Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Morning Breaking News Alert: Occupy What?

By John Brentlinger

So the do nothing, be nothing, responsible for nothing, lazy, ne'r do wells, bums, hobos, crack addicts, pot smoking, rabble rousers that are being gathered by the leftists in the federal government are getting organized for an "occupy day" across America on May the fifth. Maybe it is time to call this one what it really is: a trial run at botching the presidential election in November.

Really! They have chosen 120 cities across the land to obstruct progress, hurt the economy, get in the way of those who work for a living, but that is not the real reason for this evil debacle. It is simply to see if they have the power to make enough of a mess to cause a cancellation of the election so that barry barack hussein obama dunham davis can make
himself king for life.

Someone needs to inform his highness that a simple lawful method, an easier method would be to do as this country has done for the last two hundred years: just hold an election and accept the results. That way, the American way of life could go on, you know, where we work, raise a family, buy groceries, live in houses, go to schools, teach kids to work, you know, those things -- those American things.

What we as Americans do not want to do is live in huts, eat dog meat, have no purpose in life, sit around waiting for the next delivery of guvment cheese, hold up signs saying "Will work for German Shepherd Steak."

We do not want the way of life about to be unleashed on us by some pedantic, reckless, lying, deceiving, cheating, low life scoundrel who hates working for a living and doesn't like the fact of us living off the fruits of our labor.

This useless community organizer has no qualms about living off the fruits of our labor. Matter of factoid, this degenerate makes a public display of using the wealth of the American people, makes a mockery of giving the wages of those who did not vote for him, to those who did, and to those he hopes will jury-rig the elections for him in November, if he cannot count on the Occupyers to do their Occupying.

The real question is: what has our elected representation come to that not one of the incumbent scoundrels has the cajones to make this a federal case. No, they are all too busy feathering their own nest, can't take a chance on being singled out by some lamebrain community organizer
acting like he is president. What, are they afraid of -- his goon squad? What kind of cowardly, self-serving idiots have we elected? Is this what we have voted for for the last 20, 30, 40, 50 years? Are we just sheep being led to the slaughter by the pied piper from Indonesia/Kenya/Cook County?

Actually, I wonder what really went on in Cartajena? We have to ask, what goes on at the highest reaches of power on these "State Missions" that would cause career Secret Service Agents to think they could get away with setting up "secret" rendevous'es with sex partners? Could
there be some "secret" we do not know yet? Will we have to wait for a book ghost written by some "rogue agent" whose fate is "death from natural causes?"

Just sayin'.

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  1. The truth can stand by itself. Your lies will fall tomorrow. Watch for us in the streets tomorrow, May 1st, (MAYDAY) There's going to be a whole lotta do nothings, be nothings, responsible for nothings, lazy, ne'r do wells, bums, hobos, crack addicts, pot smoking, rabble rousers. In fact, there will be tens of thousands of us. Maybe cumulatively, a hundred thousand. (lol!) In fact, we'll look an awful lot like your neighbors, your friends, co-workers, family members, and well, like 99% of the population. But keep up the excellent blogging. It only makes us look better when you are wrong!

    1. Marxist dementia defines your movement- Your days are numbered when the media finally has the guts to expose you and your feeders. learn from your mistakes and desist while you can. BK