Monday, February 28, 2011

The Month in Review

It's that time again, folks.  We had a doozy of a month and a lot of fun.  Plenty of articles were written, a new writer was introduced, and some great websites linked to us.  A lot has happened since the last MiR on January 30. So, without further ado, the Month in Review:

In February, Pundit Press received 134,694 pageviews, a 212% increase from January.  And remember, we increased over 500% from December to January, so it looks like we are moving up in the world!

Our Top Articles of the Last Month:

1.  University of Wisconsin, Department of Family Medicine is not Responsible? (Updated with Video), by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 16,451 views, or 12.2% of the views in the last month

2.  The Scrubbing has Begun..., by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 12,628 views, or 9.4% of the views

3.  Go Figure: Obama White House Can't Spell "Libya," by Aurelius, with 12,199 views, or 9.1% of the views

4.  Lara Logan Rape Video?, by Aurelius, with 10,175 views, or 7.6% of the views

5.  Dean Robert Golden, MD, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health Releases a Statement, by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 5,774 views, or 4.3% of the views

6.  Physicians Betraying Their Oath and Their Professionalism!, by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 5,706 views, or 4.2% of the views

7.  NY Teachers Union Calls for Members to 'Agitate,' by Thomas Ferdousi, with 4,546 views, or 3.4% of the views

8.  Commentary about The Rape and Sexual Molestation of Lara Logan Video, by Unlikely Hospitalist, with 4,402 views, or 3.3% of the views

9.  Lara Logan Raped, Beaten in Egypt, by Aurelius, with 3,297 views, or 2.4% of the views

10.  Anti-Mubarak Protesters Scream for "Jihad" While Attacking other Egyptians, by Aurelius, with 3,272 views, or 2.4% of the views

11.  Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Gaddafi Must Die, by Aurelius, with 2,921 views, or 2.2% of the views

12.  Rape of CBS reporterette Lara Logan by Egyptian Muslims raises questions about US Women Soldiers in Combat, by Eric Dondero, with 2,733 views, or 2.0% of the views

13.  Gaddafi Speech Live, February 22, 2011, by Aurelius, with 2,646 views, or 2.0% of the views

14.  Reports: Gaddafi Has Left Libya, Fled for Venezuela, by Aurelius, with 1,978 views, or 1.5% of the views

15.  Gaddafi Speaks from Underground Bunker: "I Will Die a Martyr," by Aurelius, with 1,377 views, or 1.0% of the views

16.  Watch Obama Speech Live, February 11, 2011, by Aurelius, with 1,290 views, or 1.0% of the views

17.  Ireland Election Results, by Mr. K, with 1,282 views, or 1.0% of the views

18.  Obama Speech Transcript, by Aurelius, with 1,025 views, or .8% of the views

Most Prolific Posters in February (Out of 313 total articles)

- Aurelius with 109 articles or 34.8% of the total, down from 43.6% of the total when he had 98 articles last month. His top article was Go Figure: Obama White House Can't Spell "Libya" with 12,199 views.
- Thomas Ferdousi with 101 articles or 32.3%., up from 30.2% from 68 articles last time. His top article was NY Teachers Union Calls for Members to 'Agitate, with 4,546 views.
- Unlikely Hospitalist with 48 articles or 15.3% of the total, up from 11.6% of the pieces, or 26. His top article was University of Wisconsin, Department of Family Medicine is not Responsible? with 16,451 views.
- Mr. K with 37 pieces, or 11.8%, down slightly from 12.0% but up from 27 last month. His top article was Ireland Election Results with 1,282 views.
- Eric Dondero with 8 articles or 2.6%, up from one article last time. His top article was Rape of CBS reporterette Lara Logan by Egyptian Muslims raises questions about US Women Soldiers in Combat with 2,733 views.
- Dr. Owens with 4 articles or 1.3%, holding steady from his total of three last month.
- Kaptain Krude with 3 articles or 1.0%. He had one article last time. His top article was A One Time Post with exactly 100 views.
- Dr. White with 3 articles or 1.0% of the total.
- Joe C. with 0 articles.... with 0.00% of the total.

Those that Linked to Us:

Hot Air
Jammie Wearing Fool
Weasel Zippers
Reaganite Republican
Pirates Cove
Libertarian Republican
Gateway Pundit
The Lonely Conservative
Tomb of the Unknown Blogger (for those that linked but we missed)

Our Writer of the Month

This is a new feature of ours, so who will claim the coveted inaugural Writer of the Month award?  Will it be long-time blog veteran Mr. K?  Or that rapscallion Joe C.?  No, with all pomp and circumstance deserved, the honor goes to:

Unlikely Hospitalist

He wrote quite a bit this month, but more importantly, the writing quality was quite high.  Don't believe me?  Instapundit and Hot Air agree, as they found it fit to link to UH a number of times in February.

Notes of Interest for the Past Month:

-Pundit Press was happy to welcome Lawrence W. White MD as a new writer.
-Our site had four articles with 10,000 hits or more and 18 articles with over 1,000 hits or more.
-Hot Air was kind enough to link to us twice, while the great Instapundit linked to us six times.
-According to Alexa, Pundit Press's current internet ranking is 271,216
-According to Alexa, on February 24, Pundit Press was approximately the 30,000th largest website on the internet.  That may not sound impressive, but trust us, it's certainly isn't bad

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