Friday, April 27, 2012

Joke of United States

By John Brentlinger

If many a truth is spoken in jest, perhaps it is time to accurately depict the jester in the White House as JOTUS, the joke of the United States. The biggest joke he has played on our country is the fact that he is not qualified to hold an office, any office in our country, by reason of the constitutional qualifications
which have been in place for, oh, about two hundred years now. Since every thinking American knows that we are a nation of laws, not men, only a person with
a complete disdain for law would even attempt such a travesty.

The second biggest joke he has foisted on our country is the installment of Chicago style corruption on a national scale. Threats, lies, murder, deception, force, and an intentional ignorance of right and wrong, or I should say, business as ususal in Chicago, has become the order of the day in the White House which used to belong to the American people. The Clintons abused the office, but with nowhere near the crude foreign hatred shown by the immigrants who live there part- time now.

The third biggest joke is the laughing-stock he has made of turning the office of the President into a vacation for himself and his "family." The vacation is only interrupted by the ridiculous photo ops, the more ridiculous basketball games, the weekly golf dates, the stupid appearing on idiotic tv shows with the low IQ "comedians;" the state dinners, the parties; if not for those diversions, the court jester would never show up for work. Oh wait, he never held a real job, no wonder this one-time, four year vacation appeals to his baser instincts.

But the worst joke of all is that he used the crime of Chicago politics, the lies of a professional liar, the intrusion into a country where we have toilet paper, roads and ESPN, the real system of laws: he used all that against the American
people to steal a presidential election from the only country in the world where he could have done it. Usurpation of authority in other countries is usually dealt without a ballot. Only in our freedom loving America could he have pulled this chicanery off and lived to vacation, laugh, steal, cheat, lie, mock, and worst of all: publicly despise, yes hate the American way of life, yet grab all the benefits of freedom for himself and his scumbag cronies.

He has made of no consequence the balance of power at the highest levels of our American government. His abuse of the Constitution, the Congress, and his childish rebuke of the Supreme Court simply show him for who he is, an adolescent who, when he can't get his own way, throws a temper tantrum, cries, laughs and screams and swears until a cowering adult gives him what he wants.

The only joke he has not pulled yet is using the TSA to guard the election process, oh wait, ACORN is in charge of that.

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