Audio Emerges of Dem Poll Watcher Getting Rid of GOP Inspectors: 'I Say What the Law Is!'

We've heard about Republican inspectors being removed from their poll places all across Philadelphia on Tuesday. Now audio has emerged to not only confirm this, but illustrate the audacity of the corruption.

According to the source of this audio, "Election officials in Philadelphia's 20th Ward, 1st Division attempted to prevent court-appointed Republican minority inspectors (regarding minority party) from doing their job to monitor elections."

Here is a complete transcript of the interaction:

GOP Inspector: These guys have a court order. They have to be able to sit here.

Dem Inspector: They not sitting here. They can sit in here, but they not sitting at this board. They not running this. I run this!

GOP Inspector: Well, they're the minority inspectors, ma'am.

Dem Inspector: I don't care. I don't care!

GOP Inspector: That's what the law says.

Dem Inspector: I don't care what the law says, I say! I'm not turning them away... they aren't sitting here at this board.

GOP Inspector: I'm going to call the legal division.

Dem Inspector: I don't care, call 'em!

You can listen to the audio below:

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  1. Why has this been dropped? Shouldnt someone be suing this traitor and getting her to jail for breaking the law????
    We all know election fraud happens and then we forget about it for four years. This woman needs to pay the consequences, so there is no next time! Enough griping and complaining and posting on web sites. There need to be consequences. Why isn't the Republican party filing a case against this woman. There need to be CONSEQUENCES for breaking the law!

    1. This was dropped because it's not voter fraud. It's an argument between a site manager and walk on staff. This happens all over the US. And it gets resolved within a few minutes. And people are placed where they're supposed to be.

      Note she didn't kick them out like the first line of the post states she did. Nor does she say "I Say What the Law Is!" like the opening title states she does.

      Ultimately this story is a lie. It promises one thing(kicking republicans out) and doesn't deliver. In fact based on the audio, she doesn't kick them out at all, just has a problem with the seating arrangements.

      This didn't change the outcome of a single vote, which is the point of the system.

      Calling her a traitor is entirely ridiculous. And pressing charges? For what? Being a bitch? Sorry. No dice.

    2. Your a complete moron, She didn't want them near the board to see her falsifying votes. No lie there nothing was resolved. Hope your the first to lose your job(if you have one) or first to be put on a wait list for medical care.

  2. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

  3. Don't know if this adds to anything, but the day of the election a caller to Larry Elder's radio show was at a polling station in Philly and said it was oddly like a ghost town, barely anyone voting. What were the poll numbers again?

    1. I am in Philadelphia and I can attest to that. It was very quiet, no long lines, except early before work - I was voter 150 at 8:20 a.m., and then nothing but quiet where I was. However, a friend of mine who was poll watching at a Library in East Falls told me that scores of people came in to vote and their permanent registration address was at a temporary rehab center. They were not in the books, but the Judge of elections was handed what I assume were "supplemental voting sheets." The Chairwoman of the City Commissioners office fought the Voter ID law implementation tooth and nail - now I know why - it interfered with their game plan.

    2. 820 AM is pretty early for poor people to be up and about. 3PM that's when you'll really see lines.

  4. Who cares? the RNC loast this election. They want to be the new moderate, temperate, earth friendly political party.

  5. Anonymous, allow me to explain what will happen now.
    Businesses will close. YOU will lose your job. The government will run out of money and then impose a police state.
    Then we'll start killing each other.
    Since black people make up 17% of our society, how many do you think will survive?

    Elections have consequences.

  6. First, fraud is absolutely o.k. as long as it's your party committing the fraud. Second, there are only two ways to look at this election. Either Romney lost because 47% are takers plus the extra 3.5% who believed what Obama and the MSM told them to believe about Romney, OR the election was stolen. Either way, we suck as a country.

  7. 2 words for this lady's behaviour -- fear and ignorance.

    1. That's three, but I get your point

  8. considering the voter fraud that is being exposed in swing states (140% registered voters showing up, with 100% Obama vote), this doesn't surprise me.

  9. THANK YOU! We used this on CC with a big Hat Tip!


  10. Why should it shock you look at the last 4 years.It won't do anything but get really worse.