Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chaos and Crisis in Syria

Chaos and crisis continue to plague Syria today, as Turkey and Japan joined eleven other nations in expelling Syrian diplomats; Russia and China still refuse to permit military intervention in the situation and Houla, where over 100 civilians were murdered over the weekend, is facing further bombardment.

Newspapers, domestic and foreign, are using Republican nominee Mitt Romney's key phrase that the world is in fact "paralyzed" in dealing with the brutal al-Assad regime and his Alawite cohorts. The U.N. appears sadly lock jammed in the belief that their cease fire agreement will gain any traction on the ground, while the Human Rights Committee is set to meet later this week.

The entire situation is equally maddening and saddening to watch. 

Why did the world ignore Syria for so long?

Why did they allow the death toll to rise daily without care?

Why did they pursue diplomacy with a murderer and tyrant?

Most answers involve "war weary" and "middle eastern conflict," but is that any excuse for sitting on the sidelines and allowing one well trained army to annihilate innocent civilians and a weak untrained militia? Since when is the previous war an excuse to forfeit the next one?

I am frankly shocked and disturbed over the world's reaction, especially my beloved United States. It's established that evil exists in this world, and that it cannot co-exist peacefully with the majority of people, nations and religions. And the most common and effective means to halting evil is by forcefully fighting it.

That is what must be done in regards to Syria. We must rise up, united, and give al-Assad's regime two options: stand down peacefully, or forcefully, because we are no longer going to watch this brutality and permit the unending slaughter of civilians and rebels.

What say you?

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