Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch Niagara Falls Wire Walk Live, June 15, 2012

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Video: Watch Wallenda Live Over Niagara Falls, June 15, 2012

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New U.N. Policy on Syria: Twist Arms?

Apparently the new United Nations plan for ending violence in Syria, at least to envoy Kofi Annan, is to have governments with influence over the rogue nation to twist arms and hope for the best, which comes amid U.N. reports that Assad's regime is now on the list of 52 governments/terrorist groups that recruit, kill or sexually attack children during armed conflicts.

Wait... What?!

Which influential government are we talking about here? Syria only has two friends in the entire world; neither has supported one U.N. resolution, suggestion or plan to legitimately end the internal conflict. The Russians do nothing but obstruct us on the security council and Iran is even aiding the Syrian government's brutal assault.

I have got to give Annan credit though, because in this situation where conditions are worsening every day on the ground, he somehow managed to conceive a new solution that is even more unlikely, and useless then the "cease fire agreement" he has been campaigning for the last several months to no avail.

This is maddening.

The world has been watching Assad, his government and his Alawite sect murder over 10,000 of their fellow countryman, and because of "war weariness," or whatever the hell that is supposed to mean, we remain on the sidelines, paralyzed, and do nothing to aid the rebels who are struggling to stay alive and maintain what they can from their uprising.

It's simple, really. If we want to defeat Assad - we must arm the rebels with heavy weaponry while at the same time we end this bureaucratic bullshit within the United Nations and start coordinating our own plan with the "Friends of Syria" organization, which among arming and funding the rebels, should consider us intervening at some point.

That, at least, would be moral and considerate of the men, women and children fighting in Syria, who do not deserve to become a footnote in history as the opposition that was defeated, because no one did anything to help them.

What say you?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Watch Wallenda Live- Crossing Niagara Falls, June 15, 2012

Update- And he has traversed the line successfully! To sum it up in a word: epic. Thanks for stopping by Pundit Press everyone. Please enjoy the rest of the site.

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Watch Nik Wallenda Live, June 15, 2012

Update- And he has traversed the line successfully! To sum it up in a word: epic. Thanks for stopping by Pundit Press everyone. Please enjoy the rest of the site.

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Watch Wallenda Tightrope Niagara Falls Live, June 15, 2012

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Yahoo News: Americans are "Secretly Racist" Against the President

There is dumb and there is dumb. I consider racism to be a disgusting form of mental cowardice, where you paint an entire race or nationality as one way or another. Facts do not sway racists and they simply label people with a large brush stroke.

Thus, the irony is incredibly deep with Yahoo's frontpage story today, in which it declares Americans "secretly racist" based on their... search engine entries. Specifically, Yahoo contests that Americans are particularly racist toward President Obama.

The fact that Mr. Obama was elected in 2008 does not even truly enter into the discussion; nope, we are racists all, apparently including those who voted for him. Yahoo does try to explain away some of their ridiculous findings, but their headline gets straight to what they are talking about: "Are Americans secretly racist? Yes:"

The article intentionally passes over exactly what the research was looking for other than saying data about "racially tinged" searches was monitored. They also searched for the n-word.

They did not discuss how they got the samples. They did not discuss how many samples they used in the studies. They did not account for double counting, where people may have been searching a quote a racist said. They did not account for mistakes in spelling. No, according to Yahoo news, if you have ever used a bad word in a search bar, you are a racist.

Doing everything they possibly can for the administration, Yahoo even goes as far as saying that the 41% of the vote Keith Judd received in the West Virginia primary against Obama was entirely from racism. Nowhere in the article is it even mentioned that he is a democrat.

This is probably why no one uses Yahoo as a search engine anymore.

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Barry & Michelle's Economy  IS  in  Fine  Shape

The greatest weakness of power is the belief that one deserves it.

Barry and Michelle have committed that great sin, and the mistake
they are making is that they are wallowing in it like two pigs in
the slop.

Like two spoiled children, they are bragging, boasting, and
showing off in a way we have never seen in the White House.

They are revealing to our country who they really are.  The idea is
that no matter how bad Barry is making things for the rest of us,
they want us to know that Barry and Michelle are doing fine.

When he back-watered about his statement on the economy,  he
was lying.  To him, the economy is fine, his economy.  For him
and her,  it is as fine as it has ever been in their miserable socialist

Check out the white house menu:

Butternut squash bisque;  red/green lettuce wrapped in daikon
sheets w/ masago rice pearl crispies;  
Kobe beef/Wagyu beef;
black lentil terrine with lump crabmeat; 
grilled skirt steak, poblano sauce & sauteed spinach;
minted spring pea salad;
couscous w/ chard, tomatoes & sardines; 
cucumber avocado soup;
eggs veggie frittata; 
salmon croquettes; 
holiday gulf shrimp cocktail;

and the list of the world's finest cuisine goes on forever.

Of course they think the economy is fine.  For them, it is.

Meanwhile, out here in real America, where we all live, the
menu is something like:  hamburger, spagetti, meatloaf, mac
and cheese, pork and beans, potato salad, tacos, ham and
turkey at the holidays.

How about the vacations?

2009  August  --Martha's Vineyard
2009   August  -- Grand Canyon & Yellowstone
2009  Christmas -- Hawaii
2010  March -- New York City
2010  May  --  Chicago
2010  July -- Mount Desert Island, Maine
2010  August -- Martha's Vineyard
2010  August -- Michelle & daughter in Spain
2010  August  -- Barry's "birthday" Chicago
2010  August -- Panama City
2010  Christmas -- Hawaii
2011  President's Day  -- soetoro girls to Aspen
2011  June -- Soetoro girls to South Africa
2011  summer -- Martha's Vineyard
2011  Christmas -- Hawaii
2012  President's Day  -- Soetoro girls in Aspen
2012  Spring break for Malia -- Mexico  --25 Secret Service

Of course they think the economy is fine.  For them, it is.

And Barry's vacations?  Check this out:  One trip to each of
the following countries:  Australia, Brazil, Chile, China,
Columbia, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Iraq, Ireland,
Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudia Arabia,
Singapore, Trinadad & Tobago, Turkey, Rome.

Two trips to these:  Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom.

Three visits:  Afghanistan, South Korea.

Four:  France.

Of course he thinks the economy is fine.  For him, it is.

How about the over 200 campaign fundraisers?  He is
asking for and getting over 300,000,00 dollars so far.

It makes you wonder how he has  time for daily
workouts, basketball with the boy friends, and the 100
or so golf games.

Of course he thinks the economy is fine.  For him, it is.

This country has never seen the like of someone infected
with such thoughts of his and her own greatness.  We are
seeing firsthand the terrible the weakness of power in the
hands of those who are too immature to handle it.

You can tell about a person's character by how they are
affected by power.  Barry and Michelle have exhibited no
character.  They are two gimme children, selfish brats
with nowhere to go but out.  Out of the White House, out
of public life, out of our hair for good.

Politico Expansions Indicate New Era of Media

As leading newspapers cut staff across the board nationwide, Politico is hiring twenty journalists to expand their coverage of economic and military stories this fall for their pricey subscription service, which has a very influential audience of insiders, politicos and other interested individuals.

This comes only a few months after their newspaper, which has been available free of charge in Washington DC since its inception, expanded with two dozen vending boxes in Manhattan, or roughly 4,000 copies, also free to all interested. These expansions are revealing a trend of both personal growth for Politico, but also of decline for traditional newspapers.

When a primarily internet, and subscription based news/opinion service slowly starts moving into the media capital of the world, offering copies free of charge (and not taking advantage of its growing popularity) and planning future expansion across the United States, while traditional news shops are struggling to stay afloat during these difficult economic times, it tells you a new era is about to be begin; if it hasn't already.

An era not of centralized control of stories by the New York Times Editorial Board, but by the interests of editors willing to explore issues in a different light then most within the media, not necessarily conservative... just more outside the mainstream and from a perspective that is mobile, a liberty granted by our 21st century technology.

As someone who has always appreciated internet newspapers and news sites, I only applaud Politico's big expansions over the past six months, and only hope it continues to grow stronger and encourages more folk to do likewise, because the only way to improve the media we got, is to replace it with something better.

What say you?

Pacquiao vs Bradley was Fixed

I like boxing. Or at least I did before Saturday night's Pacquiao-Bradley fight. The game, as that fight proved, is undisputed rigged. It is fixed. There is nothing more to it. Please enjoy the best video on YouTube discussing this monstrosity:

This one's pretty good too:

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Demontez Leonard Identified as Probable Auburn Shooter

From Al.com:
Desmonte Demontez Leonard, the 22-year-old Montgomery man at the center of law enforcement manhunt for his role in a mass shooting at an Auburn apartment complex, has been arrested twice on gun charges, according to online court records.

Records also indicate he has been sued twice for child support, with the most recent lawsuit filed on Friday, just one day before Saturday night's shooting.

Auburn police have sworn out three capital murder warrants against Leonard. He is accused of killing three people, including former Auburn football players Ed Christian and Ladarious Phillips, and injuring three others. Police are also seeking two "persons of interest" who they did not identify.

Leonard was charged with second degree assault in the June 25, 2009, shooting of a 16-year-old male. The teen was shot with a 40-caliber type handgun, according to court records.

Prosecutors did not pursue the charges after the victim stated under oath that Leonard did not shoot him.
Efforts to reach the attorney who had represented Leonard in that case were unsuccessful Sunday.
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Looking for Super Bowl Tickets?

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Sunday Morning Bible Story

In him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the
light shined in darkness and the darkness comprehended
it not.          John 1:4-5

Genesis chapter one is the first mention in the Bible of
darkness.  "and darkness was upon the face of the deep.
And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
And God said, let there be light, and there was light."

So, in the natural order of things, there was darkness, a
true phyiscal darkness which covered all the waters over
all the earth.  Yet -- when light appeared, the darkness

But in the verses in the gospel of John, there was darkness,
and when the Son of God appeared, as light, the light did
not dispel the darkness.  Why not?

The Genesis darkness was physical.  The John darkness was
spiritual.  The darkness here was from man, the light was
from God, yet the darkness did not respond to or receive
the light.  Why not?

Spiritual darkness is darker than physical darkness.  The
gospel of John darkness is a spiritual darkness.  It is that
spiritual darkness which keeps people from seeing the hand
of God, the work of God, the Son of God, and the Light of

The light that shined in darkness is Jesus, who said, "I am
the light of the world.  he who follows me shall not walk
in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

Question is, what happened between Genesis 1 and John 1
which made it impossible for man to receive the light of
God?  When the Son of man came to earth in the form of
a man, why was he not received with open eyes and open

The answer is found back in the Garden of Eden.  Adam
and Eve were created in the image of God, and they were
created with a free will to either obey God or disobey him.

They both used their free will to disobey the command of
God.  When they chose to disobey, and ate of the tree of
the knowlege of good and evil, they lost their ability to
choose good.  They lost their ability to choose between
light and darkness.

As the physical and spiritual representative of all men
after him, when Adam sinned, everyone born after him
was born in sin, in spiritual darkness.

The free will of man, to either choose God, or to not
choose God, was lost when Adam sinned. 

So when Jesus came to earth, as was promised by God
in the Old Testament, the light shined in darkness and
the darkness comprended it not.

There is only one way for man to overcome the spiritual
darkness and to comprehend the light of God.  It is all of
God.  It is God who must open the eyes of the spititually
blind, so a man can receive spiritual truth.

It is God who works a work of grace in the heart, to give
life from above.  When God gives that grace and life from
above, only then can man believe in the true God.

It was John the Baptist who said, "A man can receive
nothing unless it is given him from heaven."

The same from the Apostle Paul, "And you hath he made
alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins."

Apart from the divine grace of God, working in the
heart of man, we would never receive his light.  The light
would shine and because of spiritual darkness it would
never be seen.

It is only through the sovereign grace of the sovereign
God that man can respond to the light of the world. 

Faith in God then, is a gift of God, and life in Christ
through faith in him is as Paul says, "For by grace
you are saved through faith, and that is not of
yourselves, it is the gift of God.  Not of works, lest
any man should boast."

My First NYSYR Meeting

I had the pleasure, and quite frankly, the honour to attend my very first New York State Young Republicans meeting this afternoon in lovely Goshen, New York. Which for me was a long-time coming, because my local Young Republicans club has been working for literally years to see this day occur, and finally, it did.

Although the meeting didn't actually start until roughly eleven o'clock, it started for me and two other YR's, who  are also writers on Pundit Press, when we got up at 8 in the morning and traveled over a hundred miles (added over 200+ on my Dodge Neon today) to attend the event.

Delegates from 10 counties were present and the business meeting lasted little more then an hour, which focused on officer's reports and keeping the delegate body up to date on the latest happenings within the statewide organization, including the treasury which stands at an impressive $10,000.

After this we adjourned for lunch, which was followed by a very interesting panel discussion led by New York Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long and two other female local officials. The discussion centered around their roles as Republican women actively involved in politics. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth received the first ever NYSYR Hamilton Fish Congressman of the year award.

Then the main event was keynote speaker Jedediah Bila, a Conservative author and columnist, who talked and answered questions for almost an hour on how to defeat liberal stereotypes, her book "Outnumbered: Chronicles of a Manhattan Conservative," education issues and the state of the conservative movement.

Delegates adjourned after Ms. Bila's speech for three hour recess, which in my case included an interesting off the beaten path adventure that ended up in New Jersey searching for gas, but I digress. At seven, most delegates met up for comedy, dinner, drinks and fun (at the adjoining bowling ally and arcade), where folks discussed a wide range of issues from politics to foreign policy to just catching up with one-another.

So how did I enjoy my first NYSYR meeting?

I absolutely loved it.

The camaraderie of the organization, which I have never witnessed before tonight, was something to admire and I met several incredibly wonderful people from all across the state, and in diverse backgrounds, who I'm looking forward to meeting again at the next meeting sometime this fall.  And even better - they are all young people who believe like me!

In conclusion, it was a blast.

What say you?

Friday, June 08, 2012

Video: Obama To 23 Million Struggling Americans: "The Private Sector Is Doing Fine"

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Hunker in the Bunker and Wait for the Rain

As those of you who follow these wandering pages know I have recently re-aligned my life to turn and face the strange changes that are overtaking Western Civilization with ever increasing speed.  Like ripples whose shape and size shifts but never leave the stream, change is the only constant in a society careening towards a cliff.

The descendants of those who built the empire no longer produce enough children to man the walls. The will to win and the desire to excel has been replaced by a complacency bred of bread, circuses, and entitlement checks distributed by a perpetually re-elected legislature designed to keep the marks from catching the con. A series of lack-luster presidents set the stage for collapse.  One declares a new world order and then loses his bid for re-election to a saxophone playing party-boy.  This surprise president sets the morality bar so low his scurrilous actions and obvious lack of character corrupt the very fiber of our nation.  The next two expand the government and spend us into oblivion. 

Empires rise and empires fall.  That is the way of the world and the lesson of History.  From the 15th century through the 20th Western Civilization used a temporary advantage in technology to conquer the world.  Where our military conquered we imposed our culture.  Where we didn’t gain political control the vision of our seemingly invulnerable strength and our unstoppable progress led local leaders to discard much of what was theirs to imitate what they coveted of ours. 

For five centuries Western Civilization ruled supreme.  It was our way or the highway so in our pride we decided ours was the High Way.  Then in two spectacular bouts of societal suicide, World War I and World War II, we killed, maimed, and butchered ourselves.  We wasted the accumulated riches of centuries and showed the millions of colonial subject people who were brought in to help kill whoever the enemy happened to be that Westerners weren’t invulnerable, weren’t unconquerable, and weren’t even smart enough to avoid the slaughter or hide the evidence.

The destruction of the economies and populations of the various colonial powers inevitably led to the break-up of the empires and the rise of a bi-polar world that pitted a world-wide Communism that was inimical to everything Western Civilization stood for against a united West now led by the newest edition to their ranks: the United States.

We had allied ourselves with the Communists to defeat the Fascists.  However the victory of 1945 vanished into fifty years of a Cold War that flashed hot enough times to kill many tens of thousands.  This epic struggle brought the Communists to their knees and us to the edge of bankruptcy.  As we defeated Communism its less threatening little brother Socialism crept in the back door.  We adopted the tenants of socialism: equality of outcome financed by expropriation and wealth and re-distribution to pacify our population through the long war.  Today we are fast becoming all we have fought against for the last sixty years: a centrally-planned economy, a regimented society, and a totalitarian state. 

This century long series of debilitating wars sapped our will to reproduce just as technology gave us birth control and lax morals gave us abortion.  This unholy trinity turned into a demographic time bomb that ensures the eventual submerging of the peoples of the West beneath waves of immigrants swarming in to take their place. The moral rot swilled out from Hollywood, and a reality show culture exemplified and condoned by the political elite inspires and reflects a hedonism that would have made Caligula blush.  The entitlement mentality foisted and fostered by buy-a-vote-with-benefits governments has sapped people of the drive and desire to do anything more than sit on a couch and dream of their chance at the golden ring of fifteen minutes of fame.

Sounds like a dismal picture doesn’t it?  The most depressing part of the whole thing is that it is true. 

Empires rise and empires fall and it is our lot to live on the declining end of Western Civilization: the greatest empire of all time (so far). 

No one ever gets to live in the world they were raised in.  Time moves on and things change.  However most generations don’t watch the inversion of the world they grew up in.  Today things we thought were wrong are now right.  Things we thought were right are now wrong.  What made you healthy yesterday kills you today.  The wisdom of the ancients was once sought after in a world of constants today obsolesce often proceeds production in a microwave throw-away culture.

The world has been turned upside down.

Just as a British general marched out of Yorktown to surrender to a rag-tag bunch of summer soldiers, so we the children of those who stormed the beaches on D-Day to free Europe and end the darkness that was Nazism will wonder how were we defeated  by those we had once so easily dominated? 

The answer will be the same as it was for the British in the Revolution and for the Nazis in World War II: we defeated ourselves.  Our over confidence and our desire to have it all led us to forsake the values that brought about our success and the principles that made us who we were.  While the Socialist Progressives march us off to the shabby future they have centrally-planned perhaps instead of the World Turned Upside Down we should sing a paraphrase of a line from the sixties, “In tattered tuxedos they face the new heroes and crawl about in confusion.  All the hands raised; they stand there amazed at the shattering of their illusions.”

We stand at the edge of the abyss.  We know not what will be only that it will not be what it has been.  Do not despair.  Do not lose hope.  Have faith in Christ.  Follow Him and He will guide you to a safe harbor amidst the storm.  I have found my place. I am preparing every day for the coming crescendo. My best advice is find Christ, find your place, and hunker down.

Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens


We stand at the edge of the abyss.  We know not what will be only that it will not be what it has been. 


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Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance, Eric Holder

It has been commonly agreed by some  many  most everyone
who can tell the truth from a lie that Barry holds the record for
being the biggest and best liar in DC politics.

And there is the principle in business, politics and Hollywood
that if you want your efforts to look good, you need to surround
yourself with people better than yourself.

Ergo -- voila -- the problem appears.  With a narcisstic, me-first,
me-best-me-only-I-I-I-where's the camera leader, the insecurity
and poor self image of the girly-man preclude making any such
hires.  He can only "hire down," that is, everyone he hires must be
absolutely incapable of outshining the boss.  I use the term "boss"
strictly in a Chicago sense.

Lying to the American people though is a different issue.  Speaking
of lying liars and the lies they tell, Eric Holder comes in by design,
second to Barry. 

How in the name of common sense and justice can this incompetent
boob be faced for the last three years with facts and evidence, witnesses,
records, documents and exhibits - - - and yet deny everything and do
nothing except commit perjury after perjury, and in public, for all of
us to see. 

At his job -- he is a joke.

Holder's evasive inactions and lies are so many and so infamous, they
need not be recited here.  And this behaviour takes place while holder
is holding the highest legal office in the country. 

Can you say: misfeasance?  The improper performance of an act.
Malfeasance?  The commission of an act which is positively unlawful.
Nonfeasance?  Non-performance of an act which ought to be performed.

Fired?  He should be.
Indicted?  He should be.
Tried?  He should be.

But to perform those actions which take place across America by the
hundreds every day, and for crimes ususally of lessor import to our
country, with the rest of the emasculated boobs Barry has chosen
to surround himself with, good luck.

It is one thing for disputes between Republicans, Democrats, and
Independents to be public. Everyone always questions choices
made by the other side.

But these crimes are so regular, so pathetic and so totally ignored
by those who are in power, it has now become much more than a
question of politics. 

This nation was conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal, and for hundreds of
years, our belief has been that government is of the people, by
the people and for the people.

With this sort of lying, deceitful, amoral people in positions of
great power, it is becoming a question of whether this nation,
or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can much longer

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Thursday, June 07, 2012

Obama Can't Do Fourth Grade Math; '60 Mil. Divided by 600 Thous. is $54.94'

We've covered the Obama's campaign problems with math before. A few months ago they stated that 12 times 40 equaled 1,000. Today, they're publishing nonsensical statistics about the money Obama raised during the month of May. Before we begin, please enjoy the jumbled mess that President Obama himself posted online:
So the basic facts that the Obama campaign purports to be true are that they raised sixty million dollars from either 572,000 donors or 2,200,000 donors. I am not certain what the different between "Total Donors" and "Total Cumulative Donors" is (which defeats the purpose of the word "total"), but I assume that "Total Donors" means for May and "Total Cumulative Donors" means since he began fundraising for reelection in January of 2009.

Importantly, Obama touts the average donation as being exactly $54.94 in order to pretend that he is backed almost exclusively by average Americans. Unfortunately for him, even the average American has a calculator handy. So let's see if Obama's math holds up.

Now, since I wasn't certain if they used the "Total Donors" or "Total Cumulative Donors" to figure out the $54.94, I'm going to assume Total Donors first. And obviously, the way to get an average donation would be dividing the total monetary number by the total number of donors. To quote the dictionary (for arithmetic mean), "The value obtained by dividing the sum of a set of quantities by the number of quantities in the set. For example, if there are three test scores 70, 83, and 90, the arithmetic mean of the scores is their sum (243) divided by the number of scores (3), or 81."

Let's see, $60,000,000 divided by 572,000 is... $104.90. Woah, that is way, way off from the President's "math." Well, maybe he means that "Total Cumulative Donors" number. That's a lot bigger. Let's see, $60,000,000 divided by 2,200,000 is... $27.27. Okay then.

Um... maybe he used that "New Donors" number? Maybe? $60,000,000 divided by 147,000 is... $408.16. Well, it's official: the Obama Campaign can't do math that you learned when you were about 10.

...And these are the people handling our economy.

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Romney Leads in Michigan 46-45

According to a new poll conducted by WILX, a news station out of Lansing, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has taken a small, albeit statistically insignificant, lead over President Obama in Michigan: where private and public unions are essentially surrogates for the Obama campaign, and even though his dad served as a popular Governor, Mitt hasn't performed well in the state until now.

Romney - 46%
Obama - 45%

The station wont be releasing the full results until this evening's broadcast, but they did find that Romney's strong opposition to the auto bailouts hurts both his favorable ratings, and the likelihood of him receiving support from two-fifth's of the electorate automatically. The poll also found that when informed of his anti-bailout position, the results actually flip to Obama 46-45, which is a surprisingly small reversal.

Regardless, this is excellent news for Romney after Walker's decisive victory in Wisconsin two days ago. States that went handily for Obama in 2008, and which we haven't realistically competed for in decades, technically are now swing states - at least for this vital election - where not only will Obama have to spend money and resources defending, but we can actually win.

As a longtime Romney supporter and someone absolutely committed to defeating Obama, I'm actually excited right now..... Someone, please I'm begging you, pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming this.

What say you?
The Audacity of a Dope

Barry Obama sat on a wall,
Baracck-ack Soetoro had a great fall;
all the media's whorses
and all the media's men
couldn't put Barry Soetoro
bar-ack together again.

Stick a fork in him, he's done.  Let the hot air and vacuous
steam escape and there is nothing left.  Four years of nothing
but lies, golf, campaigning and hot air is enough.

Wonder if half a BILLION dollars can buy the election this
time?  Dunno, even the rich folk have been losing money
in this scary/barry economy.  Who would be dumb enough to
give barry more money so they could lose more in the next
four years?  Well, the idiots in Hollywood, but then most of
them are dumb as a caltalpa fence post, a fact proven time and
again by the poor directors who have to make them look smart
in movies.  These nitwits are chunking in Land Rovers full of
cash to barry can keep his dreams of his composite father, his
composite girlfriends and his composite presidency.

I used to think barry wanted to be a dictator, but there is too
much work involved.  Wouldn't have time for golf, vacations,
hoops, fancy meals and campaigning.  Plus the fact that
an effective dictator is smart, lies only part of the time, and
has friends in high places.  Barry falls short on all counts. 
Not smart is he, lies all the time he does, and he has no friends.
Only pandering lackeys, bootblacks and sycophants who are
along for the ride.  Next stop for them -- under the bus.

He is done, well done, and only a brave few are willing to
say it out loud.  He has worn out his welcome in the White
House, in Washington DC and around the world.  Probably
no longer has a welcome in Chicago.  Rahm certainly won't
give up his position as Mayor for Barry.  After the divorce,
Barry will be lucky to find a couch to crash on.  Maybe

Wasn't it another president, albeit one born in America, who
said, "you can fool all the people some of the time, and some
of the people all of the time, but Barry, you can't fool all the
people all of the time." 

Yes, I think it was honest Abe.  BTW -- when is the last time
you heard the word "honest" and "obama" in the same sentence?
Never, right?

Barry is done, not for a myriad of good reasons, but for the one
reason that he is a liar from start to finish.  He fooled our country,
he fooled his country, he fooled Hawaii, he fooled Conneticut,
he fooled DC, he fooled the Senate, he fooled the Congress, he
fooled the Supreme Court, he fooled the Elections Commission,
he fooled Chicago, he fooled a majority of the American voters.

Why will he never be elected a second time?  There is no one left
to fool.  Barring a barry/barack-ack/Occupy/SEIU/goon squad/
1960'sChicago Election Theft Democratic Style--- he will never
be given a position of public trust again.

Why?  The public does not trust him.  Put a fork in him,  he's done.

Do You Recall?

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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Want Your Book Signed by Michelle Obama? - You Must Show Valid Picture ID - Those Racists

Mrs. Obama will visit the downtown Barnes & Noble store located at 555 12 St. NW, at E St. On Friday, June 8th, those wishing to attend the event must purchase a copy of the First Lady's book at the location (for $19.20) and leave it at the store, according to the employee. At the same time, customers must also submit their social security number and show an official photo ID
Those racists.  

This according to the "official" Obama Food Blog.  Food blog you ask.  Yes apparently there is a blog dedicated to the Obama's trying to overtake your food choices.  

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OWS: We're Going to Bribe Cuomo with Fake Two Mil. Dollar Check

Occupy Wall Street, desperate to relive the media coverage it received last year, is up to its old desperate tactics. In an announcement today, OWS declared that they will "bribe Gov. Cuomo for a living wage" because they are upset that he does not support increasing the minimum wage by a large amount.

With their announcement, they also posted the dumbest fake check I have ever seen (not that I have ever seen that many fake checks):

On their main section, OWS outlined why they were "bribing" Cuomo. Here's their message in its entirety:
It has become clear just how bad things have become in New York. Now it apparently costs $2 million to purchase the enthusiastic support of the Governor on a policy issue. So tomorrow (Wed. 6/6) Occupy Albany will be delivering a large $2 million check to Gov. Cuomo on behalf of the 99% asking him to increase the minimum wage and push for a living wage in New York State.

Meet between 12pm and 12:15pm at the State Street entrance to the Capitol. We'll enter the Capitol and convene in the War Room at 12:30pm to prepare to deliver our bribe.
If you look around the event's page some more, you can also look at some generic whining about Scott Walker and corporations. But really, who the hell cares?
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California Rejects $1.00 Tax on Smokers

Author's note: Interestingly, California's current tax on cigarettes, at 89 cents, is one of the lowest in the country, and nearly $4 cheaper then my home state's tax (New York).

Proposition 29, or the "Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research" ballot measure failed yesterday in California by the slimmest of possible margins. The proposal would have added an additional $1.00 excise fee to every pack of cigarettes bought within the state, which was heavily opposed by civil rights libertarians and tobacco companies.

Proposition 29 results:
Yes - 1,894,871 - 49.2%
No - 1,958,047 - 50.8%

When you have nearly four million people voting, it doesn't get closer then that.

The county-by-county results are even more interesting, as 69% of counties voted no - including Los Angeles, Sacramento and Ventura - none of which can be accused of being conservative or libertarian enclaves of anti-government regulations, except for when it comes to smoking, apparently. The only area that whole heartedly voted yes was the Bay Area... What a surprise.

Although I am not a smoker, usually lighting up one cigarette a month if that, I am greatly opposed to the continuous government and public health assault on a segment of Americans just because they happen to enjoy tobacco, which one is one of this country's most historic and important cash crops, and is a 110% legal product.

Not to mention, but the last thing anybody needs right now is more taxation and regulation in California. Advocates are giddy over the estimated $750 million this proposal would bring into the state treasury. I proudly have the opposite viewpoint - the Golden Coast needs to lay off their citizenry and stuff all of it, because if the current migration trends keep up - there wont be anyone left but hippies and illegals in the state.

What say you?

MSNBC: Obama Wins Wisconsin Recall Election

Can you say delusional?

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Wisconsin Turnout Soars to 2.5 Million

So how big was turnout in yesterday's historic recall election in Wisconsin which Scott Walker convincingly won with over 53% of all votes cast? Well, absolutely freaking huge.

For comparison:

2008 presidential - 2,983,417
2010 gubernatorial - 2,158,974
2011 WI supreme - 1,500,113
2012 gubernatorial - 2,503,745

Over 300,000 voters who didn't participate in the original Walker-Barrett match up turned out for the recall election, devouring previous turnout records for a gubernatorial election and setting the tone for this fall's big presidential battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney, which will likely exceed the big three million vote mark.

It also means that soon to be released Democrat talking points about voter suppression don't have one leg to stand on, considering turnout increased by nearly 350,00 votes, or 15% - which indicates voter participation   increased dramatically and obviously wasn't suppressed in any way, and if attempts were made, failed badly.

What say you?

America according to President Obama

Hahahahahaha: The Most Disappointed Barrett Supporter In Wisconsin

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Breaking: Liberals Plan to Assassinate Walker: 'I Will Kill Walker Myself'

In light of the crushing victory Scott Walker had tonight, liberals are returning to their normal civility: calling for his murder and promises to kill him. Across the internet, crazed leftists are calling for the governor to be assassinated, as they clearly have no respect for democratic elections. Below are just a few of the disgusting comments posted throughout the internet tonight.

"I'll personally kill Walker myself:"

SKSunnyy plans to assassinate the governor:

Josh James expresses his feelings about Mr. Walker:
Jordon Perez wants Walker's children to be fatherless:
Caleb White contemplates assassinating Governor Walker:
Mark Cole, clearly incapable of having an intelligent discussion about politics, simply wishes that Scott Walker would kill himself:

And there are many, many, many more examples. This article, however, is getting too large to list them all.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

GOP Projected to Win Lieutenant Governor and at least 3 of 4 Senate Districts; Hold Commanding Lead in 4th, But too Close to Call

Scott Walker has won his recall election and more good news is coming for Republicans. With much of the vote in, we can now project that the GOP will win at least three of the State Senate recall elections in Wisconsin as well as the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Lieutenant Governor Race, with 48% reporting:

Rebecca Kleefisch (R)- 570,579 votes, 58%
Mahlon Mitchell (D)- 417,627 votes, 42%

State Senate, District 13, with 56% reporting:

Scott Fitzgerald (R)- 23,345 votes, 59%
Lori Compas (D)- 15,525 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 23, with 38% reporting:

Terry Moulton (R)- 13,143 votes, 60%
Kristen Dexter (D)- 8,674 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 29, with 34% reporting:

Jerry Petrowski (R)- 13,775 votes, 65%
Donna Seidel (D)- 7,312 votes, 35%

The only race at the moment that is too close to call is District 21, in which the Republican candidate holds a commanding lead. However, only 10% of the vote is in:

State Senate, District 21, with 10% reporting:

Van Wanggaard (R)- 5,786 votes, 63%
John Lehman (D)- 3,448 votes, 37%

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Watch Scott Walker Victory Speech Live 6/5/2012

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Scott Walker Projected to Win Recall Election

With 19 percent of precincts reporting, Scott Walker holds a lead of 61% to challenger Tom Barrett's 39%. With such a lead, Pundit Press can now project that Scott Walker will win his recall election.
Despite Unions pushing mightily against him and President Obama... tweeting his support for Barrett, Scott Walker has won decisively. Now he can concentrate on bring Wisconsin further into prosperity.

What the implications will be for November can only be surmised. However, there is no doubt that Walker's win is a stunning mandate against the President and in favor of responsible government.
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Wisconsin Election Results Live, June 5, 2012

Update: Pundit Press can now project that Scott Walker will win his recall election! And in case you were wondering about the Senate and Lieutenant races: GOP Projected to Win Lieutenant Governor and at least 3 of 4 Senate Districts; Hold Commanding Lead in 4th, But too Close to Call.

Update, 10:36pm: With 55% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 673,228 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 478,826 votes, 41%

Update, 10:21pm: With 42% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 543,820 votes, 59%
Tom Barrett- 373,396 votes, 40%

Update, 10:07pm: With 30% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 372,158 votes, 60%
Tom Barrett- 248,560 votes, 40%

Update, 10:03pm: With 28% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 338,518 votes, 60%
Tom Barrett- 224,650 votes, 40%

Update, 9:58pm: With 24% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 297,626 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 185,706 votes, 38%

Update, 9:51pm: With 19% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 234,668 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 150,740 votes, 39%

Update, 9:48pm: With 17% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 209,968 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 134,856 votes, 39%

Update, 9:46pm: In case you were wondering about the State Senate elections, Republicans are winning handily in each race, but with (mainly) only about 10% in.

Update, 9:43pm: With 14% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 161,284 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 103,126 votes, 39%

Update, 9:40pm: With 11% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 135,579 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 86,822 votes, 39%

Update, 9:38- Tom Barrett is officially getting smoked thus far.

Update, 9:38pm: With 8% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 102,860 votes, 59%
Tom Barrett- 71,585 votes, 41%

Update, 9:35pm: With 7% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 92,804 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 65,383 votes, 41%

Update, 9:33pm: With 6% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 71,895 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 51,244 votes, 41%

Update, 9:31pm: With 4% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 56,273 votes, 57%
Tom Barrett- 41,704 votes, 42%

Update, 9:24pm: With 2% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 31,376 votes, 54%
Tom Barrett- 26,225 votes, 45%

Update, 9:23pm: With 1% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 19,729 votes, 62%
Tom Barrett- 11,671 votes, 37%

Update, 9:19pm: With .35% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 4,841 votes, 52%
Tom Barrett- 4,347 votes, 47%

Update, 9:17pm: With .3% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 2,329 votes, 57%
Tom Barrett- 1,701 votes, 42%

Mr. K and I will be updating two separate articles detailing the recall election in Wisconsin. Check back here or on Mr. K's to get up-to-the-minute results.

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Live Wisconsin Recall Election Results

Update (10:00 pm):

Well, that was short: Pundit Press projects Scott Walker wins recall election

Update (9:57 pm):

Walker - 297,626 - 61.2%
Barrett - 185,706 - 38.2%
24% of precincts reporting

Update (9:54 pm):

Walker is definitely racking up the votes early on, but Barrett strongholds Dane and Milwaukee have yet to report substantial results yet, so this thing is far from over, although its looking good for Walker.

Update (9:53 pm):

Walker - 262,508 - 60.5%
Barrett - 169,037 - 38.9%
21% of precincts reporting

Update (9:52 pm):

Walker - 234,668 - 60.5%
Barrett - 150,740 - 38.9%
19% of precincts reporting

Update (9:48 pm):

Walker - 209,968 - 60.5%
Barrett - 134,856- 38.9%
17% of precincts reporting

Update (9:45 pm):

Walker - 161,284 - 60.7%
Barrett - 103,126 - 38.8%
14% of precincts reporting

Update (9:40 pm):

Walker -135,579 - 60.6%
Barrett - 86,822 - 38.8%
11% of precincts reporting

Update (9:38 pm):

Walker -102,860 - 58.6%
Barrett - 71,585 - 40.8%
8% of precincts reporting

Update (9:36 pm):

Walker - 92,804 - 58.2%
Barrett - 65,383 - 41.1%
7% of precincts reporting

Update (9:32 pm):

Walker - 71,895 - 58.1%
Barrett - 51,244 - 41.4%
6% of precincts reporting

Update (9:28 pm):

Walker - 56,273 - 57.1%
Barrett - 41,704 - 42.3%
4% of precincts reporting

Update (9:26 pm):

Walker - 31,376 - 54.2%
Barrett - 26,225 - 45.3%
2% of precincts reporting

Update (9:22 pm):

Walker - 19,726 - 62.5%
Barrett - 11,671 - 36.9%
1% of precincts reporting

Update (9:20 pm):

Walker - 4,881 - 52.4%
Barrett - 4,347 - 47.0%

Update (9:17 pm):

The first results, my friends. Only 100 updates to go!

Walker - 2,329 - 57.4%
Barrett - 1,701 - 41.9%

Update (9:05 pm):

Just a reminder, the counties to watch tonight are: Dane, Milwaukee and Waukesha. Turnout has been very high in all three and they are quite important bases of support (the first two for Barrett, the last for Walker).

Update (9:00 pm):

Polls are now closed. Let the waiting game begin, as ballots are tallied and eventually, hopefully, a winner is named tonight.

Original Article:

Polls will be closing in under fifteen minutes all across the Badger State, with turnout estimated to be at record high levels and the epic battle between Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to be neck-and-neck.

Stay tuned to Pundit Press, as we will be following this election very closely through out the evening.

Vote: Who Will Win in the Wisconsin Recall Election?

Any way you look at it, the recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is coming down to the wire. Poll leading up to today showed Walker with a small, but significant, lead. Additionally, exit polls show that he likely received the most votes.

However, polls are not necessarily reliable. Allegations of voter fraud have come from both sides. Voter turnout is very high. And no matter what side of the political spectrum you reside, you know that this is an important election with large ramifications come November.

So we ask you: who will win today's race in Wisconsin? Will Scott Walker win it fair and square, or will Tom Barrett steal it? Will it be vice versa? The choice is yours. Please vote below:

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BREAKING: Suspected Fraudulent Ballot Applications Nabbed in WI, While Another Man Tries to Vote Twice

Oh, how things have gone from interesting to more so. With hundreds of new absentee ballots being injected into the Wisconsin Governor's race, it appears that the large turnout could be a shield for further fraud. This appears to be the case in one election, where several absentee ballot applications are believed to be fraudulent.

This is the case in Waukesha County. Two ballot applications have been turned over by the City Clerk because they are believed to be fraudulent.
The possible vote fraud in Delafield was detected by Deputy Clerk Ellen O'Brien who has more than 15 years experience in administering local elections and became suspicious of the addresses and handwriting on the application forms.
Another man tried to vote in person after receiving an absentee ballot:
City election officials also detected another potential incidence of vote fraud after a 25-year-old man cast an absentee ballot at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after city election officials mailed him an absentee ballot that he had earlier requested.
Oh, boy. This is getting interesting.

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Video: GOP Poll Watcher Ejected from Madison Voting Station

From Breitbart:

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Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

UPDATE: Fraudulent ballot applications believed found, while another man tries to vote twice!

From students using class schedules to "prove" that they live in Wisconsin (but not who they actually are), to multiple accounts of people being "bused" in, dozens of accounts of Democrat and Union attempts to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin have hit the news. One town even has turnout that was reportedly six times the votes normally cast in a "heavy" participation election- and that was at 10:30 am in the morning.

First is a story from Milwaukee, in which students printed out a piece of paper in order to "prove" their identities. Last Friday, on a High School field trip, two teachers and dozens of students voted "during the early in-person absentee balloting period." To prove their identity, they provided a sheet of paper that simply stated the students' alleged names and what classes they might attend. Their date of birth was confirmed not to be on the schedule. Even worse? Milwaukee's Election Commission director Sue Edmond stated that, even should they find out that the students lied about their DOB or who they were, their votes would not be discounted.

Second, Wisconsin voter John Barrett reported that he voted this morning in the town of Norway. According to him, heavy turnout would be around 300, with low turnout in the 90s. Yet, when he voted early in the morning (at 10:30), he was already vote number 1,794:
Third, and more horrifying, comes this account from the website Free Republic. A voter went in to cast their ballot, yet was faced with a 25 minute wait. After looking around, this person found out that the hold up was due to "non-medical personnel" demanding that elderly people vote for Tom Barrett. The "helpers" were screaming the f-word at the folks and telling them to defecate on themselves. Eventually, they realized that they were being listened to and chased off the voter. But that was after physically threatening them and breaking their phone.

Finally, there is the account that is burning up the internet, particularly YouTube and Twitter. A caller to the Chris Plante Show witnessed unions illegally busing people from Michigan into Wisconsin in order to vote against Governor Walker. You can listen to the call below:

Update: Yet another tale of voter fraud:

Update #3: 119% voter turnout in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Live Wisconsin Results Coming Tonight

Just to let you know well ahead of time, Pundit Press will be covering the Wisconsin recall election live tonight. That means live updates, in-depth articles, and overarching coverage.

There are all ready several articles about Wisconsin on the main page for your perusal if you can't wait for our live result coverage.

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Al Qaeda’s Number Two Abu Yahya Al-Libi Killed In Drone Airstrike

Rot in Hell.

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Milwaukee Calls In Extra Poll Workers

The city Election Commission of Milwaukee has made the call for extra poll workers, as turnout is quite heavy and the number of new voters registering is significant.

More from the Journal-Sentinel:
Heavy turnout in Milwaukee led the city Election Commission to call out the reserves Tuesday.
Extra poll workers were sent to polling places at Becher Terrace, Bradley Tech High School, Keenan Health Center, Morse Middle School, Rufus King International School Middle Years Campus and Cass Street, 53rd Street, Grantosa and Parkview schools, said Sue Edman, the election commission’s executive director.
The backup workers were needed to handle long lines, partly because a significant number of new voters were registering at the polls, Edman said.
“We knew things would be busy, but we didn’t know how busy,” Edman said.
In some cases, poll workers were shifted from less-crowded polling places to busier ones, Edman said. In other cases, she used poll workers who had agreed to be on call or city administrators who had volunteered to help out, she said.
Voting machines broke down or jammed twice at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and once each at Manitoba School and the OASIS Senior Center, Edman said. Each time, voters were asked to place their ballots in secure bins so that poll workers could feed them into the machines after they were repaired, usually within 15 or 20 minutes, she said.
Turnout is going through the roof in rural, suburbia and urban Wisconsin. Get out there and vote!!!

Unions Busing in Voters to Wisconsin?

UPDATE: Fox Nation has obtained and posted the transcript from Mr. Plante's conversation with the caller that started this entire story, and his report that unions were busing in voters from Michigan to help sway the election against Scott Walker.... This also comes as Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

Check it out. From my perspective it's definitely interesting, but I still believe the story is false.

Original Article:

Rumors are circulating on the internet that unions are busing in voters from Detroit in order to sway the election against Governor Scott Walker, whom they are trying to recall and replace with Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.

Apparently, someone called into the Chris Plante Show (which, admittedly, I didn't know existed until one hour ago) with the aforementioned allegations. However, according to various accounts of people who have listened to that segment, the caller didn't answer Mr. Plante's questions, nor did he leave his contact information as he was requested to do.

And considering not one blog post or news article has been written about this bus-in, when only fifty million, or so, people are glued to Wisconsin election coverage right now and this would blow the lid off the story, I have to conclude - along with evidence from the caller's lack of credible information - that this rumor is just that, not one ounce of fact.

I'm sure we will see roughly one hundred different versions of this story, from both sides, pop up through out today. So please, just ignore them and go out and vote! That's all that really matters.

Wisconsin Turnout Steady

UPDATE: 12:21 PM, Eastern Standard Time:

According to the Journal-Sentinel, heavy absentee voting (206,000 ballots in total) has eased polling pain in Wisconsin's recall election thus far, which has seen strong turnout across the state. No voting issues have occurred.

Original Article:

The polls are open and voters are streaming into various sites across the great State of Wisconsin to vote in today's historic recall election.

Gov. Scott Walker waiting on line to vote
Early indicators suggest turnout is equal to, or greater then the 2010 gubernatorial election that set this entire saga into motion. Which is definitely unsurprising, considering the electorate has a great stake in the results...

Editorial: Vote for Leadership, Vote for Walker

With the good people of Wisconsin, Democrats and Republicans alike, heading to the polls this morning to either stay the course with Governor Scott Walker, or recall him and install someone new, the question we should all be asking is why. Why is any of this taking place to begin with?

It's taking place not because of personal or political scandal, but for the 2011 budget repair bill that Walker refused to back down from. In case you've forgotten, the bill was introduced in early 2011 to restructure an century of law in dealing with public sector unions: eliminating mandatory dues, limiting collective bargaining, forcing workers to contribute to health care insurance and pensions.

Firemen and Police unions were exempt from the bill, and the sole purpose was to reign in public unions and the costs associated with their pensions before it busted the state's budget, which was three billion in the hole. The response from Democratic lawmakers was to flee the legislature into Illinois, while the unions and cronies protested outside the Capitol building for weeks - causing millions of dollars worth of damage to the grounds, and the building itself on several occasions.  

After weeks of this tense and childish standoff between Governor Walker, demanding a vote be had, and Senate Democrats, refusing to do their job, legislative Republicans discovered legislative gimmickry in the law, allowing them to bypass the formerly needed quorum and passed the bill into law, which was quickly signed by Walker.

The results?

Dozens of school districts, including the one that Governor Walker's opponent resides in, have restructured contracts that have led to deficits being turned into revenues; tax hikes turned into tax decreases and a fiscal path that is more economically sustainable. Public sector unions have lost thousands of members; not due to layoffs, but from workers choosing to keep their hard earned dues for themselves.

And the state is now facing a $275 million budget surplus from both lowered costs and better then expected income tax collection, because Wisconsin's economy has actually improved from last year's budget battles - not declined as Democrats and union bosses promised.

So the good people of Wisconsin are heading to the polls this morning and through out the entire afternoon simply because public sector unions place their out-of-date, economically senseless and power hungryness over the good of their state, their workers and their neighbors. This is nothing but union retribution against a man who had the gall to dare take them on.

This, my friends in Wisconsin, is a defining moment for your state: will you stand with Governor Walker, who implemented reforms that not only give public sector workers more rights in dealing with their own economic future, but also worked: costs are down from school districts to the state budget, and which is fiscally correct in these troubling times. Or will you stand with the unions, which only cares about power, wealth and their political agenda - and who were more then content to see future pension costs rise even higher, risking the entire state's budget and exploding taxation.

I don't know about you, but in these times what we need is leadership. And on that point, I ask that every one reading this article in Wisconsin cast their ballot high for Governor Scott Walker, and for leadership...

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Recall Stupidity

This entire situation in Wisconsin, which has gripped the nation for over one year now, is just completely and utterly stupid, and it exposes the primary fault in recall laws: elected officials being targeted in the middle of a legislative term for voting their conscience. It just makes the act of governing even more political and divisive.

Aren't re-elections supposed to be when and where the electorate voices their approval or disapproval? Not anymore, apparently. The process has been hijacked to allowed well connected interest groups, and political parties to harass the other side for simply voting opposite on a contentious issue.

Our Founding Fathers granted Supreme Court Justices with lifetime appointments so they wouldn't base their decisions on political pressure, or threat of not being re-appointed, and the same principle of governing over political fear should hold true for a legislator, or even an executive, during their term of office.

Imagine if the recall option was available nationally and someone was able to collect the signatures in 2007 to stop President Bush from commencing the surge, or President Obama from signing his health care law, every thing would have been tossed into turmoil as, essentially, another election was formed in the middle of a term.

If this ongoing, never-ending situation in Wisconsin should teach us anything, its that the recall option should be taken off the books and thrown in the trash. And I say that also about the 2 Democratic lawmakers who also had to deal with recall battles in the state last year as well.

What say you?

A Call to Ban Ethinyl Estradiol and Fracking

It is hard to be an environmentalist these days.

Evidently synthetic hormones from contraceptive pills have found their way into rivers, streams and drinking supplies in the UK and have been linked to collapsing fish populations. Ethinyl estradiol (EE2) can trigger a condition known as intersex in fresh water fish. That is male fish showing female traits such as egg production. Clearly this is bad for the continuation of a species. So bad in fact that Tom Worstall, a contributor at Forbes magazine asks if women on contraceptive pills should pay an additional $1500 dollars annually to help pay for the clean up.

Seems only fair that the polluter should pay for the clean up.

But there is more.

In November of 2009 an article in Popular Mechanics noted the intersexing trend in the United States bass population and wondered if humans might be next?

The query turned prescient when researchers at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto found a strong correlation between estrogen use in women, i.e. birth control and the incidence of prostate cancer in men. (You can find the published data here.) This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as EE2 is the ultimate endocrine disruptor.

I make a big deal of this for one reason.

I have been following the natural gas debate for well over a year as New York has refused time and again landowners rights to use private property as they see fit. While the arguments have vacillated over time, the central tenet always comes back to water quality and public health. Much has been made by TEDX ,
and others that too little is know about the chemical make up of fracking fluid. That there is surely a group of endocrine disruptors that will lie in wait to cause some as yet undefined public health disaster.

All this while oral contraceptives are contaminating water supplies, destroying fish populations and causing prostate cancer in men right now. And yet, we hear not a peep from anyone who bases their opposition to hydraulic fracturing on water quality or public safety.

Now why is that, do you think?

I have never been one for the preachings of Saul Alinsky, but rule number 4 seems to offer a great deal here.
“The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”
With that in mind, I hereby call on Dr. Theo Colborn, Josh Fox, Citizens for Water, Water Defense, Mark Ruffalo, Frack Off, Sandra Steingraber, Chip Northrup, and others to join in common voice to call for the immediate ban of oral contraception by women.

The purity of our water, the health of our fish population and the lives of men around the country and world are at stake.

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The Department of What?

So now it is official.

The Department of Justice is going
to "insure the validity" of the election
in Wisconsin?

You can hear me now and believe me
later ---  but this is nothing but a trial run
for November.

There are twenty different ways to throw
an election, whether you are a Rep or a Dem.

If you are Barry's DOJ  there is only one
way to throw an election -- Barry's way.

If you think we are in for a free and fair election
in November --  think again pilgrim.

The goon squad is not going up there to just
watch.  To paraphrase Al Capone, "You can get
more done with a goon squad and a few kind words
than you can with just a few kind words.

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