Friday, November 18, 2011

Awww: OWS Declares Clearing of Zuccotti Park a 'Genocide'

Well, as if those on Occupy Wall Street didn't have enough hyperbole. Now, the group that has applauded an assassination attempt on the President and called for cannibalism is resorting to their same-old same-old. This fits well with their expanding rap sheet.

OWS id declaring the New York City Police Department's clearing of Zuccotti Park various things, including the most insensitive terms they could possibly think of. In short: cleaning the park = the Holocaust.

Don't believe me? Well, let's take a look at Twitter:
or this gem:
Or maybe this one blaming... wait for it... the corporations!
Or the narcissists comparing their struggling with the slaughter of civilians going on in Syria against a brutal dictatorship:
These people are impossibly stupid:
These people are clueless. Are they supposed to be the future?

Update- Here are a couple of idiotic comparisons of Occupy Wall Street to the murder of six million Jews:

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  1. Perspective and facts: these imbeciles don't have either

  2. Please give them a dictionary, they are so full of words but don't know the definition. How offensive for anyone from a country that went through genocide. Let them take a tour of Cube then they can find out what oppression is really about

  3. xufn this reminds me of the Boston Massacre?

    Does he mean the Boston Tea Party? Where they dressed like Indians and dumped Tea into Boston Harbor? To protest taxation without representation. Yeah it's exactly a like, except that it has nothing in common with the Boston Tea Party/

  4. Yes, being told to go home is EXACTLY the same as getting a bullet in the head. Figuratively speaking.

  5. It just gets worse and worse with these self-absorbed, whiny, lazy whackjobs.

  6. They're absolutely right. In fact, I ate a banana the other day that was a little over-ripe and kind of, you know, mealy. I swear it was worse than Pol Pot and the Killing Fields

  7. Yes, it is like the Boston Massacre, where a mob attacked soldiers, and got exactly what they deserved.

  8. Nothing funny about this to those of us who have actually WORKED WITH genocide survivors. People who watch their parent be dismember, had horrible things done to them, survived by playing dead, then walked for weeks to escape, drinking from streams that tasted like blood for most of the way (and can't eat beef to this day).
    These whiny spoil brats disgust me and I'd ship 10 of them to the bush of Africa to get just one of our kids out of the hellhole conditions there.

  9. The majority of the OWS ilk is the product of our fine government-controlled education system, one that puts more emphasis on indoctrination than education. These are "the children that are the future" for whom we were supposed to do so much. Kinda makes you wonder what happened with the ones that got jobs, raised families, etc.; where did we go wrong there? Education, discipline, morality, what?

  10. At least they support obama....