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Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Video Slams Obama for Spiking Football over bin Laden, Praises SEALs

Can you count how many times President Obama says "I" or "my?"

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Things are getting "ruff" for Obama

This is hilarious.

Via Linkiest, I read this article at the American Prospect website. In it, the author Paul Waldman makes the argument that Obama is able to pull off an aura of cool, while Mitt Romney does not. So far, so good, right?

Well, Matt Welch over at Reason got a hold of Waldman’s article, and proceeded to point out the obvious problem with such a world view. That is, that Waldman thinks that it’s pretty nifty to have a gap between the president and everybody else, but didn’t much care for it when someone who wasn’t on his team did it in the previous administration.

Waldman then spends more time explaining that that isn’t what he meant, that what he meant was that Obama is so cool and calm and collected.

Here is where things get good and hilarious.

Waldman then links to an article that he wrote almost two years ago stating that Obama is hard to parody because of this coolness.

Yes, really.

Obama. Hard to parody.

Let me repeat that: Waldman believes that Obama is hard to parody.

The same guy who bowed to a Saudi king...

and a Japanese emperor

and a Chinese President

and an American governor...

and an American mayor...

who had trouble getting into the White House...

and with pesky umbrellas... 

and hung curtains as a Memorial Day project...

who goes bike-riding looking like this...
who has been out golfing an astounding 96 times since being coronated....

who thinks we have 60 states....

who thinks the correct pronunciation of corpsman is “corpse-man” ....

who thinks that we have an intercontinental railroad

who thinks that there is a Austrian language...

who thought that ten thousand people died in a tornado...

who called business leaders into his office and told them that he is the only thing that stood between them and the “pitchforks” of the American people...

whose wife takes a few vacations a month...

who admitted to eating dog (link complete with audio!)...

But Waldman can't make fun of Obama at all because he's entirely too cool to be made fun of.

Right.  That's believable.

As easy as it was to make fun of Bush 43, Obama has multiplied that factor by at least 10.  If you can't make fun of at least the dog thing, then there is no hope for you.  You are completely humorless.

Which gives me the opportunity for this, my first Photoshop ever...

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Interview With the Founder of NoisyRoom.net

Pundit Press is pleased to present its 55th interview in our ongoing series. Today, NoisyRoom.net has graciously agreed to participate. Noisy Room is an established and well-respected site with cutting commentary. So, without further ado:

1. When did you start NoisyRoom.net and why?

I started NoisyRoom.com in 2001. The blog was originally started as a result of 9-11 to combat radical Islam and get news out to Americans.

2. What is the best thing about writing for a website? What is the worst?

The best thing about writing for a website is the realization that you are helping others hear real news, showing them the truth and doing a small part to help restore America to its original footing and principles. The worst thing is being accused of things that are untrue such as racism etc. and those rare times when you wonder if you are truly making a difference.

3. If you had to sum up Occupy Wall Street in one sentence, what would you say?

Occupy Wall Street is comprised of useful idiots being utilized for a Communist/Progressive agenda and being controlled by evil individuals.

4. Who do you believe will win the Presidential election come November?

Mitt Romney. If we make it to the elections.

5. What is the most important issue this year?

The Constitution, the economy and Iran. It's a three-way tie unfortunately for the US.

6. Since his election in 2008, what do you believe Barack Obama's greatest failing has been?

His greatest failure has been the economy, but it has been a deliberate failure.

7. Is there anything that you would like to add?

We must vote Obama out in November, the US will not survive another 4 years of hope and Marxism.
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Secret Punishment for the Secret Service

By John Brentlinger

By now we have all heard about the fandango in Cartagena with the prostitutas, well, most
of us have heard some of it. No big news there...yet...none of them have written a book.

However it looks like there is some punishment yet to be meted out. In this case, should the
punishment fit the crime, here is how it should go: everyone, thats right, everyone of those
hard working; put your life on the line for the guy calling himself by some honorific title he
has no constitutional right to; career agents; should be re-hired, with back pay.

And with a sizable bonus for the indignities proffered by an un-deserving White House,
I hasten to add. The hypocrisy emanating from this White House is astounding.....What?
Spending an evening with prostitutas? Say it ain't so! Lets have a full inquiry to see how
far this really goes. Has it happened before? Call a Congressional hearing, put Barney Frank
and his like-minded, uhh, government uhh,office holders in charge of getting to the
bottom of this. And if this is a "cover-up," maybe we could include some testimony
from the now locked up and hushed up and very serious threat to Barry and Rahm, Rod Blagojevich?

Why, this sort of thing can't happen around Barry, what is the world coming to? Why, he could have been compromised. Seriously?

That's a laugh. This could make the White House look bad. Again, seriously? What could possibly happen to make this impostor look any worse?

Firstly and lastly, I am willing to bet a sack of quarters that, uhh, lets see, that this
is not the first time anyone in government ever sacked up with a strumpet, prostituta, hoer,
randi, pokpok or hure. And probably not the first time anyone in the Secret Service was guilty of a similar tryst. Maybe some presidents have even been guilty, just sayin'. Oh my,
that can't be true, perish the evil thought. Just seems kind of hypocritical to fire worker
bees for what royalty gets away with, don't it?

Anyway, here is the punishment, and it will last probably about thirty-some years, give or take,
depending on Barry's lifestyle choices: take the "guilty" ones, and put them on the Barry watch, after he loses by a landslide in November, that is, if he lets the thing go to a vote. Let them be the ones that must follow him everywhere, drive him everywhere, (that will be book material) make sure he is protected 24/7 for the rest of his life, that should be punishment enough.

Or, in the alternative, give them a really horrible job, make them protect, with their lives, the ex- first lady.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Elizabeth Warren: My Grandfather Had High Cheekbones “Like All of the Indians Do”

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When Will Enough Be Enough

When taxes become destructive they’ve surpassed the consent of the governed bending to the will of tyranny.  When regulations strangle competition instead of securing it from evil combinations they’ve become counterproductive and defeat the very purpose for which they were proposed.  When foreign entanglements bleed the nation but do not secure the peace or defeat the enemy they’ve become interventionist vehicles for vested interests.  When spending becomes a hemorrhaging of assists leading to national bankruptcy those who continue to pile debt upon debt seek not the good of the nation but instead its destruction.  When leaders selected to unite instead do all they can to divide they no longer advance the interest of the whole and are instead partisan leaders in a factional fight.

A social contract is one made between a people and their government.  It is an agreement whereby the people surrender certain aspects of their independence for the guarantee of corporate security and the enjoyment of a general welfare.  In the case of most countries this is an unwritten and unconscious arrangement built upon tradition and precedent as in the case of England.  However in the United States we have an actual contract, the Constitution.  This was ratified by the original states and the subsequent states were formed under it and admitted as full partners to it. 

All contracts may be legitimately changed over time as long as there are mechanisms either within the document or established by the document to do so.  Within our Constitution there is an amendment process and it has been amended 27 times so far.  Whether we agree with those amendments or not they have been legally ratified and accepted becoming part of the document.  However, over the years our government structure has been changed and our manner of life transformed more by the informal changes than by the formal.  Nowhere in the Constitution is the central government given the power to wage unending undeclared war.  Nowhere is the central government given the right to ignore the requirement to protect the states from invasion.  Nowhere is there found any basis for executive orders, signing statements or bureaucratic regulations to have the force of law without legislative action by Congress.

Well-connected rabble rousers now say equality will not be achieved until everything is equal in everybody’s house.  Leveling the playing field has finally thrown off its cloak of deceit and exposed itself as, “From each according to their ability to each according to their need.”  The professional civil rights entrepreneurs who’ve extorted vast amounts of personal wealth with threats of boycotts and demonstrations have been unmasked as the true purveyors of prejudice seeking to keep race and gender differences alive for their own benefit.  Union bosses build political empires using the legally forced dues of members with more money spent on political activity than on member service.  The union bosses ride in limousine comfort from board meetings to political rallies while their members lose jobs.  The pensions of the bosses are golden parachutes while the pensions of the members are underfunded.

The Land of the Free is held captive, locked in a two party system where both parties are merely two heads on the same bird of prey.  Both parties are dedicated to more spending and bigger government.  Both parties exploit gerrymandering of districts and overwhelming corporate donations to ensure a hierarchy of the perpetually re-elected using a system of seniority to enhance their power.  Legal barriers exist at every turn to stop any new parties from gaining the access that might deflect the central government from its ever increasing growth towards totalitarianism. 

When will enough be enough?  When will citizens rise in their righteous anger and demand not a New Deal, not a Great Society, a New Frontier or a Fundamentally Transformed America but instead their original deal.  The one we wrested from the hands of the tyrant King George.  The one we’ve fought to establish and defend from Yorktown to Kandahar and the right of a people to be free to live as they desire, to work for their own benefit and choose their own destiny.  Free from the smothering governmental control which has been the lot of most people in most places since the beginning of time.  When will the yoke of tyranny become too heavy to be borne?  What will be the spark that lights the torches and brings the incensed villagers to the gate of the castle demanding, “Bring the monster out!” so that a stake can be driven through the heart of tyranny and freedom can return to the land?

When that day comes what will we the people do?  Will we try to resurrect the government of old that ultimately brought us full circle or will we be bold enough to forge a new the social contract and design better ways to ensure that the beast of tyranny doesn’t once again break the chains of restraint.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future and the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Ain't That a Hole in the Boat?

By John Brentlinger

Just for a moment, lets discuss a hypothetical. Lets suppose some facts not in evidence, that are not true, but we should consider what the effect would be, had they been true:

What if George W Bush could not have produced a legimate copy of his birth certificate?

What if George W would not release any grade school records, any medical records, any birth records, any passport records?

What if George W would not release any high school, any college records, or a copy of his college thesis?

What if he had used a number of aliases; what if he had an Indonesian name, and changed it to George W Bush?

What if he had no record of any student loans? And what if he said he just paid them off eight years ago? Can I get an Amen?

What if he was a lawyer and his wife was a lawyer and they both were not allowed to practice law in the state of Texas?

What if George W had not submitted his Selective Service record until 2008, then doctored it to give it apparent age?

What if George W had not one, but sixteen (16) Social Security numbers connected to his name, registered in over a dozen states? What if he had 40 some different addresses tied to his name?

What if Bill Ayers had ghostwritten two books about him, filled with lies, half truths, quarter truths, poorly written fiction and then offered them to the public for campaign fodder?

What if George W belonged to the "Down Low Club" at Jeremiah Wrights' mess he calls a church?

What if he had been a member of a bath house in Chicago called Man's Country?

What if George W had forty-nine (49) separate lawsuits filed against him concerning his birth records?

And hypothetically speaking, what if George W had spent over one and a half million dollars, ($1,500,00) to hide all the records of everything he had ever done? And then, what if he had pulled all that low life, lying deceit and then tried to run for president?

Not only would he not have gotten one vote, he would have been indicted, dragged before a grand jury, received a true bill, gone to trial, lost his case after being found guilty of more felonies than Barry Soetoro had social security numbers, and he would be in prison for the rest of his life.

Thankfully, that is all hypothetical - - - for Mr. Bush.

But for Barry Soetoro Davis alias Barack Hussein Obama, that friends--is real life, and believe it or not, he is in the White House, well, some of the time, and as Dean Martin used to say, "Ain't that a hole in the boat?"

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Interview with the Founder of Nice Deb

Pundit Press is pleased to present its 54th interview in our ongoing series. Today we are lucky enough to have the founder of Nice Deb answer some of our questions.  Nice Deb is an influential, award-winning conservative website that I cannot recommend more highly.  So, without further ado:

1. When did you start Nice Deb and why?

I started the blog in May of 2007-almost five years ago. I was actually trying to register for admin rights on another Wordpress blog, and accidentally created my own blog.

So it started out as a joke, which you can clearly see if you go back to the first week of posts. I figured I'd have a little fun for awhile, and delete the blog eventually. But I caught the blogging bug, and kept at it. By January of 2008, I started looking into Obama's background, and it became a much more serious political blog.

2. What is your favorite part of writing on a website? What is the worst part?

My favorite part is actually finding something in the news I'm passionate about and/or have some knowledge about so I know just what I want to say. I enjoy doing the occasional photoshop, too. My least favorite part is deciding what to write about - finding the dang story while the clock ticks away. It's becoming more and more difficult to find something that's not already growing stale on teh internetz because FB and Twitter have made internet "old" go from 24-36 hours to 2-4 hours. You have to be quick if you want to be one of the first. I generally don't like doing stories everyone else is doing, unless I feel I have something fresh to say about it, or I'm just so darn passionate about the subject, there's no shutting me up.

Sometimes I don't jump on a big story because I figure, "what more can be said about it that hasn't already been said". I don't consider my blog, a news site like Gateway Pundit, or Weasel Zippers. I only do 2-4 posts a day - sometimes more, sometimes less. But I like to put a little extra something something in my posts, if I can.

3. In your estimation, who is the most incompetent member of the Obama Administration (not including President Obama himself)?

Biden, if we're just talking about incompetence. Most of the others are very competent in how they're going about destroying the country. They're damn good at what they're doing, in fact.

4. Speaking of President Obama, do you believe that he will be re-elected come November?

I think it's 50/50. It shouldn't be, what with the mess he's made of things, but unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant people out there - the ones who aren't far gone lefties, that is. The mushy middle are vulnerable to media narratives, which is why we have to fight extra hard to refute the Obamedia lies and spin. Fortunately, we've been making good progress in blunting their messages whether they be imaginary wars on women/dogs/minorities or what have you. Happy warriors on Twitter and blogs have gone a long way toward neutralizing their propaganda efforts. We have to keep it up, and not lose our sense of humor, even when things get ugly. Because it hasn't even begun to get ugly, yet.

5. Where do you see America in four years if President Obama is re-elected? Where do you see the United States in four years if he is not?

Obama is trying to transform the US economy into a European style Social welfare state. If he's given four more years, he will succeed. His remedies to fix what he broke (nationalizing everything, confiscation of wealth and property) will require more extra-constitutional and extra-legislative maneuverings on his part. He will become more like a dictator, his regime will become more tyrannical. He's already got illegals wanting to return to their home countries. After a few more years of Obama, there will be American citizens who will want to join them. Only by then, we may have laws in place to keep people in.

If Mitt wins, it will also be awful. Mitt will have to make some tough choices in order to get the debt situation under control. That will mean massive, violent protests from the left. He will put good policies in place to get the economy working, again, but he had better do some housecleaning to make sure they get implemented. All of the Government departments and agencies that are populated with Obama leftists will have to be cleaned out - especially the DOJ - right down to the civilian jobs, even the janitors... That will take backbone and mettle I'm not sure Mitt possesses. It's going to be a rough ride for Mitt. Running for President in 2012 is like volunteering to commandeer a ship that's in the process of sinking.

6. What are your feelings on Occupy Wall Street?

My feelings on OWS are expressed on my other blog, Left-wing Institute for Civil Discourse, aka "Moonbattracker". The short answer is: Although they espouse a variety of political philosophies (communist, anarchist, confused hippies), they're all totalitarian freaks. They care very deeply about rights - but only their own rights, (which are often made up rights, like the right to squat on public property indefinitely, or "occupy" buildings they don't own.) If you disagree with an occupier, your right to peacefully assemble, to speak, etc, is not to be respected.

7. In the coming election, what role do you see the Tea Party having?

I see the Tea Party getting involved in local politics, and working behind the scenes to get good conservatives elected.

8. Is there anything that you would like to add?

I would just add the obvious point everyone has been making - 2012 isn't "the most important election in our lifetimes," it's the most important election, EVER. The direction our country ends up going depends on it. We can become another weak-assed Socialist nanny state, or we can begin to turn things around, and become America again - the "good guys" the oppressed in other totalitarian nations looked to for help and/or inspiration. That America is fading away as we become more totalitarian ourselves.

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Discovering A Rare Revere

I'll admit it: I once dug behind my house to find buried colonial shillings. Why? Because I was eleven and National Treasure had sparked my continuing thirst of knowledge and love for history.

Which is why this story, featured in the New York Times, is so freaking awesome to me:
A few weeks ago, Ms. Malchodi opened yet another leather-bound book, one of more than 300,000 rare volumes in the hold of the John Hay Library. With surgical precision, she turned the pages of a medical text once owned by Solomon Drowne, Class of '73 (1773, that is). And there, in the back, she found a piece of paper depicting the baptism of Jesus. It was signed: 
"P. Revere Sculp" 
The document was indeed legitimate. Paul Revere, of Lexington-Concord fame, designed, printed and signed the piece of paper Ms. Malchodi of Brown University's library conservation team discovered one quiet Thursday morning in the school's basement.

Be sure to read the entire story. It's well worth the time.

P.S. - As for my search for colonial shillings? I never did find one a whole two feet below the dirt, rock and glass shard infested earth my childhood home sat upon, but I did draw a map on the back of my Declaration of Independence leading to the treasure that would make Benjamin Franklin Gates, Nicholas Cage's character, very wealthy in National Treasure.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Russia Threatens to Attack Eastern Europe

More great work from President Obama.  Please tell us, how did the apology tour go again?  From the Washington Times:
Russia’s most senior military officer said Thursday that Moscow would preemptively strike and destroy U.S.-led NATO missile defense sites in Eastern Europe if talks with Washington about the system continue to stall.

“A decision to use destructive force preemptively will be taken if the situation worsens,” Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov said at an international missile defense conference in Moscow attended by senior U.S. and NATO officials.

The threat comes as talks about the missile defense system, which the U.S. and its allies insist is aimed at Iranian missiles, appear to have stalled.

“We have not been able to find mutually-acceptable solutions at this point and the situation is practically at a dead end,” Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.
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New Information on the 1099-K

If you are involved in a small business, this new information about the 1099-K should interest you. This comes from www.outright.com.

big news for small business owners 1099 K Infographic
Brought To By Outright.com

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Obama Praises Nazi Sympathizer in Honor of Jewish-American Heritage Month

In yet another gaffe, President Barack Obama, in a "Presidential Proclamation" about Jewish-American Heritage Month, yesterday praised Nazi sympathizer Gertrude Stein. In the release, the President originally wrote:
“Their history of unbroken perseverance and their belief in tomorrow’s promise offers a lesson not only to Jewish Americans, but to all Americans. From Aaron Copland to Albert Einstein, Gertrude Stein to Justice Louis Brandeis.”
Stein is known for being a famous Jewish-American writer. However, in a 1934 interview, Stein argued vigorously for Adolf Hitler to win the Nobel Peace Prize, saying:
"I say that Hitler ought to have the peace prize, because he is removing all the elements of contest and of struggle from Germany. By driving out the Jews and the democratic and Left element, he is driving out everything that conduces to activity. That means peace ... By suppressing Jews ... he was ending struggle in Germany."
Stein also wrote positively of Hitler in 1940, comparing him favorably to George Washington.

The White House has quickly edited their release, taking out the latter sentence in its entirety.  The paragraph now begins:
Their history of unbroken perseverance and their belief in tomorrow's promise offers a lesson not only to Jewish Americans, but to all Americans. Generations of Jewish Americans have brought to bear some of our country's greatest achievements.
A Presidential spokesperson blamed the inclusion a Nazi-sympathizer in a speech about Jewish-American Heritage Month on sending out a copy of the speech too soon.
President Obama
No explanation as to why Mr. Obama was praising someone who was pro-fascism in the first place was given.

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Ship of Fools

Or Party of Idiots

By John Brenlinger

Having just now viewed the cornucopia of intellectually empty, commonsense-less nitwits in DC at their annual lovefest, called by some, "The White House Correspondents Dinner," there is one thing that Barry Soetoro Davis is good at -- reading speeches prepared by other people. Sans that talent, he is brainless, lights are on but no one home, just plain, teleprompter stupid. The only thing necessary to be at the party is some ridiculous attempts at writing trashy humor, some half wits to read it, and an audience dumb enough and rich enough to be invited.

All Barry Soetoro Davis (I am through referring to him as President Obama, his true alias) is good at is mocking the American way of life, making fun of the people who do the working, giving, living, and the dying for freedom, the actual stuff which keeps a free society growing and thriving. The only thing Soetoro-Davis has to offer is twisted, evil, degenerate decisions, no, I meant opinions on everything which for 380 years now, the free people in America have come to trust.

How in the name of common sense and decency this classless dummy could ever have been elected to anything in this country is enough to mess with the windmills of your mind.

Cook County, the most evil, deceitful, crooked county in Illinios, the most crooked, deceitful, evil, politically dishonest state in America--how could a lazy, indolent, pot smoking, member of the Down Low Club in the "church" of Jeremiah Wright, member of the Man's Country bathhouse in Chicago -- how could a man, well, uhh, person of this low caliber and reputation ever, ever, ever be elected to the highest human
office in the world?

If the crookedest county in the crookedest state won't even allow him or his vacuous partner to practice law, isn't it about time we stop referring to
the both of them as "lawyers?" For that matter, is there any reliable record of him being a "law professor?" No? Thank you.

And if the rest of the stooges in Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court, mostly, almost all, "lawyers," will not stand in unison and denounce Barry Soetoro
Davis as an imposter of the criminal sort, what does that say about them? In real law that is referred to as "aiding and abetting," "complicity, participation in
guilt," and yes, that old standby, "co-conspirators, a confederacy between two or more nitwits, sorry, persons, formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, an unlawful or criminal act." Well, I guess that about sums it up. This makes the Watergate Conspiracy look like a Sunday School Picnic of the Methodist variety.

My personal poll of the election this year, if Barry Soetoro Davis allows us to have one, is that he will lose in a horrible landslide. My further prognostication is that Rahm Emanuel won't want him back in Chicago, except at the Down Low Club and the Man's Country Bathhouse thing, so he'll end up buying a condo next to the Clintons, where he'll begin his official memoirs, entitled, "How
I Defrauded the American People, Got Rich -- And You Can Do it Too." Or, in the alternative, he might just get a job at a shoe store in NYC and specialize
in loafers.

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JT Ready Facebook

White supremecist JT Ready was killed in a shootout in Arizona today, along with four other people. Ready apparently started shooting, and was found dead after the carnage.

Now his facebook profile has come to light.

This was published today from someone with access to his profile:

He posted this rant yesterday:

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Gibson Attends Schoharie Lincoln Day Dinner

- Schoharie County, New York

In continuing his outreach tour to Schoharie County, Congressman Chris Gibson, currently of the 20th congressional district but due to redistricting running for reelection in the 19th, visited and spoke at the local Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner last evening.

The dinner, which over one hundred Republican faithful attended, featured New York Assemblyman Peter Lopez emceeing the event and welcoming elected officials within the party from State Senator Jim Seward to Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb and an army of local politicians elected in 2011.

But the main speaker was Congressman Gibson, who will potentially become the first Republican to represent the county in Congress since before the last redistricting, and who has been busily meeting with his new constituents these past two weeks - from visiting the Board of Supervisors to marching in the Maple Parade.

Congressman Gibson poses with Nora Masterson, who received the SCWRC's "Women Republican of the year" award

He discussed a wide array of topics, including his work in Congress to help the victims of Hurricane Irene, his career in the United States Army, and about the man local Republicans gathered to honor, President Abraham Lincoln, which touched on the 16th president's courage in the face of danger at a slew of battles during the Civil War.

His remarks were well received by the assembled Republicans, who after ten years under two liberal Democrats are hopeful of both delivering Schoharie for Mr. Gibson and retaining him as their man in the House for the foreseeable future this November.

What say you?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bachmann to Endorse Romney

From CBS:
Former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., plans to endorse the party's presumptive nominee Mitt Romney at a campaign event in Portsmouth, Va., on Thursday, Romney campaign officials say.

As competitors on the stump, Bachmann often contrasted herself to Romney by saying that she was the only true conservative in the race, as well as the candidate favored by the tea party. The endorsement from the House member from Minnesota could help him attract the staunch conservatives who shunned him during the primaries, preferring Bachmann and other more ideological candidates.

But Bachmann also has a record of sharply criticizing Romney for supporting a health care plan as the governor of Massachusetts much like the one later embraced by President Obama. In December Bachmann said, "We also know that Mitt Romney is the only governor in the history of the United States to put into place socialized medicine. Mitt Romney will never get rid of the health care mandate under Obamacare."
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What Can I Do With a Career in Health Administration?

In today's economy, having a job can be easier said than done. When you are working in the economy, things can be difficult, especially when you need help right now. With so many options out there, it is important to weigh where you are and where you would like to be. Weigh your education and your talents and how these could help you in the path that you may be looking to go. This way, you will be better prepared for when the career transition may take place or when you are ready for your future. Having the right job can provide the right peace of mind for your continuing career or your growing family. Once you have this very important piece of the puzzle together, you will be able to chart out your future in a more organized way. With the right job under your belt, you can focus on your family, house, or hobbies.

So with all of these things in mind, where do you start? There are many different fields out there, so doing your research before you enter into a new educational experience or training can make sure that you have what you need ready for you. Instead of flying blind, there are many sites out there that can help you learn what you would like to do and how well prepared or qualified you are for it. There are many ways to get where you want to be, but know where you are headed before you start will put you in the right direction. There's a better way to do your work-- and whether you are just starting out, changing jobs, or looking for one to retire in, knowing what you want and how to get there is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family. It is important to see what type of job will provide you with what you are looking for before you make the change. Knowing if a job is stable and profitable is important for how you enter into the decision making process.

One growing field is in medicine. In particular, getting involved in medical administration can really provide you with career stability and mobility. For such a position, if you are prepared for the training to get you ready it will be easier. This is the case if you are looking for a masters in health administration. This would provide a lot of options for you in one of the quickest growing fields in the country. With the proper degree you can work at many different hospitals across the country and in different aspects of the medical field. What would help you out first is to make sure you know what direction you want to head in and how the different degrees or training can help you. Health administrators are needed in just about every aspect of the medical field and getting into the position now while the population of the country is aging rapidly can give you job security for decades. Knowing this will give you the peace of mind and security for where you are headed. This could be worth a lot to people in just about any position in the medical profession.

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Need Information on Medicare?

When people are closing in on retirement age, people need to take a closer look at their futures. There are so many options that you need to consider, especially as you want to enjoy your golden years. Many people have been taking a look at their pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, and social security.

One thing that people don't look at as closely may be their medical insurance. This is a very important part of any age, but especially for older ages. You may have good health care from your job or pension plan, but you should make sure that everything is set up properly. You should look up all of the info on Medicare as possible.

Medicare from the government is one of the most important parts of an older person's life. Finding out the most information about how to deal with your future and the health of your family can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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Junior Seau Found Dead After Apparent Suicide

Sad news today, as former Patriots linebacker Junior Seau was found dead today after an apparent suicide. The fourty-three year old Seau was found dead from an apparent gunshot wound. It was particularly odd for me, as I had just watched him talk about John Harbaugh ripping into Bill Belichick over "Spygate." When I watched it, I caught a line from Seau that struck me as very odd: he said that he was confident in the Super Bowls he had won with the Patriots. In hindsight, there could have been much more to that statement.

From Boston.com:
Junior Seau, a 43-year old 12-time NFL Pro Bowl linebacker, was found dead today in his home, the result of a gunshot wound, police confirmed.

Police are investigating the shooting at the Oceanside, Calif., residence of the former New England Patriot and San Diego Chargers football star as a suicide. Police confirmed that Seau was found by his girlfriend at his beachfront home with a gunshot wound to his chest.

Police received a call at 9:35 a.m. PST from Seau's girlfriend, who informed police Seau was unconscious with a gunshot wound, before making their way to Seau's house and performing "life saving" efforts on him in his bedroom, according to police. A handgun was found.
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Finding VA Loans

In this day and age, it is important that our veterans are respected. There have been many vets that have come back and have faced financial trouble or difficulty transitioning back to civilian life. It is important as a society that we help them out as much as possible, especially if they need it. There are many ways to do so, but we have to make sure to do what is right.

One way is to make sure that veterans receive the additional support that they deserve. One way is the health care system that is set up for members of the armed forces. Another is the college funding that helps veterans enter into a new way of life or education. One is veteran loan benefits, which can be just what is needed during a difficult financial time. There are also VA housing benefits, which can also help out in the transition.

This is why it is important that veterans can get all of the help they deserve. They should do the research to make sure that the programs can help them as much as possible or see how they can function. Doing this extra research, especially as there are questions can make a big difference in the final result.

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Five Things We Can Learn From Joel Osteen

By John Brentlinger

1. How You Look is More Important Than What You Say

Appearance is everything. The GQ look in suits, shirts and ties; the suave manner of speaking and gesturing; the co-pastor, errr, wife, is that in the Bible, right? Co-pastor? Isn't it in there right after it says, "If a man (man) desire the office of a bishop..." It's not? Really?

Joel Osteen is merely a gummed up country fried steak, turned by his own ego into a TV dinner gospel: a lot of plastic and no nutrients. But he's got the look man, its the look. Youth, the golf tan, and the hair, John Edwards would pay $600 for that haircut. (Speaking of plastic guys.) It shouts, "I am relevant, I am young, I am hip and I appeal to the TV generation -- ergo - I must be doing something
right! Check me out - I mean, have you seen me? Whoever said it gets lonely at the top obviously doesn't know me!"

2. If you don't take a stand on anything, you can fill a football stadium.

A glib tongue, a cool appearance, the neutrality on every issue, oh wait, is this Barry Soetoro Davis, the self proclaimed light of the world? Oh no, that's the
other plastic guy, sorry. Anyway, the blasphemy of never taking a stand on anything, does away with most of the Bible, well, all the Bible, but apparently
Joel isn't worried about that?

Can you see Joel Osteen as David? "Hey Goliath, I got some wine, got some cheese, lets sit down and talk about this deal. I'm sure the god of the Philistines
is the God of Judah, bring your peeps and lets have church."

How about Joel Osteen as Elijah, with the prophets of Baal? "Hey guys, whats up? Look, I don't want to argue, I think we both want the same thing. What say we just marinate these ox and get on with the picnic?" Maybe 40,000 people bowing down to Joel, sorry, meant Baal, just might not be the answer either.
Oh well, maybe that thing about "strait is the gate and narrow is the way" is for some other, smaller church.

3. Everybody goin' to Heaven

You know, if you never read the Bible; if you never heard of the Bible; if you never heard that the Son of God came to earth as a man and died on a cross for
sinners, and that faith in his atonement is necessary for entrance into the kingdom of heaven; then you might just believe that heaven is for everyone, that
believers and unbelievers will share the same eternal presence with God. If you never saw a Bible I guess you would have some tiny reason for being spiritually
ignorant -- but if you actually carry a Bible to the pulpit and open it -- and you still think everyone is a Christian, this is not merely stupid, this is galactically stupid.

4. If you pass the plate to 40,000 people, you can really rake in the cash.

And, when you hit up 40,000 people for a lot of money, you can talk about the prosperity gospel, you know, that's where you're supposed to give as much as you
can to the Osteen Family Enterprise (daddie's church, remember?) and you will receive so many blessings in money and things, you won't have room for them all,
so, you'll have to have a bigger house, newer car, bigger barns -- oh wait, maybe that's not in the Bible either.

5. It does not matter what you believe --just believe something.

There comes a time when everyone of us must give an account of what we have done, and especially to those who teach others, and especially those who are
supposed to teach biblical truth to others, there is something in the Bible about that, yes, I'm sure I've read it; something like, "My brethren, many of you
should not become teachers, knowing that we shall receive stricter judgement." Yes, that's it. You know, maybe this 40,000 person stadium filler, TV, say
nothing book thing is not really a good thing, in the long run.

Wonder what John the Baptist would have thunk?

Can you see Osteen as John the Baptist? "Hey ya'll, don't ya'll worry about that repentance thang, ya'all'll be just fine. If you feel like repenting you
can, but its not really necessary."

Wonder what Jesus thinks? Oh wait, that's in the Bible too.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking to Become a Tax Preparer?

Making sure that your future is planned out is one of the most important decisions of your life. Checking your plans as you look at what you need, this way you can make sure that you are prepared for what life throws at you. When you get the education and training that you expect and need, you will be better off.

That's why you should look at a bunch of different options. See what you are good at and what you are interested in. That way, you know what you are looking forward to. One example is to become a tax preparer

This way you can become a Registered Tax Return Preparer. With this additional training, you will be better prepared for the field. By getting involved in the field, you can be eligible for jobs across the country. And in our economy, that's great!

Interested in Tax Preparation?

Taxes are one of the most important areas in modern American life. You can't escape taxes or dealing with them on a yearly basis. We all have to pay them, so why not get involved in trying to help with this growing field? There are many options to choose from, so why not find out what you can do?

One option can be to look through many of the tax preparer jobs that are out there. By looking at your options, you can better prepare for your future. This way, you will know what you are looking at and can help in the field.

Furthermore, you can use your new skills for tax preparer certification. Being skilled in this field can open you up for jobs across the country. You will be able to work out a series of options for your future. This preparation can be a very important decision.

Finding VA Loans

Helping those that have served our country is one of the most important things that a government and its people can do. Who has sacrificed more than the veterans of our country and who has done more to preserve freedom and order around the world? Such service is an example for all people in the country, old and young alike. Finding ways to give back is a great way to make sure that they feel appreciated for all of their blood, sweat, and tears. They deserve nothing less for all of their years devoted to our country.

If you are a veteran or know one in your life, you should be aware of some of the programs set up to help servicepeople. These include health and work services to help veterans transition back to civilian life. These also include many others, including governmental loans for vets. These can help with various payments that may be needed as a veteran goes from military life back to civilian life. Even further, they can be applied for to help those that may need it. You should do your research and see how these loan programs can help you or a loved one and see if they may be just the thing needed. Even better, they can help build a solid foundation financially for the years to come.

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What the... OWS Threatens Violence Against Rebecca Black

In another move that shows the members of Occupy Wall Street are completely out of their minds, a picture of Rebecca Black, famous for singing the poorly-reviewed song "Friday," has appeared on "AnarchistNews.org." The picture inexplicably has a man with a gas mask and probably an ax creeping behind Ms. Black.
There is no explanation for the picture whatsoever.

However, the photo appears in a lengthy article about how corporations are destroying the world and how people need to "fight back" against a sort of omni-present oppressor. However, the article does state clearly who will save the downtrodden. To quote, verbatim: "We (Anarchists) are the leaders we’ve been waiting for."

And naturally, there is the normal rambling about how evil capitalism is and everything you've heard before: "Still, today people worldwide are waking up to the need to take matters into their own hands and solve the problems the politicians and capitalists are unable to."
The picture also appears next to the poll, "Best anarchist game"

And of course: "This economic crisis has seen an escalation of class war on workers by capitalists and the State, leading to a further erosion of working conditions, with lawmakers enacting policies that cut wages and benefits and further burden workers."

The article also appeared on Miami Autonomy and Solidarity.

There is still no explanation for the picture of Rebecca Black.

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Get a Payday Advance

In these tough economic times, it is always good to be better prepared for what is coming your way financially. This way, you will be better ready to figure out where you are at and where you have to go. Doing your research on how to balance your books and keep on top of things is a very important factor in the process of financial stability. This is an important part of raising a family in this day and age and making sure that they have the resources necessary to succeed and get ahead. You cannot put a price on the peace of mind and financial stability proper planning can provide for you and your loved ones. This way, you will be better off in case something occurs down the road or you need to make a quick, important decision.

This is why looking at all of your options is very good. You should make sure that you have a good insurance policy that can back you up in case of an emergency or some trouble. You should work out your health insurance with your employer just in case something happens to you or a loved one. Making sure to have house or flood insurance may be able to cover damage that you were not expecting. These things are just one part of a bigger pie. You must also make sure to keep your money organized, preferably in a reputable bank. Having online access to your money will make sure that you have exactly what you need, right at your fingertips. You can also use an online money manager like PayPal to help you organize your finances and send quick, easy payments to people all across the world.

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Five Anarchists Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Blow up Ohio Bridge

The article ends, "It is unknown if the bridge incident was connected to Occupy Wall Street's plans for nationwide protests Tuesday." I'd say "bingo." From Fox News:
Five people described as anarchists were arrested Monday in a Cleveland-area park for allegedly trying to blow up a bridge, sources tell Fox News.

The public was never in danger from the explosive devices, which were inoperable and controlled by an undercover FBI employee, according to sources close to the investigation.

A criminal complaint was filed Tuesday morning in U.S. District Court in Cleveland. Court documents say three of the suspects are self-proclaimed anarchists who formed a small group and considered a series of plots over several months.

U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, Steven M. Dettelbach, said Tuesday that the defendants "took numerous and repeated acts that demonstrated a commitment to violent, terrorist acts."
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Cartagena or Carte Blanche

By John Brentlinger

So it appears that what happens in Cartagena does not stay in Cartagena. "Now what?" says the staff at the White House? You know, the staff that knows
too much? Who will be next -- the kitchen staff? The ones who change the sheets? White House security?

Anyone who has ever served in the military, anyone who has spent a term or two in politics knows how these things work. When the emperor has no clothes, someone on the payroll always finds out he is naked.

And that someone who could really damage the emperor, has to go. In any hierarchy, here's how it works: someone writes the scenario; someone generates a mess, figures out who should be let go, creates where that should take place, then someone has to make sure the deed is carried out. And it is usually the "faithful few," the ones loyal to the death, who are tasked with the job.

And when the emperor is caught by some staffer, usually security, in something which smells to high heaven, the "faithful few" go to work. Lets see, where should we do this? Somewhere far away, how about Columbia? No one goes there. Good call,
5,000 miles away, some foreign speaking country, everything will be hard to track. Chop some heads.
Who gets chopped? Those who know too much.

Round up the usual suspects, make it look like they've done something wrong. force them to retire, or let them volunteer to retire.

Now what? Uhhh, lets see, swear them to secrecy. Let them know what will happen if they talk. Remind them that we know where their wives work and where
their kids go to school. Tell them they'll get their pension checks only if they keep their lips zipped. Remind them about Vince Foster and Ron Brown.

So the usual suspects have been rounded up, the right ones have been fired.... dilly dallying around with prostitutes, oh my, how could that have happened around this president? How terrible, why, we'll make sure this never happens again. Circle the wagons, shoot low boys, they're riding Shetland ponies. Have Carney say that the White House and staff didn't know a thing about this, make sure none of this sticks to the president,why...he's a family man.

What is that sound coming from the White House? It is the sound of an administration imploding; the sound of a regime collapsing under its own weight; it is the sound of a narcissistic leader who is succumbing under the burden of the figment of his own imagination.

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Popular Degrees for Political Careers

If you are looking at your future, there are many different aspects to consider. You may be choosing where you want to be in life and what you can be to get there. There are so many different degrees and programs for you to consider and how you want to proceed should be done with the utmost research and consideration for your future. What are your skills and interests? Where does your prior training take you as far as a new career is concerned. By being better prepared you will be better able to make the decisions that will shape your life. The research that is necessary is a good question. You should take the time to make sure that you are prepared for many different eventualities, especially when it comes to education and training.

That is why you should consider many different aspects in how you would like to proceed. How reliable is the field and how easy or difficult is it to enter it. How many jobs are opening up for the certain positions across the country? Is the field something that you are interested in? Can you see yourself being particularly skilled in the field and know where you are headed? Is there a ladder that can be climbed and if so, how difficult is this and how worthwhile would it be for you? How would a job in the field affect your plans or your family? Do you have the education to enter into the field and how much might you need to be prepared? You should consider all of these questions and more before you make a final decision. By being better prepared you can make the best decisions, especially considering that this is your future and could be one of the most important decisions in your life.

This is why you should consider which degrees will help you for the particular field or job. Take politics, for example. There are many different examples in the political field and knowing what you want and how to get it will better prepare you. For example, getting ahead in politics can depend on the different degrees and education you have. Many politicians have degrees in law and have taken up practice as an attorney. Others may have an executive mba program, which can prepare the person for a myriad of options. You can be a better administrator, helping in a campaign or as a candidate for office. You can help turn around a business or a municipality, which is very interesting and rewarding. A degree in political science can help you get involved in campaign and strategic planning. This can be a very valuable trait and degree to have, especially as the political landscape changes. By knowing which degree you want and are prepared for, you will be in better shape to figure where your future is headed. With this extra leverage, you will be a more desirable candidate for any job, and can find yourself happier and more successful. And in your life, what is more important than that?

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Looking for Quality TV Service?

With so many services offering television, how do you know which one to choose from? My family watches TV all the time and many families across the country spend hours a day keeping up with their favorite shows or the news. With so many options out there, like direct tv, you need to find the one that is best for you.

With such good options, such as directtv, you should weigh the options of each one? Which fits with your busy lifestyle? Which offers the best channel packages and the best pricing? Which has a good reputation in the industry for customer service? By weighing these options beforehand, you will be better able to choose the best for you.

So as you are picking out your package, you can choose from multiple websites to help you out, like http://www.dx3.net/. This will make sure that you are prepared as you get he best service for your money!

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Monday Morning Breaking News Alert: Occupy What?

By John Brentlinger

So the do nothing, be nothing, responsible for nothing, lazy, ne'r do wells, bums, hobos, crack addicts, pot smoking, rabble rousers that are being gathered by the leftists in the federal government are getting organized for an "occupy day" across America on May the fifth. Maybe it is time to call this one what it really is: a trial run at botching the presidential election in November.

Really! They have chosen 120 cities across the land to obstruct progress, hurt the economy, get in the way of those who work for a living, but that is not the real reason for this evil debacle. It is simply to see if they have the power to make enough of a mess to cause a cancellation of the election so that barry barack hussein obama dunham davis can make
himself king for life.

Someone needs to inform his highness that a simple lawful method, an easier method would be to do as this country has done for the last two hundred years: just hold an election and accept the results. That way, the American way of life could go on, you know, where we work, raise a family, buy groceries, live in houses, go to schools, teach kids to work, you know, those things -- those American things.

What we as Americans do not want to do is live in huts, eat dog meat, have no purpose in life, sit around waiting for the next delivery of guvment cheese, hold up signs saying "Will work for German Shepherd Steak."

We do not want the way of life about to be unleashed on us by some pedantic, reckless, lying, deceiving, cheating, low life scoundrel who hates working for a living and doesn't like the fact of us living off the fruits of our labor.

This useless community organizer has no qualms about living off the fruits of our labor. Matter of factoid, this degenerate makes a public display of using the wealth of the American people, makes a mockery of giving the wages of those who did not vote for him, to those who did, and to those he hopes will jury-rig the elections for him in November, if he cannot count on the Occupyers to do their Occupying.

The real question is: what has our elected representation come to that not one of the incumbent scoundrels has the cajones to make this a federal case. No, they are all too busy feathering their own nest, can't take a chance on being singled out by some lamebrain community organizer
acting like he is president. What, are they afraid of -- his goon squad? What kind of cowardly, self-serving idiots have we elected? Is this what we have voted for for the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years? Are we just sheep being led to the slaughter by the pied piper from Indonesia/Kenya/Cook County?

Actually, I wonder what really went on in Cartajena? We have to ask, what goes on at the highest reaches of power on these "State Missions" that would cause career Secret Service Agents to think they could get away with setting up "secret" rendevous'es with sex partners? Could
there be some "secret" we do not know yet? Will we have to wait for a book ghost written by some "rogue agent" whose fate is "death from natural causes?"

Just sayin'.

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President of the United States: Pitbulls are "Delicious"


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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Video: Newt Gingrich Says he’s Dropping Out May 2 and Endorsing Romney

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Video: Romney in 2007: Of Course I'd Take out bin Laden if he was in Pakistan

Go figure, the Obama Administration has been lying to us (specific clip starts at 4:55):

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Sunday Bible Story: The Man on the Middle Cross

And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Truly, this day you will be with me in paradise. Luke 23:42

There is the old story about the thief on the cross. You know, the one to whom Jesus said, "Today, you shall be with me in paradise," that one. You can read about it in Luke chapter twenty-three.

So the story goes that the thief got to the pearly gates, waited outside, till St. Peter came out. St. Peter comes out, says to the thief, "So, are you a Christian?"

The thief says, "I dunno."

"Are you a Catholic?" "Don't think so."

"Are you a Baptist?" "No."

"Are you a Methodist?" "No."

"Do you go to church?" "No."

"Do you pray?" "Not much."

"How long since your last confession?" "What's that?"

So, St. Peter, exasperated by this time says, "What are you doing here?"

The thief replied, "The man on the middle cross said I could come in."

And so the old parable gets right to the bottom line. It is the year we call 2012. And now we have a name for all the hundreds of religious preferences
known to modern man, sorry, modern humankind.

Some say you get to heaven through the sacraments. Some say by good works. Others say you get there by having your family name in some book in a cave out west. Oh no, says another group, you have to know the four spiritual laws. Or, "you have to work your way there every day."

Nope, nope, nope and nope again. According to the man on the middle cross, it is whether or not He says you get in.

Actually, the apostle Paul says it pretty simply: For it is by grace that you are saved, and that, not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast.

So once again, the bottom line. Do you believe on the Son of God? Brand names are only good down here. We can call ourselves by any name in the dictionary, but the final question is: What does the man on the middle cross say?

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