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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Italian Election Results February 25, 2013

In short, it seems like no won has won a clear plurality yet.
Battle lines were already being drawn late Monday. The Democratic Party declared slim victories in both houses, saying it will keep Italy's interests in mind during this "very delicate situation for the country." But a top official in Mr. Berlusconi's center-right coalition said he is asking the country's interior minister to call the vote a draw. 
The apparent stalemate reflects the groundswell of support for former comedian Beppe Grillo's Five-Star Movement. His throw-the-rascals-out platform drew enough voters to give it nearly as many votes as Italy's mainstream coalitions—25.6% in the lower house at the latest count, making it the single largest party in that house. 
Surprising, too, was the comeback of Mr. Berlusconi, whose party was in the doldrums as late as November. The 76-year-old billionaire politician's late surge is attributed largely to the media blitz in recent weeks.

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Video of Daytona 500 Crash

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Economics 102

People avoid silence because they’re afraid of what they might hear.   Although we value our freedom of speech, polite conversation in America is subject to one crushing rule, “Don’t talk about religion or politics!”  Most of us were raised with this stifling warning in our ears.  The purpose was to avoid arguments at the dinner table but the result is a population unconcerned in the two subjects affecting life the most.  I can only talk about the weather for so long which displays the wisdom of memorizing sports stats and watching American Idol.  With the two biggest topics off the table we’re faced with either trivial pursuit or silence.  Bored with the weather and having neglected my memorization and viewing options I propose a topic to stimulate vigorous conversation without causing any bickering: economics.

Barry, Harry, and Nancy knew they had to take us through-the-looking-glass in four short years.  With no effective break on their power for the first two years, Congress moved so fast their yesterday became our tomorrow.  That tomorrow is now today.  The ruling party rammed their agenda through without one opposition vote.  Every revolution needs an emergency to justify radical surgery and the economy is the emergency available. Consequently, these descendants of FDR and LBJ shoved a raw deal down the throat of a great society. 

Almost everyone is in agreement that the first stimulus failed.  According to MSNBC, “In January, Obama’s economic team predicted unemployment would rise no higher than 8 percent with the help of $787 billion in new government spending.”  However, according to the LA Times the unemployment rate in May reached a 25-year high of 9.4 percent.  The President may see glimmers of hope but Say-it Ain’t-So Joe said he couldn’t rule out a second stimulus telling us the administration which ran on the slogan, “The worst economy since the Great Depression” misread how bad the economy was.  How bad is it?  What’s worse than the Great Depression?  What’s their answer to this baddest of bad economies?  What’s their Plan B?  Try Plan A again, and again, and again?  I think what our leaders need as they drive the largest economy the world has ever known over the cliff is Economics 102, Macroeconomics or how an economy works.

Most people, including the best-government-money-can-buy, look at the economy as if it were controlled by magic having no idea where the rabbit goes or where the doves come from, and since I doubt I’ll convince any of our all-knowing leaders to enroll in freshman macroeconomics I want to offer a crash course in Economic Reality.

1.    Government regulations distort markets and inflate bubbles.

2.    Every generation experiences at least one bubble and at least one bust.

3.    Every bubble bursts.

4.    Every burst bubble is followed by a panic.

5.    Panics inspire economic regulations.

6.    Economic regulations reflect political ideologies not economic realities.

7.    Economic regulations always regulate the excesses of the last bubble.

8.     Economic regulations are always blind to the excesses of the next bubble.

9.    Since consumption is the purpose for production any economic regulation that ignores this fact always leads to the misapplication of resources and the misdirection of effort.

10. Depressions are recessions with government help.

11. It is impossible to spend yourself into prosperity.

12. It is impossible to tax yourself into prosperity.

13. Higher taxes lead to smaller revenue and black-markets.

The New Economy leads straight to the Second World, from freedom to conformity from capitalism to Obamanomics.  Instead of a fair race with the rapidly transforming economies of Asia, America runs hobbled like a child in a three - legged race strapped to the stiff-legged ideas of collectivism.

Why would our leaders want us economically hobbled?  What would they gain if we fall into the swamp of poverty engulfing most of the world?  Wouldn’t they be right there with us?  Go to any Second or Third World country and you’ll see the rich and powerful behind walls in gated-communities where they live in the First World while everyone else sits in the dust eating leaves.  In America, we avoided this fate with the growth of a massive middleclass.  Under assault with stagnant wages, rising prices, and disappearing jobs the middleclass is being outsourced.  How is this being accomplished? 

Remember the mantra of the Clintons?  It’s the economy stupid!” That’s still the Liberal’s strategy, riding like a flea on a rat cradle-to-grave social engineering in the guise of economic policy.  The Progressives drive the economy into the ditch all the while saying it is someone else’s fault and shrieking that we need more of what is causing the problem: bloated government and runaway spending.  A lack of basic economic understanding is destroying the greatest economy ever forged.  A zero sum game causes divisions and arguments about who gets what when we used to all strive for the same thing: success.

America is splintering as the melting pot becomes a smelting pot.  What is its cause?  The divisiveness of class-warfare encouraged by the only people who win through America’s split between red and blue, rich and poor, us and them.  Who are they?  If it isn’t us I guess it’s them.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2013 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens

Friday, February 22, 2013

Bob Woodward: 'Obama is a Liar'

Pointed words from a respected, and unexpected, source. From the Washington Post (emphasis mine):
Misunderstanding, misstatements and all the classic contortions of partisan message management surround the sequester, the term for the $85 billion in ugly and largely irrational federal spending cuts set by law to begin Friday.

What is the non-budget wonk to make of this? Who is responsible? What really happened?

The finger-pointing began during the third presidential debate last fall, on Oct. 22, when President Obama blamed Congress. “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed,” Obama said. “It is something that Congress has proposed.”

The White House chief of staff at the time, Jack Lew, who had been budget director during the negotiations that set up the sequester in 2011, backed up the president two days later...

The president and Lew had this wrong. My extensive reporting for my book “The Price of Politics” shows that the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors — probably the foremost experts on budget issues in the senior ranks of the federal government.

Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved...

So when the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts.
Barack Obama: Liar

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Video: Discussion on the Sequestration

  Watch More News Videos at ABC
  Technology News
  Celebrity News

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Papal Resignation Linked to Inquiry Into 'Vatican Gay Officials'

An explosive revelation could be brewing under the surface of the Vatican. From the Guardian:
A potentially explosive report has linked the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI to the discovery of a network of gay prelates in the Vatican, some of whom – the report said – were being blackmailed by outsiders.

The pope's spokesman declined to confirm or deny the report, which was carried by the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica.

The paper said the pope had taken the decision on 17 December that he was going to resign – the day he received a dossier compiled by three cardinals delegated to look into the so-called "Vatileaks" affair.

Last May Pope Benedict's butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested and charged with having stolen and leaked papal correspondence that depicted the Vatican as a seething hotbed of intrigue and infighting.

According to La Repubblica, the dossier comprising "two volumes of almost 300 pages – bound in red" had been consigned to a safe in the papal apartments and would be delivered to the pope's successor upon his election.
Pope Benedict

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Jodi Arias Trial: Live Video

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Volunteer vs Conscript Commitment Key to Draft Debate

Mel Laird, Defense Secretary under President Nixon who helped develop today's all-volunteer force forty years ago, weighed in on the renewed debate involving re-instituting the military draft and he wasn't kind to supporters of bringing back the draft.

Detailing our military successes in Afghanistan and Iraq at maintaining all-volunteer forces that are trained, intelligent and effective, not to mention driven to re-enlist in the military after their first term of service, and advance up the ranks to officer - almost twenty-five thousand per year - Laird argues the method we got right now works and on that basis alone would be a mistake to alter it

Another point is the greater commitment to the military volunteers have over conscripts, who feel rightly forced into service and usually are discharged after their initial term for lack of willingness to continue in something they voluntarily did not choose to do in the first place.

And as someone who spent a long week and a half at reception in Fort Benning, I can tell you even young men who have made the decision to give their all and serve in the military (and I was in an all 11-b infantry reception company) still emotionally break just waiting for training... And they wanted to do this. I cannot even begin to imagine the mental mindset of someone forced to serve.

Mr. Laird's case involves other points as well, but just the commitment of volunteers versus conscripts and how that will effect our military's effectiveness should be enough to close the debate on bringing back the draft, once and for all. After all... Mr. Laird was one of the men who ended it in the first place four decades go, he would know a little bit about this subject.

What say you?

Read Mr. Laird's entire Op-Ed at the Washington Post

More Good News: North Korea Prepping Another Rocket Launch

More good news from the People's Republic.
Test preparations for the launch of a road-mobile Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile were spotted recently by U.S. intelligence agencies. 
Signs at a remote missile base include indicators of fueling for the road-mobile Musudan missile, classified as an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), said officials familiar with intelligence reports.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The "Racist" Obama Whole Foods Chicken Sign

View more videos at: http://nbcbayarea.com.

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Drew Peterson Sentenced to 38 Years

Good. May he rot in there.

Will County Judge Edward Burmila sentenced Peterson to 38 years in prison in the murder of his third ex-wife, Kathleen Savio, said state's attorney spokesman Charles B. Pelkie.
The former Chicago-area police sergeant will get credit for the nearly four years that he has been in custody, according to Pelkie, a spokesman for Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow. He could have received as many as 60 years in prison; Illinois does not have a death penalty.
"The reason that I never looked Drew Peterson in the eye is because I never acknowledged his existence," said Glasgow, describing the convict as a "cold-blooded killer."

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Multiple Bomb Attacks in Hyderabad, India

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Building Your Financial Future

Creating the life that you and your family deserve is not always easy, especially in today's economic conditions. When you have so many things to balance when trying to create a better financial future for a growing family, you should attempt to balance all of your options to get the best results over the years. There are many things to look at between children growing up, college loans and other costs, mortgage and other loan repayments, and the inevitable pull of retirement, there are many different things that need to be taken into account and observed closely. All of these will be very important over the years and may seem a bit bewildering for someone that is just entering into some serious financial planning. This is why doing your homework and getting as much research done as possible can be such an important tool to get where you need to be. Consider all of your options as you go ahead.

This is where the value of investing comes into play. Of course, saving in the bank can be a good way to keep your equity, but it is nowhere near perfect. With interest rates so low, you can see very little return on your investment (maybe even as low as just a quarter of one percent per year). Real estate can be a good investment, but can involve a lot of research, taxes, and maintenance. The stock market can fluctuate wildly and need a more expert hand to navigate. This is where binary options can come into play. By tapping into this relatively new form of investing, you have a lot of leeway to make your money work for you. Consider this as you are building up your family's portfolio and getting the best for your time and energy. This can be a big boost in the long run-- the type that you have been looking for all along.

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Finding a Reliable Attorney

Just about every major event in your life involves the law. Think about it. When you are dealing with the major milestones of birth, death, weddings, divorce, buying or selling property, or the like, having the right attorney can be the difference between a great experience and one that you need to fix down the road. Consider this as you are moving into the next step in your life. When you are able to have the right representation, it can make a very large difference and give you the quality care that you need and deserve. All of this is very important when dealing with such heavy legal matters.

For example, having an attorney that you can rely on is a great peace of mind. Having an attorney with criminal defense experience can be just what you need, especially if you are going before a judge. This can also be the case if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer with the chops to get you what you deserve. Consider all of these when you are looking for legal representation. Such a decision can be a big step in your life and you want to make sure that it is one with someone looking out for you.

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Watch Playstation 4 Announcement Live Video

Streaming by Ustream

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Live Video: The Jodi Arias Trial

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Debate Commission Co-Chair on Candy Crowley: Choosing Her was a Mistake

What gave it away? Was it the fact that she was utterly biased or that she's a moron? From Breitbart:
In a lecture to conservatives at the Las Vegas Country Club, Frank Fahrenkopf, co-chair of the Commission on Presidential Debates, admitted that the selection of CNN's Candy Crowley to moderate the second presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in October 2012 had been a "mistake."

Crowley stirred controversy by intervening in the town hall-style debate to support Obama's contention that he had referred to the Sep. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi as a terrorist attack the day after it had occurred. In fact, as Crowley herself later admitted, Obama had not done so, referring only to "acts of terror" in general. In a CBS interview taped the same day, Obama declined to refer to the attack as a terrorist act, and subsequently supported a false story about a protest over an anti-Islamic video that never took place.

After Crowley backed up the president, some members of the audience burst into applause, in violation of the rules. The effect was not lost on the audience, which scored the debate as an Obama win--nor was it lost on Romney, who was sufficiently chastened that he refused to bring up the Benghazi issue again in the third presidential debate, even though that debate was specifically focused on foreign policy and national security.

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Gears of War: Judgement "The Guts of Gears Campaign"

Form up Gears, only four more weeks to the release of Gears of War: Judgement in stores nationwide. And while I'm concerned the previous three installments story line is going to be obliterated for big profits and absolute destruction, the only way to find out is to jump into this game on March 19th.

But if this preview tells us anything, there might actually be a worthy tale to be told, however, only time will tell.


Joe Biden: I Have No Idea about Guns

In his own special way:

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Pentagon to Furlough 800K Civilians if Sequestration Goes Through

From the Hill:
The Pentagon notified Congress on Wednesday it will be furloughing its civilian workforce of 800,000 employees if sequestration goes into effect March 1.

Defense officials have warned lawmakers that sequestration will devastate the military and lead to a hollow force, but the civilian furloughs will be one of the first major impacts felt by the across-the-board cuts.

The Pentagon furloughs will affect civilians across the country. Pentagon officials have said that civilians could face up to 22 days of furloughs, one per week, through the end of the fiscal year in September. The employees would receive 30 days notice before being furloughed.

“We are doing everything possible to limit the worst effects on DOD personnel — but I regret that our flexibility within the law is extremely limited,” Defense Secretary Leon Panetta wrote in a message to the department. “The president has used his legal authority to exempt military personnel funding from sequestration, but we have no legal authority to exempt civilian personnel funding from reductions.”
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Mississippi Finally Ratifies 13th Amendment

HT: NY Daily News

With the increased attention on Abraham Lincoln's push for the thirteenth amendment's ratification, which abolished slavery and indentured servitude in the United States, due to the major film Lincoln that millions watched over the cold Winter, one man sought out his state's ratification of the pivotal amendment.

And he discovered his state, the great State of Mississippi, remained the only one not to legally ratify the abolition of slavery.

Apparently Mississippi was one of a handful of Confederate states that refused to ratify the amendment in months following the end of the Civil War and they finally voted unanimously for doing so in 1995. But, as usually occurs in these situations, there was a glitch...

The Mississippi Secretary of State never filed the resolution with the Office of the Federal Resister, which every law and resolution has to go through in order to be legal within the United States, meaning they still legally remained the only state not to outlaw the evils of slavery in the nation.

Luckily, the interested moviegoer, a professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center discovered Mississippi's legal glitch and sought out advice, bringing it up to a friend who contacted the Register and confirmed the lack of ratification, and after watching the movie, and himself being inspired to action, got in touch with Mississippi's current Secretary of State and finally... Got the thirteenth amendment ratified.

So goes the story of Mississippi's eventful one-hundred and fifty year ratification of the thirteenth amendment.

What say you?

Muslim terrorism on the streets of metro-Los Angeles? Four dead, six wounded in "shooting frenzy" on the California highways

The media is not reporting this as an act of Muslim terrorism. They are not even identifying the man's obvious ethnicity or his immigration status in any of the media reports. A total of 9 people were gunned down late yesterday by a Muslim youth in Orange County California. Three are dead. Six others were wounded. One man was killed on a curb at a busy intersection execution style, while horrified witnesses watched from their cars. 

 Newsday reports:
A violent rampage that left four dead in suburban Orange County began in the pre-dawn hours Tuesday when a 20-year-old killed a woman in his home and sped away in his parents' car, authorities said. 
An hour later, it was over — but not before Ali Syed had killed two more people during carjackings, shot up vehicles on a busy freeway interchange and left three others injured in a trail of carnage that stretched across 25 miles. 
One driver was forced from his BMW at a stop sign, marched to a curb and shot in the back of the head as other commuters watched in horror. 
"He was basically executed," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said. "There were at least six witnesses."
Details are emerging this morning about the killer. They are going largely un-reported by the major media here in the U.S. The London Daily Mail, Russia Today, and other overseas sources are indicating that the killer was a loner living at home with his parents. He was unemployed. He was enrolled part-time at a local community college.

Photo h/t London Daily Mail

Middleburgh, New York Village Dissolution Fails to Reach Apex

In an overwhelming vote yesterday afternoon, Village of Middleburgh residents voted 344 to 71 against dissolving the three century old Village and for maintaining the governmental integrity of the current local service residents have treasured for years and obviously still have deep faith in.

The vote total is a bit of cruel irony for the petition creator, as he needed only 85 signatures to have the matter of dissolution put upon the electorate and received around one hundred and thirty, yet could not achieve either number in the actual vote.

Meaning dissolution failed to reach, what we could very well call, the apex of the petition's original support.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Finding the Right Lawyer

In today's society, being prepared for whatever life can throw your way is a very important thing to do. When you are dealing with some of the most important-- and sometimes unexpected-- moments of your life, having the right legal representation can be an essential element. This can be the case in many different aspects of your life-- buying your first or a second house, purchasing some vacation property, getting married or divorced, going through the last stages of a person's life, or dividing up an estate. There are so many different aspects that require close attention to detail that you need a lawyer in order to get the best out of the situation. Make sure that you do your research and get the best for your valuable money and time. This can make a big difference in the long run.

This can be the case when you are looking for a Real Estate Lawyer in Houston TX. When you are able to have an attorney that is looking out for you, this could make all the difference. Choose an attorney with the experience and the knowledge to get the job done for you in the way that you want and need it to be done. Consider this when you are choosing a Houston TX lawyer.

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Drone Court? No Thanks...

With the Obama administration's signature approach to warfare, drone strikes, coming under both public and congressional scrutiny, there is a proposal to force the federal government to go through a legal system to justify such military actions, in order to check the ability to use such weaponry with disregard and bring some form of legitimacy to it.

As an ardent supporter of drone strikes and using whatever tool the federal government has in the fight to destroy and dismantle al-Qaeda and affiliated terror networks, I am annoyed by this proposal, as I find a
"drone court" to be inherently unjust to the powers of the executive branch, and tactically dangerous in a modern 24/7 conflict.

First off, in regards to specifically targeting enemies already set out by congressional act, or under the War Powers Resolution, the executive branch in coordination with military and intelligence assets has the right, authority and constitutional obligation to do so without any form of obstruction, especially in a modern war where conditions on the ground are constantly changing.

And so, well, I don't think any other reasons are actually necessary, but does anyone seriously think we will win the minds of angry Pakistani militants over if we have a secret court approve our drone strikes on taliban leaders?

That's what I thought, so who would we actually be trying to prove legitimacy to? Our NATO allies? Our Arab allies? The anti-american mobs in the street?  And since the objective of the federal government falls under the simple guideline of protect and defend the United States of America from all enemies, using any and all tools to complete that mission, who really cares whether anyone approves of our methods?

I freaking don't, and thus my opposition to the drone courts.

Stocks Reach Another High

The market appears to be headed upward again. Both the wider market and Google are up today.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 53.91 points, or 0.39 percent, to end at 14,035.67, led by Cisco and MerckThe Dow is within 1 percent of its all-time closing high of 14,164.53 hit on October 9, 2007.
The S&P 500 climbed 11.15 points, or 0.73 percent, to finish at 1,530.94. TheNasdaq rose 21.56 points, or 0.68 percent, to close at 3,213.59. 
The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), widely considered the best gauge of fear in the market, slid near 12.
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Middleburgh, New York Village Dissolution Vote

The Village of Middleburgh, a vibrant community situated prominently within the Schoharie Valley is facing the biggest test of her will power this afternoon, at least since the destructive forces of Irene, as voters are heading to the polls to decide this three century old village's future.

Dissolution, which would effectively eliminate the Village as an governing entity, and would result in either Town government or tax districts taking its place, is being brought up by a vote because of a petition that was submitted in early October by a local politician claiming cost savings in the plan.

There has been continuous controversy over this plan. As the short amount of time between when people signed the petition to when the Village votes has caused general confusion for voters, as there has been almost no information obtained about the effects of dissolution in Middleburgh's situation - with complete, data driven intel - due to the nature of New York State law.

Which in itself became controversial as the petition creator claimed the process of dissolution came under one portion of State law, when in reality another portion not only superseded it, but repealed it over two years ago.

And while we haven't been able to have a complete, independent study conducted on dissolution, we do know the following: the Town will face significant cost and tax increases, as they take over the Village's DPW, responsibilities and pick and choose which services they want to maintain, such as youth projects. While the Village will barely see their taxes decrease, as Town taxes will inevitably increase and districts, such as water & sewer, debt, sidewalks and even the local Fire Department, would likely be put in place.

Not to mention the historical value of Middleburgh's three hundred year old Village, which has survived redcoats and floods alike, both bringing a path of destruction to the hard working people of this Valley, would be lost to the dustbins of history over a bad scheme that hoists taxation without representation on Town residents, while destroying a strong civil government for Village residents and eventually, for both Village and Town residents, will see their taxes increase and effectiveness of government decrease.

The vote is today: February 19th, 2013, from twelve to nine this evening at the Middleburgh Town Hall.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Republic, Conservative Megasite, is Down

One of the best conservative forums on the internet, Free Republic, is down at the moment and I'm not sure why. I haven't been able to access it since yesterday.

When accessing it, I only get this message:

To see if Free Republic is down, you can use this site to check instantly.

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Finding an MP4 Converter

There are so many options out there for finding a way to get the most out of your computer or phone. With so many tech advances over the years, you want to make sure that you have only the very best when you are on the net or are storing data offline. This is why it is important to consider all of our options when we look at the different programs and apps that are around in the internet ready for use. Consider all of these options before you make up your mind so you can have what you need right there on your computer or phone at the edge of your fingers. These can be a great chance for you to use these tools to get what you want and have the tools on your computer or for your phone and to enjoy their functionality. This can be the case for many different programs, but a lot of it depends on what you enjoy and what you may want to use for your own uses. These can be a great chance to get to know more about what is out there on the internet and how it relates to what you have been working on in the office or on the road or could be using for your own personal enjoyment at home.

You can find different programs that fit your wants and also your needs. For example, if you want to get high quality movies, you can go out and download an itunes to mp4 converter for your computer. In this way you can convert itunes video to mp4 and watch what you want when you want it. With this new tool, you will be able to use an mp4 converter itunes file for your computer and can transfer it to watch on your iPod touch or cell phone. These can add the extra portability that you wanted to take your favorite movie clips or videos on the road with you in the car or to the office or across the country if you really want to. The possibilities really open up when you are able to convert the movies that you want in the way that you want to. Make sure that you have everything that you need right there in front of you and you do your research to get ready all on your own. Think of all of these things as you are getting your favorite programs and movies arranged. These can be great for your collection and for organizing.

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Anonymous Hacks Burger King's Twitter Account

Burger King's official twitter account was hacked earlier today. The group Anonymous has taken responsibility:

The account has now been suspended.

Before it was, however, Anonymous changed the profile to look like McDonald's. They also posted pictures of people taking drugs:
You can read more about this on Buzzfeed.

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Alec Baldwin Goes on Racist Tirade, Calling Black Reporter a "Coon Crackhead"

No wonder he's the Left's darling. From the New York Post:
Actor Alec Baldwin allegedly called a black Post photographer a racial epithet, a "crackhead" and a "drug dealer" during a confrontation on an East Village street yesterday morning, prompting police to intervene.

Baldwin had first been approached by a Post reporter while walking his dogs outside his East 10th Street pad at around 10:50 a.m. He was asked for comment on a lawsuit against his wife, Hilaria, involving her work as a yoga instructor.

The “30 Rock’’ star grabbed the reporter, Tara Palmeri, by her arm and told her, “I want you to choke to death,” Palmeri told police, for whom she played an audiotape of the conversation.

He then called G.N. Miller — a decorated retired detective with the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau and a staff photographer for The Post — a “coon, a drug dealer,’’ Miller’s police statement said.
Alec Baldwin: Alleged racist piece of shit

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McCain: There is a "Massive Cover-up" on Benghazi

Considering all the evidence that screams this, I'd say McCain is more right than even he knows. From Yahoo! News:
While discussing the contentious confirmation hearings for defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel, things got a bit heated on Sunday's "Meet The Press" when Sen. John McCain referred to the lack of information from the White House surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi as a "massive cover-up."

"There are so many answers we don't know," McCain told host David Gregory. "We've had two movies about getting bin Laden and we don't even know who the people were who were evacuated from the consulate the day after the [Benghazi] attack. So there are many, many questions. So we've had a massive cover-up on the part of the administration."

Gregory then pressed McCain on what the Arizona senator meant by "a massive cover-up."

"I'm asking you, do you care whether four Americans died?" McCain said. "And shouldn't people be held accountable for the fact that four Americans died?"

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Why Senate Republicans Struggle With Filibustering Chuck Hagel

It is obvious Senate Republicans do not approve of former Senator Chuck Hagel's nomination to head the Defense Department, as they were able to successfully filibuster it just last week and even Senator Collins, who voted to invoke cloture, did so as a matter of tradition of respecting cabinet nominees, not actually of personal support.

And this is the conundrum heritage minded Republicans have to face with Hagel's nomination, and we've seen it before: where they have to choose between following their own convictions and the traditions of a legislative body that sees its role as advising and offering consent of presidential cabinet nominations in a limited capacity.

A capacity that believes the President has the absolute right to name his cabinet secretaries, which is true considering they work for him as lieutenants in running the government, and that the Senate's role is to vet them and eventually offer consent. Which constitutionally is quite accurate and historically is not an issue.

However, the Founders did include the consent clause so that the Senate could deny the nominations of individuals ill-suited or radical for the position appointed to, and although that clause has been abused in recent years, especially by the Democrat Party, it is pivotal when discussing Mr. Hagel leading the most important department in the U.S. government.

We haven't seen a Defense Secretary voted down since John Tower in the late 1980's, which led to Mr. Cheney leading our defense apparatus for four years (bet liberals are annoyed looking back at that), and historically it's not a real good idea to do so. But lets face it: Hagel is absolutely unprepared for the role, doesn't have the experience for it and has ideals that are drastically different from U.S. policy.

He is the wrong man for the job, that's why Senate Republicans filibustered his nomination last week and that's why they are still unsure as to where their opposition moves to from here, as tradition bounds them down one path, while conviction another....

So, please... When attempting to label Senate Republicans as unpure, or dinosaurs, remember how our Senate works: tradition, compromise and respect for their role in government; one that has held for two hundred twenty years - longer than most of the world's constitutions can last, let alone function to original intent.

What say you?

Smart Answers to Really Dumb Questions (and Statements), part V

I’m always on the look-out for fresh, new memes that will be working their way into our collective unconscious, and I think I’ve found one. Here in Arkansas, a bill was introduced in the Legislature that prohibits abortion after the 20th week when the fetus’ heartbeat can be heard. This, of course, has driven the liberals quite insane.

Well, more so than usual, I mean.

But I’ve been noticing a word pop up more and more in the letters to the editor regarding this bill, and have thought it rather interesting. See if you can spot the word in the following letters that is rapidly becoming the new pro-abortion meme.

First up is Bev Lindsey from Little Rock:

Women still in danger

If you thought the war on women was over, you are sadly mistaken. Our legislators opened this session with a slew of anti-woman bills in hopes of ending safe and legal abortion in Arkansas.

Politicians in Little Rock are so preoccupied with banning abortion that they have proposed three different abortion bills, including one that bans abortion after 20 weeks, and another as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Both of these laws neglect the personal health and personal circumstances of a woman. These bills violate a woman’s body and take away her ability to make these deeply private medical decisions with her doctor and family.

I believe Sen. Jason Rapert and Rep. Andy Mayberry have no regard for women and are playing ignorance of the Constitution. I hope the Legislature reconsiders these horrific laws and shifts focus back toward the issues it promised us it would focus on-creating jobs and fixing the economy.

It needs to help the women and families in our state-not hurt them.

Wow! Concentrated stuff, there!

Up next, Rosalind Creed from Sherwood:

Holding accountable

Anti-woman politicians like state Sen. Jason Rapert have made their priority for this session very clear-taking away a woman’s ability to make her own health-care decisions. Lawmakers have already introduced three bills targeting abortion.

Sitting at the Capitol, these men don’t seem to understand how difficult a decision to end a pregnancy is for a woman and her family. There are so many things that can happen in a pregnancy-outlawing abortion leaves a woman with no options, gravely putting her health in danger.

They don’t understand that banning abortion will not end abortion. It’s just going to make it more difficult for a woman to get safe access to abortion. Legislators will force women back into alleyways and emergency rooms, bringing back an era of unsafe abortion and dangers for women’s health.

Why are these lawmakers focusing on taking away a woman’s access to health care? We have big problems in our state and it’s starting at the Capitol.

These politicians don’t get it, and we need to hold them accountable.

Whoa! What a firebrand, eh?

This last one from Helen Jane Brown of Fayetteville doesn’t have the word, but it nicely sums up the word’s position.

All have privacy right

It’s not about exceptions for rape, incest or health of the mother. It is about an individual’s constitutional right to privacy and personal liberty.

No one but a woman who becomes pregnant has the right, or the burden, to determine whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.

When governing bodies start dictating when, where and how a woman’s body must be examined, prodded or probed, it is the end of equal justice for one gender at the bidding of the other. Women’s bodies are not objects to be controlled by any legislative agenda.

I know no one who is “anti-life,” but I know many who profess to be “pro-freedom.” What freedom is more celebrated in our culture than one of self-determination?

Sadly, there are those in elected positions who misuse their power to create legislation specifically designed to deprive half the population of this country of their right to individual freedom.

Surely they understand that we all desire the same thing-we want what’s best for ourselves and our families. Both men and women have the right to personal freedom and self-determination, not just the half with a Y chromosome.

What is it about the female gender that causes some legislators to feel compelled to propose government control over women’s bodies?

The word that I am seeing is, of course, “anti-woman”.

A couple of questions:

If a man can be “anti-woman”, can a woman be “anti-woman”?
If a man can be “anti-woman”, can a woman be “anti-man”? Why or why not?
What are the qualifications to be “anti-woman”?
If a man loves his wife, but hates abortion, does that make him “anti-woman”? Why or why not?
If a man has never been married, but is engaged to be married, can he still be “anti-woman”?
Can the instruments of abortion be labeled “anti-woman”?
If we must register guns because they can kill children, are we also supposed to register the instruments used to perform abortions?
Why do the very people who are for gun control (because it is for the children) are also pro-abortion (because it is not about the children, but about a woman’s body)?

Now those are examples of smart questions.

Because of this new fascination I have of the emergence of new memes, we only have room to run one example of dumb questions this week. Sorry about that. We have Victor Oliver from Bismarck must be a reader of this column, because he’s got a real list of really dumb questions. Let’s hear from him:

Who decides its start?

Jason Rapert states in a recent letter: “When there is a heartbeat, there is life.”

Life doesn’t begin or end. It is. It is a continuum.

Do sperm, egg, zygote and fetus all have this life he wishes to protect? Do we declare each of these with personhood, or does personhood come during a progression of development and experience? Is the embryo or fetus simply a parasitic tissue with the potential of personhood?

Do our views and actions regarding conception, development, birth and death derive from emotion, religion and politics, or from science and reason? Do we ban contraception or do we require the biblical injunction regarding the “wasting of seed”? Which methods do we wish to restrict?

If a person has an everlasting soul, when does he get it? Or, does it preexist one’s physical birth? Do we possess the knowledge and wisdom to decide for everyone?

Well, Victor, if life doesn't begin or end, then yes, a sperm, egg, zygote and fetus all have life. But personhood is different from life. Does a flower have life? Yes. Is it a person? No. See the difference? Knowing liberals, probably not.

If life doesn't begin or end, as you state, then there is no time that a person gets an everlasting soul. And why would we need the knowledge and wisdom to decide for everyone, since you have stated definitively that life doesn't begin or end, it is a continuum. If life is a continuum, then it is reasonable to assume that making a decision for one would result in making the decision for all.

And, for your information, Victor, the biblical injunction was not about “wasting of seed", but of disobeying the Lord's direct command. The full story can be found in Genesis 38:8-10. It is as follows: "8 Then Judah said to Onan, "Lie with your brother's wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to produce offspring for your brother." 9 But Onan knew that the offspring would not be his: so whenever he lay with his brother's wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his brother. What he did was wicked in the Lord's sight; so he put him to death also."

I'm telling you, liberals are getting stupider and stupider every day.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Fun: Best War/Combat Video Game Character

Ok, this is completely off-topic for Pundit Press, as we usually report on news; investigate stories, and express opinions on current world events and politics, but since it's the tail-end of the weekend, shall we discuss video games?

And not just video games, but the bad ass characters who make these video games so freaking awesome.

I'm talking Marcus Fenix of Gears, Captain Price of Modern Warfare, everyone in Bad Company, etc. etc.  My question for you, the humble reader, is: who is the best character in recent war/combat video games?

Please feel free to clutter up the comments section, as I am interested in what other gamers think on this topic, as I'm sure like me, they have played a wide array of main characters in too many games to even possibly remember, but there are those few who just stand out more than others.

My favorite?

Definitely Viktor Reznov from Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Sure, you can barely play as Reznov in either appearances (a flashback in Black Ops), but who can really argue with his awesomeness?

What say you?

Rihanna Attacked by Fan

Not politics, but interesting.

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Woodward: Dems Have Asked WH to Pull Hagel

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Check this out!