Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney Surges to Within Four... In Oregon!

Perhaps you've been to Oregon, the hipster capital of the Pacific rim? The land of Subarus and home to Portland is sometimes seen as a bastion for Democratic and other left-of-center politicians. The state has shifted quite significantly to the left in the last decade, especially as the California exodus continues apace.

So Democrat Barack Obama should be winning by a landslide margin, correct? After all, he won by 16 points in 2008. After his endorsement of gay marriage, he should be surging-- and at least holding the ground he once held.

Instead, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has cut the Obama lead quite significantly. Two months ago, Romney was behind by 11%. That deficit has been cut by nearly 2/3.

According to a new Survey USA poll, Romney is within striking distance.

Obama: 47%
Romney: 43%
Other/dk: 10%

This follows with the trend across the country. Romney is gaining ground as the GOP starts to coalesce around his candidacy.

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  1. I would remind you, though, that Oregon's liberal reputation is a bit overblown. George W. Bush almost won Oregon in 2000, and voters here banned same-sex marriage by constitutional amendment in 2004.

    That said, if Romney really has Oregon in play, Obama's days as POTUS are numbered.