Monday, October 18, 2010

Reid: "Stimulus is working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud"

The Stimulus Bill was passed at the beginning of 2009 to help the United States recover, according to President Obama.  According to the President, the $787,000,000,000 was worth it, even if we didn't have any way to pay for it, because it would be so effective and so well-run.  Not only that, but he promised unemployment would not rise above 8%.

Well, in the over year-and-a-half since the Stimulus Bill was passed, it has widely been regarded as a failure.  Reports of billions of dollars of pork come out weekly, and unemployment has been over 8% for a year and a half, hovering at times over 10%.  Even the President recently said that there was "no such thing" as a "shovel-ready project," which he constantly touted.

Apparently nobody told Harry Reid.  Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, is in the race of his life in Nevada against his Republican rival Sharron Angle.  At a time where the most recent polls have shown Angle with a slight edge, Reid is desperately trying to paint her as "out of touch," dangerous, and "an extremist."  However, the person who is clearly out of touch is Harry Reid himself, who recently posted an article on his campaign site entitled, "Stimulus is working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud."

You read that right.  The Stimulus, which I will remind you cost nearly 1 Trillion Dollars, has billions of dollars of pork in it, and did not stop unemployment from ballooning to over 10%, is "working, on schedule, under budget, & free of fraud."

But that's not all.  Aside from the clearly ludicrous headline, the posted article goes further.  In one section, the article reads:
Before the stimulus passed, experts predicted the government would lose 5% to 7% of it to fraud; today, out of over 190,000 contracts, grants and loans, less than 0.2% are under investigation.
First, obviously .2% is not "free of fraud" as the headline lied.  Secondly, .2% of 787 Billion Dollars is $1,574,000,000, or 1.6 Billion.  I'm sure that I do not need to say this, but over one-and-a-half billion dollars of fraud is hardly "free of fraud."

Another reason why there is so "little" fraud according to the article: well, everything is just so "newfangled" that criminals cannot figure it out.  The article also applauds the fact that "$551 billion" was spent so quickly.  Seriously, if the vast majority of the spending is done and this is all we have to show for it, I wouldn't be proud of it.  I would reject it.

And I do.

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The Month in Review

Though Pundit Press launched beforehand, our official launch was four and a half weeks ago on September 17th.  So, every month around the 17th or 18th, we will tally up posts written, views, so-on and so-forth as a way to keep track of our little corner of the internet.  This is the Month in Review:

Amount of Articles in the Last Month per author, of which there were 232 posts-

Aurelius led the way with 91 posts, or 39.2% of the total articles.
Thomas Ferdousi came in second with 58 articles, or exactly 25%.
Mr. K came in a close third with 48 pieces, or 20.7%.
Coming in a solid fourth place was Unlikely Hospitalist with 35 articles, or 15.1%.

Top Views per Writer for an Article, of which there were 32,068 pageviews total-

Aurelius's article on Harry Reid garnered us 3,168 views, or 9.9% of the pageviews.  Hot Air was kind enough to link to it, as well as Mr. Mark Levin on his show's website.  Aurelius also gained 3,109 views, or 9.7%, on his article about Congressman Grayson warning that people might 'eat each other' with less government funding.  FoxNation was kind enough to link to it.

Thomas Ferdousi's top article was his Interview with Small Dead Animals, which received 1,621 views, or 5.1%.  SDA was kind enough to link to the article.

Mr. K's largest article was Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is Hot?, with 509 views, or 1.6%.  A poll included with the article gained over 100 votes and indicated that...the bank is out on whether Ms. Gillibrand is indeed hot.

Unlikely Hospitalist's biggest article was Chuck Schumer is having a Bad Week with 40 views, or .1%.

Odds and Ends

- We're up to 35 followers.
- We've been linked to such awesome sites as Reaganite Republican, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, FoxNation, and Atlas Shrugs.
- Our Alexa Ranking is 1,106,932.  Take that Extreme Crocheting!
- Next month we hope to expand The Month in Review slightly and include the top 5 articles of the month.  But since we're just getting established, other than the peak articles, the average article only has around a couple of hundred views.

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Angle's Lead Grows Over Reid

 Republican Sharron Angle has opened a larger lead in the Nevada Senate race, according to the most recent Rasmussen poll. According to this, Angle's lead is almost larger than the margin of error, dramatically increasing the chances that she will beat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on November 2nd. This is the first Rasmussen poll taken since last week's debate and appears to be showing momentum for Angle.

Reid again appears to be having difficulty building traction among Nevada voter and is not well liked by independents. Furthermore, Angle actually crosses the 50% mark, a near death-knell for Reid. Reid won by a bare smidgen in the 1998 race, almost losing in a good Democratic year.

Angle (R): 50%

Reid  * (D): 47%
Other/und: 3%
* Denotes incumbent.

This poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of the national pollsters. With the number of undecided voters falling the chances of Reid catching up is growing smaller by the day. Furthermore, undecided voters this late in a race tend to break away from the incumbent. Reid has to pretty much win ALL of these voters to stay competitive.

Angle has been out-fundraising Reid, as well, which is further hurting his campaign. He used a lot of negative ads early, which sunk Angle a bit but did not add to his numbers. With all of those chambers exhausted the only thing he has left is to run on his own record.

So it looks like the debate had an affect on the race. Let's see how it plays out in the week ahead. If Angle is able to build upon this momentum, it's bye bye Harry.

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Tancredo Pushes Towards Lead in Colorado

 He's not there yet, but it appears that former Congressman Tom Tancredo has made a race in Colorado. The Republican is running as an independent in the three-way race for Governor of that state. Despite the fact that Tancredo started around 10% in the polls, a weak Republican candidate has allowed him to surge into a solid second place.

The race appears to be volatile, which may help Tancredo win over independent and disaffected voters. In this Republican wave year, he may be able to win over those who like his critical view of illegal immigration and enforcement. With two weeks to go it appears that he may actually pull this one off.

Hickenlooper (D): 42%
Tancredo (I): 38%
Maes (R): 12%
Other/und: 8%

A couple of things to notice: Tancredo keeps building with the falling support of Maes. This appears to be backing the idea that Tancredo has become the de-facto Republican candidate in this race. If this continues, Maes may drop out in order to prevent a Hickenlooper win. Maes has denied this in the past, but with him nearly in single digits, he may want to reconsider.

Also, Hickenlooper is well below 50%. Voters in Colorado are hesitant to send another weak-willed Democrat to the Executive Mansion. Likely some of these undecided voters will break between the Democrat and Tancredo, marginalizing Maes and making it more likely for Tancredo to eek out a victory.

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Election 2010: Nancy Pelosi's career is over.

House Republicans will definitely be regaining the House of Representatives on election day. Even Senate Democrats are admitting that fact to boost their own fundraising from deep-pocketed donors. Meaning that current Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio, will become the 61st Speaker next January. Just 2 years after the Republican Party was declared dead by all of Washington.

So what does this mean for the current Speaker? Surely such an embarrassment will result in Nancy Pelosi losing all significant power in the Democratic Caucus. I do not know how far, or how long it will go until Pelosi receives her reprimand from the Democrat hierarchy, but it's going to happen early next year. Bet on it.

With many of the Democratic leaders out of the House and Senate like Reid, Obama, and Biden, much of the blame will fall at Pelosi's doorstep. She became the face of an out-of-control government expansion and the horrid mess of the health care bill. She is the single face of Democratic failures in Congress since 2007.

When Republicans got shellacked in 2006, then Speaker Hastert was quick to resign from all leadership posts within the Republican Conference, and resigned from Congress itself in late 2007. The last House Democrat (Tom Foley) to face Pelosi's upcoming predicament was in 1994, but he didn't even have to face the Caucus, because he lost his own seat in the Republican Wave that year. Which is unlikely to happen to Pelosi, who resides in San Francisco.

Pelosi's Republican challenger has raised quite a bit of money but in the ultra-left area of San Francisco, it appears that Queen Nancy is safe. In fact, her last challenge was from the left-- that's how radical the area is. So maybe the loss of many of her allies will have to do for now.

With Pelosi's approval rating below water, Democrats desperately in need of a scapegoat to blame and a political rebranding. It's only a matter of when Pelosi will face the axe, not if. In fact, I would wager that Pelosi is going to resign early next year in disgrace. Which would be bad, as I am certain that Cindy Sheehan* would get the Democratic nomination to replace her in the special election.

Any thoughts?

* - Sheehan did run against Nancy Pelosi in 2008, receiving 46,000 votes.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

McCain at Fiorina Rally

In San Diego, McCain rips into Boxer:

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Boxer: Stimulus Cut $10 Bil. in Yearly Taxes in California Alone

You know something that I don't understand?  How Democrats in power can take $787,000,000,000 and spend it with almost no results, then say that they are actually saving the American people money.  Actually, let me rephrase my first statement: I can understand it, they are liars.

Take Barbara Boxer, for example.  The Stimulus Bill of 2009 has spent tens of billions of dollars in California in the last year and a half, yet unemployment in the state stands at around 12%, with some counties over 20%.  Remember, the President nor any one else explained a way to pay for the Stimulus, which would most likely be paid for through taxes.  Yet Democrat Senator Boxer has the gall to say that she has saved her constituents billions of dollars.

Take for example this post that she wrote on her own campaign site:
Putting aside the hilarious claim that the Stimulus bill "is already having a significant impact" for a moment, take a look at what is written after the bullet.  "12.4 million families are receiving up to $800 a year in tax relief from the Recovery Act."  In the grander scheme of things, what does that number mean?  Well, in case you cannot multiply 800 times 12,400,000, let me:  9,920,000,000.  That's 9.9 billion dollars.

Do you really think that people feel that "relief?"  Or do you believe that the hundreds more taken from the average American with the Stimulus Bill has more people worried?  That's like saying Boxer gave me a $5 bill, demanding a $20 in return, then telling everyone she saved me $5.
Boxer: Enjoys Spending Your Money
Getting back to her claim that the Stimulus bill "is already having a significant impact," I'd laugh but I do not believe that Ms. Boxer is joking.  Does the rest of the United States know that the Stimulus bill has had a major impact?  Because the last I checked, it's done almost nothing (other than spend our money) and that Democrats are going to be booted come November 2nd.

These are the people in charge in Congress.  Boxer, Reid, Pelosi, and so many more.  These are people who take your money, burn it, then demand that you thank them.  Remind me, how are they surprised that they'll be out on their butts in two week?

If you support anyone in this election, support Boxer's opponent Carly Fiorina.

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Vote in Our Poll: Who Will in the CA Senate Race?

I want to see the opinions of all those on the internet. The Boxer-Fiorina battle may be the hottest contest in the United States right now. Senator "Ma'am" Boxer has been an embarrassment for California for over a decade (and it takes a lot for a person to do that in that state). The most recent poll had Fiorina behind by just a point and it appears deadlocked heading into the final weeks.

Now, I'd like for you to vote on who you actually believe will win, not who you would vote for. This way we can gauge the feelings of those on the blogosphere. It's definitely going to be interesting on November 2nd, that's for darn well sure.


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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pelosi's Website Touts Accomplishments While Speaker: Cutting Deficits, Building Surpluses

Nancy Pelosi may be one of the few Democrats in Congress that is not in trouble this fall, but that does not mean that she has a grip on reality. The Congresswoman from San Francisco is one of the most powerful yet most despised Speakers that the House of Representatives has seen in a half-century.

Pelosi is attempting to bolster whatever credibility she has left by making some outrageous claims on her Speaker website. The image below is an actual screenshot from her site, claiming that her plans in Congress will cut the "Bush deficit" by half and that she implemented a plan to restore surpluses once again.
Pelosi's other accomplishments according to the site? Well, none other than presiding over the worst job losses in thirty years, of course. Taking no responsibility for all of the job losses since the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in 2007, she claims that their role has made the economy better. In fact, so much better that:
Naturally, her website is filled with just about all of the spin that you could imagine an elitist like her would produce. She has an entire section of her site claiming that the Democrats are fixing the deficit, because of course before she showed up:

In the Bush years, waste and fraud in federal spending spiraled out of control – with no-bid, cost-plus contracts going to politically-connected companies, such as Halliburton.
My goodness, I hope those deficits of $150 billion before the Democrats took over Congress don't exceed the $1.5 trillion deficits we're running today. She also has an entire subpage touting how the economy is rebounding. At the pace she seems to be painting that the majority of Americans should be multimillionaires shortly.

Needless to say, I believe that this picture alone shows you all that we need to know about Pelosi and the 111th Congress:


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Fiorina Pulls Within One

Republican Carly Fiorina appears to be closing the gap once again with the Democratic incumbent Senator Barbara "Ma'am" Boxer. According to the newest AP/Ipsos poll, Fiorina is back in the margin of error as she only trails by one with a little more than two weeks to election day.

In the recent polling besides this one, Fiorina appears to be gaining strength and Boxer losing it. According to the newest Rasmussen poll from several days ago, Boxer leads by three but is unable to achieve the vaunted 50% mark-- which would be crucial for the incumbent.

This polling appears to show [warning, PDF] that Boxer's gain that seemed to go along with fellow Democrat Jerry Brown's appears to be fading. Brown has taken a modest lead over Republican Meg Whitman after issues surrounding domestic help came up in the campaign. Boxer may have been banking on this support, but it appears that this slight bump is dissipating.

Boxer * (D): 46%
Fiorina (R): 45%
Other/und: 9%
* Denotes incumbent.

Fiorina may do well among the significant amount of undecided voters. If she pulls in about 2/3 of these, which tend to break away from the incumbent in the last few weeks of a race, she will have pulled out a thin 51-49% victory over the Senator. That would make for an incredibly interesting and nervous election night.

Boxer has been plagued with low approval ratings even in solidly liberal California. Her lack of accomplishments and combative attitude appear to be crushing her chances to gain reelection.

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My New York State endorsements for 2010.

I support all Republicans, but these are the candidates that I endorse:

New York State/Federal Elections:
Governor - Carl Paladino.
Lt. Governor - Greg Edwards.
Attorney General - Dan Donovan.
State Comptroller - Harry Wilson.
40th NY Senate - Greg Ball.
51st NY Senate - Jim Seward.
127th Assembly - Peter Lopez.
150th Assembly - Andrew Goodell.
US Senator (1) - Jay Townsend.
US Senator (2) - Joe DioGuardi.
1st Congressional - Randy Altschuler.
3rd Congressional - Peter King.
9th Congressional - Bob Turner.
15th Congressional - Michel Faulkner.
19th Congressional - Nan Hayworth.
20th Congressional - Chris Gibson.
21st Congressional - Ted Danz.
22nd Congressional - George Phillips.
23rd Congressional - Matt Doheny.
24th Congressional - Richard Hanna.
26th Congressional - Chris Lee.
29th Congressional - Tom Reed.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cavuto-MacDonald 2012

Liz MacDonald for Vice-President?

That's right: Neil Cavuto, who shocked the world with his Presidential run a few weeks ago, has announced who is Vice-Presidential running mate will be. Cavuto is a prominent anchor on the Fox News Channel. Well over one million potential voters tune into his business themed show daily.

Liz MacDonald, a fellow business guru and columnist with the Fox Business Network, will bring not only her journalistic credentials with her, but also a strong showing in the Irish-American voting bloc, which will be very crucial during the 2012 Vice-Presidential debates, for obvious reasons.

The viewer response was mostly positive on Cavuto's show this afternoon.

Any thoughts on the Cavuto-MacDonald 2012 Presidential campaign?

Confirmed: Hawaii is Deadlocked

When the Daily Kos/Public Policy Polling released a poll showing the Hawaii Gubernatorial race in a dead heat last week, I just couldn't believe it. Democrat Neil Abercrombie had been crushing Republican Duke Aiona since the general election campaign launched a few weeks ago. I thought it was near impossible, I believed the poll was hogwash - Hawaii did after all support Obama with 70% of their vote in 2008.

Daily Kos/PPP survey of 1,326 likely voters:
Neil Abercrombie - 49%.
Lt. Governor Aiona - 47%.
Undecided/Unsure - 4%.

However, Rasmussen Reports just released a poll showing the exact same results in the Hawaii Gubernatorial race as the Daily Kos did last week. One close poll is a fluke, but two is a trend. I can't believe it, but for the first time since Hawaii was a United States Territory: Republicans could elect back to back Governors.

Rasmussen Reports survey of 500 likely voters:
Neil Abercrombie - 49%.
Lt. Governor Aiona - 47%.
Undecided/Unsure - 4%.

What say you?

Reid: 'I Never Said Iraq War Was Lost,' Angle is a "Liar"

You know Harry Reid, right?  He's an incumbent Democratic Senator who is running for re-election in Nevada.  He's facing Sharron Angle, a Republican challenger, who is currently in a dead heat with him.  You see, I'm a little confused because there must be another Harry Reid who said the war in Iraq was lost, because this Harry Reid now says he never said that.

According to Reid's campaign site, Republicans and Sharron Angle have lied about his actual quote.  On his website, they contain the "real" quote: "The war cannot be won militarily. It can only be won politically."  According to his campaign, Reid said that March 3, 2007, referencing a supposed statement by General David Petraeus.

What's more, Reid has taken to Facebook and Twitter to defend his comments, writing that what Ms. Angle says is a "LIE" (yes, he wrote in all capital letters) and that she was making things up.

Well, that's really weird considering that this video here shows Reid saying, quote, "The President knows, this war is lost:"

You know, I could almost swear that he said the war is lost.  Especially during the part where he said "this war is lost."  But hey, the Reid campaign sticks by what they say.  Take this actual quote from the campaign site:

That is not changed.  In the middle of their article, they wrote in big, bold, orange capital letters what they know to be a lie.

Well, I guess his campaign's "facts" and my eyes, ears, and common sense are going to have to disagree on this one.  But I would like to add one more thing.

These lies that the Reid campaign are spewing really show what they think of the average voter.  They have no respect.  They believe that we are stupid, that they can lie to our faces and get away with it.  I'm sorry, soon-to-be-former Senator Reid, but I'm not buying your bull.  It reminds me of when Reid compared his constituents to "very selfish" children.

Vote Angle and support Mark Levin.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reid, Angle Debating Right Now

I just thought that I would let you all know of an extremely important debate going on right now between Sharron Angle and Harry Reid.  Here's the link:
Update: Interesting debate.  I think Nevadans know who the right choice is.

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CAUGHT: Alan Grayson Creates Fake Daniel Webster Group, Fills it with Fake Info

Freshman Democrat Congressman Alan Grayson, who recently warned that people would become cannibals should the government spend less money, is in the race of his life against Republican challenger Daniel Webster in Florida.  Last month Grayson released a fraudulent campaign ad against Webster that was almost universally condemned.  Well, it looks like Grayson did not learn his lesson and is at it again.

It has been revealed that late last month, the Grayson campaign launched a group on Facebook called "Mind of Daniel Webster," which was intentionally made to look real.  For example, looking at the "group information" at first glance it appears to be a legitimate group:

Look closer, however, and one will find disgusting and libelous lies.  Under "Favorite Quotations," for example, the fake group intentionally uses a falsified quote from Grayson's lie-infested "Taliban Dan" ad:

The most disgusting part of this is the fact that it has been inarguably shown that the Grayson campaign utterly distorted that quote.  In other words, Grayson is simply lying in the face of his constituents.  Apparently he thinks they are stupid.

Further disgusting lies on the group are making light of adultery:

And the fake Webster saying that the Taliban Dan ad, which I remind you again was inarguably shown to be fraudulent, was "true:"

The only thing in the entire group to show that the group is indeed fake is a tiny blurb hidden under a picture and next to other posts:

Mr. Grayson, you are truly disgusting.  Support Daniel Webster!


And looky here, Grayson himself tweeted about the group:

Is Pundit Press the only place you saw this article?  If so, that's not good enough!  Spread the word!

New Poll Claims Murray Leads Rossi

Of course, this comes just days after three polls show Republican Dino Rossi up in Washington, so there is some skepticism. The poll comes from CNN, which has had some reliability, although less than Rasmussen, which has Rossi up. According to the newest snapshot, Democratic incumbent Patty Murray now leads after a spate of polls showed her losing ground.

Rossi has been campaigning hard of late, hoping to avoid the 2004 results which showed him ahead in the vote after the initial count and two recounts before votes appeared causing him to bow out of the Governor's race. Still, it appears that Rossi needs to build a substantial lead if he would like to prevent that from happening again.

According to the newest poll [warning, PDF], that's not happening.

Murray * (D): 51%
Rossi (R): 43%
Other/und: 6%
* Denotes incumbent

Notice that Murray has gotten above the all-important 50% mark. If the poll is accurate it shows that Rossi may be in substantial trouble. Even with the support of all of the undecided voters, Rossi could not make up the margin.

Among all registered voters, Murray falls to 48% and Rossi rises to 44%. This is a small positive sign but in most projection models these are the less likely voters to turn out. Even worse, among all registered voters, President Obama still has a positive approval rating, 47%-46%

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Angle Up by Two Before Debate

Today's certainly going to be an interesting day in Nevada politics. Challenger Republican Sharron Angle is up by two points over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the newest polling. And that's before the two are set to square off in what could be a decisive debate. Reid is certainly not looking forward to tonight, especially as word spreads that he may be under investigation for ethics charges.

The number of undecided voters is down, possibly helping Angle. Furthermore, Reid has some real difficulty getting near 50%, something that could doom his attempt for another term. Despite all of Reid's negative attack ads, Angle still remains relatively popular and seems to be doing well among independents.

Angle (R): 48%
Reid * (D): 46%
Other/und: 6%
* Denotes incumbent

And the people of Nevada are not too happy with Reid's boss, President Obama:

Asked about President Barack Obama's actions to stabilize the economy, 45 percent said they have hurt, 29 percent said they have improved things, 21 percent said no effect and 5 percent weren't sure. As Senate majority leader, Reid is responsible for passing Obama's agenda.

With the small amount of undecided voters, it appears that these will likely go Angle's way. And all she needs is half to come up with 51% of the vote. Let's see what happens at that debate.

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Definition of Obscenity?

–noun, plural -ties for 2, 3.
the character or quality of being obscene; indecency;lewdness.
something obscene, as a picture or story.
an obscene word or expression, esp. when used as aninvective.

"When I reported at PJM that military ballots in New York failed to mail just three weeks before the election, I described it as surreal. Surreal became tragic when considering how badly the DOJ dropped the ball. They failed to do anything about the problem for eight days after learning about it.

The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem, and Attorney General Holder has a very big problem on his hands. Actually, so does President Obama. If the mess of 2010 repeats in 2012, this president will have an even harder time convincing the public he merits reelection. I promise the voices of critics and the watchful eyes of citizens will be more intense in two years."
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A lot of this shower conspiracy stuff reminds me of Islam, in a strange way.

You really have to read it to believe it....

Women in Islam are forced to wrap themselves up in sweltering hot sheets and cover every inch of themselves because men just can’t control themselves. It’s asinine in the year 2010 to believe in any such nonsense. There’s no excuse for a Muslim man not being able to control himself, whether a woman is in a bikini or running through the streets impersonating Lady Godiva to the best of her abilities. It’s absurd to excuse bad behavior because a guy “couldn’t help himself”.

For some reason, there really seems to be a portion of the straight male population that thinks gay dudes are like those Muslims, and protections need to be put in place to protect straight men from being objectified and accosted by gays. What’s ironic is that the guys who are so vocal about the shower conspiracy nonsense don’t realize they put themselves into the roles of those burqa-clad Islamic women — since they claim they need to be protected with great modesty from the advances of men who would find them irresistible.

As it turns out, I didn't realize there was such a fear out there.

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'It does appear that fortunately Mr McMahon does not have cancer.'

Well what a relief, particularly for Mr. McMahon.

Let me see if I have this straight? Dr. Thompson saw the results of a right upper quadrant ultrasound that revealed liver lesions. A diagnosis of cancer is made and hospice care is prescribed? Surely this can't be considered routine in British medicine.

While it is true that medicine doesn't cure a lot of things, we do pretty well with diagnosis. Indeed, we are often fixated on it. What happened to the differential diagnosis in this case. Where is the intellectual and professional curiosity? I mean a simple biopsy would answer all questions and saved this poor sap from months of depression and suicidal ideation.

"A patient who was given six months to live after being diagnosed with terminal cancer sold off all his precious possessions and gave away his dog - only to be told by doctors he wasn't going to die after all.

"It wasn't until three agonising months later that Mr McMahon went for a further examination at Birmingham City Hospital and Dr Thompson informed him that the cancer cells were actually harmless lesions on his liver

"He said: 'I sat there listening to the doctor detail about dying at home and how Macmillan nurses could help, but the whole time, I was fine. All that time spent worrying over nothing. 'My girlfriend was devastated. I wanted to make sure the people I loved would be financially secure without me, so I sold antique rings, china ornaments and plates left by my parents for silly money as I thought I didn't have much time.'

"'For the doctors to then turn around and tell me I wasn't going to die after all left me traumatised and still mentally affected by the whole thing.'"
Does anyone know if UK citizens are able to sue their government for healthcare services, or lack thereof?

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Video: Liberal Journalists Threaten Reporter Asking Tough Questions to Rahm Emanuel

You know, I'm tired of the lack of real journalism in the world today.  Take this video, for example.  It shows a hard-nosed journalist asking pertinent questions to wannabe Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  What does he get for his troubles?  Other "journalists" literally pushing him and threatening him.  And just a reminder, the Main Stream Media claims that it is not liberal.

Can you imagine if Emanuel or even President Obama were actually vetted?  Imagine what we could find...

But more to the point, is this not exactly what one would expect from Chicago-style reporters and a Chicago-style politician?  Journalism for the left is dead, although I'm not quite sure if it was ever alive.

Expect to see liberal polls showing Emanuel up by 25% and saying that he was utterly, completely, and thoroughly vetted.

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Vote Bielat!

Sean Bielat is everything that Congressman Barney Frank isn't:

A former member of America's Armed Forces.
A small businessman who believes in Capitalism.
And a Conservative Republican with principles.

But none of that has hurt Sean Bielat. In fact, according to a recent poll that shows Frank leading by only ten points, his Conservatism might actually be helping him in liberal Massachusetts. In what can only be deemed shocking, even the NRCC has committed to helping the former United States Marine in the district that has elected and re-elected Barney Frank for three decades.

There are more than enough Bielat supporters in the blogosphere, but I would like to ask the good people of Massachusett's fourth congressional district one thing: have your lives improved with Barney Frank as your Congressman since 1981?

It's time to send Washington another independent minded Republican from the great State of Massachusetts. It's time to send Sean Bielat.

Vote Bielat!

Armless Man Plays Pinao with Toes to Win "China's got Talent"

Talk about moxie.  Liu Wei, 23, won "China's got Talent" earlier this week by playing the piano.  But not with his hands.  With his toes.  While singing.

Wei beat out a seven-year-old stand up comedian and a signer.

The rest from Yahoo!:
BEIJING (Reuters) – An armless pianist who plays with his toes has won the first series of China's version of the internationally popular television talent show, "China's Got Talent."

Liu Wei, 23, who lost both his arms aged 10 when he was electrocuted during a game of hide-and-seek, defeated 7-year-old standup comedian Zhang Fengxi at the final on Sunday at the Shanghai Stadium, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The pianist, from Beijing, who taught himself to play the piano at age 18, impressed the audience with his performance of "You're Beautiful," singing and using his feet to play the piano.

He also reported won over the judges by commenting: "At least I have a pair of perfect legs."

Cai Xiuqing, 23, a college student from Shantou in Guangdong province, won third place for singing "Boundless Oceans Vast Skies," a hit for Hong Kong rock back Beyond.

At the award ceremony, Liu was invited by Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai to be a guest performer on her world tour which gives him the chance to perform in Las Vegas for three months.
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Barney Frank Calls for Repeal of DADT During Lame Duck Session [Video]

Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank is at it again. Despite being blamed for the financial crisis during his last debate and being in trouble in the polls, the 14-term incumbent wants t make a sharp change in policy when he believes that no one will be looking-- even after the GOP wave coming in November.

According to Frank, on MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, he wants to overturn the existing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' law during the lame-duck session of Congress. This also comes near the time of the judge's ruling on the policy. So Frank appears to be going on the offensive to try and temper any criticism and any action by Republicans come January.

"There's no criticism of them." Frank said of gay troops. He later said, "We're very pleased we're making progress against prejudice."

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Another Democrat Comes Out with an Anti-Pelosi Ad

This time it's Congressman Jim Marshall of Georgia.

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Haley Opens 9% Lead in South Carolina

Republican Nikki Haley, who famously won the harshly contested Republican primary in South Carolina this year, appears to be on her way to the Governor's Mansion. Haley, who would be the second Indian-American governor in American history is leading Democrat Vince Sheheen fairly heavily.

The elections cycle in South Carolina has been vicious this year. Between Governor Mark Sanford's messy public affair and divorce and Jim Demint's Democratic challenger Alvin Greene, it surely has been strange. Haley was hit with multiple accusations of extra-marital affairs, all of which she not only denied but promised to resign if they were proven true. So far, no proof has come out.

So Haley appears to be in a strong position to win. Her lead is outside of the margin of error and her opponent is under 40%.

Haley (R): 46%
Sheheen (D): 37%
Other/und: 17%

Sheheen's weak position coupled with Haley's popularity is sure to carry her across the finish line. The high number of undecideds are likely because the poll was done through a University poll and not one of the major pollsters. Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster, had Haley up by 17% last month.

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Times-Journal of Cobleskill writes positively of Danz.

"And while some may call Mr.Tonko's opponent Ted "No Chance" Danz, the challenger is a worthy candidate advocating slimmed-down government." - Times Journal of Cobleskill editorial published this morning.

Ted Danz's campaign hasn't received the media attention that it deserves, but the local weekly newspaper of Schoharie County did the Danz campaign some justice in the quote above. And that's coming from a newspaper that endorsed Mr.Tonko's campaign in 2008, before the bad qualities of Paul Tonko became known: such as voting with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time, contributing $500 to the Rangle Victory Fund, and his definitively liberal record.

Schoharie County likely accounts for ten percent of all voters in New York's 21st congressional district. So we're not a big prize in the upcoming election, but Tonko barely won this County by 400 or so votes in 2008, while John McCain won it by 2,000 votes. It's a Republican stronghold that will sometimes vote for someone based on personality, instead of policy. That was then, but not now.

This is only Ted Danz's second campaign ever for elected office, while Tonko has been elected at least fourteen times to elected office, thirteen of which was to the New York Assembly. Danz has over one hundred volunteers at the ready to assist his campaign at any time, and "Ted Danz for Congress" yardsigns have been in control of the "proxy sign-war", at least in Schoharie County.

Stay tuned.

Tonko voted against extending the Bush Tax Cuts.

Remember when Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats voted to adjourn without extending the Bush Tax Cuts a few weeks ago? I do, the vote to adjourn passed by one Democrat vote. And none who sided against the American people should be more ashamed than Congressman Paul Tonko (D) of New York's 21st congressional district.

Tonko represents a congressional district that is reliant on businesses of all sizes: big, small, and medium. The rural areas of his district are especially dependent on small business for local economic growth, tax revenue, and job creation. So what did Tonko do when the vote to adjourn came up? He voted with Speaker Pelosi, and against the small businesses of his district.

We have seen this time and time again from taxing Paul Tonko. He voted for ObamaCare, twice, Cap & Trade, Wall Street regulation, twice, and he voted against GOP efforts to remove the individual mandate from ObamaCare. The list goes on, and on, and on. In fact, Paul Tonko has voted 100 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi, and 98 percent of the time with Charlie Rangle.

Enough is enough. WE THE PEOPLE have a Constitutional right to vote, and on November second, we in New York's 21st congressional district must vote for a small businessman who will be the true representative of the people. His name is Ted Danz, not Paul Tonko.

Make the right decision my neighbors. Vote Danz into Congress: he will vote for the extension of the vital Bush Tax Cuts for small businesses across this Nation, and not with the powers that be in Washington.

Vote in Our Poll: Which is Alan Grayson's Dumbest Moment

With the November elections less than one month away, now is a good time to reflect on what we've seen in Florida this year.  Incumbent Democrat Alan Grayson is in the race of his life against Republican challenger Daniel Webster.  While Webster has not made many waves nationwide, Grayson has easily picked up the slack with stupid comment after insane comment.

In 2009 he stated that Republicans wanted people to "die quickly."  In August of this year, he warned that if the government stopped spending money, that people would being to 'eat each other.'  In September, he released a fraudulent campaign ad that compared his opponent to a terrorist, calling Mr. Webster "Taliban Dan."  On Monday he created an account on Democratic Underground and begged for money.  And yesterday he compared his campaign to "Ground Zero in Hiroshima."

So now I ask you, what is Grayson's dumbest moment in his short political career?

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Grayson: My Campaign is like "Ground Zero in Hiroshima"

Near the end of World War II, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the major Japanese metropolitan city of Hiroshima.  A necessary evil, the United States government believed that by showing the Japanese such a weapon of war that they would surrender.  After dropping a second bomb on Nagasaki, the Japanese did just that: surrender.

100,000 people died in Hiroshima.  However, apparently Democrat Alan Grayson is unaware of that because yesterday he stated that his campaign is "Ground Zero" and that his campaign has seen "destruction that was seen at Ground Zero in Hiroshima."  Mr. Grayson is in an extremely bad need of a history lesson:
I'm sure that I don't need to say this, but conservatives have not killed 100,000 supporters of Alan Grayson.  And I'm also sure that I don't need to mention that Alan Grayson is overly exaggerating his situation, despretly trying to make himself sound important.

Grayson stated that he should be allowed to compare his campaign to Hiroshima because Politico referenced South Florida as "ground zero."  Well, I found the article that Grayson referred to.  While it is true that Politico used the words "ground zero," they were meant in no way to refer to Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or even the hallowed grounds at the World Trade Center.

In fact, the words were used colloquially; they did not refer to any specific event but just a turn of phrase. Grayson just isn't very smart.

Support Grayson's opponent, Daniel Webster!

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Chilean Miners Reach Surface

After being trapped underground for several months in an imploded mine shaft, Chilean miners have finally started to emerge from under the rocky surface.  After 69 days of claustrophobic hell, 33 miners will once again be able to breath fresh air and enjoy a light blue sky.  They can be with their families once more.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Look at the Wisconsin Race

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Sharron Angle Rakes in $14 Million

Sharron Angle's fight to the finish with Harry Reid appears to be growing more intense, if that can be believed. The Senate Majority leader has fallen behind in recent polls and now this appears to be just another piece of bad news for the Senator. Republican Sharron Angle, on the wave of Tea Party and nationwide GOP support, has increased her warchest through tremendous amounts of donations.

While this number is still behind Reid's takings-in, it still represents a dramatic rise in the support of Angle. It appears that voters are donating from all over the country for Angle, in proportions much higher than in her primary bid for the Republican nod. According to the Washington Post, this number now approaches $14 million for the third quarter alone while Reid took in $18 million so far this entire cycle.

Reid has yet to release his third quarter fundraising totals but as of mid-summer he had collected just short of $14 million so far in 2010. For the election cycle to date, Reid has raised $18 million.
Angle's fundraising over the last three months represent an exponential gain over what she collected during her underdog primary bid in which she was heavily outspent by two Republican opponents but managed to win the race thanks to strong support from the tea party movement.
Still, the news appears perplexing and poor for Reid, whose public support remains well under 50% while Angle appears to be making gains.

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Barney Frank Gets Blamed for Banking Crisis During Debate (with Video)

It's something that most conservatives have wanted to see for a long time but thought would never happen. Not only does Barney Frank have a legitimate Republican challenger, but he has the incumbent Massachusetts Congressman with his back to the wall. Sean Bielat appeared to keep Frank on his toes with repeated questioning and accusations, which Frank did not take kindly to.

"I'm sorry, Sean... please stop... can I ask what the rules are? Can I ask what the rules are about interruption?" Frank said towards the beginning of the debate as Bielat challenged his assertion that there needed to be no forces in Afghanistan for human intelligence.

Frank called for military cuts-- like his 2008 call that defense spending be decreased by 25%. But Bielat pushed Frank further on the economy, even going so far as blaming the Congressman for the banking crisis:

“Government can’t keep propping up businesses,” he said. “At some point, you’ve got to let the market forces decide.“
Frank, meanwhile, accused Bielat of pandering to the people by offering vague plans for reforming the health-care bill and revamping Social Security.
“You’re more of a politician than the politicians you criticize,” Frank said at one point.

Frank would posit: "...the public sector is actually where the jobs are being lost..." even though the public sector has gained far more than private employment during the Obama Administration. Frank would then defend the stimulus but relayed regret that the unemployment rate peaked over 8%. Bielat called for reductions in income tax reductions.

"We need to reduce the regulatory burden," Bielat would later say.

The recent polls showed Bielat trailing Frank by just 10% despite the fact that this is Frank's 15th term. It still appears up in the air, but we must hope that Bielat can, in fact, win in November.

This is just one of the multiple videos of that raucous debate:

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Back off of Carl Paladino.

Carl Paladino doesn't want his children brainwashed by public school teachers telling them that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. Neither do I, nor do most American parents who would rather discuss these moral issues with their own children, instead of liberally inclined school teachers.

So why is everyone complaining about Carl Paladino's "anti-gay" comments to an Orthodox Jew synagogue in Brooklyn? Especially when the comments were written by a Jewish Rabbi, and even Paladino left out the most controversial of them. I contend it's because Paladino cannot be defeated on the fiscal issues of the hour, and that Cuomo's campaign would rather throw a bone to his socially liberal base then appeal to fiscally conservative Upstaters.

This is the reason why everyone fears "anti-hate speech" legislation regarding homosexuals. Because if a single comment, quite uncontroversial if you ask me, uttered by a candidate for elected office can spur this media response, how long before pastors are targeted for preaching out of Leviticus or Romans?

Paladino should have approached the situation differently. But he's not a man of political wisdom, rather he's a man who says what he believes, and who will stick with those beliefs. That's the kind of person we need in Albany directing the ship back towards prosperous currents.