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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Green Party Decides Against Nominating Roseanne Barr

In a surprising, and dramatic vote today at the 2012 Green Party nomination, their assembled delegates did not choose former actress and all around lunatic Roseanne Barr to be their candidate in this November's vital presidential election, proving Ms. Barr is still too crazy for even the radical crazies.

Jill Stein, a Massachusetts doctor and perennial candidate (running for governor against Romney in 2002 and again in 2010) received the nod with 205 votes out of 401 overall delegates, while Barr received just 84..... I  would shed a tear for Barr's horrific showing, but I've had a long day and the last thing the woman who killed the national anthem at Jack Murphy deserves is sympathy.

Although, I must admit there is a level of sadness welling up inside my for the all the comedy gold that could have been if Barr was a national presidential candidate..... Hell, I'd even invite her to a debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama just to see their heads spin as she says one line of stupidity after another... It. Could. Have. Been. EPIC!

What say you?

Finding Thai Boxing Training

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The Hammer on Rice, Syria

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TSA We Have a Problem - Woman Boards Plane to Testify About Not Having an ID

Yes, you read the correctly.  Victoria Rodriquez was one of two sisters that DOJ was able to identify as being disenfranchised if the Texas law requiring an ID were to stand.  She lives in Texas and the trial was in federal court in Washington, D.C..  Ms. Rodriquez is an 18-year-old college student who says that obtaining an ID is too big of a barrier for her in order to vote.  You see, she doesn't own a car and she can't get to the office to get her ID.  Her parents are too busy to drive her.

So let me get this straight, she was able to get to the airport, board a plane, fly to Baltimore Maryland then take a connecting Amtrak train to get to court but can't make it across town to get her ID.  Also, how did she get on the plane or the train?  Both require picture ID's in order to board.

Under oath she testified that she does have a social security card, a birth certificate, and a voter registration card.  One more form of ID than what is necessary in order to obtain the picture ID.
Here are some other tidbits that came out during the trial:
239 dead people voted on May 12, 2012 of those 213 of them did it in person.  Did anyone pass out from the smell?
50,000 dead people are still on the voter rolls in Texas.
394 people were removed from rolls due to not being citizens.
Tavis County has not removed dead people from their rolls in five years.  A violation of federal law.
Eighteen counties have more people registered to vote then residents.
The DOJ did have some experts testify as the to the harm these laws will do.  It didn't go all that well.
23 people out of 36,500 surveyed said they were unable to case a vote due to ID laws.
The DOJ's expert said the following:
“Voter identification is the controversy that isn't. Almost no one is excluded by this requirement.”
Over 70% of whites, blacks, and Hispanics support the requirement. Black and Hispanic voters did not express measurably less support for voter ID requirements than whites.”
“These findings undercut much of the heated rhetoric that has inflated the debate over voter ID requirements in the United States.”
“That almost no one is prevented from voting because of voter ID requirements casts doubt on arguments from the left that this amounts to a new poll tax or literacy test.”
“The poll tax, literacy test, and other tools of the Jim Crow laws are powerful metaphors derived from a very ugly period in American history, but ID requirements in practice today bear only the palest resemblance to such discriminatory practices.”
“These facts strongly suggest that there may be little or no voting rights issue involved in the dispute over voter ID rules, and no question of fraud either. This is hardly the stuff of the Civil Rights Movement, or the mid-1950s when only 25% of southern blacks were registered, and fewer still were allowed to vote.”
Oh, but it gets better with the next witness:

He believes that Sandra Day O'Connor wanted to pass laws that encouraged white supremacy in Shaw V. Reno as it upheld voter ID laws.  The problem is that opinion was actually written by Justice Stevens.  Ouch.
He goes on:
- Republican African-American and Hispanic legislators are not “legitimate
representatives” of minority communities.

  • “But he’s white”—after learning that an Anglo Democrat who represents a majority- Hispanic House District voted for the voter ID law.
  • All legislators who voted for SB 14—including 5 Hispanics and 2 African-Americans were motivated by racially discriminatory purposes.”
  • There could be states that could enact voter ID laws without a discriminatory purpose, but “Texas is not one of those places.”
  • The Texas Attorney General should ignore documented evidence of voter fraud and instead “spend all his time” prosecuting environmental violations.
  • “Even if a majority of Hispanics support voter ID, it has a discriminatory purpose.”
  • To the extent African-Americans and Hispanics support voter ID laws, it is only because they were manipulated and misled by Republicans.
  • “I would generally characterize myself as a liberal.” Shocker!!!
  • Voter fraud is “really quite easy to find and prosecute,” a position that is at odds with experienced state and federal law enforcement officials.
You never know what a court is going to do (unless of course it is the 9th circuit) so they could strike down the law.  But either way, one side is bound to be unhappy and this will move its way up the chain and eventually land at the Supreme Court.  A place that has upheld the right to prove eligibility to vote is not discrimination.  The truth is it wouldn't matter what color your skin is.  All must provide an ID.  The burden is the same regardless of sex or race.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Assad Forces Slaughter 200 Civilians in Tremseh

HT: Voice of America

In another sign that Bashar al-Assad's despotic regime is nowhere near peacefully concluding the ongoing conflict within Syria, government forces and supporting militias slaughtered over two hundred civilians just yesterday in the farming village of Tremseh, primarily through the use of heavy artillery and tanks.

Kofi Annan, the U.N. envoy tasked with dealing with this situation, who has had no success negotiating a truce between Assad and the rebels, condemned the Syrian government in unusually unambiguous terms, while protesters took to the streets with several agitation invoking the massacred village as a rally cry.

This begs the question: with the Assad regime responsible for the deaths of near twenty thousand civilians; the downing of a Turkish fighter jet - and the attack on another one; attacking refugees in nearby Lebanon and now several cases of crimes against humanity, how much longer will the western world sit idly by and just watch?

Are western governments so adverse to conflict that they will not lift one finger to put down this brutal and inhumane despot? How many dead Syrians will it take for someone to say enough is enough and arm their forces for intervention? 20,000? 30,000? 50,000? How many?!?!

I have no authority over the actions of my government or other western nations, but if I did.. We would be preparing for battle... not another meaningless U.N. security council summit where a harshly worded, and entirely useless resolution, would be drafted to supposedly deal with the situation.

I'm disgusted by our inaction. What say you?
I  didn't tell enough stories...

                    ---Hussein, Barry, obama

Every morning, after checking the news on the internet sites, it is
my fondest hope that the two tackiest people on the planet will kindly
shut their cake holes and do us the great service of slinking quietly
off into the vacuous sunset of their golden years.

Now the biggest liar in the universe thinks he didn't tell enough
stories to the American people?

How dang dumb does he think we are?

This violent politician, this vicious imposter has lied about everything
from soup to nuts; it is almost a virtual impossibility for him to
concoct any more lies to share with us.

Let's see, we heard the one about how he spent 16 -- 16 - 16 years
telling the American public he was born in Kenya;

we heard the one about the composite girlfriends;

we heard the one about the "coil of rage" he has against white people;

we heard the story about how much he learned from the communists;

we heard the sickening one about the first date of the two most selfish,
arrogant empty-headed tackiest people in the world;

we heard about how this thug from Chicago killed Osama all by himself;

we heard about how he shoveled snow for the entire city of Chicago;

we heard the one about the cocaine; the doobies;  the alcohol;

we heard the one about being the greatest president in our history;

we heard how he visited all 57 states;

we heard the one about the 49 different addresses;

the 12 different social security numbers;

how he may have gone to college;

how he might have been a law professor;  (he wasn't)

how he might have signed up for the draft; (he didn't)

The only story left for him to tell is how he
has degraded the office of the President;  how
he has lied everytime he opens his mouth;
how he has made a mockery of our political
system;  how he has ruined the system of
American justice and law;  how he has almost
singlehandedly destroyed the faith in our
political system; 

in short, the man is a walking lie.  Tell us that
story and then leave us alone.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Video: Wolf Blitzer Blasts Obama

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A World Filled With Strangers Keeps Getting Stranger

Some people believe in the Six Degrees of Separation Theory: the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six links.  Some people believe all of us are in this thing together, and that diversity is our strength and I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. 

Even if we are all connected in ways we cannot know I believe the world is filled with strangers.  Take a ride and as you pass through country, town, and city you are constantly presented with the faces of people you will never know, and all of whom have lives and families that will never know you or your life or your family.  Every day we see people we have never seen before and will never see again.  They rise out of the mist beyond the pale of our personal knowledge and immediately are submerged again never to rise again.  Our only connection will forever be that one fleeting moment when we moved through a single frame of the separate sagas which are our lives.

Unlike Cain I do believe we are our brother’s keeper, and unlike Scrooge I believe we should help our brothers in need instead of seeing them boiled with their own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through their hearts.  However, unlike the rhetoric of Marx, Lenin, and President Obama I do not believe that life should operate on the basis of from each according to their ability to each according to their need, or as we say in America today, spreading the wealth around.  In other words, I am not a socialist.  I believe in personal liberty, individual freedom, and economic opportunity.  Sadly I find myself out of phase with the Progressive Clique which has successfully maneuvered its way to power using the education system, the media, and uninformed, uninvolved, and emotional voters.

Out of phase or not, I believe in the equality of opportunity which gives everyone a shot at success as opposed to the equality of outcome which our Leader and his fellow travelers wish to foist upon us, and which gives everyone the assurance of mediocrity.   No matter the consequence, no matter the sacrifice we must stand up for what we believe or we will stand by while our nation is transformed into what we won’t be able to believe is still called the United States of America.

Day by day the bean counting pencil pushers who make up the nameless faceless bureaucracy grind out rule after rule and regulation after regulation.  President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, Obamacare, is already churning out thousands upon thousands of pages of federal requirements all meant to fill in the blanks in a 2600 page bill that we had to pass to find out what was in it. 

Hope and change has become bait and switch.  Mr. Obama isn’t even trying to win votes from those who disagree with him.  He isn’t trying to change minds. He is trying to buy votes.  He is betting that generations of entitlements have finally birthed the lumpen proletariat that his theories of government proclaim must exist for History to reach its summit.  He is betting his second term on the belief that there are now enough people dependent upon the government that they will vote for a handout instead of voting for a hand up.  He is betting that America has been dumbed down enough and bribed enough to trade our heritage of freedom for the yoke of a guaranteed something instead of the opportunity for everything.

Class warfare, penalizing success, dividing America into interest groups and voter blocks this is the strategy Mr. Obama thinks will win as he works to build a coalition of leftist intellectuals and those convinced they are disenfranchised.  Looking at the polls it appears he has the solid core of 40+% who will vote for a Democrat even if he is the devil himself.  The question is will the unengaged and uninformed voters who should at least hope he will change when combined with the illegals and the dead who at least get to vote in Chicago be enough for him to win? 

Can you imagine what a second Obama term will look like won on the basis of a promise to double down on social democracy, a complete disregard for the balance of power, and a desire to totally transform America?  What will be left of the America we have known?  How would we ever get back to where we came from?  No entitlement once enacted has ever been repealed.  The size of government never shrinks.  The power it usurps from the people and the States is never surrendered. 

A world filled with strangers keeps getting stranger all the time.  No matter how many degrees of separation we should never be as divided as our Dear Leader tries to portray us.  We are Americans, and we can do better than this.  Reject the siren song of free entitlements which are never free, and embrace the liberty our forefathers won for us.  Let us renew the great experiment in human freedom and strive to see our nation rise again to be the last best hope of man that it is meant to be.  The shining city on a hill that can light the way to a future worthy of free men and women held together by unity not united in our separation.

Even if it takes more than six degrees of separation to connect to others what does it matter how connected we are to people around the world if we are in terminal disagreement with our fellow Americans?  As a nation we are divided between those who want to strive to achieve and those who thrive because they receive.  The Progressives have bred generations of passive takers who believe they are entitled to the fruit of others’ labor.  They pay no taxes so they don’t care how high taxes go.  They have no conception of paying for what you have, so they don’t care about the national debt.  They see America as a vending machine, so they don’t believe in our unique place in History.  They desire a shabby world of bread and circuses based on equality of outcome, so they don’t long to be all they can be.. 

Those of us who want America to be what America has been and what it should be, the home of the brave and the land of the free, can’t let divisions divide us anymore!  We must unite to save liberty or we will stand alone at the end of the day.  We may be strangers to one another.  We may not know each other but if we are fellow believers in the personal liberty, individual freedom, and economic opportunity we must unite over what connects us to save what has always made us E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Broccoli  Raisin  Salad

1       cup Hellman's mayo
1/2    cup granulated sugar
1       tablespoon vinegar
2       bunches fresh broccoli, cut into florets
1/2    pound bacon, cooked crisp, crumbled
1       small onion,  fine diced
8       ounces red raisins

To prepare the dressing, blend mayo, sugar and vinegar.

Combine broccoli florets, crumbled bacon, diced onion
and raisins in mixing bowl and gently fold in dressing.

Serve salad slightly chilled.  It tastes best when served
the same day.

Yield:  10 - 12 servings.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look who is talking about free and fair

What the frankenstein???

So now the imposter from Jakarta/Kenya/Singapore hailing from
east of the moon and west of Chicago wants to see free and fair
elections in the country run by another thug, Hugo Chavez?  Viva

As Chris Farley would say -- lotty frickin' da!

Any politician who even mentions free and fair elections should
be disqualified immediately from ever holding a position of
public trust.

Any politician from Cook County Illinois who uses the words
"free and fair" in the same month as the word "election," should
be taken immediately to prison, no passing go, no collecting
two hundred dollars.

And a person with no definitive past, no definitive birth country,
claiming to be a citizen of Kenya for most of his life, then saying
no, I was really born in Hawaii, who obtains a position in the
White House by rigging elections, stealing votes, using goons
to enforce unlawful voting, and who lies as easy as breathing,
who has no idea what a free people in a free country are all
about --- when he says "free and fair elections,"  ----- you can
hear Rod Blagojevich laughing all the way from prison in

Who cares what Barry Davis Soetoro Zerobama thinks about
that South American thug Hugo Chavez?  A threat to national
security?  So what?  The biggest threat to our national security
in the last two hundred years is the imposter in the White House.

A free and fair election?  How 'bout we have one in America in
2012, say, in November?

A free election:  that's where every legally qualified citizen votes
one time for the candidate of their choice.

A fair election:  that's where the candidates are legally, lawfully
qualified to be on the ballot;  and  their campaign is based on an
honest representation of their past political records;  an honest
representation of their present political position;  their honest
future plans if elected;  and a faithful promise to protect and
defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

That is free and that is fair.

Okay, stop laughing, see what I mean?  Free and fair have had
nothing to do with elections in America for a very long time --
and every politician holding office knows it.

But Zerobama talking about a free and fair election is like Al
Capone preaching the moral benefits of obeying the law.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Zerobama's Campaign Speech,
Translated into English, the Language
of The United States:

My fellow Indonesians, I mean americans, I have been, me, myself
under attack for a long time now.  I have been attacked more times
than Custer at the battle of Bull Run, I mean the battle of the Bulge,
err, I mean Hamburger Hill.  Me not good with American History.

Life in the White House has been difficult for me and my wife and
my mother in law.  I had to bring her along, you know, it's a nice
touch ----- I mean my mother in law.

I also had to bring along the groupies from Chicago, my fav city.
But they are such hangers on -- I had to give them jobs, so I made
them zzzars.  Bunch of parasites, now I know how Al Capone felt.

With FOX news, Limbaugh, Beck, Savage, Hannity, Levine,
Krauthammer, billy spin zone O'Reilly and others too numerous
to mention attacking me, myself and I, I am finding it very hard
to concentrate on why I became president -- the food, the vacations
and my goof golf game, ESPN and basketball.

My me time has gone to pot.  I mean, for me, pot has consumed my
me time.  Can't even go to the Hamptons this year and snub the
Kennedys.  My vacation schedule is shot to Hades, I have to work
on ruining the Constitution, breaking the law, hiding my records and
now hiding Holders records  -- what the ...?  Then I am expected to
campaign like a rock star and raise a billion dollars from people like
you that I have lied to, cheated, tricked, robbed blind -- I don't know
how much longer me and I can do this.

Just let me run my campaign, gets lots of money, grin for the cameras,
and act like a big shot.  I really enjoy meeting these rubes who are
dumb enough to vote for me and my Marxist ideas.  The greasy food
is good too, all I get at the White House is gourmet this and gourmet
that, I are sick of Kobe steak, altho I did have momma in law send
a half ton to our Chicago address.

Let me, I, myself, be perfectly clear why I want four more years of
playing the big shot.  I cannot fathom going back to Chicago as a
complete nobody. 

Rahm Emanuel is in charge there.  I am so much bigger than he is.
That slimy, crime filled, horrible town is not big enough for both
of us.  Michelle can't stand him or his wife anyway.  I need to be

I have never accomplished anything in my life, and probably never
will.  I need this job for four more years just for my self esteem.  Me,
my self esteem.  I am important to me, if to no one else.  I ain't got
nothin' but this job.

I like the perks.  Camp David, I should get the name changed to
Camp Barry, maybe that idiot Axelrod can get that done.  I can fly
anywhere, crowds flock to see me, it is like being a rock star -- I
can lie all day, like the Persian rugs in the Lincoln bed room and
no one in the media questions me.  Why?  Because I am Barry
Soetoro, I mean Harry Bounel, I mean Barak Hussein, I mean
barock Zerobama and I have a dozen Social Security numbers to
prove it.

Who wants only one name, one country, one SS number?

So to sum up, I, me, myself am too important to lose this election
to someone who makes a hundred times the money I do, who has
worked all his life, who has a real identity, who only has one
Social Security number, has only one name and no scandals in
his past.  I can't lose to a guy like that.

So, vote for me, vote for I, for me, send me your money, your
wedding gifts, birthday gifts, your anniversary gifts and any loose
change you ever hope to have in my vision of america. 

You cheapskates can send three dollars, you idiot millionaires who
I will destroy in the next four years can send hundreds of thousands.

Give to me till it hurts, vote early and often, help me ruin everything
this country has ever stood for.  I can destroy everything if I can just
get four more years.  I am zerobama, and I approve of everything I
have ever done.

Obama Campaign Attacks Contributors after being Out-Fundraised: "This is no joke!"

In either a moment of anger or of trying to goad their supporters into ponying up more dough, the Obama Campaign released a new message: "This is no joke." The sentence came in the latest email to Obama supporters in which Ann Marie Habershaw, Chief Operating Officer for Obama for America, trembled at the prospect of the Romney campaign fundraising more money than President Obama.

"We still got beat. Handily," Ms. Habershaw explained to Obama followers. "Romney and the RNC pulled in a whopping $106 million... You know what that means. We've got some work to do," she continued.

She next plugged the three dollar donation that every single email in the last few months has asked for. Ms. Habershaw, clearly aware of how often her campaign asks for money, demanded that Obama supporters not disregard her frantic message.

"This is no joke," she exclaims. "If we can't keep the money race close, it becomes that much harder to win in November." Later, in a final attempt to solicit money, she guilts followers by saying bluntly, "...what happens next is up to you. Donate today."

Here is the entirety of the email:
From: Ann Marie Habershaw, BarackObama.com
Subject: We could lose if this continues
To: "XXXXX XXXXXXX" (xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com)
Date: Monday, July 9, 2012, 2:34 PM


Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.

Good news first: June was our best fundraising month yet. We exceeded expectations -- more than 706,000 people stepped up and pitched in for a grand total of $71 million raised for this campaign and the Democratic Party.

Bad news? We still got beat. Handily. Romney and the RNC pulled in a whopping $106 million.

So, to recap: We had our best fundraising month yet, and we still fell about $35 million short. We can win while being outspent -- but we need to keep it close.

You know what that means. We've got some work to do.

Pitch in $3 or more right now to start closing the gap.

This is no joke. If we can't keep the money race close, it becomes that much harder to win in November.

But this election isn't about how much money our campaigns can raise -- none of us would be fighting this hard just to win a money war. We're here because we believe in something bigger -- because none of us wants to see this country go back to the policies that drove our economy into a ditch, which is exactly what the other side wants to do.

Whatever it is that brings you to this fight, what happens next is up to you. Donate today:


- Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer
Obama for America

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Romney Destroys Obama in June Fundraising

In the months leading up the actual start of this year's presidential campaign, President Obama's re-election team would often boast that they were going to out raise any opposing Republican with well over $1 billion by the final weeks of the election... Ugh, about that....

June 2012 Presidential fundraising numbers:

Romney - $106 million
Obama - $71 million

This is the second consecutive month Mr. Romney has out-fund raised the incumbent, and at this pace he will likely be closer to the mythical $1 billion mark by November 6th, especially as donations come in by the train load in the final weeks, which is when Obama raised his record breaking $150.7 last time around.

Now, I'm sure Obama's poor haul will be used to clobber Romney on the perils of unlimited fundraising, and a call for the Supreme Court's Citizens United to be overturned, but let us remember he and his allies were the ones actively giddy over the prospect of $1 billion in their reserves - without one care for the influence of that much money in American politics.

What say you?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ernest Borgnine Dead at 95

Sad news. From CNN:
Film and television actor Ernest Borgnine, who won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a lovelorn butcher in 1955's "Marty," has died at age 95, his manager said Sunday.

The thick-set, gap-toothed Borgnine built a reputation for playing heavies in early films like "From Here to Eternity" and "Bad Day at Black Rock." But he turned that reputation on its head as the shy, homely title character in "Marty," taking home the Oscar for best actor -- one of four awards the film claimed.

His manager, Lynda Bensky, said Borgnine died of kidney failure Sunday afternoon. His wife, Tova, and children were at his side at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, she said.

"It's a very sad day," Bensky said. "The industry has lost someone great, the caliber of which we will never see again. A true icon. But more importantly, the world has lost a sage and loving man who taught us all how to 'grow young.' His infectious smile and chuckle made the world a happier place."
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Is the Internet Shutting Down?

Afraid of the DNS malware? Check out the LA Times' article on it.
If you want to go the most official route possible, head to the FBI's site, http://bit.ly/FBI-checker. With the FBI, you know you're dealing with the most trusted source on this matter — it's the agency that caught the people who began this madness — but its method of checking is also a bit time-consuming.

If you want something simpler, you can also check your computer at http://www.dns-ok.us. The FBI links to this site, so you know it's trustworthy too. If your computer is clean, you'll get a big green image. If it's not, you'll get a red screen. The only issue with that site is that sometimes it doesn't work. I've tried it three times on two computers, but it worked only once.

If you need to try another site, McAfee has set up a site too:http://bit.ly/Mcafee-checker. It seems to work, and it's simple. If you're all clear, McAfee will even congratulate you.

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Sunday Bible Story:

Why  Jesus  Spoke  in  Parables

Luke 15:3    And  he  spoke  this  parable  unto  them  saying:

If you have ever wondered why Jesus spoke to the people in
parables, and did not just come out clearly and articulate his
precise thoughts and words, the only answer to that is this:

He spoke in parables to the people because some of them were
not permitted to receive the message.

And if you look closely at your own experience, this is what you
find:  when you read the Bible, if you understand it, it is because
you believe it and want to understand it.  If you do not believe it,
it is because you do not want to believe it.

I am not saying that any man or woman on earth ever understands
everything in the Bible.  That would be preposterous.  God wrote
it.  Hello, we are human.

What I am saying is that for most of the simple truths revealed to
man, our understanding of it is because we believe.

The only real basis for the speaking in parables is revealed in
Matthew chaper 13, beginning at verse 10:

and his disciples came and said unto him, why do you speak unto
them in parables?  He answered and said unto them, Because, it
is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven,
but unto them, it is not given.    For whomsoever has, to him shall
be given, and he shall have more abundance;  but whosoever has
not -- from him shall be taken away even that which he has.

So what Jesus is saying here is that if you believe the truth, if you
receive the light you have been given, you will receive more.  But,
if you do not believe the truth, if you do not receive the light, then
the little bit you do have -- that little bit will be taken from you.

He goes on to say,  therefore I speak unto them in parables:  because
they seeing,  see not;  and hearing, they hear not, neither do they
understand.    And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah who
said:    By hearing you shall hear and not understand,   and seeing
you shall see and shall not perceive;    for this people's heart has
grown fat, their ears are dull of hearing,   and their eyes they have
closed;      lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and
hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart,  and
should be converted and I should heal them.

But, blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they
hear.   For truly I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous
men have desired to see those things which you see, and have not
seen them;  and to hear those things which you hear, and have not
heard them. 

So, in the final analysis, the question is not:  do I understand the
Bible;  the real question is:  do I want to understand and believe?

Not having a heart desire to understand the truth of a parable, or
the truth of the Bible is simply an indication that it has not been
given to you to know the parable, or the truth.

If that is the case, your only intelligent next step is to seek God,
and ask him to reveal the truth to you.  It is his truth, after all.

If you truly want to understand the truth of God, you have to
believe first.  Man cannot understand and then believe.  Belief
comes first, then understanding.

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