Saturday, March 16, 2013

Video: Romney Speaks at CPAC

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A Slow Motion Revolution Gathers Speed

The Progressives in both parties may be the establishment now but they have always been and continue to be revolutionaries seeking to turn the American dream into a socialist nightmare.

Since the 1890s the Progressives have worked to change our American Experiment from a federal republic operating on democratic principles that recognized our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness into a democracy where the government grants rights and pursues its own happiness.

Inch by inch, step by step they have worked to change one aspect and then another until today the cacophony of minute changes has become a centrally-planned federally orchestrated symphony playing Hail to the Chief.    

We have transitioned from federal republic into an imperial bureaucracy controlled by a Chicago raised Alinsky style outfit determined to reduce us to abject obedience.  This is the direct result of an education system captured by the Progressives delivering generations of uninformed voters and of the entitlement society delivering a near majority of citizens who get more than they give from the federal trough. 

This should be no surprise to anyone.  A country once famous for the political engagement of its citizens has raised generations on the dictum that neither religion nor politics were the subject of polite debate.  The culture of media-hyped sports addiction and hedonistic indulgence has produced millions who know more about their favorite team or about the latest fashion than about their own government. 

I don’t know about you but I’m so tired of being lectured by people who get their news from Leno, Colbert, or the Daily Show that I have all but stopped speaking of anything of substance with most people.  We have all developed ways to identify fellow patriots.  We listen for anyone to say anything that will give us an indication that here is another American who realizes where we are and from where we have fallen.  Then we have great conversations, comparing observations and trying to encourage each other that the United States as we have known it will survive four more years of America’s Chavez.

Often I wonder, are we just singing to the choir, lighting a candle in the dark, or sticking our thumb in the dyke?  Will our clandestine discussions on the fringes of a complacent society make any difference?  Or are we merely whistling in the wind as our beloved country changes forever into the dead letters of a living constitution?

We have to admit that the Progressives have out maneuvered and out organized those dedicated to limited government.  They have turned the world upside down.  They captured the Corporations Once Known as the Main Stream Media turning them into a propaganda arm dedicated to suppressing the truth and giving the government party all the cover they need to do anything they want.  They radically empowered the federal bureaucracy ceding it powers granted to Congress to set policy and make law.  This red-tape machine has grown to become the largest organization in the world.  It is ever-expanding and filled with career people dedicated to enlarging their private kingdoms and increasing the power of the nomenclature at the expense of the people. 

The courts have been packed, the banks have been bought off, and the unions use legally mandated dues to support candidates and policies their unwilling members don’t want.  Check and check-mate.  The situation has become so dire and the hour so late that it appears the only line of defense we have left between the USA and the USSA is a House of Representatives controlled by Progressive Republicans.

These Progressive Republicans want the same things as their Democrat counterparts: bigger government and more power even if they may want to drive us to the poor house a little slower.

There are a few younger ones who have been elected by the Tea Party such as Rand, Lee, and Cruz who are trying to make a difference.  At every step the Progressive establishment in their own party tries to ridicule them into toeing the party line of compromise and surrender.  The old bulls talk conservative to get elected then join hands across the aisles in a marriage of despotism with deceit.

The further we get from the puzzle factory in Washington one would think the closer we would get to our American heritage of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  However, the same uninformed disengaged voters form the majority all the way down to the precinct level.  The community organizers have done their jobs very well.  Try to name a state that isn’t in debt.  Try to name a county that isn’t working to install Agenda 21, promote sustainability or cram its Master Plan down the throat of an unsuspecting public.  Try to name a city, town, or village that doesn’t have its good old boy network that manages to stay in power year after year.

Several years ago after an unsuccessful attempt to unseat an entrenched state senator from a gerrymandered district my wife and I decided to become involved on the local level to try and make a difference.  We spent several years battling Agenda 21 while watching the good old boys win by hook or by crook either ignoring or fooling the voters.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Chicago and was raised on the milk of “You can’t fight City Hall?”  Maybe it’s because I have seen bribes work and honest petitions fall on deaf ears?  Maybe I’m just a cynic at heart?  Maybe it’s true that a pessimist is what an optimist calls a realist?

Although we shall not go gently into that good night it appears we are in the twilight of our Republic and about to enter the sunset of liberty and the dawn of an America with a living constitution, a herd mentality, and a cradle-to-grave welfare state.  If the bell has not tolled yet it is about to.  Even if the Obama Zombies don’t flock to the polls as directed and return Nancy Polosi as Speaker of the House so that a one party state can drive the final nail in Columbia’s coffin, the swelling debt will eventually bring collapse.  This is of course the end result of the Progressive’s long march towards the realization of the Cloward-Piven Strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.  After the collapse these social planners believe they can impose any type of system they want on a public clamoring for relief. 

Ready or not here it comes………………………..

So what can we do now that it has been done?

First of all we have to educate ourselves about American History and the principles of limited government.  Principles which formed the cornerstone for our two century experiment with personal liberty, individual freedom, and economic opportunity so that we can educate future generations about who we were and what we hope someday to be once again.  We can’t teach what we don’t know.

Then we have to build a library of books and DVD’s that tell the story of America.  For books look for reading lists at Tea Party sites, also check out conservative media people such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck for suggested readings.  For DVD’s the History Channel has produced many great series on such things as the Revolution, the Constitution, the Founders, etc.  Individually or in local groups create an asset that our people can use to immerse themselves in the heritage of freedom.

Finally we need to stay engaged in the political process.  Become involved with likeminded people and figure out what, where, and when is the best place for you to spend our political capital.  None of us is as smart as all of us so if we all look for the way back to limited government eventually a spark will be ignited that will burn with the intensity of a thousand suns and a new chapter in freedom will begin.

Until that time do what you can do.  It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ © 2013 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens / Edited by Dr. Rosalie Owens



Friday, March 15, 2013

US Deploying More Ground-Based Missile Interceptors as North Korea Steps Up Threats

War drums? From NBC:
The U.S. is deploying 14 new ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska to counter renewed nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday.

The new interceptors will be based at Fort Greely, an Army launch site about 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, and are projected to be fully deployed by 2017, Hagel said. The additions will bring the U.S.-based ground interceptor deployment from 30 to 44, including four that are based in California.

That will boost U.S. missile defense capability by 50 percent and "make clear to the world that the United States stands firm against aggression," he said in a briefing at the Pentagon.

The announcement comes as North Korea has been making bellicose threats to void the armistice that ended the Korean War and launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. The U.S. and South Korea began annual military drills this week despite the North Korean threats.
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Finding Aircon Repair

Finding Aircon Repair
Your Options are in Front of You
March 15, 2013

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Shopping while Having Fun

Shopping While Having Fun
March 17, 2013

When you are thinking about the things that make you happy in your life, many things may come to mind. There are a lot of activities for you or your loved ones to take part in and can be a great chance to look back on your life and think of the things that you have done and could do to keep your life as fun and enjoyable as possible. When you are looking out not only for yourself, but also for your family or your loved ones, you want to make sure that you have what you need when you need it. There are many different ways that people go ahead and enjoy themselves, and you may have your own ways of doing that. Think of those as you are going through your day to day lives and consider what you need to do and what you want to do in the future. This can be a good way to get that peace of mind while also keeping an eye out for the future. This can be a  great tool for you to use.

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Finding the Money for Your Car

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Great News: CO Magazine Ban Could Make Most Mags Illegal

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Your Daily Science Fix

Sometimes finding the right articles to peruse takes you all across the web. There are so many sites to choose from, but many are just not the quality that you want. That is why a lot of people have just a few favorite websites (why you are reading this blog, for example.) When you are looking for sites with a particular niche, make sure that it has just what you are looking for. For example, I've always been into astronomy and so science has a special place in my heart. There are good examples of where you can look for science articles and other information. You can look for science news 2013 to read about the newest in science news and how it could affect you. You can read up on all of the new technology news to find out what may be entering into orbit or onto the store shelves. You can also see if there are ways to save money on some of the products that you would consider buying, anyhow. Look for geek toys to see what you can save and how. Look at all of these options-- just make sure you come back to Pundit Press for all of your political news and opinions!

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Uh Oh: Menenez Under Grand Jury Investigation

Awww. Who would have thought that using taxpayer dollars to sleep with underage prostitutes was a bad thing? Now he's under investigation, even though the info came out in November.

Last month, people with knowledge of the case said FBI agents were conducting interviews in the Dominican Republic and the United States concerning allegations against Menendez, including the role he played in advocating for the enforcement of the port-security contract. A grand jury probe, which involves a prosecutor pursuing allegations with an eye toward possible indictment, typically represents a legal escalation, though it does not always lead to a prosecution.

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North Korea Uses Live Artillery Near South Korean Border

From the Daily Mail:
North Korea has carried out a drill using live artillery near its disputed border with the South, according to official media.

The exercise was personally supervised by leader Kim Jong Un, who has issued a series of inflammatory threats against South Korea and the U.S. in recent days.

The drill is the latest sign of worryingly high tensions between the neighbours after North Korea cancelled the ceasefire signed at the end of the Korean War.

The border where the exercise took place is seen as the most likely site of any clash between the North and the South.

North Korea has threatened a nuclear war with the U.S. after being enraged by new UN sanctions and military drills being held by South Korean and American troops.
Kim Jong Un
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gabby Giffords with AR 15 Photo

Coming to us from Breitbart:

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Iran Confronts U.S. Drone Over Persian Gulf

From CNN:
Iranian military aircraft targeted a U.S. Predator drone over the Persian Gulf this week, administration officials said. It was the latest in Iranian efforts to thwart the U.S. military's airborne intelligence collections efforts in the region.

Three administration officials have separately confirmed details of the incident, although the Pentagon has not publicly acknowledged it.

The drone was flying in international airspace off Oman when Iran detected it and launched its own manned aircraft, according to the officials who have direct knowledge of the incident. The Iranian planes then shadowed the drone, which eventually left the area. No shots were fired. However, the officials said the U.S. is concerned about Iranian intentions in incidents like this and whether it could unintentionally trigger hostility.

"They have done this before. We are fully prepared to defend our aircraft. We were definitely in international airspace," one of the officials said.
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Explosive Exchange at Gun Hearing Between Ted Cruz and Dianne Feinstein

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Physicists Find Higgs Boson

From My Way News:
The search is all but over for a subatomic particle that is a crucial building block of the universe.

Physicists announced Thursday they believe they have discovered the subatomic particle predicted nearly a half-century ago, which will go a long way toward explaining what gives electrons and all matter in the universe size and shape.

The elusive particle, called a Higgs boson, was predicted in 1964 to help fill in our understanding of the creation of the universe, which many theorize occurred in a massive explosion known as the Big Bang. The particle was named for Peter Higgs, one of the physicists who proposed its existence, but it later became popularly known as the "God particle."

The discovery would be a strong contender for the Nobel Prize. Last July, scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, announced finding a particle they described as Higgs-like, but they stopped short of saying conclusively that it was the same particle or was some version of it.

Scientists have now finished going through the entire set of data.
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Some Facts About Pope Francis

These are excerpted from a CBS article:
He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the son of Italian immigrants and on Wednesday, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became the leader of world’s estimated 1.2 billion Catholics...

As CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider reported, Small visited the then-cardinal at his Buenos Aires residence several years ago, and was astonished at how the now-pontiff welcomed him...

“There’s no one else in the house. He’s answering his own door. They didn’t show us into a nice little lounge, where you wait until the grand man comes in,” Small said. “He was just incredibly down to earth.”

Bergoglio’s demeanor came from his humble upbringing.

Bergoglio is one of five children and as a child suffered a respiratory illness that left him with just one lung.

Prior to his election, Bergoglio didn’t live in the archbishop palace, but rather in an apartment, where he cooked his own meals.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kurt Myers Identified as Shooting Suspect in Herkimer, NY

This one is scarily close to us as its the next county over. From CBS:
Authorities have identified the man they believe killed of four people and wounded two others at separate shootings in neighboring upstate New York villages.

Joseph Malone, the police chief for Herkimer and Mohawk, says authorities are looking for 64-year-old Kurt Myers, of Mohawk. Officials say guns and ammunition were found inside his apartment after emergency crews were sent to a fire there Wednesday morning.

Soon after, police say two people were fatally shot and two others wounded at John’s Barber Shop, around the corner from the apartment. Officials say the second shooting happened about a mile away in Herkimer, where two people were killed at Gaffey’s Fast Lube and Car Wash.
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Pope Francis I New Pope

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the seventy-six year old Archbishop of Buenos Aries, has been elected Pope and he shall take the name Francis the First during his reign.

White Smoke!! New Pope Elected

The Conclave of 115 Cardinals has elected the Catholic Church's new Pope! White smoke bellowed from the Vatican's chimney nearly fifty minutes ago and thousands are waiting outside for the announcement of who exactly is now leading Christianity's largest domination.

Stay tuned.

Getting into the Florida Real Estate Market

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Finding a Sotheby's Realtor in Boca Raton

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Dennis Rodman at the Vatican

With the Vatican chimney spewing black smoke for the second time before Cardinals adjourned for lunch on the second day of this historic conclave, and the one billion plus followers of Catholicism still without a Pope, the Vatican City has been besieged by quite an irregular man hoping to become the first man to visit the Pope and the North Korean leader in one month...

Yes, for some unknown reason Dennis "The Diplomat" Rodman has come to the Vatican to promote Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson to become the first African Pope, although he had no idea what the Cardinal's name was, but would like to meet him in Africa after his installment atop the Church.

Luckily for Cardinal Turkson, his fellow delegates within the Vatican are barred from all outside information or contact during the ongoing election, leaving his candidacy with a prayer - as I'm sure there is some rule in some portion of the Catechism that prohibits individuals with support from Rodman from becoming Pope.

Which is also a good thing for me, because my personal favorite to lead the Catholic Church past Benedict XVI is Cardinal Turkson from the spiritual home of 21st century Christianity: Africa, where the never ending conflict between good and evil isn't just a Biblical hypothetical, but a daily occurrence for believers.

What say you?

Mila Kunis: Wicked Witch of the West

So recently I happened to watch Oz: The Great and Powerful and I have to admit the film wasn't that bad, as the special effects make Oz come alive like never before, while paying homage to the original film and, for me at least, best of all was the complete and total lack of singing.

But there was another factor that definitely made the movie worth watching: Mila Kunis. The feisty Ukrainian begins this adventure as a gullible, kind-hearted witch who quickly falls for the con-man wizard, but is turned by her evil sister into becoming the evil Wicked Witch of the West.

Mila Kunis... Sexy Ukrainian witch who always has me enchanted.
Which is also one of the worst parts of the entire film, at least for me (and every other teenage boy, or father who saw this movie), because we witness the transformation of Ms. Kunis sexiness into the most disgusting, downright ugliest and terrifyingly hideous character of cinematic history:

Mila Kunis... What the fuck happened to you?!?!?! My eyes!!!
 Can anyone say total and complete buzz kill?

But she pulled off the part pretty, darn well I must say. And so did the entire movie for that fact - James Franco did an incredible job as a young Oz, while the story was wonderfully believable as a prologue to Baum's original Oz novel written almost one hundred and ten years ago, and the movie which debuted 7 decades ago. Thankfully without freaking singing or dancing.

What say you?

Controversial ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Muni Buses

From CBS:
A controversy has been re-ignited this week as ten new ads go up on San Francisco Muni buses containing quotes used by terrorists.

“Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to Allah,” reads one of the ads, which has people debating the line between free speech and hate speech.

“The purpose of our campaign is to show the reality of Jihad, the root causes of terrorism. Using the exact quotes and text that they use,” said Pamela Geller of the American Freedom Defense Institute.

Several San Francisco city leaders, including District Attorney George Gascon, have condemned the campaign.

“San Francisco won’t tolerate Islamophobic bigotry,” said Gascon. “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good people to look the other way and do nothing.”
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fighting Hair Loss

Hair loss might not always be the top thing on your mind, but is is a pattern for many men and women. It's not something to be ignored: your hair helps make up your identity and is a great way to make that first impression while feeling good about yourself. This is why you should take your hair and the potential loss of it very seriously and consider all options of keeping it as long and as strong as possible.

Think about the ways that you can fix a hair loss method. You may be thinking of long or expensive projects in a hospital. Instead, there are other ways to grow your hair back. There are home remedies that people use to be able to get their hair back in the shape that they wanted it all along. This could be a great chance to make sure that you are the person you want to be. Find out how to prevent hair loss and get your head in the game.

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What You Need To Know About the Globalization Index

The globalization index was developed in order to classify countries of the world on the account of global connectivity. It has also been helpful in depicting the interdependence of countries based on economic, social, technological, cultural and political level.

The globalization index metric accepted globally is known as the KOF Globalization Index.

The Metric

There are different aspects of globalization which have been set as the yardstick for the calculation of the globalization index. The three main indicators are economic, social and political connectedness. These three elements constitute the main indices, and their subtypes are derivatives of them. This can include the indices of economic flows and restrictions, information flows and cultural proximity.

The current index is based upon data that has been compiled and updated through the years 1970 to 2013.

Globalization Index and Business

One of the main things that the Globalization index has an effect on is the business and the investment ecosphere. The importance of this parameter can be predicted from the case that giants like Ernst and Young have developed their own globalization index. Famous analysts like COO John Ferraro EY have given their thoughts. They believe this index has a- major influence in driving business decisions.

The impact on business can be judged as the capital flow can be predicted. The rate of globalization is not uniform and one of the main factors aiding globalization is technology. It has also come to light that the dispersion of skillful talent across the globe is not uniform. This is vital information for business leaders who can use it to transform their economic setups.

Actionable Tips

Business leaders of today and tomorrow would be decided on the account that who understands the global market in a better manner. Those who are able to modify and adjust their businesses accordingly will remain upfront.

Factors like risk assessment, capital flow, technology acquisition and similar ones can be understood from the globalization index. The important thing to understand is that the magnitude of information that available is unprecedented. It is dependent on perception, as how to translate it into higher profits.

In the current status quo, there is constant shift from fast growth to slow growth and then back again. In order to make the most out if, investors and businessmen need to be on the look for newer avenues.

As for globalization, the ecosphere of the market can change in no time. The main plot holder is technology and how efficiently is one able to use it. For instance, business analytics has evolved greatly and now it is possible for investors to study various outcomes and opt for the best one based on scientific data, rather than hunches. Social networking also aids the information flow which can be translated to profits.

The bottom line is that parameters like Globalization Index are an information avenue for investors and businessmen. Not only are these metrics informative, but also definitive for business strategy. 

Ahmadinejad Under Fire for Hugging Woman

From Yahoo! News:
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is under fire from the country's clerics over a photo of him consoling the mother of Hugo Chavez at the late Venezuelan leader's funeral—physical contact that's considered a sin under Iran's strict Islamic codes.

The photo, released by Venezuela's Miraflores Press Office, shows Elena Frías' right hand clutching Ahmadinejad's left, her head against his, as they stand near the flag-draped coffin of her son at a military academy in Caracas, Venezuela, on Friday.

The image drew the immediate fury of Tehran's religious conservatives. “No unrelated women can be touched unless she is drowning at sea or needs medical treatment," Hojat al-Islam Hossein Ibrahimi, a cleric at the Society of Militant Clergy, said, according to Iran's Al-Monitor.

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Black Smoke Rises over Sistine Chapel: No Pope Selected; Voting to Resume Wednesday Morning

From the New York Daily News:
Black smoke over the Vatican — we do not have a new Pope.

The 115 cardinals who have locked themselves inside the Sistine Chapel revealed to the world that they have failed to select a new pontiff on their first ballot — a widely expected outcome as the papal conclave got underway Tuesday afternoon.

The cardinals will return for two votes Wednesday morning and, if no white smoke billows over the Vatican, two more votes in the afternoon.
The process will continue until one of the cardinals emerges with a two-thirds majority — 77 votes.

The last nine conclaves have lasted an average of three days.
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The Conclave's Rules for Electing a Pope

The Conclave of 115 Cardinals from around the world has descended upon the Vatican, and very likely within the next few days and several votes by the electors, we will witness the rise of a leader of over one billion followers and the installation of a new Pope just in time for the celebration of Holy Week.

No conclave has lasted longer than four days since the early eighteen hundred's and with the Irish set to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in just five, I would say the odds of a quick election are rather high, although there have been occasions where the Cardinals took well over three years to elect a Pope.

But like any gathering where an election is to occur, there are rules and I took the pleasure of researching them for you, the humble reader of Pundit Press.

1. The Cardinals must remain locked behind closed doors, with no outside communication and or mobile devices until the election is concluded.

2. The Cardinals will vote four times every day until a Pope is elected, allowing them plenty of time and opportunities to select the right man.

3. In order to be elected Pope, one candidate must receive two-thirds or 66.6% of all votes cast, which requires compromise for success.

4. When the Conclave of Cardinals, having reached the 66.6% threshold for electing a new Pope to lead Catholics worldwide is eventually met, there will be white smoke coming from the Vatican's chimney to a  anxiously awaiting Church looking for a bright and fortunate history in the largest Christian domination.

Stay tuned for further updates and stories on this historic conclave.

Who is Going to be the Next Pope?

Some info as it happens:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

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99.8% of Falkland Islanders Vote to Retain British Rule

With 92% of registered Falkland Island voters coming out to vote in their just held two-day referendum on whether they want to retain British rule over these small, barren Islands that fueled a brief, and bloody war between Great Britain and neighboring Argentina over three decades ago, the results are breathtaking.

99.8% of Falkland Islanders, the majority residing in the capital city of Stanley, voted to retain British rule, while only three people on the entire Island voted against. Their point: to show the Argentine government they are British and proud of it and to hopefully gain sympathy from the international community.

This comes in the aftermath of unrelenting pressure from the Argentine government on the international community to force the British in negotiations over the "disputed islands," which the two nations fought for claim of almost three decades ago, and which the British won decisively with assistance from the Reagan White House.

What can one really say... The Falklands have been under British possession for almost two hundred years, they are historically and culturally British, they have shed the blood of Britons and Falkland Islanders in war brought upon by imperialistic Argentinians, and the citizens of the oil rich Islands, under the principle of self governance, have voted essentially unanimously to retain British rule.

It is time for the international community to stop buying into this besieged colonialist bullshit from Argentina, which is obviously just interested in the Falklands for oil and natural gas reserves, and to respect the people who dwell on the Island and who want to remain under the British flag and the old empire's two century old claim and governance.

What say you?

Gilberto Valle Facebook Information

 Some disturbing stuff taken from his Facebook, as acquired by the NY Daily News.

“4 and a half years for attempted murder, then released and kills a police officer,” he posted on Tuesday after news broke that Lopez had been killed near the Queens-Nassau border. “Similar to Officer (Peter) Figoski around christmas(sic). This state’s court system is an absolute joke. Absolutely outraged.”

In August, a day after Sgt. Craig Bier was shot in Jamaica, Queens, Valle commented that the suspect who shot and wounded the 15-year veteran was a longtime criminal.

“Thug who shot a Queens cop last night was only locked up for numerous armed robberies and attempted murder,” Valle posted on Aug. 9. “Thank you very much liberal court system for letting this guy out.”

Valle, who was assigned to the 26th Precinct in Morningside Heights, also complained about his job and looked forward to retirement.

“15 years until I can move the hell out of this rotten scumbag-filled city,” he posted in January of 2011.

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Whoa: NYC Policeman Convicted on Cannibalism Charges

 Here's something you don't see every day. Gilberto Valle, formerly of the NYC Police Department was arrested and convicted in a plot to murder his wife and to kill other women and eat them.

The trial heard how Valle had taken steps to carry out his plan of abducting, torturing and eating women he knew.

Defence lawyers argued it was merely a role-playing fantasy he had concocted while browsing fetish websites.

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Watch Papal Conclave Video Live

Live video for mobile from Ustream

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How To Shop Living Room Furniture From Efurnitureshowroom?

Are you curious to know the art of purchasing the cost effective way to shop from efurnitureshowroom for you furniture needs? This is an online store that depicts the wide range of the living room furniture that includes sofa sets, tables, chairs, and lot more. This is one category other than this, efurnitureshowroom is known for bed room sets, kitchen sets, bar sets, outdoors, and lot more. You will find 100 plus brands of each of the item showcased on this store like lamps, rugs, bed sets, sofa sets, table sets, cabinets, dressers, wall hangings and plenty more. It is very easy to shop from this store for your living room furniture as this store is user friendly and designed in such a manner that it leads the clients automatically to the required item. Here few steps that will help you to shop from this online store:
Steps to be followed:
  1. First of all, you need to search for this online store. To narrow down the search you can put the area as your keyword like “Logan.” This will help you have the direct access to the store that will be delivering in your area.
  2. After this, once you pop in the online store, read the profile f the store. It is the most important and essential part of the initial process. It has its benefits like:
    • Get to know the store
    • Get to know whether it is authentic
    • Get to know which areas they deliver
    • Get to know about payment modes
Other than these basics, you will get the knowhow of the store in much understanding way that will be helpful in relaying on the store to cater your living room furniture needs.
  1. After that scroll down each of the product category that is there like bar sets, bed room sets, kitchen sets and so on. You can also narrow sown the search by searching through the manufacture list. Like if you are brand loyal and you like the product of Accent Furniture you can have direct access to it.
  2. After the selection of the desired products, now look for the clearance sale as after every minute EfurnitureShowroom puts the items in the clearance sale for the clients to gain the benefit of cost. If not you can wait for the promotional scheme. In the case of urgency, you can place the order.
  3. Follow the steps that are defined by the online store, and place the order accordingly.
  4. This store makes sure that the delivery is on time.
  5. For any query, you can consult to the customer service representative that is there to facilitate you and clear your doubts.
These were few easy steps that will help your to have amazing shopping experience with this prestigious store.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Judge Slaps Down New York City Soda Ban

How could this judge possibly think that us regular folks can decide what to eat and drink by ourselves?! From the Wall Street Journal:
A state judge on Monday stopped Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration from banning the sale of large sugary drinks at New York City restaurants and other venues, a major defeat for a mayor who has made public-health initiatives a cornerstone of his tenure.

The city is "enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulations," wrote New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling, blocking the rules one day before they would have taken effect. The city's chief counsel, Michael Cardozo, pledged to "appeal the ruling as soon as possible."

In halting the drink rules, Judge Tingling noted that the incoming sugary drink regime was "fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences" that would be difficult to enforce with consistency "even within a particular city block, much less the city as a whole."

"The loopholes in this rule effectively defeat the stated purpose of the rule," the judge wrote.
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Jorge Mario Bergoglio Elected Pope; Changes Name to Francis

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the seventy-six year old Archbishop of Buenos Aries, has been elected Pope and he shall take the name Francis the First during his reign.

Who is the New Pope?

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the seventy-six year old Archbishop of Buenos Aries, has been elected Pope and he shall take the name Francis the First during his reign.

New Pope Chosen March 13, 2013

 No word on who, but here's info on a frontrunner:

This short excerpt from Wikipedia:
Marc Ouellet, PSS, born June 8, 1944, La Motte, Quebec, is a Canadian Cardinal of the Catholic Church. He is the present prefect of the Congregation for Bishops and concurrently president of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America since his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI on 30 June 2010. Previously, he was archbishop of Quebec and primate of Canada. He was elevated to the cardinalate by Pope John Paul II, on 21 October 2003.
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Obama Supporter and Poll Watcher Charged for Voting SIX TIMES in 2012 Presidential Election

Melowese Richardson voted a reported six times for President Obama in November of 2012. Twice she used her real name, then another four using the names of her relatives. If convicted she faces a maximum of 12 years in prison.

More disturbing is that Richardson is a long time poll worker and has worked for the Board of Elections in Hamilton County, Ohio since 1998. People like her were watching the polls when President Obama won by close margins, often with "odd" voting totals, in November.
Among these statistical anomalies occurred in Pennsylvania, when President Obama received over 99% of vote at polls where GOP inspectors were removed. In addition, in those areas turnout was somehow "30%" above government numbers.

In Cleveland, President Obama won dozens of districts with 100% of the vote. In some populated areas, in fact, Mr. Obama defeated challenger Mitt Romney by an astounding 14,686 to 23.

As for Richardson, part of the reason why she was arrested was because she openly stated that she voted more than once:

Similarly, in North Carolina, Democrat Jim Turner stated that he had voted four times:

There is no word if Turner has been arrested at this time.

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Former Detroit Mayor Corruption Conviction

 Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick really stepped in it now. He ran a blatantly corrupt administration that has bit him in the end.
U.S. prosecutors accused Kilpatrick, 42, his father and a city contractor of widespread corruption, extorting bribes from contractors who wanted to be awarded or keep city contracts, turning the mayor's office into "Kilpatrick Incorporated" during his seven year tenure.
The 12 jurors, who deliberated for 14 days from mid-February in a U.S. District Court trial that started last September, returned a sweeping verdict against Kilpatrick following the biggest public corruption probe in Detroit in decades.
Shazam!Photo Credit Reuters 
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What's in Colorado's Proposed Gun Control Law?

Looks like a whole bunch of stuff disconnected with the history of the state. Some provisions include:
- House Bill 1224 makes it a crime to have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds. Lawmakers who voted no are concerned that the bill would not reduce violence and will hurt a Colorado manufacturer of magazines.
- House Bill 1228 would revive fee payments for gun purchasers who need background checks. The bill has already won House approval.
- House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. It's also already won House approval.
- Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. People can currently take online courses. The bill faces a final Senate vote this week before heading to the House.
- Senate Bill 197 would require courts to order anyone subject to a domestic violence protection order or convicted of domestic violence to relinquish their guns within 24 hours. A judge could extend that to 72 hours. The bill will go to the House if given approval in the Senate.

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Earthquake Hits San Francisco; Magnitude 5.1, March 11, 2013

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake has struck San Francisco. This is breaking news, so reports are scarce. We'll keep you updated as more news comes out.

Update: According to Fox News, there were actually three earthquakes that hit San Francisco, all around 5.1 magnitude.

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Gilberto Valle Information

 Here's something you don't see every day. Gilberto Valle, formerly of the NYC Police Department was arrested and convicted in a plot to murder his wife and to kill other women and eat them.

The trial heard how Valle had taken steps to carry out his plan of abducting, torturing and eating women he knew.

Defence lawyers argued it was merely a role-playing fantasy he had concocted while browsing fetish websites.

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U.S., South Korea Begin Military Exercises as North Ends Armistice

What the hell is the North doing? If they want to be obliterated, they'll get their wish if they continue to escalate things. From CNN:
A new joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States began Monday amid heightened tensions across the region.

In a sign of crumbling relations, North Korea refused to answer its hotline with Seoul, South Korea's unification ministry said Monday, according to the Yonhap news agency.

The ministry said the North did not answer two attempts to communicate by telephone at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. local time.

The latest military drills involving the two allies are called Key Resolve. They follow the Foal Eagle joint exercises that began March 1, which are scheduled to last two months. More than 3,000 U.S. forces are taking part in Key Resolve, according to United States Forces Korea.
Clearly has a death wish
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When to See Comet PanSTARRs

Today would be a great day.
"Look too early and the sky will be too bright," said Rachel Stevenson, a NASA Postdoctoral Fellow at the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. "Look too late, the comet will be too low and obstructed by the horizon. This comet has a relatively small window."
A good time to look is about 40 minutes after sunset. The comet may appear as a sort of exclamation point in the evening sky, with the point being the comet itself and its diffuse tail stretching nearly straight up from the horizon, JPL officials added.
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Asteroids Passing Earth Video

We're a bit of a space junk magnet lately:

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Karzai Accuses U.S. of Colluding With Taliban as Hagel Visits

What a piece of shit. From Bloomberg:
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was greeted on his first visit to Afghanistan since taking office by suicide bombs, threats and Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s accusation that the U.S. is colluding with the Taliban.

As Hagel prepared to leave a U.S. military compound in Kabul on March 9, a Taliban suicide bomber blew himself up outside the Ministry of Defense, and another suicide bomb detonated in Khost province. Yesterday, Karzai said that those attacks, which together killed 19 people, aided U.S. goals. A joint Hagel-Karzai press conference at the presidential palace was canceled for what Pentagon officials said were security reasons.

While the Taliban said the attacks were aimed at sending a message to Hagel that the insurgents remain a powerful force, Karzai said in a speech yesterday that the U.S. is holding peace talks with the radical Islamists and the bombs were in the “service of America.”

“On the surface and to this outside observer, it appears that Karzai has gone way off the reservation, perhaps more so than he has in the past,” said David Maxwell, a retired U.S. Army colonel who’s associate director of the Center for Security Studies at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. “I cannot see how we could work with such an apparently delusional leader much longer, but unfortunately I do not know if we have any other good options.”
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What's in the Proposed Colorado Gun Laws?

Looks like a whole bunch of stuff disconnected with the history of the state. Some provisions include:

- House Bill 1224 makes it a crime to have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds. Lawmakers who voted no are concerned that the bill would not reduce violence and will hurt a Colorado manufacturer of magazines.

- House Bill 1228 would revive fee payments for gun purchasers who need background checks. The bill has already won House approval.

- House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. It's also already won House approval.

- Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. People can currently take online courses. The bill faces a final Senate vote this week before heading to the House.

- Senate Bill 197 would require courts to order anyone subject to a domestic violence protection order or convicted of domestic violence to relinquish their guns within 24 hours. A judge could extend that to 72 hours. The bill will go to the House if given approval in the Senate.

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What's in the Proposed Colorado Gun Laws?

Looks like a whole bunch of stuff disconnected with the history of the state. Some provisions include:

- House Bill 1224 makes it a crime to have a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds. Lawmakers who voted no are concerned that the bill would not reduce violence and will hurt a Colorado manufacturer of magazines.

- House Bill 1228 would revive fee payments for gun purchasers who need background checks. The bill has already won House approval.

- House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. It's also already won House approval.

- Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. People can currently take online courses. The bill faces a final Senate vote this week before heading to the House.

- Senate Bill 197 would require courts to order anyone subject to a domestic violence protection order or convicted of domestic violence to relinquish their guns within 24 hours. A judge could extend that to 72 hours. The bill will go to the House if given approval in the Senate.

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Philadelphia Girl Searched, Berated for Having a Gun Made of Paper at School

What a world we live in. From the Daily Caller:
A fifth grader at a South Philadelphia elementary school made the mistake of pulling out a gun constructed out of paper in class last week.

An official at D. Newlin Fell School searched the student, Melody Valentin, in front of her entire class, reports FOX 29. After the search failed to turn any more weapons (paper or non-paper), the staffer intensely scolded the little girl – also in front of the whole class.

Valentin explained that she had attempted throw the contraband away, but a boy saw it and notified administrators.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen,” the fifth grader told the station.

Describing the paper firearm, the girl’s mother, Dianna Kelly, said it looked similar to a folded sheet of paper. The little girl’s grandfather had made it for her the day before, she added.
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Video of David Wright Grand Slam in WBC vs. Puerto Rico

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Video: How to Become Pope

With the Cardinals meeting on Tuesday to eventually elect a new leader for the Catholic Church, there have been countless articles and videos created to explain the interesting process of how the election occurs, but the video above is definitely the easiest explained, and most informative you will come upon on this important subject.

Essentially the process is (1.) be born a man, (2.) become a Catholic, (3.) become a Bishop, (4.) become a Cardinal and (5.) receive 66% of your fellow Cardinals votes and become the new Pope.

What say you?

Searching For My Next Book to Read - Any Suggestions

To the faithful and honorable readers of Pundit Press: I appeal to your vast knowledge and literary tastes, for I am in need of your assistance...

After years of strictly political reading - histories, biographies and as much information concerning American elections as possible - I have decided to invest myself in more fictional reading: J.R.R. Tolkien's Hobbit and soon the entire series, Stephen Crane's Red Badge and just this past week George Orwell's 1984.

I find the new pace relaxing as I shift from a strictly educating reading list to one of more literary and idealist tones. Although many will argue 1984 could not be described as anything but a political novel, I'd beg to differ as I view it as not only a retelling of the Soviet Union's bloody rise to power but of one man's fight for survival in a world where big brother knows all. A doomed fight for survival in a world of absolute cruelty.

With that said, I am looking for more classic American literature as well as fictional ideological novels for my enjoyment and personal pursuits, so consider the comments section an open thread and give me some ideas, thoughts and suggestions on what book I should jump into next.

Bonus points if it entails a military aspect, as I fell in love with the Red Badge of Courage as I was able to connect and relate with the main character - Henry Fleming - and his struggle to find himself in the regiment to which he enlisted and belonged to.

What say you?

Video: Obama Voters at Work

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Husband of Gabby Giffords Buys AR-15

From Breitbart:
Mark E. Kelly, gun-control proponent and husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, recently purchased an AR-15 (an "assault weapon," he called it)—which he now says he intended as an illustration of the need for more stringent gun laws.

Kelly reportedly bought the AR-15 and a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, Arizona.

Various sources contacted Breitbart News once Kelly made the purchase, and after we began investigating the details surrounding the purchase, Kelly announced on his Facebook that he was not going to keep the AR-15, which he has yet to pick up from the store.
Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly
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Timberwolves Harlem Shake Video

Credit IMAO:

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Video: Canada Mexico World Baseball Classic Fight

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Live Coverage: The Papal Conclave

Wondering who the next Pope will be? Perhaps this article from CNN will fill you in a little bit:

Some info as it happens:

Live video for mobile from Ustream

For many in Italy, the choice is already clear, according to John Allen, CNN's senior Vatican analyst.

"Around the dinner tables today in Rome, Cardinal Angelo Scola has the pole position," Allen said Monday.

Scola, an Italian, is the archbishop of Milan.

Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who heads the Vatican's office of bishops, is also a likely frontrunner, said Allen. And Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, an Argentinian who works as the Vatican prefect overseeing eastern churches, is well-known for his leadership and administrative skills, Allen said.

Another top contender for the papacy could be Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, said Woodard, the managing editor of the International Journal of African Catholicism. The 64-year-old cardinal currently heads the pope's council for justice and peace and has experience working with people of different faiths, Woodard said.
Pundit Press will be doing its best to provide live coverage of the conclave as it starts and continues.

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Woman To Pay Fine After Sending Son Named 'Jihad' To School With 'I Am A Bomb' Shirt

What the hell? From the Business Insider:
If there's one person in the room who can't call himself "the bomb" without freaking people out, it's the guy named "Jihad."

In this case it was a 3-year-old boy.

Jihad showed up at his school in Sorgues, France wearing a shirt that read "je suis une bombe" [I am a bomb] according to Le Parisen.

If that weren't enough, the back of the shirt read: "Jihad né le 11 September" [Jihad was born on September 11].
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Source: Paul has Sights Set on 2016

I don't think this really comes as a surprise, but it is interesting nonetheless. From CNN:
Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, is so serious about running for president, he is actively taking all the steps "that someone in his position should be making," a GOP source familiar with Paul's activities told CNN.

His activities and travel plans indicate he wants to be a serious candidate with a real path to victory, the source said. He would be running to win-not to make a statement, an approach that his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, embraced in the most recent presidential election.

The first-term senator, who dominated national headlines this week with his nearly-13 hour filibuster, is staying in touch with grassroots activists who supported him and his father. Both Pauls are known for their libertarian leanings-though the younger Paul has notably struggled to woo some of his father's most ardent supporters.

According to the GOP source, Paul has a robust email list with more than two million addresses. He's been trying to build new relationships among grassroots supporters, by signing letters and sending emails for groups.
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Upstate Counties Lead Opposition to NY SAFE Act

Ever since its hurried and likely unconstitutional passage into law, the NY SAFE Act has faced considerable opposition from supporters of the second amendment in various forms: seven thousand marched on Albany, scores of lawsuits have been filed questioning its legality, and dozens of county governments have supported anti-SAFE Act resolutions.

Green counties have passed resolutions, yellow have proposed them and white have done neither
In fact, forty of sixty-two county governments within the State of New York have passed laws opposing the SAFE Act and calling for a repeal of its most egregious parts: such as limiting magazine capacity to 7 rounds, prohibiting the ownership of "assault weapons," and even limiting how many firearms you may posses to five under vague specifics.

I happen to live in Schoharie County, one of the earliest opponents of the NY SAFE act which passed our resolution opposing Governor Cuomo's signature law by a fifteen to one margin, and there will be a protest against the law on Saturday, March 16th, 1 PM in beautiful downtown Schoharie and all who support our cause should come down in support.

The county governments of New York State have really done an incredible job opposing the SAFE act, and you can't help but give them a round of applause, as Upstate in particular has united behind our right to keep and bear arms and committed their time and efforts towards hopefully repealing this horrific abomination at some point.

What say you?

Is Daylight Savings Time Today?

Yes, it's our favorite time of the year. Tonight, set your clocks forward an hour and lose that time that you should be sleeping. So "Spring Forward," comrades!

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Finding the Right Criminal Attorney

Finding the Right Criminal Attorney

The right attorney can make all the difference if you are ever in a legal issue. You need someone that will be on your side and know the law inside and out. Someone with the experience and education that you are looking for is just what may be necessary to figure out how to best get you justice and avoid trouble where there should be none. This is especially important in today's litigious society. Consider all of your options and make sure that you are able to take care of yourself or a loved one that needs the advice. This can be one of the most important decisions of your life and you are sure to want to be prepared and have the representation that you both want and deserve. Consider these factors as you are choosing which attorney you want to stand up for you in court.

Choosing the right criminal attorney in the Bronx can be a very time consuming task. However, you want to make sure that the person or firm that you choose has the experience and the know how to get you where you need to be with the least amount of stress possible. Choose an attorney that can stand up for you and be that lawyer in case you are arrested in New York City.

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Friday, March 08, 2013

TSA Screeners Allow Agent with Fake Bomb to Pass Through Security at Newark Airport

From the New York Post:
An undercover TSA inspector with an improvised explosive device stuffed in his pants got past two security screenings at Newark Airport — including a pat-down — and was cleared to get on board a commercial flight, sources told The Post yesterday.

The breach took place Feb. 25, when the Transportation Security Administration’s special operations team — the agency’s version of internal affairs — staged a mock intrusion at the airport.

“This episode once again demonstrates how Newark Airport is the Ground Zero of TSA failures,” a source said.

The “bomber” was part of the four-person “Red Team” that posed as ticketed passengers and filed through the B1 checkpoint of Terminal B — home of American Airlines, JetBlue and Delta, sources said.

With the inert “bomb” stashed somewhere in his pants, he got through the magnetometer undetected at around 11 a.m. He was then pulled aside for a physical screening, and a TSA agent failed to discover the IED and allowed the “bomber” to go to his gate.

“He did have a simulated IED in his pants,” the source said. “They did not find it.”
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Video of WBC Brawl between Canada and Mexico

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Video of WBC Fight Between Mexico and Canada

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Rachel Maddow Openly Mocked in Interview, Claims she is "Not Biased," then Refuses to Answer Questions

Almost every day, the website Reddit has someone either on television, the radio, or garnered their fame from the internet answer questions. These are called "AMAs," or "Ask Me Anything," and are considered interviews and the people asking questions are actual users of the site.

Today, Rachel Maddow did not want to answer everything. In fact, she hardly answered any questions during her time on Reddit. Towards the end of it, Maddow refused to answer the most popular questions, answered others ridiculously, and ended up being openly mocked by users who accusingly stated that "she is in the back pocket of the Obama administration, just like MSNBC/NBC."

On Reddit, "upvotes" determine the most popular comments and questions. Maddow openly ignored the most popular ones. For example, the question "What do you think is the single worst offense being committed by the Obama administration right now?" was utterly disregarded.
Maddow confirming on Twitter that it is indeed her answering questions
This more specific question was also ignored:
Rand Paul's anti-drone filibuster lasted 13 hours, but no Democrat besides Ron Wyden showed floor support. Individuals at your network have even been openly hostile to Paul.

John Brennan has been on the wrong side of numerous controversial post-9/11 issues. Four years ago, his advocacy of torture forced him to withdraw for top CIA spot. Yesterday all but two Democrats voted to confirm him.

So after ceding authority on drones to Repulicans (sic), Democrats gave near unanimous approval to a scoundrel.
  • Hasn't this been a pathetic showing for "progressive" Democrats?
  • Are power and party so much more important than (alleged) principles?
  • Was Democrats' anti-war talk of the 00's just opportunistic sloganeering for electoral success? If not, what happened to them?
In response to Maddow's refusal to answer questions, users openly griped that she carried out the "Worst AMA ever...."

Another user derided: "have you read the rest of her answers/non-answers? no possible chance she bites on this one. If she does she'll just talk around the issue and use empty rhetoric."

In response to her refusal to answer another question, a user remarked:
It's never going to happen. If you have ever seen her on Bill Maher, a liberal show, she can't handle any negatives about the Obama administration nor can she have a constructive conversation. If fact, one Bill Maher show she claimed that the other panelists were attacking her when all they were doing was pushing her for answer she didn't want to give. She is in the back pocket of the Obama administration, just like MSNBC/NBC.
Maddow was also mocked for the rare answers she did give. Asked the question, "Do you think you're biased?" Maddow responded:
Not more than the average bear. I try to be open about where I'm coming from and what I believe, while also being trustworthy about the facts of what's going on in the world.
Users again mocked Maddow for her obvious lie. User totentanz777 quipped, "Today I Learned (TIL) Rachel Maddow is a bear." Another jeered, "Wake up."

In all, after over an hour of questions, Maddow answered just over a dozen. Her non-answers however, at least to Redditors, spoke much more loudly.

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