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Saving for Your Small Business

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Finding Mortgage Education

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Jewish Democratic Assemblyman from Brooklyn Endorses Romney

 Maybe we'll see this in the national media...

The coalition that elected Barack Obama has just gotten a little smaller. Depending on different demographic groups for re-election, Obama has just lost part of the Jewish vote. Brooklyn, New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind is fed up with the President. He has broken with his party an has endorsed Mitt Romney. Further, he will campaign on his behalf.

Hikind was tired of the way President Obama treated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Hikind also endorsed Republican Bob Turner in the special election last year to replace Anthony "Weiner" Weiner.

“Israel is under the gun. Israel is the target of Iran. Israel’s existence is being threatened. And Obama doesn’t have time to meet with the Israeli PM? It’s insulting. It’s degrading. This president scares me,” Hikind said.

“I’m a Democrat but not a knee-jerk Democrat. I’m only loyal to America and the survival of Israel.”
Hikind backed President Bush in 2004 and John McCain in 2008.

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Transcript of President Obama's Speech to UN 9/25/2012

Mr President, Mr Secretary-General, fellow delegates, ladies and gentleman: I would like to begin today by telling you about an American named Chris Stevens.
Chris was born in a town called Grass Valley, California, the son of a lawyer and a musician. As a young man, Chris joined the Peace Corps, and taught English in Morocco. He came to love and respect the people of North Africa and the Middle East, and he would carry that commitment throughout his life. As a diplomat, he worked from Egypt to Syria; from Saudi Arabia to Libya. He was known for walking the streets of the cities where he worked - tasting the local food, meeting as many people as he could, speaking Arabic and listening with a broad smile.
Chris went to Benghazi in the early days of the Libyan revolution, arriving on a cargo ship. As America's representative, he helped the Libyan people as they coped with violent conflict, cared for the wounded, and crafted a vision for a future in which the rights of all Libyans would be respected. After the revolution, he supported the birth of a new democracy, as Libyans held elections, built new institutions, and began to move forward after decades of dictatorship.
Chris Stevens loved his work. He took pride in the country he served, and saw dignity in the people he met. Two weeks ago, he travelled to Benghazi to review plans to establish a new cultural centre and modernise a hospital. That's when America's compound came under attack. Along with three of his colleagues, Chris was killed in the city he helped to save. He was 52 years old.
I tell you this story because Chris Stevens embodied the best of America. Like his fellow Foreign Service officers, he built bridges across oceans and cultures, and was deeply invested in the international co-operation that the United Nations represents. He acted with humility, but stood up for a set of principles - a belief that individuals should be free to determine their own destiny, and live with liberty, dignity, justice, and opportunity.
The attacks on our civilians in Benghazi were attacks on America. We are grateful for the assistance we received from the Libyan government and the Libyan people. And there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice. I also appreciate that in recent days, the leaders of other countries in the region - including Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen - have taken steps to secure our diplomatic facilities, and called for calm. So have religious authorities around the globe.
But the attacks of the last two weeks are not simply an assault on America. They are also an assault on the very ideals upon which the United Nations was founded - the notion that people can resolve their differences peacefully; that diplomacy can take the place of war; and that in an interdependent world, all of us have a stake in working towards greater opportunity and security for our citizens.
If we are serious about upholding these ideals, it will not be enough to put more guards in front of an Embassy; or to put out statements of regret, and wait for the outrage to pass. If we are serious about those ideals, we must speak honestly about the deeper causes of this crisis. Because we face a choice between the forces that would drive us apart, and the hopes we hold in common.
Today, we must affirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by his killers. Today, we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our United Nations.
It has been less than two years since a vendor in Tunisia set himself on fire to protest the oppressive corruption in his country, and sparked what became known as the Arab Spring. Since then, the world has been captivated by the transformation that has taken place, and the United States has supported the forces of change.
We were inspired by the Tunisian protests that toppled a dictator, because we recognised our own beliefs in the aspirations of men and women who took to the streets.
We insisted on change in Egypt, because our support for democracy put us on the side of the people.
We supported a transition of leadership in Yemen, because the interests of the people were not being served by a corrupt status quo.
We intervened in Libya alongside a broad coalition, and with the mandate of the UN Security Council, because we had the ability to stop the slaughter of innocents; and because we believed that the aspirations of the people were more powerful than a tyrant.
And as we meet here, we again declare that the regime of Bashar al-Assad must come to an end so that the suffering of the Syrian people can stop, and a new dawn can begin.
We have taken these positions because we believe that freedom and self-determination are not unique to one culture. These are not simply American values or Western values - they are universal values. And even as there will be huge challenges that come with a transition to democracy,  I am convinced that ultimately government of the people, by the people and for the people is more likely to bring about the stability, prosperity, and individual opportunity that serve as a basis for peace in our world.
So let us remember that this is a season of progress. For the first time in decades, Tunisians, Egyptians, and Libyans voted for new leaders in elections that were credible, competitive, and fair. This democratic spirit has not been restricted to the Arab World. Over the past year, we have seen peaceful transitions of power in Malawi and Senegal, and a new President in Somalia. In Burma, a President has freed political prisoners and opened a closed society; a courageous dissident has been elected to Parliament; and people look forward to further reform. Around the globe, people are making their voices heard, insisting on their innate dignity, and the right to determine their future.
And yet the turmoil of recent weeks reminds us that the path to democracy does not end with the casting of a ballot. Nelson Mandela once said: "To be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others." True democracy demands that citizens cannot be thrown in jail because of what they believe, and businesses can be opened without paying a bribe. It depends on the freedom of citizens to speak their minds and assemble without fear; on the rule of law and due process that guarantees the rights of all people.
In other words, true democracy - real freedom - is hard work. Those in power have to resist the temptation to crack down on dissent. In hard economic times, countries may be tempted to rally the people around perceived enemies, at home and abroad, rather than focusing on the painstaking work of reform.
Moreover, there will always be those that reject human progress - dictators who cling to power, corrupt interests that depend upon the status quo; and extremists who fan the flames of hate and division. From Northern Ireland to South Asia; from Africa to the Americas; from the Balkans to the Pacific Rim, we've witnessed convulsions that can accompany transitions to a new political order. At times, the conflicts arise along the fault lines of faith, race or tribe; and often they arise from the difficulties of reconciling tradition and faith with the diversity and interdependence of the modern world. In every country, there are those who find different religious beliefs threatening; in every culture, those who love freedom for themselves must ask how much they are willing to tolerate freedom for others.
That is what we saw play out the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity. It is an insult not only to Muslims, but to America as well - for as the city outside these walls makes clear, we are a country that has welcomed people of every race and religion. We are home to Muslims who worship across our country. We not only respect the freedom of religion - we have laws that protect individuals from being harmed because of how they look or what they believe. We understand why people take offense to this video because millions of our citizens are among them.
I know there are some who ask why we don't just ban such a video. The answer is enshrined in our laws: our Constitution protects the right to practice free speech. Here in the United States, countless publications provoke offense. Like me, the majority of Americans are Christian, and yet we do not ban blasphemy against our most sacred beliefs. Moreover, as President of our country, and Commander-in-Chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so. Americans have fought and died around the globe to protect the right of all people to express their views - even views that we disagree with.
We do so not because we support hateful speech, but because our Founders understood that without such protections, the capacity of each individual to express their own views, and practice their own faith, may be threatened. We do so because in a diverse society, efforts to restrict speech can become a tool to silence critics, or oppress minorities. We do so because given the power of faith in our lives, and the passion that religious differences can inflame, the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech - the voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy, and lift up the values of understanding and mutual respect.
I know that not all countries in this body share this understanding of the protection of free speech. Yet in 2012, at a time when anyone with a cell phone can spread offensive views around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. The question, then, is how we respond. And on this we must agree: there is no speech that justifies mindless violence.
There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There is no video that justifies an attack on an Embassy. There is no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon, or destroy a school in Tunis, or cause death and destruction in Pakistan.
More broadly, the events of the last two weeks speak to the need for all of us to address honestly the tensions between the West and an Arab World moving to democracy. Just as we cannot solve every problem in the world, the United States has not, and will not, seek to dictate the outcome of democratic transitions abroad, and we do not expect other nations to agree with us on every issue. Nor do we assume that the violence of the past weeks, or the hateful speech by some individuals, represents the views of the overwhelming majority of Muslims- any more than the views of the people who produced this video represent those of Americans.
However, I do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders, in all countries, to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. It is time to marginalise those who - even when not resorting to violence - use hatred of America, or the West, or Israel as a central principle of politics. For that only gives cover, and sometimes makes excuses, for those who resort to violence.
That brand of politics - one that pits East against West; South against North; Muslim against Christian, Hindu, and Jew - cannot deliver the promise of freedom. To the youth, it offers only false hope. Burning an American flag will do nothing to educate a child. Smashing apart a restaurant will not fill an empty stomach. Attacking an Embassy won't create a single job. That brand of politics only makes it harder to achieve what we must do together: educating our children and creating the opportunities they deserve; protecting human rights, and extending democracy's promise.
Understand that America will never retreat from the world. We will bring justice to those who harm our citizens and our friends. We will stand with our allies and are willing to partner with countries to deepen ties of trade and investment; science and technology; energy and development - efforts that can spark economic growth for all of our people, and stabilise democratic change. But such efforts depend upon a spirit of mutual interest and mutual respect. No government or company; no school or NGO will be confident working in a country where its people are endangered. For partnership to be effective, our citizens must be secure and our efforts must be welcomed.
A politics based only on anger -one based on dividing the world between us and them - not only sets back international cooperation, it ultimately undermines those who tolerate it. All of us have an interest in standing up to these forces. Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism. On the same day our civilians were killed in Benghazi, a Turkish police officer was murdered in Istanbul only days before his wedding; more than ten Yemenis were killed in a car bomb in Sana'a; and several Afghan children were mourned by their parents just days after they were killed by a suicide bomber in Kabul.
The impulse towards intolerance and violence may initially be focused on the West, but over time it cannot be contained. The same impulses toward extremism are used to justify war between Sunnis and Shia, between tribes and clans. It leads not to strength and prosperity but to chaos. In less than two years, we have seen largely peaceful protests bring more change to Muslim-majority countries than a decade of violence. Extremists understand this. And because they have nothing to offer to improve the lives of people, violence is their only way to stay relevant. They do not build, they only destroy.
It is time to leave the call of violence and the politics of division behind. On so many issues, we face a choice between the promise of the future, or the prisons of the past. We cannot afford to get it wrong. We must seize this moment. And America stands ready to work with all who are willing to embrace a better future.
The future must not belong to those who target Coptic Christians in Egypt - it must be claimed by those in Tahrir Square who chanted "Muslims, Christians, we are one." The future must not belong to those who bully women - it must be shaped by girls who go to school, and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons. The future must not belong to those corrupt few who steal a country's resources - it must be won by the students and entrepreneurs; workers and business owners who seek a broader prosperity for all people. Those are the men and women that America stands with; theirs is the vision we will support.
The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: "Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit."  Together, we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. That is what America embodies, and that is the vision we will support.
Among Israelis and Palestinians, the future must not belong to those who turn their backs on the prospect of peace. Let us leave behind those who thrive on conflict, and those who reject the right of Israel to exist. The road is hard but the destination is clear - a secure, Jewish state of Israel; and an independent, prosperous Palestine. Understanding that such a peace must come through a just agreement between the parties, America will walk alongside all who are prepared to make that journey.
In Syria, the future must not belong to a dictator who massacres his people. If there is a cause that cries out for protest in the world today, it is a regime that tortures children and shoots rockets at apartment buildings. And we must remain engaged to assure that what began with citizens demanding their rights does not end in a cycle of sectarian violence.
Together, we must stand with those Syrians who believe in a different vision - a Syria that is united and inclusive; where children don't need to fear their own government, and all Syrians have a say in how they are governed - Sunnis and Alawites; Kurds and Christians. That is what America stands for; that is the outcome that we will work for - with sanctions and consequences for those who persecute; and assistance and support for those who work for this common good. Because we believe that the Syrians who embrace this vision will have the strength and legitimacy to lead.
In Iran, we see where the path of a violent and unaccountable ideology leads. The Iranian people have a remarkable and ancient history, and many Iranians wish to enjoy peace and prosperity alongside their neighbours. But just as it restricts the rights of its own people, the Iranian government props up a dictator in Damascus and supports terrorist groups abroad. Time and again, it has failed to take the opportunity to demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful, and to meet its obligations to the United Nations.
Let me be clear: America wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy, and we believe that there is still time and space to do so. But that time is not unlimited. We respect the right of nations to access peaceful nuclear power, but one of the purposes of the United Nations is to see that we harness that power for peace. Make no mistake: a nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained. It would threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the stability of the global economy. It risks triggering a nuclear-arms race in the region, and the unravelling of the non-proliferation treaty. That is why a coalition of countries is holding the Iranian government accountable. And that is why the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
We know from painful experience that the path to security and prosperity does not lie outside the boundaries of international law and respect for human rights. That is why this institution was established from the rubble of conflict; that is why liberty triumphed over tyranny in the Cold War; and that is the lesson of the last two decades as well. History shows that peace and progress come to those who make the right choices.
Nations in every part of the world have travelled this hard path. Europe - the bloodiest battlefield of the 20thcentury - is united, free and at peace. From Brazil to South Africa; from Turkey to South Korea; from India to Indonesia; people of different races, religions, and traditions have lifted millions out of poverty, while respecting the rights of their citizens and meeting their responsibilities as nations.
And it is because of the progress I've witnessed that after nearly four years as President, I am hopeful about the world we live in. The war in Iraq is over, and our troops have come home. We have begun a transition in Afghanistan, and America and our allies will end our war on schedule in 2014. Al-Qaeda has been weakened and Osama bin Laden is no more. Nations have come together to lock down nuclear materials, and America and Russia are reducing our arsenals. I've seen hard choices made - from Naypyidaw to Cairo to Abidjan - to put more power in the hands of citizens.
At a time of economic challenge, the world has come together to broaden prosperity. Through the G-20, we have partnered with emerging countries to keep the world on the path of recovery. America has pursued a development agenda that fuels growth and breaks dependency, and worked with African leaders to help them feed their nations. New partnerships have been forged to combat corruption and promote government that is open and transparent. New commitments have been made through the Equal Futures Partnership to ensure that women and girls can fully participate in politics and pursue opportunity. And later today, I will discuss our efforts to combat the scourge of human trafficking.
But what gives me the most hope is not the actions of leaders - it is the people I've seen. The American troops who have risked their lives and sacrificed their limbs for strangers half a world away. The students in Jakarta and Seoul who are eager to use their knowledge to benefit humankind. The faces in a square in Prague or a parliament in Ghana who see democracy giving voice to their aspirations. The young people in the favelas of Rio and the schools of Mumbai whose eyes shine with promise. These men, women and children of every race and every faith remind me that for every angry mob that gets shown on television, there are billions around the globe who share similar hopes and dreams. They tell us that there is a common heartbeat to humanity.
So much attention in our world turns to what divides us. That's what we see on the news, and that consumes our political debates. But when you strip that all away, people everywhere long for the freedom to determine their destiny; the dignity that comes with work; the comfort that comes from faith; and the justice that exists when governments serve their people - and not the other way around.
The United States of America will always stand up for these aspirations, for our own people, and all across the world. That was our founding purpose. That is what our history shows. And that is what Chris Stevens worked for throughout his life.
And today I promise you this - long after these killers are brought to justice, Chris Stevens' legacy will live on in the lives he touched. In the tens of thousands who marched against violence through the streets of Benghazi; in the Libyans who changed their Facebook photo to one of Chris; in the sign that read, simply, "Chris Stevens was a friend to all Libyans."
They should give us hope. They should remind us that so long as we work for it justice will be done; that history is on our side; and that a rising tide of liberty will never be reversed. Thank you.

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Large Defection of al Shabaab in Somalia

The al Shabaab Islamist movement has been having a difficult go at it lately. It was recently kicked out of almost all of Mogadishu, allowing in the provisional government. AMISOM fighters have also dislodged the Islamist fighters from other parts of the country and have brought in reinforcements. Now a large chunk of al Shabaab's militias have defected:
An entire faction called Hizbul Islam, has also split from the larger al-Shabaab and is likely to side with the Somali government.
No doubt the terror group is attempting a new offensive in the capital, but seem to be losing momentum quickly. Please bookmark!

Massive Blast Rocks Damascus

An office of the Palestine Branch of Syrian intelligence was bombed Tuesday. The large explosion has been reported by al Arabiya and responsibility was claimed by both the secular and Islamist rebels. According to the rebels, a major general and two colonels were killed as well as dozens of others.
Residents said smoke was billowing from the area in southeastern Damascus and an activist said ambulances were rushing to the scene. “At exactly 9:35 a.m., seven improvised devices were set off in two explosions to target a school used for weekly planning meetings between shabbiha militia and security officers,” said Abu Moaz, a leader of Ansar al-Islam, one of the rebel groups in the 18-month-old revolt against President Bashar al-Assad, according to Reuters.
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Ohio: Mandel Pulls Within One in Senate Race

Josh Mandel doesn't know how to quit.

 The State Treasurer, who turns 35 in two days, is a man to be respected, even at his young age. The Marine Corps veteran spent eight years in the military, including two tours in Iraq. As a City Councilman he pushed tax reformed and knocked on almost 20,000 doors in his campaign for the Ohio House of Representatives. Elected as Treasurer in 2010 by 14 points, he is now taking on Sherrod Brown, one of the most liberal members of the Senate.

Coming from a large deficit, Mandel is only down by one.

Brown: 44%
Mandel: 43%
Other/und: 13%

What is helping Mandel here is the high level of undecided voters. Many of these voters turn against the incumbent, which may happen with such a polarizing figure as Brown.

Here's hoping.

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Video: Adam Carolla on Howard Stern Asking Obama Supporters Simple Questions

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Finding the Right Medicine

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Finding the Best in Personal Injury Attorneys

No one want to be injured. No one wants to be laid up for days or weeks, especially for something that was not even their fault to begin with. Such a situation is a difficult thing to deal with, especially if you are juggling your family and your job in the forefront. You should be prepared for many things, but knowing when and where a bad injury or illness will come about is impossible. Still, when and if such an event happens (and we all hope that time is never, but we must always prepare), you can make sure that you have the right representation to find out what you need to do and what you may be entitled to. Doing some research on the best attorneys in your area and their track records can do a lot to get you in a better mood while knowing more about what you are up against. It just makes sense to look into as much as you can.

So if you are injured, there are many different avenues you can go down. What remains constant, beyond your doctor and immediate needs, is that you want a law firm that gives you experience and confidence right off the bat. Knowing that you have someone knowledgeable behind you can be just the boost you need. Attorneys like Boone And Davis can help you get on track and tell you what you need to do and how they will help you get to where you need to be. Getting your way back from a bad injury, especially one that you did not see coming, is not an easy process. Having someone there that you can trust is a large part of the way back. Talk to your family and find just what you need to figure out where you need to go. When you feel comfortable again, you know that you are winning. Peace of mind can be one of the best ways to going back to where you once were.

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You Have a Headache? Too Bad. Oh, You Need Morning After Pill, No Problem. - NYC City Schools Give out Plan B Without Parental Consent

As unbelievable as this sounds, it is true.  If you a high school student in New York City you will be given nothing to help you with a headache, but you can be given the morning after pill.  Your daughter can also get an injection of birth control that will last for three months.  New York City also does hand out free condoms as well.

Birth control pills can cause hypertension and stroke.  Are these girls being given a full exam before these are administered?  Are they being monitored by an actual doctor?
About 28 percent of city students entering ninth grade have already had sex, and more than half are sexually active before completing high school, according to city data.
My heart just breaks for these girls.  I remember when I was that age I knew only girl who was sexually active and nearly everyone had a name for her.   I was 13 when I started high school.  It is heartbreaking to me that girls that young are already engaging in an activity that they do not have the maturity to understand.  They are looking for love in all the wrong places.

One teacher says:
Teacher Rosa Chavez applauded CATCH, saying she had two pregnant students last year. Getting knocked up, she said, “is not cool and not accepted among peers.”
But Chavez worries that giving girls Plan B emergency contraception might encourage careless sex.
Gee, ya think?  Of course it gives girls the idea that they don't have to be responsible for their actions, someone else will help them take care of it later.
“We can’t give out a Tylenol without a doctor’ s order,” said a school staffer. “Why should we give out hormonal preparations with far more serious possible side effects, such as blood clots and hypertension?”
Here we are America, the public school system has decided that they can give your children hormones without your consent.  While they do offer an opt-out plan:
But sophomore Annette Palacios, 15, outside the school with her mom, said parents should give consent in case their children are “allergic” to the drugs.
“Girls shouldn’t be sexually active at that age,” she added.
Her mom, Pania, complained that she got no opt-out letter — and does not want Annette to secretly get Plan B or birth-control pills from the nurse.
You want your food cooked with salt?  Nope.  You want to eat something that contains trans fats?  Nope.  You want a Big Gulp?  Forgetaboutit.  Birth control and Plan B pills without parental consent?  Perfectly acceptable.

It is a brave new world, America.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Potential Clinton/Cuomo 2016 Clash Stirs Democrats

The must-read article this morning for political junkies is "For Ambitious Governor, a Clinton Stands in the Way," published by the New York Times on Friday morning it explores the dynamics of the early race for the Democratic nomination in 2016 between Governor Cuomo and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to the article, Governor Cuomo's political team are distressed by the potential candidacy of the former first lady, as she would immediately command the support of a majority of Democrats day one; his loyalty to his mentor, former President Clinton, would be heavily strained and with other candidates rolling the dice, finding a niche to run could be impossible.

Which, speaking as a neutral observer in Democratic politics and a resident of New York, would be very disappointing for the well liked and strongly approved Cuomo, who during his first two years in charge of New York has successfully eliminated most of our government debts, governed with great bipartisanship, and avoided embarrassing scandals thus far.

As a Republican, I fear his potential candidacy for President, because I've seen him tame the vocal minority in my state and my political establishment tout his fiscal conservatism in governing thus far. It's amazing how many times I've heard his governing mentioned at Republican gatherings positively, and that's saying a lot by people who dubbed him "Prince Andrew" just two falls ago.

Even though there is much doubt about the result of our upcoming presidential election in 44 days, as both Romney and Obama can realistically come away victoriously at this point, there is no question the dynamic surrounding the 2016 Democratic nomination will be fascinating with concern to a potential Clinton/Cuomo clash in the primaries.

What say you?

R.I.P. America - Our Stupid Electorate

These people didn't know that bin Laden is dead!!!  How can someone not know that?  What rock are these living under?  Some of these people think that McCain and Palin are on the ticket.  

While I fully understand that any sort of testing is unconstitutional, but I have to wonder if the founders ever expected this level of stupidity, apathy, and ignorance.  

I am sure people can find Romney supporters who are just as bad, that really isn't my point.  My point is that these people are choosing the next leader of the free world.  Terrifying.  

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saving Money on Cool Items

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Marcus Evans Group's Experience

For many people, there is nothing more important than experience. No matter what field you are in at whatever point in your life, you want to make sure that you are hiring a person or company that is qualified for the job with an appropriate amount of experience and reputation to back them up.

This is especially the case when dealing with media in the modern economy. This is the case with a company such as Marcus Evans. You can read a review about their good reputation and decide for yourself. For almost thirty years the company has provided clients with high quality assistance in various fields. When dealing with issues like public relations and communications, what better source is there but Marcus Evans? The company has produced successful television programs and has hosted such heavyweights as Presidents Clinton and George H. W. Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Mr. Evans even owns the company that was the official ticketing agency of the 2012 Olympic Games. How much more experience can there be than that?

When you are considering how to best grow your company or need help navigating the modern economy, please keep Marcus Evans in mind for rapid growth.

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Video: Poor Kid...

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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dish on Online Scams-- You Decide

The internet can be a scary place for the uninitiated. Behind every door (or should I say firewall, instead) and email there can lie in wait various different offers and so called deals that can sound too good to be true, but are really looking for your wallet. You always want to make sure when you are on the internet. Always take what you read with a grain of salt, especially if it is not from a trustworthy source or if you are asked for any sort of money. With all of these things in mind, remember to be careful so your family can have their peace of mind when enjoying the various forms of information that the internet can offer. There are so many sites out there, and it is not always easy to see which ones are the best in quality and which ones will give you the best value. With proper research and planning, you can have a better picture of what is out there and how the internet and its resources will affect you.

 So when you are considering all of these options, make sure to read up and make sure that these sites or offers are not scams. You want to make sure that the sites or purveyors are not trying to just rip off the customers and are actually offering what they offer-- especially if it sounds too good to be true. Make sure that you do your research. There are many online companies out there that can offer you a great deal. Do your research about companies like Marcus Evans and all that they claim to offer and weigh it against other reviews and see how they stack up. When you are better informed you have a clearer picture of how the different companies online can help you so that you are better prepared.

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Paging Obama & Hillary - Piss Christ Back On Display

The disgusting and insulting "Piss Christ" will be back on display in New York's Edward Tyler Nahem Gallery.  This is a crucifix dipped in urine that was funded with tax payer dollars.  

Christian's find this to be offensive, to say the very least.  

The Obama administration has made repeated comments about the anti-Muslim movie trailer, and has gone as far as to say that the murder of four in Benghazi was caused by the film.  It took a full 9 days for the administration to admit the murders were actually a terrorist attack on the U.S., in part due to the anniversary of 9/11 and the death of al-Qaeda #2 by drone strike.  

Currently our tax dollars are being used to play commercials in every so U.S. friendly Pakistan denouncing the film and the insult to Islam. 

Not one word about this display.  

Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  They hypocrisy, antipathy, and the outright hostility towards Christians in this country shown by this administration is well-known.  

But, what do I know?  I am just some bitter clinger to my guns and bible.  Even with that, I feel safe to say, that no one will die because of this display.  

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Gibson Leads Schreibman 52-36%

Congressman Chris Gibson, seeking his first re-election to the House in New York's newly redrawn 19th congressional district, has a commanding lead over his largely unknown Democrat opponent, according to the results of the latest Siena Research Institute poll on the race.

Gibson (R) - 52%
Schreibman (D) - 36%
Undecided - 11%

The Congressman leads Mr. Schreibman in all corners of the district, however, his stranglehold over five mostly rural, Republican counties (he leads 63-28% in Columbia, Greene, Montgomery, Rennselaer and Schoharie) has boosted his campaign significantly, and if it continues to election day will allow him plenty of room to breathe easily.

With just seven weeks to election day and Congressman Gibson looking only to expand his lead, I don't believe there should be any doubt in his campaign's mind who will come away victorious in November...

What say you?

Oh, one more note: Congressman Gibson has the support of 83% of Republicans, 50% of Independents, and interestingly enough, also 21% of Democrats... His campaign isn't leading on the backs of the faithful, but winning with the support of everyone, which is what you want to see in a political environment such as ours.
There is a Moron
            in the White House

Since it has been almost four years since the
biggest liar on earth assumed yet another false

since this moron has done his worst to bring
America down to the level of a third world,
poverty stricken, leaderless country;

and since he cannot open his mouth without
spewing forth lie after lie -- perhaps it is time
for some plain speech about his royal lowness.

We have all seen for as long as we can
remember how politicians lie.

Yet no one politician, or five, or ten, if put
together as one, could begin to amass the lies
told by the current moron in the White House.

Even the worst leaders in history told the truth
some of the time.

This classless boob simply cannot take a breath
without lying about it.

How the mooch puts up with it is beyond me,
unless she is as dumb as he is.

Women usually aren't nearly as dumb as their
husbands, but then the food, the wine, the
vacations, the money, the fame, must have
addled her brain.

That this moron has written himself into past
presidential history is a well documented fact.

That he has plastered his demonic visage into
every American scene is apparent to everyone.

Now this patriotically/spiritually challenged
ego-moronic boob has actually put his aliased
initial on the American flag.

Is this the last straw for the dumbest ass in the

NO, probably not.

All that is left for this moral leper now is to put
his name on the Bible.

Give him three weeks and he will be selling the
Obama Family Bible, with his favorite verses
highlighed in pink.

I guess we'll just let God deal with that one.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

R.I.P. America - Pledge Allegiance to Obama & The Obama States of America

Well we can start with the clear violation of the US Flag Code (yes there is such a thing) and then move on to just how creepy this really is.  Do they not see it?

I especially like a movie star talking about equal pay.  That is rich.  Does she think that all actors are being paid equally?  No they are not.  Why? Because some are better at it than others.  The ones who draw people to watch a TV show or show up in a Movie theater are going to get paid more than those who suck.  It is called market value, you twit.

Under no circumstances would I vote for a person who did this.  I don't care who they are.  This is idol worship.  No thanks, I pass.

Excuse me while I go lie down and cry

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R.I.P. America - The PC Police Have Taken Over

Do you remember when you were little and went to your first Daddy/Daughter dance?  I remember mine.  I got all gussied up in a pretty dress, tights, and patent leather shoes.  (Hey, that was the style way back then) and went danced with my daddy.  Most school systems around the country have some form of this.  Over the years they have added things for Mom/Son to do together as well.  It is a great way to bond with a parent.  I would think this is a very special memory for you dads out there as well.

Well, these are a thing of the past, at least in Rhode Island.  Daddy/Daughter dances are no longer allowed.  They are deemed illegal.  Not for what you think either, they pass the title IX test, because they have activities for the boys as well (and let's be honest, the title IX freaks care none for equality of little boys anyway) no, it is because one single mother complained that her daughter was left out because 'she doesn't have a dad'.

Well, the sperm came from somewhere, so she has a dad.  But apparently this single mom is going it alone and the dad is nowhere to be found.  I find that sad for the little girl, I honestly do.  It should come as no surprise that I believe in the traditional family.  But I am sure many of the little girls that go to Daddy/Daughter dances around the country are products of divorce or have parents that were never married.  So I think that this is even more important for those families.  Again, it gives them time to create some special bonds and create memories.

I feel for the girls that don't have a dad to take them to the dance.  Some people die young and that is the reason that there is no dad around. But it would seem to me that in most of these instances there is another man in mom's life that can fill in for the daddy/daughter dance; a brother, your own father, or a close friend.  Apparently this woman has no man in her life that can take her daughter to the dance, so now no one can go.

That's right, every little girl in Rhode Island has been robbed of this coming of age experience because of this one woman.

We have now reached the point that one person gets to decide for an entire state what type of dances elementary schools will put on.

Excuse me while I go lie down and cry.

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French Mohammed Cartoon

From the cover of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.
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Video: Dennis Miller on O'Reilly

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

R.I.P. America - Your Rights Are Gone

I am feeling down today; really down today.  One of the reasons is this story:
Chick-fil-A has pledged to stop giving money to anti-gay groups and to back off political and social debates after an executive’s comments this summer landed the fast-food chain smack in the middle of the gay marriage debate.
The Civil Rights Agenda, which dubs itself the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group in Illinois, said Chick-fil-A agreed in meetings to stop donating to groups such as Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage. Such groups oppose same-sex marriage.
This was done after an Alderman in Chicago was trying to block additional permits for the franchise owner to finish construction on the restaurant he was trying to open.  A restaurant, by the way, that had already had all the permits it needed to do business.  But this Alderman decided that he would shake the company down because he didn't the like the views of the corporate owner of Chick Fil A.  

Zero proof existed that Chick Fil A discriminated in its hiring practices nor did they refuse to serve someone based on their sexual orientation.  What they did do is give money to organizations that promoted traditional marriage.  Something that in our Constitutional Republic should be allowed.  If you don't like their beliefs, don't eat there.  That is your right as an American as well.  Instead an elected official has decided that he has the right to interfere with a person's personal belief and shake them down in order to get his way.  To squelch free speech and free assembly.  He has pissed all over the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.  

It is of no consequence if you agree with Chick Fil A or not.  You can be for gay marriage and realize how wrong this is. They have taken away their rights, what is stopping them from coming for yours?  America, the land of free, as long as Alderman Moreno says so.  

We are no longer free.  

Excuse me while I go to lie down and cry.  

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Rise to Fame: Morgan Chu!

As a recipient of the Award for Excellence as The Outstanding Intellectual Property Lawyer for 2006 in the United States, author Morgan Chu has forged a path to fame that has been one of personal achievement and dedication to his craft. He has achieved many recent awards and has the distinction of being one of the first Asian Americans to have the opportunity of leading a highly respected and well-known U.S. law firm. 
He shares the distinction of being a recipient of the Award for Excellence from the first Chambers with many other well-known and respected International attorneys such as Wolf Theiss, Kromann Reumert, Clifford Chance, Gide Loyrette Nouel and AndrĂ© Andersson to name a few. 
Born in 1950, Morgan Chu was the third child of a father who was an MIT graduate in Chemical Engineering and a mother who majored in Economics also at MIT. The pressure to excel in education and at life placed a great strain on him and he ended up dropping out of high school. However, by the age of 25, he had rediscovered himself and had earned five university degrees.
Morgan Chu attended UCLA where he received his B.A.,M.A. and Ph.D, going on to Yale to receive an M.S.L in 1974 and to the Harvard Law School, receiving his J.D. in 1976. From Harvard he became a law clerk with the U.S. Court of Appeals for Judge Charles M. Merrill of the Ninth Circuit Court from 1976-77 and in 1977 he began working for a firm in Los Angeles that has been his home since that time. The law firm of Irell & Manellahas been at the forefront of a number of attorney specialties including Intellectual Property matters.
In 1982, Chu became a partner in the firm of Irell & Manella and went on to win a number of court judgements for the company. By 2005, he had been awarded the prestigious honor of having won one of the "Top Ten Defense Verdicts". The case was Ultratech Stepper Inc. v. ASML and a unanimous verdict was found by the jury against the plaintiff.
Morgan Chu continued his rise through the company, piling up a number of awards including an Honorary Doctorate with the City of Hope Institution as well as the UCLA Medal in 2007, the Distinguished Avocate in 2006, one of the Top Ten Trial Lawyers awards, the PACE-setter Award in 2004 and a host of other awards and recognition. As an intellectual property attorney, Morgan Chu has set the example for attorney's of all nationalities to achieve.
He is currently serving on the Harvard Board of Overseers as well as the Board of Directors of Public Council and as an Adjunct Professor of Law at UCLA School of Law. Morgan Chu continues to be a leader with the law firm of Irell & Manella and has set an example that all attorneys should follow in their practice.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh My: 1998 Obama Video "I Actually Believe in Redistribution"


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The Worst Video You'll See Today: 8 Year Old Australian Girl Calls for Jihad

A sign of the times:

A girl named Ruqaya is urging fellow Australian Muslims to jihad. This comes as the Aussie government says that non-citizens that were involved in rioting could be deported.

"My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, as the world gathers against the believers in Syria ... seeking to hijack our sincere and blessed uprisings, children in Sydney would like to send their message of hope and support to the Muslims of (Syria), especially to the children and mothers," Ruqaya said in her speech.

"These uprisings have demonstrated that this umma (global Muslim community) is alive and well, her love is for jihad, she is unshackled herself from the fear which she held, and she yearns to once again live under the banner of (the Islamic state).

"Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine to their wounded family members, some of them never returning to their mothers ... Nobody is too young," she said.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Video of Romney Press Conference

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LSU Evacuated After Bomb Threat, September 17, 2012

From LSU's Twitter page:
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About that NBC Poll

A new poll was released last week that was done by NBC/Marist for Virginia.  The poll has Obama leading Romney by 5.  Now Virginia is going to be a very important part of a Romney win.  He can still win without it, but his life will be much easier if he does indeed pull it out.  But as usual, the poll is very misleading.  The internals of the poll is always you need to look to see if you are being given proper information.

Virginia has a black population of 19% of the total.  This poll has 18% blacks out of 996 of likely voters.  They are being over-sampled.  One would have to assume that every black person in the state is going to vote.  In the last presidential election under 62% of eligible voters made it to the polls.  I can't find that broken down demographically.  But one must assume that not every black person in the state voted, as you know, some are not 18.  This is also true with the Hispanic population in the state, which by 2010 census numbers are 7.9% of the total population and are 7% of this poll.  They also over-sampled women.

We then can look at the breakdown of locations across the state.  If you look at the most traditionally heavy democratic areas, they are where the majority of the where the sampling was done.

Gee one would think they wanted to Obama come out on top in this poll.  Every poll I have looked at has been skewed towards democrats.  I have not looked at the internals of the Rasmussen Polls because they give out that info to their paid subscribers.  But from what I have seen not one of the major polls has been done in a way that can be trusted.

We don't register by party in this state, but the one thing that I know for sure is that the registration numbers are up in more traditional GOP areas of the state.  I don't think anyone but the parties have a true picture of where the electorate is heading.  So all we can do is watch they are doing and how they are spending their resources and their time.

What is really sad is that the votes are driven by polling.  People think to themselves well so and so is going to win, so I don't need to vote or they just go along with who they believe is going to win.  The media outlets who commission these polls are driving a false narrative and since most people won't look at the internals of the polls, they don't even realize that they are being manipulated.  A very sad commentary.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Oh... NO

Christine O'Donnell 2014?

That's right-- she's thinking about blowing another race!

“I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a run,” O’Donnell said in an interview last week. “People sacrificed. Not only came out of their comfort zone – sacrificed to work hard in order to win the primary. And I think that I owe it to them to give it every consideration.”


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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Picture of the Day

A sad reminder of the times.

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Taliban Attacks British Base Prince Harry Stationed at

The Taliban launched a minor offensive earlier today on Camp Bastion, the British military base Prince Harry is currently stationed at, with twenty militants armed with weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and suicide vests breaching the important installation's perimeter, which is adjacent to Camp Leatherneck.

The offensive resulted in the deaths of two U.S. Marines, several NATO members wounded and a couple of  buildings and aircraft destroyed, but the militants never came within a dangerous distance of Prince Harry. All  of the militants were killed in the attack, save one who was wounded and captured, and the Taliban released an incoherent statement linking the controversial film made in America about their prophet and Prince Harry's presence in the country as their motivation for the attack. 

Regardless of the Taliban's reasoning, which is and has been indefinitely incoherent to anyone with a capacity for thought, I'm glad the small offensive was ultimately unsuccessful and that we avenged our two Marines by wiping out their entire force in short order. 

What say you?

Friday, September 14, 2012

How "Pro-Choice" Are Democrats? - Video

Well, if you go by this, not very.  

I really enjoyed the lady from New York.  She believes in choices as long as they are "good results" - the government has a role in making those choices.  Another words, you are too dumb to make them for yourselves.   But hey, killing your baby obviously is a good result!!!

Same type of thing with school choice - We hear from a lady from Louisiana who says she had very difficult time navigating her children.  Apparently she is really smart.  So if it was hard for her, just imagine how hard it for those of us that are lets just say, dumb.  

Unions?  Well that got one lady a little stuck.  She wanted to be for choice, that is until she really thought about it.  Oops. 

Contradictions?  Well they acknowledge it, but oh well.  We all have them.  (Which most of us do, I will admit)  
But, they seem to like intervention.  Except of course unless someone is trying to intervene for the safety and life of a baby. 

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The Middle East on Fire - Some Observations

The deadly protests are spreading, and not just in the Muslim world.  They have now reached the shores of The United Kingdom.  Protesters have died in at least 3 countries, but it is still early yet.
We have seen verbal attacks on free speech, that should terrify every American.  Especially when they come for the press that is trying to carry water for the President.  Instead of focusing on the real issues, the press is attacking Governor Romney.  One can make the argument that the embassy in Cairo was trying to create calm by sending the message it did.  Fair enough.  But in President Obama's speech on the matter the next day, it seems the press missed this sentence:
While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others,
The United States does no such thing; Urine JesusThe Da Vinci CodeThe Last Temptation of Christ, and let us not forget the lovely billboards that the rabid atheists display every year at Christmas.  Governor Romney's statement was not only accurate, it needed to be said.  The first, guttural, reaction of the Obama administration was to cower to the demands of lunatics that use any excuse to kill people, and then lecture us on what we should and should not say.

The really sad part is, that many of the people at these protests are useful idiots who can't see for themselves that they are being used by extremists. They gin up these people about how America hates them and is trying to destroy Islam. The vast majority of Americans could have cared less about Islam before 9/11. Many didn't even know who UBL even was, even though he already was involved in the deaths of Americans. The hatred they feel is something that the terrorists have brought upon them and they are too blind to see it.  But I am supposed to curtail my rights to free speech to make them feel better about themselves.  No such luck buddy, not happening.
Free speech does not mean that people can say what they want as long as it doesn't offend anyone else.  It means that people will be offended, because at some point an opinion that you don't agree with will be voiced.

The statements that have come from the leaders in The Middle East contain the same type of asterisk.  The Prime Minister of Egypt:
"We ask the American government to take a firm position toward this film's producers within the framework of international charters that criminalise acts that stir strife on the basis of race, colour or religion."
You can read my response to him here.

The reports are saying that there was advanced warning of these attacks (which only goes to show this has nothing to do with some stupid movie trailer) yet the embassy in Cairo had marines without bullets and Benghazi had virtually no security whatsoever.  Whomever is in charge of the security for the oversees bases at State should be fired for cause.  Immediately.  This was posted online before the attacks even took place, it is hard to deny that there was not some form of advanced warnings of the attacks.

We keep hearing from the media and those on the left that we should be understanding of the feelings of Muslims.  One must then ask the question why then is the killing of bin Laden a cornerstone of the President's re-election campaign?  Doesn't this "hurt" their feelings too?  Details, details....

Before any of the violence broke out we heard reports that President Obama doesn't meet with his security people to get his security briefing more than half the time since he became president.  I am not going to use that to base a false assumption that he isn't reading the briefings.  The chances are he is.  President Bush wasn't given this briefing face to face daily either.  But, where I will object is to the fact that the week leading up to the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the President couldn't make time to meet face to face with these people at least once?  That I find almost unforgivable.  al Qaeda is very well-known for using symbolism in their attacks.  The probability for at least an attempt of an attack on that date was high.  He should be meeting with the security council face to face during that week.  The idea that you can gauge things the same way when you are talking to someone face to face as you do with the highly impersonal written report is simply stupid.  This should have been a priority.

Today the bodies of those who died were flown back to the U.S.  Both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were on hand to "greet" (a term that I hate) the bodies.  Both of which gave a speech that was directed at both the families in mourning as well as the entire country.  I am glad that he made time in his schedule for this duty.

To be fair, President Obama is in tough spot.  The campaign is 53 days (and counting) away.  He is behind Romney in the money race.  While the "polls" are showing Obama ahead in many of the swing states, anyone that knows how to read the internals of a poll, knows that isn't really accurate.  The media driven polls are slanted (a post to come to show you what I mean) to show that Obama is ahead.  The problem is no polling agency has better polling then a major campaign.  The fact that OFA is now spending resources in Wisconsin is very telling indeed.  I do believe that they are fully aware that they are in trouble.  Their polling may not show him losing the campaign, but it shows that he is going to have to work far harder for it then he did in 08.  But none of this is going to make the optics any less shocking.  The first tweet from the OFA campaign today was this:
The election is in 53 days Pitch in $10 now
This was sent hours AFTER the news broke that the German embassy in The Sudan had been breached, an Islamic flag raised, and set on fire.  This comes on the heals of him spending the evening in Las Vegas, an announcement of a very expensive per plate fundraiser in Hollywood, and Jay-Z and Beyonce.  The thing is this, had he cancelled his appearance at least the Vegas fundraiser he would be in far better shape.  They could have sent Joe or some other Obama lackey to fill in.   The media and the left would have eaten up as proof of how hard he was working to for the American (gag) people.  Instead he goes, while there he tells a bunch of campaign volunteers that they are just like the embassy workers.  Really?  Did one of them just get murdered too?  The optics are horrible, and like it or not optics matter.

I can't imagine all the above is helping in his effort to get re-elected.  But, we will have to wait and see.  53 days to go.

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