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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Definitely Not Your Average Grand Rounds

If anyone has ever sat through a Grand Rounds presentation you will know that this is exceedingly atypical.

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Vote in Our Poll: How Many People were at the One Nation Rally

There's been some talk about the union-backed 'One Nation' rally in Washington which featured hundreds of self-proclaimed socialists marching and complaining all day. Talk show super-fail Ed Schultz ranted against the Republican Party, saying that they would hurt America. Don't you remember that we can disagree with any administration without being called unpatriotic, like Hillary Clinton once famously screeched? Well, I want to see what your opinion is on what the size of the rally was. The Beck rally got estimates of 200,000 to one million. We estimated this One Nation rally at 20% of that, or 40,000. One liberal site placed the number at 200,000.

Related to liberal insanity: Alan Grayson says that people may start 'eating each other' if the government doesn't spend more.  I bet he thinks there were several million people at the rally.

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The Goings on at the 'One Nation' Rally

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One Nation Rally Attendance

 The "One Nation" rally was held today-- uniting America by calling conservatives, FoxNews, and the Republican Party institutions of racism and bigotry. They served to try and help the system of American governance and economy by calling for them to be overturned. The outdid Glenn Beck's rally by getting about one-fifth of the total of people. And they're pushing a virulent strain of outright socialism.

Unfortunately, I have to cite the Huffington Post for this one as the small amount of people that actually attended the rally in Washington DC was so small that it's not getting full coverage at FoxNews and even-- on MSNBC's website.

"His [Beck's] rally was in response to what the civil rights movement has always been about, which is a multiethnic movement," National Urban League President Marc Morial, who spoke at the rally, told The Huffington Post in an interview on Friday. "But I do invite people to consider the contrast they'll see, in terms of the diversity. This is named One Nation because this rally will look like the way the nation looks. It's going to be yellow, it's going to be black, white, Hispanic and Asian. It's going to be men and women. It's going to be people from various walks, areas and religions. That's what it's about, and that's what the future of America is about. So this is really also a demonstration that that is a future that we should be proud of, and that's a future we should embrace as a nation."

According to the Huffington Post 'tens of thousands' of 'progressives' came to the National Mall-- from what appears to be a significantly smaller crowd than Glenn Beck's recent rally, the figure is likely to be about 40,000. Not the worst rally size but certainly not a real show of left-wing strength. This also comes as public unions and 'civil rights' groups were actively and not-so-subtly busing people in to attend. Vote on how many people you think were there.

UPDATE: The left-wing site Crooks and Liars puts the number between 175,000-200,000. Doesn't look likely.

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Illinois Race Turns back to Dead Heat

Republican Mark Kirk had taken a small but significant lead against Democrat Alexei Giannoulias for President Obama's former Senate seat. Now it appears that despite massive corruption charges against the Democrat and his family for shady banking practices the race has turned back into a dead heat.

According to the latest polls Giannoulias has opened a small 1-2% lead over Kirk while the Real Clear Politics polling average has Kirk up by less than one percent. All of the major polls appear to have a very high number of undecided voters-- which could either help Kirk because they will break away from the incumbent party but will likely help the Democrats due to the deep blue hue of the state. RCP is commenting on the race.

RCP Average
Kirk (R): 40.0%
Giannoulias (D): 39.3%
Other/und: 20.7%

The internals of recent polling are not good. Even though Giannoulias is one of the most corrupt politicians in Illinois-- and that's saying a lot, it appears that the charges are not sticking with the people of Illinois:

Kirk has admitted embellishing his military record, and, a month from Election Day, finds his favorability ratings headed in the wrong direction. Thirty-two percent of voters now have an unfavorable view of the congressman, an increase of 13 percent since the last Tribune/WGN poll released last month. Twenty-three percent have a favorable opinion of Kirk. Thirty-one percent view Giannoulias favorably, and the same amount view him unfavorably. Thirty-five percent of voters say Giannoulias is the more trustworthy of the two while 30 percent say the same for Kirk.

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Liberal Bias Alert- AP: "On paper, NY Islamic center looks modern, secular"

Where has objective journalism gone?  A better question might be whether it actually existed, or has the liberal media always spewed its own filth as news?  Regardless of the answer, most of the Main Stream Media is firmly held by the left-wing in our nation.  Take this headline written by AP today, "On paper, NY Islamic center looks modern, secular."

If you are thinking that that sounds exactly like a talking point of those in favor of building the mosque, you would be correct.  I've heard dozens of times that the Ground Zero Mosque (AP calls it an "Islamic center") is simply a community gathering spot that happens to have a Mosque in it.  Presently, I'd like to point out the contradiction in AP's headline, which calls the center distinctly "Islamic" yet says it is "secular."  But maybe the reporting is less biased, more objective.  Let's take a look.

In reading the article, the first thing a non-biased person will find is the inordinant amount of space given to the Mosque's developers and promoters, as well as the amount of space (several paragraphs) explaining how the building is not a Mosque.  For example, this actual excerpt from the article:

"I don't think that once this thing gets built, anyone will be picketing," said Sharif El-Gamal, the project's developer.
Groundbreaking for construction is probably two to three years away, "or hopefully sooner," El-Gamal told The Associated Press.
The largest part of the building — four of 16 floors — would be taken up by a sports, fitness and swimming center. Another full floor would be occupied by a child care center and playground.
Much of the rest of the building would be occupied by a restaurant, culinary school, artist studios, exhibition space and an auditorium for cultural events.
El-Gamal said the idea was to build a facility that will attract neighborhood residents looking for a place to work out, as well as suburban Muslim couples spending "date night" in the city.
The building's prayer space for Muslims — the part of the center that has caused some critics to derisively brand the center the "ground zero mega mosque" — would be located on two levels in the basement. The 12th floor would hold a 9/11 memorial and sanctuary open to people of all faiths.

The fact that it contains a Mosque is mentioned in passing, while a wide amount of space is given to Mr. El-Gamal's hope that it will become a location for a "date night," as well as the building's other featured.  But hey, at least these paragraphs seem on-topic.  Take this paragraph taken from later in the story:
As for the look of the place, it could fit in fine as an annex to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, with white walls and floors and a crystalline feel.
What?  Superman?  What does he have to do with a Mosque two blocks away from Ground Zero?
Superman: According to AP, somehow related to Ground Zero Mosque
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Chuck Schumer is having bad week

Jim Geraghty has a series of posts on his NRO blog, The Campaign Spot, explaining in some detail a seriously bad week for Senator Chuck Schumer. Although all are worth your time my attention was particularly drawn to part 5 of 5.

In the latest book from wise-cracking chef Anthony Bourdain, Medium Raw, he describes a doomed relationship:

She would be raging at the manager, accusing the busboy — or whoever was at hand — of stealing her cell phone. Fact was, she constantly misplaced her cell phone, her purse, anything of value she had. She’d get sloshed, forgetful, impulsively run off to dance, to search for coke, to say hello to an old friend — and she’d lose track of [stuff]. She would forget where she put things — if she’d ever had them in the first place.

I am not a fan of people who abuse service staff. In fact, I find it intolerable. It’s an unpardonable sin as far as I’m concerned, taking out personal business or some other kind of dissatisfaction on a waiter or busboy. From the first time I saw that, our relationship was essentially over. She accused me of ‘caring about waiters more than I cared about her,’ and she was right.

Most folks who have worked in the service industry — former waiters, busboys, store clerks, ice-cream scoopers, checkout clerks, etc. — remember the long hours and difficult customers, and try to show a little patience in those circumstances.

Chuck Schumer was a high-school valedictorian who went to Harvard, and from Harvard to Harvard Law School; the year he graduated from law school, he was elected to the New York State Assembly. Six years later, he was elected to the U.S. House. I am sure, if you asked Chuck Schumer, he would tell you he entered politics to serve the little people. But sometimes he forgets the little people.

Schumer embraces Hillary Clinton, with poor Sen. Barbara Mikulski squeezed between them.

Er, no, his embrace that smothered Sen. Barbara Mikulski isn’t what I meant. Some of his behavior suggests he can’t stand the little people.

According to a House Republican aide who happened to be seated nearby, the notoriously chatty New York Democrat referred to a flight attendant as a “bitch” after she ordered him to turn off his phone before takeoff.

Schumer and his seatmate, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), were chatting on their phones before takeoff when an announcement indicated that it was time to turn off the phones.

Both senators kept talking.

According to the GOP aide, a flight attendant then approached Schumer and told him the entire plane was waiting on him to shut down his phone.

Schumer asked if he could finish his conversation. When the flight attendant said “no,” Schumer ended his call but continued to argue his case.

He said he was entitled to keep his phone on until the cabin door was closed. The flight attendant said he was obliged to turn it off whenever a flight attendant asked.

“He argued with her about the rule,” the source said. “She said she doesn’t make the rules, she just follows them.”

When the flight attendant walked away, the witness says Schumer turned to Gillibrand and uttered the B-word.

Of course, Chuck Schumer also asked that the US Airways shuttle leave early to help him keep his schedule, and the airline agreed.

He extends the same level of patience and understanding to poll workers:

A party insider told me Schumer showed up at his polling place, P.S. 321 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at 5:55 a.m., and was ‘agitated and unhappy’ at how things went. They don’t open the polling place until 6:10 . . . They can’t figure out how to open the machine and he is, like, screaming at the staff that he wants to vote,’ the insider said.

It should also be no surprise that Chuck Schumer was the first major public official to use the term “tea-bagger,” a vulgar sexual euphemism favored by certain liberals to describe Tea Party activists. He used the term to describe Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown in a fundraising e-mail.

If you want to be rude to flight attendants and poll workers and use crude language, there’s no law against it. But it’s particularly ironic coming from Schumer, whose first Senate victory was driven in part by his success in turning incumbent Republican Alphonse D’Amato’s crack that Schumer was a “putzhead” into a major issue. He called it a “cheap slur” and insinuated that the use of the Yiddish term played on religious differences.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Real Cost of Healthcare

The untold story regarding the healthcare debate is not about where the money will come to pay for the newest entitlements, but who will care for them and where. The coming doctor shortage described in the articles linked, although critical, isn't the only worries. The baby boomers will be retiring en masse over the coming decade and we in the medical community are not prepared to care for them.

At present there is an expectation of care that cannot be met without infrastructure in place to care for all of an aging populations needs. This includes not only physicians, but nurses, respiratory and physical therapists and many others, but also available hospital beds, short term rehab centers, assisted living and nursing homes, hospice and palliative care centers. These are all in short supply right now and the situation will only get worse as the years pass.

For what it's worth there is a significant shortage of physicians, Obamacare, predictable makes it worse.
"While previous projections showed a baseline shortage of 39,600 doctors in 2015, current estimates bring that number closer to 63,000, with a worsening of shortages through 2025."
In April of this year the Wall Street Journal painted a rather bleak picture, "warn(ing) there won't be enough doctors to treat the millions of people newly insured under the law. At current graduation and training rates, the nation could face a shortage of as many as 150,000 doctors in the next 15 years."

And of course it gets worse.
"Medical colleges and hospitals warn that these efforts will hit a big bottleneck: There is a shortage of medical resident positions. The residency is the minimum three-year period when medical-school graduates train in hospitals and clinics. There are about 110,000 resident positions in the U.S., according to the AAMC. Teaching hospitals rely heavily on Medicare funding to pay for these slots. In 1997, Congress imposed a cap on funding for medical residencies, which hospitals say has increasingly hurt their ability to expand the number of positions."
Much ado was made of Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" comment, but she is exactly correct. Some very difficult decisions will have to be made. Conveniently, the Government will be in the unfortunate position of having the make them.

Good luck with that!
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Grayson a "National Embarrassment"

An excellent new ad from the NRCC-- looks really good, showcasing how Alan Grayson is a flaming idiot who is now a "national embarrassment."

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Environmentalist Commercial: If You Don't Cut Emissions, Children Will EXPLODE

You may not believe this, but some environmentalists are insane.  Take this utterly crazy video for example, which shows school children who do not cut their "carbon emissions" by at least 10% literally exploding:

Now, there are several problems with this commercial, most of which I'm sure you don't need me to point out.
  1. People who do not cut their "carbon footprints" will not explode into a pool of blood.
  2. It is disgusting and vile to show 10-year-olds exploding.
  3. The people who produced this commercial are completely nuts.
  4. Commercials like these will only hurt their causes in the long run.
This is almost as bad as another environmentalist commercial, in which polar bears fell hundreds of stories to their death because people were using airplanes:

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Whoa: Rick Sanchez Fired from CNN

Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN this evening.  Sanchez was apparently canned for calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" on a radio show yesterday and implying that the media is run by 'powerful Jews.'

Here is a short transcript of Sanchez's discussion with Pete Dominick, a radio personality:

Dominick: How is [Stewart] a bigot?
Sanchez: I think he looks at the world through, his mom, who was a school teacher, and his dad, who was a physicist or something like that. Great, I’m so happy that he grew up in a suburban middle class New Jersey home with everything you could ever imagine.
Dominick: What group is he bigoted towards?
Sanchez: Everybody else who’s not like him. Look at his show, I mean, what does he surround himself with?

Later in the discussion, Sanchez began talking about Jewish people:

I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.
Here is the full audio of the interview.  Caution, Rick Sanchez sounds absolutely crazy:

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Grayson: People Might 'Eat Each Other' if we Don't Spend More

As days go by, I am growing more convinced that Democrat Alan Grayson is certifiably insane, rather than just an angry liberal with too much hate.  Take a note that he left on his Facebook profile recently.  In it, he extols the benefits of the government spending money.  Why is spending money so good?  Well, if we didn't, the United States could end up like "certain parts of the world, 100 years ago:"
I'll be honest.  Never have I thought that in our nation's economic state that people would begin to eat one another.  Honestly, who thinks that the unemployed will turn into cannibals... Well, I know at least one person.

And here's another post in which he calls Tea Party members "teabaggers," all the while pleading for money:
He has no right to quote Ben Franklin.  He has no privilege to be in our Congress.  And just to add to the crazyness, here is another post from Grayson saying that "Big Business" is putting horses (and horses' "hind-quarters") in Congress:

Support Grayson's opponent, Daniel Webster!
And check out NRCC's ad calling the Grayson a national 'embarrassment.'

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A Revolution Against Incumbency

Although she can hardly be described as an incumbent having been appointed to fill the senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand has fit the mold quite well. Running as a Blue Dog conservative Democrat to win in a hotly contested election for Congress, Gillibrand immediately transformed herself as the 60th vote needed to enact the Obama agenda on as unsuspecting nation.

Look at a list of recent flips that have occurred since joining Chuck Schumer in the Senate:
  • Against gay marriage as a member of the House -- For gay marriage since the day her appointment to the Senate was announced.
  • For keeping "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in place while in House -- Against as senator.
  • Against gun control while in the House (100% NRA rating) -- For gun control as a senator.
  • Against any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants as a member of the House -- For as a senator.
  • For withholding federal funds from sanctuary cities while in House -- Against as senator.
  • For making English the official language while in the House -- Against as senator.
  • For empowering local police to enforce federal immigration laws while in House -- Against as senator.
  • Against the McCain- and Obama-endorsed Bush $700-billion TARP bank bailout in a vote in the House, calling it "fundamentally flawed" -- For the Obama $787-billion "stimulus" bill four months later as a senator.
In spite of her best efforts to suggest otherwise Senator Gillibrand's version of transparency seems awfully opaque. Joe DioGuardi gets it and his ability to rise to the general election in spite of republican party bosses shows that the people are with him.

Americans are revolting against the Washington establishment. We saw the first uprising with the election of Chris Christie as Governor of New Jersey, and from there it seemed like a domino effect -Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts, Bob Bennett's loss in Utah, and the list goes on.

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Could Mike Pence win the GOP Nomination in 2012?

Congressman Mike Pence has been in the news lately as a potential candidate for the Republican Nomination in the 2012 Presidential election. There is no doubt that Mr.Pence would be a strong enough candidate, as he appeals to all three tenants of Conservatism: Defense, Fiscal, and Social.

But the odds of Pence winning the Nomination are slim to begin with, perhaps unfairly, because he is a member of the House of Representatives. The last Congressman to win the White House was James Garfield in 1880 and not one Congressman has received the Presidential Nomination of either major Party since that historic victory.

So is the Mike Pence Presidential campaign dead before it starts?

I don't think so, and I'll give you three reasons why.

1. The Values Voters Summit - Pence won it with 24% of the vote. Beating Mike Huckabee by 11 votes, Mitt Romney by 77 votes, and Sarah Palin by 119 votes. These "values voters" believe in life, liberty, and traditional marriage.

2. The Status Quo Factor - Pence and the House of Representatives are and will be "outsiders" in the 2012 Republican Nomination, which could actually benefit both of them with an electorate that is frustrated with the establishment.

3. The Talk Radio Comrade - What was one of the reasons that McCain lost the 2008 election to Barack Obama? Conservative talk radio absolutely refused to publicly endorse/support the Republican ticket, except for Michael Savage. So how does this help Pence? He was once a talk show host.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grayson: Palin has no "Head or Heart," is 'Stupid'

If you are unaware of the on-going twitter war between Sarah Palin and Alan Grayson, here is a brief summary to bring you up to speed.  Alan Grayson is running for Congress in Florida.  Several days ago his campaign released an ad in which Dan Webster, Grayson's opponent, is called "Taliban Dan."  The ad also has several sound bites in which Mr. Webster says "submit to me," implying that Webster is a religious zealot.

In the days after, it was revealed that not only were the quotes in the ad out of context, but that Grayson was aware that the ad was factually inaccurate (to put it mildly).  In defense of Webster, Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican candidate for Vice President and former governor, tweeted on the social networking site Twitter this:

Grayson took exception to the tweet, firing back on Twitter:
Grayson also went ballistic on Facebook, in which he wrote a lengthy, angry response to Palin.  He called Ms. Palin's followers "zombies" and said that Palin had no "head and heart:"

Notice that Grayson calls Palin "half-baked."  He also says that anything with more than 140 characters can't keep Ms. Palin's attention.  These clearly imply that he thinks she is stupid.  In between several paragraphs, Grayson also included several links asking for money.

In response to that, Palin shot back this on Twitter:
For whatever reason, Grayson may see this as a battle he can win.  Considering that this entire controversy started because he lied to the American people, something tells me that he should reconsider.

Here is the libelous video that started it all:

And here is the entire video with the context intact:

Support Dan Webster!

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The Cream Always Rises to the Top

This is CNN!

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America is practically owned by China

CNBC seems to be coming around to Joe DioGuardi's point of view and it's about time someone start discussing the coming disaster.....

"The US supremacy as the top world economy will end sooner than many people believe, so gold is a better investment than the dollar despite it hitting a new record, Tom Winnifrith, CEO at financial services firm Rivington Street Holdings, told CNBC.com Monday."

"America is doing what Britain did," Winnifrith said. "America spends much more than it can afford and it's not addressing the issue."

"The 200 years when Britain and the US were the top two economies were an aberration and that will change," Winnifrith said."

"The decline of empires has happened much faster than folks think. I believe that gold will be a far better bet in 20 years than the dollar"

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Cavuto for President?

I'm scared:
President Neil Cavuto? It would be better than President Obama.....

Breaking: Emanuel to Leave White House Tomorrow

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff, will resign tomorrow and head to Chicago, where he plans to run for mayor.  This move was not expected so soon and further promotes the idea that the President's supporters are leaving him.

A source close to Emanuel said, "He intends to run for mayor."  According to the anonymous sources, Emanuel will leave the White House this weekend and begin campaigning on Monday.
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Alan Grayson: Hates Children, Hates Seniors, Loves Satan

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Minnesota Deserves Franken.

When the people of Minnesota (more like the Democratic fraud machine of Minnesota) voted for Al Franken to become a member of the United States Senate in 2008 over Republican Senator Norm Coleman, I felt sorry for the good people of Minnesota. I just couldn't imagine my Senator being that bad, and my Senator is Chuck Schumer.

However, I have had a change of heart. Minnesota deserves Al Franken as their Senator. Did he win the 2008 Senatorial election fairly? Absolutely not. But did enough of Minnesota support his campaign, or what? They brought Al Franken within 500 votes of Norm Coleman before Democrats did what they do best in a tight spot.

But this is not an isolated incident, Minnesotans have long voted stupidly:
  1. They voted against Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984.
  2. They voted for Jesse Ventura to be their Governor.
  3. And they voted for Keith Ellison, America's first Muslim Congressman, who just happens to have ties with Islamic radicals and their theories.

Minnesota deserves Senator Al Franken. They have done nothing but support those who endanger America's standing in the world, while opposing those who sought to restore that standing. I no longer feel sorry for Minnesota: what you sow is what you reap.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interview with Unlikely Voter

Pundit Press is proud to present its eleventh interview in our ongoing series. This time we are interviewing Neil, the editor of Unlikely Voter. The site is where you can find up to date polling data. The site is also the home of the Swingometer, which is an excellent way of seeing how much shifts in national mood and voting patterns can affect the 2012 race and Congressional races.

> 1. When and why did you start Unlikely Voter?
Last year I began to grow frustrated with what I saw as a never ending cycle of bad poll analysis online and in the other media.  Particularly on the right there was nobody I knew of stepping up to do what Nate Silver did for the left, and try to rationalize what previously was largely the domain of pundits relying on conventional wisdom.  I saw a niche there, and wanted to fill it: a site that tries to be unbiased in poll analysis, neutral when possible but with the slant opposite of Silver's when I slip up.

Nate Silver's work, as well as that on Real Clear Politics, were my key influences in deciding how I was going to analyze polls and races myself.  If I do well it's because I learned from those before me.

> 2. How did you come up with the Swingometer?
I thought of it by watching on the BBC Internet stream the Westminster election returns this year.  They have about two hundred more seats in the House of Commons than we have in the House of Representatives, but the need to analyze hundreds of districts is the same.  The BBC has had its Swingometer for decades, and while it's not perfectly predictive, particularly due to their relatively large third parties, but it's not bad.

So I found the raw data on the 2008 results and a week later, my Swingometer was born.

> 3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?
I think we usually measure Presidents by their ability to get their policies enacted, and then by the success of those policies.  I never expected his policies to do well, as I disagree with their wisdom from the start, but he's been far less able to pass his agenda than I expected, particularly when he had 60 Senate votes.  In that, he's done far worse than I expected.

> 4. What's your favorite part about running your site?
It's something I never expected: Just by following the polling in so many races, I have become familiar with so many candidates in so many states, knowing their names, faces, and chances of winning right off the top of my head.

So much of it is admittedly trivia, but it leaves me feeling more engaged in this election than I was in any election before.

> 5. Do you think the GOP has a shot in the Governor and Senate races?

I think the RGA has an excellent chance of meeting or exceeding its goal of having 30 Republican Governors after this cycle.  Republicans running for Senate are doing remarkably well even in hostile territory like Illinois and California, but the candidates for Governor are running ahead of the Senate candidates!

At this point I think that the NRSC though has much less chance of winning a Republican Senate majority, though.  They do start in the hole, with only 23 seats not up, versus 40 for the Democrats.  But still, failures to recruit in races like the New York regular election against Chuck Schumer are turning out to be wasted opportunities.  Illinois may turn out similarly as a failure to vet the favored Republican has turned that into a very tight race.

Republicans need polling gains in a number of states before I can say a Republican Senate majority is probable.

> 6. Where do you see the Tea Party in two years?
The TEA party is already a loose, diverse movement, but I think the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination process will tear it apart even more, as different national organizations align with different candidates, local groups break off their own ways, and members of all of the above storm out in favor of their own candidates.

I also expect that Republicans taking at least one House of the Congress will help steer the government's fiscal policies in a sounder direction, especially with all the candidates nominated and elected with strong TEA party influence.  As a result, I expect the economy to get better by 2012, and so the raw anger and dissatisfaction helping drive the TEA party will be lessened.

So I expect a weaker TEA party with more infighting by 2012, for better or for worse.

> 7. Anything else you would like to add?
I'd like to thank you and your readers for giving me your time and your visits to UnlikelyVoter.com.  I try to stay humble about what I do over there.  I do my best, but I know I can always do better. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.


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HOMOCON 2010....Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Ann Coulter rocked at HOMOCON 2010....Not that there's anything wrong with that. As it turns out, there must be something wrong with that, if you follow the liberal news.

Lisa Depasquale attended the event and has some interesting thoughts.

"There was no booing. No haughty retorts. No one left the room in a dramatic huff. Members of the audience were tolerant not because they’re gay, but because they’re conservatives."

"Coulter also offered a proposition that was well-received by the event’s organizers and the crowd. After reminding the crowd of the devastation of single motherhood on children, she said, “Instead of promoting something that’s a terrible idea, that everyone hates and that I know you secretly don’t even want anyway, my proposal is that GOProud demand that heterosexuals start taking marriage seriously.”
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A little Upstate New York humor......

Thanks to Dale.

A teacher asks her students if they're Gillibrand supporters. All of the hands go up except for one student.

"Okay, Bobby. What candidate do you support?"

"Joe DioGuardi."

"Why's that?"

"Well, my parents are both DioGuardi supporters, so I'm a DioGuardi supporter... too."

"That's not a good answer, Bobby. If your parents were both morons, would you be a moron too?"

"No, that would make me a Gillibrand supporter!"

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Skeletons in Andrew Cuomo's Closet!

It would seem that Carl Paladino has a little dirt on Andrew Cuomo that will be "released at the appropriate time". This comes at a time when New York papers have been abuzz over a 10 year old love child. Apparently, Carl takes exception to having his family used as political props now considered newsworthy.

"Asked again if he had evidence of Cuomo's alleged infidelity, Paladino replied, "Of course I do. You'll get it at the appropriate time."

In a heated exchange with New York Daily News reporter, Glenn Blain, Paladino warned that "you send another goon after my daughter and I will take you out". This hasn't been reported on yet by Mr. Blain and I would be curious to read his version, but not so veiled threats by a governor to be is more than unbecoming. That having been said, a man has a parental obligation to protect their children from pushy journalists and anyone else for that matter, looking to save the Governorship to their guy.

You be the judge.

And, what does he mean by goons?
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Interview with Brittany Pounders, Co-Founder of Liberty Juice

Pundit Press is proud to present its tenth interview in our on-going series.  Today we are luck enough to have Brittany Pounders answer some of our questions.  Ms. Pounders is the co-founder of Liberty Juice, an excellent conservative website that is on the rise in the blogosphere.  This is, without a doubt, one of the best interviews that I've ever been a part of, so I'd like to personally thank Ms. Pounders and Liberty Juice for taking the time to answer our questions:

When was Liberty Juice founded and why?

Liberty Juice was birthed “mentally” in the first couple months of 2010.  My Co-Founder, Chris Bounds, and I, are both passionate about our love for country and conservative politics.  We were specifically convicted about returning back to our Constitution and the very principles which were responsible for making us the greatest nation in the world in such a short time.

After several months of planning and hard work we launched Liberty Juice with great support all over the country in April 2010.  While we had high hopes that it would be well received and supported, neither of us were prepared for the immediate growth and the quality people that would be attracted and affiliated with our site through article contributions, support, networking and “hot tips.”

What makes your site unique? What makes it stand out above other sites on the internet?

While there are many political, right-leaning, conservative websites- we saw a need for one that specifically and unapologetically addressed issues directly from a Constitutional standpoint.  We make an extreme effort to consistently address those issues, while honoring the Founding Fathers who risked it all to make America that “shining city upon a hill” and a “beacon of hope to mankind.”

What is your favorite thing about running a successful site?

Each day brings something different and challenging.  We seem to meet the best people from literally all over the world through this portal.  Americans, here and abroad, are hungry for the truth that they don’t get in the mainstream media.  And they are so grateful that there are other avenues dedicated to exposing the corruption and fraud that can take place within both parties.  We are dedicated first and foremost, not to a specific party, but to Constitutional Conservatism and our readers trust us to bring that to them each and every day.

The upcoming November elections are on everyone's minds. How do you see Republicans faring?

Republicans have a chance to fill a need that a growing majority of Americans are craving… smaller government, lower taxes, less foreign dependence, personal liberty and individual freedom.  We’ve seen and experienced the results of a large and overreaching government over the last many years and specifically more so over the last 18 months.  The Sleeping Giant is beginning to wake up and it is finding an unrecognizable nation.  If Republicans will stay true to their principles then they have an incredible opportunity to maximize upon during this election season.  Our job as the electorate is to continue to hold them accountable to those principles and promises.

In your eyes, what is this Administration's biggest mistake? Has the Obama White House made any good choices?

The Obama White House has been devastating for America and our freedoms.  Their choices are not in the best interest of the American people, but in the interest of a power grabbing “ruling class.”  Americans want a strong America.  We don’t want a leader who bows to dictators or who goes on world apology tours.   We don’t want a leader who says on one hand that he wants to build a strong economy but on the other hand does everything he can to kill jobs and destroy incentives for success.

Asking if the Obama White House has made any good choices is akin to me being forced to give a compliment and coming up with, “Well, she doesn’t sweat much for a fat girl.”

Sarah Palin has made it clear that she has an interest in running in for President. Do you have any favorites for 2012?

I’m sure Sarah Palin will be one of many who decide to throw their hats in the ring for the Presidency.  I’m not personally overwhelmed with excitement concerning any of the  possible candidates at this point, although we are still very early in the game.  However, one of my personal up and coming political heroes lately has been New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.  I feel he is squishy on a couple of the social issues and would like to get a better grasp on his opinions concerning those; but I admire his tenacity and bull-dog behavior.  He governs with a backbone and a leadership style that Americans are craving right now.  We are tired of the wimpy, watered down, slimy politicians who are slithering all over Washington today.  I would certainly be interested in watching a Chris Christie presidential run and if he can whip America back into shape just like he is doing in New Jersey, then that would definitely be someone I could support.

Why the name "Liberty Juice?"

The name we chose was perhaps the easiest pick out of everything that it took to get this project up and running.  Working with another person in a partnership requires a lot of give and take, especially when there are two strong and sometimes opposing opinions.  But, Liberty Juice was catchy, it seemed to be a great alternative to the koolaid drinkers that we all encounter each day and was a name we almost immediately agreed upon.

We wanted our website to be the “fountain” that patriots visited every day to get their daily dose of freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness!

Is there anything more you would like to add?

We feel a strong sense of responsibility to carry forward the principles that were birthed by our Founding Fathers.  They stated over and over again that in order to have a successful republic that it would require an informed, enlightened and educated electorate.  In many ways we have failed them in this regard.  The situation on our hands today came about because we were derelict in our duties to guard the fragile gift that they risked everything for in order to hand to us.  Our Founders realized that a lack of knowledge would breed apathy and ignorance, which we are experiencing now on an enormous scale.

Each of us are different. We come from different backgrounds, religions, careers, blue collar, white collar, race, genders and political parties, but we have one thing in common - we share an America that needs an Awakening in order for its survival. This is our birthright and we must rescue it. It is our obligation to rouse America and empower others by influencing our friends, families, neighbors and co-workers through communication and to educate, as many as we can, on the greatness of our Constitution and the danger it faces.  We realize that knowledge is power and power quells the enemies of liberty!

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Grayson DEFENDS 'Taliban Dan' Commercial Calling it 'Factual'

MSNBC, well known for being a liberal bastion, had Alan Grayson on to talk about his "Taliban Dan" attack ad against his Republican opponent, Daniel Webster. When confronted with the full context of the ad, Grayson refused to admit that he had erred and once again called Webster a member of the Taliban. Surprisingly, this MSNBC journalist hit Grayson pretty hard in the interview, though this ad is so appalling even liberals know it is wrong:

This jerk is going to lose, and he's going to lose big. Grayson is everything that is wrong with the country: a politician who lies left and left just to get some votes. This tool is going down.

Support Daniel Webster.  And here is PolitiFact's article declaring Grayson's ad utterly false.

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Grayson Trails GOP Opponent by 7%.

You remember who Alan Grayson is, right? He is that insane Democrat who called his Republican opponent "Taliban Dan", and proclaimed on the House floor that the Republican health care plan was for seniors "to die". Overall, he without a doubt, is one of the worst members of Congress to have ever served. Nothing but hate, liberalism, and insanity spew from his perch in Congress.

Luckily, the people who elected Alan Grayson into Congress, are not as insane as their Congressman. As according to a poll out of the Voter Survey Service, Congressman Grayson now trails his Republican opponent, State Senator Dan Webster, by seven percentage points. Even though a "TEA Party" candidate is attracting a significant portion of the vote.

Dan Webster (R) - 43%.
Alan Grayson (D) - 36%.
Peg Dunmire (TP) - 6%.
Other/Unsure - 15%.

Before Mr.Grayson was elected to Congress in 2008, his seat was in Republican control for twenty-six consecutive years. It appears that the combination of a nationwide Conservative uprising, and an insane Democratic incumbent, will be enough to reclaim this House seat for sanity, and for Conservatism.

Support Dan Webster for Congress!

October Surprise?

What is going on out there?

Patterico reports...

"You may have read that there is strong evidence of voter fraud in Houston. Here’s what you may not have heard: the organization accused of shady behavior is linked to a former head of an Obama campaign office. She is a fan of Che Guevara. She is also the person who invited to a town hall meeting a woman who then posed as a doctor at that meeting during the health care debate."

Gateway Pundit has much more....
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The Democratic Party Has a Big Problem!

Things are getting ugly out there! Keep the cameras rolling and watch your back, lest you get coffee poured down it....(h/t instapundit, of course).

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Major Terrorist Threat "Thwarted"


Over the last several days the government has reported that there has been a "credible" threat of terrorism across Europe and possibly the United States.  Drone attacks intensified in Pakistan and security increased throughout Western Europe.

New intelligence now suggests that this threat has at the very least been "intercepted" and at most has been "foiled."  According to the Hindustan Times, the "Mumbai-style" attack has been completely thwarted.  "Mumbai-style" refers to ten coordinated terrorist attacks that killed over one hundred Indians in 2008.

However, questions still abound.  It is not known where the terrorists are; some in intelligence fear that they are already in Europe.
Drone Attacks Helped Disrupt the Attack
Tim Marshall, the editor of Sky News's foreign affairs, stated "I am led to believe a number of these attacks were designed against the leadership of this particular plot, which had an Al Qaeda and possibly some sort of Taliban connection projecting into Europe."

Speaking about the evacuation of the Eiffel Tower, Marshall added that "It doesn't necessarily mean it was a target, but it shows how nervous the French are."

According to Sky News, the attacks were aimed at at least Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

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More on Alan Grayson ad......

I wanted to simply comment on "The Content Behind That Grayson Ad" post by Thomas Furdousi, but had problems commenting. By the way, has anyone else noticed this? Regardless, I will comment here!

Contessa Brewer of MSNBC infamy laid into Alan Grayson earlier today as well. One has to wonder what is in the water over there at NBC and CNN. It's almost as if executive heads were rolling out of the boardroom. Call me cynical here, and although I very much appreciate every effort to get this cretin out of office, he is very low hanging fruit. Just safe enough to kick up the ratings and not lose the tiny core of viewers that are left.

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The Context Behind that Grayson Ad...

Yes, it's that horrible:

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Kim Jong Il's Son Promoted to General

Seems More Likely He Will Succeed Father

Kim Jong-Un, the son of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, has been promoted again, which lends more credence to the belief that Jong-Un will be declared the heir to Jong-Il.  Jong-Un is now a general in the North Korean army and has been mentioned by the state media in N.K. for the first time in his life.

With Kim Jong-Il looking weary after a recent stroke and his insane rhetoric, it seems very likely that his son will become the new leader of North Korea sooner than later.
Kim Jong-Il
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Interview with the Unrepentant Patriots

Pundit Press is proud to present its ninth interview in our new interview series. Today we are interviewing Moose, one of the leaders of the new group the Unrepentant Patriots. We wanted to ask our readers to check out their site and see if you would like to join.

1. When and why were the Unrepentant Patriots created?
 The group had its roots in an innocent e-mail exchange in the Fall of 2008, shortly after the Republican National Convention.  I received a message from my "darling niece", a very sweet but also very naive young lady who took it upon herself to express her very slanted opinion about the appropriateness of the use of 9-11 footage during the RNC, and her overall disdain for everything conservative -- using Keith Olbermann as her patron saint of animadversion.  Including me in the distribution of that message, and particularly doing so with that turd Olbermann as her shibboleth of philosophical rectitude, was akin to tossing red meat before a lion, and I pounced.  I went ahead and offered a quick lesson in American history and civics at her expense......and hit "Reply All."  My reply set in motion a growing e-mail chain that eventually grew in size to several hundred participants, and eventually a point of "critical mass" was reached that I felt warranted the creation of a discussion group.  Hence The Unrepentant Patriotsgroup was created under the auspices of Google Groups, and then early this year I decided that the lack of functionality and the relative cumbersomeness of the Google Groups platform had become an impediment to our success, so I moved the group to Yahoo Groups.  The group has grown to a current subscribed membership of more than 400, but there are many, many others who participate indirectly, as non-subscribed contributors and as "forwarders" of our content, so our reach actually far exceeds initial appearances.

2. What is the goal of the group?

Constructive discourse to promote and encourage the restoration of true Constitutional governance in the American Republic, as intended by the Founding Fathers.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?

About as I anticipated, but I believe he definitely would have been worse if it weren't for groups such as ours that have arisen to support the insurgent awakening of conservative, Constitutional opposition to his broader goals.

4. Would you support a "RINO" in 2012?

I will seek to support a true conservative Constitutionalist in 2012.  The RINOs are a big part of why we find ourselves in the predicament we're now in.

5. Will the Tea Party last into 2012?

Absolutely, as long as we can prevent it from being co-opted by the RINOs and the entrenched Republican establishment.  The "Tea Party" itself is far less significant than the underlying philosophies it was founded to exemplify and promote.

6. Would a third-party conservative/libertarian run for President be a good thing or bad thing?

Any candidacy that can unite a broad cross-section of the electorate against another anti-Constitutional administration -- whether it be one headed by B.O., or some other "Demorat", or a RINO, or a Republican, or anyone else who refuses to follow the essential foundational tenets of the American Republic -- would be a good thing, so the key question is not whether a "third-party candidacy" would be a good thing or a bad thing, but whether the third-party candidate, and the third party itself, will submit to the authority of the Constitution and govern accordingly.

7. Anything else you'd like to add?

May God save the American Republic -- but let us not forget that He won't do it for us.....He expects us to get off our butts and do the work.

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