Thursday, July 19, 2012

Russia, China Veto U.N. Resolution on Syrian Sanctions

The United Nations Security Council latest proposal for ousting Assad's government: international sanctions, was defeated this morning by the veto power of China and Russia, while two other nations (unknown at this time Pakistan and South Africa) abstained and eleven voted to take the hardest non-military line against the brutal regime.

This represents yet another display of the international community's paralysis to do anything useful to settle the ongoing conflict in Syria, as the embattled regime's few remaining allies refuse to join the west in ousting Assad and the west refuses to seriously consider non-U.N. military actions, such as deploying NATO...

With the regime launching an counter-offensive against the rebels in Damascus, killing scores of innocents at a funeral procession with helicopter gunships, and the rebels putting every ounce of resources into this fight - western action could tip the scales and end this conflict sooner then later with a new government in place and Assad on his way to the Hague.

What say you?

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