Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liberal Racism Explodes Against Condi Rice: "House Negro" and Sex Object

Unfortunately, as Mia Love and Ann Romney have found out, the Left is not kind to strong Republican women. Instead, the vitriol and ignorance that many on the Left have shown make it clear who is propagating a 'war on women.'

Take Condoleezza Rice, the daughter of sharecroppers born into segregation. Impeccably educated and motivated, Ms. Rice became the National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. This would be nearly impossible just two generations ago.

But to liberals, she's still nothing but a 'house negro' and not even black:

Or a white man who is certainly not racist at all using the N-word:

Or a sex object:

Or a circus act:

Or a racist:

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  1. Revolting comments. The only consolation is that most of them probably came from drug users.

  2. If you were a slave of the Democrats, you would be jealous seeing someone that has escaped to freedom.

  3. It's like arguing with 8yr olds. The truth, rationality only make them angrier. Comply!! Give me the candy!!!!