Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Arrogant and the Super Arrogant
Why Obama will never be a Dictator

Let me tell you about the arrogantly powerful.  They are different
from you and me.  They were given everything in life, they have
earned nothing - - and it does something to them;  makes them
soft where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, and unless
you are one of the arrogantly powerful, they are difficult to
understand.  They think, deep in their hearts that they are better
than we are, because we struggle for a living and they do not.
Even when they are voted out of power, they still think they are
better than we are.  They are different.
                                              apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald

There are many groups in America who fear that if  barry
hussein gets a second term, that he will turn into a dictator,
and do to America what dictators have done to their countries
for thousands of years.

Not to worry, it will never happen. 

No matter how arrogant little barry has been all his life, it is
nothing compared to the arrogance of power which the office
of president has bestowed upon him.  That he would like to rule
America, and the world is evidently painful to watch.  That he
would like to declare himself king is pathetically clear, but for
that, he has chosen the wrong country.

The only despotic position left for his aspirations of self glorification
is that of a dictator.  That strata of demonic behavior is so far beyond
his reach, he should just fuggetaboutit.  Why?  Because there are
certain criteria necessary to attain the office of dictator.

Barry Hussein has none of the characteristics every historical dictator
has exhibited, which is why he will never be more than he is today --
a delusional, ego-maniac boy child.  Even if he steals this election like
he stole the last one, he will never be more than a pedantic, shallow
political imposter.

Reason One:  he has no military experience.  That he is masquerding
as commander-in-chief, and claims to have directed military ops,
(haha hoho hehe)  Barry has not one second of military experience.
This citizen/imposter is not American enough to be a draft dodger.
Dodging the draft means you have to have some beliefs,  unless
 you were just a coward and decided to go to college to be a
priest, preacher or doctor.  Like there is something more important
about those careers than defending your country.  But, those who
cowardly deferred,  to this day still hold their manhood cheap, and
still believe themselves accursed because when their country called
them, they tucked tail and ran.

And, little Barry has no junta.  He has no following of military leaders,
truth be told, the military cannot stand him.  No one, not even barry
hussein can be a dictator all by his little self.  Who has he got?  Some
shallow, insignificant, effeminate groupies he calls zzars?  A few
goons?  Those dummies would turn on him in a second, steal his
watch and wallet and leave him in a sad little pile.

Reason Two:  The Japanese Internment Camps.  Americans still
remember what it was like for an entirely innocent segment of the
American population to be rounded up, imprisoned and have their
property and businesses (yes, they did build their businesses, barry)
stolen by an oppressive federal government.  Those scenes are
still familiar, and will not be able to be repeated by some skinny,
ESPN brained community scamanizer.

Reason Three:  The Holocaust.   We have seen the evil, ungodly
murders of millions of Jewish people by a demon gone mad, and we
cannot and will not succumb to such a devilish policy, not in this
lifetime, not without a fight which no aspiring dictator can ever
win.  Homeland "Security" can buy another billion or two rounds
of ammo if they want; if it comes to that, they will need it.

Reason Four:  The War of Northern Aggression.  The great people
of the Southern States have never forgotten the atrocities against a
gentle and civil people, brought about by a too strong central
government.  The war of northern agression is as fresh as peach pie
and magnolia blossoms in their minds, and at the first intimation
of another like blitzkreig from the north, the patriots of an entire
country, North, South, East and West will take up arms and defend
a free country.

Reason Five:  The Media.  Does the liar-in-chief actually think he
can shut down the media?  Using the media for his own lies and his
own purposes is one thing.  Shutting them down to quiet them is a
horse of a different color.  Getting his selfish way on TV is not the
same as telling the networks and cable news "I am barry hussein
and I am shutting you down."   Hahahahaha  -- see how that one
goes over, barry.

Reason Six:  The Internet.   The bloggers, tweeters, the people
behind the real stories about the lies on network news, do you
actually think we will stop communicating?  If we have to use
smoke signals, we will not go away.

Reason Seven:  Guns, Guns, Guns.  To Americans, the Second
Amendment is not just some faded ink on some old paper.  It is
law, it stands as law, and millions of Americans will give their
lives, fortunes and sacred honor to prove to any usurper/dictator
wanna be, that it is not just ink.  The Second Amendment may
as well have been signed in blood.  There was a gun behind
every blade of grass in 1941, now there are probably a dozen
guns behind every blade of grass.  No one has a lawn mower
big enough to mow that yard.  Anyone dumb enough to try is
in for an unpleasant surprise.   Molon labe!!  Boom.

Reason Eight:  1620, Pilgrims, the New World.  This country
called America has been free since 1620.  Grab your calculator
and figure it out;  three hundred and ninety two years of freedom.
Freedom at home, freedom at work, freedom at play, freedom
at church, freedom everywhere.  Americans don't just like
freedom;  Americans don't just believe in freedom  -- we
live and breathe freedom.  The only idiot stupid enough to try
to take that freedom away must have been born in some
impoverished country where the streets are sewers, poverty
is the norm, work is forbidden and the people would just lay
down and die if some idiotic despot told them to.  Good luck
with that one, barry, it won't work in a real country.

Reason Nine:  God.  It might come as a shock to an arrogant
world leader, but there is a God in Heaven who looks down
on earth and says, "Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also
reap."  No matter how many aliases barry conjures up, no
matter how many social security numbers he has, no matter
how many records he has sealed, God is not fooled.  Everyone
will be weighed in the balances, even wannabe dictators. 
Barry, you think murdering babies here and around the world
is going to go un-noticed by the very God who created babies?
All of the arrogantly powerful must stand before God, even
barry hussein.

It is our fondest hope out here in real America that barry will
lose in November and lose big.   He can then go back to
Chicago and rabble-rouse and community organize and live
on past memories of what he thought was a real boring job,
except for the gourmet food, the vacations, the golf and the

Should he steal the election again, Chicago style,  he will
continue to be the absolute worst excuse for a president
this country will ever see.  One thing he will never be is --
a dictator.

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