Thursday, February 28, 2013

Government of the idiots,
by the Idiots, for the idiots.

Dick Cheney got it wrong, well, he was half right; these idiots
in dc are not good enough to be second rate. If life was at all
fair, the best of them would be in Chicago on skid row, the
worst of them would be in prison, the the in-betweens would
be saying, "you want fries with that?"

Too bad the Pinocchio thing is not true for Commandant Zero
and the rest of the worthless bunch in all three branches of
our so called government of the people.  Were it true, their
noses would reach around the globe enough times to form a
major highway.

Sequester??  Just how dumb do these idiots ruining our country
think we are??

republicans, democrats, conservatives, liberals -- and I use all
four terms as loosely and with as much disrespect as I can
muster --  all of these non-useful idiots are from the same
slovenly, greedy, power hungry, criminally minded, cheap,
lying, no good, four flushing, lowlife, snake licking, dirty, inbred,
overstuffed, ignorant, blood sucking, brainless, balless, hopeless,
heartless, fatass, stiff-necked, bug eyed, stiff-legged, spineless,
monkey headed, sack of monkey fecal surprise -- and we are paying
them for the rest of their lives.

The laws they keep adding to their books are simply to keep us in
line, hands out, begging for help when they have no help.  All they
have is an inbred, evil desire to dictate our every thought, word and

They have lied and stolen America into trillions of dollars of debt,
lied and stolen us into an immoral, degenerate, baby murdering
society, and that is still not enough to satisfy their greed.

They call right, wrong, and punish right; they call wrong, right,
and reward wrong.  They have done it for so long, they no longer
know the difference.

They give jail time for killing a cat, shooting a hawk or poaching
a deer, while they are stealing tax money to make sure that the
government program for murdering babies is in full effect around
the world.

The one thing they have not been able to do for hundreds of years,
is:  get the guns.  And for all their impious gas-bagging, with that
Idiot of Idiots, Joe Biden droning idiotically on and on, it doesn't
look as though they will ever be able to get them.

And because of that, we as a country might just survive, much to
the dismay of Commandant Zero and his fourth rate minions.

The certain law of nature, and of nature's God, is that every
heavy handed evil doer gets his comeuppance, no matter what
space they occupy, what office they hold, or how powerful they
think they are. 

So these idiots, having availed themselves of every stupid move,
every lie, every false pretense and every evil motive, cannot, and
will not continue forever. 

James Russell Lowell said it best:

                 Truth, forever on the scaffold,
                 wrong, forever on the throne;
                 but that scaffold sways the future --
                 and behind the dim unknown,
                 standeth God -- keeping watch above His own.

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