Oh My: 1998 Obama Video "I Actually Believe in Redistribution"


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The Worst Video You'll See Today: 8 Year Old Australian Girl Calls for Jihad

A sign of the times:

A girl named Ruqaya is urging fellow Australian Muslims to jihad. This comes as the Aussie government says that non-citizens that were involved in rioting could be deported.

"My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, as the world gathers against the believers in Syria ... seeking to hijack our sincere and blessed uprisings, children in Sydney would like to send their message of hope and support to the Muslims of (Syria), especially to the children and mothers," Ruqaya said in her speech.

"These uprisings have demonstrated that this umma (global Muslim community) is alive and well, her love is for jihad, she is unshackled herself from the fear which she held, and she yearns to once again live under the banner of (the Islamic state).

"Children as young as myself can be seen on the streets joining the uprisings, risking their lives to bring food, water and medicine to their wounded family members, some of them never returning to their mothers ... Nobody is too young," she said.

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Video of Romney Press Conference

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LSU Evacuated After Bomb Threat, September 17, 2012

From LSU's Twitter page:
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About that NBC Poll

A new poll was released last week that was done by NBC/Marist for Virginia.  The poll has Obama leading Romney by 5.  Now Virginia is going to be a very important part of a Romney win.  He can still win without it, but his life will be much easier if he does indeed pull it out.  But as usual, the poll is very misleading.  The internals of the poll is always you need to look to see if you are being given proper information.

Virginia has a black population of 19% of the total.  This poll has 18% blacks out of 996 of likely voters.  They are being over-sampled.  One would have to assume that every black person in the state is going to vote.  In the last presidential election under 62% of eligible voters made it to the polls.  I can't find that broken down demographically.  But one must assume that not every black person in the state voted, as you know, some are not 18.  This is also true with the Hispanic population in the state, which by 2010 census numbers are 7.9% of the total population and are 7% of this poll.  They also over-sampled women.

We then can look at the breakdown of locations across the state.  If you look at the most traditionally heavy democratic areas, they are where the majority of the where the sampling was done.

Gee one would think they wanted to Obama come out on top in this poll.  Every poll I have looked at has been skewed towards democrats.  I have not looked at the internals of the Rasmussen Polls because they give out that info to their paid subscribers.  But from what I have seen not one of the major polls has been done in a way that can be trusted.

We don't register by party in this state, but the one thing that I know for sure is that the registration numbers are up in more traditional GOP areas of the state.  I don't think anyone but the parties have a true picture of where the electorate is heading.  So all we can do is watch they are doing and how they are spending their resources and their time.

What is really sad is that the votes are driven by polling.  People think to themselves well so and so is going to win, so I don't need to vote or they just go along with who they believe is going to win.  The media outlets who commission these polls are driving a false narrative and since most people won't look at the internals of the polls, they don't even realize that they are being manipulated.  A very sad commentary.

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Oh... NO

Christine O'Donnell 2014?

That's right-- she's thinking about blowing another race!

“I think I owe that to my supporters, to at least consider a run,” O’Donnell said in an interview last week. “People sacrificed. Not only came out of their comfort zone – sacrificed to work hard in order to win the primary. And I think that I owe it to them to give it every consideration.”


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Picture of the Day

A sad reminder of the times.

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Taliban Attacks British Base Prince Harry Stationed at

The Taliban launched a minor offensive earlier today on Camp Bastion, the British military base Prince Harry is currently stationed at, with twenty militants armed with weapons, rocket-propelled grenades and suicide vests breaching the important installation's perimeter, which is adjacent to Camp Leatherneck.

The offensive resulted in the deaths of two U.S. Marines, several NATO members wounded and a couple of  buildings and aircraft destroyed, but the militants never came within a dangerous distance of Prince Harry. All  of the militants were killed in the attack, save one who was wounded and captured, and the Taliban released an incoherent statement linking the controversial film made in America about their prophet and Prince Harry's presence in the country as their motivation for the attack. 

Regardless of the Taliban's reasoning, which is and has been indefinitely incoherent to anyone with a capacity for thought, I'm glad the small offensive was ultimately unsuccessful and that we avenged our two Marines by wiping out their entire force in short order. 

What say you?

How "Pro-Choice" Are Democrats? - Video

Well, if you go by this, not very.  

I really enjoyed the lady from New York.  She believes in choices as long as they are "good results" - the government has a role in making those choices.  Another words, you are too dumb to make them for yourselves.   But hey, killing your baby obviously is a good result!!!

Same type of thing with school choice - We hear from a lady from Louisiana who says she had very difficult time navigating her children.  Apparently she is really smart.  So if it was hard for her, just imagine how hard it for those of us that are lets just say, dumb.  

Unions?  Well that got one lady a little stuck.  She wanted to be for choice, that is until she really thought about it.  Oops. 

Contradictions?  Well they acknowledge it, but oh well.  We all have them.  (Which most of us do, I will admit)  
But, they seem to like intervention.  Except of course unless someone is trying to intervene for the safety and life of a baby. 

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The Middle East on Fire - Some Observations

The deadly protests are spreading, and not just in the Muslim world.  They have now reached the shores of The United Kingdom.  Protesters have died in at least 3 countries, but it is still early yet.
We have seen verbal attacks on free speech, that should terrify every American.  Especially when they come for the press that is trying to carry water for the President.  Instead of focusing on the real issues, the press is attacking Governor Romney.  One can make the argument that the embassy in Cairo was trying to create calm by sending the message it did.  Fair enough.  But in President Obama's speech on the matter the next day, it seems the press missed this sentence:
While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others,
The United States does no such thing; Urine JesusThe Da Vinci CodeThe Last Temptation of Christ, and let us not forget the lovely billboards that the rabid atheists display every year at Christmas.  Governor Romney's statement was not only accurate, it needed to be said.  The first, guttural, reaction of the Obama administration was to cower to the demands of lunatics that use any excuse to kill people, and then lecture us on what we should and should not say.

The really sad part is, that many of the people at these protests are useful idiots who can't see for themselves that they are being used by extremists. They gin up these people about how America hates them and is trying to destroy Islam. The vast majority of Americans could have cared less about Islam before 9/11. Many didn't even know who UBL even was, even though he already was involved in the deaths of Americans. The hatred they feel is something that the terrorists have brought upon them and they are too blind to see it.  But I am supposed to curtail my rights to free speech to make them feel better about themselves.  No such luck buddy, not happening.
Free speech does not mean that people can say what they want as long as it doesn't offend anyone else.  It means that people will be offended, because at some point an opinion that you don't agree with will be voiced.

The statements that have come from the leaders in The Middle East contain the same type of asterisk.  The Prime Minister of Egypt:
"We ask the American government to take a firm position toward this film's producers within the framework of international charters that criminalise acts that stir strife on the basis of race, colour or religion."
You can read my response to him here.

The reports are saying that there was advanced warning of these attacks (which only goes to show this has nothing to do with some stupid movie trailer) yet the embassy in Cairo had marines without bullets and Benghazi had virtually no security whatsoever.  Whomever is in charge of the security for the oversees bases at State should be fired for cause.  Immediately.  This was posted online before the attacks even took place, it is hard to deny that there was not some form of advanced warnings of the attacks.

We keep hearing from the media and those on the left that we should be understanding of the feelings of Muslims.  One must then ask the question why then is the killing of bin Laden a cornerstone of the President's re-election campaign?  Doesn't this "hurt" their feelings too?  Details, details....

Before any of the violence broke out we heard reports that President Obama doesn't meet with his security people to get his security briefing more than half the time since he became president.  I am not going to use that to base a false assumption that he isn't reading the briefings.  The chances are he is.  President Bush wasn't given this briefing face to face daily either.  But, where I will object is to the fact that the week leading up to the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the President couldn't make time to meet face to face with these people at least once?  That I find almost unforgivable.  al Qaeda is very well-known for using symbolism in their attacks.  The probability for at least an attempt of an attack on that date was high.  He should be meeting with the security council face to face during that week.  The idea that you can gauge things the same way when you are talking to someone face to face as you do with the highly impersonal written report is simply stupid.  This should have been a priority.

Today the bodies of those who died were flown back to the U.S.  Both President Obama and Secretary Clinton were on hand to "greet" (a term that I hate) the bodies.  Both of which gave a speech that was directed at both the families in mourning as well as the entire country.  I am glad that he made time in his schedule for this duty.

To be fair, President Obama is in tough spot.  The campaign is 53 days (and counting) away.  He is behind Romney in the money race.  While the "polls" are showing Obama ahead in many of the swing states, anyone that knows how to read the internals of a poll, knows that isn't really accurate.  The media driven polls are slanted (a post to come to show you what I mean) to show that Obama is ahead.  The problem is no polling agency has better polling then a major campaign.  The fact that OFA is now spending resources in Wisconsin is very telling indeed.  I do believe that they are fully aware that they are in trouble.  Their polling may not show him losing the campaign, but it shows that he is going to have to work far harder for it then he did in 08.  But none of this is going to make the optics any less shocking.  The first tweet from the OFA campaign today was this:
The election is in 53 days Pitch in $10 now
This was sent hours AFTER the news broke that the German embassy in The Sudan had been breached, an Islamic flag raised, and set on fire.  This comes on the heals of him spending the evening in Las Vegas, an announcement of a very expensive per plate fundraiser in Hollywood, and Jay-Z and Beyonce.  The thing is this, had he cancelled his appearance at least the Vegas fundraiser he would be in far better shape.  They could have sent Joe or some other Obama lackey to fill in.   The media and the left would have eaten up as proof of how hard he was working to for the American (gag) people.  Instead he goes, while there he tells a bunch of campaign volunteers that they are just like the embassy workers.  Really?  Did one of them just get murdered too?  The optics are horrible, and like it or not optics matter.

I can't imagine all the above is helping in his effort to get re-elected.  But, we will have to wait and see.  53 days to go.

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Breaking: US Credit Rating Downgraded to AA- by Egan-Jones

Breaking news at this moment: the United States' credit rating has been downgraded from a AA rating to a AA- rating. Egan-Jones is the rating agency that has made this decision.

The lowering of the United States to AA- marks the second time in the Obama Administration that the US has had its credit rating lowered. Mr. Obama is the only President in history to have the United States' credit rating lowered. Now it has happened again.
CNBC Confirms
This comes one day after Ben Bernanke announced QE3, or "Quantitative Easing," aimed at lowering unemployment by buying bonds. The trade-off is higher inflation and possibly greater debt.

And this quote from Zero Hedge:
The FED's QE3 will stoke the stock market and commodity prices, but in our opinion will hurt the US economy and, by extension, credit quality. Issuing additional currency and depressing interest rates via the purchasing of MBS does little to raise the real GDP of the US, but does reduce the value of the dollar (because of the increase in money supply), and in turn increase the cost of commodities (see the recent rise in the prices of energy, gold, and other commodities). The increased cost of commodities will pressure profitability of businesses, and increase the costs of consumers thereby reducing consumer purchasing power. Hence, in our opinion QE3 will be detrimental to credit quality for the US.

Some market observers contend that a country issuing debt in its own currency can never default since it can simply print additional currency. However, per Reinhart & Rogoff's " This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly " , p.111, 70 out of 320 defaults since 1800 have been on domestic (i.e., local currency) public debt. Note, US funding costs are likely to slowly rise as the global economy recovers or the FED scales back its Treas. purchases (75% recently).

From 2006 to present, the US's debt to GDP rose from 66% to 104% and will probably rise to 110% a year from today under current circumstances; the annual budget deficit is 8%. In comparison, Spain has a debt to GDP of 68.5% and an annual budget deficit of 8.5%. We are therefore downgrading the US country rating from "AA" to "AA-".

Ratings History:
Egan-Jones rating history for United States (Govt of).
9.14.12 AA to AA (-)
4.15.12 AA+ to AA (Negative outlook)
7.16.11 AAA to AA+
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Video of Egypt Protests at Tahrir Square

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Video of Attack on US Embassy in Yemen

Video streaming by Ustream

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Live Video of Washington Speeches of Remains of Americans Killed in Libya

Streaming Live by Ustream

Tweeting While Rome Burns


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Picture of US Embassy in Tunisia Attack


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Bar-reck Hussein Obama -
               hmm, hmm, hmm!

It is time we all stop dis-respecting our
esteemed President, and long past time since
we should respect him with more honors.  It
has been several years now since he wrote those
two thrilling auto-biographies about his great
self, and really too long since he won the Nobel
Peace Prize for single-handedly saving the world.

It is time he finally gets some more well-deserved awards; we owe this
great specimen of humanity our adoration and veneration anyway,
just for gracing us with his humble presence.

Award Number One:  The Medal of Honor;  for his devotion to duty,
for bravery to his fellow men;  for excellence in patriotism far above
his presidential predecessors;  for securing life, liberty and happiness
for our entire country;  had he been at San Juan Hill, he would have
stormed the mountain fortress all by his lonesome, throwing caution
and safety to the wind, he would have out-done Teddy R.  Battle of
the Bulge, he would have won that all by hisself.   BHO-- rah, rah, rah.
Hold the ceremony in the Oval Office, where surrounded by mirrors,
the imposter can hang the Medal around his own scrawny neck, that
is, if he can get Reggie off his neck.

Award Number Two:  An Oscar;  for best performance in politics;
best acting ability for someone so totally ignorant of real world events,
at home and abroad;  and best stuffed shirt/empty suit/ignorant chair
performance by an illegal immigrant with no green card.

Award Number Three:  An ESPY;  please, please, give the boy/child
an ESPY for best performance in golf, basketball and an extra one
for being able to watch ESPN around the clock while the middle
East goes up in flames, while the American economy goes down in
flames, and for being second only to Merv Griffin in keeping his
raging homosexuality out of the public eye.

Award Number Four:  The Total Ignorance Gold Cup;  this one is
for the ages, since it will be at least a thousand years before American
voters will ever be able to find anyone to act as president who is as
empty headed, wrongly directed, dumb as a high school jock, completely
stupid on domestic economice and foreign affairs, totally inept at
running anything, and has never yet worked a day in his sorry,
sordid life.

Award Number Five:  The No - You're NOT as Smart as A Fifth
Grader.  Best performance by the dumbest guy in the room, dumbest
guy on the block, the man with not one idea or clue, and whose
speaking abilities make Bawney Frwank look smooth.

Bar-wreck  Hussein Obama -- hmm, hmm, hmm!!

Innocence of Muslims Trailer Video

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University of Texas Evacuations

Not good. The campus has been shut down after a man claiming to be from al Qaeda threatened to blow up many of the buildings across campus.

Rhonda Weldon, the school’s director of communications, said the university received a call about 8:35 a.m. from a man claiming to be affiliated with Al Qaeda. The man said he'd placed bombs all over the campus that would detonate in 90 minutes.
All buildings were evacuated at 9:50 a.m. as a precaution, Wheldon said.

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Kate Middleton Nude Pictures

It is the opinion of this website that the pictures of Kate Middleton taken by an Italian magazine were an invasion of her privacy. As such, they should not have been published (or released online). Though famous, the Royal Family deserves just as much privacy as the rest of us.

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Reap the Whirlwind

In 1219 the Shah of the Islamic Khwarezmid Empire (present day Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Ala ad-Din Muhammad had the ambassadors of Genghis Khan killed.  This affront to diplomatic convention led to a devastating invasion and the total destruction of the Khwarezmid Empire. 

No-one would advocate the slash and burn/take no prisoner response of the Mongols in the thirteenth century.  However, to allow the first murder of an American ambassador since the Carter debacle to go unanswered is beyond the pale of poor leadership straying towards the realm of either complete ineptitude or dereliction of duty.  

President Obama reminds us at every turn that Islam is the religion of peace.  He also goes out of his way to teach us about the many contributions Muslims have made to world civilization.  He even told NASA Administrator Charles Bolden that his most important mission as the head of America's space agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.  There is a pattern here.  Mr. Obama is using the Bully Pulpit and every avenue available to him as the most powerful man in the world to sow the wind with the seeds of Islam’s rise and America’s decline.

Being a Christian I obviously have an opinion concerning the theological truth of Muhammad’s answer to the need all people feel for God.  I confess Jesus as my Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead.  That is enough to say I believe the fundamental tenets of Islam do not match reality as I perceive it.

Being a Historian I have an opinion on the peaceful History of Islam.  It is fiction.  Islam has been a religion of war since its invention.  Over and over Islamic powers and movements have attacked those who choose not to follow their prophet.  They also forbid the free exercise of religion in any land unfortunate enough to fall under their power. They deny human rights, political rights, and economic rights.  They oppress women making them possessions of their fathers, husbands, or brothers in a legal code based upon the very foundation of the religion: the Koran. 

Have Christians done things wrong?  Yes.  Every Christian Historian, Theologian, and Preacher has branded the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Encomienda System of forced labor and conversion in Spanish America as aberrations and a blight upon the faith.  Were these horrendous crimes as terrible as those of Islam?  Yes.  The difference is that they were all clearly contrary to the Bible which forms the basis for Christian faith while the depredations of Islam are the logical expressions of the Koran.

According to his school records in Indonesia Mr. Obama was listed as a Muslim.  He attended Islamic education during the six years he lived there which was mandatory in all schools in Indonesia at that time.  He tells us that the morning call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth.  A Pew Research study finds that 17% of registered voters believe Barak Hussein Obama (the name he used when he was sworn in to be our president) is a Muslim.  Thirty one percent said they weren’t sure.  What evidence has not been sealed by presidential order is conflicting and confusing.  He says he isn’t.  He says he is a Christian, and I cannot know his heart.  We can judge his actions.  For over twenties years he was a member of the church of Reverend Jeremiah Wright whose brand of racist Black Liberation Theology is a branch of the worldwide Liberation Theology movement which has been branded as a heresy by the Catholic Church where it was born as well as by leaders of most other denominations.  It is widely regarded as the Christianized version of Marxism.

In the past three + years Barak Obama has done everything imaginable to advance the cause of radical Islam by giving major speeches in Egypt and Turkey where he assured the world America is not a Christian nation,  Supporting a Mosque at Ground Zero, approving and supporting the so-called Arab Spring that toppled regimes supportive of America and installed Islamist ones.  Now paraphrasing his pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright who was quoting Malcolm X, Barack’s chickens are coming home to roost.  Only it is our brave Foreign Service workers and representatives who are paying the price.

As Americans are shocked by the violence in the Mideast because of a movie, does anyone in the media reflect on the fact that American Christians don’t behave this way when their religion is insulted and denigrated even when it is done at taxpayers’ expense?  No, the Corporations Once Called the Mainstream Media drank too much Kool-Aide and are too far in the tank for the Progressives to mention anything like that.  Instead they defend an administration whose well-worn socialist slogan, “Forward” should be, “Obama – Biden Hey! It Could Be Worse” and whose answer for everything is “It’s somebody else’s fault.” 

One day after radical Islamists in a country Mr. Obama sent America to war to free kill an American ambassador all the Media can talk about is that Mitt Romney reacted poorly. 

How does Obama’s failure to protect America, its prestige, and its interests become Romney’s gaff?  It is through the collusion of a complicit media that is nothing more than the communication arm of the DNC.  No matter how the communication commissars seek to deny that they are purveyors of a tainted product the obvious bias and advocacy of the Progressive agenda is visible for all to see as reporters unaware of an open microphone coordinate what questions to ask Romney to steer a question and answer session in the direction that fits their play book.  They fall over themselves to accuse Mr. Romney of politicizing events and undermining American foreign policy as they conveniently forget that Mr. Obama used the deaths of American servicemen to attack McCain and Bush in 2008.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the Ottoman Empire which had once ruled from India to Morocco and from Arabia to Vienna was known as the Sick Man of Europe.  It was still vast in extent, rich in trade and natural resources, but its economy was in a shambles and consequently it was no longer able to maintain its military power and was now the victim of continuous attacks and invasions by neighbors who wanted a little plunder or territory.  Britain took Egypt.  Spain took Morocco.  Italy took Libya.  Serbia, Greece, and Romania first gained their independence and then started chewing off piece after piece as the Turks blustered and pretended that they were still a great power long after the national will to do what was necessary to remain a power had vanished.

Under the pro Islamist, anti-colonial leadership of Barack Obama America is careening towards a foreign policy of defeat and shame.  His domestic agenda is spending us into oblivion and the poor house.

The recent tragic events in Egypt and Libya, the on-going turmoil throughout the Islamic world and its violence against Americans all ostensibly over a movie shows the religion of peace for what it really is: a religion of intolerance, hatred, and war.  These same events and our reaction to them show the Obama administration for what it is too: the Sick Man of American History.

This November let’s take the cure and let America be America again or we will learn that if you sow the wind you reap the whirlwind.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens




Sino-Japanese Tensions Flare Over Disputed Islands

Long simmering tensions between the Chinese and Japanese governments flared up earlier today when six surveillance ships were sent by China on a mission of "law enforcement over its maritime rights," which just happened to involve violating Japan's territorial waters, and attempting to lay claim to the Senkaku Islands.

The islands, which have been under dispute by the rival governments since World War 2, are quite possibly near huge maritime gas and oil fields, and in China's continuous drive for more resources and energy power, it does not surprise me they are attempting to assert their claim, albeit weak and unfounded, at this time.

This situation also materialized with the Japanese government buying the islands two days ago from private owners to prevent nationalists from developing on them to intentionally taunt the Chinese. Apparently, China saw the move as encroaching on their sovereignty and deployed several vessels to the area.

Japan was understandably agitated by the encroachment of their territorial waters and deployed their coast guard to meet the Chinese vessels, demanding their departure, which they obliged by the afternoon and the incident was diffused without the use of force.

However, this demonstrates the Chinese government is feeling confident enough to start asserting their claims and authority over disputed islands with their neighbors, most of which are weak militarily and rely heavily on the United States for protection, and that we could see the beginning of Sino imperialism in South West Asia.

Stay tuned to this interesting development.

Senator Jim Seward Wins Primary With Ease

State Senator Jim Seward (R-NY 51) has defeated his first serious primary challenger since 1986 with 80% of Republicans backing his bid for a 14th term in the irregular Thursday vote, which nearly 10,000 turned out  to participate in despite little media coverage, a respectable number by any margin in this mostly rural district.

Senator Seward dispatched of his opposition, tea party member and political newcomer James Blake, with relative ease in my home county of Schoharie with 85% of the local GOP backing his bid, and overall in his nine county large district with 80%, or 7,600 votes received out of 9,500 ballots cast. Not to shabby.

The long-serving incumbent will go on to face Democrat Howard Leib in the general election this November, which he is expected to carry without difficulty in the predominantly Republican district.

The Slippery Slope of Liberalism

Hollywood director Nick Cassavetes made the following statement:
“I’m not saying this is an absolute but in a way, if you’re not having kids – who gives a damn? Love who you want. Isn’t that what we say? Gay marriage – love who you want? If it’s your brother or sister it’s super-weird, but if you look at it, you’re not hurting anybody except every single person who freaks out because you’re in love with one another.”
Well at least we can be happy that he feels incestuous relationships shouldn't produce children.  Cassavetes has just recently completed a film about a brother and sister who fall in love and start a relationship while he is in prison.  It recently debuted at The Toronto Film Festival.  As of now, he has no backing to release the movie in the U.S.  

I wonder if he feels that a parenting marrying a child is good as well?  Because under no circumstances can that relationship be of equals, parents always have more power in that relationship.  There isn't a relationship in the world that is truly 50/50.  Every romance has one partner that has slightly more power than another.  That is just human nature.  The key is how you make the balance that so both people in the relationship feel that are getting what they want and need from it.  

Nature also has something to say about this, The Westermark Effect says that biology prevents us from entering into incestuous relationships:
This effect accounts for the fact that, to our best knowledge, in every human society in history, incest is avoided and usually a social tabooChildren who were raised together develop a strong sexual disinterest for each other. This even works if they are not biologically related. The effect has been studied in Israeli kibbutzim, where children are raised in cohorts of the same age, and there are hardly any marriages among members later.
We have built-in mechanisms that guide us into not having a sexual relationship with close relatives.  Of course if you are strangers as children this will not prevent it, as we found out with that couple in Canada.  You may remember, they were brother and sister who were raised apart after a divorce.  They were never told about each other, met as young adults.  They were engaged to be married and young couples do, they brought their families together to meet.  Once they found out they were related the engagement was called off.  A truly heartbreaking story that could have been avoided had the parents been honest with their children.  But nonetheless, in the majority of cases siblings will be biologically driven not to enter into these relationships.  That says to me that it is against human nature.  

We are constantly hearing messages, if it feels good, do it.  The normalization of acts such as these seem to be never-ending.  The ACLU's defense of NAMBLA is just one more example.  The push by some on the far left to normalize pedophilia has already begun.  I am sick and tired of being told that there is no push to normalize the depraved in this country, there is.  

Sex with relatives with siblings and/or parents is wrong.  Sex with children is wrong.  It would seem pretty simple that this would be an acceptable position to hold in our society, but apparently not.  

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How long until America remains powerless?

Fact: More than 769,000 people went without electricity in Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Isaac. New Orleans suffered six nights of sweat, without air conditioning, refrigeration and coffee makers.

Earlier this year, massive thunderstorms hit over 2 million people in Maryland, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey, leaving them in complete darkness and having to deal with record breaking heat.

People are angry and for good reason. No longer are they impressed by presidents and officials coming and expressing their simpathy. They would rather have good, sustainable power lines. Before it’s too late.

And the rest of us, who haven’t been affected by natural disasters yet, do we really collectively understand what it means to be powerless? Well, basically it’s an entire chain of survival issues.

Running Water. In many areas, pumping stations deliver pressurized water directly to homes and businesses. If the pumping station stops pumping, the water stops flowing. It’s as simple as that. One concern is, in some cases water supply delivery systems can become contaminated if pressure is lost in a power outage. When this occurs, often a boil water advisory will be issued.

Because of the importance of water in an emergency scenario, in almost every case when a long term power outage occurs or is expected, it is vital to store as much water as quickly as possible. After the tap stops flowing, acquiring water becomes much more complex.

For complete survival preparedness, including power outages, water purification methods and efficient food storage, we recommend The Familly Survival Course, available now:

Click here to find out more!

Heating/Cooling. Although most homes will be well insulated against the cold, they often become somewhat of a hot box in warmer climates without electricity to move air via a cooling system or simple fans. That’s why electricity is essential.

Refrigeration. It goes without saying, refrigeration will not function without electricity. Although this is already likely part of any survival plans in any residential home, there are effects of commercial refrigeration that may need to be addressed. All refrigeration of items in grocery stores will fail, and due to the limited insulation will spoil very quickly. Staples such as milk and eggs will not be able to be purchased almost immediately. Medications that require refrigeration will also spoil.

Traffic Flow. Power outages obviously stop traffic lights from functioning. Consider how a single accident at an intersection can affect traffic in several directions for considerable distances. As the auto accidents start to multiply, imagine how it will affect traffic congestion to a larger degree. Add to it considerable frustration by the slow moving traffic and more aggressive individuals may take more risky moves.

Communication. Cell phones must be charged, and will eventually run out of battery power without a way to recharge them (which is easily done).

General Healthcare. Many hospitals, emergency care facilities and larger medical centers have a backup power source; however the average local general practitioner, specialist or dentist does not. Although in a short term emergency where there is no electricity, urgent care will be able to be provided, standard care will not be as accessible. Without easy access to preventive health care, contagious diseases will be more likely to go undiagnosed and spread.

And these are just o few of the consequences followed by power outages.Thing is, unless we all realize that natural disasters will hit, sometimes without warning, and we start taking the proper measures to reduce the damage, America will soon be powerless.

As scary as this may sound, it’s highly probable. We’re all obviously worried about our future. Fortunately, there are still concerned people willing to share their knowledge and help us protect our families against any disasters. Read about people confessing their own fight with emergency situations as well as the best methods to keep your family safe:

More information here.

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Arab Spring Gratitude: U.S. Embassies Attacked

A wave of militant anti-American protests have broken out across the islamic world, as U.S. embassies have been targeted, resulting in the death of one of our Ambassador's and his security detail, and the raising of al-Qaida's flag over another. Incidents you would expect to see in Iran or Pakistan, but not this time...

Think Egypt and Libya yesterday, and Tunisia today.

Countries we helped liberate in last year's brutal and deadly arab spring across Northern Africa are repaying our consulates for our support by holding our government accountable for the actions of one idiotic preacher in Florida by killing our diplomats, raiding our offices, burning our flags and causing mayhem.

Granted, security forces and local police in Libya, and Tunisia were fighting back against the militants, but no such protection would be granted to our diplomats in Egypt, and the low life bastards in all three nations who benefited from our support last year have taken yet another excuse to scream death to the people who aided them against our better judgement.

This is just freaking bullshit.

Why exactly did we overthrow Hosni Mubarak and ben-Ali again? To help spread "democracy" and "rights" or some other western concept 90% of citizens in these countries can't tolerate? Because if that was our goal instead of maintaining stability and allies, our government deserves a giant F on that one.

Because not only is there no democracy or rights in those countries, due to the rise of islamists, we have lost two pivotal allies in the War on Terror and stalwarts of stability in a region infected with chaos. And lets not even discuss Libya, because this entire situation could have been avoided by putting boots on the ground ten months ago.

And as long as our current leadership continues to waffle on this issue and make excuses for the actions of these islamist dickheads, we should expect to see U.S. Embassies targeted across the arab world, and maybe, just maybe after the second or third Ambassador is murdered we will consider a new strategy... as long as it doesn't peril the President's reelection hopes, that is.

The U.S. Apologizes Again – Cairo Embassy Issues an Apology for “Abuse of Free Speech”

Another stain on American under President Obama and his bizarre sense of what rights mean.  As I am sure most have heard by now, the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was stormed by protesters, our flag was removed and burned, then a black flag was raised in its place.  I have heard conflicting reports about the black flag, on said it was the flag of al Qaeda, another report says it was simply a flag with Islamic symbols on it.  Either way, it doesn't belong raised above on of our embassies.  

All of this ruckus apparently started due to the nutty so-called Pastor in Florida who was due to have an internet mock trial of Mohammed. In response our embassy put out the following statement:
The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others
I deal with all kinds of things said about Christians in this country.  My gosh the Democratic National Convention booed about having God being put back into its platform.  Has any government agency released a statement to the people who were offended by that?  Rabid atheists go out of their way every year at Christmas to put up the most incendiary billboards to tweak Christians.  I don't recall any statement about that either.  

Look, I don't bash Muslims, I truly don't.  But I am sorry, if you say you want freedom then you are going to be offended.  That is part of it.  Get over it.  

I also would like to see the passage in the Constitution that says that free speech can be squelched if it offends another's religious beliefs.  Please show it to me.  While you are at it, please explain this to me too.  

Is it election day yet?  

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Breaking: Egyptians With Qaeda Flags Storm US Embassy

Some bad news out of Egypt. A mob with an al Qaeda flag has stormed the US Embassy in Cairo today.

Photo Credit, USA Today, Tom Dale

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Let's face it: the energy needs of the world are changing. With new technologies opening up energy opportunities like never before, it is important to remember that prudent investors can find themselves ahead of the curve if they do their research.

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Mr. Reed has worked on bringing solar energy to Australia, which he believes is a part of the energy solution for the planet. He has also taken the lead on making sure that new construction projects are sustainable and take advantage of new energy technology and efficiency.

Perhaps his most impressive work has been with Melbourne's new Wyndham Harbor project. This massive project will not only offer competitively priced apartments, but also a 1,400 ship marina, and a new shopping area. This will translate into housing, jobs, and tax revenue for Melbourne and its environs.

Angus Reed has taken the lead in projects like this one, energy efficiency, and in Dubai. His work can serve as a model for your own company or line of work.

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Obama: "You'll Love Me Even More"

Narcissist in Chief:

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Breezy Point Tornado Pictures

A rare tornado hit Breezy Point in Queens today.

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Is There Any Hope of Change?


The two major political parties have a lock on power in the United States.  The election laws, the media and family voting patterns all collude to make the election of a third party candidate to the Presidency a near impossibility.  The closest in the lifetime of anyone reading this happened in 1992 when Ross Perot garnered 18.91% of the vote and not one electoral vote.  He has long been blamed for causing the defeat of Bush the Elder and the election of Clinton the Last.  Whether Mr. Perot did have such a dramatic effect on the presidential election is still debated.  Just as in most theological debates both sides offer well-constructed arguments supported by what they consider irrefutable scripture references or in this case, the life’s blood of political statements: statistics.

One certainty that cannot be debated is that Perot did not have an honest man’s chance in Washington to be elected.

Consequently either Barak Obama will continue as America’s president or he will be unseated and Mitt Romney will replace him.  There may be others running.  There may be better qualified people.  There may be someone who could inspire and lead us all into a second century of American ascendance; however, despite whomever else there may be it will be either the Democrat Obama or the Republican Romney.  Life may not be fair but it usually is predictable, and this is as predictable as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  One of the two parties of power will win.

Given this preordained outcome is there really any hope of change?  Or will we continue to watch helplessly as the perpetually re-elected parties continue to spend us into oblivion?

With Mr. Obama’s second term there is no doubt that all we can expect is more of the same, on steroids.  Mr. Obama has said, “I think that after this election, we’ll be in a position to once again reach out to Republicans and say that the American people have rendered a judgment, and the positions we’re taking are well within what used to be considered bipartisan centrist approaches.”

A divided government, if the Republicans maintain control of the House, might slow things down, however Mr. Obama has shown he is ready, willing and with the silence of Congress able to rule by decree.  If Congress won’t pass the Dream Act he imposes it.  If Congress won’t pass Cap-N-Trade he regulates it into being.  So we know that if he wins a second term it will be his way or the highway.   His agenda will continue to be the national agenda and four more years might be enough to sink the ship of state in a Cloward–Piven Strategy overwhelming the system scenario.

Four more years of the Obama led Democrat Progressives and we may be fundamentally transformed beyond recognition.  The heritage of our Founding Fathers may become the lost cause of a failed experiment in individual liberty and economic freedom as America descends into the morass of a welfare state based on re-distribution and political correctness.  In other words, the dream of Obama’s father.

That is one side of the coin.  What about the other?

If we get Tweedledee instead of Tweedledum will it be morning in America again?  Will the ghost of the Gipper lead us from the government’s shovel-never-ready Great Recession into a new era where things are made in America again and everything’s coming up roses?

There is no way from where we are: 16 trillion in debt, a decimated industrial base and a large proportion of our population addicted to government handouts, back to being the largest creditor in the world, the largest manufacturer, a land of self-reliant patriots without major dislocations, and dare I say it, austerity.

Mr. Romney’s fifty nine point plan to save the economy is a well-crafted and well-presented plan to revitalize America’s economy through a pro-capitalist free market approach.   It is however not as easy to explain or present as tax the rich and give everyone else free stuff.  Since it is better known and has been more widely and perhaps more eloquently presented the Republicans appear to be fronting with Paul Ryan’s plan to save America.  Both the Romney and the Ryan plan are a clear step away from the plunder policies of Mr. Obama and his Progressive shock troops. 

However, neither Republican plans adequately addresses the entitlement time bomb.  Neither projects a balanced budget in any timely fashion and neither proposes any way to ensure that future Congresses live by any restraints imposed.  Both promise to preserve our imperial defense spending needed to support two wars and more than 100 foreign bases.  Both rattle sabers in the direction of Syria and Iran.  What we have is an effort to slow the growth of the debt by reducing the yearly deficits. 

Slowing the growth is decidedly better than accelerating but the debt keeps growing and the abyss that looms ahead of us is the unsustainability of the debt.  A future rise in interest rates will sink the ship as the service on the debt wipes out the government’s ability to keep its promises or meet its obligations.  This is the very scenario the Progressives have been progressing towards.  The people who tell us never to let a crisis go to waste have long worked incrementally to lead us to the crisis at the end of the Constitution.  A final crisis when limited government will be completely unshackled and the central planners will triumph. 

If Romney wins he and his administration may put a speed bump on the expressway to the poor house, but unless they are ready to shut down the gravy train and turn off the spigot of re-distribution we will merely postpone the day of reckoning.  Slower is better than faster when it comes to assuming room temperature; however, unless we turn this ship around we’re headed for the shoals of bankruptcy and the reefs of insolvency either way.

Even though Mr. Obama makes the Carter Administration look like the good old days don’t count out the machines ability to pull an election out of their hat.  From no voter IDs and Black Panthers patrolling the polls, from polling places in cemeteries, to every obstacle imaginable in the way of people in our armed forces voting this will be a no-holds-barred Chicago-style campaign by the Democrats.  The Progressives know this is the one they need.  This is the election that will seal the deal and finally transform America into a re-distribution center with them picking all the winners and losers.  They win…America loses.

As one example of how the institutions the Progressives have built over the years will line up to re-elect Barack Obama, look at the recent moves of the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve is moving to inject massive amounts of money into the economy, while keeping interest rates near zero, before the election in a clear move to help re-elect President Obama.  How are they going to do this?  Will they just print more money?  No, they wouldn’t do anything so crude or easy to see as that.  Instead, they will announce an open ended mandate to purchase Treasury Bonds and mortgage backed securities.  This is QE (Quantitative Easing) 3 in all but name.  In QE1 the Fed bought $2.3 trillion of securities and in QE2 $600 billion of Treasuries.  How big will this round of pump priming be?  According to San Francisco Fed President John Williams, since this is an open ended authorization it  could eventually be, “at least as large as QE2 or arguably even larger again.”  The casino stock market will soar, and the Fed, through its Chairman, will continue to assure us inflation is small, negligible, and nothing we won’t be able to handle.  Then again, what’s a little inflation if it helps re-elect a president whose goal is to swamp the system. 

Expect an October surprise such as action against Iran or Syria.  Expect an encouraging jobs report right before the election that will be revised lower later.  Expect the Obama Administration to do whatever it takes to win.

Romney’s road may still lead to the poor house but Obama’s is a bullet train to nowhere.  Is there any hope for change?  Not with what we’ve heard so far.  Maybe there is a chance to switch from the certainty of near term collapse to the promise of at least a few more stations and a few more track changes before we hit the wall.  Who knows with enough time maybe enough people will get up off the couch, turn off the game, and pay attention to make a difference.  At least that would be a change we could all hope for.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens


Finding the Best in Political Lawn Signs

With the election season gearing up, political signs are popping up everywhere you look. Whether you're campaigning for a city council seat, the Presidency of the United States, or to fight for a cause, political yard signs are a great way to make an impression on the public. Of course, first impressions are incredibly important - make sure that your political signs stand out and get attention for your campaign.

When designing a political sign, be aware that most people who will see your sign with either be whizzing pass in their cars or stuck at a traffic light. Your sign's message needs to be easy to read while making a powerful impression. It's always good to include a picture. People are more likely to remember a name when it's associated with a face. Contrasting colors will help your text stand out - light text on a dark background is easiest on people's eyes. Don't try to shove too much into your sign. The point of political signs is to help people remember your name, not to learn about your entire platform. The most you should include aside from your name is the position you're running for and maybe a slogan and the date of the election. If all else fails, remember one thing: keep it simple, and you're sure to have a successful campaign.
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Watch Obama DNC Speech Video Full

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