Wednesday, July 18, 2012

U.N. Response to War in Damascus: Sanctions...

With the events of earlier today still in mind, my angst towards the United Nations has never been greater. I really just cannot understand the abject stupidity of the international body tasked with preventing conflict.....

As I'm sure everyone heard, Syria is in a state of total civil war: Damascus saw the strongest engagements in city limits since the uprising started last year; potentially thousands of Syrian soldiers defected; Assad might be wounded and there are rumors that loyalist forces are distributing gas masks to their troops.

Or, in other words - the shit hit the fan. Literally.

So what was the U.N.'s response?

Postpone the latest useless U.N. Security Council resolution that threatens... and I'm not kidding... sanctions if Assad doesn't cease and desist from his brutal crackdown until tomorrow to allow more time for the west, which has about as much backbone as a in-vertebrae right now, to sway Russia to our side on... sanctions in wake of what occurred today.

Oh, gee wiz, lets shoot for sanctions when Damascus is fricking burning!

This is the time where western forces could aid the Free Syrian Army, overwhelming Assad's dwindling loyal forces, and put this tyrant down once and for all. We did the right thing in Libya when the rebels were almost at the point of destruction; why not learn from our involvement last year, and this time help when the loyalists are the ones with their capital under siege?

Then again, that would be common sense, something the U.N. hasn't displayed since their creation almost 70 years ago...

What say you?

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