Monday, May 06, 2013

Jodi Arias is Guilty

Jodi Arias, who brutally slaughtered her former boyfriend Travis Alexander, has been found guilty of first degree murder. Arias now faces the possibility of getting the death penalty.

Arias cried when the verdict was announced, though did not weep. Jennifer Willmont angrily glared at the jury.

Five on the jury found premeditated murder. The other seven found both premeditated and felony murder. Premeditated murder is when someone plans to murder someone well ahead of time. Felony murder is when, during a crime or after a heat of passion attack, the killer, instead of stopping their attack, reflects and comes to the conclusion to murder the victim.

This is not the end of the trial, however. The jury must now come back tomorrow and hear the case for or against the death penalty.


  1. Someone needs to tell SJ on the jodiariasisinnocent website (I have been banned) that once the Alexanders win their civil suit, all the money his website has collected will go to the Alexanders! Jodi has been totally busted and I am laughing mfao at your stupid website. And guess what? - I am not a Mormon or a pedo-hugger- go figure...

  2. Matt,

    They are total tool bags. They get all happy cause they bought a "Survivor" tshirt (gag) to cough cough "support" domestic violence.

    Hate to tell all those idiots that I have done more to support DV than they could dream of. I donate all my spare clothes that are sold at thrift stores and proceeds go to Safe Nest. A REAL DV foundation, not some lying twats false claim that is laughable. We even shop at the shops to help generate revenues.

    I dont know one real victim of DV (I am one) who beleives her. ALV totally discredited herself as a viable advocate with her complete assenine testimony. What's worse when the god mother of battered woman (wish I remembered the doctor's name but she was on Nancy Grace and Dr Drew) and she even said "No way is she a victim".

    Oh wait, guess jodiisinnocent will say she is a hater.

    Ever notice how all of them wont tell their families they support her? Couldn't imagine why.