Sunday, February 27, 2011

NY Teachers Union Calls for Members to 'Agitate'

Being an educator in Upstate New York I am forced to pay dues into the corrupt union structure, even though I am not a member nor intend to be. Among the many benefits of (not) joining one of the public employees unions in New York include the union taking nearly one percent of my gross pay to use towards political campaigns.

Among the "benefits" not immediately clear is a mandatory subscription to their monthly propaganda. This month's naturally rails against the cuts of Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo as well as against Governor Walker's actions in Wisconsin.

In this era of civility in which the public employees unions want to appear reasonable and striving for the best for our children, the New York State Union of Teachers' publication NYSUT United's headline screams:
NYSUT United calls for the state to reject a property tax cap-- even after the state has seen massive tax increases over the last decade, especially in rural and suburban areas. They call the cuts made by then-Governor David Paterson last year 'draconian' and rail against Andrew Cuomo's cuts of $1.5 billion, or triple last year's cut.

Their self-centeredness can be exemplified by the first paragraph of its article calling for its members to 'agitate.' It cites a 2,000-strong protest in rich Long Island calling against budget cuts "in a turnout so large than [sic] it closed an exit of the Long Island Expressway." So the turnout was so large that it clogged one of the busiest roads in New York State! And cost taxpayers their time and money idling so these union thugs could pressure elected officials.

Further in the article the cuts are called "horrendous" by NYSUT's Execurtive Vice President Andy Pallotta to "cheering throngs."

So what does the union call for its members to do? Some are pretty basic, like sending out emails and postcards. But the methods become more sinister.
  • One is to give money to NYSUT's political fund VOTE-COPE, which is extremely liberal and donates almost exclusively to Democrats. Considering the union involuntarily takes 3% of its members' gross incomes and gives a lot to Democratic candidates anyway, this is particularly putrid.
  • Next, and perhaps most wretching is calling for its members to "attend school board and PTA meetings." In other words, interrupt concerned parents who are trying to take action for their children or elected officials who are already under massive pressure to try and prevent layoffs. Forgive me for being cynical, but it's hard to call for 5% raises while boards across the country are dealing with who to lay off.
There's an entire section called "Mythbusters" about how the tenure system is not corrupt and that if it was overhauled, teachers would be summarily fired "for no reason." Nothing like overstating things to catch attention!

To see how horrible the potential cuts are, read this excerpt from a story about "NYSUT Activists:"
Argyros, a junior from Comse­wogue on Long Island, is already feeling the effects of budget cuts from last year. Her Advanced Place­ment English language course has 35 students in what is supposed to be an intense seminar.
"Two to three programs have been cut already," said Argyros, in­cluding a women's history elective she was planning to take.
Within the publication comes an exhortation to retain the so-called 'millionaire's tax' in New York State-- that affects those making $209,000 a year. According to the article:
NYSUT... is insisting lawmakers extend the surcharge on high help the state deal with its $10 billion shortfall.
NYSUT is one of the most politically corrupting unions in the country. They have driven New York State's education system into the ground and have devastated college education programs in order to drive down potential teachers and create an artificial shortage of teachers.

Meanwhile their union dues are being spent hiring people to run the union with cushy salaries and benefits while also coercing the New York State Senate and Assembly into doing its will, or else. It's time to shut these crooks down.

Don't like what you just read? Call the union:
For more information, contact editor-in-chief Mary Fran Gleason, c/o NYSUT United, 800 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham, New York, 12110-2455, (800) 342-9810 or (518) 213-6000; e-mail is Please include your name and address.
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  1. I have a better idea: why don't they do their jobs?

  2. If they're going to imitate washing machines, maybe they jump straight to the spin cycle and have a Revolution!

  3. Interesting and worthwhile post (H/T Insatapundit)

    Not being from the area, I first read the union poster image as "NYSLUT"

    Irony department - From consecutive paragraphs in your post:
    "in a turnout so large than [sic] it closed an exit ..."
    "by NYSUT's Execurtive Vice President "

    Keep up the good work

  4. If you are not a union member you can apply for a refund for the portion of the dues they spend on political activities. see

  5. As a good progressive, I support public-sector unions and call on all of them to go on strike.

    Even if it means shutting down all the government schools and other government agencies, I believe it will be worth it.

  6. I know what you're thinking. "Did your unions pull six boneheaded moves or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being that you are facing the truth, the most powerful dose of reality in the world, and would blow your arguments clean out of the water, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  7. Can someone provide info on homeschooling in New York state? I don't want the kind of people I am seeing thugging it up in WI anywhere near my child.

  8. after reading these comments and this article, I feel sick to my stomach. What is wrong with all of you? All of a sudden teachers are money grubbing monsters? Wake Up and smell the coffee. I have been a teacher for 27 years in a city school. I have been incredibly underpaid my whole career. If it weren't for the union, your children would not be getting much of an education for what you only pay in taxes. You would be paying the high bill for private school right now. Let me remind you, Teachers are not the enemy. We are protecting YOUR children!!!

  9. Whoever wrote this article is totally lying! Provide proof of your ignorant accusations. You really don't know what you are talking about. I bet you don't have children in any school and you are jealous that teacher's were smart enough to protect our future and set up a pension plan. You are a loser!

  10. Lying? Is that why it's linked directly to the union's website?

    "Teacher's" (obviously you're not an English teacher) aren't monsters-- their union is. That's the whole point. Read it again then slap yourself a few times.