Friday, July 20, 2012

Apparently: James Holmes Sex Site Profile

The weirdness keeps growing. No one seems to know the guy-- he's quiet, but in a creepy sort of way.

“He seemed to be a normal kid, I don’t know what triggered it. This makes me very sad,” said Tom Mai, a retired electrical engineer. Some websites speculated that he held extreme Left-wing views and may have been an anti-capitalist protester. Another neighbour in San Diego said Holmes had tried and failed to secure a job after graduating.

A janitor at another source says that he's not polite.


Apparently he has an online sex profile. No wonder we couldn't find his facebook.

And he has a small penis...

"Holmes" also notes that he's interested in "Erotic Chat or Email, Discreet Relationship, 1-on-1 sex or Group sex (3 or more!)"

In the section marked, "Introduction" ... "Holmes" said, "Looking for a fling or casual sex gal. Am a nice guy. Well, as nice enough of a guy who does these sort of shenanigans."

According to the website, "Holmes" last logged in to the site sometime in the past 3 days.


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  1. It may be a good idea not to give these crazies any publicity. Not mention their names at all. Most of these mass murderers do it for fame. If they know that the will remain anonymous some of them will not commit the crimes.

  2. Time will tell if the above account actually belongs to James Holmes or whether it’s some astute photo shopping on account of some talented/ambitious reddit users.

  3. great idea..loved learning something new. Sexuality

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