Tuesday, May 07, 2013

South Carolina, Please Vote Mark Sanford...

I know the choice is unappealing at best, but former Governor Mark Sanford is the best option we have in South Carolina's 1st congressional district and voters have to pull the lever for him.

Although a champion of smaller government and fiscal responsibility in state politics, he made more then one mistake with his Argentinian mistress and even worse Appalachian Trail debacle, but with a seat in Congress on the line and his opponent a dye-in-the-wool Nancy Pelosi liberal. ..We just can't afford to be choosy.

Plus do we really want the sister of Stephan Colbert in Congress?

Our nation is sixteen trillion dollars in debt, our economy is still limping along, and our Congress is as useless as ever to resolve the situation, as a former Congressman and successful Governor, policy wise, Sanford is the logical choice on the issues, while his opponent is non-committal on policy stances and has framed about every ounce of her campaign on personal politics.

So to the voters of South Carolina's 1st congressional district: I know this might be a tough pill to swallow, but lets face - every politician is gonna screw us one way or another, this one just did a mistress instead, so why not forgive, forget, and focus on rebuilding America with a stronger more fiscally responsible Congress.

What say you?


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