Monday, October 25, 2010

Video: John Kasich for Governor Ad

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Election 2010: Djou clings to lead in Hawaii.

Congressman Charles Djou won his seat in the House of Representatives when a special election was held to replace Neil Abercrombie, who resigned from office to run for Governor, and when an ideological divide between Democrats led to a three-way election split, in which Djou won with only 39.4% of the vote.

Charles Djou (R) - 67,610 - 39.4%.
Ms.Hanabusa (D) - 52,802 - 30.8%.
Edward Case (D) - 47,391 - 27.6%.

It was quite the unexpected political victory to most mainland Conservatives. Absolutely no-one in right or left leaning media covered the election, and most of the blogosphere was focused on the Burns v. Critz special election to replace Jack Murtha in Pennsylvania. We lost that election by over 10,000 votes.

Now it's time to focus some of our energy on retaining this seat in Republican hands, and sending Mr.Djou back to Congress. Both of which are crucial after a new poll was released earlier today in Hawaii showing a dead heat between the five month Republican incumbent, and one of his liberal Democrat opponents from that special election.

Star-Advertiser poll of 399 likely voters:
Charles Djou (R) - 48%.
Ms.Hanabusa (D) - 45%.
Not sure/refused - 7%.

If there's one incumbent that you should donate $50 or $100 dollars to over the next eight days, it most definitely is Charles Djou. He's a Republican that has served in the Minority in the Hawaii Legislature, the Honolulu City Council, and for five months, the United States House of Representatives. All effectively, I'm inclined to add. I think it's about time we see what he can do in the Majority.

Please support Mr.Djou's re-election campaign here.

Election 2010: Is Connecticut Out of reach?

Isn't amazing how politics can change over the course of one year?

Twelve months ago Connecticut was a high value target of Conservatives and Republicans alike, due to the corrupt five-term Senator Chris Dodd. We could all smell his political blood in the water, later to be confirmed by polling data collected by several organizations. In short, we thought a victory was possible.

That all changed when Senator Dodd announced his retirement from the Senate, and the highly popular Attorney General announced his intention to run for the Democrat Nomination. All of our thoughts of flipping the Acorn state ended just like that, and the polling data confirmed what we all sensed.

Then we received two political blessings:

  1. Richard Blumenthal was caught lying about his Military record.
  2. Self-funding Linda McMahon won the Republican Nomination.
Suddenly, we were back in the game: the polls tightened between Blumenthal and the presumed Republican Nominee, Linda McMahon, and the "spotless" Democratic Attorney General could be labeled as a candidate with "integrity" issues. Our thoughts raised again in conjunction with health care leaving the people skeptical of all Democrats nationwide, even in deep blue Connecticut.

Then it happened again. As soon as our thoughts drifted back towards covering Connecticut with large red blankets, the polls kicked us in the teeth: Blumenthal was leading all of his potential Republican opponents by twenty-five points, just days after the being caught lying about his Military record.

We never recovered from that shock. Sure, McMahon won the Republican Nomination, and she pulled within a few points of actually leading. But the people of Connecticut long made up their mind: it would be a Democrat, or nobody. All we could do was reason with them, which failed without a doubt according to a new poll from Rasmussen:

Blumenthal (D) - 56%. McMahon (R) - 43%. Undecided - 1%.

Connecticut is officially out of reach.

Michael Moore: "Democrats Can...Pull off Mother of all Upsets," Defeat Republicans

It will come as no surprise that Michael Moore has once again said something that is asinine and utterly ridiculous.  The king of fake documentaries, Moore is once again trying to lie to the American people.  What's his brilliant idea this time?  That Democrats have a legitimate shot at pulling off "the mother of all upsets" and make gains this November.

According to Moore, he has five magical ways that Democrats can save himself.  Not surprisingly, Moore loves himself so much that he believes that he somehow is the only one who can save a major political party from defeat in eight days.  How?  Blame Bush and spend more.

His first suggestion?  Blame Bush (shocking, I know):
"We Americans have very short attention spans... People need to be reminded over and over that it was the REPUBLICANS who concocted and led the unnecessary invasion of two countries, putting us in our longest war ever, wars that will eventually cost us over $3 trillion. Bush and Co. also caused the biggest collapse of our economy since the Great Depression. I don't know a single person in Hollywood who wouldn't shoot and produce those spots for you for FREE."
Apparently Moore has been holed up in the middle of the Mojave Desert for the last three years, as President Obama's entire political career has been made by blaming Bush.

Moore's second suggestion?  Arrest President Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, CEOs, and those who 'profited' from war"
"Announce that the Justice Department will seek indictments against both those who caused the economic collapse and those who became war profiteers. Call it for what it is: organized crime."
Remember, according to Moore, on top of "disliking" Saddam Hussein, President Bush only went into Iraq and Afghanistan for oil.  To Moore, this would make our 43rd President a "war profiteer."  Something tells me this guy doesn't like President Bush...

I'll skip his third suggestion because it is not completely insane.  Moore's fourth suggestion?  More spending!
"Put together a simple plan to hire enough people to repair our roads, fix up our aging schools, and rebuild our infrastructure. Fund this by taxing the richest 1% who have more financial wealth than 95% of Americans combined!"
Well, this could work.  I mean, it's not like the President already tried a large spending project that cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars.  Wait a minute...

His fifth suggestion?  Something Democrats could never do:
"Promise to accept donations of only $2, $5 and $10. You will also pledge not to take a job as a lobbyist or lawyer for ANY corporation for ten years after you leave Congress."
Don't tell Mr. Moore, but Democrats are still going to lose.  And guess what?  Part of the reason is because they did the very things that Moore is suggesting.
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Sharron Angle: Election 2010

Continuing our Election 2010 series, we'll be taking a look at Republican nominee for Senate in Nevada, Sharron Angle.  Angle is in the fight of her life against Democrat incumbent Harry Reid, who, according to the most recent polls, is losing by a few points to Angle.

In a year where Republicans are poised to make large gains, a win by Angle would be this election cycle's biggest story.  To many on the Right, Reid is the definition of incompetence: though he holds the second most powerful roll in the Senate (the Vice President arguably holding the most power), Reid's state of Nevada has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the entire country.

Reid has also been prone to egregious gaffes this election cycle, such as claiming that he never said the Iraq war was lost and stating that the Stimulus Bill was a success. This has helped Ms. Angle gain the lead she has.

Another factor making this race interesting is the quadruple sided question defined by this election: if Democrats retain the Senate, if Reid wins, will he remain the Majority Leader?  If Democrats lose the Senate and Reid wins, will he become the Minority Leader?  If Democrats retain the Senate, but Reid loses, who will become the Senate Majority Leader?  Likewise, who will be the Minority Leader if Democrats lose control of the Senate?

Lots of interesting factors at play here.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vote in Our Poll: How Many Senate Seats Will the GOP Gain?

The GOP needs 10 to gain control but if they are able to win nine then a moderate Democrat like Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson may jump ship. There are about 12 seats that may flip hands so how many do you believe the GOP could win this year?

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GOP Up Big in Ohio Senate Race

Republican Rob Portman has a commanding lead over his Democratic opponent in the Ohio Senate race. Portman, a former Bush Administration official is trouncing current Lt. Governor Lee Fisher. Fisher is tied to unpopular Governor Ted Strickland, who has fecklessly led Ohio during the Great Recession.

Furthermore, Portman is attempting to hold the seat, which is currently held by the GOP. This comes after the 2006 race in which the Democrats were able to capture the other Senate seat from a Republican incumbent. A hold here will reverse Democratic momentum, after winning in the state in 2008. This poll is from the University of Cincinnati.

Portman (R): 58%
Fisher (D): 39%
Other/und: 3%

Fisher appears to be finished. Being down by about 20% so far basically cuts all of his chances. He might as well save his money and not even contest the last week.

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Kasich Still in Leads in Ohio

The race for the Governor of Ohio remains tight with incumbent Ted Strickland still trailing Republican John Kasich. Strickland is largely blamed for the loss of thousands of jobs during the economic downturn while Kasich is well-regarded as a former Congressman. This is one of the hardest-fought races in the country right now, with Strickland intentionally tacking to the left in hopes of rallying the working class.

Kasich has run a very effective campaign, both building up his record but holding Strickland responsible for his role during the Great Recession. So far this strategy appears to be working. This most recent poll comes from the University of Cincinnati and is less reliable than major pollsters like Rasmussen, but appears to be on the mark here.

Kasich (R): 49%
Strickland * (D): 47%
Other/und:  4%
* Denotes incumbent

The low number of undecideds are hurting Strickland, as he will essentially need all to win the race. Furthermore, this late in the race undecideds tend to break away from the incumbent, further helping Kasich.

The White House has poured a lot of resources into this race, with the President personally campaigning for Strickland. A GOP win may be just what is needed to put this state red again.

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Daily Kos: "Anything Could Happen" in Nov. Election, Dems Could Even Win Big

You really have to wonder if anyone, one, reads Daily Kos, or two, if anyone does, if they have a central nervous system.  In an election year where Republicans are poised to make historical gains in the House and Senate, the extremely liberal site Daily Kos is now saying that "anything could happen" come election time, nine days from now.

Daily Kos spends much of the article declaring over and over again that the election is "unpredictable."  Yet even though the article uses over 1,500 words, they are all wasted; not a single good point is made.  However, there are several asinine points made that should have anyone laughing.

However, before we get to that, let me outline a few points: first, nearly every polling organization, from Rasmussen to Real Clear Politics, has Republicans winning big in the coming election.  Second, across the nation there has been a visible and energized ground-swell of support for anti-incumbent, and pro-conservative candidates.  Apparently Daily Kos, as always, has its head in the sand, because according to them, Dems still have a shot at hitting a home run.

For example, in the article, Daily Kos cites a non-scientific website that claims that voter turn-out is similar to the 2008 Presidential election, when Democratic then-Senator Barack Obama defeated Republican Senator John McCain:
Most people would, and should, scoff at the fact that Daily Kos references a non-scientific website/poll.  They should also laugh at the claim that there is no "enthusiasm gap," as it has been seen, and proven, that there is indeed one that exists.  I suppose that even when faced with truth, Daily Kos finds it comforting to bury their head in the sand.

And just to top it all off, for whatever reason Dail Kos found it necessary to bash the United States' most accurate polling service, Rasmussen.  I guess they feel they have to try to discredit it, because it isn't saying what they want:
This is why liberals are going to lose big in a week and a half.  They simply cannot stop lying to people, even when faced with irrefutable facts.  This can be seen with how the article is finished:
"With nine days to go in this election cycle, pretty much anything could happen. Never have there been so many competitive races, so late in the cycle. Never have the traditional predictors of an election been so cloudy."
No wonder Daily Kos readership is tremendously down.

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Early Voting Results: Republicans Up Big

Republicans are expected to make historical gains this election cycle, and early voting seems to completely back that up.  Across the country, GOP turnout is near or over historical levels, while Democrat turnout is well below.

In response to the massive turnout, Daniel Conston, a member of the Florida GOP, stated, "Incredibly, we are also leading early voting so far, the first time that has ever happened [in Florida].  We don't expect to win early voting, but any lead at all is shocking at this point and a testament to the incredible enthusiasm amongst Republicans."

While Republican turnout is over Democrat's in over a dozen states, Democrats are saying that they are keeping up with Republicans because they have higher turnout in... several states.  Ohio Democratic Coordinated Campaign's Lauren Groh-Wargo touted Democratic turnout, saying, "We are expanding the electorate in this midterm election, and Republicans are not."

However, Michael McDonald, a George Mason University professor, tries to warn that everything may not be what it seems.  "We are in uncharted territory," he says when it comes down to votes.  Well, I'm sorry Dr. McDonald, but if Republican turnout continues to be much higher than Democrat turnout, I will be pretty self-assured that more Republicans will win.

Incomplete State by State Turnout:

Arizona- 44% of votes cast were by Republicans, 34% by Democrats
Colorado- 42% of votes cast were by Republicans, 37% by Democrats
Florida- 53% of votes cast were by Republicans, 34% by Democrats
Georgia- 58% of votes cast were by Republicans, 26% by Democrats
Maine- Both tie with 37%
Michigan- 35% of votes cast were by Republicans, 18% by Democrats
Nevada- 43% of votes cast were by Republicans, 42% by Democrats
New Mexico- 47% of votes cast were by Republicans, 44% by Democrats
Pennsylvania- 56% of votes cast were by Republicans, 37% by Democrats
Washington- 38.8% of votes cast were by Republicans, 38.5% by Democrats

Yet even in the states where Republicans have not casted as many votes as Democrats, the GOPers are still voting more (percentage-wise) than their Democratic counterparts.  For example, 32% of voters in Oregon are Republicans, yet 38% of the ballots cast have been by the GOP.  In fact, the states that have higher turnout-than-registration for Republicans are Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, and West Virginia.
Republicans: Historical Voter Turnout
Things are definitely looking up.

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Election 2010: DeMint's cruising in South Carolina.

Senator Jim DeMint (R), founder of the highly effective and successful Senate Conservatives Fund, is cruising towards a definitive victory over his Democrat and Green Party opponents, Alvin Greene and Tom Clements respectively.

DeMint, who was first elected into the Senate back in 2004 by 150,000 votes or so, has been a beacon of hope for Conservative activists since President Obama took office in 2009, and has used all of his spare, yet important political capital to push anti-establishment candidates across the nation towards victory in both Primary and General elections.

Though his re-election was never in question, due to South Carolina's growing Republican bastion, and Nikki Haley's campaign has stole the show in Columbia, Senator DeMint's second term was all but guaranteed when the Democrat voters selected Alvin Green to be their Nominee for U.S. Senate.

Alvin Greene is insane. He's facing anywhere from three-to-eight years in prison if convicted on felony obscenity charges, he won the Democrat Primary without one mention of his candiday to the voters of South Carolina, and his most recent appearance on the liberal MSNBC ended with him declaring "DeMint started the recession" at the end of almost every sentence.

South Carolina's anti-DeMint forces have become a pure joke, such a joke that their candidate of choice is Tom Clements, a Greenpeace activist running on the Green Party line. Which is actually their strongest bet against DeMint, because Mr.Clements gained 12% of the vote in a recent poll, while Alvin Greene gained 11%.

It's safe to say that Jim DeMint will be in the United States Senate for at least six more years.

Harry Reid: Election 2010

Continuing our Election 2010 series, we'll be taking a look at the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.  Reid is in the fight of his life against Republican challenger Sharron Angle, who, according to the most recent polls, has a slight edge in the election.

In a year where Republicans are poised to make large gains, a loss by Reid would be this election cycle's biggest story.  To many on the Right, Reid is the definition of incompetence: though he holds the second most powerful roll in the Senate (the Vice President arguably holding the most power), Reid's state of Nevada has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the entire country.

Reid has also been prone to egregious gaffes this election cycle, such as claiming that he never said the Iraq war was lost and stating that the Stimulus Bill was a success. This has helped Ms. Angle gain the lead she has.

Another factor making this race interesting is the quadruple sided question defined by this election: if Democrats retain the Senate, if Reid wins, will he remain the Majority Leader?  If Democrats lose the Senate and Reid wins, will he become the Minority Leader?  If Democrats retain the Senate, but Reid loses, who will become the Senate Majority Leader?  Likewise, who will be the Minority Leader if Democrats lose control of the Senate?

Lots of interesting factors at play here.
Reid: Praying for a Win
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vote in Our Poll: How Many House Seats Will the GOP Gain?

This is one of the most contested races in recent history and it's important to see where the public's thoughts are before the polls open on November 2nd. The Republicans need forty seats for a majority and could possibly pick up over 50 like in 1994. Still, we won't know until election night, so let's see what may be the actual results.

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Tancredo Within 1 in Colorado

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has made a race in Colorado. His immigration policies appear to be winning over Republicans and independents in the Rocky Mountain state and he's still gaining. The registered Republican is running as an independent in the three-way race for Governor of that state. Despite the fact that Tancredo started around 10% in the polls, a weak Republican candidate has allowed him to surge into a solid second place.

The race appears to be volatile, which may help Tancredo win over independent and disaffected voters. In this Republican wave year, he may be able to win over those who like his critical view of illegal immigration and enforcement. With two weeks to go it appears that he may actually pull this one off.

Hickenlooper (D): 44%
Tancredo (I): 43%
Maes (R): 9%
Other/und: 8%

Tancredo has gained significantly in the last week. He was down by 5% earlier this week and appears to be on the cusp of overtaking Hickenlooper. Coloradans appear to be warming up to Tancredo's policies on immigration and tired of Democrats running things in Colorado. Maes continues to drop, losing 4% since the last poll.

A couple of things to notice: Tancredo keeps building with the falling support of Maes. This appears to be backing the idea that Tancredo has become the de-facto Republican candidate in this race. If this continues, Maes may drop out in order to prevent a Hickenlooper win. Maes has denied this in the past, but with him nearly in single digits, he may want to reconsider.

Also, Hickenlooper is well below 50%. Voters in Colorado are hesitant to send another weak-willed Democrat to the Executive Mansion. Likely some of these undecided voters will break between the Democrat and Tancredo, marginalizing Maes and making it more likely for Tancredo to eek out a victory.

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Republican Leads in Illinois Gov Race

Incumbent Democratic Governor Pat Quinn has fallen behind his Republican challenger. Bill Brady has had a fairly consistent lead this entire year over Quinn, who became Governor of Illinois after Rod Blagojevich had to resign in shame after trying to take money in exchange for the vacant Senate seat after Barack Obama vacated it.

Illinois is a relatively blue state and overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama in 2008. It appears unlikely that the GOP could take it in the 2012 Presidential stakes, but this is a positive move. Furthermore, the GOP is looking for gains in Congress and to take the open Senate seat this year.

This poll comes from the St. Louis times working with Mason-Dixon. While not as accurate as firms like Rasmussen it appears that the results here may be fairly reliable. And the news is not good for Quinn, who is already struggling.

Brady (R): 44%
Quinn * (D): 40%
Other/und: 16%
* Denotes incumbent

The high level of undecideds are a mixed bag. While most undecideds in this stage of an election tend to break away from the incumbent, in a deep blue state they may back the Democrat. However, the fact that Brady has a significant lead this late in the game, coupled with an incumbent under 50% seems to point in the right direction.

And the news is bad for President Obama as well:

The poll also found that President Barack Obama's approval rating in his home state has dropped to 51 percent, a dramatic indicator of how tough the national climate is for Democrats.
"Here's a guy whose numbers in Illinois have never been below 60, and he's flirting with 50-50," says pollster Brad Coker of Mason-Dixon Polling & Research. "That's an eye-popper."

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Anthony Weiner: If Grayson Loses, America Loses

I'm sure that you all know that Alan Grayson is insane.  He said that Republicans want people to "die quickly," that people will resort to cannibalism if government spending is cut, that his campaign headquarters is like "ground zero at Hiroshima," and that President Bush knew about 9/11 before it happened.  Apparently, liberal hack and Congressman Anthony Weiner is unaware of these things, he simply doesn't care, or he agrees with them.  Either way, he has released a video in full support of Grayson:

Alan Grayson, of course, could not resist the endorsement and posted it on his Facebook page.  Ironically, however, the schmuck couldn't resist fabricating lines of people who actually support him:

If you watch the video and listen carefully, you can easily tell where Grayson goes ahead and puts words in his mouth.  According to Grayson, a pathological liar, Weiner says (in the second sentence),  "There have been millions of dollars that have come from special interests outside of Florida, who have weighed in to try and stop Alan Grayson."

In reality, Weiner says, "There have been millions of dollars, I think it's three million dollars of people from outside Florida have weighed in to try to stop Alan Grayson."  Grayson obviously felt the need to put words in Weiner's mouth and stop his rambling, but the fact that he would change the statement of someone who is actually endorsing him speaks volumes.

However, Weiner's major point, that you should support this lunatic, is still there despite the fact that Grayson twisted his words.  Somehow, if Grayson wins, "the American people" win.  How someone could say something like that, even someone as liberal as Weiner, is beyond understanding.

Vote Webster.

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Nancy Pelosi: Election 2010

In a year that Republicans are poised to make historical gains in both the House and Senate, it behooves us to look at the effect it will have on the higher-ups.  Nancy Pelosi is the current Speaker of the House, who became such in 2007 and I'll take a look at her first.

It is almost definite that Democrats will lose control of the House to Republicans come the November election and the January inauguration.  Though a fellow writer for this blog supposed that Ms. Pelosi could potentially lose all her clout in the Democratic Party, I believe that this will probably not happen.

Though it is possible that she will lose all of her "power," I would not be surprised if she retained a leadership positions.  Do not forget that it has been Democratic scripture that Bush is at fault for everything in the last 10 years.  What would prevent them from blaming their election loss on our 43rd President as well?  I mean, they've even blamed natural disasters on him; it is not a stretch of the imagination that they'd cook up something crazy.

Either way, expect Pelosi to take time out of Congress's busy schedule to tout all of the "success" she had as Speaker of the House.
Pelosi: Giving People a Chill Down Their Spine since 2007

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Reid: Stimulus Saved Nearly 30,000 Jobs in Nevada, Cut Taxes, Prevented a Depression

Down in the polls and in the fight of his life, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is throwing a hail Mary: running on the economy, even though Nevada has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country and the economy is in shambles.  According to Senator Reid's campaign site, not only did he help the Nevadan economy, but the Stimulus Bill, passed in 2009, tremendously helped the US economy and "countered the very worst of what was the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression and started us on the road to recovery."

In a section of the campaign site called "Setting the Record Straight," Reid defends the Stimulus Package, claiming that it was instrumental in saving the economy and creating jobs.  Reid states that by January of 2010, the Stimulus had created "roughly 20,000 jobs."  But he goes further:
The point that Reid is apparently trying to make is that the Stimulus not only saved millions of jobs countrywide, but saved billions of dollars.  In fact, according to Reid, the Stimulus brought "$282 billion in tax relief."  How the bill "saved" billions when it actually spent nearly a trillion dollars is not explained.

But the "benefits" of the Stimulus does not end at its supposed tax cuts and the billions it somehow saved.  Reid states that the Stimulus Bill "countered the very worst of what was the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression and started us on the road to recovery."  There are two major problems with this statement.

The first is that there is absolutely no consensus that the Stimulus helped the US economy.  In fact, many people believe that the Bill actually hurt the United States because of its massive spending and the bureaucratic quagmire that it caused.

The second problem is that Reid refers to the Great Depression with the implicit intention to make people believe that without the Stimulus, the United States would fall into another depression.  I will not even deal with something so ludicrous.  Spending trillions of dollars blindly does not help the United States economy.

I suppose that Senator Reid feels that it is all right to lie to the American people and his constituents.  I say he is wrong.  If you agree with Reid, feel free to vote for him.  I you agree with me, that the American people need honest people in charge, then vote for Sharron Angle.  It's up to you.

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How Many Seats Will the GOP Really Win on November 2nd?

The most talked about issue in years has been swirling throughout 2010. Republicans are eager to gain back the majority that they lost in 2006 and Democrats have been stumbling almost every step of the way. President Obama's famous statement that the difference between 1994 and 2010 is that this year the Democrats "have me" appears to have fallen flat.

Furthermore the GOP is at or near historic highs in most polls. The most accurate poll, Rasmussen, has showed the GOP up for almost the entire year. Furthermore, the President's low approval ratings appear to be dragging the Democrats down further.

So how many seats will the GOP win? There's several different factors that appear to be in play.

1. The President's approval rating

If you take a look at the RealClearPolitics index of all of the major pollster's ratings of the President, it is not so pretty. As of today, it stands at 46.3% positive and 48.3% negative. That's actually one of the better ratings that he has received in weeks. If you look at some of the more accurate polls, like Rasmussen, you find that his approval rating is at 45% and disapproval at 54%. Not only that, but Gallup has his approval at a paltry 43%.

The President's approval rating is usually one of the keys in midterm elections. Reagan had low approval ratings (believe it or not) in November 1982, so the Democrats took back the Senate. Clinton had approval ratings around 43% in 1994 and the Republicans were able to take back both chambers of Congress. In 2002 President Bush's approval was in the mid-60s and the Republicans gained several seats in both houses. Seeing Obama's negatives near Clinton's would indicate a possible gain of 54 seats, such as in 1994. This would place the Republicans back in control of the House. The GOP also picked up eight Senate seats, leaving this number as a prescient precedent for this year.

2. Congressional approval rating

You can imagine, it's not great. But it was not great in 1994 either. This year the RealClearPolitics average has Congress at a 20.5% approval and a disapproval of 72.8%. These levels are toxic. Furthermore, a FoxNews poll has their approval at an even worse (if possible) 17%. Again, in 1994 the Democratic Congress had similar ratings, but there was one major catch. That year, the infamous HillaryCare proposal was eventually killed. In this case, the Congress actually passed the ObamaCare monstrosity. This will further push Congress's negatives down as many will believed that Democrats in Congress do not listen to their concerns.

3. Seat by Seat Ratings

There have been many looks into polling for all 435 House seats up for election along with those from the Senate. In every case, the Democrats are not doing well. Many of the projections have a wide range of how much the Republicans can expect to win back. Some of these show that the Republicans will win a range of 40-70 seats. Of course these numbers are helpful but are vague.

So we look at one of the prognosticators that has actually pinpointed the number of seats the GOP can hope to gain. Larry Sabato has gone through seat by seat to project the gains this year. He has a history of some success, so we can use these numbers with a little bit of respectability.

According to Sabato the Republicans will gain exactly 47 seats in the House and 8-9 seats in the Senate. This comes along with the 8 Governor's mansions they can hope to gain. These numbers are on the bottom end of the projections but may be the most accurate seat-by-seat analysis.


No matter what happens, this does not appear to be a good night for Democrats or President Obama. As for the GOP and conservative independents, make some popcorn and order a pizza.

My final projections:

House: 56 GOP gains
Senate: 8 GOP gains

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Friday, October 22, 2010

NEWSFLASH: Republicans still winning, despite Bush.

Does anyone remember when it was announced that President George W. Bush would begin to publicize his upcoming book: "Decision Points" in late October? I do. The entire Conservative world was literally up in arms, because the ruling thought was that the former Republican President apparently wanted to be (for some unknown reason) the saboteur of Republican hopes.

What a load of hogwash!

Republicans are looking at regaining the House with very impressive margins, regaining the Senate is definitely within reach and both Houses of Congress are looking good despite the constant attack on the policies of President George W. Bush by desperate Democrats (though to be honest, a few Democrats are airing commercials campaigning on the policies of President Bush).

I'll be supporting the Republican Party on November second, and I'll be buying President Bush's autobiography on November ninth. Both of which I am sure is an international conspiracy perpetrated by the highest level of the former Bush Administration: Karl Rove!

Any thoughts?

Video: Christie on Running for President

Christie denies presidential aspirations, although he has support of Pennsylvania GOP Dent

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Kucinich in Trouble in November

Dennis Kucinich, the most quirky and left-wing member of Congress has become famous for many things. Of course, he tried to impeach President Bush and ran for President in 2004 and 2008. He originally opposed Obama's health care plan-- because it wasn't socialist enough and wants it to go further.

Kucinich has been in office for over 10 years in the Ohio district which includes Cleveland. He was formerly mayor of that city before being thrown out unceremoniously in 1979 after a recall election almost forced him out early. He was saved by a margin of just 236 votes out of about 160,000 cast. He was then trounced by over 13% by future Congressman George Voinovich.

Kucinich has not been favored in recent polling. Despite being in Cleveland politics for over 30 years he may be in danger on November 4th. According to the most recent polling from the region his Republican opponent is on his heels. Kucinich is only winning by a meager 4% and if those polled are informed about the Congressman's past he drops behind by a similar margin.

Kucinich's vote totals fell from 2004-2006-2008 suggesting that voters are perhaps tired of Kucinich's antics. He was even challenged in a Democratic primary in 2008 and barely gained more than 50%. 

2008 Democratic Primary:

It now appears that the larger media has taken a look at the Congressman and decided that maybe his accomplishments are not all that impressive. Less than 10% of the bills that he introduced have been passed, including:

• The Ukrainian Museum and Archives has a copy of "Window on America," a TV program the U.S. Information Agency beamed at Ukraine in 1998.
• Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski is now an honorary citizen of the United States.
• A Cleveland post office has a new name.
• Another Cleveland post office has a new name.

Kucinich used to be a pro-life Democrat before switching positions to run for President in 2004. He's also been the most outspoken opponent of America's wars overseas and has tried to impeach both President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Let's see if he can hold on in 2010.

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Haley Up by 9% in South Carolina

Republican Nikki Haley appears to be in prime position to take the governor's mansion in several weeks. She is cruising over her Democratic opponent and remains popular to South Carolina voters. The newest polling seems to reinforce the message of a victory for the Tea Party candidate.

This poll comes from Rasmussen, the most accurate of the major pollsters. Not only does it show Haley in the lead, but seems to confirm a trend which shows her with a
significant lead. While this is not the largest lead that Haley has had during this cycle, it is still almost unbeatable at this point.

The elections cycle in South Carolina has been vicious this year. Between Governor Mark Sanford's messy public affair and divorce and Jim Demint's Democratic challenger Alvin Greene, it surely has been strange. Haley was hit with multiple accusations of extra-marital affairs, all of which she not only denied but promised to resign if they were proven true. So far, no proof has come out.

Haley (R): 47%
Sheheen (D): 38%
Other/und: 15%

Sheheen's weak position coupled with Haley's popularity is sure to carry her across the finish line. The high number of undecideds are something to keep in mind as Haley does not reach 50% in this poll. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster, had Haley up by 17% in September.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

NPR fires Juan Williams.

Political Correctness has claimed another victim:

Juan Williams was an analyst at National Public Radio for eleven years, until he dared to agree with Fox's Bill O'Reilly on the Muslim threat that faces the world, and to be specific the West - Europe, America, and Israel highest on the list.

Though he was fired because of one personal comment during the discussion:

But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.

What a reason to fire someone. Liberal intolerance strikes again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

McMillan for Governor.

Memo: I really do dislike McMillan. I'm the son of a landlord.

Just visited the McMillan for Governor campaign website, and I found this:

Absolutely nuts. Comedy gold. But how much do you want to bet that 50,000 idiots actually do vote for the "Rent is Too Damn High Party" on election day and give this moron a line on the ballot for decades to come? I'd bet the farm.

Reid on Those Voting for Angle: They're “rude and a little bit obnoxious”

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has not been having a great month when it comes to PR.  First he stated that he never said the war in Iraq was lost, which caused both Mark Levin to call his statement "nuts."  Then Rasmussen came out with a poll that stated he was 3 points behind Sharron Angle.  And now there's this.

On Reid's campaign site, Reid has an article up entitled, "Reid volunteers love Reid."  Most of the article was your common mouth-piece article in favor of Reid, until it described a run-in the Majority Leader had with an employee of Southwest Airlines.

According to it, Reid was having a conversation with his volunteers until he came in contact with an employee.  They discussed the issues, and the employee complained about the Health Care Bill that Reid supported.  Frustrated with Reid, the employee told Reid “I hope you lose.”

An average politician might ignore these comments or might even talk with the employee further.  Instead, Reid launched into an attack, telling his volunteers that they will run in to supporters of Angle, who are, according to Reid:
“rude and a little bit obnoxious...We can’t let these people who hate government turn us against government.”
If attacking an employee of an airline who had a discussion with him wasn't low enough, Reid also tries to paint many, if not most, people who support Reid as "rude."  On top of it all, for whatever reason, Reid felt it necessary to defend big government, most likely because he is a part of it.

Reid: Does Not Care What you Think
In a campaign season that is so close, in a race that is so close, you might think that Reid would back off the insults that show he is utterly out-of-touch with average people.  Apparently, however, when someone disagrees with Reid, he can't let the opportunity to put them down slip away.

Vote Angle.

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NY-20: Gibson leads Murphy by 2 points.

According to a new poll by Public Opinion Strategies, which was conducted on behalf of the Gibson (R) for Congress campaign, Congressman Scott Murphy (D) is trailing the former Kosovo and Iraq War Veteran by two points. Even though the freshmen Congressman was leading by a six point margin four weeks ago in a poll conducted by the same organization.

Public Opinion Strategies survey of 400 likely voters:
Chris Gibson (R) - 44%.
Scott Murphy (D) - 42%.
Undecided/unsure - 14%.

Congressman Murphy was elected to represent New York's 21st congressional district in March of 2009, during a special election to replace Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who was just appointed to the US Senate by Governor Paterson nine weeks beforehand. Murphy won the election over Republican Jim Tedisco by a mere 726 votes.

The district was represented by Republican Congressman John Sweeney for two terms, until Kirsten Gillibrand defeated him in 2006. In 2008, Gillibrand would go on to win re-election in one of the most expensive House campaigns that year against the former Chairman of the New York State GOP.

Mr.Gibson served in the United States Army for 24 years, published Securing a State in 2008, and is running on a strict pro-business, pro-military platform. He has solid support in Otsego County, which Tedisco won with relative ease, and is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Support the Gibson for Congress campaign here.

America: Land of the Snipped.

What the hell has happened to us?

In World War 2: millions of American soldiers fought for revenge against the Japanese, and justice against the Nazi scum. Close to 500,000 soldiers paid the ultimate price in that war, but we defeated the greatest evil known to man, and not for one second did we consider withdrawal before our worthy mission was completed.

That was the America that fought! That triumphed! That never surrendered!

Now our Nation under Barack Obama is more concerned with leaving wars, instead of finishing them. More concerned with "peace talks" with the enemy, than "war councils" to deal with the enemy. More concerned with a policy of political correctness to Muslims, instead of calling our enemies what they are: Muslims.

600,000 Americans died over the question of slavery in the 1860's. Quite the price for freedom, but definitely a price that was more than worth it to every American that you ask. But, now when 6,000 Americans die over a battle that was launched when 3,000 Americans were murdered by Jihadists on our Soil, the price just isn't right anymore.

If America doesn't turn course soon. We will not longer be the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. But rather the Land of the Snipped, and the Home of the Meek.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grayson: Limbaugh an Insane Drug Addict, President Bush Knew About 9/11 Beforehand

As time goes on, there are more and more utterly insane things that Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has said.  Last year he said that Republicans wanted people to "die quickly."  In August he warned that people would eat each other if government spending was cut.  In September he released his notorious fraudulent campaign ad that referred to his opponent as a terrorist.  And earlier this month he compared his campaign to "ground zero in Hiroshima."  Well, Grayson has done it again.

Yesterday, Alan Grayson called Rush Limbaugh a criminal drug addict that is insane and then went on to assert that President George W. Bush knew about the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, before they occurred.

According to Grayson, he himself is not insane (he spent an entire paragraph explaining how he was not).  He then asserted that nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh is, while insulting him:
Remember, Alan Grayson is a member of Congress.  He is a member of the House of Representatives and he is trying to pick a fight with a radio host, instead of actually trying to do his job.  But hey, I guess it's worth it to Grayson if he can find a reason to beg for money (that's why the text at the bottom is blue).

But even his attacks on Mr. Limbaugh aren't the worst part of Grayson's rant.  Later, he goes on to assert that President Bush knew that 9/11 was coming before it did, writing that Bush "did absolutely nothing" about an impending attack.  In other words, Grayson alludes that Bush knew the attack was coming, but did nothing to stop it and therefore let it happen.
I do not believe that I even need to analyse this drivel.  To assert that Bush knew about and let 9/11 happen is certifiably insane.  Mr. Limbaugh was right to call Grayson nuts because Grayson is.

I'm sorry Mr. Grayson, but you are insane.

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Jimmy McMillan at the NY Governor Debate Video

If you didn't see the NY gubernatorial debate last night, here's a clip of the person who stole the show: Jimmy McMillian, who is running under the "Rent is too damn high" party:

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Pelosi on Job Numbers: "Democrats are moving our country forward"

Democrat Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.  Come November, she almost certainly lose her position.  However, until that time, she is desperately trying to put a positive light on poor economic news in order to to bolster the spirits of Democrats in charge.

The September jobs report was released recently and showed an "unexpectedly" high job loss.  However, Speaker of the House Pelosi was not aware of what the report said because she released a statement utterly void of understanding of the country's situation.

According to Pelosi, the country gained over 60,000 jobs, when in reality the economy lost over 90,000.  For whatever reason (which could be guessed), Pelosi only considers and mentions the job growth in the private sector and completely ignores the lose of 159,000 jobs in the public sector, as well as the 83,000 jobs cut at state and local levels.

But perhaps most ridiculous is her statement on the way Democrats are handling the economy:

"Democrats are moving our country forward, and we will and we must do more to strengthen our economy and put people back to work.  The American people face a clear choice."

With a Democratic party poised to lose possibly 100 seats or more in the Senate and House combined, Pelosi's clearly out of touch statements seem to be the epitome of a Democratic ruling party that just doesn't care and just doesn't get it.  How losing nearly 100,000 jobs "unexpectedly" constitutes responsible governing is lost on me.
Pelosi: Losing Jobs is Good For Country
Pelosi finishes her comments with this inane sentence:
"We will keep moving forward to create more jobs, growth, and prosperity for our workers and our families.”
Stuff like this is why Democrats will be out in the House and possibly the senate in two weeks.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Reid: "Stimulus is working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud"

The Stimulus Bill was passed at the beginning of 2009 to help the United States recover, according to President Obama.  According to the President, the $787,000,000,000 was worth it, even if we didn't have any way to pay for it, because it would be so effective and so well-run.  Not only that, but he promised unemployment would not rise above 8%.

Well, in the over year-and-a-half since the Stimulus Bill was passed, it has widely been regarded as a failure.  Reports of billions of dollars of pork come out weekly, and unemployment has been over 8% for a year and a half, hovering at times over 10%.  Even the President recently said that there was "no such thing" as a "shovel-ready project," which he constantly touted.

Apparently nobody told Harry Reid.  Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, is in the race of his life in Nevada against his Republican rival Sharron Angle.  At a time where the most recent polls have shown Angle with a slight edge, Reid is desperately trying to paint her as "out of touch," dangerous, and "an extremist."  However, the person who is clearly out of touch is Harry Reid himself, who recently posted an article on his campaign site entitled, "Stimulus is working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud."

You read that right.  The Stimulus, which I will remind you cost nearly 1 Trillion Dollars, has billions of dollars of pork in it, and did not stop unemployment from ballooning to over 10%, is "working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud."

But that's not all.  Aside from the clearly ludicrous headline, the posted article goes further.  In one section, the article reads:
Before the stimulus passed, experts predicted the government would lose 5% to 7% of it to fraud; today, out of over 190,000 contracts, grants and loans, less than 0.2% are under investigation.
First, obviously .2% is not "free of fraud" as the headline lied.  Secondly, .2% of 787 Billion Dollars is $1,574,000,000, or 1.6 Billion.  I'm sure that I do not need to say this, but over one-and-a-half billion dollars of fraud is hardly "free of fraud."

Another reason why there is so "little" fraud according to the article: well, everything is just so "newfangled" that criminals cannot figure it out.  The article also applauds the fact that "$551 billion" was spent so quickly.  Seriously, if the vast majority of the spending is done and this is all we have to show for it, I wouldn't be proud of it.  I would reject it.

And I do.

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The Month in Review

Though Pundit Press launched beforehand, our official launch was four and a half weeks ago on September 17th.  So, every month around the 17th or 18th, we will tally up posts written, views, so-on and so-forth as a way to keep track of our little corner of the internet.  This is the Month in Review:

Amount of Articles in the Last Month per author, of which there were 232 posts-

Aurelius led the way with 91 posts, or 39.2% of the total articles.
Thomas Ferdousi came in second with 58 articles, or exactly 25%.
Mr. K came in a close third with 48 pieces, or 20.7%.
Coming in a solid fourth place was Unlikely Hospitalist with 35 articles, or 15.1%.

Top Views per Writer for an Article, of which there were 32,068 pageviews total-

Aurelius's article on Harry Reid garnered us 3,168 views, or 9.9% of the pageviews.  Hot Air was kind enough to link to it, as well as Mr. Mark Levin on his show's website.  Aurelius also gained 3,109 views, or 9.7%, on his article about Congressman Grayson warning that people might 'eat each other' with less government funding.  FoxNation was kind enough to link to it.

Thomas Ferdousi's top article was his Interview with Small Dead Animals, which received 1,621 views, or 5.1%.  SDA was kind enough to link to the article.

Mr. K's largest article was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is Hot?, with 509 views, or 1.6%.  A poll included with the article gained over 100 votes and indicated that...the bank is out on whether Ms. Gillibrand is indeed hot.

Unlikely Hospitalist's biggest article was Chuck Schumer is having a Bad Week with 40 views, or .1%.

Odds and Ends

- We're up to 35 followers.
- We've been linked to such awesome sites as Reaganite Republican, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, FoxNation, and Atlas Shrugs.
- Our Alexa Ranking is 1,106,932.  Take that Extreme Crocheting!
- Next month we hope to expand The Month in Review slightly and include the top 5 articles of the month.  But since we're just getting established, other than the peak articles, the average article only has around a couple of hundred views.

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Angle's Lead Grows Over Reid

 Republican Sharron Angle has opened a larger lead in the Nevada Senate race, according to the most recent Rasmussen poll. According to this, Angle's lead is almost larger than the margin of error, dramatically increasing the chances that she will beat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on November 2nd. This is the first Rasmussen poll taken since last week's debate and appears to be showing momentum for Angle.

Reid again appears to be having difficulty building traction among Nevada voter and is not well liked by independents. Furthermore, Angle actually crosses the 50% mark, a near death-knell for Reid. Reid won by a bare smidgen in the 1998 race, almost losing in a good Democratic year.

Angle (R): 50%

Reid  * (D): 47%
Other/und: 3%
* Denotes incumbent.

This poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of the national pollsters. With the number of undecided voters falling the chances of Reid catching up is growing smaller by the day. Furthermore, undecided voters this late in a race tend to break away from the incumbent. Reid has to pretty much win ALL of these voters to stay competitive.

Angle has been out-fundraising Reid, as well, which is further hurting his campaign. He used a lot of negative ads early, which sunk Angle a bit but did not add to his numbers. With all of those chambers exhausted the only thing he has left is to run on his own record.

So it looks like the debate had an affect on the race. Let's see how it plays out in the week ahead. If Angle is able to build upon this momentum, it's bye bye Harry.

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Tancredo Pushes Towards Lead in Colorado

 He's not there yet, but it appears that former Congressman Tom Tancredo has made a race in Colorado. The Republican is running as an independent in the three-way race for Governor of that state. Despite the fact that Tancredo started around 10% in the polls, a weak Republican candidate has allowed him to surge into a solid second place.

The race appears to be volatile, which may help Tancredo win over independent and disaffected voters. In this Republican wave year, he may be able to win over those who like his critical view of illegal immigration and enforcement. With two weeks to go it appears that he may actually pull this one off.

Hickenlooper (D): 42%
Tancredo (I): 38%
Maes (R): 12%
Other/und: 8%

A couple of things to notice: Tancredo keeps building with the falling support of Maes. This appears to be backing the idea that Tancredo has become the de-facto Republican candidate in this race. If this continues, Maes may drop out in order to prevent a Hickenlooper win. Maes has denied this in the past, but with him nearly in single digits, he may want to reconsider.

Also, Hickenlooper is well below 50%. Voters in Colorado are hesitant to send another weak-willed Democrat to the Executive Mansion. Likely some of these undecided voters will break between the Democrat and Tancredo, marginalizing Maes and making it more likely for Tancredo to eek out a victory.

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Election 2010: Nancy Pelosi's career is over.

House Republicans will definitely be regaining the House of Representatives on election day. Even Senate Democrats are admitting that fact to boost their own fundraising from deep-pocketed donors. Meaning that current Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, will become the 61st Speaker next January. Just 2 years after the Republican Party was declared dead by all of Washington.

So what does this mean for the current Speaker? Surely such an embarrassment will result in Nancy Pelosi losing all significant power in the Democratic Caucus. I do not know how far, or how long it will go until Pelosi receives her reprimand from the Democrat hierarchy, but it's going to happen early next year. Bet on it.

With many of the Democratic leaders out of the House and Senate like Reid, Obama, and Biden, much of the blame will fall at Pelosi's doorstep. She became the face of an out-of-control government expansion and the horrid mess of the health care bill. She is the single face of Democratic failures in Congress since 2007.

When Republicans got shellacked in 2006, then Speaker Hastert was quick to resign from all leadership posts within the Republican Conference, and resigned from Congress itself in late 2007. The last House Democrat (Tom Foley) to face Pelosi's upcoming predicament was in 1994, but he didn't even have to face the Caucus, because he lost his own seat in the Republican Wave that year. Which is unlikely to happen to Pelosi, who resides in San Francisco.

Pelosi's Republican challenger has raised quite a bit of money but in the ultra-left area of San Francisco, it appears that Queen Nancy is safe. In fact, her last challenge was from the left-- that's how radical the area is. So maybe the loss of many of her allies will have to do for now.

With Pelosi's approval rating below water, Democrats desperately in need of a scapegoat to blame and a political rebranding. It's only a matter of when Pelosi will face the axe, not if. In fact, I would wager that Pelosi is going to resign early next year in disgrace. Which would be bad, as I am certain that Cindy Sheehan* would get the Democratic nomination to replace her in the special election.

Any thoughts?

* - Sheehan did run against Nancy Pelosi in 2008, receiving 46,000 votes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

McCain at Fiorina Rally

In San Diego, McCain rips into Boxer:

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Boxer: Stimulus Cut $10 Bil. in Yearly Taxes in California Alone

You know something that I don't understand?  How Democrats in power can take $787,000,000,000 and spend it with almost no results, then say that they are actually saving the American people money.  Actually, let me rephrase my first statement: I can understand it, they are liars.

Take Barbara Boxer, for example.  The Stimulus Bill of 2009 has spent tens of billions of dollars in California in the last year and a half, yet unemployment in the state stands at around 12%, with some counties over 20%.  Remember, the President nor any one else explained a way to pay for the Stimulus, which would most likely be paid for through taxes.  Yet Democrat Senator Boxer has the gall to say that she has saved her constituents billions of dollars.

Take for example this post that she wrote on her own campaign site:
Putting aside the hilarious claim that the Stimulus bill "is already having a significant impact" for a moment, take a look at what is written after the bullet.  "12.4 million families are receiving up to $800 a year in tax relief from the Recovery Act."  In the grander scheme of things, what does that number mean?  Well, in case you cannot multiply 800 times 12,400,000, let me:  9,920,000,000.  That's 9.9 billion dollars.

Do you really think that people feel that "relief?"  Or do you believe that the hundreds more taken from the average American with the Stimulus Bill has more people worried?  That's like saying Boxer gave me a $5 bill, demanding a $20 in return, then telling everyone she saved me $5.
Boxer: Enjoys Spending Your Money
Getting back to her claim that the Stimulus bill "is already having a significant impact," I'd laugh but I do not believe that Ms. Boxer is joking.  Does the rest of the United States know that the Stimulus bill has had a major impact?  Because the last I checked, it's done almost nothing (other than spend our money) and that Democrats are going to be booted come November 2nd.

These are the people in charge in Congress.  Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, and so many more.  These are people who take your money, burn it, then demand that you thank them.  Remind me, how are they surprised that they'll be out on their butts in two week?

If you support anyone in this election, support Boxer's opponent Carly Fiorina.

Please come back!

Vote in Our Poll: Who Will in the CA Senate Race?

I want to see the opinions of all those on the internet. The Boxer-Fiorina battle may be the hottest contest in the United States right now. Senator "Ma'am" Boxer has been an embarrassment for California for over a decade (and it takes a lot for a person to do that in that state). The most recent poll had Fiorina behind by just a point and it appears deadlocked heading into the final weeks.

Now, I'd like for you to vote on who you actually believe will win, not who you would vote for. This way we can gauge the feelings of those on the blogosphere. It's definitely going to be interesting on November 2nd, that's for darn well sure.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pelosi's Website Touts Accomplishments While Speaker: Cutting Deficits, Building Surpluses

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the few Democrats in Congress that is not in trouble this fall, but that does not mean that she has a grip on reality. The Congresswoman from San Francisco is one of the most powerful yet most despised Speakers that the House of Representatives has seen in a half-century.

Pelosi is attempting to bolster whatever credibility she has left by making some outrageous claims on her Speaker website. The image below is an actual screenshot from her site, claiming that her plans in Congress will cut the "Bush deficit" by half and that she implemented a plan to restore surpluses once again.
Pelosi's other accomplishments according to the site? Well, none other than presiding over the worst job losses in thirty years, of course. Taking no responsibility for all of the job losses since the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in 2007, she claims that their role has made the economy better. In fact, so much better that:
Naturally, her website is filled with just about all of the spin that you could imagine an elitist like her would produce. She has an entire section of her site claiming that the Democrats are fixing the deficit, because of course before she showed up:

In the Bush years, waste and fraud in federal spending spiraled out of control – with no-bid, cost-plus contracts going to politically-connected companies, such as Halliburton.
My goodness, I hope those deficits of $150 billion before the Democrats took over Congress don't exceed the $1.5 trillion deficits we're running today. She also has an entire subpage touting how the economy is rebounding. At the pace she seems to be painting that the majority of Americans should be multimillionaires shortly.

Needless to say, I believe that this picture alone shows you all that we need to know about Pelosi and the 111th Congress:


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