Monday, October 11, 2010

Bobby Cox's Career is Over.

The Atlanta Braves just lost game four of their National League Division Series to the San Francisco Giants by one run. Ending the Braves season for 2010, and Bobby Cox's unbelievably successful 29 year managerial career, which included one World Series title, and fourteen consecutive NL East Division titles.

The Giants will be playing the Philadelphia Phillies in the upcoming NLCS.

Here's to Bobby Cox:

Winner of 2,504 Major League Baseball games.

Ejected in 158 Major League Baseball games.

Owner of four Manager of the Year awards.

Manager of five Pennant winning ballclubs.

Mananger of one World Series championship.

Bobby Cox will be missed, and can never be replaced.

Col. Allen West on Fox News

Colonel Allen West is running for Congress in Flordia. He was interviewed on FoxNews recently:

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Hispanic Republican leads in New Mexico race.

Susana Martinez is one tough cookie.

She has been elected four times as District Attorney. She was named the New Mexico "Prosecutor of the Year" earlier this year. She is the first Hispanic Woman to ever receive the Gubernatorial nomination of either major Party, and she is running on a solid law and order platform in a very Hispanic state.

Did I also mention that she's a Republican? And is leading in New Mexico's tight Gubernatorial race according to a brand new Rasmussen Reports survey of 750 likely voters? I guess not every Hispanic in the United States of America can be, who Harry Reid would like them to be.

Susana Martinez (R) - 52%.
Diane Denish (D) - 43%.
Some other candidate - 1%.
Undecided/Not sure - 4%.

2010 is not only the year of the Republican Woman, but it is also the year of the Republican Hispanic. This election cycle could bring more Hispanic victories to the GOP than the entire George W. Bush presidency, which is saying something.

Any thoughts?

New Manchin Ad Shoots the Cap and Trade Bill

Democratic Governor Joe Manchin of West Virginia has fallen behind in that state's Senate race and appears to be grasping at straws. Manchin is very popular in the conservative state but is seen by many as a puppet of Obama if he makes it to the Senate. Here's his response:

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Scott Moves Back into Lead in FL

 Republican Rick Scott has once again taken the lead in the race to succeed current Governor Charlie Crist in Florida. Sink leads Democrat Alex Sink in the newest polling, showing a reversal of former momentum for Scott. Furthermore, it refutes the idea that Scott, a businessman, could not win in the general election.

Scott has also taken a bare lead in the average of major poll indices compiled by Real Clear Politics. According to this average Scott now leads by .6%. Not a lot, but certainly a lead. The most recent poll was conducted by Rasmussen, the most accurate of the national pollsters.

This race is slightly askew thanks to a third-party candidate running in the footsteps of Charlie Crist. It is unknown how this development will affect the final race but it appears that it may tip the election one way or another. How this may happen is still unforeseen.

Scott (R): 50%
Sink (D): 47
Other/und: 3%

Notice that Scott has made it to the all-important 50% mark. Also note that the race for Senate will affect turnout in the race. If turnout is low due to the fact that Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee is badly trailing, it spells great trouble for Dems. Further, heavy turnout for Republican Marco Rubio could "sink" the Democratic candidate's chances.

It's going to be an interesting night on November 2nd.

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Obama on 2010 Elections: "We Need to Fight"

2010 is looking bleak for Democrats in the United States running for office.  Most analysts have predicted that Republicans will take back the House of Representatives, while many others also believe that the GOP will take the Senate as well.  This comes at a time when much of the United States economy is in shambles and people fear that the government is gaining too much power.

Last week, President Barack Obama responded to the situation on his Facebook page: "We need to fight as hard as ever," the President stated.  He continued, we need to "fight to keep making change:"

Furthermore, the President referred to some sort of "movement," but did not go into detail as to what that movement exactly is.  President Obama then linked to a website where you could donate money to him.  On it, he bashed millionaires (whom he only refereed to as "the millionaires) and once again referenced some sort of political "movement:"

These statements come as Republicans are poised to make incredible gains across the country, based partially off of discontent with President Obama.  According to RealClearPolitics, 3% more people disapprove of the President's performance than approve.

The President, who came into office promising to end partisan divide, then went on to bash Republicans, stating that the GOP would maliciously deprive 8 million students of their education:
Something tells me that the President will be pretty upset come November 3rd morning.

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Interview with Mondo of Death By 1000 Papercuts

Today Pundit Press is pleased to present our 15th interview in our on-going series.  Today we are lucky enough to have Mondo of Death By 1000 Papercuts answer some of our questions.  DBKP is a large, intelligent conservative website that is, according to its own research, the 36th biggest conservative blog on the entire internet.  I'd like to personally thank Mondo for a great interview:

When and why was Death By 1000 Papercuts started?

DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts was started on August 27, 2007 at our original Blogger site.  Why?  I wanted to get back into writing and thought that I had something to say--whether anyone was interested in reading it was an entirely different question.

Why the name Death By 1000 Papercuts?

The government never takes liberty away in one fell swoop.  Liberty's dies a Death By 1000 Papercuts:  one annoying regulation; one unintended consequence of yet another Congressional law.  Every time some well-meaning person insists, "There ought to be a law" and Congress complies, liberty dies another little death.

By the same token, DBKP tries to push back in the same way: one tiny addition to the discussion that "The government that governs best, governs the least."

In the last year, DBKP has grown by leaps and bounds in the last year and is now ranked #36 in your own list of top conservative sites.  Did you ever expect to get so big?

Well, the short answer is "yes."

The two others who started with DBKP from almost the very first day (LBG and RidesAPaleHorse) sometimes remind me of this.  I thought that if we worked hard and produced content that people wanted to read, eventually people would see it.

We keep adding to our list of writers (Doctor Zero, Nancy Morgan, Rob Bennett, to name a few) who consistently turn out good work.  And we have several very good writers on the way.  We've been lucky to feature good writers; it's my job to make sure that the maximum readers see what they write.

LBG's entertainment writing is regularly mentioned by the people she writes about and gets linked to by the entertainment press.  RAPH's graphics are posted and re-posted all over the web.

I think we've got a long way to go yet.  We just have to keep working hard.

What's your favorite thing about running a successful website?  What's one thing that, if you could, you would change?

Favorite thing?  That we give a voice to the otherwise neglected voices that the Old Media ignore or treat with contempt.  One thing I would change?  Maybe that the articles would post magically post themselves.  Then I could get some sleep.

What do you think of the job President Obama is doing?  Did you think he could really be this bad, or is he doing better than you thought?

Obama is doing exactly as most of us here expected.  The day after the 2008 election, I wished him well and said I was going to give him a 6-month honeymoon.  He got a few extra months, due to circumstances.

Could he be this bad?  Well, for a man with no previous accomplishments outside of winning a few elections; with no experience dealing with real-world problems; with a demonstrated lack of a work ethic or listening to those who disagree with him, I think he's done remarkably well, actually.

The November elections are on the tip of everyone's tongue.  How do you think Republicans will fare?

Better than the Establishment leadership deserves.

The clock is ticking on the Republican party.  It has four years to address the problems of out-of-control spending, the permanent bureaucracy, the ruling DC elite political culture, government diktats and government meddling in the free market.  If the GOP doesn't decisively attack these problems, then they become irrelevant: a large swath of the country will find another way to fix those problems that don't include Republicans.  The party must understand that no compromise is acceptable on basic issues: liberty, economic freedom, the rule of law, observing the Constitution (instead of trying to find ways to creatively subvert it).

While a large portion of the country is looking for someone to stand up and say "No!" there are too many of the GOP who are bed-wetting over "governing."  Too many have lost sight of the principle, "No law is better than bad law."  To many are concerned with passing a law in order to appear to be "doing something."  That is no longer acceptable.

The Establishment GOP leadership still doesn't get this--the failure of the Senate Republicans to strip Lisa Murkowski of her seniority is the most glaring example.  Which means that the rank and file will have to change their leadership.  If that doesn't happen, Republicans will become an early 21st century version of the Whigs.

Any favorites for 2012?

I like Sarah Palin.  That the Left abhors her and relentlessly attacks her at any opportunity is a good sign that what she's saying scares them.

Conservatives and Libertarians need to be attacking the Left's tired narratives.  One of those narratives is "Democrats and Progressives are so smart, they can split atoms with their minds.  Republicans are stupid."  That they've been banging away on this narrative with Palin, well in advance of 2012, should alert people that they fear her--regardless of what they write to the contrary.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

We live in a remarkable country at a remarkable time of history.

Keep an open mind--and read DBKP - Death By 1000 Papercuts.

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Obama to America's Kids: Smoking is Cool

 No, that's not exactly what was said, but it appears to be the message he's indirectly sending. To be fair, John Boehner is also a smoker and neither are committing to giving up the vice. Still, it has not gotten enough press about the President's habit. But it did make it on Face the Nation yesterday.

Asked about such an effort Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation," White House aide David Axelrod said the administration wants to work constructively with Republicans on any issue. But he refused to commit Obama to joining with House Minority Leader John Boehner to give up cigarettes.

Good role model.

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Brooks Conrad = Evil.

Brooks Conrad is the most hated man in all of Atlanta this morning.

He is not only a despicable excuse for a living human being, but he committed three errors during the Atlanta Braves game against the San Francisco Giants last night; one of which cost Atlanta the game, and gave the Giants a two-to-one lead in their best of five Divisional Series. The Giants won game one on the back of Tim Lincecum, and the Braves won game two on the swing of Rick Ankiel.

I hate Brooks Conrad.

He cost the Braves game one of the series, and now he might have cost us the series altogether, along with our last hope of sending soon-to-be-retired Bobby Cox out with one last Major League hurrah. Or in other words, a World Series championship.

Brooks Conrad is pure evil.

The Braves and the visiting Giants play game four tonight on TBS. Derrek Lowe (who pitched well in game one) will attempt to save the Braves dwindling season on three days rest, while Brooks Conrad will once again attempt to sabotage our season. This time for good.

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Vote in Our Poll: Who is the Worst Democrat?

This may be a real tough one. From all of the bad ideas and vitriol that has come out of the Left for the last decade, you may have to take some time to think about this. So vote for who you think is the worst of the worst of this party of incompetence. So whether it's because of "malaise" or ObamaCare or saying that their opponent is a member of the Taliban, they all have reasons to be on the list. So choose which one you can stand the least. And if you don't see a name that you think should be on there, make sure to leave it in the comment box below.

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Interview with Net Right Daily

 Pundit Press is proud to present interview number 14 in our ongoing interview series. Today we are interviewing Adam, a contributor to the site Net Right Daily, a cool conservative site I highly suggest for you to check out.
1. Why and when was Net Right Daily created? was first launched in August of 2008 and has gone through a couple of different versions since. The most recent version of NRD was created in April of 2010. NRD is the official blog for Americans for Limited Government and is a hub for education, activism and information on the most important issues facing right leaning folks.

2. What is the best part about contributing to the site?

I love contributing to NRD. The best part is that I can cover any issue that I think is important and it gives me a great stage to get that message spread far and wide. We have a bunch of great folks encouraging us each an every day and the message of limited government is getting out.

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you feared/expected?

Well, this is tough to answer. First, I knew Obama would be a Big Government liberal despite his rhetoric on the campaign trail of being a centrist, post-partisan moderate. Second, what I most feared was that he would be as potent in office as he was on the campaign trail. I think it is safe to say that Obama in office is a much weaker person that Obama on the campaign trail--which is good news for America.

4. Any favorite for 2012 yet?

I'm skeptical of every politician. I have no favorite for 2012. Just ask me this again in 2012.

5. Would you vote for a RINO against Obama?

No. The damage inflicted by RINO's is as bad as the damage inflicted by those that are unafraid of labeling themselves as liberals.

6. Do you see the Tea Party continuing past next year?

I think the Tea Party has the potential to be potent for years to come. That is as long as they don't lose steam after the 2010 midterms. If they can stay focused on holding politicians electable, they will be a political powerhouse for quite some time. Also, the long term goals of Tea Party activists, which has kept them motivated thus far, involves change on multiple levels that they know will take years to achieve. So far, the Tea Party has only been building momentum.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

We are always looking for contributors and new voices at NetRightDaily, if you want to get involved, just shoot me an email at!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rossi Takes Lead in WA

 The Washington Senate race is heating up once again and Republican Dino Rossi has pulled into a lead in three separate polls against incumbent Patty Murray. Murray has been in Washington for a long time and is one of the most liberal of the Democratic caucus. Rossi almost won the 2004 race for Governor but apparently only lost by less than 200 votes despite leading in the early recounts.

According to the newest Rasmussen poll, Rossi is up despite leading just several weeks ago. Rasmussen is the most accurate of the national pollsters and this appears to be worse news for Murray than it may appear.

Rossi (R): 49%
Murray * (D): 46%
Other/und: 5%
* Denotes incumbent

Rossi also appears to be pushing near 50%-- and worse for Murray, she is not getting the 50% to feel safe as an incumbent. The other and undecided numbers also appear to be helping Rossi. Undecided voters this late in the race tend to turn against the incumbent-- often at the ratio at 2:1. If this is the case, Rossi may be able to get to 52%. Of course, this is still a left-wing state and may have the country's worst Democrat, so let's not make a prediction for a while-- although Rossi was leading by 6% in one poll.

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Republican Takes 20 Point Lead in Michigan

 You read it correctly. Despite the Democratic Party running the state of Michigan into the ground for the last twenty years and the current Great Recession hobbling the state further it seemed like almost an impossibility for a Republican to win a statewide race in Michigan. However, in the race to replace outgoing terrible Governor Jennifer Granholm a Republican has taken a wide lead in that state's race.

This polling has been done by several local news organizations, including the Detroit Free Press. While this would lead to the poll to be less accurate than national firms it still appears that the numbers are at least fairly reliable. According to this poll there are some surprising results [warning, PDF file]:

Barack Obama job approval

Favor: 43%
Disfavor: 57%

Jennifer Granholm favorability:

Favor: 35%
Disfavor: 58%

Not surprisingly, Granholm is one of the most unpopular Governors in the country. This poll is slightly suspect in that they polled 4% more Republicans than Democrats even though Michigan is one of the most Democratic states in the country. This trend has continued considering that many middle-class Republicans and conservative Independents fled the state during the last 20 years.

As for the race for Governor:

Snyder (R): 49%
Bernero (D) 29%
Other/und: 22%

You can see the very high number or undecided or third-party voters. It appears that even though many, many voters are tired of the Democrats' terrible policies they are unwilling to throw all of their support behind Snyder. Bernero also runs negative favorability-- something that Snyder does not have.

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Russia Introduces New Secret Weapon: Inflatable Tanks

You read that correctly.  One of the United States' best frenemies, Russia, has unveiled a new program in which it will have inflatable tanks, as well as other weapons, to trick hostile combatants.  The blow-up weapons are cheaper, however, I seriously doubt that they are as effective as real ones.

The rest from BBC News:
The Russian military has come up with an inventive way to deceive the enemy and save money at the same time: inflatable weapons.

They look just like real ones: they are easy to transport and quick to deploy.

You name it, the Russian army is blowing it up: from pretend tanks to entire radar stations.

The decoys are a hundred times cheaper than the real thing, which means Moscow will save a lot of money by blowing up its own weapons.

On the edge of Moscow, two men carry a black duffle bag into a field, then drop it on the ground.

When they open the bag, they take out a large sheet of plastic. It looks like a tent or a tarpaulin.

In fact, it's the Russian army's latest strategic weapon. It doesn't need ammunition - just air.

On goes the pump, in goes the air and the plastic sheet begins to rise and take shape.
A turret appears, then out pops a long plastic gun barrel. This is an inflatable Russian tank.

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Lingle for Senate in 2012?

Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle (R) 2012 for United States Senate?

I know, I know.

We're just three weeks away from the single most important mid-term election in America's long history, and here I am bringing up a possible candidate for the United States Senate in a State as Democratic blue as Vermont, but as far away as possible - in the year 2012. Potential victories in 2012, are just as important as potential victories in three weeks, and four years.

Governor Linda Lingle, who's term-limited, would be the perfect Republican to challenge the incumbent Senator, due to her solid approval (for a Republican) ratings in the state, her solid support for marriage* as has always been defined, and her two electoral victories in a State that hasn't elected a Republican to the United States Senate in over four decades.

Governor Lingle mentioned to a local television station that she would "take a serious look" at running in the 2012 Senatorial election against Senator Daniel Akaka. Meanwhile, over at Public Policy Polling, they attempted to downplay Ms.Lingle's good approval ratings to appease their liberal overlords.

Linda Lingle 2012? I'm on board!

Also, what's wrong with looking forward to 2012? Do not tell me that people are not looking forward to defeating Al Franken in 2014.

* - Traditional Marriage is very important in the State of Hawaii.

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Sources: Brown's Wife Called Whitman a "Whore"

In the last few days Democrat Jerry Brown's gubernatorial campaign has been doing damage control after someone close to him was heard calling his Republican rival Meg Whitman a "whore."  The audio is underneath:

In the immediate aftermath, it was assumed that it was one of Brown's assistants who uttered the derogatory phrase.  However, new sources reveal that it may have been someone much closer to Brown:  his wife.

According to anonymous sources close to Brown, it was his wife Anne who called Whitman a "whore."  When asked about the quote, the source may have inadvertently said that it was Brown's wife when stating, "The person who said that word is someone who can't be fired... Jerry's wife can't be fired."

At 2:01 in the video above, while discussing how to slam Whitman, it sounds like a man begins to say, "What about saying..."  Then it sounds like a woman loudly says "she's a whore."  This could be further proof that Brown's wife was indeed the one who said "whore."

The recording comes at a time when Brown has gained his first lead against Whitman in the last month and a half, according to Rasmussen.  However, the audio is expected to badly damage Brown, and could put the election firmly within Whitman's grasp once again.

In response to the recording, Mr. Brown cancelled all public appearances on Saturday.  The Brown campaign states that he will not participate in any public functions until at least next Tuesday, which is the day Brown will debate Whitman in San Fransisco.
Jerry Brown: Wife called opponent a "whore"
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NOW Endorses Grayson, Claims Webster will Set Back Women "20 Years"

The Florida chapter of the National Organization for Women has endorsed incumbent Congressman Democrat Alan Grayson in his reelection race against Republican Daniel Webster.  This comes as Grayson has fallen rapidly in the polls since airing a falsified ad in which Grayson stated that his opponent was the equivalent of a terrorist, calling Webster "Taliban Dan."

The ad showed video of Mr. Webster saying "submit to me" repeatedly, with the implication that Webster wanted women to be ruled by men.  It was quickly revealed that Grayson's campaign heavily edited the video and knew what they were releasing was a lie.  However, Grayson has stuck by the ad.

When asked for a statement, President of the Florida chapter Donna Slutiak stated that Grayson is "100 percent on women's issues.  He's never let us down yet."  On Webster, Slutiak commented that, "We'll be set back 20 years if he's elected."

The endorsement comes at an odd time, especially in the aftermath of Alan Grayson's twitter and Facebook "war" with Sarah Palin, in which Grayson stated that Palin had no "head or heart:"

Considering that Grayson took time to insult the first Republican woman Vice Presidential candidate in history, you would think that NOW would think about not endorsing him.  However, I guess to them it is all right for women to be insulted, so long as it is someone they dislike.

NOW even calls itself "the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States" on its own website, yet it smiles upon Alan Grayson, who has called women whores in public:

And attacks Sarah Palin, calling her the equivalent of stupid:

The National Organization for Women has no credibility.  Not NOW, not ever.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Schoharie County leaders endorse Ted Danz.

(Schoharie, New York).

High ranking government and Republican Party officials gathered yesterday morning to endorse Republican candidate, Ted Danz, who's challenging the incumbent Democrat Paul Tonko in New York's 21st congressional district, which for the most part overlaps the entire Capital District in Upstate, New York. The event took place in front of the County Courthouse.

Elected officials such as Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R-127th), County Treasurer Bill Cherry, and County Clerk Indica Jaycox focused on the fiscal conservative strengths of Mr.Danz, a successful local businessman out of neighboring Albany County. The candidate himself touted his local roots of growing up in Altamont, and owning a farm in East Worcester, both of which are a stone throw from the borders of Schoharie County.

Mr.Danz mainly discussed the bleak economic picture that has swallowed the American economy as a whole, and how Paul Tonko, a one-term Congressman who has voted with Speaker Pelosi an astonishing 100% of the time, is apart of that economic problem. Danz also voiced his support for putting public policy over party politics.

About ten pro-Danz supporters gathered beforehand to hold a brief sign wave, and stood* behind their candidate during the endorsement/press conference, which the local radio station, and paper attended. One of the homemade signs read "Tonko isn't one of us anymore", referring to Tonko's service in the New York State Assembly, when he was far more Conservative than he is now in the House of Representatives.

All those interested in supporting Ted Danz's campaign should visit his website.

* I was one of those who came out in support of Mr.Danz.

Actor Sent to Hospital After Being Shot...With Fake Gun

If I am not mistaken, this actor was starring in Irony.  David Birrell, an actor in London, was rushed to the hospital this week after a replica gun shot him, sending debris into his face.  The accident happened when preparing a fake duel scene.  Mr. Birrell is expected to have a full recovery and will continue acting.

The rest from Yahoo!:

LONDON (Reuters) – West End actor David Birrell was injured during a London performance over the weekend and taken to hospital when a faulty replica stage gun misfired, sending debris into his eye.
The Donmar Warehouse, where Birrell was acting in Stephen Sondheim's "Passion," said on Monday the actor was recovering in hospital and was "in good spirits."
The accident occurred during the duel scene in Passion, in which Birrell plays Colonel Ricci.
The Donmar said the show would be canceled between Monday and Wednesday and the theater "hoped to resume performances from Thursday."

Be careful, it's fake!

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Ford Motors Gives Reid Campaign $54,000, Disney Gives $57,000

Under Harry Reid, the unemployment in Nevada has more than tripled.  Harry Reid has spent more money than a drunken sailor.  Harry Reid has compared his constituents to "very selfish" little children.  I suppose Ford Motor Company and Disney Co. like that, because combined, they have given over $100,000 to his campaign.

Ford decided to give the Reid campaign exactly $54,300:

Honestly, I find this shocking considering that Ford was the only company not to accept a government bailout, so why would they give money to people who don't know what they're doing?  Why would they spend money so unwisely when they were the only company to take the fiscally responsible step of not accepting government money and righting their business themselves?

Even more odd is the fact that, since 2008, Ford has given Democratic candidates $200,000 more than their Republican rivals.  Since 1990, the last two election cycles (2008, 2010) are the only times that Ford gave more money to Democrats than Republicans.  Why the shift?
As for the Walt Disney Company, I suppose they felt obligated to give Senator Reid money, seeing that he is making Nevada into the 'saddest place on Earth:'

This donation follows much more in line than Ford's.  In the last two election cycles, political contributions through Disney have been almost 75% to Democrats of their total.  This is actually a lower percent of the early 90s, when Disney gave more than 80% of political contributions to Democrats:
But I guess if Ford and Disney want another six years of mismanagement, it's their money.

If you don't like Harry Reid, though, by all means, visit Sharron Angle's campaign site.

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Political Caption of the Day

Pundit Press covers politics closely and tries to take analysis to an all new level for a blog.  But sometimes, you have to look at the lighter side of the Government, because otherwise you'll go insane:

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Reid: Voters are "Very Selfish" Children

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in the political race of his life.  He is desperately trying to push through the Democrat agenda (though he can't now because they are on another vacation), while trying to keep up with Republican Nominee Sharron Angle in Nevada.

Reid is now behind Angle by four points in the latest poll and his approval rating is around 30%.  In a year that could lead to big gains for the GOP, the Senate race in Nevada could be the watermark.  With all these things going against Senator Reid's favor, one would think that he would concentrate on getting his message out, trying to shore up voters by the elections.

Or he could compare the people of Nevada to "very selfish" children, as he did in a recent interview:
"I wanted to get some presents on Christmas morning. I was a very selfish little boy, and I was upset that my mother had to go through all this. Whose fault is this? And that's what people are going through. I didn't know who to blame but I wanted to blame somebody."
I'm sure you don't need interpretation of what Reid said, but please allow me to give you mine:  "When I was small, I wanted presents for Christmas.  I didn't get them.  I was very selfish, I wanted everything, like the voters of my state.  But I was naive, also like the voters of my state.  They simply don't understand that I am the equivalent of their mother."
Reid: Voters are spoiled children
Smooth move, hot shot.  I have a much better idea than insulting your constituents: do a good job!  Create jobs, limit bureaucracy, be honest.  Well, maybe you just can't do all of that.

As for Ms. Angle, gaffes like these should help her push above Reid come the general election.  If Nevada's staggering unemployment, Reid's mismanagement, and the country's general direction aren't enough, their Senator calling voters children should do it.

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Interview with Candidate for the Florida State Senate, Corey Poitier

Pundit Press is proud to being you our thirteenth interview in our on-going series.  Today we're lucky enough to have Corey Poitier answer some of our questions.  Mr. Poitier is running for Florida's State Senate.  Check out his campaign website here.

Why are you the best choice for your district?

I am the best choice for District#35. I bring new energy, outside the box thinking, and non-partisan politics. I am looking forward to tackling the problems of Florida and the District and work across party lines. I am into finding solutions and getting the government out of the way of business and entrepreneurs to lower unemployment and attract new energy and manufacturing jobs to Florida. I am truly a people person and looking forward to listening to the concerns of citizens and representing them not lording over them.

How do your degrees in Journalism and Political Science make you a better candidate than your opponents?

My degree in Broadcast Journalism gives me the insight to what the media is looking for from a Statesman. It helps me look for answers to today’s problems. I look for the story and the answers to solve them. My Political Science degree has served and will serve me in navigating the waters of the State Capitol.

What plans do you have to help Florida economically?

I believe Florida future lays within its children and new business industries. We need to make Florida business friendly, by ending some of these annoying fees and permits and cutting taxes on small to medium size businesses. We need to incentivize large business to come to Florida. By attracting, energy jobs and manufacturing jobs we can lower unemployment and welfare rolls. We need to add more vocational programs geared toward these new professions to supply a ready and educated workforce. These are my plans to economically help Florida.

What are your feelings on President Obama's leadership? Has it been better or worse than what you expected?

President Obama’s leadership has been poor. He is following ideology, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in destroying the Free Market and the country.

Is there an important issue that you believe that the Main Stream Media and politicians are ignoring?

The mainstream media is ignoring the state of Florida schools. We are not teaching anymore. There is more money in keeping the children dumb and selling the system bogus education reform. We have politicians who are demonizing the FCAT Test, when the solution is simple. We need to go back to fundamentally teaching our students Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This is what is going on in the 24 other countries that are above us in education.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We need to have energy jobs in the State of Florida. We should be king of solar panel production and technology. We are the “Sunshine State” and all public lighting should be running on solar power, so that after a storm, we have lights and county governments save money on electricity. We need to be in the forefront of energy independence by drilling our natural gas and oil deposits. By attracting manufacturing jobs like the automobile industry, we can bring good paying jobs to District #35 and Florida.

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Site of the Week: Atlas Shrugs

This may or not be a feature on our site over the next few months, but I'll be doing a "site of the week," well, whenever I remember.  This week's site of excellence is Atlas Shrugs, who has been gracious enough to link to us several times over the last few weeks.  Please check them out and enjoy Ms. Geller's excellent writing.
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Thursday, October 07, 2010



So in this election, Republicans are running more blacks in white majority districts than the Democrats are. Shouldn’t that be taken into consideration when accusations of racism are being hurled about?

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Unemployment Soars to 10.1%

 The unemployment rate has jumped over one-half of one percent in the last month. This comes with the news that private employers have cut around 30,000 jobs in the last thirty days. This is the largest loss in over a half of a year.

Gallup has been tracking the level of unemployment and in their most recent study found some very disheartening news: Things are getting even worse, believe it or not.

Despite the bailouts, despite the buyouts, despite the Stimulus the economy continues into its freefall. Furthermore, news has come that oil gained near $85 a barrel as the dollar continues to weaken. Higher oil prices will further lower the economy, despite the gains in Wall Street last month.

Now unemployment is at 10.1%, the highest since April of this year. Furthermore, underemployment is still dangerously high at 18.8%. These two factors are likely to slow the economic recovery even further.

 So what will the Democrats try now? What tricks do they have left to sell snake oil to the public before the wave elections next month? Sounds like they're running on empty, just like the economy.

Photo credit Gallup.

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What Happens with a 50/50 US Senate?

Republicans are going to win back the House of Representatives. Not one Conservative, not one Liberal, and not one Independent will dispute that well known fact. However, everyone is debating who will control the United States Senate next year as both Democrats, and Republicans, have a good chance of doing so.

There's just one problem with this. Everyone is debating whether Democrats will retain 51 seats, or Republicans will gain enough seats. When neither could happen, because polling data shows the US Senate breaking down along these lines (as of last night): 48 Democrats, 48 Republicans, and 4 seats are tossups. It's possible that the Parties will split those four remaining "tossups".

Ladies and Gentlemen, we could see a United States Senate split 50/50. Which would create the exact opposite of a "lame duck Congress", as both sides would attempt to flip vulnerable members in a effort to gain control of the US Senate before Joe Biden has to cast the deciding, Democratic vote in January of 2011.

This situation last occurred in 2001, when Senate Democrats were able to gain four seats in the 2000 general election, which resulted in a 50/50 split. Al Gore, then still the Vice-President, gave Democrats control of the Senate for 17 days, until Richard Cheney, after being sworn in as Vice-President, gave Republicans control for five months, until Senator Jim Jeffords joined the Democrats on the sixth of June.

So what would happen if Senate Democrats, and Republicans are divided on November third? I am guessing that Democrats would go to Senators Collins, and Snowe in an attempt to flip either of them, while Republicans would go to Senators Lieberman, and Nelson for the same reason. But, I don't believe that any of the aforementioned would flip from their current side.

The upcoming election could just be the start of things to come.

Ground Zero Mosque Developers: Fox News is "Hypocritical," Has Ties to "Truthers"

Here's something I will never understand: if the developers of the Ground Zero Mosque (GZM) truly want to co-exist with those around them, why do they keep hurling incendiary insults?

Under the username Park51, on Twitter the developers of the GZM lashed out at Fox News recently.  Writing about a report on Bill O'Reilly, Park51 wrote:

That link at the end leads to a Media Matters report that alleges, "Fox News has much closer ties to Truthers than [Imam] Rauf allegedly does."  Smooth.  Seriously, did the GZM developers actually think that it was smart to link to an article that claims that Fox News might have connections with people who think 9/11 was an inside job?

The "cc: @cordobainit" is the Cordoba Initiative, another group in favor of building the GZM.  Cordobainit writes such things as asking its supporters to sign petitions from the ACLU:

And also hilariously claiming that "77%" of Americans support the building of the Mosque:

Once again, I don't understand why the developers keep doing things like this.  Maybe you all can make sense of it.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Strong DioGuardi Campaign Puts the Senate Back in Play

Joe DioGuardi claims he would be the 10th Senate republican needed to change control of the upper chamber from democrat to republican. Of course, that is reason enough to support and vote for Mr. DioGuardi, but he is a strong candidate for many reasons......

With less than a month to Election Day, few New Yorkers outside his old congressional district know who he is, and he has little organizational support because he openly feuded with the state Republican Party in the course of winning the party primary last month.

And to have a realistic chance at defeating Ms. Gillibrand, he must overcome the state's 2-to-1 Democratic registration advantage.

Polls differ on how much ground Mr. DioGuardi has to make up. One survey put him within six percentage points, while another found him 11 points behind.

Yet he's already defeated one well-funded candidate in his own party, and he insists that is because his message is finally ripe for the political moment, at a time when voters are angry about stimulus spending, bailouts, and soaring government debt.

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Working For the Man?

When you work for someone else, they call the shots......pardon the pun!

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GOP Now at 50 Senate Seats in Polls

Real Clear Politics has a feature which calculates the polling data from across the country and places the numbers as final results-- thus even if someone is .04% above their opponent RCP will place this down for this candidate despite the small difference.

And looking at the numbers, it's starting to look good for Republicans. This comes despite the troubles of Carly Fiorina in California and Christine O'Donnell in Delaware.

Sharron Angle in Nevada and John Raese in West Virginia have both moved into the lead in their respective races-- and they appear to be breaking away from the Democrats. So now we have the Senate as a whole move to an even 50-50. Of course, if this is the result, the Dems will retain control anyway due to Joe Biden being the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. However, it will push moderate Democrats like Joe Lieberman closer towards the GOP even if he does not join the party directly.

According to the RCP average they are seeing Republican wins in:

- West Virginia, Kentucky, Nevada, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado, and Arkansas

And Democratic wins in:

Delaware and California.

Couple this with the fact that the GOP is within striking distance in New York-- yes, New York and Connecticut, it becomes clearer that the Democrats' attempts to 'rally the base' are either simply delayed or just not working.

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Roy Halladay Throws No Hitter in Playoffs

From USA Today:

“It’s surreal, it really is,” Halladay said. “I just wanted to pitch here, to pitch in the postseason. To go out and have a game like that, it’s a dream come true.”
Halladay took the Year of the Pitcher into the postseason.
Halladay, who tossed a perfect game at Florida on May 29, dominated the Reds with a sharp fastball and a devastating slow curve in his first playoff start.
The All-Star right-hander allowed only runner, walking Jay Bruce on a full count with two outs in the fifth, and struck out eight.
Halladay spent 12 seasons with Toronto, far from the postseason. A trade last offseason brought him to the defending two-time NL champions.
“This is what you come here for,” Halladay said. “It’s a good team, they know how to win. … It’s been a great year, a fun year, we obviously have a ways to go.”
With a sellout crowd standing in the ninth and chanting “Let’s Go, Doc!” Halladay got a loud ovation when he jogged to the mound to start the inning.
Ramon Hernandez(notes) popped out to second baseman Chase Utley(notes) for the first out. Pinch-hitter Miguel Cairo(notes) then fouled out to third basemanWilson Valdez(notes).
Halladay then retired Brandon Phillips(notes) on a tapper in front of the plate to end it. Catcher Carlos Ruiz(notes) pounced on the ball and threw Phillips out.
Halladay pumped his fist into his glove as Ruiz rushed to the mound. Just like catcher Yogi Berra did with Larsen, Ruiz started to jump into Halladay’s arms. Unlike Berra, Ruiz didn’t wrap up his pitcher in a bear hug.
“I felt like we got in a groove early,” Halladay said. “Carlos has been great all year, he helps me get into a rhythm early, throwing strikes.”
Phillies pitchers Roy Oswalt(notes) and Cole Hamels(notes) ran out of the dugout side-by-side to congratulate the other member of Philadelphia’s Big 3 lineup. Pretty soon, everyone in a Phillies uniform was part of the victory party.
Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins(notes) made the toughest play to preserve the no-hitter, going deep in the hole and making a strong throw to retireJoey Votto(notes) in the fourth.
Pitcher Travis Wood(notes) hit a sinking liner to right that Jayson Werth(notes)caught in the third. Pinch-hitter Juan Francisco(notes) hit a hard grounder up the middle in the sixth, but Rollins scooted over and made it look easy.
Halladay became the fifth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same year. He joined Nolan Ryan (1973), Virgil Trucks (1952), Allie Reynolds (1951) and Johnny Vander Meer (1938).
The last time a pitcher came close to a no-hitter in the postseason was quite a while ago. Boston’s Jim Lonborg went 7 2-3 innings against St. Louis in the 1967 World Series before Julian Javier broke up the bid with a double.
The Phillies led the majors in wins (97) for the first time in franchise history, captured their fourth consecutive division title and are trying to become the first NL team in 66 years to win three straight pennants.
They are prohibitive favorites in this best-of-five against the NL Central champion Reds, who are making their first postseason appearance since 1995.
Game 2 is Friday at Philadelphia.

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To Those That Linked to Us #1

Following in the footsteps of one "Mr. K," after several weeks of Pundit Press's operation, I'd like to begin a feature anew.  Here we'll thank and link to those who have linked to Pundit Press, the internet's 1,510,575th biggest site!

So thank you to the people that linked to us:

Reaganite Republican, who runs the internet's best political opinion site.

FoxNation, which was kind enough to link to our article about Alan Grayson warning of cannibalism.

Director Blue, who linked to us three times over the last week.

Atlas Shrugs, which linked to us twice in a short amount of time.

The Wild West Coconut Show, where loyal reader Coco Rico writes.

Texas for Sarah Palin, who graciously quoted yours truly.

Before It's News/Pirate's Cove, which gave us a nice write-up.

Liberty Juice, who linked to us after we conducted an interview with them.

This Ain't Hell, which was also gracious enough to link to us after an interview.

Closet Conservative, which, you guessed it, linked to us after an interview.

Be John Galt, who linked to our article about Disney donating to Grayson.

Small Dead Animals, which linked to our interview with them.

Dancing Czars, which linked to our article about liberal readership decreasing.

Sorry if I'm missing anyone.  Thanks everybody!

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"Parker Spitzer" FLOPS!

CNN's new idea to challenge Bill O'Reilly at Fox News, and Keith Olbermann at MSNBC, flopped beyond imagination on Monday night, but what do you expect from a television show featuring a Conservative In Name Only writer (Kathleen Parker), and a whoring ex-Governor (Eliot Spitzer) analyzing the political news.

So how bad was it?

Bill O'Reilly took the evening with 3.1 million viewers on Fox News, Keith Olbermann took second with 1.1 million viewers on MSNBC, and "Parker Spitzer" attracted a grand total of 454,000 viewers on CNN, once a grand network, but now a third class laughingstock.

Could those numbers get any worse?

Yes. Nancy Grace received 468,000 viewers on HNN, the sister-network of CNN. Not even one of America's well known former Governors could receive more than five hundred thousand folks on prime time. That is just depressing from my point of view, because I use to watch CNN all the time when Fox was not available to me on Dish Network.

Once again, I would like to offer my services to CNN. I would host the 8pm slot from a right-of-center perspective, where political news would be absolute king and investigative journalism would be a crucial element. CNN should put me on the air, they have nothing to lose in doing so.

Any thoughts?

Environmentalist Wackos Depict Child in Noose, Ready to Die if Icecaps Melt

You would think that after the awful and failed commercial that liberal environmentalists released recently, that they would have learned their lesson about advertising the death of children.  If you quite remember that commercial, here it is:

Well, if after the above commercial was universally panned, you thought that even environmentalist nut-cases would think twice about over-the-top murdering of children, you thought wrong.

Here is a new ad by ACT, an environmental group that pleads with people to cut their carbon and green house emissions:
That is disgusting.  That is vile.  I would ask if they were insane to depict something so horrible, but the answer is obviously "yes."

There is no need to analyze this travesty.

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Republican Holds 8% Lead in Illinois Governor Race

 Republican Bill Brady is challenging incumbent Democratic Governor Pat Quinn in that state's race to be the chief executive. Quinn, of course, was appointed by former Governor Rod Blagojevich and took over for him after he left office in his messy pay-for-Senate scandal. So it seems that Brady has a shot at winning the Governor's Mansion in this blue state.

Brady (R): 46%
Quinn * (D): 38%
Other/und: 16%
* Denotes incumbent

Notice that the undecided tally is still high. The good news is that they are not shifting towards the current governor. The bad news is that they are not pushing Brady over 50%. It appears that many Democratic voters will not vote for a Republican-- or at least not say so, no matter how scandal-ridden or incompetent the state's Democratic Party apparatus is.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Who is Rachel Okyay?

Find out on her Political Blog group. It's well worth your valuable time!

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Linda McMahon Will Win in Connecticut?

So that's how you create a to the end!

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Joe DioGuardi: The American Dream

Joe DioGuardi releases his latest ad. He really has a great story that should connect with many in New York, it did with me.....


Kirsten Gillibrand finally returns to her upstate roots!

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A Brief Lesson on Economics

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Interview with John Schwarzman, Creator of "I'm an American"

 Pundit Press is proud to present its twelfth interview in our ongoing interview series. Today we are interviewing John Schwarzman, the author and singer of the conservative song "I'm an American." We thank him for his time and ask you to check out his cool song.
1. When and why did you decide to write "I'm an American?" 
I have a small business and have for many years. We have taken a bit of a beating in this economy. My partner and her son, who is a truck driver, were talking in the early part of the summer. He said "With everything that's going on, someone needs to write a song. Someone needs to say what everyone is feeling!" I thought it was a great idea, but didn't know any bands or songwriters. But I thought it was something worth doing, so I decided to take a whack at it myself.

I am what you might call a "spare bedroom" guitar player, and other than fiddling around, I have never written a song before. I thought "Well, if I try it and it's terrible, I'll just put it in a drawer and no one will ever know." I worked on it for about a week, tapping lyrics into my iPhone and trying to make them rhyme. When I finished, I knew I had something that expressed what I was feeling, and maybe what many others were, too. 

So I had the song and decided to make a recording. But I knew no one would want to hear me fumbling around playing it.  I got some help from some local (Washington area) musicians and a wonderful singer. I booked studio time and got everyone together. I scratched up just enough to play the guitar solo. 

I liked the recording a lot and over a week or so, played it for some friends. They really responded. One woman welled up. Someone else got goose bumps. I thought that, since I had something that seemed to touch people and this would probably never happen again in my life, I should "go for it" and make a video. I also felt having the video was really the only way the song could get "out there."

After a frantic couple of weeks of selecting images and video clips, scheduling studio time, shooting and editing, I had the video. I uploaded it to You Tube to see what would happen. I also sent out CDs to conservative talk radio hosts around the country to try to catch their attention, which ain't easy. And just in the off-chance, I put it up at iTunes and Amazon.

Bear in mind that I have never done anything like this before. I had just spent a lot of time and a lot of money out of my own pocket, and I had no idea whether anyone outside of family and a few friends would notice or care. It was really a pretty big risk.

2. What has been the response so far?
The response has been incredible. After I uploaded the video, I did a little checking to see how many views most videos really get. I wondered what to expect. Apparently only about 10% of all videos get more than 1,000 views in the first month. Most get many fewer. This video has been viewed over 4,000 times in the first ten days. For a non-celebrity, I think that's pretty rare. No band, no web site, no nothing. Just me, a song and a video. Plus, the comments have been so moving... so personal. It's hard to describe. This song means something to people. It is beyond all my expectations, and I feel like I have done something really worthwhile. 

As I mentioned, I did get an hour-long interview with a conservative radio talk show host in York, PA. People called in to talk about what the lyrics meant to them. One woman said the song made the hairs on her arms stand up. 

Another host wants to use the song to close out his weekly show on a station in Manhattan Kansas. He's going to plug it on iTunes (every little bit helps!).

A number of bloggers like you have also been enthusiastic. We're all doing what we do because we love it. 

So I'm getting some traction.  One of my ultimate goals is to get this on talk radio shows in markets around the country so people can really hear it, so if you know anybody... 

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected?
Obama is about what I expected, which is bad. People like me saw this coming, especially with super majorities in both houses. He gave us plenty of clues, it's just that many people weren't listening. I think that's changed. Now people everywhere are doing their bit. Like me...

4. Do you consider yourself more conservative or libertarian?
I would consider myself more of a conservative. 

5. Any favorites for 2012 yet?
Not yet. Things have to play out a bit. Everyone in the apparent field has their strengths and weaknesses.
6. Any plans for more music?
Honestly, Matt, I want to be a one-hit wonder if this can be my hit! That's really what I want. I want people to hear this song and be inspired by it.

7. Anything else you would like to add?
I have taken enough of your time, and you have been very generous by posting the video to your site. I really appreciate it! Please share it "liberally."  :-)

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