Tuesday, June 05, 2012

GOP Projected to Win Lieutenant Governor and at least 3 of 4 Senate Districts; Hold Commanding Lead in 4th, But too Close to Call

Scott Walker has won his recall election and more good news is coming for Republicans. With much of the vote in, we can now project that the GOP will win at least three of the State Senate recall elections in Wisconsin as well as the race for Lieutenant Governor.

Lieutenant Governor Race, with 48% reporting:

Rebecca Kleefisch (R)- 570,579 votes, 58%
Mahlon Mitchell (D)- 417,627 votes, 42%

State Senate, District 13, with 56% reporting:

Scott Fitzgerald (R)- 23,345 votes, 59%
Lori Compas (D)- 15,525 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 23, with 38% reporting:

Terry Moulton (R)- 13,143 votes, 60%
Kristen Dexter (D)- 8,674 votes, 40%

State Senate, District 29, with 34% reporting:

Jerry Petrowski (R)- 13,775 votes, 65%
Donna Seidel (D)- 7,312 votes, 35%

The only race at the moment that is too close to call is District 21, in which the Republican candidate holds a commanding lead. However, only 10% of the vote is in:

State Senate, District 21, with 10% reporting:

Van Wanggaard (R)- 5,786 votes, 63%
John Lehman (D)- 3,448 votes, 37%

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Watch Scott Walker Victory Speech Live 6/5/2012

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Scott Walker Projected to Win Recall Election

With 19 percent of precincts reporting, Scott Walker holds a lead of 61% to challenger Tom Barrett's 39%. With such a lead, Pundit Press can now project that Scott Walker will win his recall election.
Despite Unions pushing mightily against him and President Obama... tweeting his support for Barrett, Scott Walker has won decisively. Now he can concentrate on bring Wisconsin further into prosperity.

What the implications will be for November can only be surmised. However, there is no doubt that Walker's win is a stunning mandate against the President and in favor of responsible government.
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Wisconsin Election Results Live, June 5, 2012

Update: Pundit Press can now project that Scott Walker will win his recall election! And in case you were wondering about the Senate and Lieutenant races: GOP Projected to Win Lieutenant Governor and at least 3 of 4 Senate Districts; Hold Commanding Lead in 4th, But too Close to Call.

Update, 10:36pm: With 55% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 673,228 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 478,826 votes, 41%

Update, 10:21pm: With 42% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 543,820 votes, 59%
Tom Barrett- 373,396 votes, 40%

Update, 10:07pm: With 30% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 372,158 votes, 60%
Tom Barrett- 248,560 votes, 40%

Update, 10:03pm: With 28% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 338,518 votes, 60%
Tom Barrett- 224,650 votes, 40%

Update, 9:58pm: With 24% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 297,626 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 185,706 votes, 38%

Update, 9:51pm: With 19% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 234,668 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 150,740 votes, 39%

Update, 9:48pm: With 17% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 209,968 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 134,856 votes, 39%

Update, 9:46pm: In case you were wondering about the State Senate elections, Republicans are winning handily in each race, but with (mainly) only about 10% in.

Update, 9:43pm: With 14% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 161,284 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 103,126 votes, 39%

Update, 9:40pm: With 11% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 135,579 votes, 61%
Tom Barrett- 86,822 votes, 39%

Update, 9:38- Tom Barrett is officially getting smoked thus far.

Update, 9:38pm: With 8% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 102,860 votes, 59%
Tom Barrett- 71,585 votes, 41%

Update, 9:35pm: With 7% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 92,804 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 65,383 votes, 41%

Update, 9:33pm: With 6% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 71,895 votes, 58%
Tom Barrett- 51,244 votes, 41%

Update, 9:31pm: With 4% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 56,273 votes, 57%
Tom Barrett- 41,704 votes, 42%

Update, 9:24pm: With 2% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 31,376 votes, 54%
Tom Barrett- 26,225 votes, 45%

Update, 9:23pm: With 1% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 19,729 votes, 62%
Tom Barrett- 11,671 votes, 37%

Update, 9:19pm: With .35% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 4,841 votes, 52%
Tom Barrett- 4,347 votes, 47%

Update, 9:17pm: With .3% of precincts reporting:
Scott Walker- 2,329 votes, 57%
Tom Barrett- 1,701 votes, 42%

Mr. K and I will be updating two separate articles detailing the recall election in Wisconsin. Check back here or on Mr. K's to get up-to-the-minute results.

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Live Wisconsin Recall Election Results

Update (10:00 pm):

Well, that was short: Pundit Press projects Scott Walker wins recall election

Update (9:57 pm):

Walker - 297,626 - 61.2%
Barrett - 185,706 - 38.2%
24% of precincts reporting

Update (9:54 pm):

Walker is definitely racking up the votes early on, but Barrett strongholds Dane and Milwaukee have yet to report substantial results yet, so this thing is far from over, although its looking good for Walker.

Update (9:53 pm):

Walker - 262,508 - 60.5%
Barrett - 169,037 - 38.9%
21% of precincts reporting

Update (9:52 pm):

Walker - 234,668 - 60.5%
Barrett - 150,740 - 38.9%
19% of precincts reporting

Update (9:48 pm):

Walker - 209,968 - 60.5%
Barrett - 134,856- 38.9%
17% of precincts reporting

Update (9:45 pm):

Walker - 161,284 - 60.7%
Barrett - 103,126 - 38.8%
14% of precincts reporting

Update (9:40 pm):

Walker -135,579 - 60.6%
Barrett - 86,822 - 38.8%
11% of precincts reporting

Update (9:38 pm):

Walker -102,860 - 58.6%
Barrett - 71,585 - 40.8%
8% of precincts reporting

Update (9:36 pm):

Walker - 92,804 - 58.2%
Barrett - 65,383 - 41.1%
7% of precincts reporting

Update (9:32 pm):

Walker - 71,895 - 58.1%
Barrett - 51,244 - 41.4%
6% of precincts reporting

Update (9:28 pm):

Walker - 56,273 - 57.1%
Barrett - 41,704 - 42.3%
4% of precincts reporting

Update (9:26 pm):

Walker - 31,376 - 54.2%
Barrett - 26,225 - 45.3%
2% of precincts reporting

Update (9:22 pm):

Walker - 19,726 - 62.5%
Barrett - 11,671 - 36.9%
1% of precincts reporting

Update (9:20 pm):

Walker - 4,881 - 52.4%
Barrett - 4,347 - 47.0%

Update (9:17 pm):

The first results, my friends. Only 100 updates to go!

Walker - 2,329 - 57.4%
Barrett - 1,701 - 41.9%

Update (9:05 pm):

Just a reminder, the counties to watch tonight are: Dane, Milwaukee and Waukesha. Turnout has been very high in all three and they are quite important bases of support (the first two for Barrett, the last for Walker).

Update (9:00 pm):

Polls are now closed. Let the waiting game begin, as ballots are tallied and eventually, hopefully, a winner is named tonight.

Original Article:

Polls will be closing in under fifteen minutes all across the Badger State, with turnout estimated to be at record high levels and the epic battle between Governor Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to be neck-and-neck.

Stay tuned to Pundit Press, as we will be following this election very closely through out the evening.

Vote: Who Will Win in the Wisconsin Recall Election?

Any way you look at it, the recall election of Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is coming down to the wire. Poll leading up to today showed Walker with a small, but significant, lead. Additionally, exit polls show that he likely received the most votes.

However, polls are not necessarily reliable. Allegations of voter fraud have come from both sides. Voter turnout is very high. And no matter what side of the political spectrum you reside, you know that this is an important election with large ramifications come November.

So we ask you: who will win today's race in Wisconsin? Will Scott Walker win it fair and square, or will Tom Barrett steal it? Will it be vice versa? The choice is yours. Please vote below:

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BREAKING: Suspected Fraudulent Ballot Applications Nabbed in WI, While Another Man Tries to Vote Twice

Oh, how things have gone from interesting to more so. With hundreds of new absentee ballots being injected into the Wisconsin Governor's race, it appears that the large turnout could be a shield for further fraud. This appears to be the case in one election, where several absentee ballot applications are believed to be fraudulent.

This is the case in Waukesha County. Two ballot applications have been turned over by the City Clerk because they are believed to be fraudulent.
The possible vote fraud in Delafield was detected by Deputy Clerk Ellen O'Brien who has more than 15 years experience in administering local elections and became suspicious of the addresses and handwriting on the application forms.
Another man tried to vote in person after receiving an absentee ballot:
City election officials also detected another potential incidence of vote fraud after a 25-year-old man cast an absentee ballot at City Hall on Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after city election officials mailed him an absentee ballot that he had earlier requested.
Oh, boy. This is getting interesting.

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Video: GOP Poll Watcher Ejected from Madison Voting Station

From Breitbart:

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Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

UPDATE: Fraudulent ballot applications believed found, while another man tries to vote twice!

From students using class schedules to "prove" that they live in Wisconsin (but not who they actually are), to multiple accounts of people being "bused" in, dozens of accounts of Democrat and Union attempts to commit voter fraud in Wisconsin have hit the news. One town even has turnout that was reportedly six times the votes normally cast in a "heavy" participation election- and that was at 10:30 am in the morning.

First is a story from Milwaukee, in which students printed out a piece of paper in order to "prove" their identities. Last Friday, on a High School field trip, two teachers and dozens of students voted "during the early in-person absentee balloting period." To prove their identity, they provided a sheet of paper that simply stated the students' alleged names and what classes they might attend. Their date of birth was confirmed not to be on the schedule. Even worse? Milwaukee's Election Commission director Sue Edmond stated that, even should they find out that the students lied about their DOB or who they were, their votes would not be discounted.

Second, Wisconsin voter John Barrett reported that he voted this morning in the town of Norway. According to him, heavy turnout would be around 300, with low turnout in the 90s. Yet, when he voted early in the morning (at 10:30), he was already vote number 1,794:
Third, and more horrifying, comes this account from the website Free Republic. A voter went in to cast their ballot, yet was faced with a 25 minute wait. After looking around, this person found out that the hold up was due to "non-medical personnel" demanding that elderly people vote for Tom Barrett. The "helpers" were screaming the f-word at the folks and telling them to defecate on themselves. Eventually, they realized that they were being listened to and chased off the voter. But that was after physically threatening them and breaking their phone.

Finally, there is the account that is burning up the internet, particularly YouTube and Twitter. A caller to the Chris Plante Show witnessed unions illegally busing people from Michigan into Wisconsin in order to vote against Governor Walker. You can listen to the call below:

Update: Yet another tale of voter fraud:

Update #3: 119% voter turnout in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Live Wisconsin Results Coming Tonight

Just to let you know well ahead of time, Pundit Press will be covering the Wisconsin recall election live tonight. That means live updates, in-depth articles, and overarching coverage.

There are all ready several articles about Wisconsin on the main page for your perusal if you can't wait for our live result coverage.

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Al Qaeda’s Number Two Abu Yahya Al-Libi Killed In Drone Airstrike

Rot in Hell.

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Milwaukee Calls In Extra Poll Workers

The city Election Commission of Milwaukee has made the call for extra poll workers, as turnout is quite heavy and the number of new voters registering is significant.

More from the Journal-Sentinel:
Heavy turnout in Milwaukee led the city Election Commission to call out the reserves Tuesday.
Extra poll workers were sent to polling places at Becher Terrace, Bradley Tech High School, Keenan Health Center, Morse Middle School, Rufus King International School Middle Years Campus and Cass Street, 53rd Street, Grantosa and Parkview schools, said Sue Edman, the election commission’s executive director.
The backup workers were needed to handle long lines, partly because a significant number of new voters were registering at the polls, Edman said.
“We knew things would be busy, but we didn’t know how busy,” Edman said.
In some cases, poll workers were shifted from less-crowded polling places to busier ones, Edman said. In other cases, she used poll workers who had agreed to be on call or city administrators who had volunteered to help out, she said.
Voting machines broke down or jammed twice at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and once each at Manitoba School and the OASIS Senior Center, Edman said. Each time, voters were asked to place their ballots in secure bins so that poll workers could feed them into the machines after they were repaired, usually within 15 or 20 minutes, she said.
Turnout is going through the roof in rural, suburbia and urban Wisconsin. Get out there and vote!!!

Unions Busing in Voters to Wisconsin?

UPDATE: Fox Nation has obtained and posted the transcript from Mr. Plante's conversation with the caller that started this entire story, and his report that unions were busing in voters from Michigan to help sway the election against Scott Walker.... This also comes as Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

Check it out. From my perspective it's definitely interesting, but I still believe the story is false.

Original Article:

Rumors are circulating on the internet that unions are busing in voters from Detroit in order to sway the election against Governor Scott Walker, whom they are trying to recall and replace with Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.

Apparently, someone called into the Chris Plante Show (which, admittedly, I didn't know existed until one hour ago) with the aforementioned allegations. However, according to various accounts of people who have listened to that segment, the caller didn't answer Mr. Plante's questions, nor did he leave his contact information as he was requested to do.

And considering not one blog post or news article has been written about this bus-in, when only fifty million, or so, people are glued to Wisconsin election coverage right now and this would blow the lid off the story, I have to conclude - along with evidence from the caller's lack of credible information - that this rumor is just that, not one ounce of fact.

I'm sure we will see roughly one hundred different versions of this story, from both sides, pop up through out today. So please, just ignore them and go out and vote! That's all that really matters.

Wisconsin Turnout Steady

UPDATE: 12:21 PM, Eastern Standard Time:

According to the Journal-Sentinel, heavy absentee voting (206,000 ballots in total) has eased polling pain in Wisconsin's recall election thus far, which has seen strong turnout across the state. No voting issues have occurred.

Original Article:

The polls are open and voters are streaming into various sites across the great State of Wisconsin to vote in today's historic recall election.

Gov. Scott Walker waiting on line to vote
Early indicators suggest turnout is equal to, or greater then the 2010 gubernatorial election that set this entire saga into motion. Which is definitely unsurprising, considering the electorate has a great stake in the results...

Editorial: Vote for Leadership, Vote for Walker

With the good people of Wisconsin, Democrats and Republicans alike, heading to the polls this morning to either stay the course with Governor Scott Walker, or recall him and install someone new, the question we should all be asking is why. Why is any of this taking place to begin with?

It's taking place not because of personal or political scandal, but for the 2011 budget repair bill that Walker refused to back down from. In case you've forgotten, the bill was introduced in early 2011 to restructure an century of law in dealing with public sector unions: eliminating mandatory dues, limiting collective bargaining, forcing workers to contribute to health care insurance and pensions.

Firemen and Police unions were exempt from the bill, and the sole purpose was to reign in public unions and the costs associated with their pensions before it busted the state's budget, which was three billion in the hole. The response from Democratic lawmakers was to flee the legislature into Illinois, while the unions and cronies protested outside the Capitol building for weeks - causing millions of dollars worth of damage to the grounds, and the building itself on several occasions.  

After weeks of this tense and childish standoff between Governor Walker, demanding a vote be had, and Senate Democrats, refusing to do their job, legislative Republicans discovered legislative gimmickry in the law, allowing them to bypass the formerly needed quorum and passed the bill into law, which was quickly signed by Walker.

The results?

Dozens of school districts, including the one that Governor Walker's opponent resides in, have restructured contracts that have led to deficits being turned into revenues; tax hikes turned into tax decreases and a fiscal path that is more economically sustainable. Public sector unions have lost thousands of members; not due to layoffs, but from workers choosing to keep their hard earned dues for themselves.

And the state is now facing a $275 million budget surplus from both lowered costs and better then expected income tax collection, because Wisconsin's economy has actually improved from last year's budget battles - not declined as Democrats and union bosses promised.

So the good people of Wisconsin are heading to the polls this morning and through out the entire afternoon simply because public sector unions place their out-of-date, economically senseless and power hungryness over the good of their state, their workers and their neighbors. This is nothing but union retribution against a man who had the gall to dare take them on.

This, my friends in Wisconsin, is a defining moment for your state: will you stand with Governor Walker, who implemented reforms that not only give public sector workers more rights in dealing with their own economic future, but also worked: costs are down from school districts to the state budget, and which is fiscally correct in these troubling times. Or will you stand with the unions, which only cares about power, wealth and their political agenda - and who were more then content to see future pension costs rise even higher, risking the entire state's budget and exploding taxation.

I don't know about you, but in these times what we need is leadership. And on that point, I ask that every one reading this article in Wisconsin cast their ballot high for Governor Scott Walker, and for leadership...

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Monday, June 04, 2012

Recall Stupidity

This entire situation in Wisconsin, which has gripped the nation for over one year now, is just completely and utterly stupid, and it exposes the primary fault in recall laws: elected officials being targeted in the middle of a legislative term for voting their conscience. It just makes the act of governing even more political and divisive.

Aren't re-elections supposed to be when and where the electorate voices their approval or disapproval? Not anymore, apparently. The process has been hijacked to allowed well connected interest groups, and political parties to harass the other side for simply voting opposite on a contentious issue.

Our Founding Fathers granted Supreme Court Justices with lifetime appointments so they wouldn't base their decisions on political pressure, or threat of not being re-appointed, and the same principle of governing over political fear should hold true for a legislator, or even an executive, during their term of office.

Imagine if the recall option was available nationally and someone was able to collect the signatures in 2007 to stop President Bush from commencing the surge, or President Obama from signing his health care law, every thing would have been tossed into turmoil as, essentially, another election was formed in the middle of a term.

If this ongoing, never-ending situation in Wisconsin should teach us anything, its that the recall option should be taken off the books and thrown in the trash. And I say that also about the 2 Democratic lawmakers who also had to deal with recall battles in the state last year as well.

What say you?

A Call to Ban Ethinyl Estradiol and Fracking

It is hard to be an environmentalist these days.

Evidently synthetic hormones from contraceptive pills have found their way into rivers, streams and drinking supplies in the UK and have been linked to collapsing fish populations. Ethinyl estradiol (EE2) can trigger a condition known as intersex in fresh water fish. That is male fish showing female traits such as egg production. Clearly this is bad for the continuation of a species. So bad in fact that Tom Worstall, a contributor at Forbes magazine asks if women on contraceptive pills should pay an additional $1500 dollars annually to help pay for the clean up.

Seems only fair that the polluter should pay for the clean up.

But there is more.

In November of 2009 an article in Popular Mechanics noted the intersexing trend in the United States bass population and wondered if humans might be next?

The query turned prescient when researchers at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto found a strong correlation between estrogen use in women, i.e. birth control and the incidence of prostate cancer in men. (You can find the published data here.) This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as EE2 is the ultimate endocrine disruptor.

I make a big deal of this for one reason.

I have been following the natural gas debate for well over a year as New York has refused time and again landowners rights to use private property as they see fit. While the arguments have vacillated over time, the central tenet always comes back to water quality and public health. Much has been made by TEDX ,
and others that too little is know about the chemical make up of fracking fluid. That there is surely a group of endocrine disruptors that will lie in wait to cause some as yet undefined public health disaster.

All this while oral contraceptives are contaminating water supplies, destroying fish populations and causing prostate cancer in men right now. And yet, we hear not a peep from anyone who bases their opposition to hydraulic fracturing on water quality or public safety.

Now why is that, do you think?

I have never been one for the preachings of Saul Alinsky, but rule number 4 seems to offer a great deal here.
“The fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”
With that in mind, I hereby call on Dr. Theo Colborn, Josh Fox, Citizens for Water, Water Defense, Mark Ruffalo, Frack Off, Sandra Steingraber, Chip Northrup, and others to join in common voice to call for the immediate ban of oral contraception by women.

The purity of our water, the health of our fish population and the lives of men around the country and world are at stake.

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The Department of What?

So now it is official.

The Department of Justice is going
to "insure the validity" of the election
in Wisconsin?

You can hear me now and believe me
later ---  but this is nothing but a trial run
for November.

There are twenty different ways to throw
an election, whether you are a Rep or a Dem.

If you are Barry's DOJ  there is only one
way to throw an election -- Barry's way.

If you think we are in for a free and fair election
in November --  think again pilgrim.

The goon squad is not going up there to just
watch.  To paraphrase Al Capone, "You can get
more done with a goon squad and a few kind words
than you can with just a few kind words.

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Perhaps best of all, the service is secure to make sure that your files are not taken or leaked:

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The Chinese had it Right

Or it could have been Ghandi, or Miamoto Musashi, but one of the old
guys said, "If you would know a man, give him authority."

Well, for some odd reason, known only to God, this guy from Indonesia,
Barry Soetoro was given the highest office on the planet.  You know, he
could have been a PTA president and botched that all up.  He could have
been president of a New Car Dealers Association in Chicago.  At that job,
he would have lasted about four weeks, and then been thrown out on his
keister.  He could have been head usher at one of the local theaters in
Chicago, but n-o-o-o-o:  he gets to be president of these United States.

If there was ever a prime example of the Peter Principle at work, Barry
is it.  So he is President?  Is this some kind of sick joke?

And so in the natural course of events, this draft dodging, selective
service dodging, citizenship dodging, constitution dodging excuse for
who knows what, decides to make a campaign speech on Memorial Day,
2012.  Where does he do it?  At the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial in our
nations' capitol.  Emphasis on "our,

while knowing that thousands of real Americans, true Veterans,
would be present to pay respects for their friends, relatives and loved ones
who paid the ultimate sacrifice, at the Memorial, on Memorial Day.

So what does this national embarrassment, this poor excuse for the leader
of the free world do?   He closes the Memorial.  He closes the Memorial.
The Narcissistic Nitwit in Chief closes the Memorial to the veterans
and friends who came to pay their respects.

Then he makes one of his assinine campaign speeches, referrencing his
power as "president." 

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the
audacity and arrogance of this make believe, wanna be, never has been
excuse for a leader. 

I respect the office of the president.  As a veteran, I respect the Viet Nam
Memorial.  But to have to put up with this childish, whiny butt hack from
Chicago by way of Indonesia,  I just can't do it, anymore, if ever. 

If he is by any chance re-elected in November, let's kiss everything we know
and love a fond farewell, and just make everyday a holiday and bow down
to his royal highness, as he golfs, vacations and ruins our great country.

If you would know a man, give him authority.

Chinese Market Remembers Tianamen on Anniversay

HT: New York Times

Today is the twenty-third anniversary of the horrific Tianamen Square crackdown, when the Chinese military slaughtered hundreds of democracy protesters, and the most remarkable, and odd thing occurred on China's Shanghai Stock Exchange this morning that has government censors working double time.

The market lost 64.89 points today, which kinda looks like June 4th, 1989 - the date of the crackdown. The government is pretty much censoring everything conceivable on their internet search engines and blogs related to this statistically oddity, but the story gets even weirder.

When the trading day ended, the market's index was 2346.98, or 23 years, June 4th, 1989 - in reverse.

Now, it's pretty much impossible that investors could have rigged the thousands of stocks being traded to fall perfectly in line to produce these numbers, but it is plausible that the market was hacked by someone wanting to send the Chinese government a message, especially in wake of their recent high profile dissident crisis involving the United States State Department.

Either way, I'm glad the government is sweating bullets today. They deserve much, much worse for what they did 23 years ago to innocent, unarmed protesters only desiring a better, freer existence.

What say you?

The Basics of Oil Supply and Demand

Many are wondering how increased oil production in nations like Iraq, Libya and Saudi Arabia is leading to lower crude oil globally and gas prices domestically, even though the situation is still quite dangerous in Iran, and whether war is imminent or not.

It's actually rather simple.

The world as a whole produces 84.7 million barrels of oil daily and consumes 82.7 million barrels per day, leaving around 2 million daily for reserves and other uses. This is why when civil war erupted in Libya, and NATO stepped in, crude oil skyrocketed because over 1.7 million barrels of production were disrupted...

Supply and demand, especially in regards to something as important as oil production, is a very simple yet delicate formula: reducing supply while maintaining current demand will always lead to higher prices.

Now, in regards to Iran this is even more true. The oil rich country produces over 4 million barrels per day, while they consume around 1.8 million daily, meaning that if total war occurs - even with Iran's consumption lowered dramatically, we will be several hundred thousand barrels short per day, which will lead to prices exploding.

However, with key nations increasing their daily production, including the United States to a small degree, we are coming close to the point where taking Iran out of the supply equation will no longer effect prices - thus fears over supply and demand issues during a potential conflict are abated, and supply is plentiful in a peaceful state.

Which is why we need American oil production to increase immediately. It not only will lead us to energy independence, but to greater security and protection from Iran's threats on the global oil markets.

What say you?

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Crude Oil, Gas Prices Decline as Global Production Increases

As I'm sure everyone has noticed, the price of crude oil has been dropping like a stone: almost $20 in the past month - sending national gasoline prices down to $3.59 on average. Gas prices have gone down near 30 cents in my area, which has definitely brought some relief to my wallet.

But why has the price of crude oil, and thus gasoline prices, been decreasing by such a margin?

Well, I'm no expert on domestic gas policy by any means, but the average American driver has been using less gasoline over the past couple of months to conserve what remains in their paycheck every week, sending down demand. However, the three main reasons for our breather at the pump are due to key foreign exporters:

1. Oil production has reached pre-war levels of 1.6 million barrels per day in Libya, which has primarily aided Europe's sluggish oil supplies, and BP announced that they will be resuming operations in the nation as its now safe enough for their employees to be on the ground.

2. Iraq's post-Saddam oil production has reached historic levels: 2.5 million barrels per day, with another four hundred thousand expected to be added by next year and some estimate that number could reach as much as six million by early next decade.

3. International sanctions on Iranian oil exports will be kicking in next month, but due to increasing exports by Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the United States, coupled with the global economic situation still weak, has led to the realization that we can weather less Iranian exports, and perhaps in the future, replace them entirely.

Regardless, this recent decrease in crude oil should indicate to hesitant individuals within our government, namely the President, that increased domestic oil production will not only shield ourselves from Iran's grip but will also lead to a growing supply, which will be large enough to prevent shortages when demand goes up as our economy improves.

What say you?
Sunday Morning Bible Story

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament
sheweth his handiwork.  Day unto day uttereth speech, and
night unto night sheweth knowlege.  There is no speech nor
language where their voice is not heard.  Psalm 19

All through scripture there is the enduring revelation that God
made the heavens and the earth.  It is repeated, taught and
revealed in verse after verse, book after book, and is central
in both the Old and New Testaments. 

This passage though rises to a higher level, and teaches plainly
that not only did God, Jehovah, create the heaven and the earth,
it teaches that the heaven and the earth reveal God to man. 

The old timers in theology referred to this as "the light of nature."
So not only does looking at creation reveal to man that there is
a supreme creator, nature teaches us that Jehovah is God.

There is no such thing as "mother nature," and no such thing as
"father time."  There is the God, Jehovah, who created all things
and is revealed in the things which he created.

What can man see in nature? 

1.  The glory of God.   In nature, specifically in the heavens, God
has revealed to man that he is a glorious God.  Can anyone look
up at the heavens, day or night, and not tell that there is a glory
beyond description in words? 

Poets for centuries talk of the beauty of sunrise and sunset, the
clouds, the stars, the dark and the light.  Flowers and birds and
trees, nature, nature, nature.  Robert Browning says it as good
as anyone:
                        The year's at the spring
                        and day's at the morn;
                        morning's at seven;
                        the hillside's dew-pearled;
                        the lark's on the wing;
                        the snail's on the thorn:
                        God's in his heaven-
                        all's right with the world.

2.  The handywork of God.   Nature teaches that God is
at work in the world.  The greatness of the sky, the heavens,
the stars, the clouds, the sun and the moon, the complete
vastness of the universe, of which we can only see what God
has chosen to reveal to us, those things all speak to us and
they are saying --  there is a God, a glorious God who has
been at work in our world, and who continues to work on
our behalf.

Which is greater,  the creation of the world and all things in
it, or the oversight which keeps the sun, moon, stars and
planets in their courses?   Both require the glory and constant
work of a great God.  Which is more difficult, creating the
earth and the grass and trees and flowers, or, making sure
that they grow, and reproduce and flourish?

3.  That God speaks to us day by day.  The Psalmist says,
"day unto day uttereth speech."  This great God who made
all things to reveal his glory, speaks to us day after day.
Each day is a chance to learn something new about God.
Can anyone ever get enough of seeing a sunrise?  A sunset?
A bright, beautiful morning?  A rainy afternoon?  God
reveals himself to man, through nature, on a daily basis.

Perhaps the lesson for us is that if we don't know enough
about his glory, we have not been paying close attention.
After all, David has not said that God reveals himself in
television, sports or talk radio, just sayin'.

4.  That there is no place or people on earth who cannot
learn of God through nature.  There is no speech nor
language where their voice is not heard, is the revelation
of God.  Everyone, around the globe, far and near, no
matter what their speech or language, can learn of God
through the light of nature. 

The apostle Paul in Romans chapter one relates this same
idea, saying:  "for the invisible things of him from the
creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood
by the things that are made, even his eternal power and
Godhead, so that they are without excuse."

God is at work in the world, and he reveals himself to man
in the beauty and glory of nature.  This revelation of God
is on-going, day after day, night after night, and through
the light of nature, the great God who make all things
commands that we bow to his great glory. 

And, as we respond to the light of nature, and behold
and submit to God's glory, he reveals himself further to
us in the light of conscience, and  in the light of his word.

"And the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,
and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only
begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth."

Big Ben to be Renamed

Woah. From the Telegraph:
Parliamentary authorities are now expected to support the calls to rename the Clock Tower as “The Elizabeth Tower” when they meet in a few weeks.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are among senior figures from all three major parties who backed the proposal for Parliament to bestow the tribute to the Monarch.

They are among 331 MPs, from a total of 650, who now support the campaign, which is also understood to have backing from the Cabinet Office and Buckingham Palace.

A further 40 MPs have signed a Commons early day motion calling for the east tower at the Palace of Westminster to be formally named "The Elizabeth Tower".

Other MPs backing the idea include the William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, Theresa May, the Home Secretary, and Iain Duncan Smith, the Work and Pensions Secretary.
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Saturday, June 02, 2012

Live Wisconsin Recall Election Updates Coming Tonight

Just to let you know well ahead of time, Pundit Press will be covering the Wisconsin recall election live tonight. That means live updates, in-depth articles, and overarching coverage.

There are all ready several articles about Wisconsin on the main page for your perusal if you can't wait for our live result coverage.

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Wisconsin Recall Election Results Coming Tonight- Live

Just to let you know well ahead of time, Pundit Press will be covering the Wisconsin recall election live tonight. That means live updates, in-depth articles, and overarching coverage.

There are all ready several articles about Wisconsin on the main page for your perusal if you can't wait for our live result coverage.

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Wisconsin Voter Fraud? June 5, 2012

Rumors are circulating on the internet that unions are busing in voters from Detroit in order to sway the election against Governor Scott Walker, whom they are trying to recall and replace with Democrat Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee.

Apparently, someone called into the Chris Plante Show (which, admittedly, I didn't know existed until one hour ago) with the aforementioned allegations. However, according to various accounts of people who have listened to that segment, the caller didn't answer Mr. Plante's questions, nor did he leave his contact information as he was requested to do.

And considering not one blog post or news article has been written about this bus-in, when only fifty million, or so, people are glued to Wisconsin election coverage right now and this would blow the lid off the story, I have to conclude - along with evidence from the caller's lack of credible information - that this rumor is just that, not one ounce of fact.

I'm sure we will see roughly one hundred different versions of this story, from both sides, pop up through out today. So please, just ignore them and go out and vote! That's all that really matters.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Johan Santana Throws Mets' First No Hitter

As a Mets fan whose gone through a tremendous amount of agony in my fandom, I thought this day would never come. But it has! Johan Santana has just thrown the Mets' first no hitter, tossing 134 pitches in a 8-0 win over the Cardinals. Sweet Jesus!

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The Thingamajig-in-chief

With the national public embarrassment which has become our weekly
political soap opera, it is getting extremely difficult to write anything
remotely close to an authentic column worthy of thinking people to
read and ponder.

What happened this week in this pre-planned, packaged for the leftist
media, rolled out by the media machine and lambasted by every
comservative blog in the country?

Well, let's see, there was the worse than useless Eric Holder teaching
black pastors to skirt the law so they could politic from the pulpit, get
out the vote, and do exactly that which the government has been
penalizing non-black churches for.  Nice job Holder, what will you
do next week, bring Fast and Furious to Chicago's drug gangs?

And contrary to the lies told by the lying liars cooking the books for
the liar-in-squaw, that he is a fiscal conservative, we find out this
week that Barry Soetoro, who from the third grade wanted to be
present  president, that he in truth, has spent more than the last
five presidents combined.

Forget the insipid fact that Barry is so enamored with his barber
that he flies him to the White House every two weeks so they can
do some male bonding whilst his lovely locks are probably being
saved for some witches brew on election day.  At least Trump has
some hair to cut.  And we thought John Edwards was narcisscistic
because he spent $400 for his trim?  At least he has hair.  Barry is
making Narcissus look like Woody Allen.

And of course Barry, intimidated by Lech Walesa, possibly because
Mr. Walsea has no aliases and actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize,
has refused to invite him to our White House, making Barry again
look like the spoiled brat we all thought he has been.

And Bro. Barry is still trying to explain that the Bible really says
that gay marriage is a good thing. 

And the White House cooks are fixing the numbers on unemployment
figures, they're probably doing the books in the kitchen, in between
the Kobe steaks, escargot and the sauteed rijsttafel.

And there was the unveiling of our last real president's portrait,
and Barry couldn't help highlighting his own un-reality during
what was supposed to be an occassion to honor Mr. Bush.  Seems
he thinks everything is about him, and every occasion is just some
stupid grinning fun for the Choom Gang.

And then Barry has time to do six, SIX,  fundraisers in one day.

One wonders, doesn't one, what this narcissictic maniac is going
to do once he loses his position this November.  Seriously, the only
thing left for someone who thinks so much of himself is a career
in Hollywood.  No joke.

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Justin Bieber Concussion Video


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New Romney Ad: Symbol of Failure

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Unemployment Rate Rises to 8.2%

The Department of Labor's new jobs report is uninspiring and quite depressing: only 69,000 were added last month; the participation rate rose by over six hundred thousand and the unemployment rate rose to 8.2%, the first increase since mid-2011.

This also represents the single biggest hurdle for President Obama, because when he was campaigning for his $800 billion stimulus package in 2009 one of the main selling points was that if passed the unemployment rate would not break the eight percent threshold. Well, three and a half years later, the rate hasn't been below 8% since it was passed.

And if the summer before the election remains stagnant and actually declines, his reelection hopes will all but collapse, which is why Mitt Romney released a campaign video slamming Obama on Solyndra and the three year culture of flawed government stimulus that has resulted in billions wasted, zero job growth, and outright scandal.

But regardless of the political implications, Americans are suffering because of our lousy economic situation, and something must be done about it immediately. I don't care which party does it, it just has to be done...

What say you?

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Virginia Primaries Heating Up - Ken Vaughn for Congress VA 11th

We have our primaries coming up in Virginia in just over a week.  Things are getting hot around here with last minute campaigning and the get out the vote effort.  

A man I know and genuinely like is running for congress in the Virginia 11th.  His name is Ken Vaughn.  He and his wife Julie were one of the first people that I met when I decided to dip my toe into the activism world; having no idea where it would lead.  

Ken and Julie opened up their home to strangers and helped get us organized.  Believe me in the progressive la la land that Northern Virginia is, that wasn't an easy task.  Ken took it many steps beyond me and decided to run.  When he made this decision it was before redistricting and he wasn't sure if he would be running against Moron Moran or Connelly.  Once the lines had been set, he found out he would be running against Connelly and would have to face a primary challenge.  

If you live around the NOVA area, help Ken with his GOTV efforts, if you don't you still help out with a small (or not so small) donation.  Every little bit matters when election day is in less than two weeks.  

Ken is an honest man.  He will work to help us get back on a path of fiscal sanity.  

Here is one of the latest email ads and this should strike a cord for all fiscal conservatives:  Spending must be curbed, and it must be done now.

After more than a year on the campaign trail, my primary opponent has finally explained how he wants to cut government spending:
With 48 cents of every dollar the federal government plans to spend next year going to a so-called 'entitlement', I recall what the famous outlaw, Willie Sutton, answered when asked why he robbed banks:  "Because that's where the money is!"  Six cents of each dollar will go to paying the interest on the national debt, 27 cents will pay for national security related expenditures, and the remaining 19 cents will be used for everything else the federal government does. 

We can absolutely find some savings within the latter, but significant entitlement reform will be required to make a serious dent in our deficit and national debt.  We should not go after retirees and near-retirees, but rather restructure the system for future generations who would virtually lose all benefits when the programs collapse.
After highlighting how much money is spent on entitlements he fails to identify a single cut that he is willing to make today. Instead, his proposal is to have the “future generations” pay for all of our spending!
I find that proposal to be fundamentally immoral.
There is a better way. It starts by resolving to live within our means. Just as when an overweight person pledges to get into shape, it’ll take work and require a change in lifestyle, but we can succeed, if we unite behind a common goal.
To achieve our goal, we must first define what that goal is. Our Congress needs to set a budgetary goal with measurable milestones. Just as President Kennedy pledged to put a man on the moon within a decade, we need to rally behind a goal of returning our debt to a sustainable level within 12 years.  Once we know what our goal is, we can then develop a year-by-year debt plan showing how we will get there. Our Congress should then raise or lower the debt ceiling based on this plan. This will put real constraints on our budget.
Whoever wins this congressional race will be only one voice out of 435 in the House. That person will need to work with others in Congress to get things done – as a result, it is impossible to predict what the detailed spending and tax policies might look like at the end of the process. However, common sense tells us that virtually every program will have to contribute to the solution. History has shown that it is unlikely that federal revenues will exceed 19% of our economy, regardless of what our tax policies are. That means we will need to cut federal spending by about a third if we are to be responsible. This will not be easy but my website provides a sample budget that describes what this might look like.
My question to you is: Would you rather have your representative join with the current majority from both parties in stealing from our children’s future, or would you prefer to have your representative lead the way towards a more responsible budget?
I will lead.
We are now twelve days away from the primary election, and every dollar counts. Please help the cause by making a $250, $100, $50, or $25 donation today.
In Liberty,
Ken Vaughn
Our campaign is very excited to announce the endorsements of the following 11th District voters:
David Ray- State Central, 11th Congressional District
Geraldine Davie- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
James Lightweis- Delegate to the Republican National Conventional, Virginia’s 11th Congressional District
Steven Yeh- Former Congressional Candidate, 11th Congressional District
Terrence Boulden- African-American Coalition Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Fredy Burgos- Burke Precinct Captain, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Ralph Hubbard- Sully District Chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee
Please join us at some of our upcoming events:
PWCRC Call center event with Ken Vaughn
Tuesday June 5, 6:00pm- 8:00pm
Prince William County Republican Committee Headquarters
4431 Prince William County Parkway, Woodbridge 22192
RVSP to campaign@vaughnforcongress.com
Get-Out-The-Vote Canvassing Effort
Saturday June 2, and Saturday June 9, 10am- 2pm or 2pm- 5pm
Vaughn for Congress Campaign Headquarters
10410 Main St. Fairfax 22030, Suite 220
To reserve a spot on our Canvassing Team RSVP to campaign@vaughnforcongress.com

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Let’s Learn From the Past and Stop Spending the Future

Remember the BP oil spill? We can still learn a few things from that experience.

In the constantly multiplying days since the BP oil spill all we have received from President Obama are many nuanced, vetted, and parsed versions of Bart Simpson’s famous dodge, “I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything!”  Not exactly the change those who voted for the only honest politician from Chicago had hoped for is it?  It makes me wonder, is there a sign on the President’s desk that says, “The Buck Stops Over There.”  More than three years into a national calamity and only six months away from what we hope will be change in 2013 and Mr. Obama still thinks his fingerprints aren’t on anything except the levers of imperial power and a big arrow that points to Crawford, Texas.

In his first address to the nation from the Oval Office President Obama sounded like a professor lecturing his self-indulgent students as to why they failed their test because they didn’t study, “It’s a bad result but it’s your fault.”  BP was responsible for the leaking oil because they are greedy capitalists, but America was responsible because we use more oil than we possess or are allowed to produce parroting the falsehood, "We consume more than 20% of the world's oil, but have less than 2% of the world's oil reserve.”   Mr. Obama went so far as to blame Mother Nature falsely saying “And that's part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean -- because we're running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water."  

The safest place to drill for oil is on land and we have proven reserves in ANWAR a region that was specifically set aside for drilling, but the Green Police who now rule the nation won’t allow it.  There are also proven reserves in shallow water but the Green Police once again wag their petulant finger in denial.  We are drilling in the most dangerous places almost asking for a disaster because our ineffectual unrealistic leader and his fellow travelers would rather invest billions more on green technology in the hopes of creating green jobs.

Acting as Venture Socialists, the Progressives our President represents have been investing billions of our tax dollars for decades in windmills and solar panels, and they still aren’t viable.  And if Spain, the world’s leader in creating Green Jobs is any indication for every green job produced 2.5 private sector jobs are lost and most green jobs are either non-producing government jobs or temporary.  Where’s the leadership?  Our government has told us for forty years that they have been trying to achieve energy independence.  Now we know we have the reserves to make that a reality and what has our leader led us to?   President Obama has managed to lead us from a recession into The Great Recession.  Which at least qualifies as following the advice of a cartoon characters or as Hank Hill said to his near-do-well son, “Bobby, if you're gonna do something wrong, do it right!”

Everyday drip, drip, drip another assault on American traditions another insult to the American people as our President bows to foreign potentates or apologizes for our history.  His poll numbers show this is wearing thin.  Even the shills over at MSNBC have begun to question the leadership of President Obama, “What are we trying to do in this administration?  Why does he want a second term? Would he tell us? What’s he going to do in his second term, more of this? Is this it? Is this as good as it gets? Where are we going?”  If this is leadership, as Dilbert once observed, don’t step in it.

Having spent the better part of two decades teaching, I thought I had heard every excuse ever to grace the mind of an evasion artist.  I’ve heard everything from “I know its plagiarized but I didn’t have time to check over the work of the guy I hired to write my paper,” to  “I didn’t know that no late submissions accepted meant I couldn’t turn in work after the due date.”  And in the comedy series category I have heard 8,000 versions of “Bill Gates ate my homework.” However, as creative as some of those have been President Obama’s endless variations of “George Bush did it” has now become the all-time longest running excuse.  Evasion isn’t leadership just as saying something doesn’t make it true.

Now Mr. Obama is telling us he is a fiscal conservative and a budget cutting tightfisted economically conservative red white and blue deficit hawk.  After three years of FDR on steroids we are supposed to believe he is really Calvin Coolidge, Ronald Reagan, and scrooge McDuck all rolled up in one.  Then again it isn’t class warfare; it is making sure everyone pays their fair share except of course for his supporters who pay nothing.  It isn’t helping establish Islamist regimes throughout the Middle East; it is supporting democracy.  And, oh yes, it isn’t out-of-control spending; it is investing in our future.  I guess since we’re investing in the future it makes sense to spend the incomes of our great great grandchildren.  Can anyone say taxation without representation?

The continual fog of political spin and deception is poisoning the already fractured dialog between America’s citizens and their perpetually re-elected representatives.   This lead from behind, managing the decline transformation of America has got to stop.  Just as no one ever gets to step into the same river twice no one gets to live in the country they grew up in because the times they are a changing. But what we are experiencing today is not normal change. This is a top down revolution that is designed to transform America into a social democracy.

Evading the problems will not make them go away.  We have got to face up to the hard choices that need to be made.  Are we all going to silently follow as we are led over a cliff?  Or are we going to stand for something before we fall for nothing.  What we need is someone who will tell us the truth: “We’re broke.”  We need someone who will stand for limited government, personal liberty, and economic opportunity.  We need someone who will stand up and be counted not someone who counts on others standing up to do the job so they can buy votes by expropriating the hard-earned fruit of their labor to pass the wealth around.

We don’t need another four years of evasion and trickery. We need to take a long hard look at the dire situation these Progressives have created, and then we need to plan ahead, put our nose to the grindstone, and work our way out of this hole.  Or as Hank Hill said, “If you plan ahead, then when things happen, you're prepared for them.”

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future and the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens