Monday, November 21, 2011

OWS: Protesters are Being Sent to "Concentration Camps"

Concentration camps were abhorrent places where people are sent to work and die.  The Nazis used them in World War II, genocidally killing six million Jews and millions of others that they considered "lesser" races.  Those in the camps were barely fed, worked upwards of sixteen hours a day doing back-breaking slave labor, and were shot on the whims of their Nazi captors.  Disease was rampant, people were caked in mud, and the only "showers" were where the S.S. sent people to be gassed.

And, according to Occupy Wall Street, being arrested by the police is the equivalent of being sent to a Concentration Camp.  It is useless to say this, because it is already readily apparent, but those at OWS have no perspective of the past, no understanding of history, and no knowledge of the world around them.

Here are just a few disgusting examples of their horrifying stupidity.

"Concentration camps:"
The government has opened concentration camps (this was scrubbed by the Occupy Wall Street website, but unfortunately for them Google has a cache system):
[Any President] knows that he'll be able to keep office even if he keeps our concentration camps open and habeas corpus shut down.
And some dumbass agrees:
On the OWS website, "the concentration camps have already been built:"
Give them a reason and an excuse. The concentration camps have already been built in the USA. Give them a reason and an excuse.
And a good dose of paranoia and calling the police Nazis from these posts:
And please, please do not insult my or anyone's intelligence, OWS, by saying that this is just a few crazy people.  We have covered example, after example, after example, after example, after exampleafter example, after example, after example, after exampleafter example, after example, after exampleafter example, after example, after example, after example, after example of absolutely insane actions by Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. So far, I haven't seen a single #OWS-er who could concentrate.

  2. From evidence presented so far, it's plainly evident that International Village Idiot on Steroids convention is in progress.

  3. I spent 16 days at Zuccotti Park before it was shut down. I was not there to Occupy, I was there to observe and shake my head. Not one time did I hear a coherent explanation as to what they were doing. Ignorance of the holocaust and concentration camps does not surprise me. It was an economically/politically-confused sleepover.

  4. That last one is the most confounding of them all - "The 1% can't lock up the cash cow" Is that the cash cow that is unemployed or the cash cow that refuses to pay back its debt? You keep using this word...I donno think it means what you think it means.

  5. Actually, concentration camps were not originally labor camps, though they were no less abhorrent for so being. The first camps of which I am aware were British, and they were used to lock up Boer noncombatants. (Of course, I may be wrong.)

  6. Actually, the first use of the term "concentration camp" was during the Boer War. The Brits set up camps where they concentrated the Boer civilians. The idea being to deprive the Boer fighters of their support. But they did result in a lot of deaths, mostly because it was 1900 and infectious diseases were very deadly in concentrated populations.

  7. As Monty Python would say "Bring out yer dumb"!

  8. Concentration camps? Is that like a sports camp? Good idea, these losers could use the practice.

    Maybe if they concentrate long enough they can figure out just what they are protesting.