Thursday, February 28, 2013

Democrats Propose Department of Peacebuilding; Pink Unicorn to Reportedly Lead It

With nothing else going on right now (oh yeah, that whole sequestration issue, but who's really paying attention to that?) House Democrats have decided to tackle the important topic of creating a new and improved Department of Peacebuilding...

I kid you not. California Democrat Barbara Lee has proposed the creation of a new cabinet level position, the Department of Peacebuilding: to fight violence and discrimination at home, share findings and assist our friends in the international community with peace endeavors, celebrate "peace days" and create, I'm really not kidding, a Peace Academy.

Reportedly, the Pink Unicorn is to lead the Department of Peacebuilding
The legislation, which was proposed Monday with eight co-sponsors (all Democrats, unsurprisingly), was done so to continue the long push of former Democrat Congressman Dennis Kucinich to create a so called Department of Peace for some reason, even though we already have one - the Department of Defense...

Say what you want about our military apparatus, and our industrial complex, but not one part of the federal government is more effective at its job, defending America's interests, or maintaining peace and stability in not just the United States, but across the developed and developing world. Not one agency can claim such record as freeing over fifty plus nations the past century from oppression and violence as the U.S. Military.

So.. Sure, lets have a peace academy where cadets will undoubtedly learn Nevile Chamberlain was actually right to appease Hitler, but I guarantee when the next Hitler arises - the Army's fine Cadets, and the Navy's accomplished Midshipmen will be more effective in protecting America then Peace Cadets trained in yoga..

What say you?

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