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Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Day After Supporting OWS, Men's Wearhouse in Oakland Vandalized by Protesters

It's a simple lesson in appeasement that the world learned in the 1930s.  When there are radicals that are demanding ludicrous things based on erroneous facts, you do not give in.  This is something that the Men's Wearhouse in Oakland did not learn.

Yesterday they put up this sign in their window:
And today, that very window was smashed in by protesters
Check out our extensive  coverage!
Is it any surprise that a bunch of hoodlums calling for the end of capitalism would bust in a window of a business?  I don't think so.

Maybe Men's Wearhouse will learn from this lesson.  But I can't guarantee it.

H/T: SF Gate, TAP

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  1. Men's Wearhouse is run by a bunch of idiots. I guarantee it!

  2. The founder of Men's Wearhouse (George Zimmer) is a big-time Democratic donor.

  3. I'm cheap, so I'm a natural Men's Warehouse customer. But I will not patronize the Home of the Pussies. Looks like it will have to be Brooks Brother's, then.

  4. I bought my last coat from Men's Wearhouse. I'll go elsewhere next time. Insult to injury.

  5. Blacque Jacques ShellacqueNovember 3, 2011 at 10:40 PM

    George Zimmer == sucker

  6. George, didn't you know, after the Revolution, the useful idiots that supported it are the first ones to face the firing squad....

  7. And your evidence that this was done by protestors is . . . you say so? Oh, I am ever so convinced by your pretty picture and those words that you say.

    OWS has nothing to do with ending capitalism. It has to do with ending crony capitalism. If that's the kind of capitalism you like, then say so. If you like another kind (the pure, real kind), then fight for it.

    Otherwise, do us all a favor and just shut up.

  8. I couldn't care less about the political affiliation of the CEO.

    However, when Men's Wearhouse decided to side with the violent protesters they permanently lost my business.

    As for the damage, I'm glad no employees were hurt. With OWS spinning out of control its only a matter of time before innocents get hurt.

  9. I sent them an email this morning with a link to that picture and told them I'd be taking my business to Brooks Brothers or a local bespoke tailor who isn't much more expensive then Men's Wearhouse' (and Brooks Bros) higher end suits. I added that if they're interested in supporting the people who want to smash capitalism, I'd be glad to help, starting with a company that supplies the suits I wear every day at work. It's the least I can do to help Stick it to The Man.

  10. First they came for the guys who sold cheap suits...

  11. one guy threw a rock through a window and you invalidate a movement of hundreds of thousands of people supported by a majority of the country

    you're weird.

  12. "Hundreds of thousands"?

    Um, no.

  13. It's that laying with dogs and fleas thing.

  14. Tea Party wants to take the CRONY out of Crony Capitalism.

    The Occupiers want to take CAPITALISM out of Crony Capitalism.

  15. might i suggest hickey freeman c/o nordstrom rack or off 5th (if you have one...) amazing stuff.

    wrong uniform for ows, however

  16. "And your evidence that this was done by protestors is . . . you say so?"

    According to the source at SF Gate, there was something associated with the OWS bunch going on earlier in the area (you really should follow the links). The chances that the window broke itself or was broken by some OWS non-participant, are rather low.

    "If you like another kind (the pure, real kind), then fight for it."

    That's why we're waiting for November of 2012 to roll around. If there was ever the perfect example of crony capitalism that needed to be excised, Obama and his bunch are it.

  17. Don't feed the OWS trolls. They're falling all over themselves lying: one says that OWS didn't do it, one says they did... but this act of violence doesn't invalidate an entire movement, even though there are hundreds of accounts of violence, rape, and calls to murder.

    Their logic is so twisted it is simply a waste of time to talk to them.

  18. Why do you people assume OWS wants to "end capitalism"? What makes you say this? Just because you are reading... sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign after sign in every single city where OWS metastiszed doesn't mean they actually mean it! You can't judge people by what they actually say and do.... you have to judge them by..... I dunno, something other than what they say and do, I guess.

    C'mon, be fair!

  19. "OWS has nothing to do with ending capitalism." Really? I know the Occupy message is hopelessly muddled, but if there is one thing that you can count on, it is that the Occupy folks are firmly against capitalism. Care to take a guess what slogan was written on a massive banner that stretched across 14th Street yesterday? "Death to Capitalism." That's not hearsay or the speculation of some loony blogger; that's what I saw with my own eyes, since I work (ooh, evil) across the street from the Oakland city hall. The Men's Wearhouse window, just around the corner from the plaza, was one of many broken over the course of the night, and nearly every building nearby was a canvas for anti-capitalism graffiti (again, I saw it with my own two eyes). It may have been a relatively small number of vandals that caused the property damage, but don't delude yourself; the group as a whole is firmly against capitalism. Andrew X has it exactly right.

  20. Carrying a brick around to smash windows requires prior planning. Actually throwing a brick through a window requires expending energy towards a goal.
    Those two facts pretty much prove that the window wasn't broken by anyone associated with OWS.

  21. George, after spending an average of $500 anually at your stores, you'll never get another dime from me...I guarantee it!

    Retail is no place to play politics.

  22. Immediately before looking at this I was reading a book on those who tried to buy off the Nazis and failed. You're part of the 1 percent, George, and those who believe in class solidarity will eventually sweep you up in their insanity.

  23. Personally, I've made one purchase at Men's Warehouse. Ever. The quality of their suits is okay. Not terrible, not wonderful. Okay. But, honestly, for what you're getting, they're way overpriced. For the same quality, you're better off going to Syms or Century 21. For the same price you're better off going to Brooks Brothers.

  24. George Zimmer's is the head of Men's Wearhouse. Here's his recent compensation:
    Salary Incentive Other Total
    2009 956,231 — — — 66,000 — 476,680 1,498,911
    2008 1,016,016 — — 34,000 — 658,996 1,709,012
    2007 1,034,248 — — 66,667 — 566,309 1,667,224

  25. Meanwhile, in his tastefully appointed underground lair, George Zimmer sips a single malt scotch and mutters, "Those OWS bastards just won't stay bought. Whatever happened to integrity?"

  26. So, did Zimmer really believe in OWS or did he think he could starve off the beast forever? OWS is against anyone making money except them. Once again it's the liberals acting like brownshirts.

    So, where does this end? The Democrats haven't denounced these idiots. Let's be honest, more Democratic politians are communists. Of course, the communists leaders had food and toilet paper, while the people who they were protecting from capitalism had long lines for left overs.

    This ain't going to end soon, nor end well I fear.

  27. JOS a Bank > Mens Wearhouse.

  28. This isn't even a properly fit article. The headline is misleading and you have no facts to back up your claims.

    Do not associate every act that happens near OWS as an act by "protesters."

    "Truth can stand by itself." You don't have to dress it up.

  29. So you are a "Truther"? The OWS crowd riots on every single street around this Mens Wearhouse, videos of them starting fires, spray painting "STRIKE" on buildings, and throwing home-made bombs at the police. But somehow you come to teh conclusion that George Bush threw a brick through the window?

  30. I have no use for OWS, but why would they smash the shop windows of a business which had that very day declared itself their political lackey? It doesn't make much sense.

  31. I'm going to choose to shop elsewhere from now on.

  32. @ Elinor Dashwood "I have no use for OWS, but why would they smash the shop windows of a business which had that very day declared itself their political lackey? It doesn't make much sense."

    Elinor, aside from mob psychology, OWS does not like Capitalism period. They see it as evil and would love to see its demise even though they would be hurting themselves (something they don't understand).

  33. Occupy Everywhere!

  34. looks like the commies really do eat their own.

  35. Face it... Men's Wearhouse put the signs in their window, nit to show support, but in hopes that the protesters would do no harm to their business; they were trying to avoid repair costs.
    @ Elinor Dashwood "I have no use for OWS, but why would they smash the shop windows of a business which had that very day declared itself their political lackey? It doesn't make much sense."

    OWS doesn't make sense. They say they are for the 99% of "us", the non-rich. Yet they try to shut down businesses, an act that only hurts the employees and small businesses (owned by members of the 99% they are fighting for).
    If they believed (and understood) logic and reason they'd be...
    they'd be the Tea Party.

  36. Just keep the cameras and microphones rolling. Marxism on display is the greatest advertising we have going for us.

    America is watching, shaking their head .... and will be voting.


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