Friday, February 14, 2014

Obama to Uninsured "Get PamPURRED;" President Uses Cats, Pun to Pitch ObamaCare, "Adorable Care Act"

For those uninsured, apparently the thing that was keeping them from getting health insurance was the fact that President Obama did not make a cat-pun in order to pitch the Affordable Care Act. Or, as the President likes to call it, the "Adorable Care Act."

On President Obama's personal (and verified) Twitter account, the Commander in Chief posted a picture of kittens. To the right of the kittens, a text box reads:
"Treat yourself right this Valentine's Day. Get pamPURRED with health care. ADORABLE CARE ACT"

There are also hearts on the card.

Here is a screen shot from the President's account:
President Obama Twitter
And here is a picture of the card itself:
Cats Affordable Care Act
If only the President had realized that the lack of sign-ups for his health care law was because of his deficit of kittens!

This, of course, also reminds people of when the President realized that people weren't signing up for ObamaCare because of a distinct lack of young adults in onesies:

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