Monday, May 06, 2013

North Korea Withdraws Musudan Missiles; Party Organ Neglects Fact

So after weeks of saber-rattling by the North Korean regime: which featured the typical over the top denunciations of U.S. and South Korean foreign policy, threats of thermonuclear annihilation of the imperialist United States and destroying the only unifying policy on the Korean Peninsula, the idiots in Pyongyang have decided to back down.

U.S. officials confirmed tonight that the untested North Korean Musudan missiles have been relieved of their photo-prop duties and brought back to storage to await another day of terrifying threats to the international community, probably after they realize harsh U.N. sanctions are not going away just because they play nice for food.

The official North Korean news organ neglected to mention this little fact to their valued readership, instead they continued to bang the war drums by informing readers that if one shell crosses international waters during soon to be held joint U.S.-South Korean naval drills that they will "turn the five islands in the West Sea of Korea into a sea of flames."

I bet both the United States and South Korean Navies are just so terrified... Especially after Pyongyang pulled their untested, useless and probably mock up missiles from the launch pad and into storage... Boy, I'm scared just thinking about it.

What say you?

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