Monday, February 28, 2011

Herman Cain Wins 2012 Straw Poll.

The first American Policy Summit concluded their weekend-long conference yesterday afternoon by announcing the results of their 2012 Presidential straw poll, which 1,600 attendees took part in, and the winner might just surprise you when we're used to folks like Romney and Huckabee topping opinion polls.

Coming in with 22% of the vote was Herman Cain, a former candidate* for U.S. Senate and a talk show host out of Atlanta, who spoke at the Tea Party Patriots sponsored conference along with Tim Pawlenty and Ron Paul.

Mr. Pawlenty finished second with 16% of the vote; Mr. Paul finished third with 15%; Governor Palin finished fourth with 10%; Governor Romney finished fifth with 6.5% and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann finished sixth with 5.6%.

So what does this tell us?

Not much in the grand scheme of things.

Herman Cain is popular with Tea Partiers - no surprise there. Tim Pawlenty continues to place respectively in opinion and straw polls - nothing new there. Ron Paul's obsessed fanbase spams another 2012 Presidential poll - is anyone surprised there? I am surprised by Sarah Palin's lack of support at this event.

Besides from the 1,000,000 articles that will result from this straw poll, I don't think this will have any impact on the 2012 GOP Primary.

What say you?

* - Cain ran for the Republican nomination in Georgia's 2004 Senate race.

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