Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Assad Must Go

Enough is enough.
After fourteen months of watching Syria's brutal regime oppress and slaughter its own citizenry, escalating in the brutal massacre of 108 (mostly women and children) civilians earlier this week, outrage gripped several western nations, including Australia, Canada and the U.S., leading them to expel entire Syrian delegations today.

It's about time.

Assad and his Alawite allies spread out through the entire government have now murdered 10,000 civilians since last spring's pro-freedom protests. And the world has done absolutely nothing... Not. One. Thing. to stop the death, destruction and desolation left in the path of a brutal tyrant obsessed only with his power.

With his brutality now documented to be as disgusting as his father's own, who was responsible for over 25,000 dead Syrian's, mostly civilians, in the 1982 Hama massacre, even Russia is backing off from their unreasonable support of Assad's regime and calling for the U.N. peace plan to be put into full effect.

But the U.N. peace plan is generally useless. The only solution to Syria's ongoing crisis is the exit of Bashar al-Assad as president, and the only way that will be accomplished is by the world uniting and offering him an ultimatum: step away and stand down, or we will make you. And that might mean war, but that would be a blessing to the grieving families in Houla.

The tyrant must go. We must act. And we must do so now...before the next massacre is measured in thousands rather then hundreds...and God only knows what after that..

What say you?

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