Sunday, February 16, 2014

Obama, Critic of "Redskins" Name, Posts Pic of Man With Redskins Shirt to Tout ObamaCare

President Obama, who has publicly said that the name "Redskins" is offensive, found no problem publicly posting a picture of the so-called offensive image when it supports his name-sake health care law.

Earlier this week, President Obama tweeted a new ad for the Affordable Care Act:
Obama Redskins
Under normal circumstances, this would just be another ad that touts ObamaCare. However, late in 2013, President Obama waded into the controversy surrounding the name "Redskins" for Washington's NFL team, slamming the name as offensive "to a sizable group of people."

He went further, saying, "I don't know whether our attachment to a particular name should override the real legitimate concerns that people have about these things."

Interestingly, the thing that he finds so offensive it a-okay when it's pushing his political agenda. Even odder, the Redskins' official twitter account actually responded to the President's tweet:

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