Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to find a good deal on high speed internet

In this age of modern technology, one of the most important things is to be connected to the outside world. Making sure that the lines of communication are open can be one of the best things you can do for your professions, social, and financial life. With so many things that you have going on online, it is important that you find one of the best plans possible. This way you can get the service that you want and need while also making sure that you can get it at a good price. These two things together can be an excellent combination for you at your house, the office, or at school. The internet is one of the best tools of communication and can be used in so many different fashions. Used correctly, you can get a lot done all of the time-- at night dealing with your bank statements, during the morning doing work, and in the afternoon keeping up with your family and friends. Email can be a very useful tool, connecting you with people quietly and quickly around the globe. When you put all of these factors together, you have so many important things that a modern life really cannot live easily without. By using these things together, you can use these to the best of your ability.

That is why finding the best provider is important. You don't want to have a provider that provides spotty or incomplete service. You also want to make sure that the office is friendly and helpful whenever you may need it. You also can make sure that the service is the best cost for what you may or may not need. This way you can be the most prepared without spending all of your hard-earned money. By having such convenience you can be prepared for what your family can use or your business may need at the office. With so many things depending on the internet and all of the things that it brings, you will wind up with just what you need.

But with so many providers, which one is the best for what you need? There are many companies out there that offer services, sometimes with a plan that may sound good. However, you may be able to find just the plan that is the best for what is going on in your life. One option that you can take a look at is http://internetproviders.org/. By looking at the site, you can see the plans that are available. By comparing the different providers and what their plans offer, you can take advantage of what is best for you. For example, does the plan offer wifi service? What about a free installation? What are the upload and download speeds? Is there a data cap? Can you integrate the program with another element, such as a TV plan or a phone plan? These things can save you a lot of money, which can be a big difference in your wallet. Also, more reliable service can be a big help, especially as you are making sure that you have exactly what you need, just when you need it.

So make sure to do the research that you need. You will be happy that you did.

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Watch Draft Live, April 26, 2012

Unfortunately, Pundit Press is not live streaming the NFL Draft. However, ESPN will have it both on television and the internet. All you have to do is go here and enjoy.

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OWS Unveils New Propaganda Poster: A Unicorn Ripping the Head off of a Police Officer

Occupy Wall Street, well known for its violence against police and civilians, rapes, and suicides, is attempting to make a comeback. After months of being out of the public eye, OWS is planning a rally on May Day, or May 1.

To accompany their rally, Occupy Wall Street has created a propaganda poster to show what they are all about. The poster is of a pink unicorn ripping the head off of a police office, while a rainbow shines in the background:
On the unicorn's left leg, the acronym "WSA" can be seen. WSA stands for the anti-capitalist organization the Workers Solidarity Alliance. For some reason, the police officer has "Work" written over his groin. Apparently, the WSA is planning on using unicorns to kill work?

Finally, over the rainbow the words "General Strike" can be seen.

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Jon Lovitz Becomes New Critic of Obama

Warning, lots of curse words:

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Monday, April 23, 2012

New Dem Ad Rails Against Romney for Taking Dog on Trip, Defend Man who Ate Dogs

Oh, and we're $15,000,000,000,000 in debt and Medicare will be bankrupt in a decade. But golly gee, certainly we can't have a person who put a dog in a kennel as President:

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Cynthia McKinney Running for Old Congressional Seat

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is preparing to run for her old 4th Congressional district seat on the Green Party ticket.

McKinney was defeated by 4th district incumbent Hank Johnson in 2006 after serving six terms in Congress and has kept a low profile since returning to Atlanta from the San Francisco area where she moved in 2007.

Since February she has made a few public appearances in her old district but stayed low key with her plans. She filed paperwork April 2 with the Federal Elections Commission declaring her intention to run.

Tracked down at her mother’s home Thursday by a reporter from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, McKinney declined to comment and ordered the reporter off the property.
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George Zimmerman Released from Jail

From the AP:
In a low-key event, George Zimmerman was released from a Florida jail on $150,000 bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial in the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.

The neighborhood watch volunteer was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans and carrying a paper bag as he walked out of the jail around midnight Sunday. He was following another man and didn't look over at photographers gathered outside. The two then got into a white BMW car and drove away.

No questions were shouted at Zimmerman from members of the news media at the scene, and he gave no statement.

His ultimate destination is being kept secret for his safety and it could be outside Florida.

As with the July 2011 release of Casey Anthony, the Florida woman acquitted of murder in the death of her young daughter, Zimmerman was released around midnight. But the similarities end there. Anthony was quickly whisked away by deputy sheriffs armed with rifles as angry protesters jeered her. While news helicopters briefly tracked her SUV through Orlando before she slipped from public view, there was no such pursuit of Zimmerman, who will have to return for trial.
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The Board of Elections

By John Brentlinger

    The Board of Elections
 All the Fraud is not in the Voting

Not sure how it is done in other states, but here in Ohio, there is a method to the madness of how a Board of Elections controls the voting process. And
when I say "madness," I don't mean the peaceful, sober, honest process of a free and fair election. It is not peaceful, sober, honest, free or fair. I am
a lifelong Republican, and I have seen as much fraud from the R's as well as the D's. So just because you're in a Republican county, don't think that there is no manipulation at the voting booth, before election day. Sad truth? There is as much fraud before, during and after an election as there ever is at the voting booth. And usually, the out- come has been pretty much decided way before election day.

The employees at the board of elections, in Ohio, are made up of an equal number of D's and R's. They take turns with all the various duties, and almost to
the paper clips, everything is split right down the middle. I assume it is the same around the rest of the country, with the exception of Cook County,

What about the third party people?, you ask. Good question, they have no say, no presence, and no seat at the table, although third party candidates have been around since 1832. That is 180 years of stone- walling by the two party system. Stonewalling: that is where the parties in power don't have to be held
accountable. Why? Because they are in power. Like Richard Nixon used to say, "When the president does it, it's not illegal."

The greatest single obstacle to free and fair elections in America is the two party system. The two party system is the first, best and oldest form of vote fraud.
The perps at the local boards say, almost in unison, "Hey, if they just had a national party, they could join in." Heh, heh, yeah right. For at least the last twenty or so years, there have been "Independent" candidates by the droves -- do you think they are allowed to participate at the board of elections? Actually, a
representative from the I's must, by law, get permission from the R's or D's if they simply wish to observe the process on election night.

We don't even need to discuss the fraud in setting up state voting districts. Anyone who doesn't recognize that fraudlent process is on the side that gets to divvy everything up.

Who gets on the ballot? Generally speaking, only the ones the board of elections wants on the ballot. How do they keep them off the ballot? Election laws, which are so long and complicated, they don't even print them up anymore, "check the internet," they say. The laws for petitions, from numbers of names necessary, a minimum and a maximum; too many, you're off the ballot; too few, you're out again.
how the names are written down; who passes out the petitions, when and where they are signed; the bottom line is that there are enough complicated restrictions that your petitions can be thrown out because of too many signatures, too few signatures, whether the address is absolutely correct, whether they signed in cursive or printed, and to an "i" being dotted or a "t" not crossed; in short, the board of elections culls the participants every time there is an election, just to make sure the two parties stay in power. Certainly there are
exceptions, but right offhand, I don't know any. BTW, the no good, liberal, lying leftists, crackpot, tinpot, pot smoking, evil doing fruits and nuts in ACORN are aware of all this two party fraud. And they know that Secretaries of States do NOT keep public records of voter fraud, except in completely egregious cases. So when they disrupt the voting process, they think they are doing the same thing the two party system is doing. Throwing a presidential election is nothing new, remember 1876; Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden? Remember 1960; Kennedy and Nixon?

It will be nothing new when his majesty at 1600 Pennsylvania does it again this year.

The only thing keeping the elections process going in this country is the faith of the American people. Finding out the whole thing is corrupt would be like finding out our pennies are zinc, our nickles are copper, our silver coins are worthless
alloys, and our paper money is not worth the Crane paper it is printed on. It would be like finding out that the wars killing and maiming our best and brightest boys and girls are all for nothing.

The only thing in America keeping all of our systems going is the faith, hope, dedication and beliefs of the American people, who right now are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, because the truth is beginning to out. The only thing saving us now is the 2nd ammendment, praise the Lord and
pass the ammunition!

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This past week in music

I arrived back here in the States on Tuesday. I have a column I want to write about Homeland Security, but I’m entirely too pissed off to write it right now. Maybe I will write it, but I’m going to have to cool down, so it may be a month or two. Suffice it to say that I was not impressed with the service of the United States Customs and Homeland Security officers that I had the misfortune to run across. On to other topics. They say that tragedy comes in threes, especially with death. So it has been this past week. First, Dick Clark, the world’s oldest teenager, passed away at the age of 82. If there has been any negative feelings towards his passing, I haven’t read about them. It certainly appears that Dick Clark was not only well-respected in the music business, but well-liked. I had tremendous respect for Dick Clark on a personal level. He always treated other people with respect and bore himself with class and dignity. I read in a newspaper story that he once had three business ventures on all three television networks at the same time. That’s impressive. He also testified before Congress during the payola scandal of 1960, but his name was cleared of any wrongdoing. He did, however, have to divest himself of his involvement in the ventures he was involved in at the time. He estimated that doing so cost him eight million dollars. Arkansas’ own Levon Helms passed away, as well. He was 71. Levon was playing drums for Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks when he was offered a job playing in the backup band for Bob Dylan. The band later took off on their own, becoming The Band and becoming not only famous, but influential You can hear Levon’s distinctive voice on such hits as “The Weight”, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”, and “Up on Cripple Creek”. A young Martin Scorcese filmed The Band’s farewell concert and made it into a documentary. Levon had been treated for throat cancer a little over ten years ago, and had successfully beaten it back. However, the cancer returned, apparently attacking his spine, but Levon kept working, hosting his radio show “The Midnight Ramble” up until earlier this year. Finally, Greg Ham passed away at the age of 58. Name doesn’t sound familiar? Ham was a member of the Australian rock band Men At Work. He played the saxophone solo on their most famous song, “Who Can It Be Now?” Okay, I realize that Greg wasn’t exactly a household name, nor that he was particularly influential in the American music scene. But if you remember listening to the radio in the 80’s, then you almost certainly heard Men At Work. I always enjoyed their music, and can still listen to it nowadays. Please bookmark!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fellow Blogger Under Attack

One of the best things about blogging is being able to make connections with fellow conservatives from across the country. One of our favorite bloggers is Mrs. B of the Lonely Conservative. A fellow Upstate New Yorker, she has come under a disgusting attack recently by lefties that hacked into her email account and have been leaving hateful comments on her site. She's had enough and has reached out for support from her readers and fellow bloggers.
Some of the comments this troll (or these trolls) leave include email addresses of other conservative bloggers. They fill up my email spam. They sign petitions in my name. They email spam to others in my name. They send me emails that appear to be from my friends. They go to other websites and leave comments in my name – with my email address and links back to this blog – that are vile and wretched. Thankfully I have some friends who are kind enough to let me know when they see this happening. As much as I would like to leave comments on all of the blogs I visit, I rarely have time. If I did there would be nothing on this blog. I suspect that’s the reason they’re doing what they do – to distract me. To shut me up. They’ve even broken federal law by calling my home using phony caller ID services. The police officer I filed a report with was very kind and understanding. My phone company assured me that once the report is ready they will be happy to provide me with the telephone numbers where those calls really originated. We’ll have to wait and see where that leads us.
We're asking Pundit Press readers to head over to the Lonely Conservative and say a words of support. We need to band together when things get tough! Please bookmark!

French Election Results

From France 24:
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist candidate François Hollande will face off in the second round of France's presidential election after edging out the far right's Marine Le Pen in Sunday's first round of voting.

Socialist presidential challenger François Hollande topped the first round of France’s presidential election on Sunday with 28.4 percent of votes, while incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy finished second with 25.5 percent, according to exit polls. Those figures set up a widely expected run-off between Sarkozy and the candidate of France’s main opposition party who led most voter intentions surveys before the first round.

Exit polls showed Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front party, had conquered third place with 18.5% of the vote. Far-left candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon took 11.7%, and centrist François Bayrou 8.8%, the Ipsos polling agency said. While the tallies of the two leading candidates were in line with dozens of opinion surveys published before Sunday’s ballot, Le Pen’s figures were well above any of those forecasts.

Marine Le Pen far exceeded her father’s shocking second-place 16.86% score in the 2002 presidential race.



You did know that, didn't you? If not, you have our now
all-but-certified presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, to
thank for enlightening you. Now you can rest easy. If 
our all-but-certified presidential candidate, Mitt Romney,
doesn't happen to win the election in November, at least
we know that the man who will then retain control of the
executive branch for (at least) the next four years will
never intentionally do anything to harm this country, its
Constitution, or its people. Nice guys simply don't do
things like that.

You can also thank God that we have found an all-but-certified presidential candidate who has the good sense and judgment to select such a powerful campaign theme. Listen to the ring of it: "Barack Obama is a nice guy!" What can go wrong? Especially when we have such recent evidence of the sure-fire winner such an approach is certain to be [see John McCain campaign, circa 2008; John McCain endorsement and advice, circa 2012]. You can also thank God for the Establishment Republicans, who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney, and who now control the House of Representatives, despite the tireless efforts of such as the Tea Party.


You also knew that, didn't you? And so if you are a Republican member of the House, and you receive a bill from the Senate that has been heavily promoted by such nice guys as Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid, you would certainly want to rubber stamp it and get it out the door for the immediate signature of the salivating nice guy Barack Obama, right?

Let's talk a little about this bill. It bears the informative sobriquet "MAP-21", which stands for, believe it or not, the ‘Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act’. If knowing that the bill is heavily promoted by Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid doesn't make you comfortable about immediately rubber stamping it, one glance at the full title should tell you all you need to know. Who can possibly be against one iota of "moving ahead for progress in the 21st century"?

The bill weighs in at a slender, for these days, 1,676 pages. You can bet, of course, that every member of the House will read this bill in its entirety before casting a vote. We should be thankful that after Congress got away with the 2,700 page monstrosity of Obamacare, they did not decree 2,700 pages to be the minimum for all future bills. 

The actual bill can be found in .pdf here. The official title is "AN ACT To reauthorize Federal-aid highway and highway safety construction programs, and for other purposes". The "and for other purposes" part tells us everything we need to know, and we should just rubber stamp the bill, right?

Wait: one of the "other purposes" provides that the IRS can cancel the passport of an American citizen on the mere allegation of the IRS that the citizen owes $50,000 in taxes. No proof, no hearing, no court review, and you cannot leave the country until the IRS says so. As bad as this provision is in itself, and as unrelated as it is to highway construction, you can ponder at least two things: (1) how often will friends of the "Nice Guys" mentioned above be subjected to this provision?; and (2) how many intriguing "other purposes" is such a bill stuffed with?

One other purpose getting attention from people not in Congress is the “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” provision. These "black boxes" have been around for many years, and it is doubtful if a single new car is sold in the country without one. So what, exactly, is the need to suddenly make them "mandatory"? 

Perhaps the answer lies in numerous other provisions that have nothing to do with highway construction, including, among many others, use of cell phones, coercing states on the issuance of drivers licenses, and a provision providing research money for "in-vehicle alcohol detection device research", presumably including the "trans-dermal sensor technology" that would allow the steering wheel of your car to test your skin for evidence of alcohol, and, if the sensor is not satisfied, turning off your car or preventing it from starting. 

The bill is a cornucopia of such things, but don't worry - your data will be safe, until "the Secretary" wants it. The Secretary is permitted to “require an interoperable data access port to facilitate universal accessibility and analysis”. In case you don't know it, such data ports are quite frequently wireless. In other words, every conceivable thing taking place during your use of your car will be instantly available to "the Secretary" or his designees.

MO Atty does not pretend to have made more than a scratch in the surface of MAP-21. The terrible thing is that he may already know more about it than will the several hundred House members, including many Republicans, as they rubber stamp this thing. But again, don't worry: we can certainly trust anyone who is a "Nice Guy".

MO Atty

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Finding Quality Television

You come home from a hard day's work and you are looking for something to get your mind off the day. Often times, the right television show at the right time can do just the trick. Pull up a chair and a cold drink and you can relax instantly. But to do so, it is often important to have the right TV package to make this situation a reality.

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The Importance of Web Design

Running multiple websites can take time and effort. Making those sites look professional at a reasonable price is not the easiest thing for a webmaster to do. Users and potential customers use your website as a template to see what you are capable of. A poor website full of dead links or bad design can hurt your business plan. It is important that you do what you can to prevent this from happening. With the right research and resources, you can have the site that you have always thought of and that your readers desire.

With so many web design sites and firms, you need to make sure that you do your research thoroughly. The right choice can make a big difference in price and in design quality. By choosing the right one, you can rest assured that your site will look the best and not break the bank. This is the case, especially if you are looking for calgary web design. With so many places to look for web design calgary, you should make sure to pick the one that would do the best job for you and your company. This could be a very important decision. Make sure that if you are looking for a calgary web design company you find exactly what you are looking for at the best price!

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RIP to Chuck Colson, My Former Boss

Chuck "Hatchet Man" Colson has passed away at the age of 80.  Most people remember him for his time in the Nixon white house and his role in Watergate.  I remember him as the head of organization that I once worked for Prison Fellowship Ministries.  

I worked there only as a contractor and very briefly.  But it was a job that had a profound effect on me.  I remember that job and it's employees with great fondness and affection.  It is a charity that I donate to every year.  I believe in the cause.  They help everyone involved in the criminal justice system; the victims as well as the criminals.  They also help the families of those who are in jail.  Children are blameless and shouldn't be forgotten when they are dealing with the difficulties of having a parent(s) in jail.  They are the forgotten victims, but Chuck never forgot them.  Especially at Christmas time.  I happen to be working there during Christmas.  The luncheon that was put on for the employees was lovely, just lovely.  He also took the time to shake the hand of every employee, thank them and wish them a Merry Christmas.  Believe me, no "Happy Holidays" crap.  How many jobs do you know of that have a chapel that you can go and pray anytime you feel the desire?  

The ministry employs people who are good Christians and are dedicated to the mission of bringing the word of Jesus to prisoners around the world.  They are now the largest prisoner outreach group in the world.  He dedicated his life to helping those in the prison system and the ones they left behind.  He changed many lives.  

At the time many questioned his conversion to the Christian faith.  I suppose that was understandable.  The conventional meme is that he converted while in prison to hasten his release.  This is not the truth.  Yes, I know that you are shocked that the media isn't being honest about a Christian Conservative, but it is true.  Chuck converted before he went to trial, which is the reason that he pleaded guilty.  He accepted responsibility for his actions, did his time, and then proceeded to make a difference in the world after his release.  A difference that will live on, even with him gone.  

Mr. Colson made mistakes, he was a sinner.  He stepped on whomever he needed to step on to help keep Nixon in power.  But he is a true story of redemption, in every sense of the word.  

If you have never read his autobiography Born Again, you don't know what you are missing.  Yes, he was a sinner, but he was also a giant of a man.  

Rest in Peace, Mr. Colson.  I will do what I can to help your legacy live on.  My deepest sympathies to his family on their loss.  

Here is a great video, it talks about the totality of his life.  He sinned and he sought then found redemption.  

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Sunday Bible Story

By John Brentlinger

When Jesus lifted up his eyes, and saw a great multitude come to him, he said to Philip, where
shall we buy bread, that these may eat? And this he said to prove him: for he knew what he
was going to do. Philip answered him, two hundred pennyworth of bread is not sufficient
for them, that everyone may take a little. So, Andrew, Simon Peter's brother said unto him,
there is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish, but what are they among
so many? And Jesus said, make the people sit down. John 6:5-10

Well, well, well, so there is such a thing as a free lunch. Interesting day, back about two
thousand years or so. No Panera Bread close by, or anywhere, for that matter. Nearest
panaderia was across the Sea of Gailiee. So, large crowd, lunchtime, nothing to eat, some
disciples without much faith, a little lad, and the Master.

Lets talk about the crowd first. They were a bit like you and me. They saw the miracles
Jesus had done, you know, the blind see, the lame walk, the sick are made whole, and guess
what -- they might get a free lunch. So they were only following Jesus for what they could
get. Free stuff. What is in it for me? That is one reason to follow Jesus; not a good one, but one reason. Today we call it the prosperity gospel, back then it was just called spiritual darkness.

How about those disciples? We may be sort of like them too. By then they had seen the water
turned to wine; sick children healed; a paralyzed man stand and walk; lepers cleansed; the blind received sight -- yet they were of so little faith-- perhaps like us-- they had no idea how Jesus would feed the people. They were so into being an adult, so into "I have to see it to believe it;" they had not yet learned to trust the power of Jesus. Sort of like you and me?

So Jesus turns to Philip and says, "Phil, whatsup; how are we going to feed these people?" Test time for Philip, and of course he fails miserably. "Duh, I dunno, we don't have enough money." Verse 6 says, "This he said to prove (test) him, for he knew what he was going to do." There is a lesson here for all of us adults who think we are so dang smart remember Jesus said, "Except you become as little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." Its a good thing he did not say "except you become as adults;" can you imagine if heaven was only full of a bunch of grouchy, mean, weak-in-faith adults? So, Phil flunks a real simple test. He should have
said, "Master, I have seen the blind see, and the lame walk, I'm sure you'll think of something." But, that would require faith, which is usually lacking in adults. In most trials, with our religious sophistication, we are so smart, we always act dumb, we fail the test,
only to see it again a few weeks later.

The small lad is an interesting subject. Here is a kid following the crowd, hoping to see this Jesus, and he had the brains to bring something for lunch. Or, I should say, he had a mother who loved him and made sure he would not go hungry that day. And since there were five bread loaves, she probably said to him, "Okay son, I am sending extra in case someone else didn't
bring any lunch. Make sure you share." Hah -- can you see the lad at the supper table that night? His mother probably said, "so, did you share your lunch?" And the story this little lad got to tell the family. You just can't make that stuff up. Loving, faithful mothers, where
would we be without them?

And then of course, there is the miracle of turning the two small fish and five loaves into enough to feed five thousand people. No trouble in the doing of it. He is Jesus, the one who there in the beginning; the one who spoke the world into existence; the one who made all
things and by whom all things consist. Feed five thousand with one happy meal? Piece of cake. Only question is -- can we stop being adults long enough to have the faith of a child and believe Jesus for who he is?

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Picture of the day

Making the rounds on facebook:

Semper Fi.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Getting Rid of a Vehicle?

Maybe your car is ending its life expectancy. Your car has given you many good miles over the years, but it is headed towards a transmission or engine repair that you do not want to deal with. Or maybe the car is just getting out of style, and you would rather own a newer or trendier one. Maybe it is time to part ways, and you are just not sure how to do so. That is why you need to make sure that you are prepared to sell your car if you want to. To do so, you should make sure that you know the options at your disposal and which ones may be best for the purpose at hand. Not being prepared could be a major problem, especially if you want top dollar from your car. Selling a car can be tricky, especially with all of the different options out there. Being prepared for what you want, especially depending on the condition, is an important thing to do before you actually sell the vehicle itself. This way, you can protect yourself from being ripped off while also getting top dollar!

The car market is always one that has been important. If you are looking to raise some extra cash towards a newer car, you need to make sure that you can sell your old one for the price you deserve. In doing so, you can feel like you are not being ripped off and you can get the money for that new vehicle. In doing so, your wallet will thank you-- especially if you get a great deal both selling your used car and buying the newer one. This will help you along in the decision making process.

But with so many options, how to decide which one is best for you? What do you do if your car has been damaged or is beyond repair. Luckily, it is simple to sell a damaged car, especially when you have experienced buyers that will make sure that you get the top dollar for your vehicle. They will accept any car, even if it has some severe damage or cannot even run! By being able to sell your car in such a condition, you will not have to pay for storing it and it will not take up valuable space in your garage! That is why it is important to research all of your options and get the best one-- especially when your dollar and your new vehicle may rely on it.

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Need Help Finding a Mortgage?

In these troubled economic times, there is one bright spot. Interest rates have fallen to historic lows as people are looking to refinance and find mortgages. If yuo do so wisely, now can be a great chance to take advantage of low real estate values and interest rates. These lower cost mortgages can make sure that you have less to worry about as you build your future. A lower interest rate can help build up your credit as you plan for the next stage in your life. Even better, it can provide some economic certainty in these uncertain times. Now is a time to consider making such a decision.

Fortunately, you are not alone in such a decision. There are many places that you can look for information for what you may or may not need. There are sites that will tell you about the good and bad parts of a mortgage and how to do the best shopping for one. With such information under your belt, you can be better prepared for when you may or may not actually make the final decision in the future. With such information at your grasp, you will be able to make sure that you have a clearer idea. This is especially good if you are going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a mortgage.

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Looking for Contact Lenses?

If you are like me, you may have a problem with your vision, For a long time, I wore glasses, but grew tired of them. They could fall off your face, get smudged, get foggy, or damaged. They were sometimes the right option, but eventually I decided to go for contact lenses. Contact lenses can be a great deal and can be quite a bit better than glasses. I wear them now and I have been very satisfied since I got them eight years ago. This is just one of the reasons that you should consider contact lenses for yourself or a loved one, especially if they already have glasses. Either glasses or contact lenses can make a substantial difference in the quality of life for people, and making sure to get the right brand is an important thing to do.

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Considering a Degree in Law Enforcement?

Perhaps you are just starting out in the job market. Your future is still ahead of you and you are considering which route would be the best for you-- but you are just not sure which path would provide the best options down the line-- both financially and mobility-wise. Or perhaps you have a career now, but you are still looking for that perfect job, or maybe one that is more fulfilling. Since you may be considering where to go with your future, it is important to weigh all of the available options.

One that is becoming more and more popular is the field of law enforcement. This field not only offers job prospects, but can be one of the fulfilling options for the new job seeker. Law enforcement can offer ways to serve your community while making enough money to support a family. Even better, it offers job security at a time when the economy is struggling so much and many people do not feel like they will keep their jobs over the long term. With a job in this field, you can feel more secure.

There are many different options out there for the job seeker. You may be looking for a criminal justice degree. If that is the case, it is important to look at the options within that major. There are many different schools that offer this program, and you can find ones that will offer them online. A criminal justice degree can offer a way in to many different job options-- there are job openings across the country for private investigators, police, attorneys, customs agents or more. This flexibility will help you when you decide to either enter the job market or perhaps continue even further with your education. This way, you can take advantage of the degree. Even better, your degree may be related to other subjects as well, which can help you get involved in those other areas. This could be very helpful during the job hunt.

Of course, within criminal justice, you can also look at a online paralegal degree. This is a growing subfield and can offer ways for you to enter into a high paying job after receiving your education. Depending on your situation, you may be qualified for student aid and you may have some credits that transfer. With these options open to you, you can make a better, more informed decision about where you may want your future to head.

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Paying for a College Education

Your finances is one of the most important aspects of your life. You need to make sure that you are financially steady so you can react better to the obstacles that may come your way. This is especially the case when you are thinking about your future. When you consider such important topics as education, you need to make sure that you are getting the most for your money and that you are doing so in a proper manner.

Going to college could be the most important decision of your life. Studies have shown that college graduates earn far more money than their high school graduate counterparts. When looking at the opportunities before you-- such as promotion, career mobility, and pay, college is a very important thing to consider. Without that degree or certification, you may be passed over when it comes to an important part of your future job!

Of course, one of the most important things about college is paying for it. With the economy in the state it is in, it may seem daunting to come up with the money necessary to go for your higher education. This is why it is important to research every option that is available to you and your family. There are often resources at your fingertips that you may not realize right away. Sometimes the way for you to further your education may be just out of sight. There are many different options out there for the prospective student. Some schools offer scholarships for high aptitude in academics or sports. Some offer grants, depending on your situation. The federal government offers student grants to most students, while there are other options for student aid, depending on the person. However, many people use student loans to help pay their way through college. These student loans can make a huge difference in the financing of your future. With tens of thousands of dollars often necessary for a bachelor's degree, it is important to make sure that you take a close look at the student loan option.

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The 2012 VP Sweepstakes

Let the 2012 Vice-Presidential sweepstakes begin!

It seems I can't read a story about the 2012 election or Mitt Romney anymore without the inevitable discussion of who he will select to be his running mate. So, why not indulge in the madness?

Presidential candidates select their running mates for one of three reasons: excite the base; excite an region, or for governing qualities. George Bush's selection of Cheney was the third, while McCain's surprise Palin pick was the first, and I can't remember the last time someone was selected to carry a state.

However, this election is going to be different from past contests (just look at the historical trends the three amigos shattered during the primaries), and the choice of one very popular regional statesman might turn the race this November. But that doesn't mean Romney is just waiting to unveil Portman, who is largely unknown outside of Ohio, as his number two.

He might take the base more into consideration then he normally would to salve doubts about him in general, or he might just really have someone he considers qualified for the position, and he doesn't give two damns what the political ramifications will be. Both are possible, just as much as the first.

Regardless, no one will know what he's thinking until sometime before the convention in August and who knows what the political landscape will look like by then. He might be up by five points, and go with the gut choice, or he could be trailing by five and select the base pleasing, swing state politician, who might save his campaign from ultimate defeat.

All we can do is go through the countless choices, thus driving ourselves insane in the process, but at the same time fulfilling our inner political junky man-child, and hope our favored candidate is picked.

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Where Can You Get a Culinary Degree in Texas?

Let's face it: everybody likes to eat. With thousands of restaurants across the country, people are always looking for a good meal at a good place. With more people retiring and having less time to actually eat in, the culinary field is growing.

If you are starting out in your career or are looking for a way to change lanes, then the culinary field may be for you. There are more and more positions opening up in just about every part of the field. And since there are eateries across the country, there will always be employment prospects.

This is also the case if you are looking for a way to get into the best culinary schools in Texas. These schools can offer you a way to get your degree and move up the ladder and also become a better chef. With the best information at your disposal, you can make better choices on what you may want to do with your career, while also building up your resume.

A culinary college offers four-year degrees that lead to a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Culinary Arts or some specialization such as Pastry Chef. While four-year degrees are not critical to beginning work as a chef, you can often find higher-paying and more responsible jobs with a four-year degree than you can with a certificate or a two-year degree.

So make sure to do your research!

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7 Reasons Occupational Therapy is a Hot Career Choice

There are a lot of options out there for people entering the job market. You may be just entering the field or looking to change careers. No matter what you ultimately decide to do, it's important to make sure that you research your options and choose what is best for your future.

But with so many options, what is the best choice for you? Consider what you are good at and your educational background. Consider what is a fulfilling lifestyle for you and your family and where you want your future to head.

One of the quicker growing fields is occupational therapy. But you might be asking what are the requirements to become an occupational therapist? It's important to research how to get this job and some of the rewards that it can bring you-- both financially and internally!

One way to think of the difference between these two fields is to recognize that while both occupational therapists and physical therapists help patients, occupational therapists are more concerned with performing every day or repetitive tasks, while physical therapists focus on actual physical movement. For example, if a person is injured in a car accident, a physical therapist will work with the patient on recovering range of movement in arms and legs, while an occupational therapist will work with the patient on improving coordination, managing a wheelchair or walker, and grasping household objects.

So check out your options and see what you like the best!

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How You Can Find a Job as a Paralegal

There are many different professions out there. If you are just starting out in your career or are looking for a change, information is a valuable thing. With the right research, you can find a job that both pays well and is fulfilling. So, with all of the options out there, which ones are the best? With the proper research, you can narrow down the field. Find jobs that you find interested and may have some background in. These may be among your top choices. This can be especially helpful if you are looking for college degrees in legal studies. This is a growing field that many new graduates are entering into. This may be the field for you. Law enforcement can help a person grow career-wise and as a person. There are many professions within the wider field and offer a chance to give back to the community:
Working in the legal field in any aspect carries with it a great deal of responsibility. Legal professionals must practice good business ethics and know how to keep information confidential. Furthermore, appropriate dress and professional appearance will be required. It is also important to note that jobs within the legal sector are often highly competitive, so it is vital that students go to accredited, well reputed schools and earn top marks.
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Considering a College Diploma?

Education is something that a person must have in the new economy. Every step forward in college represents an investment in your future and the realizing of your potential. By weighing all of your options, you can make sure that you are best served when you are considering further education or a job. Without such tools, you can be left behind in the job market. Employers are increasingly looking for college graduates and want to make sure that their employees are well-qualified. That is why it's important to do the research regarding the best schools to go to. There are many degrees and programs out there, and choosing the best for your future can seem a bit daunting. That's why it's important to see which options are best before you make a decision. But what to get? What is an Associate's Degree? An Associate's Degree can be your door to a higher education or job qualification. An AA or AS is a valuable tool, especially for certain fields. It's important to remember that an Associate's Degree can get you into nursing or mechanical work.
While a lot of students do use their associates degrees as a stepping stone for more advanced studies, there are plenty of people out there that stop there and enter the workforce. A smart move here that a lot of students are taking is to get an associates degree in your proposed field of study (if you’re working towards a computer science degree, get an associates in computer tech or something) and then obtain a job to get some experience (and cash) while completing the remainder of your studies.
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Planning a Vacation?

There are many beautiful places to visit across this great country. With summer coming up, you may be considering where to take the family on a new vacation. But with so many places to choose from, it's important to find a place that you will enjoy and will be easy to get to. There are some expanding places in tourism recently. Some are becoming more well-traveled while some are lesser known. How can you find the right balance between busy and quaint? Of the many places to consider, one should the Outer Banks, North Carolina. The Outer Banks can offer a myriad of activities for people with many different tastes. It can have a little of everything or a lot of a specific want. With so many places to choose from, the Outer Banks can offer sand, beach, good weather, and ease of transportation. Not many places across the country offer such a combination while keeping its charm.
As the oldest national seashore in the United States, it is filled with history, heritage and breathtaking natural beauty. Many camp grounds and picnic areas dot the regionwhile recreational opportunities abound. Swimmers can enjoy the seashore’s clam, tranquil waters while sunbathers can soak up the sun on one of the area’s golden beaches. Other fun activities include biking, hiking, water sports, jet skiing, bird watching and diving. The sunrises and sunsets seen from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore can’t be called anything less than magnificent. An area of breathtaking natural beauty and rich heritage, the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a must-see destination while visiting the Outer Banks.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

And The Republican Party of Virginia Wonders Why It Can't Get Traction in Fairfax County

As many know, there is an open senate seat in Virginia due to the retirement of Sen. Jim Webb.  The GOP has four candidates running in the primary.  There will be a series of debates before the primary.  One such debate is in Northern Virginia.  For those who may not be aware, Northern Virginia is progressive central.  The reason that many here are unhappy with Obama is because he has not been left enough.  As you can imagine the republican party has a hard time gaining ground in this atmosphere.  

This race is said not to be all that competitive, George Allen is expected to win the primary handily.  But, the "experts" have been wrong before.  I like George Allen, but there are few other interesting candidates as well.  So I was really looking forward to hearing the debate before making up my mind who I was going to support in the primary.  

As some may know, I no longer can drive for health reasons.  So I have to take the bus to get anywhere during the day.  For those who have never had the pleasure of taking mass transit, the buses don't exactly run the most direct route.  You can go all over kingdom come to get to your final destination.  The bus I needed to take to the Fairfax County Republican Committee office is one such bus.  It is maybe 10 miles, but it takes more than hour to get there.  I then have to walk about a quarter mile to get to the office.  

Today is the day that the tickets are supposed to be available.  Here is a portion of the email that I received, you can read the entire email here:

The third debate will be held on Friday May 25th at 6:30pm at the Fairview Park Marriott located at 3111 Fairview Park Drive – Falls Church, Virginia.  Free tickets to the Northern Virginia debate will be available beginning on April 20th at the Fairfax and Loudoun GOP Victory Centers.
I take two hours out of my day to get to the office to pick up my "free" tickets.  When I get there I am told that I have to volunteer for two hours.  Hmm, here is the definition of free from dictionary.com:
44.for free, Informal without charge: The tailor mended my jacket for free.
 Now, is it just me, or is asking someone to perform two hours of "volunteer" work a form of payment?  So lets go back to dictionary.com and find out what volunteer means:
noun1.a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for aservice or undertaking 2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
yeah, I think it is a form of payment.  Which means that the tickets are not free.  So I said to the women at the office today that I thought the are free.  She said they are.  Really?  How so?  She then tells me that the email from the Chairman said that volunteer work would be required to get the "free" tickets.  Uh, no it doesn't.  

So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate.  When I got back home I sent  the following email to the Chairman:
I am writing to tell you how deceptive the FCRC is.  The below email says that the tickets for the debate are free.  I no longer drive for health reasons, so it took me two hours round trip to get to the office today to pick up my "free" tickets.  Come to find out according to them free means that I have to do two hours of volunteer work.  I even inquired on why the email said that the tickets are free, she said they are free.  How exactly is something free if you are required to work for two hours?  I was told that your email said that they were looking for volunteer help in exchange for the "free" tickets.  Unless I am missing something the below email says nothing about volunteering.  

I have given money and volunteered in the past.  No more.  The RPV will never get another dime or one bit of help from me again.  This is why you can't make traction in Fairfax County.  No one wants to deal with people who are purposely deceptive.  
There is no way for me to get to the office in Loudon County to get my so-called "free" tickets.  So I guess I won't be going to the debate.  But I can guarantee you what I will be doing moving forward for the RPV is a big fat zero.  Never again will I do work for them.  I will not phone bank nor will I give money.  It is not like I was some huge donor by any stretch of the imagination, but every dollar helps when you fighting an uphill battle in a county such as this one.  

Thanks for nothing FCRC.  Lets go back to dictionary.com one final time:

1.apt or tending to deceiveThe enemy's peaceful overtures maybe deceptive.2.perceptually misleading: It looks like a curved linebut it'sdeceptive.
  [dih-sep-tiv]  Show IPA

Yeah, I would say that about covers it.   

This isn't so much that I am not willing to do volunteer work.  I have done plenty.  I can list plenty of examples that of work that I have done.  Matter of fact I was at the FCRC's office not all that long ago doing data entry work for the delegate conventions that are coming up.  This is about principle.  If you are going to send out an email saying that the tickets are free, they should actually be free.  

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George Zimmerman Injury Photo

From ABC News:
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Plane Crash Kills 118 People in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

From Samay Live:
A Bhoja airlines plane crashed into a residential area of Rawalpindi on Friday, killing 118 passengers on board, Pakistani Defence Ministry said in a statement. 
After the tragedy, Pakistan Defence Ministry said that 118 passengers were killed. Around 127 passengers were onboard when ill-fated plane Boeing 737 crashed into a residential area near Chaklala airport in Rawalpindi due to bad weather. 
The plane was on its way to Islamabad from Karachi. Sources said that the plane crashed soon before its landing at Chaklala airport.
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Watch Zimmerman Hearing Live, April 20, 2012

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Enough 2016 Talk

Who's ready for 2016?

I know I'm not.

With the 2012 general election little more then six months away, and recent polling data showing the candidates in a close race early on, I can't help but be disturbed by Republican commenter's on blogs, forums and websites discussing various possibilities for the 2016 election, especially since we are all supposed to be on the right side.

And that means doing everything within our powers to get Mitt Romney elected to the White House, which means he would be the incumbent in 2016; he would have the Republican nomination in 2016, and we would be fighting for his re-election in 2016. Just as Democrats are doing for Obama now...

... Unless the thought of challenging and replacing Romney is actually in the minds of our comrades.

Which in that case is cause for serious concern, because the last thing we need is activists and voters plotting the subversion of our own party's president before he even has a chance to govern, let alone win the election.

This has got to stop. I don't care if you are unhappy because your favorite person didn't win, did not run or might not be selected for the Vice-Presidency come August, because our nominee is Romney and unless the infection of disloyalty has now entered the Republican mainstream, I'd like to believe we're going to hell and back for our candidate this time and hopefully again next.

So enough of this 2016 bullshit. We have battles to fight today and if we are successful, new lines to defend tomorrow...

What say you?

Changing the Narrative, Wasserman-Schultz Doesn't Want to Help the Poor

Since I have decided that the only real way to point out to people the stupidity of liberal logic is to turn it around, I am asking the question why doesn't DNC Chairman want to help poor people?  Instead of allowing them to call asking for an ID in order to vote we should be asking them to explain why they don't want to help the poor people who don't have ID's.  According to her 11% of Americans have no valid ID, of which 25% are black .  That would mean that more than 34 million people (8.5 million are black.  Which means she is saying that almost 22% of blacks in this country have no ID) in this country are unable to work, unable to fly, unable to enter many government buildings, unable to open a bank account, and even unable to make a return to major retailer without a receipt.  Since they have no ID or bank account, they must be paying cash.  So the retailers can't look up past receipts.  I had to show ID several weeks ago to make a return to Macy's (I was told today that the poor don't shop at Macy's, well do they shop at Walmart or Target?  They have same policy).  They must be raaaaacist!!!

So the question needs to become why does she hate the poor so much?  What kind of quality of life are these people experiencing without an a valid ID?  Very simple things that most of us take for granted can't be done without one.  I recently carded at a bar when I was out celebrating a friend's birthday.  Sad to say, but I don't look under 21 by a long shot.  

Chairwoman Debbie keeps saying that these are akin to Jim Crow laws and are racist in nature.  She says that there is no issue with voter fraud.  I guess she missed the video of a white kid obtaining a Eric Holder's ballot in Washington, D.C. recently.  I guess she missed the arrests and convictions of ACORN employees too.  But for argument's sake, there is no voter fraud.  Why would states providing  these 34 million people a valid ID to help improve their lives be a bad thing?  Most states will offer these ID's at no charge if you are poor.  In South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley funded a program to give ID's at no charge along with free rides to the DMV to get the ID's.  30 people took advantage of it.  Just 30.  This was widely publicized, even making national news.  

No longer allow the question to be why are you so raaaaacist for wanting people to show ID's to vote, ask them why they don't want to help the poor in this country better their lives by having an ID?  No longer allow the far left to dictate the argument.  

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The Hammer: WTF is with the Sympathy for Suicide Bombers?

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What Does it Mean to be a Leader?

By John Brentlinger

Guess if we really want to know, we should check with a real leader. Don't know many, but I do know one.

So Jesus called his disciples together and said: "You know how the leaders of the nations exert dominance over their people and how the great ones domineer over them; but - it shall not be so among you; whoever of you would be great, let him become your servant." Matthew 20:25-26

So what does it truly mean to be a leader? Seems from this passage that you can be a leader, a ruler, and be as far from great as the east is from the west, or as far as the Cleveland Browns are from the Super Bowl. But, I digress.

What is leadership? Is it accepting the benefits of the office, running around to parties, grinning like a wino on a three week drunk everytime there is a camera in
sight? Is it golfing every weekend, playing the big shot, acting out fantasies of personal power, using money taken by wrongful taxation of the people to jet around
the world, always in search of another vacation spot? Is it signing bills and passing laws that have no moral, ethical or righteous justification? Does it mean that when you take the reigns of leadership that there is no longer a difference between right and wrong?

Lest you get the idea that the above paragraph speaks only to the pseudo resident in the white house, think again. Name one person in Congress, the Senate, the White House, the czars, the heads of state, in either party, who does not fit those characteristics.

An old Chinese proverb says: "If you would know a man, give him authority." Well, they have been given authority, and now we know them. To a man, to a woman, and to
the in-between, we know them, and in the area of true leadership, they are abject failures. If it wasn't for using the power of the office for personal gain, individual aggrandizement, and daily jousting for more power, they would have nothing to do.

True leadership, as spoken by a true leader, is to be a servant to those in your care. What means that? It means that the needs of those in your care are more important than your own needs. It means as a leader, you do not come first. Your people do. It means that your time and life are not your own. Your priorities are supposed to be greater than that. Your purpose as a leader is to only do good for those whom you represent. Your duties as a leader have nothing to do with what you want, or what you want to become. Dominance and ruling over are not leading. A servant then, is the only person who is qualified to be a great leader.

Our country is full of great leaders; fathers who serve their families, putting the needs of their families before their own needs; mothers who serve their families, placing their own wants and needs on hold for oh, twenty years at least, just to make sure their children receive a good foundation for life; parents who work together for the good of the family; brothers and sisters who of necessity become surrogate parents to younger siblings.

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen who serve their country, with precious little recognition, and from the media nitwits, mostly negative at that. Millions more
are serving daily, no newspaper gives them space, no television network highlights them, that is not why they serve. They serve because they have a servant's heart.
Knowing they are helping others is reward enough for them.

It is those true leaders, who by the millions are looking askance at the misfits in local, state and federal government who are not leaders and who are not leading, but simply playing the game with money earned by the real leaders in our country. Is it any wonder why most of us are soured on our government?

Great Sovereign God of the earth and the universe-- please send us some leaders.

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Audio: The Infamous Dog Eating Clip from 'Dreams of My Father'

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Liberty is Null and Void

America was founded as a Federal Republic.  This means our nation was designed to have two levels of sovereignty.  The States which pre-date the central government and which created the central government is to be one level and the central government they created was to be the second.   The separate States first combined to found a central government when they drafted and ratified the Articles of Confederation in 1781.  This combination was strengthened and expanded in the writing and ratification of the Constitution in 1789.  However, in both of these new beginnings it was always stated and assumed that the States were the building blocks out of which the whole was built.
The Anti-Federalists sought to safe guard the inherent rights of the Sovereign States in the face of a proposed national government which concentrated power and superseded the primacy of the States.  The Anti-Federalists are often dismissed by those of succeeding generations who have been educated by the victorious philosophical descendants of the Federalists, as mere obstructionists and people of no-account.  However, their ranks were filled by some of the greatest names of the Revolutionary times such as Samuel Adams, George Mason, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson.
Another well-known leader of the Antifederalists, Patrick Henry, questioned the very legitimacy of what are possibly the most famous words in the document: “We the People” when he said, “I have the highest veneration for those gentlemen; but, sir, give me leave to demand, What right had they to say, We, the people? My political curiosity, exclusive of my anxious solicitude for the public welfare, leads me to ask, Who authorized them to speak the language of, We, the people, instead of, We, the states? States are the characteristics and the soul of a confederation. If the states be not the agents of this compact, it must be one great, consolidated, national government, of the people of all the states.”
Once the Constitution was maneuvered through the ratification process most of the Anti-Federalists faded into the background.  Forgotten were their war time services and forgotten were their warnings that a central government once established would inevitably grow in power to eclipse the States.
In the early days of the Republic the former Anti-Federalists attempted to keep alive the idea that it was the States which had created the central government and that the States therefore had the authority to determine if the central government had overstepped the authority which had been delegated to them by the States.  They proposed to do this through a process known as Nullification.
Nullification is the process through which they believed a State could suspend a federal law within its borders. In opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts of the Adams Administration Thomas Jefferson and James Madison first enunciated this concept in1798. The tactic was accepted as a legitimate tool of the States by the Hartford Convention in 1814.  It was seen as a logical and legal protection against the encroachment of the central government upon the sovereign rights of the States.
The idea that a state or a combination of States could nullify what they perceived as unconstitutional laws passed by the central government which exceeded the delegated powers granted to it remained a point of contention until it reached a crisis in 1832.
The enactment of tariffs which were believed to be advantageous to the rapidly industrializing North and injurious to the agrarian South brought the question to a head.  South Carolina led the way by adopting an Ordinance of Nullification which stated that the tariffs, “are unauthorized by the constitution of the United States, and violate the true meaning and intent thereof and are null, void, and no law, nor binding upon this State.”  
This was countered by President Jackson’s Proclamation Regarding Nullification, December 10, 1832.  In this proclamation President Jackson stated, “I consider, then, the power to annul a law of the United States, assumed by one State, incompatible with the existence of the Union, contradicted expressly by the letter of the Constitution, unauthorized by its spirit, inconsistent with every principle on which It was founded, and destructive of the great object for which it was formed.”  
Immediately after the President issued his proclamation Congress passed the Force Act.  This law authorized the use of military force against any state resisting the tariff acts. The President being the man of action immediately sent warships to Charleston harbor and ordered the strengthening federal fortifications there. The situation staggered towards war as both the central government and the government of South Carolina prepared to dispute the Doctrine of Nullification on the field of battle. 
It was at this critical juncture that Henry Clay who had not been able to find any other State willing to join South Carolina earned his reputation as the Great Compromiser. On the same day the Force Bill passed, Clay negotiated the passage of the Tariff of 1833. This law provided for the gradual reduction of the tariff over ten years until it reached the levels which existed in 1816.  Jackson signed both measures thus priming and holstering the Federal power at one time.  In response South Carolina repealed its Ordinance Nullification while at the same time reaffirming its belief in the legality of Nullification by nullifying the Force Bill. President Jackson knew he had won a victory and sought to move on by ignoring this face saving action.
After this crisis the issue of nullification died down.  However, the belief that this was a viable and legal recourse for the States did not disappear, it instead evolved into the belief that the States which had created the Union could or should be able to nullify the union itself.  This in turn led to the secession of Southern States beginning with South Carolina.
This next crisis precipitated the Civil War.  This most deadly of all American wars destroyed the balance.  The power of the States was crushed by the overwhelming power of the central government.  Since that time the central government has grown, and grown, and grown until today it has become Leviathan.  Not the sea monster referred to in the Bible but the soul crushing all controlling political and social government described by Thomas Hobbs.
Today this debate over the relationship between the central government and the States has resurfaced.  As an administration moves aggressively to transform America beyond any semblance of a federal structure into a centrally-planned and totally controlled socially engineered society citizens from sea to shining sea are searching for ways to return to the limited government won by the Revolution and supposedly safe-guarded by the Constitution.
One of the most revolutionary proposals is a direct descendant of the Doctrine of Nullification.  The Repeal Amendment is supported by citizens and their representatives in every State and in the Federal Congress.  This proposed amendment states, “Any provision of law or regulation of the United States may be repealed by the several states, and such repeal shall be effective when the legislatures of two-thirds of the several states approve resolutions for this purpose that particularly describe the same provision or provisions of law or regulation to be repealed.”  As of today, no State has passed the Amendment, and it has not gained enough support in Congress to advance past the proposal stage.
This proposed amendment is designed to restore the validity of the 9th and 10th amendments which have been fundamentally supplanted and submerged by the ever growing power of the central government.
The 9th Amendment states, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”  The 10th Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
Unless we rebuild the reality of a balanced federal system we will soon find ourselves locked in the embrace of an all-powerful central government.  This Leviathan will seek to regulate the smallest details of our lives and the spirit of totalitarianism we spent the last half of the twentieth century fighting will win by default as the change our fellow citizens voted for brings the death of hope.
Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.
Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College.  He is the Historian of the Future and the author of the History of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com  Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens