Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jon Lovitz for President

By John Brentlinger

Sometimes the news really is funny. And we allvknow that Bill Shakespeare was right, many a truth is spoken in jest. And we also know that when these comedians tell these jokes about the joke-in-chief in the White House, they are not joking. Obama has gone way beyond humor, and has entered the realm of "I am not funny any longer, but I am still a joke."

Speaking of funny news, it is all over the internet this week that because of the economic jokes that Obama has played now for three years, people from Mexico are going back to their own country. Can you imagine how Jimmie Carter must feel, now that he gets to spend all his time at the layberry? Obama makes Carter look like Albert Einstein. And Carter makes Obama look like
Alfred E. Neuman.

Here's Obama, you know, the light of the world: "Hey, let me be perfectly clear -- I botched up the economy so bad, even the Mexicans left the country. But, not to worry, I still gots my golf, Michelle still gots her fine clothes, I finally got my student loans paid off, and
me and the fam are going to spend Christmas in Cartegena this year, where I will be studying the Cuban revolution, where is Che' when I need him?"

Obama now is not just the worst president in the history of forever. He has ascended to the ranks of the worst student, the worst law student, the worst law professor, the worst liar, the worst thief, the worst illegal immigrant in the history of our country. If there was ever a time to impeach and remove someone masquerding as an American citizen, and as an American president, it is today. Can I get an Amen?

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