity that we then use at our homes and businesses.

Coal plants are less efficient than gas plants. Coal plants require more fuel than gas plants do to produce a kilowatt-hour. The lower efficiency of coal plants are a major reason why they emit more carbon per kilowatt-hour of electricity actually generated than gas plants do.

And if you don't want to read the paper, though I recommend it, here are its principal conclusions:

1. Existing gas fired plants emit 51% less greenhouse gas pollution per kilowatt-hour than existing coal plants;

2. A new gas-fired combined cycle unit produces about 52% less GHG pollution per kilowatt-hour than a new coal fired plant;

3. A new gas-fired combined cycle unit produces about 58% less GHG pollution than the average coal plant and 63% less than a typical older coal plant.
Remember, the same people who keep telling us that hydraulic fracturing for natural gas is an affront to public health are the same ones who brought us the carcinogen producing CFL.

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Update: Wisconsin Doctors Writing Bogus Sick Notes

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If you follow this blog at all, you know that we have been following the story of Wisconsin doctors who were caught on video writing sick notes to teachers protesting Governor Walker's budget. My last post on the issue was on March 12. The nub of my incredulity is here.

At that time it was noted that the Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing had identified 11 individuals with whom they requested a response explaining the actions of that day. Based on these reports, (excuses) a decision would be made by the DRL as to whether a formal investigation would be launched.

Today we have word from the DRL and the Medical Examining Board 8 of 11 individuals will be investigated to determine if any "violations of law occurred and whether disciplinary actions should be pursued."
Medical Excuses Issued at Capitol Rallies

The Department of Regulation and Licensing (DRL) and the Medical Examining Board (MEB) have opened investigations involving eight individuals who allegedly wrote medical excuses for individuals attending rallies at the Capitol in February.

Based on information provided by various complainants, DRL identified 11 people who were asked to provide an explanation to the department about their activities at the Capitol. Based on the complaints and the information received by DRL, a screening panel consisting of three members of the MEB has decided to open investigations on eight individuals. Investigations were not opened as to the other three individuals because the panel concluded no violations had occurred.

A more extensive fact-finding process will now occur on the cases which have been opened to determine if any violations of law occurred. Recommendations will be made at the end of each investigation as to whether disciplinary action should be pursued.

The DRL and MEB are charged with licensing qualified, competent physicians and enforcing discipline against physicians whose practice is substandard.
The Journal Sentinel has more.

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Energy Saving Light Bulbs Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals

Now a memeorandum thread....Verum Serum with more.

Why is it that every time environmentalists force their will on the populace this kind of thing happens.

CFL's (compact fluorescent lamps) touted as the savior of Gaia by environmentalists worldwide has some obvious problems of their own. Not only are they filled with mercury causing a cleanup nightmare but they also emit cancer causing chemicals and toxins when turned on, including phenol, naphthalene and styrene a group of German scientists are reporting. There is also reports out of Israel that the bulbs could be associated with higher breast cancer rates if used at night given how closely CFL's mimic daylight thereby disrupting the bodies production of melatonin. To add insult to injury, the Migraine Action Association has warned CFL's could trigger migraines and skin care specialists express concern that the intense light could exacerbate chronic skin conditions.

Just remember, these are the same people who keep telling us that hydraulic fracturing is too dangerous for our health all the while forcing us to bring cancer causing light bulbs into our homes. Oh the irony. Somehow they just don't seem particularly trustworthy!

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White House Attempted to 'Convince' S&P Not to Drop Credit Rating

 The White House apparently was none too pleased with the new projections by Standard and Poors about the US debt situation. S&P earlier this week downgraded the long term payback viability of the country. According to the Washington Post, the Obama Administration even attempted to have the group reconsider and wanted them to change their outlook.

But the U.S. government is an unusual case — it doesn’t solicit ratings. S&P and the other major credit rating agencies offer their judgments notwithstanding.
Spokesmen for the Treasury and S&P declined to comment on the record.

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Oil Again over $110

 Oil's certainly seen its ups and downs the last several years, but now it appears that the upward trajectory is repeating itself. After a short hiatus where oil dropped slightly, the price has again jacked up. It almost reached $112 earlier today and is still over $110.

From Yahoo finance:

Uh oh.
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We Need Mission CREEP in Libya

Conservatives and Liberals have been using the phrase "mission CREEP" in regards to the ongoing conflict in Libya for weeks now. The term means that a military conflict has evolved from one set of goals to another set for whatever strategic or political reason of the moment.

It's about time!

When the U.N. mandated War on Libya was launched about a month ago, I was calling for America to fight Muammar Gaddafi with the intention of removing him from power. And with the horrible news of stalemate, I believe we need to be more involved than ever in aiding the Rebel forces in Gaddafi's overthrow.

The British and French are stepping up their involvement, but America is still sitting on the sidelines. Only two weeks of American involvement resulted in Gaddafi's air force being completely destroyed, and the no-fly zone being put successfully in place. Not to mention, but we also saved Benghazi from ruin.

America cannot sit on the sidelines any longer!

This "mad dog" will not be removed until we do it, regardless of how much fire power the British and French contribute, because we have the greatest military force on earth, and it's about time we use it to dislodge one of our oldest foes.

What say you?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Charlie Sheen a Birther?

 Now I'm not sure how much of this is a joke, or heroin talking, but it appears that Charlie Sheen may... be a birther. We already know that he 'doubts' the official 9/11 report, whatever that means and that he's personal friends with radio host Alex Jones.

 Now we have word from one of his stops on his tour. When asked about running for President and a gag poll that placed him behind President Obama, he said:

"Is that the craziest f— idea ever?" Sheen asked the friendly crowd, who cheered in support of a potential presidential bid by the longtime (and recently deposed) star of "Two and a Half Men."

"For starters, I was f—king born here, how about that? And I got proof! Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate."

"I know I promised this wouldn't be political, but look where we f— are, man!"
 What? He also called Sarah Palin a 'lunatic.' Not really sure if anything's going on up there, if anything?

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Gov't Eyeing Selling GM Stock by Summer

 The United States government spent over $25 billion bailing out General Motors and Chrysler. Ford rejected the government money and has since seen profits. GM, meanwhile, has attempted to stake its comeback on the Chevy Volt, which has seen lackluster success.

Now there is word that the federal government is looking at dumping its GM stocks. This comes after thousands of company shares were sold to the public several months ago. The word is not great for taxpayers-- as it appears that you and I will lose $11 billion on the transaction:

To break even, the U.S. Treasury would need to sell its remaining stake—about 500 million shares—at $53 apiece. GM closed off 27 cents a share at $29.97 in 4 p.m. trading Monday on the New York Stock Exchange, hitting a new low since its $33-a-share November initial public offering. 
 Furthermore, the word of the potential sell-off has hurt GM's shares on the market. The value declined as the rumor set in:

After the Wall Street Journal reported a government sale could come within the next six months, GM's shares fell by nearly 1.3 percent to end at $29.59.
The government sale would "almost certainly" mean that US taxpayers would take a loss from a politically controversial $50 billion rescue of the auto giant in 2009, according to the paper.

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Gold Price Cracks $1,500/Oz.

 The price of gold has soared over the last decade, usually heading up in times of higher oil prices or unrest. While the price of the precious metal dipped in late 2008, it has come back stronger and has recently hit some record highs.

The last several days have seen Standard and Poor's place the American government in higher risk of default while oil remains over $100 a barrel. Enter in both the gold and silver prices shooting up.

As of 10:37pm today:
Gold: $1,496.91/oz
Silver: $44.11/oz

Gold skirted over $1500 an ounce today. Meanwhile, the big under-the-radar story has been silver, which has nearly doubled in the last half year. It has nearly quadrupled in the last two and the price per ounce was under $5 in the 1990s.
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Video- New Dem Ad: Elderly Men will Become Strippers if Republican Budget Passes

This is real.  Democrats are pulling out all the stops to smear Republicans.  They've rolled out a new ad in which an elderly man tries to find ways to supplement his income because of the so-called lapses in Paul Ryan's new budget.  See the entire video below:

First the video shows some numbers:
Then an elderly man says to a group of screaming women, "Did someone call the fire department, because it's about to get hot in here!"


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Obama to Replace Joe Biden? I Doubt It

The "Barack Obama is going to replace Joe Biden next year" meme is once again circulating around the blogosphere, and this time the speculated replacement is not Hillary Clinton, but New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Besides from the obvious truth that regular voters are not looking forward to a Presidency and Vice-Presidency dominated by corrupt politics, politicians and political machines, does anyone remember the last time one of our President's replaced their number two before the election for whatever political reason?


Almost four decades ago, when Conservative activists were agitated over the Republican President's administration, Gerald Ford replaced his hand selected Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller with Kansas Senator Bob Dole, which made absolutely no difference in the soon-to-be-held election that Jimmy Carter won with relative ease because of the unpopular pardoning of Richard Nixon.

Ever since Ford's decision, which he later regretted, pundits have been obsessed with incumbents "dumping" their problematic number two for somebody else. I can recall at least three victims of this dumb political speculation: Dan Quayle in 1992; Dick Cheney in 2004 and now Joe Biden in 2012.

This same old, usually wrong, song will always be sung.

Until proven otherwise, Biden will be the Democrat number two next year.

What say you?

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Obama Reaches New Low in WP Poll

Barack Obama is not so popular lately. With increasing debt and higher gas prices, the shades of Jimmy Carter appear to be showing up more and more in his presidency. Now we see his poll numbers sliding, even in friendly media outlets.

Take this Washington Post-ABC News poll. ABC News has been notoriously friendly to the President, even before the 2008 election. if you peruse their poll results, Obama is usually running a good 3-5% higher than other sources. is this a mistake? Call it a sampling error.

Sampling error or bias aside, the President's numbers are still falling. If we take a look at the latest numbers released today, it becomes clear that many are not satisfied with his leadership.

Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 50%
Other/dk: 3%

Take into consideration that this poll has a 10% sampling bias towards Democrats. In other words, they sampled 33% of their sample as Democrats with only 23% as Republicans.

The numbers are further biased, showing Obama consistently leading potential Republican opponents, despite his low approval numbers. If we take a look at whether people would actually vote for him, we get different numbers:

33. As you may know, Obama has announced that he is running for re-election in 2012. Would you say you will definitely vote for him, you’ll consider voting for him, or you definitely will not vote for him?

Definitely     Will     Definitely     No 
               will      consider    will not    opinion
4/17/11         28          25          45          2
12/12/10*       26          30          43          2
11/23/09**      24          31          41          4

 So we see some of the dynamics of next year's race opening up, even as the President's numbers are falling.

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Obama Annoyedly Tells Reporter: "Let me finish my answers the next time"

President Barack Obama got into an annoyed confrontation with Texas's WFAA TV reporter Brad Watson after being asked serious questions for the length of an interview.

At the end of the sit down, which included Mr. Watson interrupting Mr. Obama several times, the President took Mr. Watson to the side and said, "Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"

WFAA, also known as News 8, is a television station out of Texas, a state that Mr. Obama lost in 2008.  According to CNN, Watson was self-absorbed and more interested in himself.  According to Watson's own article, the President was self-absorbed and more interested in himself.
Mr. Obama:  Doesn't like "challenging questions"
For example, this quote from CNN's article:
"We lost by a few percentage points in Texas," [Obama] started before Watson corrected him, saying, "Well, you lost by about 10."
In contrast with Watson's article:
"We lost by a few percentage points in Texas," Obama said. That was followed by a gentle reminder that the figure was closer to 10 percent.
Mr. Watson also interpreted Obama's statement directly to him differently that CNN. His take:
After the interview, Obama pointed out that he doesn't like an interviewer challenging his comments. 
"Let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?" he said.
And CNN's:
President Barack Obama got into a somewhat tense exchange with a Dallas TV reporter during an interview Monday at the White House. 
After the interview was over, Obama advised WFAA-TV's Brad Watson to "let me finish my answers the next time we do an interview, all right?"
"Advise" is much different than "doesn't like an interviewer challenging his comments."  Likewise, "corrected" is much more forceful than "gentle reminder."

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