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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Harry Reid: Republicans 'Getting Our Soldiers Killed'

We all know that Nevada Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid has no tact nor common sense.  Obviously, he has no decency either.  Playing politics with money going to troops in harms way, Reid attached an amendment that would overturn Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  When the bill failed earlier this week, instead of taking the blame or admitting a mistake, Reid wrote this on his campaign site:

“Republicans are again playing politics with our national security.  Today they blocked the Senate from debating a bill that would give our troops the resources they need to keep America safe – stopping not only funding for combat vehicles and bulletproof vests or measures to improve our military’s readiness, but even a well-earned pay raise to help our troops and their families make ends meet.  
 “I am disappointed that my Republican colleagues put partisan politics ahead of the best interests of the men and women who courageously defend our nation.  Democrats will continue to fight for our troops and will work to ensure that our troops have the resources they need to do their jobs.”

Obviously Mr. Reid is either completely unaware that his amendment sunk the bill, or he's a lair.  Or both.  He is also clearly unaware that some Democrats, as well as Republicans, voted the bill down.  But hey, what are facts to a guy with no shame?
Take this example, another quote from Reid's own campaign site.  In it, he explains how Republicans are using bad Nevada unemployment numbers as "cheap political points."  It would make sense...if Reid hadn't been a Senator in Nevada since 1986:
"While some may cheer a bad economy in an effort to score cheap political points, Nevadans are fighters who have no patience for that.  I will keep fighting with them to create jobs and get our economy back on track, and I won't stop until every Nevadan who wants a job has one."
Reid's foolishness is all over his site.  Look at his "Press Release" section.  There are hundreds of articles on the tremendous amount of money he has given away.

With any luck, this man will be out on his butt come November.

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Congress Degraded itself to Colbert's level.

America's economic situation is stagnant. The unemployment rate just will not decline. And the Administration's rhetoric over the looming congressional vote on extending all of the Bush Tax Cuts have big and small businessmen worried about the uncertain future. America as a whole is fearful and afraid of the future.

On top of all that, our politicians are ever increasingly involved in unethical or illegal activities, while the Department of Justice is continuously being exposed as a racially charged government operation that turns its supposedly "blind" eye away from any voter intimidation geared towards white Americans.

So what is Congress doing to regain the lost trust of the American people?

They invited Stephen Colbert, who, in character, delivered a deposition to the Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, and Border Security. In what will hopefully go down in history as black Friday-the day decency officially died in Congress.

This Congresswoman from California, Zoe Lofgren, must have been on medical marijuana for idiocy when she invited Mr.Colbert to address the Subcommittee that she Chairs on the working conditions of migrant (illegal alien) farm workers in America. So when will Jon Stewart be called in to testify in front of the House of Representatives on the plight of America's unemployed? I'm guessing never.

Absolutely nothing else can explain this disgrace, but pure idiocy.

Was Mr.Colbert's performance funny? He had his moments. But should this Comedy Central ass wipe had been invited to talk in front of the Nation? Not a chance in hell. He used the most respected institution in the world for his own selfish desires.

Shame on Stephen Colbert.

And shame on Congresswoman Lofgren, who was responsible for this disgrace.

Liberal Hack Ed Schultz: Chris Christie a "Cold-Hearted, Fat Slob"

Did you notice that I had to put "liberal hack" in the headline?  That's because I was pretty sure you would have no idea who Ed Schultz is.  He runs a hilariously low-rated liberal commentary show on MSNBC (go figure).  He also talks out of his ass, though sometimes it looks like his mouth.

Here he is bashing Chris Christie for defending Meg Whitman from a heckler:

I'd tell Schultz not to quit his day job, but he's terrible at that too.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Tenth Amendment

The 10th Amendment:

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

"This fatuous infatuation with the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment, is clearly the work of witches, wiccans and wackos. It has nothing to do with America's real problems and, if taken too seriously, would cause an economic and political calamity. The Constitution is a wonderful document, quite miraculous actually, but only because it has been wisely adapted to changing times. To adhere to the very word of its every clause hardly is respectful to the Founding Fathers. They were revolutionaries who embraced change. That's how we got here."
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HOMOCON is Sold Out!

HOMOCON 2010, featuring Ann Coulter is sold out.

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Interview with Conservative Site "This Ain't Hell"

Pundit Press is proud to present our 6th interview in our on-going series.  Today we are lucky to have the successful conservative website This Ain't Hell answer some of our questions.  I'd like to thank This Ain't Hell for an excellent interview:

When and why did you start This Ain't Hell?

I started TAH four years ago yesterday because I got tired of being banned for my passionate opinions. The last banning was from Right Nation. I don't remember why, but I'm sure it was for being obstinate. I flailed around for a year and a half looking for my niche. I tried to avoid being a milblog because I didn't think I deserved the label...then I had it thrust upon me in 2008 because of my work against phony soldiers and the organizations that use veterans for their own political gains. Like IVAW, VoteVets, IAVA and Oath Keepers. No one was taking them on at the time, and now everyone wants to.

What is the most rewarding aspect of running a successful political site?  What is the most daunting aspect?

I've made a lot of friends and we've been in the news a few times. I guess it's rewarding that our research and connections tell the public things they wouldn't know otherwise. I know some real-life heroes that everyone knows ABOUT, but I get to call them by their first names and they buy me drinks. And I know some quiet heroes that don't get mentioned but they help people put their lives back together and make folks feel loved when they may not otherwise. Just knowing those people gives me hope for the future. Without This Ain't Hell, I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to meet the best people America has to offer, people-wise.

Daunting? Well, one of my co-bloggers had his laptop seized with a federal warrant just to intimidate us last year during the Hasan thing at Fort Hood. I guess it's fairly daunting that sometimes we do things that bring us out of the basement and into the light of day. That's why I moved TAH Headquarters to an undisclosed location in West Virginia, an open carry state. I kid, but it sounds good.

You've recently written that you want Republicans in the minority in Congress.  Could you explain why?

That was a co-blogger, TSO. He says things that are a little off the wall sometimes. I agree with him to a point, I suppose. The Republicans did such a piss poor job of being Conservatives when they had the majority in Congress, it's tiring trying to defend them. I think TSO's point, though, was that even if they get the majority in November, they're going to look weak because the president will veto everything they send him and that won't do us any good in Nov. 2012.

How do you expect Republicans to fare in the November elections?  Will they take back the House and Senate, one or the other, or neither?

They certainly have the opportunity to take back both houses, but the election is more than a month away. Republicans have a habit of doing stupid things that the Democrats can use against them (with the media's big megaphone) and defeat them. Ya know, sex scandals, campaign irregularities - things that don't seem to have any effect on Democrats' reputations when it happens to them.

Do you have a favorite Republican for the 2012 Presidential campaign?

Honestly, I like Sarah Palin a lot. She's got a George W. Bush personality. Like her or not, you know what she's going to do in a given situation because she tells us up front what she's like. Palin isn't the idiot she's made to look like in the press. I think she'd be a kick-ass President if she had a Congress that would get on board with her...like we thought Congress was going to be during the Bush Administration.

TSO likes Pawlenty and if I didn't have high hopes that Palin is going to rescue a truckload of Golden Retriever puppies from wolves and zombies on the nightly news in the next few months, I'd probably be for Pawlenty, too.

President Obama has been in office for over a year and a half now.  Has he been worse than you expected, better, or in between?

That depends. On the Terror War, I supported him until last summer when he decided to make the politically expedient decision instead of the commander-in-chief decision. I've been vocal about that since last year, too. He exceded my expectations until last summer. He's fallen in line with my expectations since.

His domestic agenda was about what I expected - too much radical change in one big bite. I hardly know where to begin and he's kept all of us busy trying to track all of his wild-ass legislation. I think that was his plan. Well, not his plan, because I think he's too much of a figure head to have any agenda other than his own reelection to satisfy his ego. I doubt he has a thought in his head.

What do you think about the Republicans' new "Pledge to America?"

The Contract with America was genious and I'm curious as to why the GOP hasn't done one every election. America deserves to have a scorecard to keep track of what we're voting for.

I think the current pledge is too little too late. Unless they get a veto-proof majority, the only thing they're going to accomplish is stop Obama from passing his wilder legislation which is OK, but it's just so much wheel spinning and gives the GOP another bad name to fight in the next election.

If the Republicans hadn't wasted those Bush years feathering their own nests, they wouldn't have found themselves in this position of begging for our trust and making impossible promises. I haven't given a dime to the GOP since 2004 and they haven't given me a reason to trust them yet.

The Pledge gives them a unified voice, but they need a real leader to lead us all out of the woods. One hasn't emerged yet. Ronald Reagan led the party from the minute Jimmy Carter took the oath of office. Who are we following now?

Even the Contract with America fell short when it came to term limits - the cornerstone of congressional reform. Tell me when they're ready to end the Congressional retirement plan and repeal the 17th Amendment.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The key to this upcoming election is going to be voter turn out. Every vote counts and if you don't vote, you can't bitch. If you can't bitch, what are you going to do for two years? Read This Ain't Hell?

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Chris Christie Lays the Smack Down on a Heckler

Just last week I debated the great site Reaganite Republican over who are the top five Republican choices for President in 2012.  New Jersey governor Chris Christie was one of my choices.  While we included a poll to gauge our readers reactions, Christie wasn't even in the top eight.  I have a feeling that if that poll went up today, the results would be much different.

On the campaign trail for Meg Whitman, Christie was listening to her speak.  That is he was before a heckler kept yelling at her across the stage.  So Mr. Christie decided to kick some ass:


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

GOProud Endorses Sean Bielat

I have said this before, and will say it again, there is a movement going on. The "first followers" are making their voices heard.

GOProud is a group that represents gay conservatives and their allies. And they aren't the only ones to endorse Sean Bielat and the conservative cause. The gentlemen at Gay Patriot have been making mincemeat of Barney Frank and speaking passionately as to how Conservatism represents their interests and the nations. The Boys and Chrissy at Hillbuzz are more than passionate in the defense of Sarah Palin and eviscerating in their analysis of President Obama and his administration.

“We believe strongly that the best thing we can do to protect the jobs of gay workers isn’t to pass new federal laws, but instead to fire one of the men responsible for the financial meltdown that cost millions of Americans their jobs GOProud is strongly committed to doing whatever is necessary to help fire Barney Frank!”

This is remarkable a remarkable phenomenon and is not isolated in the gay community and will play a role in the coming elections.
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Ahmadinejad: U.S. Planned and Carried Out 9/11

Illegally elected Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad spoke to the United Nations today and blamed they United States government for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  The U.N.'s headquarters are just four miles away from Ground Zero.  Do I really need to say that this man is a cancer upon our earth?

Ahmadinejad stated that "some segments within the U.S. government orchestrated the attack to reverse the declining American economy, and its grips on the Middle East, in order to save the Zionist regime."  By "Zionist regime," the nut-job was referring to Israel.

Is there really a need for me to explain how ludicrous this is?  The fact that Al Qaeda took credit for the attack should be a dead give away.  The fact that no U.S. official has admitted being complicit in the attack, the fact that no organization has ever found any proof that any members of the government were aware of the attacks.  Ahmadinejad didn't explain how the United States attacking its financial center could possibly help their economy.
Here's looking at you, crazy
The Iranian nut job continued his speech, angrily demanding that the United Nations must establish "an independent fact-finding group" to investigate the attacks.  By the end of his speech, Ahmadinejad was speaking mostly to himself, as U.S. and European delegations had left in protest.

Remember, Ahmadinejad the "President" of Iran.  I use quotation marks, of course, because the Iranian government fixed the elections from the start.  The boxes were stuffed, and Ahmadinejad received over 100% of the vote in some areas.  His people see him as a fraud, the world knows him as a liar.  Why he is even  invited to the United States or the United Nations baffles me.

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Manchin might have shot himself in the foot.

Governor Joe Manchin is running as a Conservative outsider to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd in West Virginia's upcoming special Senatorial election this November. However, the appointment of his legal advisor, Carte Goodwin, to the US Senate could actually hurt his "outsider image" when we take a well deserved look into Carte Goodwin's voting record over these past two months.

Mr.Goodwin has
  1. Voted for homosexuals to serve in the Military.
  2. Voted for abortion in the United States Military.
  3. Voted to grant amnesty to illegal alien children.
  4. Voted against repealing costly ObamaCare items.
  5. Voted for Confirming Elena Kagan to the Bench.
  6. Voted for the anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act.

Keep in mind that Governor Manchin and Mr.Goodwin have worked together for five years, and that their worldviews must be similar. It's hard to believe the pro-life, anti-gay marriage, fiscally conservative Joe Manchin would never have known that his own personal legal advisor was an anti-life, pro-gay, and fiscally insane liberal fella before he was appointed into the United States Senate.

I also find it quite unusual that the Governor doesn't have a "issues, or policies" page at his own campaign website. Perhaps to cover up the damning fact that if he is elected to the US Senate, that he will be nothing more than a stooge for the Obama agenda, such as his hand picked seat warmer has been for the past two or so months.

Manchin is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Keep him out of the US Senate at all costs.

New Poll: Gillibrand Lead Down to 1 Point

Can you say "unbelievable upset in the making?"  According to a new poll by Survey USA, the Senate race in New York between incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican challenger Joe DioGuardi may be just that.  The poll states that DioGuardi is trailing Gillibrand by a single point, 45-44%.

Survey USA states
New York voters will, unusually, elect 2 United States Senators in 2010. In the Special Election to fill the final 2 years of Hillary Rodham  Clinton's  term, incumbent Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand and former Congressman Republican Joe DioGuardi today finish effectively even, Gillibrand's nominal 1-point lead being within the survey's theoretical margin of sampling error. Gillibrand leads in the 5 boroughs of NYC, trails elsewhere. Men vote Republican, women vote Democrat and, in this contest, cancel each other out. Lower-income voters break significantly Democrat. Middle-income and upper-income voters break slightly Republican.
Considering that New York is not only a Democratic stronghold but also was not even considered in danger of flipping, this election could make massive waves.
The new poll also comes on the heals of a new NY gubernatorial Quinnipiac poll that states Republican Carl Paladino is only 6 points behind heavy favorite Democrat Andrew Cuomo.

USA Survey also polled voters for the Paladino/Cuomo race, finding that Cuomo is up by 9%:

In an election for New York Governor today, 09/22/10, 1 week after the Primary and 6 weeks until the General Election, Democrat Andrew Cuomo defeats Republican Carl Paladino 49% to 40%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for Gannett, including WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, and the Journal News in White Plains.

Lower-income voters account for all of Cuomo's lead. The contest is effectively even among middle-income and upper-income voters. Cuomo leads 2:1 in New York City. Paladino leads 5:3 in Western NY. The candidates are effectively even in the NYC suburbs and Upstate. Consistent with SurveyUSA polling in other statewide races: men in 2010 are voting Republican, women in 2010 are voting Democrat; there is a 34-point gender gap for Governor.
These elections could be huge.

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Texas Board of Education to Vote on Pro-Islamic Bias in Textbooks

This coming Friday the Texas State Board of Education will be taking a vote on textbooks.  This will have nothing to do with important dates or grammar, but something that something potentially insidious: brainwashing of students.

Critics of new textbooks have called on the BoE to investigate and vote on several passages in new textbooks that they believe have a "pro-Islamic bias."  According to Republican member of the Texas Board of Education Don McLeroy, the only reason why Islam is getting a favorable writing is because "Academia wants to lean over backwards to be politically correct and not be labeled ethnocentric, so it's kind of a cultural relativism."

McLeroy and other critics of the textbooks cite the fact that Islamic beliefs and rituals are discussed more than twice as long as Christian beliefs, 248 lines to 120.  They are also upset with "politically-correct whitewashes of Islamic culture and stigmas on Christian civilization" as well as "sanitized definitions of 'jihad' that exclude religious intolerance or military aggression against non-Muslims."

Possibly most damning is one textbook that McLeroy cited, a 2003 textbook entitled "World Civilizations."  In its table of contents, Christianity and Judaism are not listed what-so-ever.  Islam, however, is mentioned multiple times.

Barbara Cargill, another member of the Board of Education, stated that the vote against Islamic bias is "not meant to be divisive; it's actually meant to ensure equality and fairness and is not favoring Christianity over any religion."
A rally over textbooks
 Not everyone is in favor of changing textbooks, however.  Reverend Bobbi Kaye Jones, a prominent member of the Austin District of the United Methodist Church, stated, "As leaders from faith communities across Texas, we urge the state board to reject this misleading and inflammatory resolution."  He believes that the textbooks are fine the way they are.

Because Texas is one of the biggest buyers of American textbooks, much of what students will learn across the country depends on this vote.  It is being held on Friday.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eric Holder slips under the bus in 3, 2, 1...

Christopher Coates has agreed to testify before the Civil Rights Commission on Friday. Ten months ago he was instructed by DOJ officials to disregard a subpoena asking him to give testimony regarding the New Black Panther voter intimidation case that was dismissed earlier this year.
"In a dramatic development that could shake the political leadership of the Justice Department, career lawyer Christopher Coates has sent a letter to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights offering to testify Friday on matters related to the controversial New Black Panthers voter-intimidation case."
"Christopher Coates, the award-winning former chief of the Voting Section of the Civil Rights Division, was subpoenaed by the Commission to testify about the case. He was subsequently instructed by DOJ officials to ignore the subpoena. Within the past hour, commissioners were informed that Chairman Gerald Reynolds had spoken with Coates and that the chairman would reconvene the Commission’s ongoing hearing on Friday at 9:30 a.m. to hear Coates’s testimony." (h/t pajamas media)

Obama on Afghan War: "I'm Done doing This!"

Author Bob Woodward's sixteenth book is about to drop this coming Monday, and the excerpts that have been released are already causing an uproar.  The Obama Administration had given Woodward exceedingly open access to documents and personnel, as well as the Commander in Chief, in hopes that Woodward would paint a sympathetic picture of our 44th President.  It seems that they were wrong.

The New York Times was able to obtain quotes from the book, and they are damning.  The NYT suggests that the war in Afghanistan "divided" the Obama Administration and lead to arguments amongst the higher-ups.

In the excerpts, President Obama himself erupts in anger over the Afghan war.  When asked about sending in 4,500 more troops to save lives, the President got angry, yelling, "I’m done doing this!"  The President's decision to end Afghan war in 2011 is also shown as a political move.  Speaking about why he decided he cannot push back the 2011 withdrawal date, the President stated that he wanted to keep his liberal support.  “I can’t let this be a war without end, and I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party,” the President said.

The anger does not stop at the top.  In a heated conversation about Richard Holbrooke, the administration’s special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Vice President Joe Biden called him "the most egotistical bastard I've ever met."

Why would Biden say such a thing?  Because, according to Holbrooke, President Obama's strategy in Afghanistan "can't work."  Furthering the discontent inside the White House was Lt. General Douglas Lute, who said that Obama's decisions did not "add up."

Obviously, these quotes show an entirely different light than the Obama Administration was hoping for.
Further discontent can be seen between Rahm Emanuel and former Intelligence Director Dennis Blair.  Mr. Blair warned the President and Mr. Emanuel that terrorists were being trained in Pakistan to attack the United States and Europe.  Emanuel responded, "You’re just trying to put this on us so it’s not your fault."  Clearly Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Blair were not on good terms, nor did Mr. Emanuel seemed concerned about the threat of terrorism.

With the book coming in just a few days, and these fireworks already going off, it will be very interesting to see what the rest has to say.

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Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is hot?

Would you ever call Senator Kirsten Gillibrand hot?

I would not for two reasons: 1. I have respect for the United States Senate, and would never use such a term to describe a member of the honorable institution. 2. Ms.Gillibrand, with all due respect, is not within 10,000 miles of "hot". Once a woman (or a man) hits 40 years of age - "hot" leaves the room.

So why do I bring this up?

Apparently, Senator Harry Reid (who, I knew had deep seeded psychological problems) believes that my Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, is the hottest member of the entire United States Senate. I'm not kidding you, he actually said that at one of Ms.Gillibrand's campaign fundraisers last week, with her standing just a few feet away from him, red faced and all.

That's right my fellow Americans. The Senate has really reached a new low.

Vote in our poll:

Repub. Buck Expands Lead in Colorado Senate Race

Republican Ken Buck holds a four point lead over incumbent Democrat Senator Michael Bennett, according to our nation's most accurate polling system.  Rasmussen Reports has Buck with 49% and Bennett with 45%.

Though a near-statistical tie, the retaining of a four point lead bodes well for Buck.  An earlier poll by Rasmussen showed Buck with a three point lead over Bennett, 47-44%.  This means that Buck's lead is both expanding and is nearing the unbeatable mark of 50%.
Considering that then-Senator Obama won Colorado handily in 2008, Buck's lead in the polls is a stark difference.  On top of that is the fact that Bennett is an incumbent, who normally benefit from perks and name recognition in the general election.

Rasmussen goes on to say
In matchups since March, Buck has earned 44% to 49% of the vote, while Bennet has picked up 38% to 45% support.
Looking at these numbers, it is clear that Buck could be potentially playing with a big lead (as big as 49-38) while if everything goes right for Bennett, he would have a one point lead (45-44) over Buck.

With Republicans poised to make large gains in both the Senate and the House, a win in Colorado would bring them one step closer to controlling Congress.  A conservative candidate, Buck is looking good to many voters tired with the status quo.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ted Danz (NY-21) Speaks to the Schoharie County Young Republicans

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Inteview With Ben Thompson, Founder of Badass of the Week

Pundit Press is proud to present interview number five in our ongoing series. Today we are taking a little more lighthearted track and interviewing Ben Thompson, the founder and editor of Badass of the Week. He is also the author of a book by the same name. So check out the site and pick up the book and go through the dozens of awesome individuals that have shaped our history and legends.

1. When and why did you start Badass of the Week?

I wrote my first Badass of the Week article back in April 2004, and haven't missed a week since then. The site originally started as kind of a joke – I was ridiculously bored at my desk job, so I started putting these articles together as something fun to send out to my friends for a laugh. If you'd told me six and a half years ago that I'd be turning it into a book I probably would have laughed you out of my cubicle.

2. Why did you decide to write a book?

What I wanted to do with the book was to find a way to tell some of the awesome stories from history without making them boring. It's unbelievable how some teachers and books out there can take these incredible people and make their stories sound so mind-numbingly dull that you'd rather jam pointy metal objects in your eyes than hear about them. My hope is that I can tell the action movie version of these badass peoples' lives – making it funny and exciting without sacrificing historical accuracy. Just because history is important doesn't mean it has to be boring!

3. You must be asked this a lot, but who is the badassest of the badasses?

There are so many head-crushingly hardcore badasses out there that I have a really hard time narrowing the list down to just one or two. Ultimately the book is a top-40 of some of my most favorite historical face-crushing heroes and heroines, but, to be totally honest with you, I could write a hundred books this size and still not hit everyone I want to talk about.

4. Have there been subjects that you particularly like to write about?

I have a difficult time immersing myself in one particular time period or corner of the globe for an extended period of time, and I really enjoy being able to jump around and cover many different subjects. It keeps the material fresh and exciting in my head, which (I hope) translates into the writing.

That's the great thing about history – there are so many incredible stories out there that one week I can be talking about a samurai warrior disemboweling his enemies on the battlefield, the next week I'm reading stories about World War II tank commanders plowing their way through the hedgerows of Normandy, and the week after that I've got pirates firing broadsides at Spanish treasure ships and swinging around on ropes. It never gets old.

5. Why did you decide to include both fictional and non-fictional badasses?

While my real passion lies in history, it's also really entertaining to change gears every once in a while and talk about some insane fictional character like Odysseus or Darth Vader. There are just a ton of completely ridiculous myths and legends out there, and sometimes it's great to be able to just let loose and have some fun with these fantastical, over-the-top tales. I often find that the funniest articles are the ones where I’m talking about some fifty-foot dinosaur demolishing Tokyo with nuclear fire-breath and swinging subway cars around like nunchucks.

6. What is the best part about running your site?

I really love what I'm doing. At the risk of sounding trite, however, if I had to pick one thing I think I'd say it would be all of the incredible support I get from fans and readers. Few things make me happier than opening an email from a fan suggesting the story of some new, incredible badass I'd never heard of before. I learn something new every day, which is an amazing feeling.

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Trouble in Paradise?

Woodward tells all?

“Obama’s Wars”

"Some of the critical players in President Obama’s national security team doubt his strategy in Afghanistan will succeed and have spent much of the last 20 months quarreling with one another over policy, personalities and turf, according to a new book."

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Cuomo: Should I Call Paladino "An A--hole?"

The gubernatorial race in New York is on fire.  With Republican Carl Paladino cutting heavily into Democrat Andrew Cuomo's lead (though Cuomo still has a double-digit one), insults are beginning to get personal.

No longer held to ads or signs, both Paladino and Cuomo have resorted to a slash-and-burn approach.  Working off of the anger that many average voters have, Paladino questioned whether Cuomo had "cojones" to take him on in a debate.

In response, Mr. Cuomo gathered his top advisors and held a meeting to decide what they were going to do with Mr. Paladino's strategy.  During the conversations, Cuomo was heard saying, "If a guy says you have no cojones, how do you punch him back, call him an a--hole?"  The dash marks are added.

Not only does the "a--hole" comment show the tensions in New York, but the use of the word "punch" gives it an almost violent tint.

Paladino on Fox News:

In an election that was supposed to be in the bag for Cuomo, it looks like there is actually a race going on.  Not only that, but a new poll suggests that Kirsten Gillibrand is getting a run for her money by Joseph DioGuardi.  Spread DioGuardi's name, he needs more recognition!

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Surprise: Gillibrand Only Up By 10% in NY Senate Race

In what seems to be a Democratic stronghold, New York may yet have a race in it.  Incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand, who analysts have said had an insurmountable lead, is now only ahead of Republican Joseph DioGuardi by 10%, according to the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen.

Previously, DioGuardi was much further behind Gillibrand in the polls.  In early September alone, he was down by 20%.  He has cut the lead in half.

Considering the amazing upsets that have already happened this year, most notably Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts, it is not inconceivable that DioGuardi could bridge the gap by election day.  Though Gillibrand is an incumbent Senator, she was never elected.  This badly hurts her name recognition, which gives an advantage to DioGuardi.
Another factor that bodes well for DioGuardi is Carl Paladino's primary victory, which shows that conservatives in New York will vote in droves come November.  As the official candidate of the Conservative and Taxpayers parties, DioGuardi looks like the non-inside conservative this election cycle.

Considering the shock waves that swept the country after Scott Brown's victory, if DioGuardi were to win in November, the surprise could be even greater.  Not only that, but the Republican party would be one giant step closer to controlling the Senate.

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Who leads in West Virginia?

The race to replace Senator Robert Byrd is heating up, but the polling numbers are confusing. The political "fog of war" has settled in West Virginia.

According to Public Policy Polling: Republican John Raese is leading by 3%. However, according to Rasmussen Reports: Democrat Joe Manchin is leading by 7%. Who do we believe? We have two respected polling firms showing two completely different results from the same race.

Public Policy Polling:
John Raese (R) - 46%.
Joe Manchin (D) - 43%.

Rasmussen Reports:
Joe Manchin (D) - 50%.
John Raese (R) - 43%.

Who do we believe, and who is really in the lead?

Braylon Edwards Arrested

Sorry to Mr. K if this is the first place he heard this:

Jets' star-receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested this morning for Drinking and Driving.  This could potentially lead to jail time and a sizable suspension by the league.

The rest from Fox:
 A law enforcement official tells The Associated Press that Edwards was pulled over on the west side of Manhattan around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday because his vehicle had excessive tinting on its windows. The official says police noticed a strong smell of alcohol and arrested Edwards. The official was not authorized to speak about the case and spoke on condition of anonymity.

In January, Edwards was put on probation after pleading no contest to misdemeanor aggravated disorderly conduct in Cleveland.

Edwards was expected to be arraigned later Tuesday.

"We are very disappointed in Braylon's actions this morning," Mike Tannenbaum, general manager of the Jets, said in a statement on the team's website. "The Player Protect program is in place for our organization to prevent this situation. Braylon is aware of this program and showed poor judgment.

"We are reviewing the information with the league and will impose the appropriate disciplinary measures."

Just before he was traded to the Jets from the Browns in October 2009, Edwards was accused of punching a friend of basketball star LeBron James outside a Cleveland nightclub.

Edwards settled the case by pleading no contest to aggravated assault. He received a suspended 180-day jail sentence, and was fined $1,000 and placed on probation.

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Watch C-SPAN this afternoon.

UPDATE (12:58) - The vote has been delayed to 2:30pm. The NO votes are piling up: even Senator Pryor (D) will vote NO today.

The United States Senate will be voting on whether or not to allow a Defense Authorization bill to reach the floor this afternoon. Senate Democrats have introduced two main amendments to this legislation: repeal of the "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy and the pro-amnesty "DREAM Act".

And it does get dreadfully worse: Senate Democrats are basically shutting the Republicans out of the entire process, by allowing them to offer only a handful of amendments to the legislation. But, it shouldn't surprise me nor you, because the Republican amendments would actually involve the military* in the Defense Authorization bill.

I just cannot believe what these power obsessed fools in the Democrat caucus will do in order to get their agenda through.

The Senate vote will take place at 2:15 this afternoon, and it will be broadcasted on C-SPAN 2. Everyone should watch this vote as it occurs, and before the vote everyone should contact the Washington office's of Senator Collins and Senator Snowe, who will decide** the fate of this legislation.

* - Senator Graham wants to end the process of "Merandizing" Terrorists.
** - Senator Webb (D) and 39 other GOP Senators are for the DADT policy.

Sandoval Still Crushing Reid in Nevada Race for Governor

Republican Brian Sandoval is utterly destroying Democrat Rory Reid in Nevada by a double digit margin in the race for Nevada's highest office.  A new poll released by the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, states that Sandoval has a 13% lead on Reid.

This should come as no surprise, even if Reid's father, Harry Reid, is the Senate Majority leader. Harry Reid is incredibly unpopular and is facing the Senate race of his life.  The elder Reid is in a statistical tie with Tea Party-backed Sharron Angle.
 In fact, Rory Reid refuses to be associated politically with his father.  To quote the younger Reid from this July, “He’s my father, not my political mentor.”  That's got to hurt, Harry.

On the whole, Sandoval's lead mimics the rest of the nation in a year that is seen as good for Republicans.  Though Nevada seemed to be a Democratic strong-hold this election cycle, mostly because the Majority Leader of the Senate resides there, it now seems like Democrats may lose both the Senate seat and have another Republican elected Governor.

The results are yet to be seen, but if this continues, there may be no Reids in office come November.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

A protester that won't protest. Oxymoron?

I know the feeling well.

Medical school and residency is hard work. Humiliation and embarrassment come with the territory. This is both good and bad, but that is another post.

Rounds with the attending is fraught with danger. Only those who have stood in the halls with peers, housestaff and attendings, reviewing a case can understand the fear and trepidation that occurs when you are called upon to answer a medical question with which you have no idea the answer. I mean, they are medical students and can't be expected to know everything, can they?

It is unusual though, for an attending to deliver such a smackdown as delivered by Andrew Brietbart at the Right Nation 2010 conference, but it does happen on rare occasions and only as the result undue incompetence.

I almost feel sorry for the protesters. They didn't get paid nearly enough money to account for this indignity.

Truthfully, attendings don't expect med students to know everything, but we do expect the basics! At least tell us why you wanted to be a doctor in the first place...

Much more at Big Government.

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Interview With Conservative News Daily

 Pundit Press is proud to present interview number four in our new interview series. Today we're interviewing Daniel, the editor of the site Conservative News Daily. Make sure to check them out and bookmark!

1. When and why did you start CND?
A:  Conservative News Daily (CND) has been in the "incubation" stage for about two years.  Apart from the technical challenges of setting up an attractive and functional website, there was the need to assemble a like-minded team of thinkers and conservative news junkies. 

Those of us who can remember a time before MTV may recall how cute it was when we started giving those Canadians their own MLB franchises, until the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series.  Then it's wasn't cut any more.  Denis Leary was right.  We should have taken them back.

Liberals used to be kind of cute, too, with their fanciful utopian ideals, supposedly good intentions, and noble goals--they were the mental "Jerry's Kids" of politics, and who doesn't love "Jerry's Kids"?  But now that Jerry's Kids are running the joint, it's not cute any more.  

They must be stopped.  And we want to help.

We officially launched on September 11, 2010, the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

For people who want a quick way to find out what's going on in the world, there is Drudge.  And there is Drudge.  And then, there is Drudge.  

We love Drudge (both the guy and his site), but we don't think that conservatives are especially well served.  There will be fantastic breaking news items of conservative interest, but to get to them you have to wade through stories about the shut-in with 200 cats ("House of Filth!"), the latest Paris Hilton drug arrest, and whether or not Lindsay Lohan is still a lesbian this week.

CND aims to fulfill the unmet needs of conservative readers by assembling the most relevant news, opinion, humor, and commentary of the day in one place.  We also offer links to top conservative, liberal, and RINO websites and writers.  We also offer our own unique content, most notably under our "Daily Rant" feature.  

So basically, we take the best features of Drudge and put them together with the best blogs and sites on the internet, while also offering our own perspective on the news of the day.  This unique combination makes CND the conservative reader's one stop shop.

2. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?
A:  Like everyone who wasn't hypnotized by what the inimitable Mark Steyn calls Obama's "hopey changey" rhetoric, I knew that Obama would be bad.  Even terrible.  I compared George W. Bush to a mid-size earthquake, and predicted that Obama would be an Indonesia-style tsunami.

I was right, but the damage that the Obama regime has inflicted on the country has been at least slightly worse than I expected.  He has, in fact, been quite successful in implementing his agenda:  nationalizing major industries, "stimulus" plans that are little more than re-election slush funds, raising spending to critical levels that make tax cuts politically unpalatable, and passing budget-reducing "health care" legislation that--as every sentient being on the right knew--would neither reduce the budget nor provide health care.  Stunning.  Castro must be taking notes, and I'm sure that Gorbachev is wishing he had this guy as an advisor 20-some years ago.

Obama is Saul Alinsky.  Understanding Obama is a simple as reading Rules for Radicals, which might as well be called Mein Kampf:  The Sequel.  As Jonah Goldberg has proven beyond a scintilla of doubt, extreme liberals are fascists and fascists are extreme liberals.  This fantasy notion that fascism is a product of the right is being exploded daily by the current administration.

So, in sum, the current regime has failed to meet even my extremely low expectations.

3. Where do you see the Tea Party in two years?
A:  This is great question, and I wish I had a crystal ball.  To answer it, I have to separate what I want from what I predict.

What I want is for the Tea Party to take over the GOP and force the current RINO leadership to give up the pretense of belonging in the Party of Lincoln and become the "moderates" over at the DNC.  American is a center-right country, so a well-run center-right party will always have the majority in Congress, and will usually win the White House.  We are in the current mess because the RINO's in the GOP turned it into a center-left party, which allowed the Democrat Party to go to the far-left.  So now we are ruled by extreme liberals, at best 15-20% of the electorate.  So my hope is that the RINO's will leave the GOP and either join the Dems or form a third party to compete with the liberal brethren.

What I think will happen is slightly different.  There is some chance that the Tea Party will become a victim of its own success.  That is, if we win big in November, the raison d'etre of the Tea Party may vanish, and the Tea Party with it.  I don't expect that, though.  Whatever gains are made in the upcoming elections, there will be a great deal of work left to do, in order to restore our great Republic to the Constitutional basis on which it was founded.  I believe that the Tea Party will become an increasingly powerful force in the GOP and in two years' time will be close to dominating it, but not quite there.  Naturally I hope I'm wrong about that, as I'd love to see the Tea Party running the joint. 

4. Is the Tea Party more conservative or libertarian to you?
A:  Another good question.  Let me preface my response by pointing out first of all that the Tea Party is a response to the complete absence of any party on the right.  Ignore the banshees over at the DNC and the HuffPo.  The GOP is currently at best a centrist party, and in my opinion is actually center-left, with admittedly some good conservatives in its ranks.  If there had been anything approximating a center-right party to vote for, the Tea Party would never have risen up.

As it is, the Tea Party is an expression of what Rousseau called "The General Will."  This is of course what the elite Beltway-types hate about it.  There is no leader, so they can't use Alinsky's Rule #13, which calls for the target to isolated, personalized, and destroyed.  You can't isolate a plurality of the American People, so unless and until it becomes a formal third party (which I would oppose) it simply can't be stopped.  It's a thing of beauty--the People's behemoth.

That said, I think that the Tea Party is part conservative and part libertarian, which makes it 100% American.  Conservatives and libertarians are generally of a mind on fiscal matters, and differ principally on defense policy and social issues.  America's Christian heritage gives heft to the social concerns of conservatives, and what I call its "Gadsden Flag" tendencies makes it leery of using religion to to make policy.  

So, since the Tea Party is focused on fiscal policy, I'd say it's more libertarian than conservative, but just by a hair. 

5. Any favorite for 2012 yet?
A:  Nope.  I do have some non-starters, though.  I would hate to see any retreads, like Mitt Romney (decent guy, but basically a good-looking version of Henry Waxman in a great suit), Newt Gingrich (how many times does one guy get to fail?), or the crypt-keeper with anger management issues that crossover Dems in SC and elsewhere nominated for us last time.  

Sarah Palin could be great, and it is great political sport watching the libs get all murderously pavlovian at the sound of her name, but we're not backing anybody yet. 

6. Why should readers bookmark your site?
A:  Well. liberal readers shouldn't--not unless they enjoy being relentlessly mocked, brutally pilloried, and deliberately insulted.  E.g., on our "Contact Us" page, we request that liberal correspondents kindly hold their breath while waiting for a response (in order to reduce their CO2 emissions).  We're not kidding.  It would be great if they would do that.

That said, literally every conservative, libertarian, or moderate in America--and indeed worldwide--should read CND right after getting up in the morning, during lunch break, before going to bed, and as often as possible in between.

There is no other site anywhere on the internet that gives inquisitive, intelligent readers what they need to know when they need to know it, in a convenient, easily navigated format.

If you want stories about two-headed fish along with links to serious news items, then Drudge is your man.  Great guy, innovator, and all of that.

If you just want the top news, commentary, humor, plus original content, then Conservative News Daily is the only site you'll need.

Thanks a lot for giving us a chance to chat today.  We sincerely appreciate it!


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Is Paladino Closing the Gap?

Question of the day: Is Carl Paladino closing the gap with Andrew Cuomo in New York's soon to be held Gubernatorial election? Answer of the day: According to a new poll out of Rasmussen, a polling firm that I deeply trust, Paladino has cut Cuomo's lead down from 29 points to 16, the smallest lead Cuomo has ever had against Paladino.

Rasmussen Survey of 500 Likely New York Voters:
Andrew Cuomo (D, I, WF) - 54%.
Carl Paladino (R, TP) - 38%.
Some Other Candidate - 2%.
Undecided/Not Sure - 6%.

Apparently the "Mad as Hell" mantra is winning votes for Mr.Paladino, who is running in a State that should have anti-Democrat sympathies after the horrific two Governor's we have just endured: one was a complete whore, and the other is completely incompetent. But both were the result of the 2006 election when the voters elected Eliot Spitzer with close to 70% of the vote.

I was unsure of Mr.Paladino just a few days ago, but he might actually turn into a feasible candidate, even though he's personally intolerable.

Human Skulls Found in Airport Luggage

Yikes.  Greek officials have arrested two Americans for desecrating the dead after Athens airport security looked inside the tourists' luggage and found six skulls.  The tourists claimed that they thought they were "fake" and had bought them as souvenirs.  The trail is scheduled for later this year.

The rest from Yahoo!:
ATHENS (Reuters) – Greek police charged two U.S. tourists with desecrating the dead on Thursday after they found six human skulls in their hand luggage at Athens international airport, a police official said.

"The skulls were found in a scanner check during a stop-over in Athens on their way back to the United States," said a police official who requested anonymity. "The coroner confirmed they were human skulls."

The two young tourists said they had bought the skulls in a souvenir shop on the island of Mykonos and believed they were fake, the official said, adding they had been released pending trial.

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I hate hate crimes.

Let us discuss "hate crimes" for a moment.

I absolutely hate them. For someone to murder (not kill, there's a difference), or attack (not in self defense) another human, that person must have some element of hate within them to begin with. If you're going to stab your neighbor 80 times with a machete, it's safe to say that you are a hateful person.

So why are there "hate crimes" statures? Because some murderers attack their victims based on the color of their skin. However, just because someone is attacked based on their race, doesn't mean there is more or less hatred than someone who is attacked based on their income level. Hate is hate, murder is murder.

To say that John's murder is more important than Chuck's because John was targeted because of his race, and not because of his bank account, is absolutely ridiculous. Murder is murder, that's the only crime a murderer should ever be charged with, and regardless of who was murdered, or how that poor soul was murdered, the punishment should always be the same.

And that one punishment that all murderer's should receive? DEATH. No need for another 25 years to be added onto the sentence, if you just inject the SOB's, and be done with them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vote in Our Poll: Would You Support a Tea Party Presidential Candidate vs. RINO in General Election?

Trying to pick everyone's brains out there in internetland. If the Republican nomination was sewn up by a RINO-- a John McCain, Lindsey Graham, or a Rudy Giuliani, would you support a third-party Tea Party candidate like Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell rather than throwing your weight behind the establishment campaign?

So would it be the RINO to prevent another term for Obama? Tea Party to remain true to principles? Or if you're insane-- Barack Obama to destroy the economy. Or someone else?

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Conservatism Wins in Sweden

In Australia - Conservatives almost regained control.
In England - Conservatives regained control.
In Germany - Conservatives retained control.
And in Sweden - Conservatives have retained control.

Conservatism is sweeping the globe like never before. Right wing governments, whether they be through one party or one coalition, are taking root across all of Europe. I am hopeful that the same Conservative sweep will occur in America as well.

As for Sweden's just concluded election:

Total Alliance (government) - 172 seats.
Total Red Green (opposition) - 157 seats.
Sweden Democrats (new party) - 20 seats.

Prime Minister Reinfeldt (Total Alliance) should remain in power, but we shall see what happens in the coming week (the full election results will be known on Wednesday). The really good news is that the Prime Minister is well known for cutting tax rates and government dependencies, an ally we should appreciate in the coming years as America tightens her own fiscal belt.


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Interview with Howard Phillips

Pundit Press is happy to announce its third interview in our new ongoing series. Today we are interviewing former Nixon Administration official and candidate for President Howard Phillips. Mr. Phillips is also the founder of the U.S. Taxpayers Party, which later became the Constitution Party. We thank Mr. Phillips for taking part in this interview.

Q: What influenced your decision to leave the Republican Party?

A: My experience in the Nixon administration.

Q: How has the Constitution Party affected American politics since
its inception?

A: By establishing a standard of Constitutional fidelity.

Q: What was the most interesting part of running for President?

A: The opportunity to promulgate a Constitutional agenda.

Q: Do you believe that you may endorse a Republican candidate in
2012 to prevent Obama from winning another term?

A: Unlikely.

Q: Was the collapse of Communism a surprise to you?

A: No.

Q: How are the stimulus and bailout bills affecting our country

A: Very negatively.

Q: How do we return to a balanced budget?

A: By electing a President who will veto all un-Constitutional
expenditures and have his vetoes sustained by one-third plus one
of the members of either the U.S. House of Representatives or U.S.

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Replace Washington with Obama?

Remember when Representative McHenry (R-NC) proposed replacing General Ulysses S. Grant on the $50 bill with President Reagan? The American public overwhelmingly denounced the idea, and the debate died out in due time. Call me a traitor to the cause, but I think a man who saved the Union during the Civil War is more deserving of a place on our Currency than Ronald Reagan.

Now the loons who populate the liberal fringe are proposing that we not only redesign America's Currency, but that George Washington ($1 bill) and Ben Franklin ($100 bill) should be removed from our Currency, and replaced by Barack Obama ($1 bill) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt ($100 bill).

Can you believe these people?

Who in their right mind would want to replace General George Washington, the man who fought for our Freedom and Independence, with Barack Obama, a man who is directing our Nation towards a liberal wasteland of huge Government and Dependence. Also, Barack Obama is still in the White House and last I checked we are not a dicatorship. Who the hell do these people think we are? Venezuela!

I am absolutely outraged by this proposal. But it only confirms what we have all known to be true: liberals don't have any respect for America's founding fathers or our founding principles.

What say you?

"Crisis of Culture"

The letter below has been making its way around Facebook. While I disagree with the assertion that there is not a shortage of health care professionals, the remainder of the argument holds true, at least from my perspective. It goes back to a long standing pet peeve of mine. Doctors and nurses don't provide healthcare. We provide medical care. People must find their own health and when there is no skin in the game, ie free services, there is little incentive to change behavior.

Dear Mr. President:
During my shift in the Emergency Room last night, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient whose smile revealed an expensive shiny gold tooth, whose body was adorned with a wide assortment of elaborate and costly tattoos, who wore a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and who chatted on a new cellular telephone equipped with a popular R&B ringtone.

While glancing over her patient chart, I happened to notice that her payer status was listed as "Medicaid"! During my examination of her, the patient informed me that she smokes more than one pack of cigarettes every day, eats only at fast-food take-outs, and somehow still has money to buy pretzels and beer. And, you and our Congress expect me to pay for this woman's health care? I contend that our nation's "health care crisis" is not the result of a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. Rather, it is the result of a "crisis of culture" a culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on luxuries and vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. It is a culture based in the irresponsible credo that "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me". Once you fix this "culture crisis" that rewards irresponsibility and dependency, you'll be amazed at how quickly our nation's health care difficulties will disappear.


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Grand Rounds...

The Schwartz Center hosts this week's Grand Rounds for your reading enjoyment.
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Friend of Big Government and Corruption: Paul Tonko.

New York's 21st congressional district is an oddity in New York politics: Democratic by design, but still Conservative by default. The cities of Albany, Amsterdam, and Troy dominate, but the rural communities of Canajoharie, Cobleskill, and Rensserlaerville are still important.

The people live conservatively, hunt religiously, and are bound by tradition. They don't oppose the private ownership of firearms, and they expect honesty from their representatives. I might be a simpleton, but those are good qualities for a viable citizenry.

Which is why I must the expose the truth about Congressman Paul Tonko, a man who the local citizenry elected not on political policy, but on personal demeanor. Tonko hasn't gouged the tax payers via expensive congressional travel, nor has he requested any wasteful earmarks during his first term in office.

But he has aligned himself with extreme big government interests, and with dishonest members of his own political party.

According to Open Congress, a well respected website that tracks congressional votes, and the individual votes of Congressmen, Mr.Tonko has voted with Speaker Pelosi 100% of the time since joining the House of Representatives. And it does get worse: Mr.Tonko and Charles Rangel, one of the most corrupt members of Congress, think so much alike (98% of their votes are alike) that Mr.Tonko even donated five hundred dollars to the Rangel Victory Fund last summer.

That money was donated after Rangel's corrupt ways were revealed.

Mr.Tonko has also accepted the Endorsement of the Working Families Party, which as you might remember from last year's special election involving Dede Scozzafava and Doug Hoffman, is closely associated with ACORN (Bertha Lewis ran both ACORN and the NY Working Families Party from the same office), and advocates for socialism to replace our current capitialistic based society.

In conclusion, Mr.Tonko might be a man of friendly demeanor, but what good does it do for us when the man behind the demeanor supports a San Francisco liberal unanimously, a corrupted politician financially, and a socialistic Party unabashedly.

It's time to demand honest government for a change.

Huffington Post: Obama Should be on the One Dollar Bill

Liberal faux-news site the Huffington Post has declared that our national currency "is in bad need of a makeover."  And what better way to celebrate new styles than a one dollar bill with President Obama on it?

You may think it's too soon to do such a thing for a President that hasn't even been in office for two years, but HuffPo disagrees.  Yahoo!, reporting through the Huffington Post, has praised the designs underneath as "the leading vote-getter" and that is was "an amazing design:"
Notice the man on the left?  That is none other than our 44th President, Barack Obama.  To the far right is President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  It was submitted by a "British duo" Dowling Duncan.

Think that isn't enough?  Check out this photo, another one that the Huffington Post declared as "amazing," which was design number 9 of 15 that the Huffington Post declared had the "best" design:
Just imagine, you could be paying off your over-bearing taxes with money that has the man who taxed you on it!  And let me point out that in the picture that Obama's last name should be capitalized.  I guess liberals are so afraid of capitalism that "capitalize" is too close a word.

Normally I'd analyze this subject and tell you how crazy it is.  I could explain how President Obama isn't even a good President, let alone worth of being on the $1 bill.  I could even point out that I like our money...but I don't need to.  This stuff is so crazy that everyone should understand that it's nuts.

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