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Interview with the Author of The Constitution-- I'm Not Kidding and Other Tales of Liberal Folly

Today Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 56 in our ongoing series. Today we're interviewing writer Curtice Mang, who is the author of The Constitution-- I'm Not Kidding and Other Tales of Liberal Folly. Mang skewers the Left with humor with their own words and actions.

1. When and why did you decide to write The Constitution: I'm Not Kidding and
Other Tales of Liberal Folly?

The book grew out of a letter to the editor I wrote to my local paper as the Obamacare legislation was passing through Congress. The letter I wrote compared the number of pages in my paperback copy of the Federalist Papers (449 pages) that also included a copy of the Constitution, including all amendments (a mere 20 pages) to theObamacare legislation, which came in at over 2,000 pages. Some of the liberalresponses to the letter were funny and even downright silly, albeit unintentionally so. One incredulous responder argued that the Obamacare bill was so much larger because it was double-spaced. Honest! I’m not making that up.

Another responder claimed that the bill was so lengthy because of the complexity of healthcare in modern America. What? It’s more complex than creating an entirely new form of government, one unlike any other, from scratch? He was serious, but I thought he was hilarious.

So, I thought I’d document some of the hypocrisy and intellectual shortcomings of modern liberal thought, but do it in a humorous way. Fortunately, the left regularly provides a wealth of material. Although, with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Weiner around, sometimes real life simply beats parody. Out of all that, a book was born.

2. What have been some of conservatives' biggest mistakes in taking on the

First, when Republicans try to be Democrat-lite, they will always pay the price.When it comes to spending other people’s money, the Democrats are the champs.The Republicans mostly dwell in the minor leagues. The Republicans cannot and should not compete with Democrats in giving away “free” stuff, employing earmarks and disdaining fiscal discipline. When they try we get the 2006 and 2008 elections where they looked a lot like the Charlotte Bobcats, losers of 59 of 66 games last NBA season.

If the Democrats are going to sell the nanny state to voters, they will offer up Mary Poppins. The Republicans can’t respond with Mary Poppins, minus the flying umbrella. They should instead say a good word about mom and dad. It’s cheaper, smarter and better. But, speaking of Mary Poppins, that whole spoonful of sugar with your medicine would incur the wrath of New York’s Mayor Bloomberg.

Next, Republicans often don’t respond forcefully enough to some of the more ludicrous statements that Democrats make. For instance, when Harry Reid (D-Caesar’s Palace) gets up on the Senate Floor and attacks Republicans for attempting to defund the National Endowment of the Humanities because it funds a cowboy poetry contest each year in Genoa, Nevada or declares that we can’t close any post offices because elderly people like getting junk mail, he ought to be laughed out
the door. I have plenty of other examples in my book and I’d be happy to let any Republican candidate use some of the jokes.

3. Who do you see winning in November?

Right now, I see the presidential race as a toss-up. Given the economy, unemployment rate, monumental debt, failed stimulus, Obamacare – which most of America still hates as much as, well, junk mail, one would think that Obama would be toast. That the race is so close at this point is disconcerting.

Having said that, even if Obama should win re-election, I don’t see him having any coattails for congressional races. In fact, many Democrats are acting like the Democratic convention is an Amway presentation and looking for any excuse to avoid it. I expect many will have “previous engagements” when Obama makes campaign stops in their states. So, I look for Republicans to pick up seats in both the House and Senate.

4. What is your favorite part of your book?

That’s a tough question, but I will mention a couple of parts. I have a chapter in my book entitled, Joe Biden: The Mouth That Bored. In the chapter I highlight some of the goofier statements that have emanated from the mouth of Joe Biden and offer some suggestions of other things that we could hear coming from Biden or the Obama White House in the future. For example, in 2009, Biden was the most visible member of the Obama Administration touting the “Recovery Summer”. That didn’t go so well. I suggest that the White House will soon announce recovery tours for fall, winter, spring and summer and that the Obama Administration is in negotiations with Congress to add a fifth season, just to give itself more chances.

The last chapter of the book, Capitalism: Profits of Doom, is a little silly. Okay, a lot silly. It describes an ultimate cage fight between Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Spoiler alert - the good guy wins. And I got to use the word “dyspeptic’ in a sentence.

5. What role do you see the Tea Party having in the coming yeas?

It looks like the Tea Party will continue to provide the energy and accountability on the right. Of course, that means it will continue to be a source of derision by the left and the mainstream media. Any tragedy will be initially blamed on the Tea Party. Tea Party members have already been called terrorists for being advocates for smaller government. Look, there are lots of ways to tell the difference between the Tea Party and terrorists. Here is just one: the Tea Party picks up after itself, terrorists don’t.

A tragic shooting – blame the Tea Party. A plane or bus accident – must be the Tea Party. A hurricane - the Tea Party, of course. Power outage in India – ABC’s Brian Ross is surely searching Tea Party rosters for someone, anyone, with an Indian sounding surname.

6. Anything else you'd like to add?

In these difficult economic, debt-ridden, big government times, one can laugh or cry. Laughing is better. It doesn’t mean that the issues aren’t important, they are. Fortunately, the left provides ample material for people like me, who can lampoon its hypocrisy, illogic and (technical term alert) sheer goofiness.

My book contains plenty of instances of liberal mischief - the folly of overpowering big government, global warming hysteria, the silliness of extreme environmentalism and more. I poke fun at it all. The Constitution – I’m Not Kidding and Other Tales of Liberal Folly will be appreciated by any conservative with an active funny bone. It can be purchased at my website, www.mangwrites.com, where I also have some blog posts of recent liberal folly – the material is never-ending. My book is also available at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

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Video Flashback- Reid: "Taxes are Voluntary"

Everyone knows that Harry Reid is a liar and a hypocrite. But to what extent is sometimes astounding.

Mr. Reid, who has been lambasting Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney over releasing his tax returns, has no idea what he is talking about. In fact, Reid is so "confident" that Romney has not paid taxes in ten years that he refuses to tell us where, who, or when he "heard" this information.

And of course there is the fact that Mitt Romney has already released part of this tax returns, instantly proving Reid's accusations false. But the Main Stream Media will not cover this. Something else that they won't cover: the fact that Mr. Reid believes that paying taxes is completely voluntary.

Take this video interview, for example:

If that did not make sense to you, don't worry. I am absolutely certain that Harry Reid doesn't even know where he is half of the time.

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Wade Michael Page Information

So far we have some details about the alleged shooter, Wade Michael Page. He was apparently a military veteran and also a white supremacist.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that has studied hate crimes for decades, reported Monday that Page was a frustrated neo-Nazi who had been the leader of a racist white-power band known as End Apathy.

Heidi Beirich, director of the center's intelligence project, said her group had been tracking Page since 2000, when he tried to purchase goods from the National Alliance, a well-known hate group.

The National Alliance was led by William Pierce, who was the author of "The Turner Diaries." The book depicts a violent revolution in the United States leading to an overthrow of the federal government and, ultimately, a race war. Parts of the book were found in Timothy McVeigh's getaway car after the bombing of the federal building Oklahoma City in 1995.

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Curiosity Rover Pictures, August 6, 2012

The first image from Curiosity:
H/T Wired.

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Live Video of Wisconsin Police Press Conference

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Live Coverage of Wisconsin Shooting


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Interview with Gary Morgenstein, Author of Right on Target

Today Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 56 in our ongoing series. Today we're interviewing writer and playwright Gary Morgenstein, author of the new play Right on Target. He has also written Take Me Out to the Ballgame and The Man Who Wanted to Play Right Field for the New York Yankees. His new play centers around a black conservative and presents conservatives as "as intelligent people who happen to disagree. With a sense of humor."

1) When and why did you decide to write Right on Target?

The Juan Williams controversy where NPR fired him because he dared work for Fox News was an inspiration, leading me to explore prejudice against conservatives within a story about people. You don't want a polemic on stage, how boring. See, I'm a middle-aged Brooklyn Jewish writer so everyone always assumes I've got an Obama tat. You should hear the responses on some of my dates. "Uh, you're really a Republican?" they ask as if I'm carrying the plague. The notion that someone could be intelligent and well-read and also conservative strikes liberals as an unlikely proposition. I wanted to address that cliche. By casting the protagonist Benjy Harrison as an African American conservative, I really turn things upside and make people consider different Universes. Like where all the smart people aren't liberal and all the stupid people aren't conservative.

2) What are some of the biggest stereotypes that conservatives are subjected to?

As we know, entertainment mediums all too often portray conservatives as either religious zealots, redneck bigots or simply Satan's Spawn. A good example is Aaron Sorkin's new HBO series The Newsroom, where he deigns to have a Republican character -- who, of course, is a liberal who attacks conservatives. Though the media does treat women politicians far worse than men (am I really defending Hillary Clinton?) women conservatives are especially trashed, ie Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, by the likes of Bill Maher. There are two very different standards for left and right. Which is pretty peculiar in a country where about 80% of the people characterize themselves as either moderate or conservative.

3) Why does this play resonate with its audience?

RIGHT ON TARGET will open August 11 in the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City's Greenwich Village before what I'm sure will be a predominantly liberal audience, so the reaction should be very interesting. I'll be curious to see if it will be perceived as a satire on conservatives or if people will appreciate this as a comedy about all different perspectives. I think folks are way smarter than they're given credit for. Maybe it's the optimistic Reagan Republican in me.

4) Who do you think will win in November? Will it make a difference in the direction the country is headed?

Oh, I think Romney will win and perhaps by the same margin Obama enjoyed in 2008. Well, will Romney fight for real reform and cut the budget, decrease regulations, taxes and, most importantly, take on the corruption infesting the federal government on both sides of the aisle? And will Americans be willing to forgo some of their entitlements to get this big government under control? That's a tall order.

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Obama Weighs in on Tebow for Some Reason


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Obama: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Bat?

It is not unusual for President Obama and our allies to communicate on a regular basis, especially with the Turkish Prime Minister in regards to the ongoing situation in neighboring Syria, however the Turkish press and government are bewildered over a photo released by the White House of President Obama talking to the Prime Minister earlier this week:

Speak softly while clutching a big bat?
Maybe the President really likes baseball, or maybe he's trying to create the image of Teddy Roosevelt's famous "walk softly and carry a big stick" quote for the fall campaign, but either way it's a massive failure.

Why do I say that?

Well, for one if you're trying to create the image of toughness while dealing with foreign leaders - you (a.) don't pick a friendly ally to do it with, (b.) don't post the picture on the internet detailing which friendly ally your using as a campaign prop, (c.) don't use a friendly ally that you need on a crucial and strategic issue - and lastly you don't use the President's liking of baseball to justify an obvious campaign gimmick to foreign press.

Oh, also, President Obama had a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who's opposition to tough U.N. sanctions, or even a resolution condemning the Syrian regime has led to impotency on the U.N. security council and hindered international efforts to resolve the crisis, but apparently didn't feel a photo op would be appropriate that would actually show strength against a foe..... Only our allies, I guess, are game.

This picture describes the entire Obama presidency: all bark; no bite. Hell, not even bark when it comes to our foes... Ugh

What say you?

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Is the Inertia Greater Than the Momentum?

The causes of our problems are not hard to see.  Americans aren’t obese because evil restauranteers are forcing them to eat fried butter on a stick.  We are bulging at the seams because we eat too much and exercise too little.  Americans aren’t trapped in upside down mortgages because evil bankers waylaid us and forced us to sign up for a house that was too big and cost too much.  We’re living in homes we can’t afford because we wanted them and thought we deserved them even though we didn’t have an income that could support them.  Americans aren’t buried in personal debt because credit card companies mailed us credit cards.  We carry an average of $14,517 household debt because we wanted what we wanted when we wanted it and couldn’t wait until we could pay for it.  And America isn’t drowning in national debt because we did anything more difficult to understand than electing people who bought our votes with entitlements we didn’t need and couldn’t afford.

The problem isn’t that we don’t know the answers.  Instead it’s that we don’t want to face up to the fact that the free ride has to stop if we’re going to get off before we land in Athens.  America’s economy is beginning to resemble one of those increasingly ridiculous action movies where the hero gets blown up, shot, stabbed, and hit with a brick only to jump up ready to roll.  Every time a bubble bursts instead of allowing the economy to bottom out and correct itself the Government spends as it borrows from foreign countries and the Fed creates money out of thin air to pay for it.  It’s time our leaders learn we have learned that blowing up a bubble to take the place of the last burst bubble is not building an economy.

As boom and bust turned into boom to boom to boom we have inevitably made our way to KABOOM!!!

The coming crash in this double dip dilemma is going to be a double whammy.  We are currently blowing up a new financial bubble providing Fed funds at near zero % that the banks then loan out at 3-4% pumping more and more money into the system.  And in a reprise of the 2000 dot.com crash the social media bubble is once again giving us billion dollar companies that aren’t making any money for anyone except the gamblers in the stock market casino.  

The Federal Government keeps inflating bubbles to avoid the real crash so they can continue to buy votes with entitlements and pay for them with funny money.  This postpones paying the piper, but it increase the bill when it finally comes.

Today the government Leviathan is devouring America’s income.  In 2012 it’s estimated that the central government will consume 24 % of GDP kicking back 4% to the States and localities, the States will swallow 10% of GDP, and the local entities will inhale 11%.  Subtracting the 4% Federal to State shell game and the governance of America is today costing us 40% of America’s production.  On top of that the regulatory burden grows heavier every day until everyone everywhere is in violation of something.  And we wonder why industry isn’t expanding?  When you eat your seed corn and make impossible to follow guidelines for planting you can’t expect a bumper crop.

With money pouring out of a 5” hose how can anyone take the politicians promises to cut the deficit and reduce the debt seriously?  The most draconian plans suggested so far, such as Representative Ryan’s doesn’t balance until 2040 and that is only if future politicians decide to play nice and not buy votes with free goodies which is about as likely as a dog with fleas not scratching.

That’s the problem: a dysfunctional government made up of kleptomaniacs writing phony checks on the future and a population addicted to easy money and unfunded entitlements.

What’s the solution?  We as a people must kick the entitlement habit.  Like any addiction our national addiction to freebees has debilitated us.  It has made us dependent on the outside stimulus.  Where once families and churches took care of the needy we have been taught for generations that Uncle Sugar will do it, so we have let Uncle Sugar do it.  How has that worked out?  Ever since the government bureaucrats have stepped between the givers and the receivers welfare hasn’t been well and it isn’t fair.  Many of us know people who need help who are denied and people who should be helping themselves who are riding in their Cadillacs to spend their food stamps.

After more than 15 trillion dollars and four decades of a war on poverty the percentage of Americans below the poverty line is higher than it was when we started.  There are more people on food stamps, more on disability and more that have just dropped out of the work force than ever before, and the only answer Washington seems to have is we haven’t spent enough yet.  That’s like telling the heroin addict who almost died last night of an overdose that the problem was he didn’t shoot up enough junk.

How do we stop spending?  How do we balance the budget?  This is like the question the backslider always asks, “How do I get back to God?”  The answer to the backslider is, “You get back to God.”  The answer for the nation is, “we stop spending more than we bring in.”  The politicians have a way to make that solution work: raise taxes until income matches outgo.  This brings up another problem: we can’t eat the goose that lays the golden egg and expect to collect more eggs tomorrow.  In any country that robs Peter to pay Paul eventually everyone changes their name to Paul.  Case in point, we now have more people qualifying for disability each month than people finding jobs. 

Yes, this is a call for austerity.  Yes, this will cause major dislocations.  Yes, when drug addicts quit taking the poison their bodies have come to crave they get sick.  In time drug addicts recover and once again becomes normal people able to stand on their own without the chemical prop of a debilitating drug.  In time if we as a nation will kick the habit of cheap money and government handouts we will once again learn to stand on our own two feet, hold our head up high, and proudly say, “This is America the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

If we will do this the last half of the twentieth century will be but a prelude to the American Century.  If we don’t, the sun will set on the American dream as we devour ourselves in an orgy of hedonism and self-gratification.

The election is coming fast.  Survey your choices and find people who have the courage to lead us in a return to fiscal responsibility before we face the coming collapse of the world we have known.  For if we cast our bread upon the water it will return to us after many days, but if we sow the wind we will reap the whirlwind.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Second Installment

Welcome to the second installment of Smart Answers to Dumb Statements,‭ ‬wherein I find Dumb Statements in my statewide newspaper and answer them with Smart Answers.‭  ‬

Let's dive right into them,‭ ‬shall we‭?

This first one is from Jim Walker of Conway.

Spiteful and divisive

OMG‭! ‬The Republican’ts are getting ready to hunt with that dead dog again.

They are more than desperate to discredit Barack Obama and sidetrack his re-election efforts.‭ ‬Finding Eric Holder in contempt of Congress is building their platform to resurrect the Nazi-esque Ken Starr figure.‭ ‬They won’t have to look very far within their ranks to find another eager‭ “‬special prosecutor‭” ‬to begin another witch hunt as they did with Bill Clinton and the Whitewater episode.‭ ‬Ken Starr was a man with no moral or legal boundaries,‭ ‬in my opinion.

I appeal to my Republican brothers and sisters to look deep into your radical religious hearts and stop your spiteful,‭ ‬hateful and divisive behaviors that are destroying our country.‭ ‬Shame on you.

My prayer for you all is‭ “‬Father,‭ ‬forgive them,‭ ‬they know not what they do.‭”

Hilarious‭!  ‬After calling Republicans‭ (‬actually,‭ ‬its‭ '‬Republican'ts‭'‬.‭  ‬Oh,‭ ‬how witty he is,‭ ‬eh‭?)   "‬radical‭"‬,‭ "‬spiteful‭"‬,‭ "‬hateful‭"‬,‭ ‬and‭ "‬divisive‭"‬,‭  ‬who had a‭ "‬Nazi-esque‭" ‬figure who pursued a‭ "‬witch hunt‭"‬,‭ ‬Jim prays and uses the words of Jesus.‭  ‬That's a bit pretentious,‭ ‬don't you think‭?  ‬I'm thinking that might go against Jesus‭' ‬teachings.‭

And some people might find it blasphemous to use the abbreviation OMG for anything not an actual oath.

Next,‭ ‬we have Vickie Fewell from Sherwood.‭  ‬She writes:

Mind-boggling views

After reading a recent Voices page,‭ ‬I had to respond.

First,‭ ‬on Rose Mimms‭’ ‬piece about the Equal Rights Amendment-the proposed amendment reads:‭ “‬Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state on account of sex.‭”

It boggles my mind how anyone could object to that being the law of the land,‭ ‬especially any woman.‭ ‬Oh,‭ ‬yeah,‭ ‬that’s right,‭ ‬Mimms is against it because it might somehow lead indirectly to more abortions.‭ ‬She is so focused on a single issue that apparently she would deny women,‭ ‬including herself,‭ ‬protection from discrimination.

Then Bill Wavering unloads on us poor,‭ ‬addle-pated females who want equal pay for equal work.‭ ‬I don’t believe that all men‭ “‬work longer hours,‭ ‬with less time off,‭ ‬at more difficult jobs to earn those bigger paychecks.‭” ‬I know women who are trial lawyers,‭ ‬nurses,‭ ‬doctors and engineers.‭ ‬I don’t think he’ll find many men who work longer hours at more difficult jobs.

Then Don Hamilton goes off on the Arkansas Arts Center for hosting an exhibition about tattoos.‭ ‬I hate tattoos as much as the next senior citizen,‭ ‬but I can see that they are art in the eyes of some beholders.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬that exhibit may bring an entirely different demographic to the Arts Center,‭ ‬helping increase its income and support.‭ ‬Fortunately,‭ ‬no one allows Hamilton or me to decide what is‭ “‬art‭” ‬or to exclude pieces that are not to our taste.

Whooo,‭ ‬I feel better now.

Since I don't have Rose Mimms original letter,‭ ‬I can't comment on Fewell's refutation of it.‭ ‬I think it is funny how Mrs.‭ ‬Fewell attacks Mrs.‭ ‬Mimms for being single-mindedly focused on abortion and not supportive of the ERA,‭ ‬but is completely focused on women's rights.

Then she states that she doesn't believe that all men‭ "‬work longer hours,‭ ‬with less time off,‭ ‬at more difficult jobs to earn those bigger paychecks.‭"  ‬Well,‭ ‬I don't believe that the New York Yankees have any business being in the World Series seemingly every year,‭ ‬but that doesn't change the reality of the situation.‭ 

But hey,‭ ‬Bill Wavering makes a much better case than I do.‭  ‬Here is what he wrote:‭

Women are not victims of the‭ “‬patriarchy‭” ‬as some recent letters here have implied,‭ ‬as far as I’m concerned.

Yes,‭ ‬left-wing feminists love to note that women make‭ ‬77‭ ‬cents on the dollar compared to men.‭ ‬They’re not so fond of mentioning that it’s because men work longer hours,‭ ‬with less time off,‭ ‬at more difficult jobs to earn those bigger paychecks.

If that wasn’t true,‭ ‬all you’d need to do to make a mint is start an all female business where the women would work at‭ ‬77‭ ‬cents on the dollar compared to men‭; ‬then you’d undercut the labor costs of your competitors and make a killing.‭ ‬Of course,‭ ‬nobody does that because the‭ “‬income gap‭” ‬doesn’t exist in any meaningful sense in the real world-‭ ‬the one that the rest of us live in.


Well said,‭ ‬and well reasoned.

Next we have Victor Jacuzzi from Little Rock.

Work together‭? ‬Ha‭!

The recent U.S.‭ ‬Supreme Court ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act created the perfect view of the Republican Party in Congress and why very little gets done,‭ ‬in my opinion.

We all know that the law is not perfect,‭ ‬but it builds a solid foundation for advancing the provisions and mechanisms for the delivery of health care in this country.

From my perspective,‭ ‬the Democrats voiced their pride that the work done in Congress resulted in a bill that was defined as constitutional.‭ ‬There was no denigration of the efforts to distort the positive benefits of the bill.‭ ‬They seemed to express the hope that now there could be a bipartisan approach to implementation,‭ ‬and as necessary,‭ ‬working to refine the law for the betterment of the American people.

On the other hand,‭ ‬the Republican leaders‭ (‬each and every one of them,‭ ‬as far as I could see‭) ‬were so upset that they had no conciliatory message,‭ ‬but instead threatened‭ (‬again and again‭) ‬to take action to repeal the entire law.‭ ‬This is the proverbial‭ “‬my way or the highway‭” ‬attitude,‭ ‬and you can see where that has led us.

I believe the Republicans will predictably spend the rest of the year arguing about how to eradicate the health-care law instead of working together to make it work‭ (‬not to mention the forsaken promises to create jobs‭)‬.

This posturing may energize the base,‭ ‬but will only cause more dysfunction in Congress.‭ ‬They’ve gotten real good at this.

This letter is illustrative of the arrogance that pervades liberalism.‭  ‬Victor wants Republicans to‭ "‬work together‭" ‬with Democrats to make the Obamacare bill work.‭  ‬He seems to miss the fact that Democrats didn't‭ "‬work together‭" ‬with Republicans to make the bill more palatable.‭  ‬Where was their need to‭ "‬work together‭"? 
And, thinking about it, I can't even remember the last time that the national Democratic Party worked together with the national Republican Party on any national issue.

Next,‭ ‬we have a real doozy from Theo Rodgers of North Little Rock.‭  ‬It's such a doozy,‭ ‬I'm going to have to fisk it:

A fork-tongued GOP

I am more than certain that this letter is not going to make it onto the hate-filled,‭ ‬garbage-minded,‭ ‬Republican/Tea Bag-spouting Voices page.

Actually, Theo, the term is Tea Partier.  To continue to spout “Tea Bagger" shows an unhealthy attachment to the double meaning.  Perhaps you were (willingly or unwillingly) exposed to the second meaning of tea bagging.  That’s the only thing I can think of that would explain such an attachment to the term.

This state is in dire need of a sensible,‭ ‬centrist,‭ ‬fair and neutral newspaper.‭ ‬I have been a subscriber to this paper for years,‭ ‬but it’s hard for me to continue to read the racist diatribes and bald-faced lies spoken by fork-tongued Republican/Tea Baggers.

How can a person say that Rush Limbaugh’s views are spot on and everything this country needs and still call himself a Christian‭? ‬I am a‭ ‬68-year-old African-American.‭

What those two sentences have to do with each other, I really don’t know.  Rush Limbaugh is in his 60's.  That's the only connection that I can make between them. 

I served this country for‭ ‬23  1/2‭ ‬years in the U.S.‭ ‬Army.‭

Twenty-three and a half years.  Not twenty-three.  Not twenty-four.  I wasn’t aware that the military did half-year terms.  Something doesn’t quite add up in that statement.

I was a teenager during the Central High incident.‭ ‬It seems that the Republicans want those days back again,‭ ‬but what really eats at their craw is the fact that a man with black skin is in charge.‭ ‬That just eats them alive.‭ ‬It’s the usual gutter tripe about calling Republicans racist,‭ ‬or Republicans not attacking the president because he’s black but rather because of his policies.

Yes, Theo, that what it is.  If only Obama were white, we’d be completely on board with his programs.  They are things that we’ve really been working for for all these years, and now we have to stop our support for them until Obama is out of office.  Oh, drat the luck, that the first President to implement these programs is black.

Hey, since he’s half-black and half-white, is it all right if we just half-oppose his programs?

Oh,‭ ‬really‭? ‬George W.‭ ‬Bush—remember him‭? ‬So you are telling me that Barack Obama has done a worse job than Bush‭?

Uh, yeah?  In the year 2000, I voted unenthusiastically for Bush, and my enthusiasm hasn't increased much since then.  In retrospect, I appreciate what he did to keep this country safe.  I think that in the future, whenever somebody messes something up, they will have obamaed it all up.

Give me a break‭!

I’m really trying, Theo, I really am.  But when you put your name to something so soul-breakingly stupid, you’re going to get mocked, no matter who or what you are.

I can’t speak for other conservatives, but I consider Obama to be even worse than the worst President ever, Jimmuh Carter.  And that’s quite a feat, considering that Obama isn’t even all the way through with his (hopefully) only term.

Just as I had a uniform,‭ ‬I believe Republicans have a uniform,‭ ‬too,‭ ‬but they never wear theirs in public—you know,‭ ‬the white sheets with the emblem on the chest and those pointy hats with veils so no one can see their faces.

Theo, Theo, Theo.  Why on Earth would Republicans take the official uniform of the Democratic Party?

Oh, how I wish this was the last installment of this feature, but I've already got more stupidity picked out.
See you then.
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Video: Obama 2008-- I Won't Run Attack Ads

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Battle for Aleppo Looms

While the entire world is breathlessly watching the 2012 London Olympic games, the stage is being set for perhaps one of the bloodiest battles in Syria's ongoing civil war in the country's largest city of Aleppo.

Journalists on the ground have reported rebels are stockpiling medical supplies and weapons, while Syria's loyalist forces are staging soldiers, tanks and helicopters for an all-out assault on the mostly rebel occupied city, and civilians are fleeing by the thousands to escape the imminent Battle for Aleppo. 

Skirmishes have broken out across the city already
The imminent battle is vital for both sides, as rebel forces can further isolate Assad's regime by claiming the largest city against his professional army, and on the flip side Assad can prove the rebels are unable to hold major cities if his forces drive them out. The consequences will be pivotal regardless of the outcome, due to the unique nature of this conflict. 

And with the western world apparently paralyzed in fear of setting off a larger conflict with Assad's Russian and Iranian allies, or unsure of how to deal with his now acknowledged chemical weapons stockpile, rebels have only one shot of overthrowing Assad's regime: momentum. By keeping the conflict moving; by keeping pressure on his army's weakening supplies; by gaining new defectors every day the rebel forces can gain the upper hand on their own, because they sure as hell aren't getting any help from the rest of the world. 

Let us hope the western world's fear of the imminent battle turning into a full scale massacre is not only dead wrong, but that we witness the greatest defeat of Assad's butchers in Aleppo and hopefully soon, the defeat of his inhumane and illegitimate regime.

What say you?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding the Right Airport in NYC

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No Joke

Fido, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Juan Valdez walk into a polling place.  No this isn’t the beginning of a joke it is a key part of the Chicago Plan to re-elect the worst President in American History.

The Voter Participation Center (VPC), a left wing organization whose work to register Democrat voters exemplifies the process used for generations in Chicago to ensure the Outfit/Machine maintains control of the government, the power, and the swag.  The VPC is mass mailing pre-printed voter registration forms to selected voter blocks known to be part of the Democrat coalition, African-Americans, Latinos, young adults, and single women. In their effort to extend the Chicago system to the rest of the country VPC mailed nearly 200,000 third-party voter registration forms to Virginia residents in June.  This has resulted in more than 15,000 new voters being registered.

However, there are a few problems with this exercise in Chicago-style democracy.  They are violating rules set forth in the state code and the Virginia Constitution requiring that voters fill out their own form.  The State Board of Elections, which the group says pre-approved their forms and their methods, has asked the group to stop filling in the forms prior to sending them to the people, and pointing to the errant forms they have also raised questions concerning how the group obtained lists of registered voters.  In addition, according to Justin Riemer, the Virginia State Board of Elections' deputy secretary, forms have been sent by the group to “deceased infants, out-of-state family members, and non-U.S. citizens, among others.”  Given the fact that these forms can be mailed in and that the Federal Government will sue any State that has the chutzpah to require a photo ID to vote don’t be surprised if in this, the most crucial election of our lives Fido, Casper, or Juan cast their vote to continue the occupation of Washington by the Progressive Statists and their totalitarian plans.

The list of problems with Democrat voting procedures that have ensured their iron-fisted rule in the tottering hulks of our once great cities is as long as it is disturbing.  There are the great Democrat machines that have used every form of voter fraud and intimidation to dominate the urban political scene in America for generations in places such as Philadelphia, Detroit, and of course the Mecca of corruption President Obama’s adopted hometown and political base, Chicago.  In East St. Louis and Indianapolis there are actually more registered voters than eligible citizens. 

As the Obama Justice Department circles the country like a bird of prey waiting to pounce on any jurisdiction that attempts to purge the dead the illegal immigrants or felons from the voting lists, it is apparent that voter fraud has been elevated from a crime to a national policy.  So far Attorney General Holder has sued Florida, Georgia, and Texas while investigating Pennsylvania.  Yet there is no time or resources spent on investigating sixteen counties in Texas with more voters on the rolls than in the census or sixteen jurisdictions in Illinois that also have more registered than eligible. There also was no interest in prosecuting the clear case of voter intimidation by the New Black Panther Party who patrolled voting locations armed with clubs while making racist statements to voters.  And the most reprehensible case of voter suppression of all is the campaign waged to limit the vote of our active duty military.

Any attempt to slow the growth of phantom voters is met vigorously by the Federal Government with strident accusations of racism saying that anyone who requires a photo ID to vote might as well burn a cross on the White House lawn.  This is patently absurd.  It takes a photo ID to do many things people do every day.  You need a photo ID to:

Get a Driver's license
Buy alcohol
Buy cigarettes
Apply for welfare
Apply for food stamps
Cash a check
Purchase a firearm
Make any large credit card purchase
Open a bank account
Rent an apartment
Be admitted to a hospital
Get a marriage license

And yet according to Attorney General Holder any jurisdiction that requires a photo ID to vote is placing an undue burden on minorities akin to a poll tax collected by a man in a white hood.  But for security purposes you needed a photo ID to get into the NAACP meeting recently to hear Mr. Holder speak in a state he is currently suing over their requirement of a photo ID to vote. The irony never ends in a world that is fast becoming the theater of the absurd.

Add into the mix that most states offer free IDs and provisional ballots that are counted once ID is verified to anyone who shows up without an ID, and it’s easy to see the righteous battle against voter ID is really a reprehensible defense of voter fraud.

And just in case the actual living citizens of America show up to vote in great enough numbers to compete with Fido, Casper the Ghost, and Juan the Obama administration has retained the services of thousands of lawyers.  These devil’s advocates will challenge the vote in any district that goes against them or to defend themselves in any jurisdiction with the gall to challenge their manufactured majority.

Passing over the debates of who is Barack Obama, where did he come from, and what motivates him we must deal now with the Fete Accompli.  He has been legally sworn in and has run the country into the ground for almost four years.  We cannot afford four more years of the Progressive’s spend us into oblivion with the Cloward–Piven Strategy as national policy.  We cannot afford another four years of international support for the Muslim Brotherhood’s march to power in Middle East and serial apology tours.  We cannot afford another four years of trillion dollar yearly deficits.  We cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama if America is to have any chance to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

If we don’t end this soon the Progressives will end it later. 

If we don’t reassert our devotion to constitutionally limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom we will sink into a quagmire of endless entitlements for the idlers paid for by plundering the productive.  In four short months we will have an opportunity to choose.  The opponents of liberty are lined up to steal the election, but we can overwhelm them if we will all show up and vote.  Make sure every Patriot is registered, and do anything and everything you can to make sure everyone you know votes, because you can bet Fido, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Juan Valdez will. And that’s no joke.

Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Watch Olympics Opening Ceremony Live

Live stream videos at Ustream

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Want a DealDash Review?

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New Ad: Didn't Build That

From the American Future Fund:

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Video: FSA Syrian Rebels Driving Captured Tank

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Live Feed: Aleppo, Syria

FSA Controlled area:

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Video: Uhhhh...?

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Race to the White House Game Review

From time to time, I've been fortunate enough to review games coming from the company Eversim. In case you've never heard of their work, they created the game Commander in Chief, which I described as the best game of its type out today. But the question remains: how do you become the President of the country before you can make a lot of those decisions?

Well, Eversim has struck again with Race to the White House. This simulator of the 2012 cycle is the best I've played so far. Its map and graphics help integrate the feel of the campaign, while the candidates are very similar to real life. On top of this, the events help pull together the different features of the game to add in some more complexity.

You can try your shot with a host of different candidates-- whther a clone of Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or others. Together, you can create a challenging experience to see if you have what it takes to be the next President of the United States.

With the price at only $20-- if you like politics or simulation games, give it a shot.

Overall: 8.0/10

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Apparently: James Holmes Sex Site Profile

The weirdness keeps growing. No one seems to know the guy-- he's quiet, but in a creepy sort of way.

“He seemed to be a normal kid, I don’t know what triggered it. This makes me very sad,” said Tom Mai, a retired electrical engineer. Some websites speculated that he held extreme Left-wing views and may have been an anti-capitalist protester. Another neighbour in San Diego said Holmes had tried and failed to secure a job after graduating.

A janitor at another source says that he's not polite.


Apparently he has an online sex profile. No wonder we couldn't find his facebook.

And he has a small penis...

"Holmes" also notes that he's interested in "Erotic Chat or Email, Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex (3 or more!)"

In the section marked, "Introduction" ... "Holmes" said, "Looking for a fling or casual sex gal. Am a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans."

According to the website, "Holmes" last logged in to the site sometime in the past 3 days.


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What’s A Patriot to Do?

Mr. Obama may not be the only President we have ever elected who has little real world experience, but he may be the first who has none. And hopefully he will be our last.
President Obama’s latest insult to hardworking Americans has drawn massive press, at least in the portion of the Media that isn’t consumed with repeating and debating his false allegations concerning Romney’s business record. It isn’t hard to understand how a Marxist would consider the accomplishments of a capitalist to be criminal. It also isn’t hard to understand how a Marxist would believe that no one can accomplish something on their own; they do believe it takes a village to raise a child after all. What is hard to understand is how America was gullible enough to elect a Marxist president when the evidence of his beliefs, his associates, and his political activities were so easy to see.

What will be utterly beyond comprehension is a majority of our fellow voters drinking the kool-aide a second time when it is obvious from Mr. Obama’s rhetoric that he is selling a blatantly anti-capitalist and anti-American line of constitutional suicide.

With serial apology tours, bowing to foreign leaders, and abandoning our surrogates to help install the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the Middle East, it is obvious Mr. Obama is a walking disaster for America’s foreign policy. It is also obvious from the recession he has managed to turn into the Great Recession that his spread around the wealth transfer policies are an unmitigated disaster on the domestic front. His record wouldn’t inspire anyone except a fellow American hating Marxist to vote for him, so his only viable tactic is to make the other guy totally unacceptable. In the coming months watch as the President, his fellow traveler mouth pieces, and the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media turn squeaky clean bland, boring Mitt Romney into a nefarious arch criminal who has built a massive criminal enterprise on the backs of exploited victims.

Even if President Obama really believes personal accomplishments, except his own of course, are merely the trophies of exploitation that doesn’t mean the rest of us should accept this as a legitimate premise for discussion. The Democrat Media may want to spend endless hours asking Mitt to explain why he threw grandma off the cliff after stealing her Social Security check, but that doesn’t mean any sane person should waste time considering it.

A better question might be if capitalists have claimed personal success unfairly while using roads and electric grids built by others why is it fair for Mr. Obama to claim as his own the fame for killing Osama when someone else started the campaign and someone else executed it? Why aren’t the failures of his forays into venture socialism such as Solyndra, the Volt, or anything else his fault? Our Dear Leader is a walking example of socializing the costs while personalizing the profits. If it goes bad it was someone else’s fault, but if it goes right it was all him. He has changed the famous Truman quote to "The Buck Stops with You" and since the teleprompter told him to say it he was able to do it with a straight face. The saddest thing of all is that the dumbed down crowds he wows probably don’t know he changed the quote at all.

All of this is shaping up as a surreal election cycle. We have a Democrat doing everything imaginable to lose. He is abandoning the white middle-class, attacking capitalism, and lavishing insult after insult upon anything and everything Americans have always held dear including our founding principles. We have a Republican who passed the template for Obamacare and can’t generate as much excitement as a Saturday night of rearranging your sock drawer.

America hangs in the balance.

If we re-elect a Marxist on a platform of class warfare and soak the rich, I imagine we will see class warfare and soak everybody. If we elect a middle of the road Massachusetts Republican with a veneer of conservatism who is enamored of the foreign affairs advice of John Bolton, the angriest of the neo-con war hawks I imagine we might get a reprieve on the Marxism as the government grows to sustain more wars for peace.

What’s a patriot to do? Are we teetering on the edge, past the tipping point, or already careening into the Abyss? Do we throw away our vote on someone with no chance to win? Do we choose the lesser of two evils knowing that we will still be choosing evil? Do we do as one of my oldest friends is doing: sell everything and leave the country before all this progressivism hits the fan? Do we store food, bury guns, and wait for the zombie apocalypse?

The answers could be so simple. Domestically we could cut taxes, cut regulations, and let the economy surge. In foreign affairs we could follow the direction laid out by the founders: a friend to all and an enemy to none, withdraw our far flung international police precincts, make our homeland an impregnable fortress and let trade be our currency and peace be our policy.

Instead we face a future of austerity and contraction based upon a bloated government swallowing ever more of the American pie no matter who wins. We face endless interventions and undeclared wars in quagmires defending a status quo that is no longer tilted in our favor. China, the rising dragon of the East, is playing chess as our dithering Progressives moan about chickens coming home to roost, and political correctness prevents us from doing what we should do when we should do it.

We are truly between Barack and a hard place with every forward indicator pointing down.

These are times when I draw upon the true source and summit of my being and remember that the God of Heaven and Earth has not left us without understanding. We face these problems because we have forsaken Him, and the only way back is through Him. He told us long ago, "if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." That isn’t just an observation it is a promise. And unlike our fickle politicians who merely want to tickle our ears, God always keeps His promises.

Therefore as we turn to face the change don’t be discouraged, don’t be depressed, and don’t worry. God has our back if we will give him our faith. For He also told us, "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you."

Keep the peace. Keep the faith. We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College. He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens



Information on Shooter James Holmes

Some information trickling in. He described himself as "quiet" and "easygoing" on a rental application. Furthermore, he dropped out of medical school a month ago. His email account can still be seen here.


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James Holmes Pictures

Update: The first pictures:

From CBS:
The suspect apprehended in the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater has been identified as James Eagan Holmes, 24, law enforcement sources told CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

Twelve people died in the shooting at a showing of the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo., early Friday morning. A law enforcement source told Orr the shooting appears to have been carried out by a lone gunman.

One federal official told CBS News that at this time Holmes appears to have been "under the radar." CBS News reports Holmes doesn't appear to have a criminal record in Colorado or in California's San Diego County, where he lived previously. Pentagon officials said there is no record of Holmes having served in any branch of the military.

According to the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, Holmes dropped out of medical school last month, The Associated Press reported. School spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said she did not know when Holmes started school or why he withdrew.
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Video: Obama Speaks About Batman Theater Shooting

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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James Holmes Identified as Aurora, California Killer

From CBS:
The suspect apprehended in the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater has been identified as James Eagan Holmes, 24, law enforcement sources told CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

Twelve people died in the shooting at a showing of the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo., early Friday morning. A law enforcement source told Orr the shooting appears to have been carried out by a lone gunman.

One federal official told CBS News that at this time Holmes appears to have been "under the radar." CBS News reports Holmes doesn't appear to have a criminal record in Colorado or in California's San Diego County, where he lived previously. Pentagon officials said there is no record of Holmes having served in any branch of the military.

According to the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, Holmes dropped out of medical school last month, The Associated Press reported. School spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said she did not know when Holmes started school or why he withdrew.
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Assad Forces Regain Midan

The news coming out of Syria is plenty this morning as Hisham Ikhtiar, al-Assad's security chief, succumbed to the wounds he received from Wednesday's attack at the national security bureau, while fighting continued through-out the country, particularly in the Damascus suburb of Midan and a state funeral was held for the other officials killed in the blast.

Rebels apparently launched an assault on military positions in Midan, where heavy fighting has been ongoing for several days now, when Assad's ground forces - backed by armoured vehicles - regained control of the main market and the rebels were forced to make a tactical retreat. Journalists were allowed into the suburb, confirming the government's victory. 

Other reports indicate fighting in Damascus has eased, as Assad's forces control the bulk of the city and the rebels are stuck in the suburbs fighting an "unfair fight" as a Dutch journalist described it to the Guardian. It has also been reported that Assad's forces have regained one of the border crossings they lost yesterday.

This hasn't exactly been the best day militarily for the rebels, as they have lost vital ground to Assad's forces and their assault on Damascus appears to be losing steam, which has exposed a pivotal weakness for them: while they have proven the ability to successfully plan attacks and maintain their own against Assad's forces, when heavy weaponry is brought in they eventually are forced into retreat and you can't win a war like that.

And all of this has led to a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions - 30,000 Syrian vehicles have crossed the border into Lebanon the past 48 hours, while Iraq is evacuating their citizens via plane as the border's have been closed and over three hundred were killed in fighting yesterday; the highest death toll since this conflict started last year.

We are witnessing history in the making, one way or another. Either Assad will be brought down in a wave of rebel glory, or his brutal tactics will save his regime by shedding the blood of his countrymen with sadistic cruelty. 

What say you?

Looking for Payday Loans

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Among the options that you might find, you should try to see which ones fit your situation. For example, you can pick up another job to try and pay off some old bills or new utilities. You can help form an emergency fund. Some experts say that you should put aside at least 20% of what you earn annually in case of an emergency. Unexpected events can take all sorts of forms: injury, death, or job loss. You can find a hobby on the side that offers you some sort of fiscal upside-- maybe opening an eBay store or selling things in a garage sale. Maybe you can help out a neighbor move for a couple of extra dollars. All of these things are a concern and you should make sure that you have a plan in place to deal with them. Of course, no plan can fit in for all eventualities-- but you will find yourself in a better position with one in place.

One way that you can plan for your family is to research payday loans. A payday loan can tide you over until your next paycheck and pay off those bills that are becoming due. If you need money fast, sometimes payday loans can provide you with that jolt to get yourself back on your feet. In times of crisis, this can be just what you need.

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James Homes Pictures Released

Update: The first pictures:
From CBS:
The suspect apprehended in the mass shooting at a suburban Denver movie theater has been identified as James Eagan Holmes, 24, law enforcement sources told CBS News correspondent Bob Orr.

Twelve people died in the shooting at a showing of the new Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" in Aurora, Colo., early Friday morning. A law enforcement source told Orr the shooting appears to have been carried out by a lone gunman.

One federal official told CBS News that at this time Holmes appears to have been "under the radar." CBS News reports Holmes doesn't appear to have a criminal record in Colorado or in California's San Diego County, where he lived previously. Pentagon officials said there is no record of Holmes having served in any branch of the military.

According to the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, Holmes dropped out of medical school last month, The Associated Press reported. School spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery said she did not know when Holmes started school or why he withdrew.
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cartoon of the Day

From the Syrian Youth Movement:

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Video: Suck it, Assad!

Hafez, that is:

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New RNC Ad: The Busiest President

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Russia, China Veto U.N. Resolution on Syrian Sanctions

The United Nations Security Council latest proposal for ousting Assad's government: international sanctions, was defeated this morning by the veto power of China and Russia, while two other nations (unknown at this time Pakistan and South Africa) abstained and eleven voted to take the hardest non-military line against the brutal regime.

This represents yet another display of the international community's paralysis to do anything useful to settle the ongoing conflict in Syria, as the embattled regime's few remaining allies refuse to join the west in ousting Assad and the west refuses to seriously consider non-U.N. military actions, such as deploying NATO...

With the regime launching an counter-offensive against the rebels in Damascus, killing scores of innocents at a funeral procession with helicopter gunships, and the rebels putting every ounce of resources into this fight - western action could tip the scales and end this conflict sooner then later with a new government in place and Assad on his way to the Hague.

What say you?

Liberals: "Arm Gyrations" Responsible for Obama "You Didn't Build That" Gaffe

God how they try. Now this from Slate:

Obama is gesticulating to count off the various ways people have been helped -- great teacher, American system. At 0:44, he says "somebody invested in roads and bridges," and gyrates his arms as if mapping out said roads and bridges. "If you've got a business," he says, making one more gyration, "that -- you didn't build that." The extra "that," a false start, is not captured in transcripts. It really looks like "that" refers to the stuff that business-builders utilized on the way up, not the businesses themselves.
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Liberals on "You Didn't Build That" Controversy: 'The President Didn't Say the Thing He Said'

Geniuses. From the dumbasses at Talking Points Memo:
Friday evening, it was a paragraph in President Obama’s speech at Roanoke Fire Station #1 in Virginia. By Tuesday, it was a full-fledged fundraising line for the Romney campaign.

But that wasn’t because the Romney campaign’s opposition research shop immediately seized on the president’s remarks. In fact, it would be three-and-a-half days before the Romney campaign itself made any mention of them. In the interim, what transpired was a textbook case of how a distortion can emerge from right-wing online media, get laundered by Fox News, and go mainstream as a major line of attack by the Republican nominee for President.

The Obama speech that started it all was on Friday evening, after the political press had shifted into weekend mode. Referring to large-scale infrastructure investments like bridges and highways and the Internet, Obama recycled a line he has used often on the stump but with a slight variation: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

The next day was panning out as a slow-news Saturday for Jazz Shaw, who carries the title of weekend editor at the conservative Hot Air site. But then he got a tip from a reader, he later told TPM, pointing to the line in Obama’s speech. “Huzzah,” Shaw tweeted at 1:29 p.m. ET. “Just finally found something else to write about,” Shaw tweeted again a few minutes later. At 4:01 p.m. ET Shaw published his post highlighting what he called the “gem” of the president’s quote.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

U.N. Response to War in Damascus: Sanctions...

With the events of earlier today still in mind, my angst towards the United Nations has never been greater. I really just cannot understand the abject stupidity of the international body tasked with preventing conflict.....

As I'm sure everyone heard, Syria is in a state of total civil war: Damascus saw the strongest engagements in city limits since the uprising started last year; potentially thousands of Syrian soldiers defected; Assad might be wounded and there are rumors that loyalist forces are distributing gas masks to their troops.

Or, in other words - the shit hit the fan. Literally.

So what was the U.N.'s response?

Postpone the latest useless U.N. Security Council resolution that threatens... and I'm not kidding... sanctions if Assad doesn't cease and desist from his brutal crackdown until tomorrow to allow more time for the west, which has about as much backbone as a in-vertebrae right now, to sway Russia to our side on... sanctions in wake of what occurred today.

Oh, gee wiz, lets shoot for sanctions when Damascus is fricking burning!

This is the time where western forces could aid the Free Syrian Army, overwhelming Assad's dwindling loyal forces, and put this tyrant down once and for all. We did the right thing in Libya when the rebels were almost at the point of destruction; why not learn from our involvement last year, and this time help when the loyalists are the ones with their capital under siege?

Then again, that would be common sense, something the U.N. hasn't displayed since their creation almost 70 years ago...

What say you?