Friday, March 30, 2012

When Will The Primary End?

Whether it be Romney's massive lead in the delegate count; recent endorsements by Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, or his current seven-to-ten point lead in Wisconsin's upcoming GOP Primary, this primary will eventually be claimed by Mitt Romney, the only question is when.

When will opponents Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich stop the "all the way to Tampa Bay" talking points, which do nothing but fuel division in the ranks and potentially set us up for a diaster this early fall, and drop out for the good of the party? For the good of defeating Obama...

I'm hoping the next several primaries, which are expected to be Romney blowouts from Wisconsin to New York and Rhode Island in between, will increase his delegate count by such a wide margin, that they can no longer justify fighting to the convention realistically, or just plain old statistically.

This is not a Republican recreation of the 2008 fight between Obama and Clinton, where two strong candidates fought through all fifty states for the right to be nominee, but where one strong candidate continues to fight for the nomination against two weaker opponents who cannot, or will not stop the madness.

Oh, when will it end?

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