Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Romney vs. Obama Virginia results

With 14% of precincts reporting:

Romney - 58.9% - 318,000
Obama - 39.8% - 215,000

Obama Vs. Romney Electoral College

8:22 PM:

Massachusetts and Rhode Island have been called for Obama.

Obama - 51
Romney - 40

8:10 PM:

Connecticut, Delaware and Illinois have been called for Obama, while Romney picked up Oklahoma. Things are tightening up.

Romney - 40
Obama - 36

Original article

With five states called already, Mitt Romney has an early 33-3 lead over incumbent Barack Obama in the electoral college. Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana and South Carolina for Romney and Vermont for Obama.

Romney - 33
Obama - 3

270 is needed to win the White House.

Romney Vs. Obama Indiana Results


Results are streaming in from the Hoosier State quicker then I can follow, as their 11 electoral votes are up for grabs between incumbent Barack Obama and challenger Mitt  Romney.

With 22% of precincts reporting:

Romney - 54.4%
Obama - 43.7%

President Obama won this state by under 20,000 votes in 2008.

Romney Wins West Virginia

With polls just closing in the great state of West Virginia, we can safely call it for Republican contender Mitt Romney - bringing his early electoral college lead to 13-3 over incumbent Barack Obama.

Kentucky, Vermont Called

With the first polls closed, we can safely called the state of Kentucky for Mitt Romney and the state of Vermont for President Obama, bringing Mr. Romney to an early 8-3 lead in the electoral college with a full slate of states yet to call.

Stay tuned.

"#RomneyRyan2012" Highest Trending on Twitter; #ObamaBiden2012 Trending Below "#Man City"

Compared to those supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, few people are talking about Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The hashtag "#RomneyRyan2012" is getting a tremendous amount of traffic. "#ObamaBiden2012" is getting less traction from, I kid you not, "#Man City."

#RomneyRyan2012 is the second highest trend on twitter today. Number one is "#ivoted."
#ObamaBiden2012 does not even crack the top ten.

You can see the top trends right now on Twitter below:
Even the video game Halo 4, which details the epic battle between the character Master Chief and aliens is getting more attention than Obama.

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Video: Say, Why is Joe Biden Coming to Ohio?

Reports of a GOP wave in Ohio: Please bookmark!

Why Romney Will Win The Popular Vote: A Statistical Analysis

Whether or not Mitt Romney will win the general election is up in the air. It all comes down to a few key states and, possibly, just a few thousand voters. One thing is being predicted far and wide, however: Mr. Romney will win the popular vote.

But even though political pundits like to take guesses and say what their gut is telling them, there's good statistical data to back up these predictions.

In 2008, Barack Obama won the popular vote with a total of 69,456,897 votes. John McCain received a total of 59,934,814. In case you cannot instantly do complex math in your head, Obama won 7.2% more total votes than McCain (52.9% versus 45.7%).
Barack Obama
Compare that with a poll that Rasmussen released in early November of 2008. According to the poll, 33.8% percent of people saw themselves as Republicans, 41.4% as Democrats, and 24.7% as non-affiliated. The difference was Democrats with a plus 7.6% advantage.

Obama wins by 7.2%, 7.6% of Americans see themselves as more of a Democrat than a Republican. Does the trend hold?

Well, in November of 2010, Republicans made huge gains in the House and some in the Senate. According to Rasmussen, in November of 2010, 36.0% of Americans saw themselves as Republicans and 34.7% as Democrats. That's a 1.3% advantage for Republicans.
Mitt Romney
But you are probably wondering what the current party affiliation is. Well, if you support Mr. Romney, I have good news. According to a Rasmussen poll released on October 31, 39.1% of Americans see themselves as Republicans, 33.3% as Democrats, and 27.5% as unaffiliated.

Does that mean that Romney will win by almost 6%? Probably not. Does that show that it is extremely likely that Mr. Romney will win the popular vote? Yes.

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Where to Report Voter Fraud

If you spot any voter fraud, you can call the "National Integrity Hotline" at 855-444-6100. The FBI's hotline is 800-253-3931.

If you'd like to send us a tip about fraud, feel free to email us at punditpress(at)gmail.com.

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Obama-McMahon in Connecticut?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon's campaign is deploying an interesting election day strategy to sway voters to support her candidacy at the polls:

Obama-McMahon 2012?

In a state as deep blue as Connecticut, this is probably her best chance of winning over some uninformed voters heading to the polls today, as splitting their ballot is McMahon's only real shot at defeating her Democratic opponent, same with Senator Brown in neighboring Massachusetts...

FRAUD: Democrat- "Already Voted Twice Today, Once in MO, Once in KS"

We've already covered fraud in Pennsylvania and intimidation in Philadelphia. Now we have declarations of voting more than once.

Multiple liberals have taken to Twitter to tell their followers that they have voted twice or more. In an election that is so close, fraud like this cannot be allowed.

One man proudly declared that he's already voted in both Missouri and Kansas:
Others were just happy to declare that they voted for Obama twice today.

"People make jokes:"
"Voted more than once:"
"I voted twice:"
Liberals at their finest.

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FRAUD: GOP Inspectors Kicked Out of Polling Locations Across Philly

First the Black Panthers made their return. Now this.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Tom Fitzgerald  GOP poll watchers and inspectors are being forcibly removed from polling locations in Philadelphia. In a state so hotly contested, this could have a major impact:
Mr. Fitzgerald later specified that inspectors were being forced out of 14 different locations:

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!

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Vote in Our Poll: Who Will Win the Election?

With the race so close, it will all come down to turnout. Who is going to be able to get out the votes in time? Please bookmark!


I still am dour. It all comes down to Ohio. Stats say Romney's in good
shape, and so is his spirit. Romney there by a nose.

Black Panthers Intimidating the Vote in Philadelphia (With Video and Pictures)

The Black Panthers are at it again. Video and pictures have emerged already showing that the racist group are intimidating voters in front of a polling location in Pennsylvania and possibly other locations.

This picture was taken earlier today showing a member of the Black Panther party staring down people going in to vote:
Here is another picture of the Black Panther member:
Fox News has also voted on the incident:

Considering how close Pennsylvania is, just a little voter intimidation could have major consequences.

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!
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Election Prediction, November 6, 2012

Our site has endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President, and I believe that he will win the popular vote. However, I believe he will come just short of the electoral college vote, meaning that Barack Obama will win a second term.

I did not come to this decision lightly, particularly because I want Romney to win (and because Obama is an egotistical maniac). However, I do not believe Romney will come away with a victory in Pennsylvania and will just barely lose in Ohio.

He will come very close, though. In my analysis, I have Obama winning a mere 275 electoral votes. Romney, however, will receive a popular vote of around 67,000,000 people, with Obama possibly only receiving about 66,000,000.

But this is only my prediction. My fellow contributors surely see it differently in some ways.

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!

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Pundit Press Endorses Romney

Our fair website, despite the dissenting vote of a certain Joe, has decided to endorse Mitt Romney for President of the United States.

We believe that Mr. Romney will lead our nation much better than the current administration. We also believe that Mr. Romney has a tangible plan for the next four years while Mr. Obama has not stated a plan other than, "Tax the rich."

America needs leadership. Mitt Romney can provide it.

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!

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My Endorsement and Prediction for the 2012 election

I am endorsing Barack Obama for president, and the electoral college will be 281-257 in favor of Obama.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Statistical Analysis: Cuyahoga Early Vote Numbers Show Romney Cutting Obama Lead in ENTIRE STATE by 26%

Down 16% overall, down from 54,340 in 2008 to 45,337 this year-- down 9,007 or 16%. And most of the decline came from Democratic voters.

The numbers show a huge increase in GOP voters here:

Democrats: 127,741 53.36% or 89% of 2008
Republicans: 47,091 19.67% or 138% of 2008
Other: 64,544 26.96 or 78% of 2008
Total: 239,376 or 84% of 2008

Compare this with the 2008 results:

Obama: 458,422 69.05%
McCain:  199,880 30.11%
Total difference: 258,242

If GOP voting is up 38% in just the early voting and the Republicans are better prepared for election day, they could narrow the gap.

Let's assume that the early voting numbers are directly proportional to the overall vote count. If the independents flip 50/50 and the Democrats and Republicans keep their partisans, it leads to this result:

Obama: 404,202 66.74%
Romney: 200,768 33.15%
Difference: 203,434

This six point shift would represent about a net 44,812 vote decline for the President compared to 2008 (assuming the voting totals are down 8%, or about the level of people that left the county since the last election).

Furthermore, if the GOP increases their turnout 10% over the Democrats, the numbers get a little better:

Obama:  391,726, 64.68%
Romney: 213,911 35.32 %
Difference: 187,815

Assuming the same 8% drop as before, this would represent a massive 70,427 swing. Considering Obama won the state by 262,224, this would be 25.86 of his entire margin last time. Cuyahoga was about 12% of the electorate in 2008 and would hand Romney a huge step toward winning the rest of the state.

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FRAUD: Convicted Felon Arrested After Trying to Vote for Obama

Our fraud watch continues, this time in Tallahassee, Florida. In just the last two days we've uncovered a Democrat who voted four times in North Carolina and the NAACP taking over a polling location in Texas.

Today, convicted felon Mary Otley was arrested for trying to register to vote. According to police, Otley attempted to file an application to vote and was arrested and accused of submitting false voter information.
Otley says it was all a misunderstanding, even though she physically wrote in that she had never been convicted of a felony. She claims an organization (the report does not specify) told her that it was okay to do that. She was arrested, but who knows how many people were told by "an organization" that they could vote illegally?

The woman is facing two counts of submitting false voter information, both felonies. She has been released by police "on her own recognizance."


PREDICTIONS (11/5/12):

Your MO Atty, perhaps himself not yet realizing what Life in the Asylum really means, has decided to go out on a limb and make some Election Day predictions. Wherever you see an asterisk [*] it will indicate a caveat. * [First caveat: The following presupposes that the other party (once known, believe it or not, as the party of JFK) will content themselves with shuttling around a few hundred busloads of illegal aliens to vote in selected key precincts, and forego their new GOTV technique that would allow thousands of the ever reliable dead people to vote not just once, but multiple times each.] Here goes:

OHIO:    Romney carries Ohio. Analysis: Ohio, like seemingly every other state, has more than its share of screamingly left wing lawyers, media people, and university professors. But lawyers, media people, and university professors are not known for the large quantities of useful goods and services they produce to meet the everyday needs of the rest of the people in their state. In Ohio, as in most other states, this requires much larger quantities of basic, decent, blue-collar type people.

People like coal miners, who have awakened to the facts that BHO has been lying through his teeth to them, and that he is intent on destroying the entire coal industry. For the first time in forty (40) years, the United Mine Workers!!! has declined to endorse a presidential candidate. And masses of individual miners are openly calling BHO a liar.

And while BHO has the bosses of the UAW bought and paid for, the actual auto workers may be having a similar awakening. The UAW is now officially the “United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America”. Maybe the actual workers have noticed that since BHO, the once flourishing space program no longer exists. We hitch rides on Russian spacecraft, and NASA has been officially retasked to “Muslim outreach.” There are not a lot of manufacturing jobs available in a Muslim outreach program. Chrysler, like it or not, is now an Italian car company, and what Jeep manufacturing it does not send to Italy, it will send to China. GM has already morphed from “Government Motors” to “China Motors,” as recently attested to by its own CEO. We can reasonably expect that a lot of the current Toledo auto workers will not want to bet their futures on the truthfulness of BHO.

Combine that with the size and enthusiasm of the Romney crowds vs. the BHO/Biden/Clinton crowds, not only in Ohio but also in most other contested states, and pick Romney.

TODD AKIN/CLAIRE McCASKILL:    Akin wins. Analysis:    Todd Akin, a decorated military veteran, businessman, family man of strong faith, reliably conservative and pro-life, uttered a single ill-thought-out phrase in answering a question about abortion. The media and the other party (in reality a single entity) pounced. Unfortunately, so did the Republicans, including Romney, Ryan, and the Chairman of the RNC, thus keeping faith with the time-honored statement that “they don’t call Republicans the stupid party for nothing.” Missouri is moderately conservative and strongly pro-life. Claire McCaskill, shall we say, is not. Akin was well ahead in the polls at the time.

In addition to McCaskill’s sycophantic relationship with BHO, she has other serious problems. For instance, she touted her previous experience as State Auditor, but “forgot” that she owned a twin-engine airplane on which she “forgot” for three years to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal property taxes.  It was not helpful that Romney, Ryan, and RNC Chair Reince Priebus “ordered” that Akin withdraw his candidacy, then withdrew all party financial support when he refused. Aiken, unlike most Senators, is not a wealthy man. [Full disclosure: MO Atty donated to Aiken’s campaign].

Bottom line: Missouri is still Missouri, Claire McCaskill is still Claire McCaskill, and Aiken has caught back up to her. Aiken wins, unless [*Second Caviat: Romney/Ryan/Priebus decide that Aiken should be denied his seat in the new Republican Senate for disobeying their “order” even though it might leave them one seat short.]

SCOTT BROWN/ELIZABETH WARREN:    Brown wins. Analysis:  Almost three years ago, Scott Brown won the actual, still warm, Kennedy seat in Massachussetts. He did so against an appropriately left wing woman of mediocre political gifts, and with a very left-wing friend-of-Barack Governor campaigning against him. BHO had not fallen anywhere near as far from grace as he has today.

Now Brown is not contending for the still-warm Kennedy seat, but for his own seat. He is again running against an appropriately left-wing woman of mediocre political gifts, with the same friend-of-Barack Governor campaigning against him, with the added cartoonish element that Elizabeth Warren brings: that she is actually 1/32d Cherokee, a “fact” she knows because her grandmother had high cheekbones. Pick Brown.

SENATE:    Republicans retake the Senate. Analysis: See Akin, above, and Brown, above. Also recall that the Republicans only need to pick up three seats. They have only ten to defend vs. twenty-three for the other party.      

PRESIDENCY:    Romney wins. Analysis: See all of the above. In addition, the Earth has truly moved. Having had a front row seat for the photo-op leadership of BHO and the Swiss-watch precision and federal government competence of FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Newsday (!!!), has endorsed Romney!! Newsday, a large and reliably left-wing publication serving Long Island and New York, was not subtle: “Elected with a significant mandate and his party briefly in control of both houses of the Congress, Obama squandered the support of the nation. Newsday endorses Romney.”

Thanks to the screamingly left wing lawyers mentioned above, we may have to temper our celebrations through several months of litigation, but Romney will be sworn in on January 20, 2013.

MO Atty does not ordinarily ask God’s help in writing columns, but in this case he makes an exception: May God bring these predictions to fruition, and may God indeed bless America.

MO Atty

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Mitt Romney Full Speech in Morrisville, Pennsylvania - 11/4/12

Romney: "I ask the American people to vote on love of country."

Romney Owns Momentum as Election Nears in Pennsylvania

As we head into the final hours of the 2012 Presidential election, the great state of Pennsylvania is not only in reach for Republican nominee Mitt Romney, but I would argue is leaning for him judging by tonight's massive 30,000+ rally in Bucks County, where the incumbent won by seven points in 2008. 

And how can I say that?

Well, I was one of the brave souls who braved freezing temperatures, gusty winds, security check points and a near-endless wait to hear our candidate, the 45th President of the United States, Mitt Romney speak to us. And in my entire life, I have never seen such a enthusiastic out pour of support, as supporters laughed, kept a good mood during the wait and unwaveringly loved Romney during his twenty-thirty minute stay.

It was personally one of the greatest experiences of my life, as me, and three friends came four hours from Upstate, New York to Bucks County to first distribute hundreds of palm cards and door hangers across a shopping center parking lot in Doyletown, and to have the special opportunity of cheering our candidate in this pivotal election from just twenty feet away around 30,000 of our closest friends.

I understand the media likes to treat polling data as the gospel, and even that has Pennsylvania well within reach for Governor Romney's campaign, but something has to be said for momentum, which carried both Obama in 2008 and Bush in 2004 to victory, when it comes to getting out the vote and base enthusiasm.

Such as when an incumbent executive averages crowds in the thousands and his competitive challenger the tens of thousands. Each and every single one of those people in Bucks County are heading to the polls for Romney in 2012, and not only that, but they are telling their friends, family and neighbors to vote as well.....

We can win this thing, America... Polls open tomorrow morning, bright and early, get out there and vote!!!! Make phone calls, drag friends to the polls, distribute literature and exhaust social media resources... And keep an eye on Pennsylvania, if last night's rally is indicator, its going to get close folks... Real close.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Getting a Quality Gym Experience

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On the Ground With Romney: "The Most Excitement We've Ever Seen in Our Life"

We're just out of the Morrisville, PA Mitt Romney rally. To say the least, the Mitt Romney campaign is utterly energized.  I was impressed and now fully believe that Pennsylvania is completely in play.

We set sail early in the morning, before nine in the morning.  We drove for over four hours from New York, through New Jersey, and on to Pennsylvania.  Before going straight to the rally, we headed to a local victory campaign center and were given some campaign fliers.  We then proceeded to go to a local mall and distributed several hundred palm cards.

The organization in Pennslyvania was better than I expected, though at times the Romney signs were lacking. What certainly was not lacking was the rally we attended and the palpable enthusiasm for Mr. Romney.

The event was to start at 5:30, but we decided to go a few hours early at 2:30.  10,000 people were expected, but already several thousand people were there when we arrived.  We parked on a large, grass lot and were bused over to the main site.  On arrival, we had to stand in line for about two hours.  The going was, to say the least, a slog.  There were thousands of people standing in line in sub-freezing temperatures just to get in.

We bought a few pins along the way.  We saw maybe a dozen people selling merchandise, from shirts, to pins, to a book depicting the 2012 campaign as the Cat in the Hat (we didn't buy, it was much too expensive).  Here's a picture on the outskirts of the rally:
So we go through long lines and go through metal detectors run by the TSA (yes, that TSA).  Here's a pic once we arrived to the stage that they were getting ready:
Thousands of people crowded towards the stage.  The stands were packed, the ground was packed.  It was standing room only times five.  As videos were played on the big screen or pre-Romney speakers took the stage, the massive rally cried out in deafening applause, shouts, or boos depending on the situation.

It took a while for Romney to arrive.  Speakers spoke for a bit longer, drawing out their excoriations of President Obama, while at times directly making light of the wait.  But eventually Mr. Romney took the stage to uproarious applause.  I've never seen a crowd of people hang on every word of a man before.  And that "10,000" number that was expected?  I do not think it was a stretch to say that the rally drew tens of thousands more than that.  I'd estimate the size at somewhere around 30,000 strong.
Romney Takes the Stage
It was a tremendous gathering.  We came about 20 feet from Governor Romney, who spent a dozen minutes shaking hands and talking to people.

As we left, we struck up a conversation with a local couple who attended the rally.  When asked about what they think will happen in Pennsylvania on election day, they stated bluntly, "We don't trust the polls.  Talking to people, seeing the signs... this is the most excitement we've ever seen for a candidate in our life."

After it was over, and we took twenty minutes getting out of the parking lot, we put up several signs around town.  We also treated ourselves to some pizza and frozen yogurt.

It was a tremendous day.  Pennsylvania is in play big time.  Support is at its zenith.  Go out and go vote.

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Streaming Presidential Results

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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Live Presidential Results

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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How Do I Report Voter Fraud?

If you spot any voter fraud, you can call the "National Integrity Hotline" at 855-444-6100. The FBI's hotline is 800-253-3931.

If you'd like to send us a tip about fraud, feel free to email us at punditpress(at)gmail.com.

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How to Report Voter Fraud

If you spot any voter fraud, you can call the "National Integrity Hotline" at 855-444-6100. The FBI's hotline is 800-253-3931.

If you'd like to send us a tip about fraud, feel free to email us at punditpress(at)gmail.com.

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Election Prediction 2012

Our site has endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President, and I believe that he will win the popular vote. However, I believe he will come just short of the electoral college vote, meaning that Barack Obama will win a second term.

I did not come to this decision lightly, particularly because I want Romney to win (and because Obama is an egotistical maniac). However, I do not believe Romney will come away with a victory in Pennsylvania and will just barely lose in Ohio.

He will come very close, though. In my analysis, I have Obama winning a mere 275 electoral votes. Romney, however, will receive a popular vote of around 67,000,000 people, with Obama possibly only receiving about 66,000,000.

But this is only my prediction. My fellow contributors surely see it differently in some ways.

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!

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2012 Election Prediction

Our site has endorsed Governor Mitt Romney for President, and I believe that he will win the popular vote. However, I believe he will come just short of the electoral college vote, meaning that Barack Obama will win a second term.

I did not come to this decision lightly, particularly because I want Romney to win (and because Obama is an egotistical maniac). However, I do not believe Romney will come away with a victory in Pennsylvania and will just barely lose in Ohio.

He will come very close, though. In my analysis, I have Obama winning a mere 275 electoral votes. Romney, however, will receive a popular vote of around 67,000,000 people, with Obama possibly only receiving about 66,000,000.

But this is only my prediction. My fellow contributors surely see it differently in some ways.

Stay tuned to our site all day, as we will be updating it constantly!

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Online Video of Election Coverage, November 6, 2012

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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Watch Election Live, November 6, 2012

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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Live Streaming Video of Election, November 6, 2012

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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Election Coverage Live

You can watch campaign coverage all day below:

Streaming video by Ustream
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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fraud Watch: Another Offer to Vote Twice

Coming off the heels of some high profile cases of Obama supporters being encouraged to cast multiple ballots, it appears to be spreading. Off of twitter, we've found another disturbingly similar case. It now appears to be a trend that people have been voting (or at least trying to) vote twice.

When you follow the link, you get a disturbing report:

A woman (who would not give her name) just called my mother. Offering to get my mom to NORTH CAROLINA eventhough my mother had already voted for ROMNEY in Tennessee... The sorry Liberal "Democrat" woman said Obama desperately needed more VOTES in North Carolina & mom could vote again. Isht just got real folks... here is the lying cheat of a democrat womans phone number. 731-446-3530 have fun y'all.

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Voter Fraud: NAACP Asking People If They'd Like to 'Support Obama' in Multiple States

Yet another case of Democrat voting fraud has emerged, just a few hours after a man in North Carolina openly stated that he had voted four times. Another woman was offered to vote in the same state after voting in Tennessee.

In Texas, the NAACP has been caught openly advocating for President Obama, handing out water to those who planned on voting for him, and asking people if they wanted to fly to Ohio to 'support him there' too.

After this, the NAACP started pushing people out of the way in the line outside the poll, forcing Obama supporters to the front. Eve Rockford, a poll watcher, reported all of this illegal activity to the polling supervisor.

Ms. Rockford was repeatedly told to "stand down," and that the NAACP could do whatever they wanted. “All of the sudden one of the clerks, Dayan Cohen, said that someone wanted to speak to me on the phone," she explained. "It was someone from downtown. I got on the phone and she said she was from downtown and that I needed to stand down and that it was okay for the NAACP to be within 100 ft. and they could hand out water. I told her that the NAACP was inside the building, wearing the NAACP clothing and caps and were handing out water and moving people from the back of the lines to the front of the lines.”
The Polling Location
“The NAACP basically ran this poll location and the judges did nothing about it,” Ms. Rockford summarized.

Ms. Rockford eventually filed an incident report with True the Vote. The site of the fraud came at 6719 West Montgomery Road in Houston.

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FRAUD- Democrat in NC: 'I've Voted Four Times Already'

Democrat Jim Turner, who lives in North Carolina, stated on Facebook that he had voted four times already and plans on voting again. Another woman was offered to vote in the same state after voting in Tennessee.

The democrat explained that he proudly voted illegally "to save our country from the world envisioned by Mitt and his fear mongering followers." You can read the original post below:
The post was quickly deleted, though Turner says that its deletion was "a conspiracy inspired by some who see our national glass as half empty:"
A democrat stating unequivocally that he has committed voter fraud? If there is a clearer example of voting fraud on the left, I don't know what it would be.

Turner also openly expressed his intention to vote again, explaining, that he "will vote in my precinct in PKS," even though he's voted four times already.

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More Information From the Benghazi Attack

Some more information trickling out of the Benghazi scandal:

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Video: Watch Live Romney Ohio Rally

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

History Holds Its Breath


Anyone who has read this column for any appreciable amount of time should have no doubt as to this author’s opinion of Progressivism and its agenda for America.  I have tried over the years to connect the Progressives to their roots and their objectives.  I have attempted to expose their nefarious tactics and strategies.  I have dedicated myself to highlighting the differences between the utopia the Progressives display as their goal and the collectivist quagmire that lies behind the facade. 

In this election season I have pointed out that those who wish to foist a living constitution on an unwilling nation seek in reality not a framework for national life but instead a straightjacket of centralized regulations leading to the death of our Federal Republic.  I began the primary season expounding on the many laudable qualities of Ron Paul.  I stated unequivocally that I believed he was the only candidate on the scene who correctly framed the debate and offered a direct path back to limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom.

The Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media along with all of the cable outlets made sure no one ever heard of Dr. Paul’s deep thoughts, true agenda, or accurate election results.  His candidacy was sabotaged by the supporters of the Status Quo.

Since the disappointing days of the primaries I have consistently pointed out that one candidate wanted to lead us to the Progressive gulag of class warfare, redistribution, and stagnation.  I have also pointed out that the other candidate, while not a paragon of small government or an avid supporter of Tea Party values, would at least slow this express to the poor house and perhaps give liberty loving Americans an opportunity to rally round the flag.

The hour is too late and the outcome too important to use the subtle innuendo of the professional objectivity all Historians are trained to present.   I am pleading with my fellow patriots to reject the Manchurian Candidate and vote for the square jawed President-in-waiting from central casting.

If that tongue-in-cheek recitation of manufactured verbal camouflage fails to convey the message perhaps this will seal the deal.  Vote for Romney!

Yes, I know he’s a big government guy.  Yes, I know he is an interventionist waiting for an opportunity to intervene.  However, he is also a venture capitalist who says he wants to make the social and political space that would allow we the people to once again venture to be capitalists. 

He says the right things.  Even his statement about the 47% was correct in its essence.  Those who are riding on the gravy train will never vote to turn their pleasure cruise into a bus trip to work.  His so-called gaffs reflect the thinking of conservative America more than the highest flying rhetoric of Mr. Obama.  

The Progressive’s champion, who has presided over the largest four year expansion of the National Debt in History, says he will stop the hemorrhaging of red ink by cutting programs and taxing the rich.  In reality the budgets he has submitted project trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see.  The President presents us with a divisive campaign about small things.  He follows the standard Liberal Playbook and tries to divide the nation into voting blocks for use in building a winning coalition. 

Governor Romney speaks the language of inclusion, addressing all Americans and holding out the promise of growing the pie instead of the Progressive’s zero sum game of economic musical chairs.  Last time America voted for change and what we got was a man who promised to fundamentally change America.  And that was the only promise he has kept.  Four more years and this wave of fundamental change will be solidified in legislation and habit and we will awake to find we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto.

Reject the hyperbole of envy and turn away from the claptrap of collectivist redistribution and vote for a return to Constitutional government.  Urge your neighbors, call your friends, influence anyone you can to turn out and vote to turn over the regime.  Vote to send Mr. Obama back to community organizing.  Vote to send the Czars back to the teacher’s lounge. 

There are moments when the entire world trembles on the cusp of a great decision.  America held its breath as the Framers debated in Constitution Hall what sort of a government we would have.  Millions of citizens on both sides and millions of slaves held their breath as Mr. Lincoln and his Republicans battled the Confederate Democrats to see whether or not, “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  In the 1950s and 60s America following Eisenhower’s lead and building upon traditional Republican support and votes for Civil Rights held its breath to learn if the last vestiges of the Democrat’s Jim Crow Laws could be exorcised from our land.

Today History holds its breath to see if the descendants of the pioneers, the children of the Revolution have become so addicted to the Progressive’s entitlement culture that they will vote to abandon the freedom which is their heritage and forge their own chains of dependency.  We wait to see if the New Deal Democrat slogan, "Tax and tax, spend and spend, elect and elect!" has finally born the fruit of a permanent electoral majority committed to cradle-to-grave government support in exchange for Liberty?

Reject the siren song of free stuff and vote for freedom.  In 2008, America voted for Obama and change.  In 2012, vote for Mitt Romney and change it back!

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion.  He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens





Romney Ad: Secretary Of Business

The Romney campaign definitely scored a home run on this advertisement, which slams the President for wanting to add yet another layer of bureaucracy on our already over-regulated private sector..

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Ironic Picture of the Day

From Twitter, considering the alleged Menendez sex scandal:

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Oh My: The Menendez Sex Scandal May Be Deeper than Thought 10/31/2011

If you've been following twitter over the last two hours, you've probably read about a potential sex scandal including Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. However, it appears that it could be deeper than that.

Rumors are circulating that Menendez not only had sex with the prostitutes, but helped direct them to other politicians.

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Menendez and Obama Picture

To feed your appetite before the Daily Caller article comes out:

EDIT: Worse than originally thought?

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Menendez Sex Scandal 10/31/2012

A Halloween shocker for you. Sources close to the Daily Caller are allegedly stating that New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez has been caught in a sex scandal. He allegedly used tax payer money to use Dominican prostitutes. Making the rumors even worse is the assertion that the prostitutes were underage.

No confirmation as of yet, though certainly interesting.

EDIT: Worse than originally thought?

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About that CBS/NYTimes Poll

Even though the RealClearPolitics polling average has shown consistent results towards Governor Mitt Romney, there always seems to be an outlier. That was shown today by the joint CBS News/New York Times poll.

The top numbers were kind to the President:

Obama: 48%
Romney: 47%

However, as we look deeper into the numbers, we can see that this was due to reweighting that helped the President. The poll took out unlikely voters to achieve their screen, but before reweighting the registered voters looked like this:

R: 29%
D: 33%
I: 38%

When reweighted, the numbers looked more like this:

R: 31%
D: 36%
I: 33%

As you can see, the Democratic edge bumped up from a +4 to a +5, while the share of independents dropped precipitously. While CBS may be basing this off of a voter model based on the 2008 race, it does not seem very realistic considering the enthusiasm gap.

When you plug in the reweighted numbers, you get a small lead for the President.

However, using the original ratio, you get a different story:

Republican Sample: 257 Split: O 6%- R 91% Total numerical split: 015-234
Democrat Sample: 297 Split: O 93%- R 5% Total numerical split: 273-015
Independent Sample: 344 Split: O 39%- R 51% Total numerical split: 134-175

And when you add up the numbers?

Obama 422 -- 46.99% 
Romney 424 -- 47.21%

Even with a reweighted sample biased towards the Democrats and the 2008 model, Romney still leads.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Keeping Care of Your Car

Your car can be your economic lifeblood. You use it for your family, to go to work, to respond to emergencies, to pick up food and gifts, and just about anything else that you can think of. To keep good care of your car can be the great way for you to keep on top of your repairs and scheduled maintenance. You want to make sure that your car is there when you need it-- it gets you to where you need to be on time, and so you need to take care of it in return. Do your research and find tips and methods on how to keep your car running the way you want it to, and sidestepping some potential major problems down the road. This can make a big difference in the future.

Take this into consideration as you take care of your car or truck. Your auto can be well served by scheduled maintenance that makes sure that you are ready ahead of time. Rotating, then changing your tires on time can prevent bald tires and blowouts. Making sure that you change your filters can provide better performance. Making sure that your timing belt does not break is a great way to prevent terrible engine problems. You can probably see how taking care of problems ahead of time and making sure that everything is all right can make such a large difference.

This is the same with engine oil. Make sure to change your oil every three thousand miles to keep your engine running smoothly. Even better, make sure that you use the best in oil to give you the leg up over maintenance issues. A synthetic oil like amsoil can provide you better function while reducing engine wear. You can extend the life of your engine significantly by taking care of it with synthetic oil. See if you are ready to make your car run that much better and that much longer.

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Finding Great Gifts

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A unique gift can be just what you were looking for. A gift that tells your loved one that you put the time and energy into finding the gift that fits them perfectly. You can find this through various sites and stores, but you want to make sure that the gift that you finally and ultimately choose is the one. This is why you can consider Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls which can offer a gift that they will appreciate. With a quartz crystal singing bowl, you can give the gift with the pride that you have tailored it to be both unique and memorable-- just like your family and loved ones.

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Finding the Right Hotel Supplies

Putting your best food forward is an axiom that you can use in various parts of your life, This especially comes into play if you run a small business and need to show your customers all that you can offer. As you grow your business and become attuned to the various parts of the hotel industry, it is important to keep well stocked with Hotel Supplies to stay one step ahead of the game. What is there is a hurricane that not only brings in dozens of patrons, but also limits your ability to go out to the store and get what you need? This is why using online sources for your hotel supplies can be so advantageous.

When looking for online hotel supplies, you should do your research about the different companies out there and how they can help you. A company like PeachSuite Hotel Supply can offer you the flexibility of knowing what to buy while also being able to browse on your own time online. And if you are planning on holding large events, then Hotel Catering Supplies are what you need. This can hold a very good impression on your customers and expand out your returners!

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Finding the Best for Your Car

You car is the center of your life in so many ways. It is your way to work, your way to get your family from school, your way to go on vacation, and your source of thousands of other things to do-- many of which are vital to your wellbeing. When you keep care of your car, it can keep care of you. Making sure that you take the right steps and doing your research for how to aid your vehicle and keep it running for year after year.

There are many ways to keep your car running in the way that you need. Regular maintenance and oil changes can be a great way to keep things running smoothly. Beyond this, you can buy the high quality supplies for your car that it deserves. Goodyear is one of the most respected companies in the country and can supply you with the tires and other items that can make a difference for your vehicle. When you can read Goodyear Reviews and compare the items that you are considering before you buy them can be a great chance to keep that car running and helping your family! These reviews are all in the same place and ready for research and to use for your car.

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Video: Explosion at NYC Power Plant

Credit Trillian Media:

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Video: FoxNews Investigates Benghazi

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Hurricane Sandy Pictures

Some pictures of the hurricane ravaging the East Coast:
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Finding the Right Attorney

Sometimes life throws things your way that you just did not expect. Sometimes there is that accident or that unforeseen turn of events that can change your day, your week, or even the entire rest of your life. Because life can be so unexpected, this is why taking precaution is so important, especially since you have a family or loved ones. This can take many forms, as people make sure to sure themselves up with emergency funds, special bank accounts, emergency kits at home in case of a natural disaster, and others. Of course insurance is a big part of just about everyone's plans to make sure that a catastrophe will not knock them out of their fiscal or healthy lifestyles. So with all of these ideas and options in front of you, it is important to make sure to research what can help you the most and how planning ahead can make a huge difference in your life and the life of the people around you. When you are prepared, you know in the back of your mind that you are setting up a pattern of success for yourself and your family and can rest easier knowing that your loved ones will be prepared even in case of something happening and you needing assistance. Sometimes that little bit of planning and research can make huge waves down the road-- when you really need it.

This can be the case in case you ever need legal advice. Of course, most people are not attorneys, and the various layers of local, state, and federal law can appear daunting at first-- especially if you are looking at them after an accident or traumatic event. This is where the value of a good lawyer comes in. A firm or attorney with the experience necessary to make sure that you get the representation that you need can make a huge difference inside and outside the courtroom. A lawyer's reputation and skill set follows him or her outside of their office, and can show you how they have handled cases and treated customers in the past. Follow this pattern to see which attorney or law firm would continue their success-- this time representing you and making sure that you will be taken care of in the way that you know tht you deserve. If you have been recently injured or know someone that has been, you can find more information about finding the right attorney for you or them if you click here. An attorney with the years experience can find the nuances in the law and in professional relationships that can make the difference for you.  Find the attorney that can specialize in the field that you need at the moment, or down the line-- whether it be personal injury, divorce, work related, or some of the many other fields that may be important to your future. Having the advantage in court because you chose an attorney that is willing to put in the time and energy to see you succeed is another way to get ahead. When you are better prepared, you can have the peace of mind necessary to rest a little easier and take the next day as it comes. In today's busy world, is there anything more important than this?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Video: Reading the Polls...

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Tsunami Warning Off Coast of British Columbia 10/28/2012

Not good. From FoxNews:

A tsunami warning has been issued after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of western Canada Sunday. There are no immediate reports of damage.
The USGS reports the earthquake was centered 96 miles south of Masset, British Columbia and was followed by a 5.8 magnitude aftershock.
The tsunami warning is in effect for the coastal areas of British Columbia and Alaska from the northern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, to Cape Decision, Alaska, 85 miles southeast of Sitka.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/10/27/tsunami-warning-issued-after-77-earthquake-strikes-british-columbia/#ixzz2AZ3veArQ

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Video: Obama Denied More Benghazi Security

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Navigating the Financial Market

In today's economy, it is important to seek out all of your options. Even with joblessness high and with the GDP numbers slowing, you can still find ways to take advantage and build up your family's wealth. By using the resources of the financial market and all that it can offer you, you can find the way to get on top of investment.

 You can find ideas on how to get involved with payday loan leads. By tapping into the market that is getting loans out to people just needing some money to hold them over until the next payday can be a way to get ahead. By checking sites like http://www.blueglobalmedia.com/. By using such services and getting involved in a growing field, you can see the advantages that can still await you. Being involved with the payday affiliate program can be a way to get ahead and see your way forward in today's economy.

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Game Review: President Forever 2012

Watching the election season from home is often frustrating waiting for election day to come. When we have so many factors at play in a close race, political junkies find themselves constantly watching the polls and momentum, waiting for any pieces that can get you an insight on where the race is heading-- and who will become the leader of the free world.

This is where the gaming world can bridge the gap for you.

Take, President Forever 2012, which is the most realistic election simulator of this year's race. I've been fortunate enough to play through this game several times and get a feeling of how a national campaign works. You get to control various factors-- including choosing whether to run just the national campaign or the primary season followed by the general election.

You set up a series of parts needed for a successful presidential run. You take on endorsements from important people and organizations, advertise, dig up dirt on your opponents and important issues-- all while traveling the 50 states and American territories.

This game is a must-have for any political junkie. And it's not just for 2012 either. If you are feeling up to it, you can try the 2016 scenario to get a piece of the next four years!

The game is balanced with a lot of realistic pieces. It is also frequently updated and is ready to download.

Final Score: 9.25/10.00

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The Perfect Storm & A Tale of Two Campaigns

I am on my continued road trip for my Get Out the Vote efforts.  I finally made it back to my hotel room and I am sitting here watching the news.  I am tired, cranky, and thinking of my home in Virginia.  A home that is the talk of the nation in many ways right now due to the "perfect storm" that is due to hit sometime tomorrow.

As I am watching the news I am seeing clips of President Obama being questioned about "FrankenStorm".  His response was to remind people to get out early and vote.  Which by the way in Virginia you must have cause to vote early.

They then turned to a clip of Mitt Romney talk about the same storm.  He was on the stump today talking about how he was due to have a rally in Northern Virginia tomorrow morning I believe it is.  He has cancelled that appearance.  He mentioned that he spoke to Governor McDonnell who is in the midst of storm preparedness.  Romney said he didn't want to take away the resources that a presidential candidate would require so they can concentrate on getting ready for the storm and asked his audience to pray for the people of Virginia.

This says something about character.  You can decide for yourselves whose character should be running the country.

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Finding the Right Place to Move

In today's shifting economy, it is important to try and stay ahead of the curve. This is why many people approaching retirement take extra pride in preparing for the golden years. Often times this goes beyond traditional social security. You can see this expanding as many people expand their pension options with either their private companies or public sector jobs. Beyond this, the new options of 501(k)s can help expand options for a variety of choices as people head toward retirement. With all of the extra money placed into annuities and other options, you should feel more comfortable as you enter your fifties and prepare for your golden years.

When you are preparing for your future decades, you should make sure that you research all of these options in front of you. With due diligence, you can see how to best spend this nest egg and take care of yourself, your spouse, and your family in the time to come. When you are looking at places to live, it is important to remember the great options out there for retirees. Most people want to live in low density locations that help bring out the individual. Furthermore, many people aim to have the high quality houses filled with modern amenities and ready for the modern family to move into. This is the case when looking at real estate in Florida. A place like Orchid Island could be just the place that your evolving family needs. Orchid Island Realty can be a great resource to research all of the different houses in the areas and all their modern conveniences. On top of this, you can research more about the Orchid Island area and know more about why so many people see this as a desirable location to move to. With proper planning and financial responsibility, you can see how your lifetime of hard work can come to provide for you in your golden years.

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Getting the Best Quality Videos

In today's fast changing world, there is a need for quality that goes beyond what type of business or interest that you have. When you are trying to arrange a special event, like a wedding, ceremony, or business event, you want to make sure that it is perfect. You make sure that the flowers are the right color, that the food is just the type that the attendees will appreciate, and finding all of the little nuances that turn a good day into one that you will remember forever. Finding the right set of professionals to make all of these things happen can be the difference here-- and is a way that needs to be remembered.

If you are willing to put so much into detail for some things, you should make sure that overall you have the tools at your fingerprints to make your event into the one that you always wanted. The same goes for the taping of the ceremony. When you want to make sure that you are getting the quality that you need and the attention to detail that you deserve, only go with the best ranked of service providers. You can find Austin Video Production. If you need to make sure that your television commercial or web ad is just the way you want it, then the professionals behind the camera can make sure that this will happen. Choosing a unique video produce that can give you the event video or training tape that you need for your employees can make a difference in the long term aspects of your business. Finding a business that can be specifically tailored to help meet your needs can be a great way to get you into the game and give you a head start ahead of your competitors. Do your research and find the edge that you need to get ahead.

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Finding GoDaddy .Net Promo Codes

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Marco Rubio's 12-Year-Old Daughter in Car Accident; In Stable Condition

From the WaPo:
Sen. Marco Rubio’s 12-year-old daughter, Amanda, was involved in a car accident Saturday in Miami while the GOP senator was campaigning elsewhere in Florida with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

About 6:55 p.m. Friday, Romney’s campaign bus pulled off the highway here between stops in Kissimmee and Land O’Lakes to drop off Rubio, who left in a police car to fly to Miami to see her.

Amanda, the oldest of Rubio’s four children, is in stable condition at Miami Children’s Hospital, according to Alex Conant, a spokesman for Rubio. Conant said she was airlifted to the hospital following the accident and that Rubio was told of the accident after coming off stage at an afternoon campaign rally in Kissimmee. Details about the accident were not available yet.
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