Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Post-Mortem-- Your Say

With all of the issues from this week's election still being picked through, there are many different reasons people see as why Barack Obama was elected. With all of the reasons that could have been part of the post-mortem, I want to ask the readers why this happened.

There are a lot of points that could be the reason or part of the reason for this to happen. These include parts of: the media, the debate moderators, Hurricane Sandy, demographics, or whatever. Let us know where you think everything landed.

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  1. Demographics and stupidity.

  2. Some kind of get out the vote ground game by the Obama force that is highly questionable, uninformed voters, really stupid voters, double dipping voters, a media that covers Obama like a celebrity - no depth, no vetting, no investigation, just adulation and a media that squashed, mocked, belittled and criticized every move Romney took.

  3. Cover up of Libya, no fallout from the Fast and Furious scandal, lying liars about Romney and a compliant press that didn't bring up the lousy record on the economy and jobs brought to us by Obama and his incredibly unaffordable health care act, the stimulus that stimulated nothing and the regulations killing coal and oil production on federal lands....Not to mention (you would think I am from the press -forgetting to mention things) the millions of dollars thrown at green energy companies that went bankrupt...........Romney didn't lose. Obama took it.