Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sarah Palin calls for Third Party race for Missouri Senate

But a Libertarian is already on the ballot

by Eric Dondero

Sarah Palin ought to know better. After all, she was backed by the Libertarian Party of Alaska in her bid for Governor in 2006. She sought their endorsement, and even publicly thanked the Party for their support in front of hundreds at the victory celebration on election night.

Her husband Todd is a longstanding member of the Alaska Independence Party.

This morning all over the right blogs, headlines, "Palin wants Sarah Steelman to run as 3rd party candidate against Akin."

A couple problems: Missouri law won't allow Steelman to run as a "sore loser." Also, it's too late to file for another third party to be on the ballot.

But the Libertarian Party already has a ballot line. Young Rand Paulish Jonathan Dine is the Libertarian candidate for Senate.

This is not a McCaskill versus Akin race. This is a McCaskill versus Akin versus Dine race. Dine was even polling 5% last week in PPP.

The Libertarian Party can act as sort of a fall-back when Republicans screw up. And this by all definitions is a major screw-up.

Why not get a pledge from Dine to "caucus" with the GOP if elected. Certainly he'd be comfortable in the same caucus as Senator Rand Paul.

The Republican Party needs to get smart. Time to back Libertarian Jonathan Dine for US Senate - Missouri.


  1. Libertarians are all over place: some are really cool, some are total psychos... And some are multiple felons and probably shouldn't be seriously considered for the US Senate.

    1. Senators are all over, most are not cool, most are total psychos, and most are multiple felons and probably need to be removed from office.