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Saturday, September 18, 2010

To Liberals, 9/11 is Now a Joke

Many people have forgotten what September 11, 2001, meant.  So many do not remember the pain they felt and how the United States came together to heal.  So many don't know who our enemies are anymore.  It is a shame.  Yet, many liberals do remember 9/11, but they bring greater shame to themselves than those who have forgotten.  To liberals, 9/11 is a joke, a punch line.

I could reference the 2008 Presidential election when liberals would uproariously laugh whenever someone mentioned Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 and the point would be made.  But there is so much more and it is disgusting.

Take scam artist Michael Moore, for example.  On the repulsive Bill Maher, Moore made joke after joke about 9/11, which Maher called "comedy:"

Or how about Family Guy making a mockery of Ground Zero to make a point:

Or Wanda Sykes saying that "Rush Limbaugh was the twentieth hi-jacker:"

So what does this say about liberals?  Does it say they have no respect for the dead?  Yes.  Does it say they don't understand the tragedy?  Of course.  But it says something much more: they have not only turned September 11 into a political football, but they now see it as funny and fake.  They do not care about our troops or the 9/11 victims families.  They think that it's better to laugh at the people who flung themselves out of the Towers than to remember and respect them.

Those who do this are scum.  How else could you explain what liberals have done?  How else can you explain Charles Johnson becoming a liberal, even though he said he became "conservative" after 9/11?  I just don't understand.

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Shocker: Repub. Stephen in Statistical Tie with Dem. Lynch in NH

Just four weeks ago, Democrat John Lynch lead Republican John Stephen by 11 points in their race for New Hampshire's highest office.  Lynch, the incumbent governor, was enjoying the sizable lead, thinking that his seat was secure.  A new poll says it is not.

According to the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Stephen are in a statistical dead-heat, with Lynch receiving 48% and Stephen garnering 46%, well in the margin of error.  This destroys the mindset that the seat is untouchable.

This new poll is even more shocking when compared to recent elections that Lynch participated in.  In 2006, as an incumbent, Lynch defeated his Republican opponent Jim Coburn by garnering73.5% of the vote.  In 2008, Lynch defeated another Republican challenger, Joseph Kennedy, by garnering 69.8% of the vote.  New Hampshire is one of only two states to hold gubernatorial elections every two years.

In 2008, Barack Obama defeated John McCain by approximately 10%, which is yet another thing in stark contrast with the current governor's race.

In a year where Republicans look to make huge gains in Congress, it looks as if they may also make huge strides elsewhere.

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Lisa Murkowski is a small, small woman.

Lisa Murkowski is a small, small woman.

Instead of endorsing the Republican ticket that her fellow Alaskans selected in late August, Senator Lisa Murkowski has announced a write-in campaign for US Senate. Of course, you know what this means: the long red State of Alaska could go blue this November if Joe Miller and Senator Murkowski split the GOP vote.

Alaska's 2004 Senatorial election:
Ms.Murkowski (R) - 149,773 - 48.6%.
Tony Knowles (D) - 140,424 - 45.6%.
Third party/Other - 18,112 - 5.8%.

Joe Miller is the rightful Republican Nominee in Alaska, but because the little Senator subscribes to the divine right of all Murkowski's to rule, she absolutely refuses to accept the will of the people, jeopardizing the future of the Party that she has called home for years. It is amazing what a little power will do to people.

Alaska's 2010 Republican Primary:
Joe Miller - 55,878 - 50.9%.
Ms.Murkowski - 53,872 - 49.1%.

This should be a lesson to everyone involved in politics: what appeared to be a sure thing a few weeks ago, winning back the US Senate in our case, has become unachievable. Whether our current fall started with an unelectable candidate in Delaware, or a power obsessed Senator from Alaska, I'll let you decide, but one thing is undeniable - the Senate is unattainable this election.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Murkowski Must Step Aside

I'm tired of these Republicans who say they are for the people and for their party, yet when they lose a primary, come hell or high water everything is about them.  Charlie Crist did this crap in Florida.  Now Lisa Murkowski has officially said that she is in the Alaska Senate race.

Now, if you haven't been paying attention to Alaska, let me fill you in.  In August they held their Republican primary.  The top two candidates were Joe Miller and Lisa Murkowski.  Murkowski lost, Miller won, fair and square.  But Murkowski couldn't let it rest.

Instead of helping her party (and helping the United States) she refused to drop out.  And now she has declared that she is running as a write-in candidate.

Murkowski must step aside.  Not only is she making a mockery of herself and is making her party look bad, she is hurting Joe Miller's chances to win in Alaska.  Murkowski has no chance of winning.  Even Sarah Palin has stated that her campaign is "futile."

If Ms. Murkowski cares about the voters and her nation, she will walk away.  If she wants to end the drunken spending of Congress, she will help Joe Miller win so he can have a vote in the Senate.  Not only does she look like a fool, she is hurting everyone around her, including you and me.
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The Charles Prize for Poetry, 2010


~a medical resident
Hand clasps hand
on the window sill,
he in a paper-thin gown,
she in her Sunday dress.
Snow falls.
He craves the sting of crystals
on his tongue,
a shovel to carve a meandering path
to the front door.
And she –
a spark from dying embers
that once flushed his cheeks,
now sunken and pale.
Lilacs blossom.
He dug the earth for their resting place,
pruned them religiously,
watered their roots.
She filled glasses with branches
pouring over the rim –
a breath of lavender anticipation.
Heat rises.
He remembers capturing fireflies in jars
with punctured holes to breathe
and watching them through the night
as their lights flickered
then faded away.
She remembers
laughing at the red juice stains
from freshly picked raspberries
on their chins.
Leaves fall.
The crisp sun is distant
from the blurred shadows of the hospital bed.
The hurried migration of the birds
is silenced by the glass.
From the window,
they imagine the rush of delicate wings
headed south
and the imminent scent of autumn –
Burnt orange peels, smoky maple,
roasting pumpkin seeds.
Their lights flicker,
then fade away.

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It's great work, if you can find it!

"I'm disappointed that we've only created or retained 55 jobs after receiving $111 million," says Wendy Greuel, the city's controller, while releasing an audit report.

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And the Newest TEA Party Memeber Is...

"I've been saying everything you just said from the beginning of this campaign," said Cuomo when asked about the Tea Party's message.
'Tea Party voter, Democrat or Republican, and independent or conservative, I don’t think the labels matter this year.' — Andrew Cuomo, pictured here yesterday, trumpeting his reform credentials as better than those of Carl Paladino

'Tea Party voter, Democrat or Republican, and independent or conservative, I don’t think the labels matter this year.' — Andrew Cuomo, pictured here yesterday, trumpeting his reform credentials as better than those of Carl Paladino

"You're going to have to cut the programs because you're not going to be able to pay the amount."

"That's what the deficit is all about . . . Tea Party voter, Democrat or Republican, and independent or conservative, I don't think the labels matter this year," Cuomo continued."

It's true, labels don't matter this year. In fact, they never have. It doesn't much matter that Mr. Cuomo is willing to talk the talk if he isn't willing to walk the walk. He clearly isn't willing to do this.

"They're fearful of the situation in their own lives. They're afraid of their own personal economics, and then they look at Albany and they look at the state government that was supposed to be of service to them. This is the government that was supposed to be there when you needed help. They need help; they look at Albany and the dysfunction is breathtaking."

"Government isn't the solution; it's the problem."
-Ronald Reagan

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Point-Counter Point: Who Are the Top 5 Republican Choices for President, 2012?

Pundit Press is pleased to announce it's first of what will hopefully be many Point-Counterpoints with the great Reganite Republican.  This week we debate who are the best candidates for the Republican nomination for President in 2012:

Point, by Aurelius of Pundit Press:

Sarah Palin- Yes, the bane of the Dmocratic Party and liberals in general is one of the top contenders for the Presidency come 2012. With clear political pull (just look at her endorsements for congress) and her presence in the American media, Mrs. Palin has both clout and name recognition. Add to that the fact that she could be the first female Commander-in-Chief and you've got someone who is poised to strike at the presidency.

David Petraeus- One of the greatest and most repsected military minds of our age, David Petraeus is one of my favorite candidates. Not only does he have cadence and quick wit, but he has incredible foreign policy experience. On top of that is his honorable and exceedingly successful military leadership. Petraeus deserves respect and has earned it.

Jeb Bush- That's right, another Bush. Jeb Bush successfully led Florida as its governor for two terms and has the conservative values that Republicans are looking for. With discontent with President Obama rising, by 2012 many voters will have a much brighter view of the George W. Bush years than during the 2008 election. Jeb Bush's last name could very well boost his candidacy.

Chris Christie- Although he's been in office for just a short time, Chris Christie's governorship of New Jersey has been nothing short of excellent. Though some doubts about this conservative-ness abound, his actions so far leading NJ show a conservative who is also pragmatic and good at what he does. On top of it all, he has shown he knows how to run a campaign and win.

Mitt Romney- The most important thing going for Mitt Romney is name recognition. Coming just short of the Republican nomination for President in 2008, Romney has been in the public's ey for over two years now. Some questions still about about his stances, but he is widely considered conservative.

Dark Horse- Glenn Beck: One of the nation's most influential political commentators, he has spearheaded a gigantic rally in Washington as well as the Tea Party and 9.12 Project. He'll have no problem with name recognition and is extremely conservative to boot. Though he's said that he won't run, some of his actions say otherwise.

Counter-Point, by RR

Sarah Palin

+ Natural political talent, huge charisma, tough, principled conservative, a real fighter, building a lot of support with her winning touch in the primaries

- Too good-looking by half, slightly silly accent, establishment GOP/MSM/entire Left out to destroy the poor gal... and Levi Johnston needs to get a job on a rig in Siberia

Intrade: 18.6

Sum: Hard to hold this one down... just like the powerful grassroots movement she's so closely allied with

Mitt Romney

+ Highly competent manager, economic expert, previous runner-up, looks and acts presidential

- Too good-looking by half, dull on the stump, hiding/laying low while waiting his turn, mostly absent from today's battle for the future of the nation... disappointing, where's some courage and sense of urgency here?  The tipping-point is now, not two years too late...

Intrade: 31.2

Sum: apparent front-runner to this point, and the establishment's dream candidate. For the rest of us, the father of RomneyCare has got some 'splainin to do... and we haven't heard a peep yet.

Tim Pawlenty

+ social conservative, respected governor, no apparent skeletons

- Lacks charisma and national political base, has been tepid in support of TEA Party movement... 'Cuda left him in the dust

Intrade: 12.8

Sum: already running, basically

Bobby Jindal

+ Wiz-kid Reaganite with a resume/record of success that puts most others to shame, impressive manager in most ways, novel background

- still not 40 yrs old, pretty-much choked in his big national TV debut

Intrade: 4.6

Sum: I really like Bobby Jindal... for 2016-2020, though.

John Bolton

+ Great strategic mind, true conservative -and patriot- all the way

- Pugnacious nature, honest to a fault, lack of campaign experience, distaste for for inside-the-Beltway DC political games

Intrade: n/a

Sum: Love the man... but I dunno if he's serious about recent hints, and came as quite a surprise to most.

Runners-up: Barbour, Daniels, or maybe Newt- although he's a non-starter for me personally due to heavy, heavy baggage and a number of poor choices from working with race-hustler Al Sharpton to total loser moves in NY-23... Scozzafava really made fool of him.

As a defense hawk, I don't stand take Ron Paul serious... at all.

Sure like Petraeus, would like to hear more from him on some key issues. But the good General seems fairly resolute about not entering politics anyway, and if the politically inexperienced Petraeus did go that way, perhaps a better fit as a VP alongside -say- a Sarah Palin...

So, who do you think is best?
survey tools

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Johnson Takes Big Lead in Wisconsin

For months the Wisconsin Senatorial election has been deadlocked between Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, and Republican businessman Ron Johnson. Basically the polling data has had Ron Johnson leading by one point, which is statistically meaningless. However, a brand new poll could shift Wisconsin into the "Lean Republican" category for the rest of the general election.

Rasmussen Survey of 750 Likely Voters:
Ron Johnson - 51%.
Sen. Feingold - 44%.
Someone else - 1%.
"Undecided" - 4%.

Johnson is obviously enjoying a big boost from his Republican Primary win on Tuesday, when he won the Nomination with 84% of the vote. This polling data also represents the first time in a Rasmussen Reports poll that either candidate has reached the coveted "50% mark," which bodes well for Mr.Johnson, a pure political novice.
Perhaps Republican control of the Senate is still feasible.

5 Arrested Over Plot Targeting the Pope.

I can't believe this. Who would want to kill the Pope?

Five men have been arrested in London and were being questioned over an alleged threat to Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of his tour of Britain, police said Friday.

The men, between the ages of 26 and 50, were arrested under the Terrorism Act at a business in central London. They were being questioned at a London police station and had not been charged.

Of all the religious leaders in the world, I would definitely deem Pope Benedict as the harmless one. However, even the peaceful Pope cannot escape the reality of the world's situation - Islamic Jihadists are out to kill us all:
Police declined to say whether the men were British or give details of their ethnicity. However, the BBC reported the men were not British nationals. Sources told Sky News that the suspects were Algerians.

The evil scum that we all face will stop at nothing to intimidate the world.

Daily Kos Founder: Scott Rasmussen is a "Chickensh--"

Crazy blogger and founder of dailykos.com Markos Moulitsas has been busy lately.  He's had to try to figure out an excuse for the reversal in fortunes of his beloved Democrats, all the while bashing the right and writing a book that calls all conservatives "jihadists."  I guess all of that extra work is starting to go to his pompous head.

Covering the primaries extensively Tuesday night, Moulitsas rambled on about the usual moonbattery.  'All conservatives are racists.'  Heard it.  'O'Donnell's inexperienced and dumb.'  Heard that too.  But taking a step outside of his usual delusions, Moulitsas decided to insult the founder of the nation's most accurate polling service, Scott Rasmussen.

Rambling about the election of Christine O'Donnell, Moulitsas took a step back and decided to take Scott Rasmussen on.  I'll quote him here and provide a picture of his post so you don't need to go to his site and give him unnecessary traffic.

Talking about the primaries, Moulitsas wrote, "Tomorrow we'll have general election matchups from PPP in Delaware and New Hampshire. And I'm sure Rasmussen will have O'Donnell ahead by 17 points, Ayotte by 34, even though he was too chickens--- to poll the primaries."  I added those three dashmarks.

Here's the actual post.  Since we're a family site, I've blurred the word in question:
Here's the link if you want to go to his site and see it for yourself.

So let me get this straight...Rasmussen Reports did not do polls on several primaries (though he did polls on many) so that means he is biased?  Or that means he's a "chicken----?"  Or that means he will automatically put O'Donnell and Ayotte in front?  I'm sorry, but I don't understand insane logic (and hopefully you don't either).

Apparently Mr. Moulitsas is unaware of Rasmussen Report's accuracy.  Either that or he is utterly aware of it, and thinks that by smearing them, he can discredit them.

Sorry, Moulitsas, the only person you discredit is yourself.
Can you say "crazy?"
Please come back for more conservative reporting!

Data: Liberal Websites' Readership Drastically Down

Apparently it's not liberal Democrats who are feeling the pain.  According to data from Alexa, which ranks website popularity, the average rank of liberal websites have severely descended over the last three months.

Sites like dailykos.com, democraticunderground.com, msnbc.com, and the formerly conservative littlegreenfootballs.com have seen precipitous drops in readership as well as ranking.  Alexa takes several factors into account when ranking websites, including links and the ability of a site to generate buzz.  However, the number one factor by far is readership.  It then takes the 3-month average of the site and assigns it a "rank" based on its performance.  Google is number 1, and the greater your number, the smaller your website is.

Little Green Footballs's drop is by far the most stark, as it has lost over 11,000 spots in the last three months alone and is now a lowly 47,342 (click on the pictures for much better quality):
In fact, if you look closely, LGF has been doing so poorly that even though its 7 day ranking is 50,291 (which is still lower than what it is now), Alexa shows that it has improved by 23,193 spaces.  In other words, before this past week, the traffic rank that Little Green Footballs was getting was well into the mid 70,000s.

Next is the psuedo-news site MSNBC.  If the beating they were taking in the TV ratings wasn't enough, they're shedding people on line as well:

Not only is MSNBC down 255 spots (which, as you get higher, means a tremendous amount of traffic), but in August they almost dipped underneath 6,000.  Their current rank is 2,882.  To put that into perspective, the Drudge Report is ranked number 426 in the world and in the last three months its ranking has improved.

The Daily Kos, known for being a liberal site and its crazy founder, has also fallen precipitously in ranking, dropping nearly one thousand spots to number 4,755:
If you look closely, you can see a clear trend of the site decreasing in size and rank.  Also, Daily Kos is also headstrong enough to have Site Meter on the bottom of their website.  Here's their monthly traffic over the last year (I added the arrow):

Last, but possibly least, is Democratic Underground, which has dropped over 1,500 places to number 7,415 over the last three months:
Not only are Democratic Underground and the Daily Kos down in readership, but Free Republic, their chief conservative rival, is now larger than both sites at rank 4,288.

The conservative Instapundit has risen over 1,300 spots in the last three months.  Hot Air, another conservative website, has also increased according to Alexa.  Firstthings.com has also risen, jumping over 1,000 spots.

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Pundit Press Opens Its Doors

Welcome to Pundit Press.  Though we've been online for several days now, today is our official launch.  We hope to one day grow to the heights of some of the great conservative websites out there.  Come to us for news and opinion that is not only correct but poignant.

Today we'll have several articles to start us off with a bang, including a Point-Counterpoint with the great conservative site Reaganite Republican.  So, thanks for dropping by and we hope to see you in the future.

Here's a picture of our site's mascot (and our nation's national bird), the bald eagle:
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Obama Tax Cuts?

Who do you think of when lower taxes and tax cuts are mentioned?

I would bet the farm on George W. Bush, who unlike is father, decreased federal taxation on the populace and stimulated economic growth for years. While his general economic policies are still being debated today, everyone can agree that his tax policies were beneficial for all Americans, regardless of tax bracket.

However, our ideological counterparts in the Democratic Party are attempting to rephrase/hijack our current "Bush tax cuts" debate into the "Obama tax cuts" debate. I actually heard Speaker Nancy Pelosi refer to the phantom "Obama tax cuts" during a press conference this afternoon. Hypocrisy or what?

For years the Democrat Party has attempted to reject the actual impact of the Bush tax cuts on vital economic growth. But now with the mid-term elections upcoming (and a Congressional vote) they are hijacking the greatest domestic success of President Bush's entire Presidency to fit their own electoral needs.

Absolutely unbelievable!

Who the hell would ever put "Obama" and "tax cuts" into the same sentence when they cancel each other out?

Husband Pays Ultimate Price to Save the Life of his Pregnant Wife

Some stories just speak to you, you know?  This one almost had me crying my eyes out.  From Yahoo!:
[Brian] Wood, a 33 year-old lead designer at popular game developer Relic Entertainment, was on his way back to his Washington home when his wagon was struck by an oncoming Chevy Blazer being driven by a 21 year-old woman believed to be driving under the influence. With his pregnant wife Erin in the passenger seat, Wood swerved his car to put himself directly in the path of the oncoming SUV -- a decision that ultimately cost him his life, but protected his wife and unborn child from harm...

"All the policeman say that if we had hit the car head-on all of us would be dead," Erin Wood told The Province. "At the very last second (Brian) braked really hard and turned right so that he would be put in the path of the SUV and not me and the baby, and that is the only thing that saved us both..."

A memorial trust was set up within days of the accident. Countless game developers, journalists and fans posted links on Twitter and Facebook, leading to literally thousands of supportive comments, messages and financial donations, prompting Wood to send an open letter to the gaming community to popular game blog Kotaku.
"Brian always told me about how close-knit and wonderful the video game community was, but I had no idea until this tragedy just how special a group it really is," she writes. "From all the articles and comments, to the emails and donations, I am simply stunned and so touched by the love, kindness, and generosity shown to me and my family."
At the time of his death, Brian Wood was working on Company of Heroes Online, a free-to-play version of Relic’s award-winning strategy game. It's currently in open beta-test.
To help Erin, please visit the Brian Wood Memorial Trust .

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Obama to Congress: Let's Spend A Lot of Money Before November

President Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has told the Democratic lead Congress that they should spend a lot of money before they get booted out of office.  How much?  $20,000,000,000.

This shows several things that are going through the President's mind at the moment.  One: he knows that Democrats are in for a beating come this November and he's got to blow that money before Republicans put the clamps on spending.
He's clearly thinking about spending your money
 Two: apparently he is aware that the BS that he's been pushing (that Republicans are making it impossible to pass anything) is just that, bull.  Third: apparently he is oblivious to the fact that voters want Congress and the President to stop spending like drunken sailors on an all night bender.

Mr. President, get a grip.

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We're Moving Up in the World: We're #10,716,936 on the Internet

Yes!  I remarked yesterday that Pundit Press was the number 15,650,795th biggest and influential site on the internet. Looks like we're moving up in the world.  According to Alexa, today we are the ranked number 10,716,936 on the internet.  That means we blasted by sites that haven't had articles in the last two years!
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Rasmussen: O'Donnell Still Trails.

The most touted poll before the Delaware primary was out of Rasmussen Reports, a right-leaning firm that is well respected for the accuracy of their polling data, and it showed Ms.O'Donnell 11 points behind Chris Coons in the general election. But 17% of voters were still undecided, and could go one way or another.

September 2, 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll:
Christopher Coons (D) - 47%.
Christine O'Donnell (R) - 36%.
Some Other Candidate - 8%.
Not sure/Undecided - 9%.

Perhaps those who disregarded the aforementioned polling data should have read between the lines. As a new poll out of Rasmussen still has Ms.O'Donnell trailing by 11%, but this time the voters have made up their mind. Please note the percentage of voters who are no longer undecided.

September 15, 2010 Rasmussen Reports poll:
Christopher Coons (D) - 53%.
Christine O'Donnell (R) - 42%.
Some Other Candidate - 1%.
Not sure/Undecided - 4%.

Unless a major Chris Coons scandal erupts in the coming weeks, I don't see a path for a Christine O'Donnell victory in Delaware. And I say that with regret.

Note: Public Policy Polling had Ms.O'Donnell trailing by 16% yesterday.

Jersey Woman Says Boyfriend 'Beat her with a Cat'

What do they do in New Jersey?  A 49-year-old man from Hoboken was arrested Thursday for allegedly beating his girlfriend with a household cat.  According to the woman, the man hit her with a "feline cat;" showing officers scratches on her body, police promptly arrested the man and charged him with assault.

The rest from NJ.com:
A 49-year-old Hoboken man was arrested Tuesday after he beat his girlfriend with a cat and punched her in the back and back of her head, according to police reports.

Around noon, Hoboken police were dispatched to the 300 block of Marshall Dr., and a 20-year-old Jersey City woman was crying and told police that her boyfriend punched her a few times and hit her with a "feline cat," reports said. She said she had pain to her lower back and the back of her head, reports said.

Police then arrested her boyfriend Lasalle Davis with a simple assault charge for domestic violence, reports said.

The woman told police that they had been dating for two years and he became mad when she did not call him the night before, reports said. When she came to Hoboken to visit her sister, he showed up, yelled at her and grabbed her right arm, reports said. She told him she no longer wanted to date him, and that’s when he picked up the cat and hit her, reports said.

She declined to speak to a member of the Domestic Violence Team but did want to file a restraining order against Davis in Hudson County Superior Court, reports said.

Police did not know the whereabouts or the condition of the cat. The victim did not immediately respond to inquiries about the cat.

Davis' court date is set for Oct. 27 in Hoboken Municipal Court.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Allen West interview: "Institutional racism is gone."

This gentleman represents the best of America.

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The State of the GOP in New York

I feel compelled to ask an obvious question. What is wrong with the republican party? I am specifically speaking of the New York party, but I suspect my sentiments hold for many states and on the national level.

New York held its primaries on Tuesday and the state party should be ashamed. With the results of the people in it is clear that the party no longer represents it's members.

Carl Paladino beat Rick Lazio in a landside. And Joe DioGuardi beat David Malpass and Bruce Blakeman by sizable margins. Blakeman was the party guy and barely reached 20% of the vote. Why is the party so out of touch with the people? There's likely many reasons, but right about
now, it doesn't matter. The people are speaking and we are not happy!

There is a movement afoot.

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Interview with Small Dead Animals

We're proud to present interview number two in our new interview series. This time we're interviewing Kate, the editor of the site Small Dead Animals. Make sure to check them out and subscribe!

1. When and why did you start Small Dead Animals?

Smalldeadanimals.com came into being in February of 2004. As it says on my main page, I'm the type that tends to "yell at the radio". Now, with the blog, the "radio" can hear me.

2. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected or feared?

I expected very little of him. His lack of career involvement in the private sector - much less personal achievement - spoke for itself. What has surprised me was the reluctance of rank and file Democrats to speak up and curb the worst excesses.

3. What's the best thing about running your site?

The reader feedback. We have a lively comments section that has attracted a regular readership who represent a lot of knowledge and experience - from air traffic controllers, to physicians, farmers, computer geeks, and for some reason - a lot of engineers.

4.Any favorites for 2012 yet?

Nope. One of my main complaints with mainstream news today is that they deliver very little news at all - that the typical newscast is "1/3 opinion, 1/3 prediction, and 1/3 weather". I try not to make the same mistake.

5. Would you support (even though you can't vote for) a "RINO" against Obama?

Well, I'm Canadian, so can only help bring down your governments from afar. But in Canada I have been guilty of the CINO vote. Here where party members are "whipped", it doesn't much matter what your local Member of Parliament's position is.  They'll vote the wishes of the PM, or be ejected from caucus.

6. What is the dumbest/worst thing Obama has done so far?

It's a long list, but apologizing to the despotic governments of the Middle East is probably tied with setting deadlines for withdrawel in Iraq and Afghanistan.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

As a Canadian living in a resource rich, exporting province (Saskatchewan), I'm deeply concerned with what I see going on in the US right now. The utter destruction being wreaked on private sector confidence, the staggering debt, the explosion of the nanny state, and the inexplicable efforts of legislators at all levels to force even the smallest wealth creator out of existence in the name of "the environment" has me frightened for our own long range economic health.

We're your largest trading partner. What happens in Washington doesn't stay in Washington.


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DNC's Major Announcement: They've Got a New Logo!

Billed yesterday as something cataclysmic and earth-shattering, the DNC received much attention over a "major announcement" that they said they'd be revealing today.  Well here it is!  It's a...it's a...large letter D with a circle around it!!
No, I'm absolutely serious.  This is the "major announcement" that the DNC has been touting for a whole day now.  Even freaking CNN got in on the coverage.  To quote their article:

The source tells CNN that Kaine will announce something that will excite Democrats across the country.
What a waste of my, your, and even their time.  Remember, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is the very same person who said that Republicans are "cannibal[s]."  Did CNN really expect him to say something that was true, let alone something that would "excite Democrats across the country?"

Republicans are on the march.  Yesterday they nominated what they considered conservative candidates for Senate and the very best the Democrats can do is to take a letter and draw a shape around it?  These are the people who hold the Executive and Legislative branches of our government?

I wonder what new, exciting logo they'll make after they lose a bunch of seats come November.

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Ayotte Wins in New Hampshire

It's been called:  Kelly Ayotte has won the Republican nomination for Senate in New Hampshire.  According to Politico, she defeated rival Ovide Lamontagne by just over 1,600 votes.  The Palin-backed "mama grizzly" squeaked out a victory with just over 38% of the vote to Lamontagne.  However, it is being reported that a recount may be in the works.

This is good news for the Republican "establishment" after yesterday's defeat of establishment-backed Mike Castle in Delaware.  This is also good news for Republicans in general, because the nation's most accurate polling service, Rasmussen, has Ayotte defeating Democratic challenger Paul Hodes by 13%.
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Friend of Charles Rangel: Paul Tonko

New York's 21st congressional district is an oddity in New York politics: Democratic by design, but still Conservative by default. The cities of Albany, Amsterdam, and Troy dominate, but the rural communities of Canajoharie, Cobleskill, and Rensserlaerville are still important.

The people live conservatively, hunt religiously, and are bound by tradition. They don't oppose the private ownership of firearms, and they expect honesty from their representatives. I might be a simpleton, but those are good qualities for a viable citizenry.

Which is why I must the expose the truth about Congressman Paul Tonko, a man who the local citizenry elected not on political policy, but on personal demeanor. Tonko hasn't gouged the tax payers via expensive congressional travel, nor has he requested any wasteful earmarks during his first term in office.

But he has aligned himself with extreme big government interests, and with dishonest members of his own political party.

According to Open Congress, a well respected website that tracks congressional votes, and the individual votes of Congressmen, Mr.Tonko has voted with Speaker Pelosi 100% of the time since joining the House of Representatives. And it does get worse: Mr.Tonko and Charles Rangel, one of the most corrupt members of Congress, think so much alike (98% of their votes are alike) that Tonko donated five hundred dollars to the Rangel Victory Fund last summer. That money was donated after Rangel's corrupt ways were revealed.

Mr.Tonko has also accepted the Nomination of the Working Families Party, which as you might remember from last year's special election involving Dede Scozzafava and Doug Hoffman, is closely associated with ACORN (Bertha Lewis ran both ACORN and the Working Families Party from the same office), and advocates for socialism to replace our current Capitalist economic society.

In conclusion, Mr.Tonko might be a man of friendly demeanor, but what good does it do for us when the man behind the demeanor supports a San Francisco liberal unanimously, a corrupted politician financially, and a socialistic Party unabashedly.

It's time to demand honest government for a change.

We're the Number 15,650,795th Biggest Site on the Internet!

Sites that get less than 5 visitors a day eat your heart out!  According to Alexa, Pundit Press is now the 15,650,795th biggest and influential site on the internet.  Oh, that's right, 15,650,795!  We're bigger than at least one or two sites.  Take that Tape Worm Enthusiast and FunnyKathyGriffinJokes.com!  Here we come 15,650,794!

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Surprise: Coons beating O'Donnell.

According to Public Policy Polling today, Chris Coons is now leading Christine O'Donnell in Delaware's upcoming special election to replace Joe Biden (and Ted Kaufman) in the United States Senate by double-digits. It might be hard to believe, but Conservative strategists such as Karl Rove are probably/definitely right to deem Delaware a lost cause now.

Christopher Coons (D) - 50%.
Christine O'Donnell (R) - 34%.
Not sure/Someone else - 16%.

I support Christine O'Donnell, but unlike Scott Brown in Massachusetts, I don't believe that this tea party backed candidate has a shot in hell of winning. Also, I am pretty sure that no one needs to contact Michael Castle for comment:

Interview with iOwn the World

Pundit Press is proud to present its first interview in a new interview series. We're interviewing BigFurHat of the excellent site iOwn the World. Please check out the site and make sure to bookmark!

1. When and why did you start iOwn the World?

One day, in early 2007, I got a call from my friend telling me
about this hilarious site called ThePeoplesCube.com. We instantly became huge fans. Then one day the same friend called to say that he did a parody of Audacity of Hope and that Oleg (the owner) published it. So, I did a parody ad called the Chevy Bill Ayers. He published that. Then another friend did a parody ad of a Ted Kennedy 6ft Monster Doll. He published that. So we started submitting regularly, so much so that he gave the three of us (Irony Curtain, Hippie Critic and myself) our own section called the KG3. While this was happening we had another friend who kept saying that we should have our own website and that she had a domain name - I Own The World. We liked the idea. So she worked hard to get the site ready for a launch date of January 22nd, the day Obama was inaugurated.
There were the 5 of us - Admin Girl (the owner), Mr. Pinko, Hippie Critic, Irony Curtain and myself. Then we added Snark and Boobs (Lori Ziganto) and illustr8r. We are committed to smashing the myth that the right isn't creative, as well as defeating progressivism.<
2. What has been President Obama's best moment in office? Worst?

I feel Obama's best moments are when he does roasts. He's actually got a pretty good sense of timing and delivery. His smugness actually pays off in that arena. His worst moment was trying to get into the White House through the window. Seeing him standing there like an imbecile was the first moment that people, who previously felt he was too cool and was going to be impervious to criticism, sat up and said, "uh oh."
3. You use photoshopped pictures a lot. Do you have a favorite?

My personal favorite is the Elena Kagan as Sergeant Schultz. Pamela Geller called at about 3am and didn't say anything but, "I need a picture of Kagan as a Nazi." I hung up and immediately thought of Schultz. I wasn't sure that the comedic overtone was what she wanted but I did it anyway. It almost shopped itself. I did it in 10 minutes. I e-mailed it and just got a laughing smiley icon back in the inbox. The thing I like most about it is that it is classic agitprop; it's just mean and intended to humiliate. That, and the fact that Rachel Maddow had the image on her show as a piece that was "beyond the pale!" The image was used for a breaking story when Kagan's college thesis was published. In it she admirably sources the work of a known Nazi sympathizer.

4. Any favorite for 2012 yet?
I actually want someone to step forward late in the game that is not a very recognized nationally known name and just capture the spirit of what is needed - a fairly young, vibrant, smart, energetic, positive CONSERVATIVE. Nikki Haley would be a good choice.

5. What's the best part about running your site?

The commenters. They are smarter than we are and their input leads to a lot of material.

6. What do you think should happen to Harry Reid?

Maybe he should be bitten in the ass by a rattlesnake while campaigning back in Searchlight. It would be a dicey situation. I'm pretty sure people in that region are done putting their mouths on his ass.


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Primaries Show Conservatism on the Rise in Republican Party

In a year where the average citizen is pushing for conservative candidates, this past Tuesday's Republican primary results show just how strong that sentiment is.  Established "favorites" Mike Castle in Delaware's Senate race and Rick Lazio in New York's gubernatorial race were trounced by more conservative candidates.  The same is true was Wisconsin and the race in New Hampshire.

In Delaware, conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell came from a large pre-election cycle deficit to defeat Castle by over 6%.  Polls just before the election had here receiving 47% of the vote.  When all was said and done, she had gotten 53.1% of the vote to Castle's 46.9%.
In New York, pre-election polls had Rick Lazio with a slight lead over the more conservative Carl Paladino.  When the election came, the results were much different.  With 86.1% of the precincts voting, Paladino has garnered over 60% of the vote to Lazio's 37.1%.  This is an utter landslide.

With a media that has stated several times that there is "no trend" in this year's election cycle, one is (as has been) showing: conservatives are getting the nod in the Republican party.

In New Hampshire, Palin-backed Kelly Ayotte and tea party favorite Ovide Lamontagne are in close contention, with both only separated by .5% in their Senate primary.  To Republicans, both seem conservative and their incredibly close race seems to be another example of more right-leaning candidates winning out.

In Wisconsin's gubernatorial race, Scott Walker won in a landslide, beating his nearest opponent by almost 20%.  His main campaign message: frugality.  Another conservative, another victory.
In a year that seems to be pointing towards a major Republican gain in the House and Senate, it seems very likely that Congress will be much more conservative come January.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/14/2010 Primary Results.

As of 10:45 via the New York Times, here are the latest Primary Results:

Delaware Senate - GOP Nomination:
Christine O'Donnell - 30,561 - 53%.
Rep. Michael Castle - 27,021 - 47%.
100% of precincts reporting.

Maryland Governor - GOP Nomination:
Robert Ehrlich - 54,181 - 76%.
Brian Murphy - 16,684 - 24%.
21% of precincts reporting.

New Hampshire Senate - GOP Nomination:
Mr.Lamontagne - 16,069 - 44%.
AG Kelly Ayotte - 13,194 - 36%.
20% of precincts reporting.

New York Governor - GOP Nomination:
Carl Paladino - 101,411 - 73%.
Rep. Rick Lazio - 37,711 - 27%.
19% of precincts reporting.

New York Senate - GOP Nomination:
Rep. DioGuardi - 35,507 - 42%.
David Malpass - 32,204 - 38%.
Bruce Blakeman - 17,280 - 20%.
13% of precincts reporting.

New York House (23) - GOP Nomination:
Matthew Doheny - 2,359 - 56%.
Douglas Hoffman - 1,824 - 44%.
20% of precincts reporting.

Wisconsin Senate - GOP Nomination:
Ron Johnson - 158,120 - 84%.
Dave Westlake - 20,818 - 11%.
Stephen Finn - 9,022 - 5%.
28% of precincts reporting.

Bad night for me. All but two of my favored candidates are losing....

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O'Donnell Takes Early Lead

With less than 1% of the vote in, Christine O'Donnell has taken an early lead in the Delaware Senate race. According to the votes in so far, it looks like a fairly large lead. O'Donnell was endorsed by Jim Demint and Sarah Palin.

Not sure where the votes are coming from right now. It would also be interested to see the 2006 and 2008 primaries to see the percentages of moderates and conservatives voting in those primaries.

With .6% in:

O'Donnell: 57.4%
Castle: 42.6%

Update 8:34 pm with 7.7% in:

O'Donnell: 52.3%
Castle: 47.7%

Update 8:37 pm with 13.8% in:

O'Donnell: 54.7%
Castle: 45.3%

Update 8:41 pm with 21.8% in:

O'Donnell: 55.9%
Castle: 44.1%

Update 8:45 pm with 36.6% in:

O'Donnell: 55.4%
Castle: 44.6%

Source: Politico.

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