Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sequestration to Harm New York Air and Army National Guard Units

HT: CBS 6 Albany

The damaging effects of sequestration are going to felt hard for the National Air and Army Guards in New York's capital district, as over 500 civilian employees - who are vital to running and assisting new recruits, basic training graduates and day to day operations of both military elements - are facing a work furlough of one day per week, or twenty percent of their paycheck and effectiveness.

And while the loss of civilians will impact planning and completion of both pre-basic and post-basic training, we will also see the repair of military vehicles, such as the ones used by the 109th airlift during Sandy, take a day or two longer, which if a disaster occurs could be the difference between life or death, or delivering life saving materials to an impacted area.

But sadly for us, Washington seems to be oblivious to the hardships sequestration will cause for both active and national guard branches across the United States, and will allow them to sail through without significant protest or action, as we all know the theatre of politics is far more important than the success of our armed forces to petty politicians.

What say you?

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