Monday, April 23, 2012

The Board of Elections

By John Brentlinger

    The Board of Elections
 All the Fraud is not in the Voting

Not sure how it is done in other states, but here in Ohio, there is a method to the madness of how a Board of Elections controls the voting process. And
when I say "madness," I don't mean the peaceful, sober, honest process of a free and fair election. It is not peaceful, sober, honest, free or fair. I am
a lifelong Republican, and I have seen as much fraud from the R's as well as the D's. So just because you're in a Republican county, don't think that there is no manipulation at the voting booth, before election day. Sad truth? There is as much fraud before, during and after an election as there ever is at the voting booth. And usually, the out- come has been pretty much decided way before election day.

The employees at the board of elections, in Ohio, are made up of an equal number of D's and R's. They take turns with all the various duties, and almost to
the paper clips, everything is split right down the middle. I assume it is the same around the rest of the country, with the exception of Cook County,

What about the third party people?, you ask. Good question, they have no say, no presence, and no seat at the table, although third party candidates have been around since 1832. That is 180 years of stone- walling by the two party system. Stonewalling: that is where the parties in power don't have to be held
accountable. Why? Because they are in power. Like Richard Nixon used to say, "When the president does it, it's not illegal."

The greatest single obstacle to free and fair elections in America is the two party system. The two party system is the first, best and oldest form of vote fraud.
The perps at the local boards say, almost in unison, "Hey, if they just had a national party, they could join in." Heh, heh, yeah right. For at least the last twenty or so years, there have been "Independent" candidates by the droves -- do you think they are allowed to participate at the board of elections? Actually, a
representative from the I's must, by law, get permission from the R's or D's if they simply wish to observe the process on election night.

We don't even need to discuss the fraud in setting up state voting districts. Anyone who doesn't recognize that fraudlent process is on the side that gets to divvy everything up.

Who gets on the ballot? Generally speaking, only the ones the board of elections wants on the ballot. How do they keep them off the ballot? Election laws, which are so long and complicated, they don't even print them up anymore, "check the internet," they say. The laws for petitions, from numbers of names necessary, a minimum and a maximum; too many, you're off the ballot; too few, you're out again.
how the names are written down; who passes out the petitions, when and where they are signed; the bottom line is that there are enough complicated restrictions that your petitions can be thrown out because of too many signatures, too few signatures, whether the address is absolutely correct, whether they signed in cursive or printed, and to an "i" being dotted or a "t" not crossed; in short, the board of elections culls the participants every time there is an election, just to make sure the two parties stay in power. Certainly there are
exceptions, but right offhand, I don't know any. BTW, the no good, liberal, lying leftists, crackpot, tinpot, pot smoking, evil doing fruits and nuts in ACORN are aware of all this two party fraud. And they know that Secretaries of States do NOT keep public records of voter fraud, except in completely egregious cases. So when they disrupt the voting process, they think they are doing the same thing the two party system is doing. Throwing a presidential election is nothing new, remember 1876; Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden? Remember 1960; Kennedy and Nixon?

It will be nothing new when his majesty at 1600 Pennsylvania does it again this year.

The only thing keeping the elections process going in this country is the faith of the American people. Finding out the whole thing is corrupt would be like finding out our pennies are zinc, our nickles are copper, our silver coins are worthless
alloys, and our paper money is not worth the Crane paper it is printed on. It would be like finding out that the wars killing and maiming our best and brightest boys and girls are all for nothing.

The only thing in America keeping all of our systems going is the faith, hope, dedication and beliefs of the American people, who right now are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, because the truth is beginning to out. The only thing saving us now is the 2nd ammendment, praise the Lord and
pass the ammunition!

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