Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Booyah: Bashar al-Assad's Brother-In-Law, Defense Minister Killed in Suicide Bombing

And he's currently burning in hell. From the Atlantic:
A suicide bomber has reportedly struck a national security building in the Syrian capital, as the Free Syrian Army's major offensive to "liberate" Damascus has extended into a third day. The government dismissed the idea that rebels had made a major push into the heart of the city, but numerous witness accounts report heavy fighting moving through the suburbs and closer to the heart of the regime. Reuters reported on Wednesday morning that fighting has taken place at an army barracks 'within sight" of the presidential palace.

The bombing, which was reported by Syria's state TV, apparently targeted a building where top security officials were holding a meeting and there are reports of serious injuries to the Syrian defense minister. It also comes the day after a top Syrian defector claimed that Bashar Al-Assad's regime has been working with members of Al-Qaeda to orchestrate bombings around the country, so there many be continued questions about who is truly responsible.

In either case, it seems that after months of being slaughtered is smaller cities around the nation, rebels are finally making a concerted effort to attack the government directly — and it seems to be having an effect. After nearly four straight days of guerrilla attacks in Damascus suburbs (while also holding off tanks and helicopter gunships) the fighting has only gotten worse. Combined with continued reports of Syrian generals defecting to Turkey, it could be a sign that the military resistance is weakening and the rebels are actually making ground. Some activists even claim that government's response, including shelling Sunni neighborhoods in Damascus itself, has finally led many holdouts in the capital to join the revolt.
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