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Video- Obama Advisor: 'Invade Israel'

Samantha Power is the Special Assistant to President Obama.  She has his ear and advises him on foreign policy, amongst other things.  In a video newly discovered, she states that the United States should spend "billions" on a "new" Palestinian state, while putting troops on the ground to support that effort.

Here is the video:

Here is a partial transcript (emphasis mine):

Power-  What we need is a willingness to actually put something on the line in, sort of, helping the situation.  And putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import.  It may, more crucially, mean sacrificing, or investing more than sacrificing literally billions of dollars not in servicing Israeli military but actually investing in the new state of Palestine; in investing billions of dollars it would probably take also to support, I think, what will have to be a mammoth protection force...a meaningful military presence because, it seems to me at this stage, and this is true of actual genocides as well and not just major human rights abuses which we're seeing there, but is that you, you have to go in as if you're serious.

You have to put something on the line and unfortunately, imposition of a solution on unwilling parties is dreadful... but sadly, you know, we don't just have a democracy here either.  We have a liberal democracy... [Israel] requires external intervention.

Update, Urgent-  Looks like the Obama Administration may make this nut-job the next Secretary of State

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Another Black Conservative.....

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Another Black Conservative turns two years today! It is with great respect and admiration that I offer my congratulations. I have mentioned before how much I appreciate the intestinal fortitude that is required to be a minority coming out of the proverbial conservative closet.

I have remained semi-anonymous at this blog because I am fearful of the implications, real or imagined, that I would face in my professional life. Minorities, in general, and American Black Conservatives, in particular face a level of scrutiny from the left that I couldn't begin to imagine. The degree of disrespect, slander and outright hatred emanating from the left against these folks is truly deplorable and says more about their integrity than any critique I might offer.

So Cheers and Salutations to you, ABC. May you have many more years exercising your First Amendment rights to freedom of expression. Always know there is an army of conservatives willing to proudly stand by your side to fight the good fight!

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My Elite Eight Picks, Part I

I was 3-1 on Friday and 5-3 overall on my Sweet 16 picks. It is not a great record, but hopefully I will improve my prediction skills on my Elite 8 picks. So here goes my picks for today's games:

Southeast Regional Final:
Florida, 65, Butler 56

West Regional Final:
Connecticut 74, Arizona 66

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Once Again, Obama Screams Hypocrisy on Libya (Obama Speech, March 26, 2011)

The Senator that refused to even conceive of taking down Saddam Hussein is now the President who champions any action to that effect.  During the 2008 campaign, Mr. Barack Obama made as much political hay out of not supporting the Iraq war as possible.  My, how things have changed.

In a speech today, the President tried to explain why he ordered the US to bomb Libya.  It said, in part:
But I firmly believe that when innocent people are being brutalized; when someone like Qaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region; and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives—then it’s in our national interest to act. And it’s our responsibility. This is one of those times.
Let's see...  Innocents brutalized and a bloodbath?  Oh, he must be talking about Saddam Hussein gassing his own people in Halabja in 1988!  Destabilizing the region?  Oh, he must be talking about Iraq invading both Iran and Kuwait!  The international community is coming together?  Oh, he must be talking about the 40 nation coalition that invaded Iraq in 2003!

Wait, what?  He's talking about Libya?  Wow, what a hypocrite.

Well, here's the video if you want to watch it:

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Geraldine Ferraro Dies at 75.

UPDATE (12:49 PM):

Sarah Palin, the second female Vice-Presidential nominee, has tweeted "So very sad, the passing of Geraldine Ferraro."

--Original Article--

Geraldine Ferraro, the first female Vice-Presidential nominee, has died. She fought blood cancer for over a decade before succumbing to the disease this morning. She was a Representative for six years before becoming Mondale's running mate in 1984, and later served as Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

She was 75.

War on Libya: Rebels Regain Ajdabiya.

With the assisstance of British and French air strikes against Qaddafi's forces on the ground, Libyan Rebels have regained control of a crucial eastern City:
Libyan rebels regained control of the eastern gateway city of Ajdabiya on Saturday after international airstrikes on Muammar Qaddafi's forces, in the first major turnaround for an uprising that once appeared on the verge of defeat.
The War on Libya by coalition forces probably took too long to launch, but the results of our campaign are evident with every missile strike and rebel victory.

Vote in Our Poll: Do you support the US bombing Libya?

Maummar Gaddafi is the dictator of Libya.  He has killed thousands of his own people and committed terrorist acts against civilians of other nations.  In the last month and a half, his people have been openly revolting in the streets, demanding his downfall.  They have been met with air strikes from Gaddafi's air force, causing devastation.

While this was happening, President Obama simply watched the situation from thousands of miles away.  Waiting first for the Arab League to take the lead, then the United Nations, the President spent a month dithering, according to critics.  Eventually, however, he decided that Gaddafi's brutal ways must stop, but not his rule.  In accordance, he ordered the bombing of Libya with Tomahawk missiles.

But the big question is whether you support our bombing of Libya. Though late, did the President do the right thing? Are there major flaws in the plan? ;Is it unconstitutional and, therefore, you cannot support it in any way?

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Carbapenem Resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia~The Next Super Bug?

Over the past decade we have seen MRSA (methicillan resistant staph aureus) and C-Diff (clostridium difficile) become commonplace both in the hospital setting and in the community. The newest player is carbapenem resistant Klebsiella Pneumonia (CRKP). This isn't limited to pneumonia, as the name might imply. A gram negative bacteria, klebsiella is a fairly common cause of urinary tract infection's. I have seen only one case in the hospital where I work and it is a nightmare. Until now it was thought to be primarily a problem of the northeast, but a new study conducted in California puts to rest that assumption. Look for this bacteria to receive much more attention as the years pass and if you live in California take note. A recent study in southern California has identified more than 300 cases in the past 6 months. Of course there are more, many more.

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Help Take Down the Third Intifada Facebook Page

Whether you are a facebook member or not you can help.

I noted this at Maggie's Farm, one of the few websites I visit daily. They are asking for your help, and so am I, to remove a facebook webpage, sporting over 310,000 fans, calling for the Third Palestinian Intifada against Israel....

It is mostly in Arabic. The creators of this page are calling for the violent uprising against the State of Israel. The "Third Palestinian Intifada" Facebook page has amassed more than 310,000 supporters or "likes," it keeps increasing by the hour, and includes inflammatory anti-Israel language calling for supporters to build on the previous two intifadas, while sending users to Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere for more information.

The Second Palestinian Intifada was responsible for thousands of casualties and deaths through a campaign of terrorism against Israel that included suicide bombings of public places like restaurants, buses, dance clubs and cafes.

To help remove the page follow these simple directions....

Click the link below to reach the Facebook page.

Scroll down, paying attention to the left side of the page. You will find, just under the pages number of fans a small link titled "report page".

Click on "report page" and choose the further option of "targets a race or ethnicity" or "violence or harmful behavior" and click submit.

Support Israel!

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This President Loves Spending

More spending than you can count......

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Memo to Public Policy Polling: Please Ask This Question

If the 2008 Presidential election was held again today, who would you support: Democrat Barack Obama, Republican John McCain or someone else?

The results would be interesting.

Well, Isn't that Nice: Carter to go to Cuba

Disgraced former President Jimmy Carter is at it again.  Reuters reports that the 86-year-old man plans to go to Cuba next week in order to talk to Raul Castro.
The article continues:
The visit, made at the invitation of the Cuban government, raised the possibility that Carter would get involved in the case of U.S. aid contractor Alan Gross, recently sentenced to 15 years in prison for providing illegal Internet access to Cuban groups. 
The case has strained U.S.-Cuba relations after a brief warming under President Barack Obama. 
Carter, 86, was to arrive in Havana on Monday for a three-day trip "to learn about new economic policies and the upcoming (Communist) Party congress and to discuss ways to improve U.S.-Cuba relations," said a statement from Carter spokeswoman Deanna Congileo.
He was to meet with President Castro and "other Cuban officials and citizens," the statement said. 
It said the trip was a follow-up to the Carters' May 2002 visit to the island 90 miles from Florida and was a "private, non-governmental mission under the auspices of the not-for-profit Carter Center." 
Carter is set to go to North Korea soon, where last year he went to secure the release of a jailed American.

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Vote in Our Poll: Is Obama's Decision to Attack Libya Unconstitutional?

Before going to war in 2003, Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.  As its name suggests, it gave President George W. Bush authorization to invade Iraq.

Fast-forward to 2011.  After years of saying, "the President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation," President Barack Obama did just that.  The President used the United States navy to launch over a hundred missiles into Libya in order to cripple Dictator Maummar Gaddafi's air capabilities.  Congress was not consulted in any way.

So the big question is: was President Obama's quote right?  Is it unconstitutional, as President, to unilaterally authorize an attack?  Or are his actions right?  Is it constitutional, at least in the short term, to attack a country without permission from Congress?

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My Sweet 16 Picks, Part II

I went only 2-2 yesterday, so I will try to be better this time in my Sweet 16 picks.

West Regional:
1 Ohio State 78, 4 Kentucky 69
2 North Carolina 83, 11 Marquette 79

East Regional:
1 Kansas 82, Richmond 58
11 VCU 80, Florida State 69

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Video- Libya vs. Iraq: An Excellent Comparison Between the Two Wars

With the "non-war" going on in Libya, it is always helpful to have some illuminating comparisons to the past.  Please enjoy:

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What Needs To Be Said About What Needs To Be Done

Its spring and I’m in a motel snowed in for the second time in three days.  This past weekend I spoke at a symposium hosted by the Tenth Amendment Center at Southern New Hampshire University.  It was a power packed event.  A full day surrounded by people who not only see the hand writing on the wall but who also believe they know what the words mean left my head swimming with the ideas presented and the inevitable optimism created when people see a problem and take action.
Lead, follow, or get out of the way!  This has long been the battle cry of the do something even if it’s wrong lobby.  It also appears to have been the guiding philosophy of George the Second’s TARP and Obama the Only’s stimulus.
 I once knew the manager of a Rock-N-Roll band famous for the on the road antics.  A constant string of motel mayhem, bar room buffoonery and generally boorish behavior devoured his attention.  He always managed to get the boys out of trouble and on to the next town.  I asked him once how he managed to smooth so many ruffled feathers.  His answer and his policy for living large in the Rock-N-Roll lifestyle, “Do whatever you want, and choke them with hundred dollar bills.” Or as our politicians lead by example, “Come on let’s throw some money at the problem maybe that will make it go away.”
On my way to my second snow day I drove past miles and miles and miles and miles of orange barrels blocking half the highway.  I could almost count them since the speed had been cut by about 30%.  After a minimum of twenty miles the construction ended, and I could once again drive at normal speed.  During all that time I saw not one worker, machine, or any evidence of human activity except the barrels. Our President has admitted that even though he sold us a trillion dollar pig-in-poke with the catchy little phrase there is no such thing as a shovel-ready job.  It now seems the Stimulus the Progressives foisted upon us was clearly a make-work boondoggle.  Now we are paying people to make signs telling us what wonderful things the Stimulus is accomplishing.  We’re paying people to put the signs up.  Paying people to put out the orange barrels, and then paying someone to pick up the barrels and take down the signs.  What’s next? Do we hire people to dig holes and then hire people to fill them up?
Once American said things like, “Millions for defense but not one cent for tribute!”  Once we said, “Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!” And “I have not yet begun to fight!”  Today the whine seems to be, “Where’s my share?”  “How about me?” and “Don’t touch my entitlement. Cut someone else.”  We have trillions for the political hacks, sweetheart deals for the unions, bail-outs for crony capitalists, and all the other hucksters, but no one with the courage to say what has to be said or do what has to be done even if it won’t cost one cent.
What has to be said is that we’ve squandered all the treasure and we’re about to kill the economy which has always been the goose that laid the golden egg.  Generations of over-the-top spending have finally brought us to the day when the credit cards are about to be cut up and the notes are about to be called.
What has to be done is stop the over spending.  Every household in our transformed America is facing the reality of cutting the expenditures to meet the income.  It’s time the government did the same thing.  We don’t need to have a series of continuing resolutions providing token cuts in exchange for an Amen to continued spending at astronomical levels.  And we don’t need to raise the debt ceiling if we will begin to spend no more than what comes in.  Since we are currently borrowing approximately 40 cents of every dollar Washington spends this will of course mean austerity such as we have never known.  But what is the alternative, insolvency, default, and an America which will slide from the first world to the second.
This isn’t what we inherited from our parents and it isn’t what we should leave for our children.  The people who met to uphold the Tenth Amendment know that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  And we never delegated the power to spend us into serfdom or charge us into bankruptcy.  So the next time you crawl past miles of closed highway with no work going on make a mental note to contact your Congressman and Senators and tell them to quit the spending and quit digging holes you can’t afford to pay someone to fill up.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the author of the History of the Future @ View the trailer for Dr. Owens’ latest book @ © 2011 Robert R. Owens  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook.

Obama Reverses Himself … Twice

I don’t usually agree with Nicholas Kristof , who recently extolled Barack Obama for his military intervention in Libya. However, this has been an unusual week. President Obama has reversed himself on two important issues, both involving foreign policy. On Libya, he rejected opinions from the so-called peace camp, and did the right thing in moving the US into an active role in establishing a no-fly zone and stopping the brutal slaughter being perpetrated by Colonel Qaddafi.

I have been critical of many aspects of Obama’s judgment regarding Libya. There was too long a period of dithering.(over three weeks)  before action was taken.  It would have been far better if the US had taken the lead, rather than leave it to the British and French.  And it would have e been preferable to look to Congress rather than the UN  to act on this. Many problems remain; there is no exit strategy, no commitment to regime change  (Qaddafi will likely remain in power), no clear objectives, There is much doubt in the American media, in Congress, and among ordinary citizens,  about the wisdom of this intervention, and many reasonable concerns are being expressed

However, it cannot be denied that a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided. Our intent in  helping the Libyans who were being slaughtered by Qaddafi’s forces, and our actions that have helped to accomplish this, are far more important than these other concerns. So on the humanitarian issue, Obama finally acted, and deserves credit.

Kristof correctly points out that ” in Benghazi, the major city in eastern Libya whose streets would almost certainly be running with blood now if it weren’t for the American-led military intervention, residents held a “thank you rally.” They wanted to express gratitude to coalition forces for helping save their lives”.  
As Kristof has pointed out, this is one of the few times in history when outside forces have intervened militarily to save the lives of citizens from their government

Fouad Ajami , a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and a winner 30 years ago of a MacArthur Fellowship (the so-called Genius award) , has published a thoughtful article in the Wall Street Journal, in which he refers to “Obama's Holbrooke Moment”. Richard  Holbrooke was the diplomat who convinced President Clinton that America should intervene in Bosnia.

Ajami points out that Obama did “the right thing, at last. The cavalry arrived in the nick of time. Help came as Moammar Qaddafi's loyalists were at the gates of the free city of Benghazi. There was no mystery in the fate that awaited them. The despot had pretty much said what he intended. He would hunt down those who had found the courage to stand up to him, show them no mercy and no pity”.

In Bosnia, the choice was between intervention and disaster; . President Clinton had dithered for over two years, resulting in the death of over 8000 Bosnians.  Once Holbrooke persuaded Clinton to intervene, American action easily turned the tide.

We have a similar situation in Libya. We cannot yet know the results of the intervention, but there is little question that creating a no-fly zone over northern Libya was the right thing to do for humanitarian reasons. .

There are differences from other rescue missions such as Kuwait and Bosnia  In Libya, Britain and France took the lead, and our commitment is far less than in those earlier episodes. President Obama came to office as the non-Bush. Unlike Bush, who intervened in Afghanistan and Iraq, Obama was breaking with this legacy, and accepting the existing power arrangements in the Islamic world.

Obama’s opposition to war, his reaching out to Arab dictators, his failure to support opposition movements such as the one in Iran, all made him different from George W. Bush. It was this philosophy (a mistaken judgment in my opinion)  that garnered a Nobel peace prize, But as Ajami puts it, “It was history's odd timing: A great historical rupture in the Arab world, bearing within it the promise of remaking a flawed political tradition that knew no middle ground between despotism and nihilistic violence, happened on the watch of an American president proud of his deliberateness and his detachment from history's passions.

For the Libyans, there has been a thin line between catastrophe and deliverance. They have given it all, and now their liberty depends on whether the democracies believe that it is worth their while to give the cause of freedom a boost—to provide evidence that justice in the affairs of nations, though it has tarried, is not yet dead.”

This was not a one time fluke. Obama’s attitude to Iran has also undergone a sea change. When the Iranian people rose up in opposition to the current rulers two years ago, Obama gave them no support or  succor. It was a moment of disgrace, in which our administration failed to recognize the proper course of action.  

Samara Greenberg points out that “In 2009, Obama spoke directly to Iran's leaders, telling them he seeks engagement based on "mutual respect" and to pursue "constructive ties" between the two nations. And in 2010, while the president mentioned the Iranian regime's brutal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators during the previous year, he continued to speak to the Iranian regime, saying that his "offer of comprehensive diplomatic contacts and dialogue stands."
In earlier times he spoke of Iran’s right to “peaceful nuclear energy”, a phony construct the Iranian leadership concocted to hide their real intention.
But this year. Obama has spoken directly to the Iranian people, stating “For nearly two years, there has been a campaign of intimidation and abuse.” He no longer speaks of engagement, and is now speaking of Iranian  brutality. Further, as described in a Wall Street Journal editorial, he is now willing to name actual dissidents in his annual Persian New Year address. ..Among others he referred to Nasrin Sotoudeh, a human rights lawyer jailed for “propaganda against the regime”, Jafar Panahi,  an internationally recognized filmmaker, imprisoned to keep him from making films, Mohammed Valian, a 20 year old street protestor, charged with acts against God,   who  at one time faced execution.
Major problems remain for America in dealing with Iran. We have learned from Libya that when a brutal regime will do anything to stay in power, outside help is needed.  So several critical questions remain. How will we deal with the Iranian  nuclear program? With abuses of human rights? How will we support a democratic opposition? While answers are not yet forthcoming, President Obama has shown a desire and an ability to deal with  the problems more appropriately.
Could this be the beginning of Obama establishing a legacy of doing things because they are right? These are not policies that can be characterized as liberal or conservative, but rather need to be judged on such grounds as history, morality, and human rights.  We will have to wait and see what happens over the next few months. But for now, President Obama has slowly backed into doing the right thing with respect to  Iran and Libya. For the sake of all of us, let us hope this continues.

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Home Invader Killed By Florida Beauty Queen Wielding Pink .38

Meet Meghan Brown of Tierra Verde, FL. By her own admission, the former Miss Tierra Verde (2009) admits that she is a terrible shot.
However, the 25 year old's lackluster marksmanship would be put to the test in a violent late night encounter with a home invader ealier this month.
[42 year old ex-convict Albert Hill] barged into the home at around 3 a.m. after Brown responded to a knock at the front door, according to a police report. He allegedly grabbed the 110-pound Brown around her nose and mouth and dragged her to an upstairs bedroom.

The woman’s fiance, Robert Planthaber, said in an interview that he was quickly awakened by the altercation and ran to Brown’s side.

"I attacked him and took a severe beating to the head," Planthaber told "But I got him off of her long enough for her to scramble to the room where she keeps her pink .38 special.”

Brown snatched her gun from a nearby bedroom and shot the suspect several times – hitting him in the chest, groin, thigh and back, her fiance said. Hill was pronounced dead at the scene.
Hill had been in and out of prison on burglary, grand theft and battery charges since 1986. His most recent run-in with the law was a drunk and disorderly charge back in September 2010.
Not actual pink gun used
The gun in Ms. Brown used to shoot the intruder was a pink .38 Special she recieved as a Christmas present from her fiance.

The whole revolving-door-for-repeat-offenders prison system thing notwithstanding, it's probably for the best that Mr. Hill was pronounced dead at the scene. I mean, aside from taking one to the groinal reigon- if you're some badass convict, could you imagine anything more awkward than explaining upon your return to the big house that you got capped by a chick with a pink gun?

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Could Republicans Gain in Washington?

I know, I know.

Asking such a question about the District of Columbia is usually a significant indicator that someone has absolutely lost their mind in the political realm.

However, new data from the Census could result in Republican gains within the next decade, or two, in one of the Democrat's strongest conclaves of support.
  1. Washington's black population decreased by 39,000 to 50% overall.
  2. Washington's white population increased by 50,000 to 35% overall.
  3. Washington's overall population has increased by 5.2% to 601,000.

These new numbers bode well for the Republican Party, because white voters are more likely to support Conservative views on economics and social issues than blacks, who usually support Democrats by a nine to one margin. But this potential means absolutely nothing if the local GOP does not transform these citizens to voters.

Only 121,000 voters turned out to vote in last year's Delegate election, and only 7,400 (or 6.01%) of them bothered to support the Republican nominee. In fact, we have faced such a decline in the District that replenishing our ranks will most likely take years to accomplish.

What say you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Special thanks to the Lonely Conservative for sharing. I recently had to put my elder dog down and thought of him as I watched this video. If you are a dog lover, this is a must see. If you hate dog's, it is still a must see as it is both hilarious and human.....

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The Fracking Truth....

It is articles like this at the Lehigh Valley News that compels me to continue in my effort to document the hysteria that surrounds natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale. The Lehigh Valley Sierra Club chairman, Don Miles repeats the false assertion that hydraulic fracturing will contaminate fresh water aquifers, pollute wells and pollute rivers. How does he know this as there has yet to be one documented instance where horizontal drilling has caused this scenario. His argument is pure rhetoric and has no basis in science or fact.

In fact this line of argument is effectively rebutted by Taury Smith, New York State's official geologist and self described liberal democrat who argues that the anti-fracturing groups are exaggerating potential problems and that "the worst spin on the worst incidents are treated as if it's going to be the norm here." In fact Smith is more interested in global warming than extraction of natural gas, stating "This could really help us fight climate change; this is a huge gift, this shale."

At least Mr. Smith is an honest liberal who will actually use the science and data honestly and with integrity. The rest of the anti-fracking crowd repeat talking points that have no basis in fact to facilitate an agenda that benefits a few (have's) at the expense of the many (have not's). There I said it. Money talks and it has nothing to do spreading the wealth. It is about the affluent among us dictating what is acceptable and what is not.
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Albany Besieged by Anti-Fracking Demonstrators

Of course, "no fracking way" is not an argument, but it is a great soundbite, or better yet a bumper sticker! About 90 protestors descended onto the War Room of the State Capital (Albany) to voice their discontent over proposed drilling in the Marcellus shale formation in upstate New York.

I hate to repeat the critique, but it seems rather monochromatic doesn't it?

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There is Something On That Birth Certificate The President Doesn't Want Us To See

So says the Donald as he echoes the sentiments of Kevin Dujan of Hillbuzz fame. What it is is anyone's guess, but it isn't citizenship I am sure. For what it's worth it would appear from teh video that there are a lot of people who believe that the birth certificate should be released!

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Detroit, Before and After the Liberal Bomb

Milton Wolf, likely the only member of President Obama's family to be a proud member of teh Tea Party highlights the impact of decades of liberal democrat governance. Comparing Hiroshima and Detroit 65 years ago and today brings the tragedy into sharp focus.

Is liberalism more devastating than a nuclear bomb? You be the judge.....much more at The Wolf Files

Detroit Before and After~

Hiroshima Before and After~

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Herman Cain Drank the White Water and the Democratic Party Just Can't Forgive That!

Matt Lewis recently interviewed Herman Cain as he toured New Hampshire. As a result of some of the, presidential candidate to be comments, the left at Salon and Think Progress are busy tying themselves into rhetorical knots by claiming that Mr. Cain condones segregation and really found no insult in it.

Ultimately, for any candidate running under the Tea Party brand, expressing reverence for the "Founding Fathers" and a cartoonish version of the U.S. Constitution is mandatory -- and, in this, Herman Cain, speaking in New Hampshire, did not disappoint. In a manner typical of "original intent" constitutional fetishists, Cain dodged any criticism which points out the obvious fact that the Founding Fathers were slave-holding hypocrites, and the Constitution itself was a pro-slavery document. But, then again, in Herman Cain's world, race-segregated drinking fountains did no harm; it's all about the water. In the very white world of the Tea Party, that reassurance is, no doubt, most welcome.
Of course being the party of slavery, segregation and the KKK that actually put Cain in the position of having to sample the "white water" has no bearing on the calculus of the situation. It doesn't fit the narrative that Herman Cain is nothing more than the "house negro" and "dancing minstrel" of the Republican party.

Of course Herman Cain doesn't say what the race baiters of the left want you to believe that he said.....

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My Sweet 16 picks

The Sweet 16, is upon us, and like many of you, my bracket is not close to being perfect. So tonight, I will try to rectify this by picking the Sweet 16 games tonight.

Southeast Region:
2. Florida vs. 3 BYU-since I had Florida going to the Final Four, I am going to pick Florida for this one. In addition, I don't know how BYU will do against elite competition after the loss of center Brandon Davies.

Florida 70, BYU 61

4. Wisconsin vs. 8. Butler-I think these teams are evenly matched, as both teams are physical teams who like to play in the half-court. I would be very suprised if this winner of this game would reach 60 points. I like Wisconsin in a squeaker.

Wisconsin 55, Butler 53

West Region:
1 Duke vs 5 Arizona-The return of Kyrie Irving means that Duke is a more terrifying and complete team. I would be suprised if Arizona pulled this one out.

Duke 74, Arizona 62

2. San Diego State vs. 3 Connecticut-While I think San Diego State has the inside game to match UConn's, I do not think that it can stop Kemba Walker

Connecticut 72, San Diego State 66

Later, I will make picks for Friday's games.
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Obama in February: The US Must Give Libya's Military More Money

Another day, another discovery.  You might have wondered why President Obama was hesitant to do anything in Libya, be it condemn a blood-thirsty dictator or decide to bomb it.

In February, in the midst of a revolution in Egypt and an uprising in Tunisia, the President actually asked the United States Congress to provide Dictator Maummar Gaddafi with an additional $1.7 million in funds for his military.

Ironically, the President now specifically supports a "no-fly zone" in Libya to prevent Gaddafi's air force from bombing protesters.  Last month, he lobbied to give money directly to the dictator to improve his air capabilities.

More ironically, with the foreign aid gotten from the United States and President Obama, Gaddafi has been killing civilians on the ground.  The very same civilians that the US and UN militaries are trying to protect.

In response, Republican Congressman Ted Poe of Texas stated, "It's certainly not wise or smart to give American aid to countries like Libya where the ruling class use it against their own people."  Apparently the leader of the free world disagrees.
Mr. Obama
While a case may be made for "allies" of the United States who need money to continue their rule over a country, Maummar Gaddafi has never been an ally.  Nor a friend.  Simply an enemy who has been considered a "mad dog" for over two decades.

The report continues:
While President Obama calls Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi a threat to his own people, just one month before attacking Libya the president asked Congress to increase U.S. aid for Qaddafi's military to $1.7 million.

According to State Department figures, the money was earmarked to train Libyan military officers, improve its air force, secure its borders and to counter terrorism.
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Bachmann Forming Presidential Committee

Michelle Bachmann, the outspoken Congresswoman from Minnesota, may have bigger things on her mind. The Tea Party favorite has been flirting with the idea of running for President, and it now appears that she might. According to CNN she will be forming a presidential search committee in the summer.

This is not a confirmation that she will be running. Other potential candidates have opened such committees and then decided not to run. It's unclear if she will take the next step beyond this:

"She's been telling everyone early summer," the source told CNN regarding Bachmann's planned June filing and announcement. But the source said that nothing is static.
"If you [debate sponsors] come to us and say, 'To be in our debates, you have to have an exploratory committee,' then we'll say, 'Okay, fine...I'll go file the forms.'"

Guess we'll find out.

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Breaking: 6.8 Earthquake in Burma (Myanmar)

 This is breaking news. We have word of a large earthquake in Southeast Asia. The epicenter appears to be in Burma and registers a 6.8 on the Richter scale. The military dictatorship of that country calls it 'Myanmar.'

The quake hit in an area where Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet, about 70 miles (110 kilometers) from Chiang Rai. The northern Thai city sustained minor damage, according to Thai television.
A woman in an area north of Chiang Rai, just two miles (four kilometers) from the border, died when a brick wall collapsed on her, according to police Capt. Weerapon Samranjai.
"It was like somebody was running on the roof. Everybody was in a panic. They came out of their houses and wondered what happened," said Maj. Gen. Mongkol Sampawapon, a police chief from another district near Chiang Rai.

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Obama Faces Uphill Battle in Ohio

 Barack Obama's victory in Ohio in 2008 was no easy feat. Despite winning by 7% nationally, the Illinois Senator scored a 4.5% victory after George W. Bush carried the state by about 2%. Obama racked up votes along the coast of the Great Lakes in formerly industrialized cities while Senator John McCain won much of the inner parts of the state. Both McCain and Bush won the majority of counties and only because of the denseness of cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati were Kerry and Obama able to score respectable margins.

Now Obama faces some criticism of the people of Ohio in the latest polling. Despite the difficulties in the national economy and the overwhelming wave helping the Democrats, Obama never had a broad base of support in the state. Now it appears that his numbers have shrunk.
2008 Results
 According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, Obama is not faring too greatly. His ratings are not terrible, but he faces the wrath of an electorate suffering heavily from the faltering economy and that oppose ObamaCare.

When asked a variety of questions, voters were almost evenly split on Obama and his Administration.

Does Obama deserve re-election?

Yes: 45%
No: 46%
Dk/unsure: 9%

Obama Approval Rating

Approve: 47%
Disapprove: 48%
Dk/unsure: 5%

Despite these numbers that do not fully support Obama, when placed against an unnamed Republican challenger, he still has some support.

Obama: 41%
Unnamed Republican: 34%
Other/und: 25%

Despite the early lead, Obama does not touch 50%, which is an important marker for an incumbent. Having the trust of less than half of the population-- especially when you received over 50% just two years ago is unsettling. Notice the massive amount of people undecided-- that Obama faces 6% less people wanting to vote for him than approve of his policies. Usually incumbent Presidents can count on more support than their initial approval ratings.

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War on Libya: French Shoot Down Libyan Warplane.

In Qaddafi's greatest act of defiance since Britain, France and the United States established a no-fly zone earlier this week, a Libyan warplane was found circling over Misurata this morning:

Moammar Gadhafi has violated the no-fly zone imposed over Libya, ABC News has learned.

A Libyan warplane -- a G-2 Galeb -- was reported flying over Misurata. The aircraft was promptly taken down after French fighter jets shot at it

While the future of our War on Libya is basically unknown - phase one has been absolutely successful in destroying Qaddafi's air force.

Also, Misurata has become the main theater of battle between Qaddafi loyalists and Libyan rebels. We should watch this City with great attention.

What say you?

A Look at Obama's Approval Ratings

  This is your roundup of the major polling of the President's approval ratings. In this edition we can see that Obama's numbers inched slightly up, perhaps in response to the strikes on Libya.

So let's take a look at some of the top pollsters:

Approve: 45%
Disapprove: 46%


Approve: 47%

Disapprove: 52%

The RCP average is held up by a CNN poll that has his approval at 51%. All of the other major pollsters have him below.

In the Real Clear Polling average:
Approve: 48.2%

Disapprove: 46.0%

The President is still in the 45-50% range, where he has largely occupied for over a year now. Whether he'll be able to get above that is uncertain, especially with rising gas prices and continued economic uncertainty.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obamacare Waiver for Thee, But Not for Me or My Constituents!

New York Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-ick), one of the strongest proponents of the President's healthcare plan and one of the few holdouts for the public option, is now looking at how a waiver might in fact be beneficial for the residents of New York City. His thought process on this is interesting.
“The president said, ‘If you have better ideas that can accomplish the same thing, go for it,’” said Weiner. “I’m in the process now of trying to see if we can take [President Barack Obama] up on it in the city of New York, … and I’m taking a look at all of the money we spend in Medicaid and Medicare and maybe New York City can come up with a better plan.”

That's an odd thing to say for someone so willing to put in place a one size fits all plan. He goes further...

The congressman was trying to debunk the Republican "myths" about the health care law during a speech at the Center for American Progress. He used the waivers as a way to describe how flexible the law actually is and how "this notion that the government is shoving the bill down people's throat" is not true.

The administration needs to make this argument more forcefully," he said. "A lot of people who got waivers were...people who are our friends."

Yes, yes, let's make the argument in favor of this legislation by opting out of it. I can only pray for the patients of New York city who will have to live under the coming Weiner plan. I am sure it won't be an improvement!

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More "Fracking" Thoughts....

Where are the upstate New York blogs on this issue?

I am a resident of upstate New York, Otsego county. I have watched with interest as the battle against natural gas drilling in the Marcellus shale has been joined. For the past 6-8 months signs declaring "Don't Drill, Don't Spill" have become ubiquitous on bumper stickers and in lawns. I have done my own research on the matter and have my own thoughts.

Interestingly, information has been hard to come by. Local newspapers are filled with only one side of the issue. Town halls are filled to overflowing with activists who are intent on repeating the same talking points and local towns are taking note and making changes in their zoning laws to prevent drilling, see here, here , here and here. I really have never seen anything like it. I read about this sort of thing all the time, but have never been witness to this sort of orchestrated effort. It really is difficult to be pro drilling here. Anyone who speaks out in favor or cites studies documenting the safety of hydraulic fracturing are deemed to be uninformed, greedy, or a shill for the oil companies.

As I said, information is hard to come by as google, bing, and yahoo searches all put the anti-drilling crusade to the front. Of course no industry is completely safe and accidents do happen, but hydraulic fracturing has a pretty good track record. I can find no instance where a fresh water aquifer has been soiled by this technique. This of course makes sense as the actually fracturing occurs almost a mile below fresh water underground pools. There have been some problems with fracturing of the wells themselves and issues with the waste water, but in reality this is a fairly scarce phenomenon. Wells do use a lot of water~8 million gallons per well, but this pales in comparison to the 20 million gallons used per day by golf courses

The arguments really seem to boil down to a not in my backyard attitude. Arguments that it will spoil the natural beauty of the region, or will drive down property values (my property value has already decreased by almost $50,000 in the past 6 years and has nothing to do with gas drilling), or ruin roads. In my county there is definitely an aspect of class warfare with the most vocal and organized opponents being of the affluent variety.

In the end it seems that this is something other than a grassroots movement that started in Albany last year with the effort to pass a ban on natural gas drilling and has moved to a few test counties to push local zoning laws to prevent drilling.

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Obama on Jerusalem Bombing: I'm Sorry that Israel kills Palestinians

I...I just don't know anymore.  Israel has been the biggest ally to the United States in the Middle East for years.  President Obama is clearly unaware of that.  Since coming into office, the President has constantly distanced himself from Israel, declaring much of their actions illegal and refusing to help either militarily or even verbally in any way.

Today, Mr. Obama likely made his most disgusting comment yet.  Earlier in the day, a Palestinian terrorist blew up a bomb in Jerusalem that killed one and injured thirty.  In response, Obama said that violence wasn't the answer... and that he sends his "deepest condolences for the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza yesterday."

Say what?  An Israeli woman was killed by a Palestinian and the President of the free world is sorry for the Palestinians?  Here's the full quote (emphasis mine):
I condemn in the strongest possible terms the bombing in Jerusalem today, as well as the rockets and mortars fired from Gaza in recent days. Together with the American people, I  offer my deepest condolences for those injured or killed. There is never any possible justification for terrorism. The United States calls on the groups responsible to end these attacks at once and we underscore that Israel, like all nations, has a right to self-defense. We also express our deepest condolences for the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza yesterday. We stress the importance of calm and urge all parties to do everything in their power to prevent further violence and civilian casualties.
How can he say that Israel has a right to "self-defense," then slam them for killing those attacking them?
Mr. Obama
In fact, the first sentence of the quote says, "I condemn... rockets and mortars fired from Gaza in recent days."  Then he says that he is sorry that Palestinians (you know, the ones firing the rockets and mortars), were killed.

If you are going to condemn the attacks, then condemn the attacks.  Send a clear message.  Do not condemn the attacks, then say that they 'kinda, sorta deserved it anyway.'  Isn't Mr. Obama supposedly a great, concise speaker?

How did he get elected again?

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Update: Washed Up Douche Now Resuming Calling others Douches

The moment that you've all been waiting for-- Keith Olbermann's return. Now, he won't have a show again for at least a month, but he's back doing what he did best: being an overwhelming dick.

For your enjoyment:

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Eiffel Tower Evacuated

The Eiffel Tower has been evacuated after a suspicion package was found there.  We will have more details as they emerge.
The Eiffel Tower

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Obama: Gaddafi Could Stay in Power if he 'Changes'

Another day, another flip by the President.  After stating for weeks that Dictator Maummar Gaddafi "must step down," and after ordering a "no-fly zone" over Libya without Congressional approval, President Obama is having second thoughts about his actions and Gaddafi himself.

Ever showing his naïvité, the President seems to think that a blood-thirsty dictator will drop everything and change his ways.  When asked about what would happen if Gaddafi stayed in power, Obama stated yesterday:
[A]s long as Qadhafi remains in power, and unless he changes his approach and there are significant reforms in the Libyan government that allow the Libyan people to express themselves, there are still going be potential threats against Libyan people—unless he is going to step down.
So...what?  So if Gaddafi stays in power, all there will be are "potential threats against the Libyan people?" Potential?  Isn't this the same man who has used his air force to kill hundreds of civilians?  Are all those people only potentially dead now?

Almost as importantly, why does the President allow the possibility of Gaddafi to stay in power at all?  Mr. Obama stated for weeks that the Libyan dictator had to leave power.  Period.  And now he's flipped.  Again.
"Drat, what did I say yesterday?  Ah, I'll make it up as I go."
The best the President can do is give vague answers to problems that he should, at least, have some sort of opinion on.  But hey, the door is open now.  Maybe Gaddafi can stay after all.  After the President ordered the bombing of the country, after the President said he must leave, after the President made everyone angry at him.

Maybe talks without preconditions will solve all of this?

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Paul 2012? No Thanks.

Political bloggers love to speculate about the future, especially in regards to the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. However, some of them enter the twilight zone and discuss a potential bid by either Rand, or Ron Paul. Even Ben Smith of the Politico discussed the possibility this morning.

And that's just crazy for three reasons:
  1. Rand Paul has been in the Senate for almost three months*, which means Barack Obama would have more experience than the potential candidate at this point in his campaign in 2007. A situation we really don't need.
  2. Ron Paul's base is 10% of the Republican Party, and his main priorities of shutting down the federal reserve and cutting off foreign aid to Israel isn't that popular with the American electorate at-large.
  3. Neither Rand, nor Ron Paul believes that America should lead the world, which is in direct opposition to almost 70-80% of American citizens who believe our superpower status is a blessing and not a curse.

Politics is everything to everyone, but could we please make an exception when it comes to discussing a potential Paul 2012 campaign?

What say you?

* - Obama had 27 months of U.S. Senate experience at this point.

Video: Biden- 'Presidents Who Push US into War without Congressional Approval Should be Impeached'

Another day, another thing that shows that this Administration is a pack of hypocritical liars.  In 2007, Joe Biden was making the stops on cable news shows to drum up support for his presidential run.  One of them was Hard Ball with Chris Matthews on the liberal bastion of MSNBC.

As always, trying to score political points, Mr. Biden went on and on about how the President should never attack another country without approval.  Talking specifically about Iran, he stated that it is, in fact, an impeachable offence.  See the video below:

Here is a short transcript:

Matthews- You said that if the President of the United States had launched an attack on Iran without Congressional approval that would be an impeachable offence.

Biden- Absolutely!

Matthews- You want to review that comment you made?  Well, how do you stand on that now?

Biden- I want to stand by that comment I made.  The reason I made the comment was as a warning.  The reason I made... I don't say those things lightly, Chris, you've known me for a long time.  I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee for seventeen years, or its ranking member.  I teach separation of powers and Constitutional law, this is something I know.

So, if this is something he knows...should we take him up on it?

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Glenn Beck Considering Own Channel

The New York Times is reporting that radio and television host Glenn Beck may be thinking about staking out on his own. This follows rumors that the FoxNews channel would not renew its contract with the popular host.

Beck's rating have dropped precipitously over the last year, after he surprised many by becoming the second-most popular host on the channel.

Now it appears that Beck may be trying to go his own way:

Notably, Mr. Beck’s company has been staffing up — making Web shows, some of which have little or nothing to do with Mr. Beck, and charging a monthly subscription for access to the shows.
Were Mr. Beck to set off on his own, it would be a landmark moment for the media industry, reflecting a shift in the balance of power between media institutions and the personal brands of people they employ.

Do you think he'd do it?

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